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"But She — the Spirit, the Paraclete... — will teach you everything.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty.” title=
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty. "The intention of the Spirit of truth is the restoration of an alienated, deceived humanity... The teaching role of the Paraclete tends to be remembered as a major emphasis of the Farewell Discourses, yet only 14:26 says She will teach you all things. (Teaching is, however, implied when 16:13-15 says that the Spirit will guide you into all truth, and will speak and declare.) Franz Mussner remarks that the word used in 14:26, didaskein, "means literally 'teach, instruct,' but in John it nearly always means to reveal.” (Stevick 2011, 297)
"Where then do we go for direct textual evidence that the Holy Spirit was, in the origins of Christianity, considered feminine? We go to the existing Greek minuscules copied in the early part of the last millennium to find only circumstantial evidence. Likewise, as we go to the earlier copied Greek uncials, the Byzantine copies, the eastern Syriac Peshitta, and the Old Latin we find some peripheral corroboration. Then when we go to the earlier copied Old Syriac that predates the Peshitta we find a pearl of great price. In the most ancient of the rare Old Syriac copies, the Siniatic Palimpsest, from the 4th or 5th century, found in the Covenant of St. Catherine in the Sinia by Mrs. Anes Lewis and transcribed by Syriac Professor R.L. Bensly of Cambridge University in 1892, the words of Jesus in John 14:26 read:

Aramaic Made EZ, Danny Mahar
Aramaic Made EZ
Translation of Daniel Mahar, author of Aramaic Made EZ
But She—the Spirit, the Paraclete whom He will send to you, my Father, in my name—She will teach you everything; She will remind you of that which I have told you.

(Translation by Danny Mahar, author of Aramaic Made EZ)

In both the Hebrew and Aramaic language the word spirit is in the feminine gender but in the Greek language it is neuter. It is the Greek neuter word, pnuema, that was employed by the ancient Septuagint translators of the Hebrew Old Testament when they translated the feminine ruach into Greek. The authors who wrote in Greek were limited in expressing the Holy Spirit in the feminine by the constraints of the language...

This concept of the feminine gender of the Holy Spirit is not new or original. The early church had this belief and within the last several decades it has been considered at large with acceptance by individuals of faith in all areas. It may be that this writing is a unique synergism in understandings and that there are some new considerations within what is written here to add to the accumulating evidence. Whatever the case may be there is much more that is written and to be written that patterns the feminine gender of the Holy Spirit through the breadth of scripture...

I offer this presentation so that the revelatory script of the knowing playwright and the intuitions of the wise director may be more fully understood and, in the end, be joined harmoniously together within our souls and within our family to bring to pass the eternal plan of salvation for all humankind through the cross of Christ.”

The Feminine Gender of the Holy Spirit
On the Orthodox Revision of the Gender of the Holy Spirit
A Journey Unto Revelation's End, by Steve Santini

The Holy Spirit in the Syriac Bible

The Holy Spirit: Classic and Contemporary Readings

Syriac Christianity is unique in that it represents a genuinely Semitic form of the gospel which itself was preached originally in Aramaic. Although the New Testament itself reached Syriac by way of Greek, the thought, forms, imagery, and religious vocabulary of the earliest Syriac writers-above all Aphrahat, Ephrem and the liturgical poets-are purely Semitic and owe little or nothing to the influence of Greek culture. As such, Syriac Christianity can genuinely claim to be an indigenous Asian representative of Christianity, and not a European export. This is not, of course, to deny the very great influence which the Greek speaking church subsequently had on all the Syriac churches, in particular over the period c. AD 400-700; but what is important here is that this Greek element-now thoroughly assimilated as part of the general liturgical and literary heritage of the Syriac churches-is a secondary one....

(2) The Holy Spirit in the Syriac Bible

Although "Spirit of Holiness" is a term that occurs occasionally in the Old Testament (Ps. 51: 12: Isa. 63: 10-11), alongside the very common "Spirit of the Lord", it will come as a surprise to many that ruha d-qudsha, "Spirit of Holiness" is quite a frequent term in some Jewish texts, in particular the Palestinian tradition of the Aramaic translations of the Old testament, or Targumim. Whereas Targum Onkelos, the official Babylonian targum, normally employs the term "Spirit of Prophecy" (a phrase known to some early Syriac writers too), the earlier Palestinian Targum texts prefer "Spirit of Holiness". Thus, for example, at Numbers 27: 18, Joshua is described as "a man on whom there dwells the Spirit of Holiness from before the Lord".

The word for "spirit" or "wind" happens to be feminine in the Semitic languages, and this of course has had certain consequences for the use of the term ruha when applied to the Holy Spirit. Early Syriac writers consistently construe ruba d-qdsha as a feminine, and it is clear from a few oft-quoted texts that the Holy Spirit was actually regarded as mother in some circles. This understanding is first found in a quotation preserved by Origen and Jerome from the almost wholly lost Gospel according to Hebrews.

(Christ speaks) Even so did my Mother, the Holy Spirit, take me by one of my hairs and carry me away on the great mountain of Tabor.

In Syriac writers it is rare to find the Holy Spirit described specifically as a "mother", but there is one well-known passage where this is the case: Aphrahat, in his Demonstration 18: 10 "On virginity and marital continence (Qaddishuta)", denies that Gen. 2: 24 ("a man shall leave his father and mother ...”) refers to ordinary parents:

Who is it who leaves father and mother to take a wife? The meaning is as follows: as long as a man has not taken a wife, he loves and reveres God his Father and the Holy Spirit his Mother, and he has no other love. But when a man takes a wife, then he leaves his (true) Father and his Mother.

The same interpretation is found in Greek in the Macarian homilies.

We can see how later generations came to object to this description of the Holy Spirit if we look at one of the beautiful invocations to the Spirit in the Acts of Thomas. In S27 Judas Thomas stands by the font and anoints the heads of King Gundaphor and his brother, and his prayer includes, in the Greek (but not the Syriac), the words "Come, compassionate Mother ...”. Although Syriac was the original language of the Acts of Thomas, the surviving texts in this language have undergone a little expurgation, and the phrase "compassionate Mother" has been dropped as unsuitable, and so survives only in the Greek translation which has received less attention from later editors.

As we shall discover below, the verb rahhef, "to hover", is frequently used of the action of the Holy Spirit, derived from Gen. 1: 2 and Deut. 32: 11. That this is essentially a feminine action in the eyes of Syriac writers can be clearly seen from two comparatively late writers who compare the Holy Spirit to a mother. Sahdona, writing about 600, speaks of the man "who has been held worthy of the hovering of the holy Spirit, who, like a mother, hovers over us as she gives sanctification, and through her hovering over us, we are made worthy of sonship". Nearly three centuries later Moshe bar Kepha describes in a homily how the Holy Spirit "hovered over John the Baptist and brought him up like a compassionate mother.”

Although we shall find many pointers to the feminine character of the Holy Spirit in the baptismal texts, the actual title "mother" does not, to my knowledge occur, and the nearest we come to it is in a baptismal qolo [hymn] beginning "stretch out your wings, o holy church, and receive the perfect sheep to whom the Holy Spirit has given birth in the baptismal water ...”

For the majority of writers, however, it would be unwise to stress their consciousness of the femininity of the Spirit. Moreover, it should be remembered that Logos, the Word, was also rendered by a feminine Syriac word, melta, and in the Old Syriac version of St. John's Gospel it is still construed as a feminine (in the Peshitta [standard Syriac translation of the Bible] however, and in later Syriac writers generally, melta, "Word", is always treated as masculine). It is in fact quite likely that the existence in second and third century Mesopotamia of a number of pagan triads consisting of father, mother and son (e.g. at Palmyra, Hatra), may have acted, as a deterrent against the development of this sort of imagery in ecclesiastical circles.

From the late fourth, and especially fifth, century onwards, under Greek influence, ruha, "(Holy) Spirit", came to be construed as a masculine. In the biblical translations the process has begun in the Peshitta New Testament (though in many places a feminine verb is left), to be completed in a consistent way in the Harklean (and probably already in the Philoxenian) version. In non-biblical texts we find examples of the feminine lingering on into the early centuries of the Islamic period, surviving especially in liturgical texts. For some reason the feminine adjective qaddishta, however, tends to be avoided, while a feminine verb after ruha d-qudsha is much more likely to survive. On occasions one finds ruha construed as both feminine and masculine in the same sentence; and in poets like Jacob of Serugh it seems to be considerations of versifications that mainly govern the choice.”

Eugene F. Rogers, The Holy Spirit: Classic and Contemporary Readings
Wiley-Blackwell; 1 edition (May 19, 2009) p. 114-16

The Holy Spirit: the Feminine Nature of God
"Paraclete, the Greek word used for the Holy Spirit, literally means one called alongside, and is translated advocate, comforter, and counselor (3, Butler). In the original Hebrew of the Old Testament and in Aramaic of the New Testament, the gender of the Holy Spirit is feminine. The Septuagint was the first translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew to Greek. Great care was taken to do this accurately. Despite this effort, the gender of the feminine Hebrew word, "ruach," was changed to the Greek word, "pneuma," which is neuter. When Jerome translated the Greek into the Latin Vulgate, the gender of "spirit" was changed from neuter to masculine.

Yes, the pronoun "he" is accepted if the gender is unknown, but it is clear the gender of the spirit was originally feminine. The pronoun "She" could be used if an accurate translation is desired. This is historical fact that cannot be denied, but it is overlooked by Bible teachers today. It is an example of the influence man has had on scripture since its original writing. These slight changes over time have resulted in a patriarchal church and society that have prevented women from bringing a healthy influence and balance to the church. It has also given them a second class status in society and the family that has been difficult to overcome.

Early Christians understood and accepted this family relationship and equality within the Godhead. In the first 200 years after Christ, women enjoyed ecclesiastical power in the church and androgynous images of God were common. Gnosticism was a sect of early Christianity that accepted the equality of men and women in God's Kingdom, but it is also promoted a secret knowledge that was accessible to only a few. This group was considered heretical by church leaders and eventually stamped out. Cultural and political trends lead to an increasingly patriarchal church and God's image was masculinized (4, Oxford-Carpenter).

The elimination of the feminine aspect of God also occurred in the Hebrew or Jewish teachings. God's presence with man on earth was given the name Shekinah. This was the name used to described the part of God that dwells in the world and was feminine. She guided the Israelites through the desert and rested on the tabernacle and early temple. She was considered to be the Bride of God. "... despite the feminine gender of the Hebrew word 'Shekinah,'" the Rabbis went to great efforts to emphasize that the Shekinah is no one else but the familiar (male) God of the Hebrew Bible (5, Schafer).”

Patricia Taylor, The Holy Spirit: the Feminine Nature of God
Iuniverse Inc (Sep 29 2009)

The Spirit and grammar

"In John's Gospel, the Spirit is a Person, as much as the Father and the Son are. Since the Reformation, one of the most recurrent arguments for the personality of the Spirit is based on grammar. In Greek, Spirit (pneuma) is neuter, and several times in the Paraclete passages this word is accompanied by masculine pro'nouns, in addition to some neuter pronouns, as it would be expected according to the rules of grammatical agreement.9 The typical argument can be found in George E. Ladd when John correctly uses neuter pronouns in connection to pneuma: there is no implication "either for or against the personality of the Holy Spirit. But where pronouns that have pneuma for their immediate antecedent are found in the masculine, we can only conclude that the personality of the Spirit is meant to be suggested.”10

The argument, however, is not correct. The question is relatively simple. What is said means that where masculine pronouns are used, the closest noun is pneuma, thus being its antecedent. But the antecedent of a pronoun must be determined by syntax, not by proximity; and when masculine pronouns are used, the syntactical antecedent is always para'kle-tos, not pneuma, which stands only in apposition to parakle-tos.11 For this reason, sometimes John uses neuter pronouns in the same passages. He does so always when the syntactical antecedent is pneuma. This means that there is absolutely nothing abnormal or meaningful in John's use of pronouns in the contexts that refer to the Spirit. Also, the fact that parakle-tos is masculine does not have any implication regarding the personality (much less the masculinity) of the Spirit. The gender of parakle-tos, as well as that of pneuma, is nothing more than a linguistic accident, and no theological conclusion should be derived from it.12"

Web (Retrieved 2018-01-13)

9 The passages and the respective masculine pronouns are the following: John 14:26 (ekeinos); 15:26 (hos, ekeinos); 16:7, 8 (autos, ekeinos), 13, 14 (ekeinos [twice], heautou). In the same passages, there are four occurrences of neuter pronouns in connection to pneuma: 14:17 (ho, auto), 26 (ho); 15:26 (ho). The same happens in 7:39 (ho).
10 George E. Ladd, A Theology of the New Testament, rev. ed. (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1993), 331.
11 As Daniel B. Wallace declares, 'The use of ekeinos here [John 14'16] is frequently regarded by students of the NT to be an affirmation of the personality of the Spirit. Such an approach is based on the assumption that the antecedent of ekeinos is pneuma. . . . But this is erroneous. In all these Johannine passages, pneuma is appositional to a masculine noun. The gender of ekeinos thus has nothing to do with the natural gender of pneuma. The antecedent of ekeinos, in each case, is parakle-tos, not pneuma.' Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1996), 331, 332. For a more detailed treatment including other passages in which pneuma is supposedly followed by masculine grammatical elements (Eph. 1:14; 2 Thess. 2:6, 7; 1 John 5:7), see Daniel B. Wallace, 'Greek Grammar and the Personality of the Holy Spirit,' Bulletin for Biblical Research 13, no. 1 (2003): 97'125.
12 Note that in Hebrew the word spirit (r'ah.) is feminine, while in German, French, and Spanish, e.g., it is masculine.

Sects, Cults and Alternative Religions
The Explosion of Cults

"The newspapers and the cult-watching organizations often give the impression that the profusion of sects, cults and other new religious movements in recent years is something new. It could be, they say, a reaction against materialistic philosophy, which was in turn a reaction against dogmatic Christianity; or it could be a repeat of the Millenarianism witnessed shortly before AD 1000; or it could be a sign of the Last Days before the return of Christ — "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect" (Matthew 24:24.) . . .

It has often been pointed out that in America one can find a different Church on every corner: a store-front church, a converted cinema or a car showroom. A lot of these originate when one member of a "Free Church" congregation disagrees with his pastor over perhaps minor doctrinal or organizational detail; or sometimes there is a battle of succession after the death of the founder, or sometimes just a clash of personalities. Whatever, the member walks out, taking a few supporters with him, and a new Church is born. Few of these last much beyond the lifetime of their last founder member, but some do, and spawn daughter congregations. A few grow into national or international dominations or Churches. . . .

Many of the variants of Christianity today began as honest attempts to return to the simplicity of the original message. Why, then, are there so many of them, with so many major differences? If they are all trying to get back to the original, why can't they agree on what the original is?

Part of the problem is that the New Testament (let alone the whole Bible) is not a manual of doctrine. It contains four overlapping but different accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus, each angled in a different way for a different audience; an account of the lives of some of the disciples after Jesus' death; 21 letters; and a vision. The Old Testament contains, among other things, history, law, poetry and prophecy. The whole assemblage was written by several dozen people over several hundred years, and the package which we now call the canonical Scriptures was listed as we now have it only in AD 367, by which time the people who made the choice of which books to include and which to leave out had their own doctrinal agenda. There isn't such a thing as a statement of belief, a creed, in the Bible. If you want one, you have to study, search, analyse and interpret the Bible and write your own.”

Sects, Cults and Alternative Religions
David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996 p. 37-9.

