Adi Shakti, Holy Spirit and God Almighty - what is the difference?

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> Hi all.
> This may seem like a stupid question, as i constantly read through
> this site and the forum, but i have become confused. I read in a
> recent post that God almighty and the adishakti are 2 different
> things (or beings, no disrespect intended with that choice of terms).
> I have also read somewhere on the site, which i searched for again
> but couldn't find, where Shri mataji says that she is gods power, or
> the power of God almighty's action, like 90% or something. Excuse
> me if i am way off, as i am working off a memory that has been
> spoiled over the years. Anyways, i wanted to know what exactly is
> the difference between the adi shakti and God almighty, and for that > matter jesus. I thought i read that jesus was to send his comforter,
> which would be the holy spirit (or adi shakti etc), but on a recent
> post it said something to the effect of God almighty sending his
> comforter near the end, which has me thinking that maybe Jesus is
> God almighty. As you can tell i'm all twisted up and need some help
> on understanding on who/what the adi shakti is in comparison to
> god almight AND jesus would be of great help. It was said that we
> know nothing of God almighty, so that has confused me as well.
> Thanks for your time. I just want to have firm understanding of
> such, so i can understand better the great event ordained for
> humanity, as well as who i am surrendering too and so forth. Sorry
> for my ignorance.
> Kyyan

From: jagbir singh
Date: Wed Jan 5, 2005 9:53 am
Subject: Adi Shakti, Holy Spirit and God Almighty - what is the difference?

Dear Kyyan,

You have not asked a stupid question because many are ignorant and have never realized the extend they have been indoctrinated with falsehood over the centuries by organized religions.

A few years ago my son asked what optional subject should he take i.e. whether moral or Christian religious studies. He was told to opt for the latter as i thought he would learn more about Jesus.

After a few months he complained that he was all confused about God, Son of God, Jesus, Trinity, Jesus' Father in Heaven, Jesus the Father, Jesus the Son, Jesus the Father and Son, Jesus the Son of Man and what not. He added that it is easier understanding Pure Maths than Christianity since 2+2 can only equal 4 whereas Father = God, and Son + Father = God, and Son + Father + Holy Spirit = God does not necessarily mean Holy Spirit = God, and Son + Holy Spirit = God, and Father + Holy Spirit = God. So if Son = God why not Holy Spirit = God too? But since Son cannot be Father how can He be God?

And when the Church insists on a"begotten son"you also have to believe that the earth is flat and the center of the universe. These doctrines and discoveries where declared by infallible popes for centuries and dissent punishable by death.

That is why Kyyan, when your post came through, i got a bad back Agnya catch and understood how messed-up you have become. i myself get messed up trying to understand all this trinity stuff. My son never understood all that terminology and neither have i. Even just trying to figure this out again brings back that catch. So how does one get and heal from a Agnya catch:


- Put left hand towards Her photo and right hand on forehead and try to remain thoughtless for a few minutes.
- Stop all meditative activities involving the Agnya Chakra — concentration, visualization, hypnosis, clairvoyance etc.
- Forget the many wrong conditionings presented by the 'Christian' organizations and churches.
- Do not be futuristic; try to stay in the present.

Kyyan, just forget the many wrong conditionings presented by the 'Christian' organizations and churches. You will always be confused and twisted by their doctrines and theologies. Just forget what they have taught you and start understanding what the Comforter is trying to tell you about Christ. i was ignorant as you. It is only after listening to Shri Mataji numerous talks about Jesus have i begun to understand His message. Jesus never claimed Himself to be God Almighty. There is not a single sentence in the entire Bible to support this statement. Show it to me and i will eat an entire Bible to ensure that i digest all that i have been missing. Jesus may be the Son of God but he is not God Almighty. He never ever claimed that title but Churches have embellished the truth to make their religion superior to all others. i mean when you claim to have god (Jesus) on your side all non-Christians are bound for hell.

But you cannot understand Jesus through reading or asking questions. Let The Mother Kundalini heal your messed-up mind first and foremost. This is a vital requirement for recovery from all the indoctrination and wrong conditionings from the past. If you do not meditate and allow healing to take place even a hundred lectures may not suffice. The false beliefs and thoughts that are firmly embedded in your mind can only be slowly erased and leached out. This is not going to happen overnight but will take months, even years. Since Shri Mataji is the Comforter sent by Him in the name of the Father (God Almighty) you will benefit immensely over time.


