The Paraclete will come (15:26; 16:7, 8, 13) as Jesus has come into the world (5:43; 16:28; 18:37) The Paraclete will take the things of Christ (the things that are mine, ek tou emou) and declare them (16:14-15). Bishop Fison describes the humility of the Spirit,the true Holy Spirit of God does not advertise Herself: She effaces Herself and advertises Jesus.It is by the outgoing activity of the Spirit that the divine life communicates itself in and to the creation. The Spirit is God-in-relations. The Paraclete is the divine self-expression which will be and abide with you, and be in you (14:16-17). The Spirits work is described in terms of utterance: teach you, didasko (14:26); remind you, hypomimnesko (15:26), testify, martyro (15:26), prove wrong, elancho (16:8), guide into truth, hodego (16:13) speak, laleo (16:13, twice), declare, anangello (16:13, 14, 15). The johannine terms describe verbal actions which intend a response in others who will receive (lambano), see (theoreo), or know (ginosko) the Spirit. Such speech-terms link the Spirit with the divine Word. The Spirits initiatives imply Gods personal engagement with humanity. The Spirit comes to be with others; the teaching Spirit implies a community of learners; forgetful persons need a prompter to remind them; one testifies expecting heed to be paid; one speaks and declares in order to be heard. The articulate Spirit is the correlative of the listening, Spirit informed community. The final Paraclete passage closes with a threefold repetition of the verb she will declare (anangello), 16:13- 15. The Spirit will declare the things that are to come (v.13), and she will declare what is Christs (vv. 14, 15). The things of Christ are a message that must be heralded. (Stevick 2011, 292-4)

The AA logo, inspired by the Sanskrit term Aadah Akash or Half the Sky, i.e., half of humanity, serves as a potent emblem of women empowerment and enlightenment. It encapsulates the spirit of the Divine Mother, the wellspring of love, wisdom, and power. This symbol champions gender equality and underscores womens entitlement to respect, dignity, and freedom.

Incorporating four hues of green, the logo signifies the four elements of Mother Nature: earth, water, air, and fire. Women, as custodians of these elements, bear the sacred responsibility to protect and nurture them.

The saffron triangle with a red apex within the logo embodies the Divine Mother and Sahasrara the pinnacle chakra of pure Consciousness. The Divine Mother, revered as the ultimate deity, showers Her blessings on those who seek Her within.

The AA initials nestled within this triangle suggest that women are under the comprehensive protection and guidance of the Divine Mother. She aids them in navigating lifes hurdles and challenges.

The blue backdrop of the logo symbolizes the sky an emblem of freedom and boundlessness. Followers of the AA path are individuals who have achieved spiritual liberation and life eternal (jivanmukti) through the awakening of the Mother Kundalini or the rebirth/resurrection of the Holy Spirit within them while they are still living. This is their last earthly journey before they embark on an endless journey of happiness and discovery in Her spiritual kingdom, also referred to as the Kingdom of God.

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The Paraclete

Divine Instruction, Stephen Witmer

and eschatological divine instruction

“Here, the Paraclete and Holy Spirit are clearly identified. The future tense of the verbs in 14.26 is notable; the Spirit's activity is said to be (from Jesus' perspective) in the future... the teaching of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, because it is understood as the continuation of Jesus' teaching, is also regarded as the fulfillment of the promise of eschatological divine instruction... The didactic storyline of the Fourth Gospel suggests that in order ... ”
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The Comforter

F. B. Meyer, Love to the Utmost

will come, teach, declare like Jesus

“That word, 'another' ... If a man promises to send another as his substitute, we naturally expect to see a man like himself, occupying his place, and doing his work. And when Jesus foreannounced another Comforter, He must have intended a Person as distinct and helpful as He had been. A breath, an afflatus, an impersonal influence could not have stood in the same category as Himself. There are those who ...”
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The Spirit-Paraclete

Marianne Meye Thompson, The God of the Gospel of John

is Spirit within and Paraclete without

“The passages that provide the strongest evidence for conceiving of the Spirit as a distinct figure, an independent agent or actor, are all found in the Farewell Discourses, chapters 14-17... The Spirit 'comes from' God (15:26; 16:7, 13). The Spirit can be 'received' or 'welcomed,' as Jesus was received; believers are said to 'know' and, most peculiarly, to 'see' the Spirit (14:16-17). All in all, the descriptions of the Spirit ...”
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The Messiah

Eric Eve, The Jewish Context of Jesus; Miracles

commences Age of Resurrection

“This leaves the problem of how God can be said to be about to preach the good news to the poor. Whatever weight is placed on the particular use of דשכ at Isa. 61.1, nowhere in the Old Testament is this verb used with God as its subject, but always of human proclaimers of (mostly good) news... There thus appears to be an exegetical deadlock. Every other consideration points to God being the subject of the verbs in ...”
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The Paraclete