"But She—the Spirit, the Paraclete...—will teach you everything.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty.” title=
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty.
"The Paraclete will come (15:26; 16:7, 8, 13) as Jesus has come into the world (5:43; 16:28; 18:37)... The Paraclete will take the things of Christ (the things that are mine, ek tou emou) and declare them (16:14-15). Bishop Fison describes the humility of the Spirit, 'The true Holy Spirit of God does not advertise Herself: She effaces Herself and advertises Jesus.' ...
It is by the outgoing activity of the Spirit that the divine life communicates itself in and to the creation. The Spirit is God-in-relations. The Paraclete is the divine self-expression which will be and abide with you, and be in you (14:16-17). The Spirit's work is described in terms of utterance: teach you, didasko (14:26), remind you, hypomimnesko (14:26), testify, martyro (15:26), prove wrong, elencho (16:8), guide into truth, hodego (16:13), speak, laleo (16:13, twice), declare, anangello (16:13, 14, 15). The johannine terms describe verbal actions which intend a response in others who will receive (lambano), see (theoreo), or know (ginosko) the Spirit. Such speech-terms link the Spirit with the divine Word. The Spirit's initiatives imply God's personal engagement with humanity. The Spirit comes to be with others; the teaching Spirit implies a community of learners; forgetful persons need a prompter to remind them; one testifies expecting heed to be paid; one speaks and declares in order to be heard. The articulate Spirit is the correlative of the listening, Spirit-informed community. The final Paraclete passage closes with a threefold repetition of the verb she will declare (anangello), 16:13-15. The Spirit will declare the things that are to come (v.13), and she will declare what is Christ's (vv. 14, 15). The things of Christ are a message that must be heralded... " (Stevick 2011, 292-5)"
“And you know that I've given at least 500 lectures in London alone. And there are tapes of my lectures. These are available. I mean we don't make any profits as usual, but you must also not exploit us by taking the free tapes. You should pay for the tape itself. Alright? Buy some tapes and you can get the tapes from these people. We'll send you. You can copy it and give it to others the way you want to spread it. You can use. There is no restriction on anything, but one thing is definite that you should not sell it at the profit. As I do not sell it for the profit, you also don't sell it for profit. There is no exploitation of the disciple and no exploitation of the poor Guru who is standing before you.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Public Program, October 1981—Santa Cruz, USA

"Also if you have any questions, even if you have come today, does not matter, any questions you may write them down, give it to me, I'm coming back again, I'll answer them. And there we have got everything in tape. And you can get the tapes from the people here for no payment at all except that you give your own tape and we'll give you, and you can go through it and see for yourself. For that matter, any part of discussion you want to know, we have other tapes also which you can take, see them, study them, and let us know whatever is your problem, we'll try to tackle it. This is open to all of you. It does not matter what was the past. So one should not worry about these things.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Public Program, September 1982—Vienna, Austria

"So one should understand that you are not to pay for this. You are not to pay for what I say to you, or for my lectures, or anything, or for your Realization, not at all, not a single pie [Indian coin] for that. You cannot pay for it. It is so invaluable. That's the only thing that's so invaluable, that one thing you cannot bring it to the level of this gross existence that we have. It is absolutely overflowing. it's absolutely freely coming to you. So you cannot pay for it. it's Love, and Love you cannot purchase.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
March 1982—Caxton Hall, London

"You can't pay for my lectures and you can't pay for my work which I'm doing of Self-Realization. You can't pay because its a living process. You cannot pay for it.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Interview with journalists, 1990—Canberra, Australia

"There are so many things I've said, there are so many lectures which I would like you to hear. I've told them that you must give them the tapes, it's very important. You must sell the tapes to them and take the minimum. ... But you see these are beautiful, precious lectures which I've seen people in other countries use them while traveling long distances, and also otherwise for meditation, so many of them are working it out that way. So if you really are interested in yourself, interested in your ascent, interested in becoming one with the whole, to be in the Kingdom of God; then please take these tapes, listen to them, meditate on them. Meditation will become very much easier.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Public Program, July 1998—Holland Park School, London

“it's a very great chance of life that you are being resurrected, and this is the last breakthrough, as you know, of our evolution. But now you should leave your mind on one side; because this mind, if you go on working with it, you cannot go beyond mind and Sahaja Yoga you can achieve by going beyond your mind. Then you know yourself, because you get Self-knowledge. You know about your centers. You know about the centers of others. All this is available to you, but you have to become a subtler and subtler person. Not a gross personality. If you become subtler and subtler, you will be amazed how you will develop your inner powers in so many different ways.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Easter Puja, Calcutta, India—14 April 1995

"But She—the Spirit, the Paraclete...—will teach you everything.”
The Paraclete's teachings from 1970-2008

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty.” title=
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty. "The intention of the Spirit of truth is the restoration of an alienated, deceived humanity... The teaching role of the Paraclete tends to be remembered as a major emphasis of the Farewell Discourses, yet only 14:26 says She will teach you all things. (Teaching is, however, implied when 16:13-15 says that the Spirit will guide you into all truth, and will speak and declare.) Franz Mussner remarks that the word used in 14:26, didaskein, "means literally 'teach, instruct,' but in John it nearly always means to reveal.” (Stevick 2011, 297)
Recorded talks: 3059
Public programs: 1178
Pujas: 651
Other: 1249