Hi Jagbir

Could you just clarify this please. Shri Mataji has said that the last judgement has begun? Does that imply that it is a time bound event like a November 2005 or January 15th 2010? Is it a 'Day' of decision or a 'period' of decision instance between the 15ht and 30th of the month.

I dont know how to phrase my question better but its always baffled me.



"According to the Hindu view, the entrance of God into the strife of the universe is not a unique astounding entrance of the transcendental essence into the welter of mundane affairs (as Christianity, where the Incarnation is regarded as a singular and supreme sacrifice, never to be repeated), but a rhythmical event, conforming to the beat of the world ages. The savior descends as a counterweight to the forces of evil during the course of every cyclic decline of mundane affairs, and his work is accomplished in a spirit of imperturbable indifference. The periodic incarnation of the Holy Power is a sort of solemn leitmotiv in the interminable opera of the cosmic process, resounding from time to time like a majestic flourish of celestial trumpets, to silence the disharmonies and to state again the triumphant themes of the moral order ...

The descent is represented in Indian mythology as the sending forth of a minute particle (amsa) of the infinite supramundane essence of Godhead — that essence itself suffering thereby no diminution; for the putting forth of a savior, the putting forth even of the mirage of the universe, no more diminishes the plenitude of the transcendent and finally unmanifested Brahman than the putting forth of a dream diminishes the substance of our own unconsciousness." (Heinrich Zimmer, Philosophies of India )

The Adi Shakti (Hinduism), Comforter/Holy Spirit (Christianity), Shekinah (Judaism), Ma Adi/Ruh (Islam), Mai Treya (Buddhism), Great Mother (Taoism) and Aykaa Mayee (Sikhism) are the one and same primordial Divine Feminine. You just have to meditate within on any name or form that makes you comfortable. So forget about the external, physical Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who had to manifest Herself in order to explain about the Great Event ordained for all humanity. Just meditate within. Perhaps when i answer Avnish Bhagat's post you may understand more about the Great Event ordained for humanity.

God Almighty (Brahman) is beyond all human comprehension. So what is Brahman (God Almighty) and why do Hindus worship so many gods like Shri Krishna, Shiva, Rama and Ganesha, to name a few?

The Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism represent the many aspects of only one supreme Absolute called Brahman. Those who don't know this fact get the wrong impression that Hinduism has a multitude of Gods! The truth is that although there are many manifestations of Brahman in the forms of deities, each deity is really an aspect of the one absolute Brahman.

Brahman is formless or"nirakara", and beyond anything that we can conceive of. However, it can manifest itself in myriad forms, including prophets, messengers, gurus, gods, goddesses — Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Shri Radha & Krishna, Shiva & Parvati, Lakshmi & Vishnu, Saraswati & Brahmadeva, Sita & Rama, Ganesha and others. This is the"sakara"form of the Brahman. According to Prof. Jeaneane Fowler of the University of Wales College, Newport: "The relationship between the many manifest deities and the unmanifest Brahman is rather like that between the sun and its rays. We cannot experience the sun itself but we can experience its rays and the qualities, which those rays have. And, although the sun's rays are many, ultimately, there is only one source, one sun. So the Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism amount to thousands, all representing the many aspects of Brahman."

i quote "Human beings through history have formulated many different names and forms for the Divine or Eternal. Just as we have many names and forms for other things, whether it is foods, or types of art, so too, in religion a similar great diversity has been created.

The Western world has prided itself in monotheism, the idea that there is only One God as the highest truth. Western religions have said that only the names and forms which refer to this One God are valid but those which appear to worship another God, or a multiplicity of divinities, must be false. They have restricted the names and forms they use in religious worship, and insist that only one set is true and correct and others are wrong or unholy.

As a universal formulation Hinduism accepts all formulations of Truth. According to the universal view there is only One Reality, but it cannot be limited to a particular name or form. Though Truth is One it is also Universal, not an exclusive formulation. It is an inclusive, not an exclusive Oneness - a spiritual reality of Being-Consciousness-Bliss, which could be called God but which transcends all names. The different Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism represent various functions of this One Supreme Divinity, and are not separate Gods."