Robert Kysar, John, the Maverick Gospel

despite rejection, will complete task

“The relationship of the Paraclete to the world. The world a. Cannot accept the Paraclete (14:17). b. Cannot see or recognize the Paraclete (14:17). c. Rejects the Paraclete (15:26). d. But its rejection does not prevent the Paraclete's witness to Christ (15:26). e. is condemned, proven wrong, and pronounced guilty of sin by the Paraclete (16:8-11). (John 16:8-11 is a very difficult passage both to translate and to understand.”
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The Paraclete

David Fleer, Preaching John's Gospel: The World It Imagines

will declare openly, fearlessly as Jesus

“The functions of the Paraclete spelled out in verses 13-15-guide you into all the truth,' ... 'declare to you all things that are to come,' 'take what is mine and declare it to you—are all acts of open and bold speaking in the highest degree. The bold witness of the Paraclete ... carries Jesus' teachings into the future, will ensure that the disciples do not face the future alone (cf. 14:18), unequipped with ...”
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The Redeemer

George Ladd, A Theology of the New Testament

arrival commences the Resurrection

“Rudolf Bultmann reinterprets eschatology along existential lines. He calls the coming of the Redeemer an 'eschatological event,' 'the turning-point of the ages ...
But this coming is no second eschatological event but the consummation and fruition of that which is being brought to fulfillment: the coming of Jesus in the Paraclete. The resurrection inaugurates the parousia. Apocalyptic thought later separated these two ...
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She-The Spirit

Danny Mahar, Aramaic Made EZ

will teach, remind you of everything!

“But She-the Spirit, the Paraclete whom He will send to you, my Father, in my name-She will teach you everything; She will remind you of that which I have told you. In both the Hebrew and Aramaic language the word spirit is in the feminine gender but in the Greek language it is neuter. It is the Greek neuter word, pnuema, that was employed ... when they translated the feminine ruach into Greek. The authors who wrote in ...”
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The Spirit

Michael Welker, God the Spirit

stands in judgment on a world stage

“Yet in truth the Spirit acts in such an international situation as the revealer of 'judgment' on the powers that rule the world. From the perspective of structural patterns of life plunged into misery, the Spirit bears witness that this international situation has no staying power, no validity, that contrary to all self-righteousness of both the 'pious' and the 'impious,' it is marked by unbelief, distance distance from Christ, and ...”
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The Paraclete

Georg Strecker, Theology of the New Testament

reveals judgment, sin, righteousness

“The world cannot recognize it but the Spirit is promised to the disciples as an abiding gift (No. 1). [The Paraclete's] function is to remind them of the teaching of Christ (No. 2) or the testimony of Christ (No. 3), and especially the anticipation of the final judgment of the world, for [the Paraclete's] appearance means that sin, righteousness, and judgment will be revealed (No. 4). Such leading 'into all the truth' makes present the ...”
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The Spirit-Paraclete

Tricia Gates Brown, Spirit in the writings of John

against the false brokers of Christ

“The future tense verbs in these verses reveal that the Paraclete will disclose to the disciples 'new' revelations from the glorified Jesus ... These new revelations will include information about things that are to come. The deep concern of the community ... The Paraclete continues Jesus presence and the work not as Jesus' alter ego, but as a broker... While the Spirit-Paraclete is the true broker, the brokers they rely on are impostors.”
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The Paraclete

Berard L. Marthaler, The Creed: The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology

Jesus too met same reaction, rejection

“The Paraclete will come, just as Jesus came, sent into the world by the Father. It is said that the disciples will know the Paraclete and the Paraclete will remain with them... The reaction of the world to the Paraclete will be much the same as the world's reaction was to Jesus. The world does not know or accept the Paraclete, much as it remained ignorant of Jesus' true identity and rejected him (5:43; 12:48) In many ways the ...”
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The Counselor

Harvey Cox, The Future of Faith

upholds Jesus as Son of humanity

“But I quickly learned that Christianity has no monopoly on Jesus. Hindus understood him as an avatar, Buddhists as a bodhisattva, and both Muslims and Jews as a prophet of God. Even agnostics found something fascinating and admirable in him. They were not all that attracted to Christianity, but they were all drawn to Jesus for his exemplary courage, his compassion for the disinherited, and his willingness to ...”
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The Paraclete

Robert Kysar, John

brings blessings of eschaton

“Because of the presence of the Paraclete in the life of the believer, the blessings of the end-times — the eschaton — are already present. At times John speaks as if that final consummation of history is still a future event conceived in terms typical of apocalyptic though, both Jewish and Christian: The end-time will bring the coming of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, judgment, and eternal life for believers”
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The Holy Spirit

Robert E. Picirilli, The Randall House Bible Commentary

empowers humans with salvation

“They are going, by the Holy Spirit's power, to be part of the greatest miracle of all, bringing men to salvation (vv. 12-14)...
The Comforter will recall to their minds Jesus' teachings, will enable them to understand truly and completely... Jesus has referred to the coming Comforter ... [whose] primary function is the work of making men holy. This is the work we call sanctification.”
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The Comforter

George Ladd, A Theology of the New Testament

brings experience of Kingdom of God

“The divine reign is not a fearful power before which people are compelled to bow, but a gift. Children exemplify the trustfulness and receptivity required of the 'sons of the Kingdom.' The Kingdom belongs to them, not because their humility is a virtue that merits it, but because they are responsive...
'The thing to be sought is the Kingdom of God, which, being found, is the satisfaction of all needs'...”
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A Universal God

Karen Armstrong: A History of God

A God accessible to or within everyone

“These all taught a universal ethic, insisting that God or the Absolute needed no temple, transcended all, was accessible to or within everyone, and that compassion was the ...”