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1979 05 27 Seminar Dollis Hill part 2
1979 05 28 Seminar, Dollis Hill part 3
1979 05 30 A Higher Life, A world of Bliss and Joy, Caxton Hall
1979 05 31 Public Program, Dr Johnson's House, UK
1979 06 08 Maria's House, Northampton Part 1
1979 06 08 Maria's House, Northampton Part 2
1979 06 09 Maria's House Part 3
1979 06 11 How Aspects of God are expressed within us, Caxton Hall
1979 06 15 Higher Life, Reading
1979 06 16 Bala's House, Birmingham Parts & 2
1979 06 16 Dr Johnson House, Birmingham
1979 06 18 At Jim Proctor's House, Leeds
1979 06 19 Caxton Hall, London
1979 06 19 What have we done towards a higher life, Caxton Hall
1979 06 20 When in darkness, Dollis Hill
1979 06 25 Seeking the life beyond, Caxton Hall, London
1979 07 08 Guru Puja, Dollis Hill
1979 07 10 We are all seekers, Caxton Hall, London
1979 07 16 How truthful are we about seeking, Caxton Hall
1979 07 20 Why are we here, Cardiff
1979 07 22 Intro to Sahaja Yoga
1979 07 24 Do we know what we seek, Caxton Hall, London
1979 07 24 To Seek our Wholesomeness, Caxton Hall
1979 07 26 Modern Seeking, In Search of Joy, Enfield
1979 08 06 Self Realisation and fulfilment, Caxton Hall
1979 09 00 Public Program, India
1979 09 22 Navaratri celebrations, Kundalini and Sri Ganesha, Bombay
1979 09 23 Kundalini, Vishnu and Brahma Shaktis, Bombay
1979 09 24 Kundalini and ShivaShakti, Seminar, Bombay
1979 09 26 Guru Mahima and Shri Krishna Shakti, Amar Rundal Mandal Bhadar
1979 09 27 Kundalini and Jesus, Amar Rundal Mandal Bhadar
1979 09 28 Kundalini Kalki Shakti, Bombay
1979 09 29 Advent Seminar India
1979 09 30 Talk on last day Navaratri at Chiketi Hall
1979 10 09 Maintaining the Purity of Sahaja Yoga, Caxton Hall, London
1979 10 15 Allowing Realisation to Develop, Caxton Hall, London
1979 10 19 Getting To Know Yourself, Gayton Rd, Harrow
1979 10 20 Diwali Message, Dollis Hill
1979 10 22 The Problem of ego, Caxton Hall, London
1979 10 28 Knowledge of Divine, Introduction to Sahaja Yoga, Caxton Hall
1979 11 11 The Meaning of Yoga, Dollis Hill
1979 11 15 The Significance of Brighton
1979 11 18 Get into meditation, Where do we stand in Sahaja Yoga, Dollis Hill
1979 11 18 Let us Meditate for a while
1979 11 21 Seeking in The West, Caxton Hall, London
1979 11 26 How to get to the Spirit that lies within, Caxton Hall
1979 12 02 Guru Puja, Dollis Hill Part (Advent Sunday, Shri Mataji's Declaration)
1979 12 02 Guru Puja, Dollis Hill Part
1979 12 02 Shri Ganesha's Names, Guru Puja, Dollis Hill
1979 12 03 When you meet me, (Realisation is not of Intellect), Caxton Hall
1979 12 10 Christmas and it's Relationship to Lord Jesus
1979 12 30 The Meaning of love, or Talk on all chakras, Bombay
1980 Lectures To Earth
1980 00 00 extract of talk on children from Nabhi Talk, Australia
1980 00 00 How to Meditate
1980 00 00 The Beauty of Human Beings, Caxton Hall
1980 01 27 Powers Bestowed upon Sahaja Yogis, Bordi Shibir
1980 01 27 Transformation, Bordi Shibir
1980 01 28 Joy, Duhlia
1980 03 16 Dollis Hill
1980 03 16 The Mother, Dollis Hill
1980 03 17 Interview on BBC
1980 03 23 Birthday Puja, Guarding Against Slothfulness, Bharat Vidya Bhavan
1980 03 24 The Meaning of Reality, Caxton Hall, London
1980 03 31 What Is Seeking, Brighton Pavilion
1980 04 06 Dollis Hill, Easter Sunday
1980 04 10 How the Egg is Related to Rebirth, Caxton Hall
1980 04 12 The Force within, Birmingham
1980 04 14 Caxton Hall 15 mins short at start
1980 04 18 The Power of the Divine, Caxton Hall, London
1980 04 19 The Spiritual Evolution of Man, Paris
1980 04 20 Meaning of Puja and effects of, Puja in Paris
1980 04 21 Caxton Hall - talk 1
1980 04 21 Caxton Hall - talk 2
1980 04 24 Sympathetic Parasympathetic, Dollis Hill
1980 04 27 Sahaja Yoga the Force within, Lausanne, Switzerland
1980 04 29 The Pure Intelligence, Geneva
1980 04 30 Public Program, Switzerland
1980 05 01 Public Program
1980 05 05 After Talk about Sahastrara, Part 2, Dollis Hill Ashram, London
1980 05 05 Sincerity in SYs, talk about Sahastrara, Dollis Hill Ashram, London
1980 05 12 God, Introduction to Sahaja Yoga, Caxton Hall
1980 05 17 Old Arlesford Part 1, Preparation for Becoming
1980 05 17 Old Arlesford Part 2, What is a Sahaja Yogi
1980 05 18 Old Arlesford Part 3, The Real Becoming
1980 05 26 Attention, Dollis Hill
1980 06 06 Why are we here, What is our purpose, Hampstead
1980 06 08 Subtlety, Dollis Hill
1980 06 09 The Subtlety within, Caxton Hall, London
1980 06 13 Seeking that which lies beyond, Stratford
1980 06 13 The Essences within Innocence7
1980 06 23 Innocence, Talk about Russia
1980 06 29 How do we prove the existence of God, Dollis Hill
1980 06 30 What is happening in other Locas, Caxton Hall
1980 07 08 The Value of Marriage, Dollis Hill
1980 07 17 Seeking, a Force that drives us, Northampton
1980 07 19 The Meaning of Puja, Brighton
1980 07 19 The Light of Truth, Brighton
1980 07 21 Auspiciousness, Caxton Hall, London
1980 07 27 What are the Statutes, Guru Puja, Hampstead
1980 07 28 Guru Principle, Caxton Hall
1980 08 09 What are we inside, Birmingham
1980 08 18 Every Country has it's Problems, Caxton Hall
1980 09 01 We have to get our Yoga, Caxton Hall
1980 09 07 How to know where you are, Chelsham Road
1980 09 08 The Dangers we Face
1980 09 27 Lethargy, Chelsham Road
1980 10 00 Havan talk, Chelsham Rd
1980 10 19 Puja on fighting Asuras, Navaratri Puja, Durga Temple, Hampstead
1980 10 19 Spreading Sahaja Yoga in Europe
1980 10 20 The Way of Kundalini, Caxton Hall, London
1980 10 21 Caxton Hall
1980 10 23 Why we are seeking our Spirit, Friends Meeting House, Hampstead
1980 10 27 What happens after Realisation, Caxton Hall
1980 10 29 Public Program Address, Caxton Hall, London
1980 10 31 You are to be Resurrected, Newbury
1980 11 09 Mahalakshmi Power, Hampstead
1980 11 10 Intro Talk, Put your Attention on your Spirit, Caxton Hall
1980 11 16 The New Age, Plaw Hatch
1980 11 20 The Myth of Ego, Hampstead - end missing
1980 11 23 You are to become Prophets, Guru Nanak's Birthday, UK
1980 11 24 Are you Seekers, Caxton Hall
1980 11 30 Intro Talk, We are All One, Caxton Hall (Excellent)
1980 12 01 You are part of the Divine Being, Caxton Hall
1980 12 05 Marriage and Collectivity, Chelsham Road
1980 12 10 Shri Mataji at Ashoka Hall, India
1980 12 30 Musselwadi y
1980 12 30 Tetley School, Rahuri
1981 Lectures To Earth
1981 00 00 Bristol Public Program
1981 01 10 Tuljapur
1981 02 05 Mainly Mooladhara, Delhi
1981 02 06 Swadisthana Chakra, Delhi
1981 02 07 Mainly Nabhi and Void, Delhi
1981 02 09 Heart to Sahastrara, Delhi
1981 03 25 2nd Public Program, Swadisthan, Sydney
1981 03 27 Nabhi, Australia
1981 03 29 Anahata, Australia
1981 03 29 Workshop, Sydney part 1 & 2
1981 04 02 Power of Pure Desire, Melbourne
1981 04 03 Sahastrara, Sydney
1981 04 04 Ganesha Gauri Short Talk
1981 04 06 Australian Radio Broadcast II
1981 04 06 The Aim of our Seeking, Parts 1, Melbourne
1981 04 07 Talk after Lalita Havan, Sydney
1981 05 10 Organising Sahaja Yoga in England Parts 1&2, Chelsham Road
1981 05 11 Lord Jesus - Forgiveness, Caxton Hall
1981 05 14 Awareness, Hampstead
1981 05 17 The Power of Kundalini, Chelsham Road
1981 05 17 The Right Side, Caxton Hall
1981 05 19 Hampstead Public Program
1981 05 19 Ewell Talk, UK
1981 05 24 Subconscious and Supraconscious, Chelsham Road
1981 05 29 God's Creation, Human Beings, Selfridges, London
1981 06 01 The time of the Seeker, Caxton Hall
1981 06 04 Improving the Spirit, Hampstead
1981 06 18 There must be something beyond, Hampstead
1981 06 25 Ocean of Love, Hampstead
1981 06 29 Conditioning, Caxton Hally
1981 07 03 The Search for Truth, Cambridge
1981 07 05 Detachment, Cambridge
1981 07 10 The System within, Brighton
1981 07 11 The Four Dimensions within, Brighton
1981 07 12 Puja in Hove, Sussex
1981 07 19 Guru Purnima, Chelsham Road
1981 07 21 Advice to Ashram, 115 Warwick Street
1981 08 01 Open Your Heart, Seminar at Sherborne, Dorset
1981 08 09 Establishing your Marriage, Chelsham Road
1981 08 15 Krishna Birthday Puja, Bala's House,Tamworth
1981 09 04 Advice given by Shri Mataji, Brahman Court, London
1981 09 11 The Tree of Life, Paris
1981 09 14 The Heart of the Universe, Caxton Hall
1981 09 19 New York - video set
1981 09 21 Shri Mataji in America, Day 2, New York
1981 09 26 Shri Mataji in America, Day 3, New York
1981 09 27 Shri Mataji in America, Day 4, New York
1981 09 28 Shri Mataji in America, Day 5, New York
1981 09 29 Navaratri Puja, New York
1981 09 29 Shri Mataji in America, Day 6, New York
1981 09 30"I am the Holy Ghost"New York
1981 10 04 Becoming the Truth, Houston, Talk
1981 10 05 The Beauty that you are, Unity Church, Houston
1981 10 06 From Krishna To Christ, Houston, Texas
1981 10 07 The Spirit, SatChitAanand, Houston
1981 10 27 Diwali Talk, London
1981 11 01 Gruhalakshmi Diwali, Chelsham Road, London
1981 11 03 You must grow fast in S Yoga, Brahman Court Hotel, London
1981 11 28 You are the Spirit, Public Program, Hampstead
1981 11 29.1 Marriage is meant to give Joy v1, Pond Street, Hampstead
1981 11 29.2 Marriage is meant to give Joy v2, Hampstead
1981 12 09 Mother's House Warming Puja, Brompton Square
1981 12 25 Christmas Puja, Chelsham Road, London
1981 12 31 New Years Eve, Chelsham Road
1982 Lectures To Earth
1982 00 00 Darshan at Brompton Square
1982 00 00 Ego and Humility
1982 00 00 Inauguration of Don's Book, Caxton Hall
1982 00 00 Procession near Puney
1982 00 00 Talk after Procession near Pune
1982 00 00 You must be Responsible, Hampstead
1982 01 24 Weekend Seminar Pt 1&2, Pune
1982 01 25 Being Connected to God, Lonavala Seminar
1982 01 26 Lonavala Puja and Havana
1982 01 27 Be thankful to God, Sholapur
1982 01 30 Predictions, Durga Puja, Sholapur14
1982 02 05 Durga Puja, Rahuri
1982 02 06 Swadisthan, Delhi
1982 02 09 Morality and Marriage, Vaitarna, India
1982 02 20 Establishment of Lord Shiva Puja, Delhi
1982 03 19 Futuristic Attitudes, Caxton Hall
1982 03 21 Birthday Puja, Chelsham Rd
1982 03 29 Reality is what it is, Caxton Hall, Parts 1&2
1982 04 02 Shri Rama's Birthday, Chelsham Road46
1982 04 05 Limitations of Divine Power, Caxton Hall
1982 04 07 Mother's Wedding Anniversary, Nightingale Lane
1982 04 11 Creation of Lord Jesus, Easter, Nightingale Lane
1982 04 11 Talk at Nightingale Lane
1982 04 19 Caxton Hall
1982 04 22 All is so beautifully made, Hampstead
1982 05 03 Public Program 1, Paris
1982 05 04 Public Program 2, Paris
1982 05 05 Sahastrara Day, Paris Ashram
1982 05 05 Shri Mataji gives singing lessons, Paris, France
1982 05 11 Left Vishuddhi, Caxton Hall (Understanding the Love of God)
1982 05 13 Problems of the Subconscious, Christchurch, Hove - end missing
1982 05 14 You Must Become The Spirit, Brighton Pavilion
1982 05 15 Understanding your Importance, Shri Ganesha Puja, Brighton
1982 06 07 You must improve yourself, Nightingale Lane
1982 06 10 When are we going to grow, Hampstead
1982 06 14 We are all expecting something great to happen, Caxton Hall
1982 06 22 England has to become Jerusalem, Reading, UK
1982 07 00 Public Meeting, Friends Meeting House, Cheltenham
1982 07 01 The Subtle Body, Birmingham
1982 07 04 Evening Talk, Nightingale Lane
1982 07 04 Guru Puja, Nirmala Palace
1982 07 09 Confusion, the subtle slavery, Dr Johnson House, Birmingham
1982 07 10 Mooladhara, Swadisthan, Nabhi and Void, Derby
1982 07 10 Shri Mataji talks to Doctors - Poor recording
1982 07 11 Nabhi to Sahastrara, Derby
1982 07 12 Increasing Collectivity, Hove
1982 07 12 Talk before Havan, Derby
1982 07 31 Cowley Manor Seminar,Cheltenham
1982 07 31 Dedication through Meditation, Cheltenham Seminar
1982 08 01 Adi Shakti Puja, Cheltenham Seminar
1982 08 06 Devotion, Compassion, Truth, London
1982 08 13 America, it's future problems, Brompton Square
1982 08 15 Havan at Yogeshwara Puja, Mother explaining, London
1982 08 15 Yogeshwara, Shri Krishna's Birthday, Chelsham Road
1982 08 16 A solution to come (introductory talk), Caxton Hall
1982 08 18 Guru Tattwa, Brompton Square, London
1982 08 22 Shri Ganesha Puja, Geneva
1982 08 23 1st Public Program, Geneva
1982 08 26 Public Program, Lausanne
1982 08 26 The Sects, Lausanne
1982 09 13 What we should expect from Realisation, Caxton Hall
1982 09 26 Original Sin, Shri Durga Puja, Vienna
1982 09 27 Blue Danube Radio Interview, Vienna
1982 10 07 Truth is to be achieved, Bedford
1982 10 08 Interview, Wellingborough
1982 10 08 We don't have to suffer, Northampton
1982 10 09 The Living Works of God, Cambridge
1982 10 17 Navaratri Puja Talk, London
1982 11 01 Self Mastery, Guru Nanak's Birthday, London
1982 11 14 Wealth and Generosity, Diwali Lakshmi Puja, Nightingale Lane
1982 11 26 Intro Talk, Parts 1&2, Caxton Hall
1982 12 19 Mahakali Puja, Lonavala
1982 12 19 What is your responsibility to Sahaja Yoga, Mahakali Puja, Lonavala
1982 12 24 Christmas Eve Celebrations, Pune
1982 12 24 Christmas Eve Talk, Pune
1982 12 26 Christmas Puja, Pune
1982 12 26 Lord Jesus, Pune
1982 12 31 Shri Ganesha Puja, Kolapur
1983 Lectures To Earth
1983 00 00 Los Angeles
1983 00 00 The Essence of Sahaja Yoga, Holborn Library
1983 01 01 Mahalakshmi Puja, Kolapur
1983 01 01 Mother talks about the Veena
1983 01 02 Public program New Delhi - end of talk missing
1983 01 04 Addressing India Medical Association, Sholapur
1983 01 04 Why we came to India, Mother talks to Westerners, Sholapur
1983 01 07 Shri Ganesha Puja, Rahuri
1983 01 13 Left Mooladhara and Supraconscious,Duhlia
1983 01 14 Basis of Creativity is Love, Saraswati Puja, Dhule
1983 01 14 Basis of Creativity is Love, Saraswati Puja, Dhulia
1983 01 16 Sahaja Yoga works only by Keeping Mother Pleased, Vaitarna
1983 01 18 Shri Ganesha Puja, Nasik
1983 01 21 Assess Yourselves, How to Proceed, Vaitarna
1983 01 27 Our Spiritual Roots, Delhi
1983 01 28 The Shaktis within us (Introduction to Sahaja Yoga) Delhi
1983 01 28 Three channels,Delhi
1983 01 29 Swadisthan Chakra (False Gurus and Conditionings), Delhi
1983 01 31 Nabhi Chakra, Delhi
1983 02 01 Heart Chakra, Delhi
1983 02 02 Vishuddhi Chakra, Delhi
1983 02 03 Agnya Chakra, Delhi
1983 02 04 Sahastrara Chakra, Delhi
1983 02 08 Q & A - India and the West, Importance of Self Realisation, Delhi