The same Supreme Divinity or Brahman resides within all humans as Light! The Gospel of John 17:20-26 reflects the same Oneness that is the foundation of Hinduism:

Jesus prayed for his disciples, and then he said. "I ask not only on behalf of these, but also on behalf of those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one. As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me. The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become completely one, so that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me. Father, I desire that those also, whom you have given me, may be with me where I am, to see my glory, which you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world."Righteous Father, the world does not know you, but I know you; and these know that you have sent me. I made your name known to them, and I will make it known, so that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them."

1. Mundaka Upanishad 1:1:7-8

As the web issues out of the spider, and is withdrawn;
As plants sprout from the earth,
As hair grows from the body,
Even so, the sages say,
This universe springs from the deathless Atman [= Brahman].
The source of life.

2. Shvetashvatara Upanishad 4:5

From Brahman's divine power comes forth
All this magical show of name and form;
Of you and me,
Which casts the spell of pain and pleasure.
Only when we pierce through this magic veil
Do we see the One who appears as many.

3. Shvetashvatara Upanishad 4:11

Know Brahman to be the supreme magician
Who has become boy and girl, bird and beast.

4. Mundaka Upanishad 3:1:2-3

As long as we think we are the jiva,
We feel attached and fall into sorrow.
But realize that you are the Atman,
And you will be freed from sorrow.
When you realize that you are the Atman,
Supreme source of light, supreme source of love,
You transcend the duality of life
And enter into the Unitive State.

5. Taitiriya Upanishad 2:7:1

When one realizes the Atman,
In whom all life is one, changeless, nameless, formless,
Then one fears no more.
Until we realize the unity of life we life in fear.
For the mere scholar who knows not the Atman,
His separateness becomes fear itself.

6. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 2:4:12

As a lump of salt thrown in water dissolves
And cannot be taken out again,
Though wherever we taste the water it is salty,
Even so, beloved, the separate self [= the jiva] dissolves
In the sea of pure consciousness [= the Atman = Brahman], infinite and immortal.

7. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4:4:5

The Atman is indeed Brahman.
But through ignorance people identify it with
Intellect, mind, senses, passions [= the jiva],
And the elements of earth, water, air, space, and fire.
This is why the Atman is said to consist of this and that,
And appears to be everything.

8. Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:2-3

In the beginning was only Being [= Brahman].
One without a second.
Out of himself he brought forth the cosmos
And entered into everything in it.
There is nothing that does not come from him.
Of everything Brahman is the inmost Atman.
He is the truth; he is the Atman supreme.
And you are that, Shvetaketu; you are that (tat tsam asi).

9. Kena Upanishad 1:3:4

Brahman our eyes cannot see, nor words express;
He cannot be grasped even by the mind.
We do not know, we cannot understand,
Because he is different from the known
And he is different from the unknown.
Thus have we heard from the illumined ones.

The same Supreme Divinity or Brahman resides within all humans as Light! The Adi Shakti also resides within all Sahasraras and above Her is this Light, witnessed hundreds of time by those able to meet Her. The Shakti within is the power of God Almighty just as rays of sunlight are the energy of the sun.

Prof. Jeaneane Fowler of the University of Wales College, Newport is also trying to tell that all incarnations trace their source from Brahman: "The relationship between the many manifest deities and the unmanifest Brahman is rather like that between the sun and its rays. We cannot experience the sun itself but we can experience its rays and the qualities, which those rays have. And, although the sun's rays are many, ultimately, there is only one source, one sun."

Thus Kyyan, you may now be able to understand what Jesus meant when He said"As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us."Since all incarnations, messengers and prophets are part and parcel of that Brahman within, so are we.

God Almighty (Brahman) resides within all humans as Light, a fact that is supported by all scriptures. Thus we can meditate on Him within and that long search for the Creator is at last over, ending within ourselves. That is why Jesus kept telling the ignorant masses two millennia ago that the Kingdom of God is within.

A few months ago i asked my daughter Lalita what is that Light above Shri Mataji in her Sahasrara (Kingdom of God). She replied"God!"

i remained silent for a long time to absorb the immensity of that single word answer.