“And this faith can become such a blinding effect on people that you develop absurd types of groups which call themselves as Christians, Hindus, Muslims... exclusive, blind, fanatic ...”

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A Universal Jesus

Hidden Gospels: How the Search for Jesus Lost Its Way

Jesus for modern believers

“Equally appealing for modern believers, the Jesus of the hidden gospels has many points of contact with the great traditions of Asia. This concept makes it vastly easier to promote ...”

“In between Jesus Christ and His destroying incarnation of Mahavishnu, called as Kalki, there is a time given to human beings to rectify themselves, for them to enter into the ...”

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A Universal Spirit

Gwena�l Verez, The Search for the Divine Mother

Holy Spirit, Mother Kundalini within

“Prophets of the past, who gave rise to the great religious movements, spoke in allegorical terms of the eternal feminine power which leads to the revelation of our Divine identity. In India it ...”

You see, the Holy Ghost is The Mother. When they say about the Holy Ghost, She is The Mother... And this feminine thing in every human being resides as this Kundalini, as you have ...”

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A Universal Pouring

Veli-Matti Karkkainen, Holy Spirit and Salvation

Ruach 'poured' on those born of Spirit

“This is the mystery of pneuma and qi. It is wind as well as spirit. It moves and work like wind, blowing where it wills. This actually is similar to the Old Testament concepts of 'soul' and ...”

“We start feeling actually, in our fingers, the cool breeze (Ruach), and also from our head, a cool breeze coming up... This is real baptism. This is what was said, that you are to be 'born again' ...”

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Promised Messiah

The Jewish Messiah

Predestined: Israel and Messiah's birth

“For thousands of years the Jewish people has longed for messianic deliverance; sustained by this belief the community has endured persecution and suffering, confident that they ...”

“Even in the Judaism or when they believe in the coming of the Saviour (Messiah) for their salvation, even they have talked about.” The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh 3/21/1923—2/23/2011

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Promised Paraclete

Jesus and His Own: A Commentary on John 13-17

The Paraclete, Jesus' successor

“The Paraclete, Jesus' successor, is described in personal terms... The Paraclete represents direct, intimate divine involvement, supporting and teaching believers and challenging ...”

“Christ didn't say that 'I am the Destination.' He said, 'I'll send you the Holy Ghost; I'll send you a Comforter; I'll send you a Redeemer; I'll send you a Counselor" He talked about the future ...”

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Promised Mudathir

The Holy Quran

77:1-50 Al Mursalat (Those Sent Forth)

“The five things or phases ... considered in detail, refers to (a) Winds in the physical world, (b) Angels in the spiritual world, and (c) Prophets in the human world, connecting it with the ...”

“So it is all described in Koran. There's a complete Surah describing about 'The Sent One', means 'The Avatar', means 'The Incarnation'. And also said that 'you won't believe', ...”Read More

Promised Advent

The Advent

“I have come for this Special Time"

“The necessity to return to the Divine Mother in order to become a New Adam, a second born, a Divine Child has been asserted by Lord Jesus. It is time that those western seekers who ...”

“I am an Old Woman of thousands of years. So I know everything.”
"I was also born in a Christian family and I was shocked the way they interpreted Christ's life ...”

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Earth-bound Guide

Aramaic Made EZ, Danny Mahar

But She will teach you everything

“Where then do we go for direct textual evidence that the Holy Spirit was, in the origins of Christianity, considered feminine? We go to the existing Greek minuscules copied in ...”

“And you know that I've given at least 500 lectures in London alone. And there are tapes of my lectures. These are available. I mean we don't make any profits as usual, but you must ...”

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Earth-bound Spirit

Berard L. Marthaler, The Creed: The Apostolic Faith in Contemporary Theology

Paraclete sends another Paraclete

“Virtually every quality ascribed to the Paraclete has a parallel in what was said of Jesus. Jesus himself says that the Father will send another Paraclete, thus clearly indicating that ...”

“And He (Jesus) has predicted that ... 'I will send you the Redeemer; I'll send you the Comforter'. If they were true disciples of Christ, they would have waited for this time to come. ...”