1983 02 09 Problems of Left Right and Centre, Birbal Park, Bombay
1983 02 10 Question and Answers About America
1983 02 10 Tales Of Shivaji
1983 02 11 Mahashivaratri Puja, Delhi
1983 03 01 Perth Puja
1983 03 02 Dalkeith Centre Workshop, False Gurus and Satgurus
1983 03 02 Perth Public Program Part 1
1983 03 02 Perth Public Program Part 2
1983 03 03 Perth Public Program
1983 03 04 Adelaide Puja
1983 03 05 Public Program
1983 03 05 Workshop at Adelaide
1983 03 07 Public Program
1983 03 08 Half Hour Introductory Talk, Melbourne, Australia
1983 03 08 Melbourne Press Interview
1983 03 08 Public Program, Melbourne
1983 03 09 Intro Talk - Lower Chakras, Melbourne
1983 03 09 Melbourne Puja
1983 03 09 Public Program, Melbourne
1983 03 10 Public Progam
1983 03 13 Workshop
1983 03 14 Devi Puja, Sydney
1983 03 14 Sydney Puja
1983 03 15 Sydney Public Program
1983 03 16 Sydney Public Program
1983 03 17 Sydney Public Program
1983 03 19 How To Bring Up Small Children, Lane Cove Park Picnic, Sydney
1983 03 21 Overcoming the Enemies, (Mother's 60th B'day Puja), Sydney
1983 05 10 Shri Ganesha's Birthday - background noise
1983 05 12 How to talk to New People, Hampstead
1983 05 20 The Essence of Sahaja Yoga, Caxton Hall
1983 05 25 Fulfilment of Seeking, Lewes
1983 05 26 Buddha's Birthday, Brighton
1983 05 27 Evening Program, Brighton Centre
1983 05 27 Radio Interview, Brighton
1983 06 00 Havan, Le Raincy, 108 Names Shri Lalita, 21 Names Shri Vshnu
1983 06 00 Talk at Le Raincy Airport, Paris
1983 06 13 Sahaja Yoga Talk, Porchester Hall
1983 06 16 Paris Public Program
1983 06 17 Havan, 108 Names Shri Lalita, 21 Names Shri Vishnu, Le Raincy
1983 06 17 Interview, Paris
1983 06 18 The Spirit, Talk before Havan, Paris
1983 07 17 God's Blessings upon Sahaja Yogis, Surbiton Ashram
1983 07 23 Attention and Ascent, Guru Purnima, Lodge Hill Seminar
1983 07 23 Purnima Seminar, Lodge Hill, Part 1, Rutumbhara Pragnya
1983 07 23 Purnima Seminar, Lodge Hill, Part 3, Assume Your Positions
1983 07 25 Purnima Seminar, Guru Puja, Lodge Hill, Part 4, 'Why in England'
1983 07 25 Surbiton
1983 08 21 Mother Earth, Surbiton
1983 08 23 Rakshabandhan, Tannay
1983 08 28 Shri Krishna Puja, Geneva
1983 08 31 Advice to New Sahaja Yogis, Tannay
1983 09 00 Shri Ganesha Puja, Italy
1983 09 04 Vishuddhi Chakra Puja, Vienna
1983 09 06 3rd Public Program, Urania, Vienna - echo
1983 09 16 Mother talks to the Jungians, New York
1983 09 17 Ekadesha Rudra, New York
1983 10 01 Following the Santa Cruz Interview, USA
1983 10 01 Santa Cruz Interview
1983 10 01 Talk 1, Seminar, Kennolyn Camp, Santa Cruz
1983 10 05 Declaration, 2nd Public Program, Vancouver
1983 10 06 Explaining Puja in Vancouver with new people
1983 10 06 Puja in Vancouver with new people
1983 11 03 Diwali Puja, Surbiton Ashram
1983 11 05 Money, Sleep and Bhoots, Diwali Festival, Surbiton Ashram
1983 11 06 Diwali Puja, Durga Temple, London
1983 11 21 Pre-Christmas Talk, Surbiton
1983 12 19 Desire, Puja for the Universe, Shri Mahakali Puja, Lonavala
1984 Lectures To Earth
1984 00 00 Navaratri Puja, Paris
1984 00 00 Talk in Germany
1984 01 14 Advice to Sahaja Yogis, Bordi
1984 01 18 Spontaneous Talk, Vaitarna
1984 01 31 Address to Medical Profession, Sholapur
1984 02 03 Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Kolapur
1984 02 06 Satara Puja
1984 02 12 Bordi Shibir Puja
1984 02 13 Puja part 2, International Seminar, Bordi Shibir, Maharashtra
1984 02 13 Puja Talk, International Seminar, Bordi Shibir, Maharashtra
1984 02 13 Shri Mataji's Words in Puja at Intl Seminar, Bordi
1984 02 14 Shri Mataji talks to the English, Day prior to Weddings, Bordi
1984 03 01 Detachment and Enlightenment of Brain, Pandarpur
1984 03 13 Intro Talk - Channels, Delhi
1984 03 17 Agnya, Public Program, Delhi
1984 03 17 Holi Celebration, Sahaja Yoga Temple, Delhi
1984 03 20 Sahastrara Chakra and Birthday Program, Delhi
1984 03 22 Birthday Puja, Bombay
1984 03 22 Birthday Puja, Bombay
1984 04 10 Porchester Hall, Londony
1984 04 22 Forgiveness, Easter3
1984 05 05 Sahastrara Day, Mesnire en Bray, (French Transalation)
1984 05 06 Q&A, Sahastrara Day, Mesnire en Bray y
1984 06 22 Southbank Polytechnic, Elephant and Castle, London
1984 07 02 Hampstead Public Program
1984 07 08 To Know the Truth, Ilford Town Hall, UK
1984 07 14 Guru Puja, Leysin, Switzerland
1984 07 17 For You and You Alone, Talk to S Yogis, Geneva, Switzerland
1984 07 18 Mother at Chiswick Town Hall, UK
1984 07 25 Opening the Sahastrara, Hove Town Hall, Brighton, UK
1984 07 26 Speaking for Doctors, Kemptown, Brighton, UK
1984 07 31 Middlesborough Public Program, UK
1984 08 00 Public Program, Birmingham
1984 08 02 Friends Meeting House, Leicester
1984 08 02 Public Program, Geneva
1984 08 06 Public Program, Bristol
1984 08 07 Bath Public Program, UK
1984 08 08 Cardiff Public Program
1984 08 11 Raksha Bandhan, L. V'dhi and Mariadas of S Yogis, Hounslow
1984 08 13 Cambridge Public Program
1984 08 13 Shri Mataji at Derby Ashram
1984 08 13 Radio Interview
1984 08 18 Lord Krishna Puja Talk, New York
1984 08 28 Public Program, Geneva
1984 08 29 Pre-Marriage Talk, Part 1&2, Switzerland
1984 08 31 Marriages at Founex, Switzerland
1984 09 02 Lord Ganesh Ganaraj Puja Talk, Zermat, Matterhorn
1984 09 06 Talk at Gregoire's House, Vienna
1984 09 08 Mahalakshmi Puja, Munich
1984 09 16 Ekadesha Rudra Puja, Italy
1984 09 23 Navaratri Puja Talk (Bumptiousness), Hampstead Town Hall
1984 09 29 Sincerity (Put Me in your Heart), UK
1984 09 30 Darshan, Talk after Navaratri Puja, Paris
1984 09 30 Navaratri, Paris
1984 10 05 Farewell to Mother, Chelsham Road, London
1984 11 22 Public Program, Hampstead Town Hall
1984 11 23 Christmas Puja, Montague Hall, Hounslow
1984 11 30 Bombay Program and Lecture
1984 11 30 Bombay Program and Lecture
1984-85 India Talk 1
1984-85 India Talk 2
1984-85 India Talk 3
1985 Lectures To Earth
1985 00 00 The Traditions of Seeking, Hampstead
1985 01 14 Sankranti Puja, Bombay
1985 01 19 Talks about Western Society, Nasik
1985 01 22 Leadership, Puja Talk, Rahuri
1985 01 26 Public Address, Pune
1985 01 26 Public Address, Pune
1985 02 00 Announcement Universal Nirmala Religion
1985 02 00 Evening Talk or Farewell Talk, Bordi
1985 02 06 A New Era, Sacrifice, Freedom, Ascent + Meditation, Bordi
1985 02 07 The Culture of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, Puja Talk, Bordi
1985 02 09 Talk to the English
1985 02 28 Town Hall Program, Perth
1985 03 01 Workshop Program, Perth Ashram
1985 03 02 Private Talk to Perth Sahaja Yogis
1985 03 03 Public Program, Adelaide, Australia
1985 03 05 Public Program No1, Auckland
1985 03 06 Public Program No2, Auckland
1985 03 08 Public Program, Brisbane
1985 03 09 Workshop, Norman Park, Brisbane
1985 03 10 Public Program, Masonic Hall, Sydney
1985 03 10 Shri Devi Puja, Sydney
1985 03 11 Public Program, Sydney
1985 03 13 Public Program and Workshop, Hyatt Hotel, Sydney
1985 03 15 Exhibition Building Public Program, Melbourne
1985 03 17 Birthday Puja Melbourne Ashram
1985 03 17 Public Program, Melbourne Ashram
1985 04 08 Easter Puja, Montague Hall, Hounslow
1985 04 14 Public Program, Friend's Meeting House, Birmingham
1985 04 19 Dr Johnson House, Public Meeting, Birmingham
1985 04 20 Mahamaya Talk, Birmingham
1985 04 21 Mooladhara and Meditation
1985 04 21 Talk on children, Shri Ganesha Puja, Birmingham
1985 05 02 Niraananda, Vienna Ashram
1985 05 04 You have to be in Nirvikalpa, Vienna - mono
1985 05 05 Sahastrara Day Puja, Vienna
1985 05 06 Public Program, Vienna
1985 05 07 Public Program, Vienna
1985 05 10 Intro Talk - Becoming the Light within, Hampstead
1985 05 12 Talk on Children, Hampstead
1985 05 19 Shri Ganesha Puja, Rome
1985 05 21 Realisation Exercise
1985 05 26 Ganesha Puja, Hounslow
1985 05 28 Facing Seekers Questions + Miracles
1985 05 28 Kundalini Power and Creation, Dr Worliker's, Los Angeles
1985 05 29 San Diego First Public Program, USA
1985 05 30 San Diego Public Program, USA
1985 06 02 Darshan at New Jersey Ashram
1985 06 03 1st Public Program, New York
1985 06 04 2nd Public Program, New York
1985 06 05 3rd Public Program, New York
1985 06 29 Guru Puja, Paris
1985 07 15 Trigunatmika Puja, Den Haag
1985 08 04 Shri Ganesh Puja, Brighton
1985 08 05 Gruhalakshmi Puja, Brompton Square
1985 08 05 Shri Mataji reads Kahlil Gibran
1985 08 06 Lambeth Ashram Talk, Chelsham Road, London Parts 1&2y
1985 09 01 Shri Vishnumaya Puja, Wimbledon, London61
1985 09 01 Talk to the Belgians and Dutch, Southlands, Wembley
1985 09 20 Sheffield Public Talk, Memorial Hall
1985 09 21 Scholarship, Sheffield
1985 10 04 Gavin speaks out, Seymour Hall
1985 10 09 Intro Public Program, Strasbourg
1985 10 09 Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Strasbourg
1985 10 10 Talk to Sahaja Yogis, France
1985 10 19 2nd talk on Navaratri Puja
1985 10 19 Additional talk at Navaratri Puja, Switzerland
1985 10 19 Navaratri Puja
1985 10 20 Havan Speech, Switzerland
1985 11 16 Address before Musical Evening, Rome
1985 11 17 Diwali Puja, Rome
1985 11 28 William Blake, Hammersmith
1985 12 00 Mahaganesha Puja Talk, Nasik
1985 12 15 Welcome Address, Vaitarna
1985 12 17 Puja in Nasik, India
1985 12 17 Puja in Nasik, India
1985 12 24 Christmas Eve Talk, Pune
1985 12 27 Brahmapuri Puja
1986 Lectures To Earth
1986 00 00 Mahalakshmi Meditation
1986 00 00 Radio Interview, Herbert, Graz
1986 00 00 Shri Gauri Puja, Pune
1986 01 00 Ekadesha Swayambhu Temple, Sahaja Camp
1986 01 01 Shri Mahaganesha Puja, Ganapatipule
1986 01 02 Day of Marriages, Ganapatipule
1986 01 06 In Betty Hubble's House, Houston
1986 01 08 Mahalakshmi Puja, Sangli
1986 01 13 Talk to Western Sahaja Yogis, Medical Questions, Rahuri
1986 01 14 Sankranti Puja, Rahuri
1986 01 20 Public Program, Attention should be on God, Mumbai
1986 01 25 Interview in Madras
1986 02 20 The Essence of Gita, Shankar Lal Hall
1986 02 22 A SY will reflect on the outside his inner quality, Jaipur, India
1986 02 24 Delhi University Address
1986 03 05 Brompton Square
1986 03 05 Wimbledon Address to English
1986 05 03 Few words before Bhajans
1986 05 04 2nd Sahastrara Talk, Milan
1986 05 04 Sahastrara Puja Talk, Milan
1986 05 18 French Seminar, Dourdan
1986 05 24 The Importance of Puja, Madrid, Spain
1986 07 03 Guru Puja, Avignon, France
1986 07 05 Pre-Guru Puja Talk re Austria, Gmunden, Austria8
1986 07 06 Guru Puja Talk, Gmunden, Austria23
1986 07 09 Advice on small children, Vienna, Austria
1986 07 13 Women should be Women, Kartikeya Puja, Munich, Germany
1986 07 25 Soul and Spirit, Volterra, Italy - Crockery
1986 08 03 Bhoomi Devi Puja, England
1986 08 04 Shri Ganesha Puja, England, UK
1986 08 18 Raksha Bandhan, Hampstead
1986 08 23 Gita, Lac Noir
1986 08 23 Govinda morning talk, Lac Noir
1986 08 23 Shri Krishna Puja, Lac Noir
1986 09 05 Evening Address, Camp Marston, California
1986 09 07 Shri Ganesha Puja, California
1986 09 20 Two Short Talks, Belgium
1986 09 21 Mahalakshmi-Jaladevata, Mechelen, Belgium
1986 09 21 Role of Belgium and Holland, Gruhalakshmi, Peace, Justice
1986 10 09 Lion's Club, Calcutta
1986 11 02 Diwali Puja, Pune
1986 12 12 Christmas, Shudy Camps
1986 12 21 Chalmala Welcome Address
1986 12 23 Nasik
1986 12 25 Pawana Dam
1986 12 27 Brahmapuri
1986 12 31 Mahalakshmi Puja, Sangli
1987 Lectures To Earth
1987 01 02 2nd talk, Ganapatipule Puja
1987 01 02 Ganapatipule4
1987 01 11 Paithan
1987 01 11 Paithan Puja
1987 01 13 Sankranti Puja, Rahuri evening
1987 01 14 Dhumal's House, Rahuri
1987 01 14 Sankranti Puja, Rahuri, India
1987 01 14 Sankranti Puja, Rahuri, India
1987 03 05 Public Program, Brisbane
1987 03 21 Mother's Birthday Puja
1987 03 21 Mother's Birthday Puja,
1987 04 08 Talk to Sahaja Yogis, St. Martin's Lane, London32
1987 04 19 Sir CP's Speech at Easter Puja, Rome
1987 04 19 Easter Puja, Rome
1987 05 03 Sahastrara Puja, Thredbo, Australia
1987 05 06 The Need to go Deeper, Sydney
1987 05 08 2nd Public Program in Sydney, Australia
1987 05 10 Mother's Day Picnic, Australia
1987 05 12 Public Program, Melbourne
1987 05 13 Public Program, Melbourne
1987 05 16 Establishing Foundations, Auckland, New Zealand
1987 05 16 Public Program 1, Auckland
1987 05 16 Public Program 2, Pioneer Womens Hall, Auckland
1987 07 11 Mother's First Talk, Shudy Camps
1987 07 12 Guru Puja, New Jerusalem
1987 08 08 Women play the most important role, New York
1987 08 09 Vishnumaya Raksha bandhan, New York
1987 08 16 Pre-Shri Krishna Puja Talk, St Quentin, Paris
1987 08 16 Shri Krishna Puja Talk, St Quentin, Paris
1987 08 17 Talk to the French, Le Raincy
1987 10 04 Maryadas in society, Shri Rama, Les Avants, Switzerland
1987 10 09 Mahalakshmi Puja, Mechelen, Belgium
1987 10 16 Mahakali Puja, Munchen, Germany
1987 10 22 This Modern Age, Milan
1987 10 23 Press Interview, Rotary Club, Piacenza, Milan
1987 10 23 Xavier's Flat, Press Conference
1987 10 24 The Light of Love, Diwali
1987 10 25 Diwali, Lake Como, Italy
1987 10 26 Revolution of Love, Rome
1987 10 27 Media Interview, Italy
1987 11 02 To Know the Truth, Paris
1987 11 03 The Power of Purification
1987 11 05 Why not Spain also
1987 11 06 Materialism, Shri Ganesha Puja, Spain
1987 11 06 Spanish must now rise
1987 11 16 Public Program, Porchester Hall, London
1987 12 09 Talk at Aurangabad
1987 12 13 Announcing the New Age, Ali Bag
1987 12 18 Kabira, Aurangabad1
1987 12 19 Complete your Realisation, Aurangabad
1987 12 20 Attention on Quality, Rahuri
1987 12 20 Talk at Rahuri
1987 12 21 Puja at Rahuri
1987 12 21 Talk at Rahuri
1987 12 22 Public Program, Sangamner
1987 12 23 Public Program, Akula, India
1987 12 24 We are here for our ascent, Pune
1987 12 25 Talk at Pune
1987 12 25 Tapasyas, Pune
1987 12 30 Kolapur
1987 12 30 Marriage, Kolapur
1987 12 30 Talk at Kolapur
1988 Lectures To Earth
1988 01 01 A Sinless Life, Ganapatipule
1988 01 01 Ganapatipule
1988 01 01 Talk at Ganapatipule
1988 01 02 Talk at Ganapatipule
1988 01 03 Patience and Sweetness, Ganapatipule
1988 01 04 Yuva Shakti, Ganapatipule1
1988 01 05 The Bondages we have, Ganapatipule
1988 01 06 Swimming in the Sky of Joy, Ganapatipule
1988 01 06 Talk at Ganapatipule
1988 01 07 Brotherly Love, Ganapatipule1
1988 01 10 The Point of Balance, Sankranti
1988 04 03 Easter, Shudy Camps
1988 04 03 Zakir Hussein + Mother's Appreciation of Muscians