The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
"Sahaja Yoga is more concerned with the Mahalakshmi Power—evolutionary power- which also integrates all the three powers at the point beyond the Brahmarandra. With this integration, the Sahaja Yoga discovery proves that the human being is a perfected instrument, a computer built in various period which, when put to the mains, starts giving information.

It proves that all religions are living flowers on the tree of life and they describe the Truth. All Incarnations are true. All this can be proven at the time of Kundalini awakening. It creates a human awareness, which can have a dialogue with the Unconscious."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
London. October 12, 1976

"So the Time has come for all of us to understand that all religions are One. They are part and parcel of One God and that all Incarnations are supporting each other, nourishing each other and caring for each other. There is complete concord between them. There is no way you will see they will oppose each other. Never!"

Shri Bhavanagamya Devi
Delhi, India — February 3,1983
Bhavanagamya [113rd]: Realised by mental effort (called dhyana)

"If one considers the absurdity and the implications and the after-effects of many otherwise apparently rational conclusions, one has to say that rationality, though we are very proud and boast of it, it is not such a responsible vehicle for wisdom. In view of the unreliable results of applied rationality, it is clearly wrong to have such firm ideas and beliefs based solely on rational theories. There is no final answer to fundamental questions through the use of rationality alone, because discussion shows that each view might be partially right. One definitely cannot say that this one is fully right and the other is fully wrong. In our wisdom, we must understand that the Truth in effect is absolute and not relative or variable as we commonly experience it, like the six blind men (a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu) describing an elephant from six different angles: one, holding the trunk, says: "It is long like a snake."; another, feeling a leg, says: "It is massive like a tree."Each has a very firm and indeed justified faith in the correctness of what he has found, but each contradicts the other, because each has only a partial and relative view.

Of course, rationality is not even as firmly anchored in Reality as the blind man's perception and who may not even be in contact with the elephant, but perhaps indeed the trunk of a tree, a piece of hanging rope, or a poisonous snake. Unless you have access to the Absolute Truth, which is a totality, unless you can see the whole elephant, how can you decide whether your view is the right one?"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Sahaja Yoga Archives
Shakti/Last Judgment/Qiyamah Archives

The fulfillment of the promised divine eschatological instruction
“The original meaning of the word ‘apocalypse’, derived from the Greek apokalypsis, is in fact not the cataclysmic end of the world, but an ‘unveiling’, or ‘revelation’, a means whereby one gains insight into the present.” (Kovacs, 2013, 2) An apocalypse (Greek: apokalypsis meaning “an uncovering”) is in religious contexts knowledge or revelation, a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities.” (Ehrman 2014, 59)
Shri Mataji
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty.
“The Paraclete will come (15:26; 16:7, 8, 13) as Jesus has come into the world (5:43; 16:28; 18:37)... The Paraclete will take the things of Christ (the things that are mine, ek tou emou) and declare them (16:14-15). Bishop Fison describes the humility of the Spirit, 'The true Holy Spirit of God does not advertise Herself: She effaces Herself and advertises Jesus.' ...
It is by the outgoing activity of the Spirit that the divine life communicates itself in and to the creation. The Spirit is God-in-relations. The Paraclete is the divine self-expression which will be and abide with you, and be in you (14:16-17). The Spirit's work is described in terms of utterance: teach you, didasko (14:26), remind you, hypomimnesko (14:26), testify, martyro (15:26), prove wrong, elencho (16:8), guide into truth, hodego (16:13), speak, laleo (16:13, twice), declare, anangello (16:13, 14, 15). The johannine terms describe verbal actions which intend a response in others who will receive (lambano), see (theoreo), or know (ginosko) the Spirit. Such speech-terms link the Spirit with the divine Word. The Spirit's initiatives imply God's personal engagement with humanity. The Spirit comes to be with others; the teaching Spirit implies a community of learners; forgetful persons need a prompter to remind them; one testifies expecting heed to be paid; one speaks and declares in order to be heard. The articulate Spirit is the correlative of the listening, Spirit-informed community.
The final Paraclete passage closes with a threefold repetition of the verb she will declare (anangello), 16:13-15. The Spirit will declare the things that are to come (v.13), and she will declare what is Christ's (vv. 14, 15). The things of Christ are a message that must be heralded...
The intention of the Spirit of truth is the restoration of an alienated, deceived humanity... The teaching role of the Paraclete tends to be remembered as a major emphasis of the Farewell Discourses, yet only 14:26 says She will teach you all things. (Teaching is, however, implied when 16:13-15 says that the Spirit will guide you into all truth, and will speak and declare.) Franz Mussner remarks that the word used in 14:26, didaskein, "means literally 'teach, instruct,' but in John it nearly always means to reveal.” (Stevick 2011, 292-7)
Stephen E. Witmer, Divine instruction in Early Christianity   
F. B. Meyer, Love to the Utmost Robert Kysar, John, the Maverick Gospel 
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Harvey Cox, The Future of Faith Robert Kysar, John
Robert E. Picirilli, The Randall House Bible Commentary George Ladd, A Theology of the New Testament 
“The teaching of the Paraclete, as the continuation of Jesus' teaching, must also be understood as the fulfillment of the promise of eschatological divine instruction.”
Stephen E. Witmer, Divine instruction in Early Christianity