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Earth-bound al-Ruh

The Holy Quran

Surah 78: Al Naba (The Great News)

“The Creator then said, 'I appoint that person (surat) ... to be the Lady of the Resurrection (Khatun-i Qiyamat), who will on the Resurrection Day be the helper of human beings. ...”

“This is your individual Mother within you. This is the Ruh I am talking about. Just by ritualism you cannot achieve God. You have to be connected with God. For all the people of the world ...”

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Earth-bound Devi

Lynn Foulston, At the Feet of the Goddess: Divine Feminine in Local Hindu Religion

Devi promised to return if needed

“Devi originated at a time of cosmic crisis ... Just as Visnu promised to manifest himself in order to protect the cosmic balance, Devi, too, promises to return if needed... I am Nirguna ...”

“Now, the principle of Mother is in every, every scripture - has to be there.... And, this feminine thing in every human being resides as this Kundalini, as you have seen. And when She rises ...””

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Seek Total Recall

The Randall House Bible Commentary

Of mysteries which are beyond world

The Comforter sent by the Father in Jesus' name will "recall to their minds Jesus' teachings, will enable them to understand truly and completely, and will develop and expand them ...”

“I am here to tell you all these things which Christ could not tell, and to fulfill what He wanted to say. All those things I am saying to you, it has already worked. You all have got ...” Read More

Seek Resurrection

Resurrection in the New Testament, F.J. Lambrecht

Resurrection occurs before Judgment

“The general resurrection occurs just before the final judgment and the meting out of rewards and punishments. It involves the reunion of body and soul, which at the moment of death had ...”

“In between Jesus Christ and His destroying incarnation of Mahavishnu, called as Kalki, there is a time given to human beings to rectify themselves, for them to enter into the ...”

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Seek Purification

Christian Beginnings and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Divine grant of purifying Spirit

“God will purify 'man'—understood generically—from all evil acts by means of 'a spirit of holiness,' and that God will also sprinkle upon 'man' 'a spirit of truth' like waters of purification. ...”

“But you have to come here because it is a very deeper way of cleansing. And who is going to cleanse you? I am the washer woman. I have to do the job. So better come to the laundry, that's ...” Read More

Seek God's Kingdom

The Election of Israel: The Idea of the Chosen People

Atehalta de-ge'ula: Redemption Begins

“All that can be known about the final redemption, then, is that the estrangement between God and Israel and God and the world will ultimately be overcome. And God's redemption of ...”

“The Kingdom of God that we were promised is at hand. This is not a phrase out of a sermon or a lecture, but it is the actualization of the experience of the highest Truth which is absolute ...” Read More

Seek Inner Paraclet

F. B. Meyer, Love to the Utmost

Jesus: "I have been one Paraclete"

“Jesus promises that the Paraclete will be the 'new' advocate' to dwell within his disciples always: 'I will ask the Father and he will give you another Advocate ... [who] will be in you.' ...”

“I am with you. I am with you at every step, at very place. You may go anywhere. At every place I am with you, completely, in person, by mind and in every aspect. Whenever you will ...” Read More

Seek Inner Ruh

Goddesses and the Divine Feminine: A Western Religious History

Ar-Ruh-Al-Qudus, Holy Spirit within

“An early stream of Aramaic-Syriac Christian tradition portrayed the Spirit as feminine... In the Gospel of the Hebrews, the Holy Spirit is seen as Christ's mother and also the power that ...”

“And even in Koran, Mohamed Sahab says that all the Heavens lie at the lotus feet of The Mother. Among them, among Muslims there are Sufis who are realized souls and also accepted ...” Read More

Seek Inner Shekinah

She Who Dwells within: A Feminist Vision of a Renewed Judaism

Shekinah, She who dwells within us

“The term Shekinah is an abstract noun of feminine gender derived from the Hebrew root Sh-Kh-N, meaning 'to dwell' or 'to abide.' The word Shekinah first appears in the ...”

“Some people say, 'Mother, you heal us or cure us'—is not true. It is your own Kundalini. It's your own Mother within you. Everybody has an individual Mother. When She rises ...” Read More

Seek Inner Spirit

Tau Malachi, Living Gnosis: A Practical Guide to Gnostic Christianity

Holy Spirit of Christ is a feminine Spirit

“Thus, the choice among orthodox and fundamental Christians to speak of the Holy Spirit as male is a distortion of the actual languages of the Scriptures... Holy Spirit is spoken of ...”

“Now people, Christianity is another absurd thing they teach, that there is the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost but not The Mother. How can you have a Son and a Father without ...” Read More

Seek Shakti within

Shakti: Realm of the Divine Mother

Brahman is latent Devi

“All the gods—Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Indra, and so on—can do their respective work only if they are united with Shakti. So Maha Maya can be considered the sole ...”

“I have to tell you the story about the Sahasrara Day, about which it was decided long time back, before I incarnated. They had a big meeting in the heavens. All the thirty-five crores of ...” Read More

Seek Spirit within

Womanspirit Rising

Jesus: "My Mother the Spirit"

“The secret Gospel to the Hebrews likewise has Jesus speak of 'my Mother, the Spirit.' And in the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus contrasts his earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, with his divine ...”