1988 05 08 How it was Decided, Incarnation of Adi Shakti, the Saviour, Rome
1988 05 08 2nd Sahastrara Talk, Rome
1988 05 09 The Myth of Leadership, Rome
1988 05 21 Instruments of the Divine, Barcelona Puja
1988 06 07 Recognition, Austria
1988 06 08 Ekadesha Avatara, Vienna, Austriay
1988 06 08 Mantras at Ekadesha Avatara Puja
1988 06 13 Porchester Hall, Queensway, London
1988 06 18 Introspection, Shudy Camps
1988 06 18 Meditation at Shudy Camps
1988 06 19 The Role of Women, Shudy Camps
1988 06 20 Puja in Columbia, South America
1988 07 08 Intro Talk, Paris
1988 07 09 Intuition and Women
1988 07 10 The Power of Discretion of Hamsa, Grafenaschau, Germany
1988 07 23 Buddha Puja, San Diego, USA
1988 07 31 Gravity of Guruship, Andorra
1988 08 06 Mantras at Shri Krishna Puja
1988 08 06 The State of Witnessing, Shri Krishna Puja
1988 08 14 Shri Fatima Puja, Geneva
1988 08 20 Cure that Left Vishuddhi, Raksha Bandhan, Londony
1988 08 20 Pre Music Program Talk
1988 09 21 Ammonk Ashram, New York
1988 11 13 2nd Diwali Talk
1988 11 13 You are the Dipas, Diwali
1988 12 03 Ascent, Vaitarna - generator noise
1988 12 07 Mooladhara, Aurangabad14
1988 12 08 Talk at Aurangabad
1988 12 11 Detachment, Rahuri8
1988 12 11 Talk at Rahuri
1988 12 17 How we do earn our Punyas, Pune
1988 12 17 Talk at Pune
1988 12 20 Talk at Brahmapuri
1988 12 21 Hygiene, Sangli
1988 12 24 Purity and Holiness, Ganapatipule
1988 12 25 Talk at Ganapatipule
1988 12 25 Transformation, Ganapatipule
1988 12 26 Value Systems, Ganapatipule
1988 12 27 C.P.'s Speech, Ganapatipule
1988 12 27 Honesty, Ganapatipule
1988 12 30 What we can do now, Alibag
1989 Lectures To Earth
1989 00 00 Jesus Christ Puja, Bogota, Columbia, S America
1989 04 23 Archangel Shri Hanumana, Margate, UK25
1989 05 00 On board ship to Sorrento
1989 05 06 Jump into the Ocean of Love, Sahastrara Day, Sorrento, Italy
1989 05 16_Establishing Foundations, Auckland, New Zealand
1989 05 20 Gautama, Lord of the Ego, Buddha Puja, Barcelona, Spain
1989 05 24 1st Public Program, Hotel de Bretagne, Athens, Greece
1989 05 24 Integration of Athena, Athena Puja, Athens, Greece
1989 05 27 The Essence of Self Respect, Devi Puja, Istanbul, Turkey
1989 06 08 Shri Bhairava Puja, Italy - mono
1989 06 11 Dynamism, Virata Puja, Litchfield, Conneticut
1989 06 17 Mahakali Puja, Vancouver, Canada
1989 06 17 Vancouver Public Program
1989 06 19 Ascent, Mahakali Puja, San Diego, USA
1989 07 09 The Importance of Friendship, Devi Puja, Melun, France
1989 07 10 Mother singing after Hamsa Swamini Puja, Germany
1989 07 10 Hamsa Chakra Swamini Puja, Germany
1989 07 10 Mother's Words after Hamsa Swamini Puja, Germany
1989 07 19 Paramchaitanya Puja, Taufkirchen, Munich, Germany
1989 07 23 Guru Puja, Lago di Braise, Italy5
1989 07 25 Arrival Speech, Melichargasse, Austria
1989 07 30_Shri Mataji, Radio Broadcast, LBC, London
1989 08 01 First know Thyself, Porchester Hall, London
1989 08 06 Shri Bhairavnath Puja, Garlate, Garlate, Italy
1989 08 08 Shri Ganesha Puja, Les Diablerets
1989 08 14 2nd Talk, Shri Krishna Puja, Saffron Walden
1989 08 14 Shri Krishna Avatara, Saffron Walden, UK27
1989 08 18 Public Program, Leningrad, Russia
1989 08 21 2nd Public Program, Moscow
1989 10 06 Only for the English, Devi Puja, Margatey
1989 10 08 Destroy those Demons within, Devi Puja, Margate
1989 10 29 Diwali Puja, Motecatini
1989 12 00 Talk before Music Program, India
1989 12 03 Farewell Talk, Shudy Camps
1989 12 17 Advice given by Shri Mataji, India Tour, Alibag
1989 12 19 About Indian Sages, Aurangabad3
1989 12 21 Try to become Aware, Shrirampur
1989 12 25 You have Christ before you, Pune
1989 12 30 In Ten Years we can change the World, Brahmapuri
1990 Lectures To Earth
1990 00 00 Pre Marriage talk
1990 00 00 The Great Mantras + Atharvasheersha
1990 00 00 The State of the Planet
1990 00 00 Welcome to and re Kolapur
1990 01 00 Sankrant Puja, India
1990 01 00 Shri Ganesha Mantras and Atharvasheersha
1990 01 01 Marriages, Advice for Women, Sangliy
1990 01 06 Learn from your Guru, Ganapatipuley
1990 01 07 We must know Who is God and Who is Goddess, Ganapatipule
1990 01 14 The Sun of Sahaja Yoga has risen to it's Zenith, Kalwe, Bombay
1990 03 00 Public Program, Freemantle, Perth
1990 03 00 Puja in Auckland, New Zealand
1990 03 04 Ashram and Collectivity, Arrival Talk, Melbourne, Australia
1990 03 06 Public Program 1, Melbourne
1990 03 07 Public Program 2, Melbourne
1990 03 15 Australian Interview
1990 03 20 Canberra Interviews
1990 03 21 Birthday Puja Sydney
1990 04 21 Evening before Easter Puja, Eastbourne
1990 04 22 You all have to grow vertically, Easter Puja, Eastbourne
1990 05 06 You all have become Mahayogis now, Sahastrara Day, Fiuggi,
1990 05 28 Divine Discretion, Camp Marsden, San Diego, USA
1990 05 31 2nd Public Program, San Diego, USA
1990 06 07 Public Program, New York
1990 06 16 Shri Mahavira Puja, Barcelona, Spain
1990 06 19 Adi Kundalini Puja, Modlin, Austria
1990 06 20 Public Program 1, Athens, Greece (Greek translation)
1990 06 21 Public Program 2, Athens, Greece
1990 07 08 Guru Puja, Avingnon
1990 08 07 Raksha Bandhan Puja, Los Angeles, USA
1990 08 11 Canada Desha Public Program, Vancouver, Canada
1990 08 11 Shri Saraswati Puja, Vancouver, Canada14
1990 08 18 Evening before Shri Krishna Puja, Hallow Tree, Ipswich
1990 08 18 Sir CP's Address
1990 08 19 Shri Krishna Puja, Hallow Tree, Ipswich
1990 08 23 Address To Indian Community, Leyton Road, Stratford
1990 08 28 Ganesha Mantras and Names
1990 08 28 Ganesha Puja, Laversbach, Tyrol, Austria
1990 08 31 Hanumana Puja, Schlob Schwetzingen, Frankfurt, Germany
1990 09 12 Collectivity, Morality and Purity, Shri Mahakali Puja, Le Raincy, Paris
1990 09 14 Public Program, Hammersmith Town Hall, London
1990 09 14 Self Realisation Exercise, Hammersmith Town Hall
1990 09 18 Talk Before Krishna Puja and Talk by CP
1990 09 19 1st Public Program, Genua, Italy
1990 09 19 2nd Public Program, Genua, Italy
1990 09 23 Navaratri Puja, Geneva, Switzerland
1990 10 21 Diwali Puja, Sottomarina, Chioggia, Italy
1990 11 08 Canadadesha, Vancouver
1990 12 03 Welcome Talk, Pune
1990 12 12 Shrirampur
1990 12 14 Talk at Pratisthan 1
1990 12 14 Talk at Pratisthan 2
1990 12 17 Shri Lalita and Shri Chakra, Brahmapuri
1990 12 21 Mahalakshmi Puja, Kolhapur
1990 12 21 Mahalakshmi Puja, Kolhapur
1990 12 24 About Jesus, Ganapatipule
1990 12 25 Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
1991 Lectures To Earth
1991 00 00 Informal Talks, Melbourne
1991 01 01 Mahapuja, Kalwe
1991 01 01 Mahapuja, Kalwe
1991 01 01 Short Talk, Kalwe
1991 01 01 Talk about Christ, Kalwe
1991 02 09 Mahashivaratri Puja, Delhi
1991 02 09 Mahashivaratri Puja, Delhi
1991 02 16 The knowledge of God, Chianciano Therme, Italy
1991 02 16 Shri Ganesha Mantras and Atharvasheersh
1991 03 28 Shri Mahavira Puja, Perth, Australia - mono
1991 03 30 Shri Mataji organising children
1991 03 31 Easter Puja Sydney
1991 03 31 Shri Mataji's Horoscope read in Sydney
1991 04 06 Bhavasagara Puja Brisbane
1991 04 08 Shri Gauri Puja, Auckland, New Zealand
1991 04 10 Virata Puja Melbourne
1991 04 14 Shri Ganesha Puja, Canberra
1991 04 19 Final Talk, Sydney
1991 04 28 New York Puja, Queen's Theatre in the Park
1991 05 05 Recognize Me by experiencing your Divinity, Ischia, Italy
1991 06 30 Adi Kundalini Germany
1991 07 28 Guru Puja 1, Cabella di Ligure
1991 07 28 Guru Puja 2, Guru Gita, Cabella
1991 07 28 Guru Puja 3, Italy
1991 08 04 Shri Buddha Puja, Deinze
1991 08 05 Public Program, Vienna, Austria
1991 08 06 2nd Public Program, Vienna
1991 08 11 Kundalini Puja, Weilingen, Frankfurt, Germany
1991 08 11 Shri Ganesha Mantra and Atharvasheersha
1991 08 20 Public Program, Moscow
1991 09 01 Yogeshwara, Shri Krishna Puja, Cabella
1991 09 15 Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella
1991 10 13 Navaratri Puja, Cabella, Italy
1991 11 10 1 Diwali Puja, Cabella
1991 11 10 2 Diwali Italy
1991 12 06 1st Public Program, Madras, India
1991 12 06 Madras Puja + Rajeshwari
1991 12 07 2nd Public Program, Madras, India
1991 12 09 Public Program, Bangalore
1991 12 09 Shakti Mahakali Puja, Bangalore
1991 12 11 Puja in Hyderabad, India
1991 12 15 Ganesha Puja, Shere, Nr Pune
1991 12 21 Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Jaysinghpur, India
1991 12 24 Christmas Puja Ganapatipule
1991 12 29 Alibag
1991 12 31 New Years Puja, Kalwe, India
1992 Lectures To Earth
1992 00 00 Diwali Puja, Rumania
1992 02 00 Public Program
1992 02 09 Ganesha Puja, Canberra, Perth
1992 02 12 Black Mountain, Canberra
1992 02 12 Canberra Ashram
1992 02 13 Red Hill Lookout, Canberra (Children and Marriage)
1992 02 14 1st Public Program, Prahran Town Hall, Melbourne
1992 02 15 2nd Public Program, Melbourne
1992 02 18 Talk on Arrival, Brisbane
1992 02 20 Mahalakshmi Puja, Brisbaney
1992 02 23 Mahasaraswati Puja, Auckland
1992 02 24 Public Program, Auckland, New Zealand
1992 02 24 Q&A after Public Program, Auckland
1992 02 25 Talk in Christchurch, New Zealand
1992 02 26 Christchurch Public Program
1992 02 28 Newcastle Public Program
1992 02 29 Shivaratri Puja, Glenrock, Newcastle, Australia
1992 03 01 Talk After Shri Shiva Puja, Newcastle
1992 03 04 New South Wales University Talk
1992 04 13 Easter Puja, Rome
1992 04 18 Evening before Easter Puja, Magliano Sabina, Italy
1992 04 18 Mother appreciates Hemlata
1992 04 19 Easter Puja, Magliano Sabina, Italy
1992 05 10 Sahastrara Day, Cabella di Ligure
1992 05 31 Shri Buddha Puja, Shudy Camps
1992 06 11 Royal Albert Hall 1
1992 06 12 Royal Albert Hall 2
1992 06 21 Kundalini Puja, Cabella
1992 07 04 Vishnumaya Puja, Belgium
1992 07 19 Sahaja Guru and Complete Faith in God, Guru Puja, Cabella
1992 07 25 Shri Durga Mahakali Puja, Paris, Francey
1992 07 26 Public Program, Linz, Austria
1992 07 27 Public Program, Hofburg, Vienna
1992 07 28 Public Program, Budapest
1992 07 29 Public Program, Praha
1992 08 09 Mahalakshmi, Russia
1992 08 16 Krishna Puja, Cabella
1992 08 24 Public Program, Geneva, Switzerland
1992 08 30 Shri Ganesh Puja Cabella
1992 09 08 New York Public Program
1992 09 13 Hamsa Chakra, Vancouver, Canada
1992 09 19 Vishnumaya Puja, New York
1992 09 27 Navaratri Puja 27.9.92
1992 10 25 Diwali Puja, Rumania (Rumanian Translation)
1992 10 25 Mother's Appreciation of Musicians
1992 12 24 Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule, India
1992 12 24 Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
1992 12 30 Mahalakshmi Puja, Ganapatipule
1993 Lectures To Earth
1993 00 00 Public Progam, USA
1993 02 19 Shivaratri Puja, Bombay
1993 03 21 Birthday Puja, Delhi
1993 04 11 Easter Puja, Magliano Sabina, Italy
1993 04 26 Pallas Athena Puja, Athens
1993 04 27 Interview on Greek TV
1993 05 07 Sahastrara Puja, Cabella Di Ligurey
1993 06 06 Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella
1993 06 26 Royal Albert Hall
1993 07 01 Guru Puja and Guru Gita, Cabella
1993 07 04 Guru Puja, Cabellay
1993 07 11 Mahakali Puja, Paris
1993 07 21 The Source of Wisdom, Shri Ganesha Puja, Berlin
1993 08 03 Adi Shakti Puja, Togliatti, Russia
1993 08 15 Ganesh Mantra and Atharvasheersha
1993 08 15 Lead a Dharmic Life, Shri Krishna Puja, Cabella
1993 09 10 Persian Public Program, Los Angeles, USA A
1993 09 19 The Principle of Innocence, Ganesha Puja, Cabellay
1993 10 04 United Nations Meeting, New York, USA
1993 10 05 Toronto Public Program, Canada
1993 10 10 Virata Viratangana, America, You Must Use Your Vishuddhi
1993 10 11 Public Program, Los Angeles, USA
1993 10 14 Public Program Washington DC, Nat'l Inst of Health
1993 10 15 Philadelphia Public Program, Pennsylvania, USA
1993 10 16 New York Public Program,
1993 10 24 Introspect Yourself, Navaratri Puja, Cabella
1993 11 12 Diwali Puja, Moscow
1993 12 00 Talk before Music Programy
1993 12 11 Shri Krishna Puja, Yamunanagar
1993 12 18 Shri Ganesha Puja, Chindwara
1993 12 18 Shri Ganesha Puja, Chindwara
1993 12 23 Talk after Music Program, Ganapatipule
1993 12 24 Talk about Marriages, Ganapatipule6
1993 12 25 Christmas Puja, Ganapatipuley
1993 12 27 Talk about Children, Money, Responsibility, Ganapatipule
1993 12 28 Talk to Brides, Shri Gauri Puja and Weddings, Ganapatipule
1993 12 31 Mahalakshmi Puja, Kalwe
1993 12 31 Mahalakshmi Puja, Mukund Factory, Kalwe
1994 Lectures To Earth
1994 03 14 Shri Sadashiva Puja, Delhi
1994 03 14 Shri Sadashiva Puja, Delhi
1994 03 21 Attention, a better cure for all SahajaYogis, Calcutta
1994 03 27 Public Program, Perth, Australia
1994 03 30 Public Program, Melbourne, Australia
1994 04 00 Public Program, Taipei
1994 04 02 Talk to Australians before Concert
1994 04 03 Easter Puja, Sydney
1994 04 04 Public Program, Brisbane Town Hall, Australia
1994 04 05 Talk at Picnic, Lane Cove River Park, Sydney
1994 04 06 Sydney Town Hall Public Program
1994 04 07 Talk on last evening, Burwood, Sydney
1994 04 08 Public Program, Canberra, Australia
1994 04 10 Mahamaya Puja, Auckland, New Zealand
1994 04 13 Wamuran Talk, Brisbane
1994 04 22 Hong Kong Public Program true
1994 04 24 Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong
1994 04 27 Public Program, Hong Kong
1994 05 04 Public Program, Sydney Town Hall, Australia
1994 05 08 Sahastrara Puja, Italy
1994 05 08 Sahastrara Day, Italy
1994 06 05 Royal Albert Hall, London
1994 06 26 Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Creation, Adam and Eve, Cabella
1994 07 13 Shri Vishnu Puja, The Basis of Religion (Dharma), Paris
1994 07 19 Public Program, Austria Centre, Vienna
1994 07 24 Mature and Achieve the State of a Guru, Guru Puja, Cabella
1994 07 31 The Basis of Religion, Shri Vishnu Puja, Paris
1994 08 27 TV Asia Interview
1994 08 28 The Befooling of Intellect, Shri Krishna Puja, Cabella
1994 09 11 Shri Ganesha Puja, Religions, Children, Moscow
1994 09 14 Medical Conference, Science and Morality, St. Petersburg
1994 09 25 Public Program, Toronto, Canada
1994 09 26 Public Program, Vancouver, Canada
1994 09 27 Indian Iranian Public Program, Los Angeles, USA
1994 09 29 Public Program, Los Angeles, USA
1994 10 02 Krishna and Enlightenment of Brain, New Jersey USA
1994 10 07 After Nishat Khan concert, Cabella
1994 10 07 Before Nishat Khan concert, Cabella, Italy