“Jesus therefore predicts that God will later send a human being to Earth to take up the role defined by John .i.e. to be a prophet who hears God's words and repeats his message to man.”
M. Bucaille, The Bible, the Qur'n, and Science

“And when Jesus foreannounced another Comforter, He must have intended a Person as distinct and helpful as He had been.”
F. B. Meyer, Love to the Utmost

“The Paraclete has a twofold function: to communicate Christ to believers and, to put the world on trial.”
Robert Kysar, John The Meverick Gospel

“But She—the Spirit, the Paraclete...—will teach you everything.”
Danny Mahar, Aramaic Made EZ)

“Grammatical nonsense but evidence of the theological desire to defeminize the Divine.”
Lucy Reid, She Changes Everything

“The functions of the Paraclete spelled out in verses 13-15... are all acts of open and bold speaking in the highest degree.”
David Fleer, Preaching John's Gospel

“The reaction of the world to the Paraclete will be much the same as the world's reaction was to Jesus.”
Berard L. Marthaler, The Creed: The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology

Bultmann calls the “coming of the Redeemer an 'eschatological event,' 'the turning-point of the ages.”
G. Ladd, A Theology of the New Testament

“The Paraclete equated with the Holy Spirit, is the only mediator of the word of the exalted Christ.”
Benny Thettayil, In Spirit and Truth

“The divine Paraclete, and no lessor agency, must show the world how wrong it was about him who was in the right.”
Daniel B. Stevick , Jesus and His Own: A Commentary on John 13-17

Stephen Smalley asserts that “The Spirit-Paraclete ... in John's Gospel is understood as personal, indeed, as a person.”
Marianne Thompson, The God of the Gospel of John

“The Messiah will come and the great age of salvation will dawn (for the pious).”
Eric Eve, The Jewish context of Jesus' Miracles

“The remembrance is to relive and re-enact the Christ event, to bring about new eschatological decision in time and space.”
Daniel Rathnakara Sadananda, The Johannine Exegesis of God

“The Spirit acts in such an international situation as the revealer of 'judgment' on the powers that rule the world.”
Michael Welker, God the Spirit

The Paraclete's “Appearance means that sin, righteousness, and judgment will be revealed.”
Georg Strecker, Theology of the New Testament

“While the Spirit-Paraclete is the true broker, the brokers they rely on are impostors.”
T. G. Brown, Spirit in the writings of John

“The pneumatological activity ... of the Paraclete ... may most helpfully be considered in terms of the salvific working of the hidden Spirit.”
Michael Welker, The work of the Spirit

“The pneuma is the peculiar power by which the word becomes the words of eternal life.”
Robert Kysar, Voyages with John

“The gift of peace, therefore, is intimately associated with the gift of the Spirit-Paraclete.”
Francis J. Moloney, The Gospel of John

“This utopian hope, even when modestly expressed, links Jesus and the prophets to a much wider history of human longing.”
Harvey Cox, The Future of Faith

“Because of the presence of the Paraclete in the life of the believer, the blessings of the end-times—the eschaton—are already present.”
Robert Kysar, John

“They are going, by the Holy Spirit's power, to be part of the greatest miracle of all, bringing men to salvation.”
R. Picirilli, The Randall House Bible Commentary

“The Kingdom of God stands as a comprehensive term for all that the messianic salvation included... is something to be sought here and now (Mt. 6:33) and to be received as children receive a gift (Mk. 10:15 = Lk. 18:16-17).”
G. Ladd, A Theology of the New Testament

“But today is the day I declare that I am the one who has to save the humanity. I declare I am the one who is Adishakti, who is the Mother of all the Mothers, who is the Primordial Mother, the Shakti, the desire of God, who has incarnated on this Earth to give its meaning to itself; to this creation, to human beings and I am sure through My Love and patience and My powers I am going to achieve it.