“Today is the first day of Navaratri. Today your attention should be on Shri Ganesha. His devotion is infinite. He has never worshipped anybody else except Mother. Hence He ...” Read More

Seek Bhavani within

Hinduism: A Short Introduction by Klaus Klostermaier

Divine Mother of Transcendental ∞

“One Supreme Goddess: 'Bhavani is worshipped by the gods in all her repeated incarnations. She always kills demons by incarnating herself on earth and she protects all creation in ...”

“It is one of the main teachings of the profound traditional wisdom of India, that the Primordial Mother is the origin of all things and everything tends to flow naturally back towards ...” Read More

Seek Lalita within

Sri Lalita Sahasranama

Lalita Devi assures birth will be final!

“It is by repeating the names of other deities in hundreds of thousands of births that faith is generated to repeat the names of Sri Devi. Just as it is in the last of all his births that a person ...”

“Now if you say the thousand names of the Goddess; thousand names of the Goddess are so precise. I mean you can verify them in Me. I am just like that. Whatever it is good or ...” Read More

Seek Antaryamin

Seeking Mahadevi: Constructing the Identities of the Hindu Great Goddess

Goddess in a way that God is not

“Kinsley uses the name Mahadevi or 'Great Goddess' to refer to the supreme, singular Goddess underlying all goddesses. One could in fact see the use of the prefix 'Maha-,' 'great,' in ...”

“But today it is the day I declare I am the One who have to save the humanity. I declare I am the One who is Adi Shakti, who is The Mother of all Mothers, who is the Primordial Mother, ...” Read More

Seek Antarjami

Sri Guru Granth Sahib

Only Aykaa Mayee opens Dasam Dvar

“The notion of dasam dvar, written as dasam duar, occurs several times in the Guru Granth” "The term bhagauti is the feminine form of a word for Lord or God. i.e., Goddess [Sanskrit ...”

“Meditation is nothing but the state of remaining in the constant company of the every-loving Bhagawati.” (Bhagauti)“Shri Guru Nanak has talked about the Goddess, the Devi. ...” Read More

Seek Tao within

The Tao of Abundance

Chi: Her primordial Elixir of Life to all

“The image of the primordial Mother was embedded deep within the soul of the Chinese people who, as in Egypt, Sumer and India, turned to her for help and support in time of need. ...”

“Lao-Tse is the man who talked about this thing; he's the one who told them about Kundalini and they don't know who is Lao-Tse? Especially in America, I don't know what sort of ...” Read More

Seek Mother within

The Great Cosmic Mother, Monica Sjoo

In the beginning we were all female

“In the beginning ... was a very female sea. For two-and-a-half billion years on earth, all life-forms floated in the womb-like environment of the planetary ocean- nourished and protected ...”

“How can you think of a father, and a son and not of The Mother? Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. And She is reflected within us as the Kundalini. And in the heart is reflected God ...” Read More

Seek Inner Feminine

The Return of the Feminine, Llewellyn

A spirituality that affirms life

“The feminine holds the mystery of creation. This simple and primordial truth is often overlooked, but at this time of global crisis, which also carries the seeds of a global transformation, ...”

“I have to make a very important request to women, as in these modern times, they are the ones who are going to save the world. Not so much the men. They have done their job before. ...” Read More

Seek Inner Goddess

C. MacKenzie Brown, The Devi Gita: The Song of the Goddess

Sakti lies dormant within all beings

“She is the universal, cosmic energy known as Sakti, and the psychophysical, guiding force designated as the Kundalini (Serpent Power) resident within each individual. She is eternal ...”

“The Kundalini (The Holy Spirit) is your own Mother; your individual Mother. And She has tape-recorded all your past and your aspirations, everything. And She rises because She ...”

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Seek Inner Guru

The Graceful Guru

Everyone has Holy Mother-Guru within

“In the medieval period, there is an ultimate feminine guru represented in a classical text: the Goddess. It is she, not a wife or a saint, who assumes the public role of teacher and ...”

“This power of Kundalini—which is your individual mother—is waiting in the sacrum bone... She is your individual Mother and She is anxious to give you your second birth. Once it ...” Read More

Seek Inner Brahman

The Triumph of the Goddess

Brahman identified with the Devi

“At the climax of the Devi Bhagavata, Brahma concludes his eulogy with a question to the goddess: 'I am troubled in my heart by an apparent inconsistency, for the Veda says ...”

“Shri Ganesha is whom we worship and because of whom we got our realization... He is the incarnation of the Supreme, of Brahman... He is omnipotent, omnipresent ...” Read More

The Divine says:

Mahanirvana Tantra of the Great Liberation

"external worship is the lowest of all"

“So long as a man has not real knowledge, he does not attain final liberation, even though he be in the constant practice of religious acts and a hundred austerities. The knowledge of the ...”