1994 10 09 Fearlessness and Enlightened Faith, Navaratri Puja, Cabella
1994 10 21 Reel Women Part 1
1994 10 28 Reel Women Part 2
1994 11 05 Being the Light of Pure Compassion, Diwali Puja, Istanbul
1994 11 13 Address to Women of Tunisia
1994 12 03 Release of C.P.'s book, Lal Bal du Shashtri
1994 12 04 Raj Rajeshwari Puja, India
1994 12 04 Raja Lakshmi, The Royal Principle, New Delhi
1994 12 04 Raja Lakshmi, The Royal Principle, New Delhi
1994 12 27 Being truly Collective and Charitable, Christmas Puja, G'pule
1994 12 31 Shri Ganesha Puja, Kalwe
1994 12 31 Shri Ganesha Puja, Kalwe
1995 Lectures To Earth
1995 02 22 Sydney Public Progam
1995 02 26 How to get Detached and Ascend, Castle Mountain, Sydney
1995 03 20 Birthday Puja, New Delhi
1995 03 21 Felicitations Talk, Kundalini's Transformation, New Delhi
1995 04 14 Easter Puja, Calcutta, India
1995 04 14 Self Knowledge for Resurrection, Easter Puja, Calcutta
1995 05 07 To achieve complete freedom, Sahastrara Puja, Cabella
1995 06 00 Royal Albert Hall, London
1995 06 14 Desires against Real Joy, Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella
1995 06 25 Richmond Park Talk, London41
1995 07 16 Watch your Mind and Attention, Guru Puja, Cabella
1995 08 20 America and False Freedom, Shri Krishna Puja, Cabella
1995 09 10 The Value of Innocence, Ganesha Puja, Cabella
1995 09 13 Conference on Women, Beijing Seminar
1995 09 13 UN Speech, Public Program, Beijing, China
1995 09 17 Patriotism and Modernism, Shakti Devi Puja, Moscow
1995 09 20 Religion, SY and Realisation, Scientific Conference, St Petersburgh
1995 10 01 Don't reflect but Project your Depth, Navaratri Puja, Cabella
1995 10 08 America and Ego, Devi Shakti Puja, New York
1995 10 28 After Concert Talk
1995 10 28 After Concert Talk
1995 10 29 Diwali Puja, Nargol
1995 12 03 Kidwai Nagar Public Program, New Delhi
1995 12 03 Kidwai Nagar Public Program, New Delhi
1995 12 05 Satya Shakti Puja, Delhi
1995 12 24 The Seven Awarenesses, Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
1996 Lectures To Earth
1996 03 03 The Witnessing State, to know God, Shivaratri Puja, Sydney
1996 03 04 Darling Harbour Public Program
1996 03 21 Mind is a Myth, Birthday Puja, Delhi
1996 03 21 Mind is a Myth, Birthday Puja, Delhi
1996 04 03 Shivaratri Puja, Australia
1996 04 14 Easter Puja, Calcutta
1996 05 05 We must feel responsible, but humble, Sahastrara Puja, Cabella
1996 06 09 You dissolve into the Divine Power, Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella
1996 06 13 Shri Mataji at Nirmala House, Rome
1996 06 28 Royal Albert Hall
1996 07 09 Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella (listen again!)
1996 07 10 Airport Talk, Vienna6
1996 07 16 Mahalakshmi Puja, Moscow 23
1996 07 28 Criteria to Introspect yourself, Guru Puja, Cabella
1996 08 00 Public Program, St Petersburg, Russia (Russian translation)
1996 09 01 Shri Krishna and Sahaj Culture, Cabella
1996 09 10 Happy Diwali to all of you, Lisbon, Portugal
1996 09 10 What State you have to Reach, Diwali Puja, Lisbon, Portugal
1996 09 15 Without Innocence you cannot enjoy, Ganesha Puja, Cabella
1996 09 29 Shri Krishna and Americans, Shri Krishna Puja, New York
1996 10 20 Be aware of your own state, Navaratri Puja, Cabella11
1996 10 28 Public Program in Cairo, Egypt
1996 10 29 Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Cairo, Egyptlation)
1996 11 10 What state you have to reach, Diwali Puja, Lisbon
1996 11 25 Shri Gyaneshwara's 700th Anniversary, Pune
1996 12 07 Rajalakshmi Puja, Delhi
1996 12 21 About Ganeshwara, Mahalakshmi Puja, Vashi
1996 12 21 Shri Kartikeya Puja, Vashi, Bombay 23
1996 12 25 Give Up Your anti-Christ Behaviours, Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
1997 Lectures To Earth
1997 03 16 Power of Rudras and Desirelessness, Shivaratri Puja, Delhi
1997 03 16 What should happen to you, Shivaratri Puja, Delhi
1997 03 23 Mother's Birthday Puja, Delhi
1997 03 23 Mother's Birthday Puja, Delhi
1997 04 06 Dr Rai at the Medical Conference, Delhi
1997 04 06 Medical Conference, Delhi
1997 05 04 Beyond Dharma, Become the Truth, Sahastrara Puja, Cabella
1997 05 25 Adi Shakti Puja, Respect the Mother Earth, Cabella
1997 05 25 Appreciation of Spanish entertainment
1997 06 08 Freedom without Wisdom is dangerous, Shri Krishna Puja, New York
1997 06 10 Public Talk, New York
1997 07 20 A Guru should be humble and wise, Guru Puja, Cabella
1997 08 23 Primordial Taboos and Sahaj Dharma, Krishna Puja, Cabella
1997 09 07 Dharma has to be there for our Ascent, Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella
1997 10 04 Be close to Nature and Lead a balanced Family Life, Cabella
1997 10 05 The Main Qualities to Imbibe, Navaratri Puja, Cabella
1997 11 02 Lakshmi and the Maya of Money, Diwali Puja, Lisbon
1997 11 03 Public Program, Lisbon, Portugal (Portuguese translation)
1997 12 04 Ramlila, Delhi
1997 12 25 Get Rid of Ritualism and Ego, Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
1997 12 25 Get Rid of Ritualism and Ego, Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
1997 12 31 Shakti within you wants to be loving, kind and generous, Kalwe
1997 12 31 Shakti Puja, Kalwe
1998 Lectures To Earth
1998 03 20 Keep your attention on the Spirit, Felicitations Talk, Delhi
1998 03 21 75th B'day Puja, You have gone beyond the Gunas, Delhi
1998 03 21 75th B'day Puja, You have gone beyond the Gunas, Delhi
1998 03 25 Appreciation of singing of Top Man in Police, Delhi
1998 04 19 Easter Puja, Express Christ Light through your life, Istanbul
1998 04 20 Public Program in Istanbul
1998 05 10 Meditation is the only way, Shri Sahastrara Puja, Cabella
1998 06 06 Blossom Time, Royal Albert Hall, London
1998 06 21 You must develop Humility, Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabellay
1998 07 05 Public Program, Royal Albert Hall, London
1998 07 06 Public Program, Holland Park School, London
1998 07 12 To be Obedient to the Guru, Guru Puja, Cabella
1998 07 26 Interview in the Versiliana, Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy
1998 08 16 Stop Reacting Witness, Shri Krishna Puja, Cabella
1998 09 06 Chastity and Collective Nature, Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella
1998 09 06 Talk after Marriages, Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella
1998 09 27 You all should depend on Paramchaitanya, Navaratri Puja, Cabella
1998 10 25 Appreciation of the Entertainment Program
1998 10 25 Jeanne d'rc, Respect the Housewife, Diwali Puja, Novi Ligure
1998 12 00 Speech after Arun Apte performance, Ganapatipule
1998 12 16 Panch Tattwa, Scouts Ground, New Delhi
1998 12 16 Panch Tattwa, Scouts Ground, New Delhi (Hindi)
1998 12 16 The Subtle Elements, Speech at Scout Ground, Delhi (English part)
1998 12 16 The Subtle Elements, Speech at Scout Ground, Delhi (Hindi part)
1998 12 24 Become Absolutely Thoughtless, Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
1998 12 24 Become Absolutely Thoughtless, Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
1998 12 29 The Marriages, Ganapatipule
1998 12 31 Indian Culture, Kalwe Puja, Maharashtra
1998 12 31 Kalwe Puja, Maharashtra (Marathi and Hindi and English)
1998 12 31 Mother's talk regarding Children, Kalwe, India (English part)
1999 Lectures To Earth
1999 02 14 Principle of Shiva is in your Heart, Mahashivaratri Puja, Delhi
1999 02 20 Public Program, Mumbai, India
1999 03 00 Ham sab Hindustani hai
1999 03 00 Talk after dance performance
1999 03 18 Gudi Padwa Puja, Noida
1999 03 19 Speech after Felicitations, Delhi
1999 03 21 Love is above all, Birthday Puja, Delhi
1999 03 21 Talk on Vandemataram, B'day Puja, Delhi
1999 04 25 Resurrection to overcome Death, Easter Puja, Istanbul
1999 04 26 Public Program in Istanbul
1999 05 09 Fundamentals of Global Peace, Sahastrara Puja, Cabellay
1999 06 15 VIP Conference, Central Park, New York
1999 06 16 Public Program, New York
1999 06 20 Sahaja Yogis have to live for others, Canajoharie, USA
1999 07 08 Press Conference, London
1999 07 10 Royal Albert Hall, London
1999 07 12 Liberty Radio Interview, following Royal Albert Hall, London
1999 08 01 Ten Years in Cabella, Love is the only way, Guru Puja, Cabella
1999 09 05 Divine Discretion of Shri Virata, Shri Virata Puja, Cabella
1999 09 25 Adhere to Chastity, Morality, Decency and Honour, Cabella
1999 10 17 The Powers of Shri Mahakali, Navaratri Puja, Cabella
1999 11 07 Diwali Puja, Delphi, Greece
1999 11 07 Talk in Hindi, Delphi, Greece
1999 12 25 Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
2000 Lectures To Earth
2000 03 05 Shivaratri Puja, Pune
2000 03 05 Shivaratri Puja, Pune
2000 03 21 Birthday Puja, Delhi
2000 03 21 Birthday Puja, Delhi
2000 03 21 Birthday Puja, Delhi Hindi
2000 04 08 I.A.S. Meeting, Delhi, India
2000 04 17 Income Tax Officer's Public Meeting, Delhi
2000 04 23 Make use of your Realisation, Easter Puja, Istanbul
2000 04 25 Public Program in Istanbul
2000 05 07 Realised Souls are in the Ocean of Eternity, Cabella
2000 06 01 Public Program, Los Angeles
2000 07 02 You must completely surrender to work of Sahaj Yoga, Canajohare
2000 07 23 You cannot rise without Shraddha, Guru Puja, Cabella
2000 08 20 Spontaneous Decisions, Krishna Puja, Cabella
2000 09 02 Press Conference, Genova
2000 09 16 Sanctity of Marriage and Innocence, Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella
2000 09 16 Talk to the Grooms, Shri Ganesha Puja
2000 09 23 Reception, Forum Hotel, London
2000 09 26 Royal Albert Hall, London
2000 09 27 Talk at Holland Park School
2000 09 28 Talk at Errol Douglas Salon
2000 10 08 Problems of Nadi's, Navaratri Puja, Cabella
2000 10 29 from Lakshmi to Mahalakshmi Talk 1, Lake Piru, Los Angeles
2000 10 29 from Lakshmi to Mahalakshmi Talk 2, Los Angeles
2000 10 25 Reactions of ego and conditionings, Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
2000 10 31 New Year Puja, Ganapatipule
2000 10 31 New Year Puja, Ganapatipule
2001 Lectures To Earth
2001 02 25 Mahadev destroys everything egoistical and negative, Pune
2001 03 20 Birthday Puja 1, Delhi
2001 03 21 To Grow Deep Into Your Self, Birthday Puja 230
2001 03 26 Public Program, J.N.Stadium, New Delhi
2001 04 22 You cannot resurrect without controlling Agnya, Easter Puja, Istanbul 2001 04 24 Public Program in Istanbul
2001 05 06 Ganesh Atharvasheersha
2001 05 06 Your life is a waste without Atma Sakshatkar, Cabella
2001 06 01 You have to at least be aware of yourself, Cabella
2001 07 08 Worship Purity and Love Yourself and Others, Guru Puja, Cabella
2001 07 14 Royal Albert Hall, London
2001 07 15 Holland Park + Q&A, London
2001 07 15 VIP Reception, Russel Hotel, London
2001 07 28 Ananya Bhakti, Shri Krishna Puja, Canajoharie
2001 09 20 Shri Mataji's Letter to President Bush (Read by Sahaja Yogi)
2001 09 23 Children and Innocence, Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella Ligure, Italy
2001 10 21 To hate is the worst quality, Navaratri Puja, Loutraki, Greece
2001 10 23 Public Program, Athens, Greece (Greek translation)
2001 11 18.1 You are soldiers of the Divine Power 1, Los Angeles, America
2001 11 18.2 You are Soldiers of the Divine Power 2, Los Angeles, USA
2001 11 28 Diwali Puja, Los Angeles
2001 12 25 You are entitled to receive only if you give, Ganapatipule
2001 12 31 You should be satisfied within, New Year Puja, Kalwe
2002 Lectures To Earth
2002 03 17 Power of Love, Shivaratri Puja, Pune, India
2002 03 21 Money is the enemy of love, B'day Puja, New Delhi, India
2002 03 21 Money is the enemy of love, B'day Puja, New Delhi, India
2002 03 23 Birthday Felicitations, Delhi
2002 04 02 Psychosomatic Diseases can be cured in Sahaja Yoga, Delhi
2002 04 21 You are bound by the Religion of Love, Easter Puja, Istanbul
2002 04 23 Public Program, Istanbul, Turkey
2002 05 05 Ego is your own enemy, created by you... fight it, Cabella
2002 06 23 Use your Right Side for giving Realisation, Cabella
2002 07 21 Guru Puja, Cabella
2002 08 18 Shri Krishna as Kubera, Wealth and Truth, USA
2002 08 22 You are the Spirit, Public Program in New York, USA
2002 09 15 Personality of Real SY is Joy-giving, Universal and Chaste, Cabella
2002 09 15 Talk to Brides
2002 09 15 Talk to Grooms
2002 09 27 Shri Mataji in Frankfurt Hotel, Germany
2002 10 27 Developing wisdom through Bhakti and Shraddha, Los Angeles
2002 11 03 Importance of meditation & complete connection with Divine, LA
2002 12 25 Take character of Christ as your model, Ganapatipule
2002 12 31 New Year Puja, Vaitarna, India
2003 Lectures To Earth
2003 03 16 The Forgiveness of Shri Shiv Shankar, Shivaratri Puja, Pune
2003 03 16 The Forgiveness of Shri Shiv Shankar, Shivaratri Puja, Pune
2003 03 21 80th Birthday Puja, Nirmal Dham, Delhi
2003 03 21 80th Birthday Puja, Nirmal Dham, Delhi
2003 03 21 Felicitation Talk, Nirmal Dham, Delhi
2003 03 27 Sir CP's Speech
2003 03 27 Vishwa Nirmal Prem Ashram Speech, Greater Noida, India
2003 06 15 Appreciation by Mother of Gondali sung by Sahaja Yogis
2003 07 13 Guru Puja
2003 08 10 Shri Krishna Puja
2003 09 13 Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella
2003 10 12 Shri Gauri Navaratri Puja, New York, USA
2003 11 09 Diwali Puja, Los Angeles, USA
2003 12 25 Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
2003 12 25 Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule
2004 Lectures To Earth
2004 0215 Shivaratri Puja, Pune
2004 0215 Shivaratri Puja, Pune
2004 03 21 Birthday Felicitation Talk, Delhi
2004 03 21 Birthday Puja Talk, Delhi
2004 05 09 Sahastrara Puja, Cabella
2004 06 04 Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella Ligure
2004 07 04 Guru Puja, Cabella Italy
2006 Lectures To Earth
2006 06 04 Easter Sunday, Day of Resurrection, India
2006 08 02 Mother speaks again, Chiswick, London
2007 Lectures To Earth
2007 04 08 Mother Speaks again, Easter Puja, Pratisthan, India
2007 06 25 The Fragrance of Sahaja Yogis, Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella
2007 08 04 Talk after entertainment, Shri Krishna Puja
2007 10 13 2nd Night, Navaratri, Australia
2007 10 17 6th Night, Navaratri Puja,Sydney
2007 10 21 Dasshera Celebrations, Australia
2007 11 10 Diwali Puja, India (Marathi)
2008 Lectures To Earth
2008 07 20 Guru Puja (Final Farewell speech