I was the one who was born again and again. But now in my complete form and complete powers I have come on this Earth not only for salvation of human beings, not only for their emancipation, but for granting them the Kingdom of Heaven, the joy, the bliss that your Father wants to bestow upon you.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh
December 2, 1979—London, UK

“I am the one about which Christ has talked... I am the Holy Spirit who has incarnated on this Earth for your realization.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh
New York, USA—September 30, 1981

“Tell all the nations and tell all the people all over the Great Message that the Time of Resurrection is here. Now, at this time, and that you are capable of doing it.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh
Cowley Manor Seminar, UK—July 31, 1982

“This is the transformation that has worked, of which Christ has talked, Mohammed Sahib has talked, everybody has talked about this particular time when people will get transformed.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Chistmas Puja, Ganapatipule, India—25 December 1997

“The Resurrection of Christ has to now be collective Resurrection. This is what is Mahayoga. Has to be the collective Resurrection.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Easter Puja, London, UK—11 April 1982

“Today, Sahaja Yaga has reached the state of Mahayoga, which is en-masse evolution manifested through it. It is this day�s Yuga Dharma. It is the way the Last Judgement is taking place. Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations of the world, so that nobody misses the blessings of the divine to achieve their meaning, their absolute, their Spirit.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
MAHA AVATAR, ISSUE 1, JUL-SEP 1980 (Date and place unknown)

“The main thing that one has to understand is that the time has come for you to get all that is promised in the scriptures, not only in the Bible but all all the scriptures of the world. The time has come today that you have to become a Christian, a Brahmin, a Pir, through your Kundalini awakening only. There is no other way. And that your Last Judgment is also now.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi

“You see, the Holy Ghost is the Mother. When they say about the Holy Ghost, She is the Mother... Now, the principle of Mother is in every, every scripture — has to be there. Now, the Mother's character is that She is the one who is the Womb, She is the one who is the Mother Earth, and She is the one who nourishes you. She nourishes us. You know that. And this Feminine thing in every human being resides as this Kundalini.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Radio Interview Oct 01 1983—Santa Cruz, USA

“It is the Mother who can awaken the Kundalini, and that the Kundalini is your own Mother. She is the Holy Ghost within you, the Adi Shakti, and She Herself achieves your transformation. By any talk, by any rationality, by anything, it cannot be done.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi

“She is your pure Mother. She is the Mother who is individually with you. Forget your concepts, and forget your identifications. Please try to understand She is your Mother, waiting for ages to give you your real birth. She is the Holy Ghost within you. She has to give you your realization, and She's just waiting and waiting to do it.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Public Program Mar 22 1981—Sydney, Australia

“The Kundalini is your own mother; your individual mother. And She has tape-recorded all your past and your aspirations. Everything! And She rises because She wants to give you your second birth. But She is your individual mother. You don't share Her with anybody else. Yours is a different, somebody else's is different because the tape-recording is different. We say She is the reflection of the Adi Shakti who is called as Holy Ghost in the Bible.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Press Conference July 08 1999—London, UK

The Great Goddess is both wholly transcendent and fully immanent: beyond space and time, she is yet embodied within all existent beings; without form as pure, infinite consciousness (cit) ... She is the universal, cosmic energy known as Sakti, and the psychophysical, guiding force designated as the Kundalini (Serpent Power) resident within each individual. She is eternal, without origin or birth, yet she is born in this world in age after age, to support those who seek her assistance. Precisely to provide comfort and guidance to her devotees, she presents herself in the Devi Gita to reveal the truths leading both to worldly happiness and to the supreme spiritual goals: dwelling in her Jeweled Island and mergence into her own perfect being.” (Brown, 1998, 2)

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