“The ultimate act against the Spirit is to worship that which has no Spirit ... The Atma and its expression is the sole Reality in the Universe. Identification with anything else causes ...” Read More

The Patriarchs say:

Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now

"My or our God is the only true God"

“The word God has become empty of meaning through thousands of years of misuse. I use it sometimes, but I do so sparingly. By misuse, I mean that people who have never even ...”

“So this is how we finish all fundamentalism. Fundamentalists are the ones who believe that this is written in this book, this is written in this book, and that we, because we read ...” Read More

The Critics say:

Malachi Martin, The Encounter

"Each one of them hides from the ...

“... ultimate test of its validity and truth behind a wall of unknowing and expectation. All three chorus that only on the 'Last Day,' when the 'End' comes, when 'God' decides, will it be ...”

“Now fanaticism itself is absolutely against religion, against your innate religion within yourself because it creates poison. It's a venomous thing. It makes you hate others. When ...” Read More

The mystics say:

The Complete Guide to World Mysticism

"Knock on yourself as upon a door"

“Abandon the search for God and the creation and other similar matters. Look for Him by taking yourself as the starting point. Learn who it is within you who makes everything his own and ...”

Q: "What is God, for you, and is God a separate entity?” "Yeah, He is. He is, and God for me is the one who is witnessing everything.... God is reflected within you as ...” Read More

Happy Ending

EnlightenmentNext Magazine Issue 23

Can religions save us Huston Smith?

“So, will the 'happy ending' or final salvation that the traditions prophesy actually manifest? And, if so, do you believe that will eventuate—as the traditions predict, through divine ...”

“They'll come back when their time and turn will come. Very few can save the world but they have to be strong and absolutely established in their understanding of the powers of their Spirit ...” Read More

The New Millennium

Walter Mercado, Beyond The Horizon

Christ is coming but spiritually

“The New Millennium opens an era of renewed and individual spirituality, in which we will no longer seek interpretations of the scriptures from others, but will connect directly with ...”

“So this is a New Age that we are talking about here, right now here, that it is going to work out in such a manner that there will be all enlightened personalities together and they will ...” Read More

Cosmic Chi

The Holy Spirit, Chi, and the Other

Chi: Divine and Universal

“Chi is the cosmic energy that is present in the world and is mentioned or captured in the majority of world religions. It is in the realm of this Spirit that all religions open themselves and ...”

“They felt the cool breeze in the hand. It's written in the Bible, even in the Bible very clearly, that it's the cool breeze. Cool breeze is the sign of the Holy Ghost. You start feeling the cool ...” Read More

The Kingdom of God

George Ladd, A Theology of the New Testament

A Gift of Salvation and Life Eternal

“This immortal resurrection life is the life of the Age to Come (Lk. 20:35). The evils of physical weakness, sickness, and death will be swallowed up in the life of the Kingdom of ...”

“But you know that you have eternal life. You can never die. Death is not this body disappearing. Death is where you are absolutely without any control of your soul. Once you are a realized ...” Read More

Christ the Rebel

The Gospel of Thomas by Stevan L. Davies

A rebel with the vision of evolution

“Jesus' full revolutionary vision in all its outrageousness, grandeur, and radical passion is to be discovered in a close reading of the Gospel of Thomas. The greatest of the sayings ...”

“But in the West we still are very much attached to the nonsense of Christianity. It has nothing to do with Christ, believe Me, and this fanaticism which is lingering still in your mind ...” Read More

Christ the Mystic

Resurrecting Jesus by Adyashanti

"I am guarding it until it blazes.”

“Like many people, my sense of who Jesus was was primarily informed by the prevailing culture. The Jesus that I knew was really the Jesus I saw on TV and in movies, the Jesus ...”

“Whatever it is, we have to know also that the Bible is not completely representing Christ, as it has happened with every book. So, there are problems and, as in every religion, people ...” Read More

Brokers for Christ

Tricia Gates Brown, Spirit in the writings of John

Brokers they rely on are imposters

“The final Spirit-Paraclete saying of John's Gospel appears at 16.12-15. Jesus has still many things to say to the disciples that they can presently not bear. But when the Spirit of Truth ...”

“You do not judge God from the people who talk about God. Anybody can talk about God because they think there is no law that can catch them. They can talk for Him, against Him, or they can ...”Read More

Second Birth of Man

The Second Coming of Christ (The Resurrection of the Christ within You)

Jesus' teachings reveal universality

“The teachings of Jesus as understood in harmony with the revelations of the Great Ones of India will revive the practical methods of the intuitive knowing of truth through Self-realization. ...”

“In the Hindu scriptures it is written, Indian scriptures, that there will be a Kalki who will give you realization, who will resurrect you and all kind of books there are; in the Bible also we have this ...” Read More

21st. Century India

Spiritual Heritgae of India

India will conquer her conquerors

“Preempting the place that is now held by technology, religion will be restored to its earlier importance and the center of world happenings will wander back ... to the East where civilization ...”