An appeal - Collection of H.H. Shri Mataji's Missing Talks
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dear Sahaj Brothers and Sisters,

As you are aware Shri Mataji has given us the divine knowledge through talks on different occasion of Pujas, Public Programs, Felicitations, interviews, private and public ceremonies. We are writing to you with the humble but urgent request that you help us complete the collection of H.H. Shri Mataji's words to be saved for future generations. This priceless legacy is made up of almost 3,000 known events, but so far we have only been able to locate the tapes for about 1,200 events.

With the blessings of H.H. Shri Mataji, Devi Productions in Austria (a group of Sahaja Yogis with professional experience) is working since 2007 to preserve these tapes in an archive under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. A large number of these tapes have been digitalised and optimised to high quality and are now being distributed worldwide by the Sahaja World Foundation - Sahaj Gyaan Team.

Many of us have had the privilege of hearing H.H. Shri Mataji in Her physical presence and others through her tapes, videos and books. The new Sahaja Yogis, Yoginis and Yuva Shaktis in the recent years may not have access to the collection of Her talks. Hence, we request the Yogis all over the world either having knowledge or in possession of rare moments, talks, interviews, pujas, felicitations in Shri Mataji's physical presence in any form (Audio, Video, Text, Letters, TV/Radio Interviews, Documentary materials, etc.) to kindly share them with the Masters collection team of the Sahaja World Foundation. Please rest assured that we will take utmost care to handle the tapes you share with us. In return, you can choose to either have a duplicate copy of the tape or a free digital copy. Further, as a token of appreciation, we will be glad to offer you a complementary DVD or CD of your choice from the Sahaja World Foundation - Online Store.

Web. March 2, 2013

Note: Except for quotes from the lectures (above) of the physical Shri Mataji the contents of this website is entirely and directly from the hundreds of recorded experiences of children meditating and meeting the omniscient (of infinite knowledge), omnipotent (unlimited power), omnipresent (present everywhere) Divine Mother of extreme beauty and ageless eternity from 1993 till around 2007. (There are a few links at Chapter 6 illustrating the nature and authenticity of these experiences.)


The Divine Mother
The omniscient (of infinite knowledge), omnipotent
(unlimited power), omnipresent (present everywhere)
Divine Mother of extreme beauty and ageless eternity.

"Therefore a person should ever strive for the
destruction of ignorance, for one's birth is fruitful when
ignorance is destroyed. One thereby attains the end of
human existence and the state of being liberated
while living.”— The Divine Mother (Devi Gita 4.7-8)
"May all the gods attend to what I have to say. By
merely hearing these words of mine, one attains my
essential nature. I alone existed in the beginning;
there was nothing else at all, O Mountain King. My
true Self is known as pure consciousness, the highest
intelligence, the one Supreme Brahman/Thus through
hearing about, reflecting upon, and ascertaining the
Self by the Self, one should also, through intense
meditation, realize that I am in essence the Self...
By this meditation, O King, the noble person will
perceive me directly and then merge into my own
essence since we two are one. By practicing this yoga,
one realizes me as the supreme Self. In that instant,
ignorance and its effects all perish.”
— The Divine Mother (Devi Gita 2.12;/4.40;49-50)

"The Devi insists that liberating knowledge can be
attained here in this world, while still living. Seeking
such knowledge alone makes life worthwhile, and
the attainment of knowledge completely fulfils the
ultimate purpose of existence.”C.M. Brown, 2002. 25


Preface 12
The First Permission From The Spirit Of The Living God In The Sahasrara 13
"I Am The Adi Shakti ... You People Have To Prove It That I Am That!" 15
The Ancient Beings Are Coming! 16
"The Falsehood Of All Outside Religions ... Will Be Exposed" 17
"For Standing Up For The Truth Of Any Cause Is The War Of Dharma" 19
The Material Marathon 20
A 'divine' mother?!!! 21
"I Feel Peaceful.” 22
A 'Cool Breeze'?! A Cool Breeze?!! (Or the Breath Of God Almighty?!!!) 25
"The First Doubt Which Is Very Common Is, "Who Is Mataji?”" 26

Chapter 1

The Universal Question: Why Are We Here On Earth? 47
"How Does One Meet A True Guru?” 48
O Speak Almighty God! 50
The Manna Monsoon Of Many Moons 55
The Decadent Decades 57
Satnaam: The Imperishable Word 61
"Thou Art The Pristine Spirit ... Which Illuminates And Breaks The Self-Hypnotism" 62
"In Thee Is My Only Haven And Refuge ... O Bhavani!" 64
Meaning Of Avatar Or Incarnation 65
"The Highest Manifestation Of God Almighty Is As Mother.” 70
"It Is For The Benevolence Of The Whole Human Race" 71
"First Is Self-Realization ... What is God-Realization?” 72
"Tell All The Nations And Tell All The People All Over The Great Message" 76
The Spiritual Monsoon Begins 77
Earth Is A Conscious, Living Mother 78
Mother Earth: The Womb Of The Universe 81
The Woman Of Great Beauty 84
Overriding Fundamental Difference 85
Swami Satyananda: "Who Will Give Me The Proper Answer?” 86
The Initial Rejection 89
"You Have Seen Photographs Of Angels Around You" 80
"Assuredly, What Ye Are Promised Must Come To Pass" 82
"We Have Done Our Job Here" 83
"It Is Not A Blind Faith!" 84
"Sure, You Should Tell Them.” 85
"In The Age of Aquarius, Even The Skeptics Will Believe" 86
"Now You Have Entered Into The Kingdom Of God" 87
The First Permission In The Sahasrara 98
The Five Divine Days 99
The Golden Goddess Of The Sahasrara 100
"This Is The First Time In History ...” 101
But Why A Religious Pariah? 102
Evolution: The Relentless Rebirth Of Species 104
But How Does God Almighty Know Everything? 106
The Second Permission 107
"They Do Not Know From Where They Get This Knowledge" 111
He Is A Child Of Darkness 114
They Must Leave Her School! 115
They Will Be Expelled! 116
We Will Leave, But Not Withdraw 117
Third and Final Permission To Publish: "Once This Book Is Out ...” 120
The Divine Dream 127
The Ascending Kundalini Serpent Of Great Wisdom 128
The 1000 Esoteric Names Of Shri Lalita 129
The Darkness Of Kali Yuga Before The Dawn Of Satya Yuga 130
The Corrupted Religious Idols of God 133
Vishwa Nirmala Dharma (http://www.sahajayoga.org/index.html) 134

Chapter 2

"Papa, I Met Mother.” 137
Voulez-Vous M'ider?” 138
"My Photograph Is The Photograph Of Reality.” 139
What You Mean By Primordial Mother?!!! 142
The First Fax 143
A Floating Serpent? Are You Sure? 146
The Darkness of Ignorance 147
"Who Is This Woman?” 148
Being Born Of The Spirit within 149
An Explicit Spiritual Warranty To The Human Race 151
"Know That The Jagdamba Itself Is Nothing Else But Adi Shakti.” 154
"Worship Of Murtis ... We Have Been Unable To Find Vedic Scripture That Support It.” 155
Your Wish Will Come True 161
"Papa, Mother Said ...” 163
Shri Bhavani Will Name Her 164
The Divine Unity Acknowledge 165
"Mimi, Thanks For Having The Vision ...” 166
"Mother! Who Was I In The Previous Life?” 167
"Tell Humans To Stop Swearing And Fighting Among Themselves.” 169
Lalita 171
The Single-Nail Clogs 173
Shri Vishnu Measures The Universe 178
The Matchless Devotion Of Shri Hanuman 180
Canada! O Blessed Canada! 181
"Searching For Purpose" 182
The First Sight Of Christ 183
"But Papa, He's Huge!" 185
"The Cornerstone of Esoteric Christianity" 187
"Yes! That Is Jesus.” 189
1994 New Year Greetings 191
The Cosmic Bull of Shri Shiva 193
Shri Saraswati Plays Her Celestial Veena 194
The Eagle and the Old Woman 198
"The Birth Of A White Buffalo Calf Is An Omen Of Universal Significance" 200
The Multiform Universal Mother And Supreme Deity 204
Shri Mataji, On Whom Do You Meditate? 212
Birthday Greetings to Shri Sita and Ram 214
"I Know All Languages.” 216
The Wrathful Form Of Mahakali 217
Ramakrishna 219

Chapter 3

The Age Of Superconsciousness 223
They Are Sahaja Yogis 227
"They Are Different, Papa.” 229
Did You See The Sun, A Light? 230
The Ruh of Allah within 231
Certainty Beyond Doubt 232
Yes, I Have Seen Him! 233
The Language Of The Gods 235
"Yes, In My Meditation.” 237
Civitas Dei: The City Of God Almighty 238
The Divine Deity Of The Sahasrara 240
The Lord Of Vaikuntha 241
The Divine Unity 242
The Tabla Player 244
"I Also Rode On The Tiger.” 246
"Papa, Yesterday I Saw Shri Mataji.” 250
The Ray Of Divine Light Piercing The Darkness Of Human Religion 256
"This Inner Being Is The Vast Ocean Of Bliss ... The Vast Flood Of Light.” 257
What Is Consciousness? 259
"Conversation With God" 260
Buddhist Popes And Catholic Lamas 264
Templum Spiritus Sanctus 266
The Promise Of The Eternal Kingdom 268
"Everybody Has Said, "Seek Him within Yourself.”" 272

Chapter 4

The Opening Of The Sahasrara Chakra 278
The Universe Will Celebrate May 5, 2000 281
"I Saw The Primordial Kundalini Rising Like A Big Furnace" 284
A Giant Spiritual Leap 288
The Androgynous Being of Aquarius 290
The Prophecies, Manifestations And Fulfillment 292
1. The Kingdom within Has Been Revealed! 294
2. The Young Men Have Seen Visions! 295
3. The Wonders Have Been Shown! 296
4. The Total Solar Eclipse Has Passed! 297
5. The Fire Has Been Witnessed! 298
6. The Son Of Man Has Been Revealed! 299
7. The Holy Ghost Has Arrived To Baptize! 303
8. The Comforter Has Arrived To Make All Mysteries Known! 304
9. Lord Jesus' Warning Is Now Enforced! 306
10. Humans Are Being Born Of The Spirit! 307
11. The Spirit Is Giving Spiritual Rebirth! 308
12. His Angel Has Been Sent! 310
13. The Tabernacle Is Now With Humans! 311
14. Fatima's Third Secret Is Being Fulfilled! 312
15. The Golden Millennium Has Arrived! 316
16. The Gospel Of The Kingdom Of God Is Being Preached And Then ... 317
17. The Scattered Of Judah Are Returning! 318
18. The Winds Of Resurrection Are Blowing! 320
19. Those Angels Sent Forth Have Arrived! 321
20. The Signs within Have Been Shown! 323
21. The Total Solar Eclipse Has Occurred! 324
22. The Blast of Truth Has Been Announced! 325
23. Allah's Iron Has Been Delivered! 326
24. Allah Has Completed The Revelation Of His Light! 327
25. Al-Muntazar (The Hidden Imam Mahdi) Has Surfaced! 331
26. Shri Saoshyant Has Pronounced Final Judgment! 333
27. Shri Krishna Has Incarnated Again! 334
28. Shri Kalki Is Manifesting! 337
29. The Great Yogi Of Krutayuga Has Arrived! 340
30. Matraiya, The Three Mothers, Has Incarnated Herself! 341
31. The Buried Are 'Coming Out Of Their Graves'! 343
32. The Great Spirit Has Arrived! 344
33. The Eagle Has Landed! 347
34. Hunab K'u Has Flashed Like Lightning! 352
35. The Scriptures Have Contradicted! 353
36. The Sophianic Millennium Has Arrived! 378
37. She Has Begun The Age Of Aquarius! 381
"Now I Say Again ... You Have To Be Born Again!.” 387
The Truth As Witnessed 393
"Does God Really Exist?” 395
"You Do Not Have A Blind Faith.” 396
God's Home Address 405
The Comforter 407
"I Am Here To Tell You All These Things Which Christ Could Not Tell.” 412
"Was Jesus Speaking About Muhammed When He Mentioned The Comforter?” 416
The Descend Of The Great Divine Mother 421
The Diseased Conquerors Of Paradise 424
The Birth Of Dawn 426
The Universe Of Kazuaki Iwasaki 428
Our Unbelievable Origin 432
Ancient Light 434
The End Of The Mathematical God 438
The All Pervading Consciousness 441
"Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! ...” 442
The Eye Of Shiva 448

Chapter 5

"They Say There's Just Enough Religion To Make Man Hate One Another, 454
U.N. Report Of The Special Rapporteur On Religious Intolerance 457
The Rival Religious Restaurants 478
"You Were Never Connected With This All-Pervading Power.” 480
Shri Mataji?!!! Sahaja Yoga?!!! 492
Hymn To The Divine Mother 494
Shri Adi Maa, Be My Eternal Guru! 496
The Invisible Eyes and Ears 497
The Sleeping Solution 500
The Clay Oil-lamps 501
The Mysterious Maya Of Shri Mahamaya 502
The Divine Greetings 510
The Time Troubles 511
Pizza Pangs 511
The Punctuality Principle 514
The Celibacy Fallacy 517
"Celibacy Must Come From within; The Purity Must Come From within.” 520
"It Is A Dangerous Time You Are In!" 524
Bliss? What Is Bliss? 527
The Priceless Present 530
The Nintendo 532
The Groundless Grounding 533
The Bratty Brother 535

Chapter 6

The Great Lotus Forest 538
Happiness 542
"You Have To Project That Depth, That Reality That Is within You.” 545 The Microcosm within The Macrocosm (Brahmanda Pinda) 548
The Case Of The Double Vision 550
The Case Of The Double Talk 551
The Case Of The Double Witnesses 553
The Case Of The Double Time 554
The Case Of The Double Mothers 555
The Case Of The Double Bodies 564
The Case Of The Double Worlds 565
Homo Sapiens: Discover Your Self! 567
The Parable Of The Kingdom Of God 569
The Proclamation Of The Kingdom Of God 572
"There Is Nothing To Look Outside, Everything Is Inside.” 576
The Knowledge within 578
The Offended Fools 584
The Revelations Of The Sacred Pujas 587
The Guru Puja 589
The Birthday Puja 598
The Easter Puja 600
Sahasrara Puja 602
The Divine Musicians of Maa 604
Jagoh Savera Aya Hai 607
The Praises Of The Multitudes To The Almighty Creator 608
Omar Khayyam's Legacy 609
The Supreme Spirit Of God Almighty 610

Chapter 7

The Liberated Human Spirit 618
The Gods within 619
"What Is Dharma?” 625
Lord Jesus Guards The Narrow Gate 628
Are We Really Awake? 631
The Ever Forgiving Divine Mother 633
Shri, it's Time To Go 634
"Mushikavahanaya: Adoration To Him Who Rides A Mouse" 637
The Mighty Messenger 638
Tuesday, The Divine Day Of Shri Ganesha 646
Shri Ganesha, Forgive Our Ignorance! 648
"I Am The Brahm-Chaitanya" 651
Breaking The Idol Barrier 656
Her Sacred Lotus Feet 658
Be Fearless 659
Levitation, The Mode Of Spirit Travel 660
The Divine Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost 660
The Image Of Reality 661
Mahamaya: The Supreme Illusion 664

Chapter 8

God Almighty Is Light! 667
The Light: Qur'n 678
The Blind Men And The Elephant 681
The Concealed Message Of His Light 683
The Baptism of Allah 696
Yogic Insights Into Islam 704
The Tree Of Eternal Life 706
The Seven Firmaments 707
The Guardian Angels 708
The Nadis 709
The Chakras 714
Mooladhara Chakra 717
Swadhisthan Chakra 719
Nabhi Chakra 721
Anahath Chakra 723
Vishuddhi Chakra 725
Agnya Chakra 727
Sahasrara Chakra 730
The Void 733
Kundalini 734
The Subtle System: A Universal Truth Of All His Messengers 737