“A day will dawn when the whole world would bow to this country in reverence. Then people would know who Jesus Christ was, and from where He came. He would then be worshipped ...”

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The Holy Spirit

Role of the Holy Spirit in Protestant Systematic Theology

Spirit transcends all religions

“The recognition of the Spirit in other religions allows the church the possible discernment of Christ-like practice in the other, and in so much as Christ-like activity takes place, then ...”

“But this Judgment is so beautiful that when you are judged you get powers of your own, of your love; you enjoy the bliss of your Spirit; you become so peaceful, all the tensions disappear; ...” Read More

The Goddess' Guide

Jesus, Muhammad and the Goddess

Paraclete Guide is Jesus 'second' coming

“Various Muslim scholars from around the globe dwelt on the divine powers of Nirmala Devi, who it is claimed rediscovered the magic of Sahaja Yoga. The members discussed the ...”

“I am the Adi Shakti. I am the one who has come on this Earth for the first time in this form to do this tremendous task. The more you understand this the better it would be. You ...”

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Human Saviors

The Randall House Bible Commentary

Miracles surpassing that of Savior

“Jesus solemnly assures the disciples that they will, in the future, perform even greater miracles than He. By this He means to say that through the power of the Holy Spirit, they will bring about the ...”

“Now about Christ, I think ... by His resurrection He has achieved a great thing, which Hindus do not know and the Christians have not carried the message because they also do not know. ...” Read More

God Version 2.0

The Future of God: A Practical Approach to Spirituality for Our Times

Why God Version 2.0 has a future

“Every age creates a God that serves only for a while (although that while can be centuries). Our age makes the most minimal demand on spirit: We want a deity that we can freely ignore. ...”

“So the time has come for all of us to understand that all religions are one. They are part and parcel of one God and that all incarnations are supporting each other, nourishing each other ...” Read More

Age of the Spirit

The Future of Faith, Harvey Cox

A transition between Ages

“It is evident that different forms of 'spirituality' can lead to either self-indulgence or a deepened social engagement, but so can institutional religion. Recent studies have shown that ...”

“All these have been indicated in all the books which are ... mystical or we can call as religious,... They've all indicated this time, this time by the end of this century, this should ...” Read More

A Supreme Being

The Mayan Prophecies for 2012

The Return of Quetzalcoatl

“Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan have important associations with the esoteric parallel of Hinduism's secret knowledge of k'ulthanlini (kundalini) and the seven chakras, the body's centres of ...”

“In many countries there has been a manifestation that they know about this particular Power. I happened to go to Colombia where I collected an authentic antique copy of the ...” Read More

Sri Mataji's Promise

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God

“I will tell you all the secrets.”

“Let us hope that HH Mataji Nirmala Devi will, one day, grant us a book fully displaying the process of Man's second birth and spiritual ascent. She indeed promises, "I will tell you ...”

“I presented your book to Shri Mataji when I was in India. She spent almost half an hour to go through the book. Overall, She was very pleased with the book and especially with your effort ...”

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Goddess of Moksa

The Rise of the Goddess in the Hindu Tradition

Her salvific power is knowledge based

“The Goddess's role as the dispeller of illusion who helps one achieve liberation (moksa) is indeed fundamental to her identity. Yet this role is essentially epistemological, for in ...”

“Everything comes from the Goddess. That is what they forgot. And that is why all the problems have been created. If there is no Spirit in your learning if there is no source of the Goddess ...” Read More

Missing Messages

God's Indwelling Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments

Jesus limited what He told disciples

“The teaching ministry of the Paraclete is presented as superior to that of Jesus because the Paraclete will teach them 'all things' and will remind them of 'everything' that Jesus ...”

“Till the time of Christ, in the human awareness, only the sense of resurrection was created - that you can be resurrected or you can be reborn... But it did not happen. Actualization ...” Read More

4000 BC Sages

Complete Idiot's Guide To Hinduism

The Eternal and Internal religion

“One of the great ironies of religious history is that, although the religions that came out of the Near East—Judaism, Islam, Christianity—adamantly reject most of Hinduism's ...”

“Another good point about Indians is that their religion is not organized. There is no organization that runs it. It's a very big blessing. Despite that, all these ideologies in the Vedas also got into ...” Read More

Christianity Lite

John Arthur, Hard To Believe

Leaders have prostituted Gospel

“It's Christianity for consumers: Christianity Lite, the redirection, watering down, and misinterpretation of the biblical gospel in an attempt to make it more palatable and popular. ...”

“But the people at the helm of affairs of religion are themselves money or power-oriented and not spirit-oriented. They can poison the ignorant minds of the simple faithful and mislead them ...” Read More

Promised Evolution

A life that triumphs over death

“The 'eternal life' Jesus offers believers is one that is like Jesus' own life, both as it is witnessed during his earthly life and in his life on the other side of resurrection. Both represent a life ...”

“Easter is extremely symbolic ... Resurrection of Christ has the message of Christianity. Through Resurrection Christ has shown that one can be resurrected with the body that you have. ...” Read More

Present Presence

Robert Kysar, John

Paraclete presence in believers' lives

“Because of the presence of the Paraclete in the life of the believer, the blessings of the end-times—the eschaton—are already present. At times John speaks as if that final consummation ...”

“I am with you at every step, at every place. Everywhere! You may go anywhere. At every place I am with you completely, in person, by mind and in every respect. Whenever you will ...” Read More

Holy Spirit Baptism

Baptism in the Early Church: History, Theology, and Liturgy in the First Five Centuries

Baptism that surpasses heaven

“Baptism is a transcendent reality instituted by the historical Jesus (Seth) that reflects an actual ritual. It effects regeneration by the Holy Spirit, gnosis (deliverance from the ...”

“For all of us the seekers the last work of the Divine of opening the last centre in the Great Primordial Being was done on the 5th of May, 1970. It is the greatest event of all the spiritual ...” Read More

Resurrection Wind

Harold Bloom, Omens of the Millennium: The Gnosis of Angels, Dreams, and Resurrection

Wind of Heaven will sweep world

“Resurrection can be judged as one of the sharpest Valentinian differences from dogmatic Christianity, a difference that appears in Sufism and other esoteric traditions, and in many ...”

“But these are special time, the Blossom Time. They call it the Last Judgment, you can call it the Resurrection Time, you can call it the Qiyamah, they call it in Koran. It is said that people will come ...” Read More

Direct Experience

Enlightenment Without God

Of Ultimate Truth and Consciousness

“First of all, the philosophy of the Upanishads frees one to cast away his intellectual slavery to blind faith, superstitions, sectarian beliefs, and dogmas. Then it helps one to ...”

“But those who call themselves Brahmins are not Brahmins. They just call themselves Brahmins. Have they come to know the Brahma, the all pervading power of God? Those who ...” Read More

Blind Faith

Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness

Of Balu and Amma's $pirituality

“Balu came flying back into [Amma's] room. 'It's not what you think,' [sperm on towel]... He continued, "It's umm... kanji vellam (sticky rice water) and bleach. Yes, that's what it is.”

“It is surprising to see how the people who go to these false gurus stick on to him, or stick on to her, in such tremendous dedication, that you are amazed - they become just like cabbages!” Read More

Intellect Slavery

Elaine Pagels, The Secret Gospel of Thomas

Of Sci-fi Writer and his religion

“Scientology, created in 1954 by a prolific sci-fi writer named L. Ron Hubbard, claims to be the world's fastest growing religion, with millions of members around the world and huge financial”

“All kinds of false religious sects and false gurus ... that does not say about Self realization and does not achieve Self realization and does not get connected with God is false. ...” Read More

Sectarian Strifes

Helen Ellerbe, The Dark Side of Christian History

Of Patriarchy and their religions

“Yet, organized religion has a very long history of curtailing and containing spirituality, one's personal and private relationship with God, the sacred, or the divine. Perhaps there will always ...”

“It's a very serious thing they have done against Christ. And still going on. Still this Catholic Church, though being exposed so much, is still going on. In India also, all over. It's stupid. This ...” Read More

Can those who lead-

Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels

“It's within you,” Luke says.

According to the renowned historian Elaine H. Pagels the Gospel of Thomas “does not tell the story about the life and death of Jesus, but offers the reader his 'secret teachings' about the ...”

“Today we are celebrating the opening of the Sahasrara (Kingdom of God). On this day I must say it was a great happening that took place on all the humanity. It was such an achievement ...” Read More

Give Cool Breezes?

Michael Welker, The work of the Spirit: pneumatology and Pentecostalism

Pneumatological Paraclete

“When Jesus says to Nicodemus, the wind blows where it chooses and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is ...”

“The Cool Breeze coming out of your head, that's called as Chaitanya Lahari, that's called Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. When John the Baptist talked about baptism, he meant this. He didn't ...”

Read More

Give Second Birth?

You Can Experience . . . A Spiritual Life: Food, Fellowship, and a Celebration of God's Bounty

Nicodemus: "Tell me how"

“Jesus was talking to Nicodemus about a new beginning, a fresh start, and a chance to become a new person by entering into a life-changing, personal relationship with God. ...”

“And He said it very clearly to Nicodemus that 'You have to be born again' when he asked, 'Am I to enter back into my mother's womb?' And He said it so clearly. Those who don't want ...” Read More

Give Self Discovery?

Jean-Yves Leloup, The Gospel of Thomas

Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you"

“In the social sciences of the near future, positive forms of primary human spiritual and psychic experiences will be recognized as the sources of classic myths and religious doctrines. ...”

“They are so much full of anti-religious temperament that you cannot just bear them. It's better to finish Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, all isms, one ...” Read More