Chapter 9

Offerings To The Creator: The Timeless Truth Of All Tribes 755
The First Offering And Second Fiasco 757
V-8 Juice and Campbell Soup 759
Pizzas In Paradise 761
They Came On Their Own 762
The Universal Mantra Of Shri Annapurna 764
Baba Nanak Is Here. 767
The Stainless Steel Utensils 768
Shri Ganesha's Favorite 769
The Late Lentils 770
Honey In The Milk 771
The Macaroni Mess 772
The Complimentary Code 773
The Unknown Offering 774
The Lusty Garlic And The Erotic Onion 778
Vegetarians, Twice-Born Men And Garlic-Eating Deities 779
The Taste Thought 780
The Waiting Guests 782
The Great Demon 784
"They Are Not Gurus - They Are Raksasas.” 789
The Spiritual Snares 790
Modern Masters Of Ancient Vidya 791
Sham Swamis Of Modern Avidya 795
Passing Of The Night-Life 801
The Vegetarian Myth 804
The Bhagaveg-Gita?!!! 806
A Vegetarian Verse? 810
Laws Of Manu 812
Lusty Women And Placid Men 814
Kosher Diet And Shariat Shackles For The Guard Dogs Of The Idols 821
Vaikunta-Bound Vegetarians? 830
The Yoga Of Self-Realization 836
Yoga Rascals 839
A.C.'s Superior Bhakti Yoga? 842
But Mr. A.C. And ISKCON: "Where Is Shri Arjun's Rejection?” 843
The Spirit And The Sperm 844
Demi-gods And Advanced Semi-gods? 847
The 32nd Vedic Pope 848
The Mahayoga of Shri Krishna 849
"The Yoga That Gives Peace From All Pain ... And The Joy Of Eternity.” 857
"Now Shri Krishna Is Not There. it's Me Who Is Shri Krishna" 859
Pandit Parasites and Brahmin Leeches: It Is Essential To Remove Them 861
"You Cannot Have Religion Like That.” 863
"We Belong To This Great Religion Of Truth.” 869

Chapter 10

The Hole-In-The-Rock 'Grave' 882
Good Friday Greetings 892
The Immaculate Conception 893
Franklin Grahams And Pat Robertsons: Siblings Of Satan 894
Truth! Can Humans Perceive It With Their Mind? 896
The Narrow Gate 897
"There Was A Powerful Child, Lustrous Like One Thousand Millions Of Suns.” 806
"But Whosoever Speaketh Against The Holy Ghost, It Shall Not Be Forgiven Him.” 808
"Then Saith He To The Disciple, Behold Thy Mother!" 810
Be Forewarned, Humans, Be Forewarned! 913
Thanksgiving 917
Who is the Counselor? 918
"The Shekinah Is God's Presence ... That Dwells In Our Midst.” 819
The Vicarius Christi? 922
Why? Why? Why? ... 926
The Shattering Truth 927
The Evil Empire 928
"People Do Not Know What Time Has Come.” 830
The Rock of Satan 932
"The Lord Denounces Lying As The Work Of The Devil.” 834
The First Falsehood: Original Sin 936
The Second Falsehood: Clerical Soul Savers 940
The Third Falsehood: Simony 941
The Fourth Falsehood: Purgatory Hell 942
The Fifth Falsehood: Canonization 948
The Sixth Falsehood: Hereditary Infallibility 950
The Seventh Falsehood: The Inquisition 953
The Eight Falsehood: Celibacy 957
The Ninth Falsehood: Confession 959
The Tenth Falsehood: Baptism 963
The First Commandment 965
The Second Commandment 966
The Third Commandment 967
The Fourth Commandment 968
The Fifth Commandment 969
The Sixth Commandment 970
The Seventh Commandment 973
The Eight Commandment 974
The Ninth Commandment 975
The Tenth Commandment 977

Chapter 11

The Book Of Revelation 978
The Empire Of The Beast 982
The Monarchy Of The 263 Antichrists 984
"Seeing This False Christ, In Fury And Passion, I Made My Voice Heard All Over The Nation.” 885
Rev. 17. 1-2: The Last Judgement 987
Rev. 17.3-4: The Power Of Perdition 988
Rev. 17.5-6: Vatican, The Mother of Harlots 989
Rev. 17:7-8: The Rock Of Satan 991
Rev. 17.9-14: The Corrupt World Order 995
Rev. 17.15-18: The Evil Empire 997
Rev. 18. 1-3: "All Nations Have Drunk Of The Wine Of The Wrath Of Her Fornication.” 1000
Rev. 18.4-6: "Come Out Of Her, My People.” 1003
Rev. 18.7: Vatican: "I Will Never Be A Widow!" 1017
Rev. 18.8-10: "For In One Hour Is Thy Judgement Come.” 1018
Rev. 18.11-13: The Soul Traders Will Perish 1021
Rev. 18.14-17: "Alas, Alas, That Great City, That Was Clothed In Fine Linen.” 1026
Rev. 18.17-20: "In One Hour Is She Made Desolate. Rejoice Over Her.” 1027
Rev. 18.21-22: Great Vatican, Your End Is Near! 1028
Rev. 18.23-24: "And The Light Of A Candle Shall Shine No More At All In Thee" 1029
Rev. 19.1-5: "Alleluia; Salvation, And Glory, And Honour, And Power.” 1031
Rev. 19.6-8: And Heaven And Earth Rejoiced In Mighty Thunderings 1039
Rev. 19.9-10: The Testimony Of Jesus Is The Spirit Of Prophecy 1044
Rev. 19.11-14: The Second Coming 1046
Rev. 19.15-16: King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords 1048
Rev. 19.17-21: Those Marked By The Beast 1049
Rev. 20.1-3: The Defeat Of Satan 1066
Rev. 20.4-10: The First Resurrection 1069
Rev. 20.11-15: This Millennium Of Light 1074
Rev. 21.1-5: "And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears From Their Eyes.” 1079
Rev. 21.6: Shri Ganesha And Christ 1085
Rev. 21.7: "Blessed Are The True Believers (Al-Mu'minun), For They Shall Inherit All Things.” 1102
Rev. 21.8: "But The Fearful, And Unbelieving, And The Abominable, And Murderers.” 1103
Rev. 21.9-21: Sahasrara, Citivas Dei, City Of God, Holy Jerusalem, City Of Shri Vidya ... 1109
Rev. 21.22-27: "For There Shall Be No Night There" 1111
Rev. 22.1-2: "And The Leaves Of The Tree Were For The Healing Of The Nations.” 1114
Rev. 22.3-5: "And They Need No Candle, Neither Light Of Sun.” 1119
Rev. 22.6-12: "And He Which Is Filthy, Let Him Be Filthy Still.” 1122
Rev. 22.13-15: "I Am Alpha And Omega, The Beginning And The End.” 1123
Rev. 22.16-22: "And Whosoever Will, Let Him Take The Water Of Life Freely.” 1128
Apokalypso: The Fall Of The Papacy 1129


The Awakened One: Shri Buddha 1146
"I Want To See The Buddha.” 1156
The Winds Of Qiyamah 1158
Nirvana 1160
The Second Encounter 1161
The Divine Hands Of Shri Buddha 1162
Shri Buddha's 2538th Birthday 1164
The Deluded Tantras 1169
The Buddhist Pope 1177
Lost Lamas And Laymen 1178
The Great Delusion 1183
Leap Into Superconsciousness 1185
The Masters Who Corrupt Truth 1187
Too Many Gurus Spike The Truth 1189
The Diffusion Of The Ancient Spiritual Virus 1194
The Hands of Shri Buddha 1197
The Eternity Elixir Of The Great Divine Mother 1201
Samsara Stew Of The Tantra Fathers 1203
The Maitreya 1205
Maitreya or Matraiya? 1207
Shri Mitrarupini 1208
"The Tathagatas Extol Thee, The Single One, As Many, Multiformed And Many-Named" 1212
The All-Pervading Tao 1214
One-Tenth Inch 1225
Falun Dafa 1226

Chapter 13

The Revelation of Guru Nanak 1232
"I Was With Him - In Fact With All Of Them.” 1237
Guru Nanak And The Men Of Miracles 1243
Shri Mataji, Who Is This Aykaa Mayee? 1255
And Ask Guru Nanak What Dhyan Means 1256
The Jewel In The Crown 1258
So Why This Universal Patriarchal Fear Of The Aykaa Mayee? 1260
The Blind Leading The Dumb 1262
The Liberated Householder 1264
"Feminist Consciousness May Bring Out For Sikhs A New Awareness Of The Female.” 1267
1. The Universal Mother 1267
2. Onkar The Primordial Being 1270
3. His Shakti Creates 1273
4. Brahma, Shiva And Vishnu 1274
5. She Is Shri Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu 1278
6. God, The Father And Mother 1281
7. She Is Adi Shakti, His Shakti 1282
"Supreme Oneness: The Homogenous Oneness.” 1290
The Wandering Cattle Of The Lost Priests 1293
"Qualification Of A Pardhaan.” 1294
What Is The Blessed Vision Of The Lord Guru? 1296
What Type Of Eyes Can See The Blessed Vision? 1298
Deep within, The Divine Light Has Dawned 1300
Dsam Duar, The Door Of Liberation 1303
"Self-Realization: What Is It?” 1306
"WaheGuru, Free Me From Spiritual Darkness.” 1310
"O Supreme Goddess Shri Lalita Devi, Release Me From Ignorance!" 1317 Spiritual Ignorance 1322

Chapter 14

The Revelations of Rebirth 1326
The Only Inhabited Planet? 1333
Doctrine Of Rebirth 1337
Reincarnation: Edgar Cayce 1339
Reincarnation: Kevin Williams 1339
Reincarnation: Dan Costian 1342
From Spiritual Reincarnation To Religious Retardation 1345
"Questions To Ask Yourself.” 1349
Re: The Earth Is Flat- Holy Quran? 1350
Rebirth: Surah 22:5 Al Hajj (The Pilgrimage) 1351
Rebirth: Surah 39:42 Al Zumar (Crowds) 1352
Rebirth: Surah 2.28 Al Baqarah (The Heifer) 1354
Rebirth: Surah 4:97-99 Al Nisa (The Women) 1355
Rebirth: Surah 56:60-61 Al Waqi'h (The Inevitable) 1357
Rebirth: Surah 71:13-14 Nuh (Noah) 1358
Rebirth: Surah 23:12-15 Al Mu'minun (The True Believers) 1360
The First and Second Deaths 1362
Origin of Species 1364
The Primordial Human Evolution 1366
Creation Of Man And His Fulfilment 1369
The Kitab al Munir 1372
Where Is The Kitab Al Munir? 1375
The Holy Spirit Of God 1387
The Kitab Al Munir: The Book Of The Great Adi Shakti Shri Lalita Devi 1390
Vibratory Awareness 1506
The Woman Who Died Twice 1508

Chapter 15

Prophet Muhammad, A Messenger Of God 1524
The Spirit Of Allah, His Ruh 1529
"We sent Aforetime The Messengers With Clear Signs.” Surah 57:25 Al Hadid (The Iron) 1531
The Parable and Prophecy of Allah's Iron 1532
The Iron Brick 1534
"And We Have Sent It Down.” Surah 57:25 Al Hadid (The Iron) 1537
The Mighty War Of Armageddon (Battle of Qa'im) 1539
Apostasy: The Sword Of Satan 1540
"The Many Benefits For Mankind.” Surah 57:25 Al Hadid (The Iron) 1547 "In Which Is Mighty War": Questions For The Ummah 1555
The Missing Messengers 1558
The Single Spiritual Tree? 1561
His Revelations To Different Tribes 1566
The Honored Messenger 1570
"On The Earth Are Signs ... As Also In Yourselves. Will Ye Not Then See?” Surah 51:22 1574
"Soon Will We Show Them Our Signs ... In Their Souls.” Surah 41:53 Fussilat (Expounded) 1575
The Sufis 1579
The Blind, Deaf and Arrogant 1591

Chapter 16

The Sure Reality of Al Qiyamah 1595
"How Are They Going To Judge You? The Judgment Is Here!" 1599
The Mushriks (Disbelievers) 1602
Surah 75:1-40 Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) 1603
The Call To Witness The Resurrection 1605
Resurrection: The Rebirth Of All Souls 1607
The Sure Signs of Resurrection 1608
"Concerning What Are They Disputing? Concerning The Great News!!!" 1609
The 'Light' That Dazes?!!! 1610
The Moon Will Stop Shining?!!! 1611
The Sun And Moon Is The 'Original Light'?!!! 1612
Refuge In The Mosques, Churches And Temples?!!! 1613
This Is The Age Of The Last Judgment 1615
"When Your Resurrection Will Take Place Then Your Hands Will Speak.” 1616
"Prophet Muhammad Is Talking Of The Coming Time ... Of Resurrection.” 1618
"This Is The Qiyamat, The Time Of the Final Judgment.” 1619
The Absolutely Forbidden Speculation Of Qiyamah 1620
Ummah: You Were Explicitly Warned Not To Interfere With This Revelation, But You Did 1624
The Satanic Deceit 1626
"It Is For Us To Collect It (Revelation) And To Promulgate It (Resurrection).” 1628
"It Is I And My Messengers (Of Qiyamah) Who Must Prevail.” 1630
The Al Mutaffun (The Dealers In Fraud) Will Be Told: "This Is That Which Ye Used To Deny.” 1631
"And What Will Explain To Thee What The Day Of Judgement Is?” 1632
But You Humans Love The Fleeting, Fighting, Fundamentalist Life 1634
"Those Who Behave Arrogantly On The Earth ... Them Will I Turn Away From My Signs.” 1639
"Even If They See All The Signs, They Will Not Believe In Them.” 1640
"And If They See The Way Of Right Conduct, They Will Not Adopt It As The Way.” 1642
"But If They See The Way Of Error, That Is The Way They Will Adopt.” 1644
"For They Have Rejected Our Signs, And Failed To Take Warning From Them.” 1646
Yusuf Ali: "The Supreme Bliss - Seeing The Face of Allah.” 1648
Those Who Rejected The Offer 1653
The Mocking Unbelievers (Al-Kafirun) 1654
Does Man Think That He Will Be Left Uncontrolled?” 1656
The Spiteful Humans Of That Lowly Spunk 1657
The Trumpets Of Doom 1658
"Some Faces That Day Will Beam Looking Towards Their Lord.” 1659
The Second Coming And End 1660
"Allah Will Not Address Them On The Day Of Resurrection.” 1663
"And God Will Not ... Nourish Them For Growth.” 1664
"God Will Not Speak To Them, Or Assoil Them, On The Day Of The Resurrection.” 1666
"God Will Not Turn To Them On The Day Of Resurrection.” 1667
"God Will Neither Speak To Them Nor Purify Them.” 1668
"God Will Not Speak ... Nor Will He Sanctify.” 1670
"And This Is The Day Of Resurrection: But Ye - Ye Were Not aware!" 1672
"This Is The Day Of Resurrection, But Ye Used Not To Know.” 1674
"We Have Indeed Revealed This (Message) In The Night Of Power (surah 97:1-5 Al Qadr).” 1675
"And What Will Explain To Thee, What The (Day) Of Noise And Clamour Is?” (Surah 101) 1676
The Coming Century Of Religious Persecution 1678
"The Night Visitant - And What Will Explain To Thee What The Night-Visitant Is?” 1679
The Useless, Toothless Exoteric Idols 1681
So You Deny All The Sure Signs Of Qiyamah?!!! 1682
"Verily, We Have Warned You of A Penalty Near.” 1685
"Again, Woe To Thee, (O man!), Yea, Woe!" 1687
Some Sons Surrendered, Some Fathers Frowned 1688
Some Daughters Believed, Some Mothers Denied 1689
Some Wives Smiled, Some Husbands Fumed 1690
Some Humans Awoke, Some Fools Fled 1692
Some Relatives Rejoiced, Some Friends Rejected 1694
Some Believers Rejoiced, Some Fanatics Raged 1698
Some Priests Prostrated, Some Rabbis Rebelled 1700
The Tongue Twisters 1702
External Idols "Reflect A Mentality That Has Been Rejected By Modern Man.” 1703
The Present Resurrection 1705
The Blasts of Truth 1707
The First Blast: Resurrection 1708
The Second Blast: The Regions within 1709
The Third Blast: The Explosion in the Universe 1710
The Fourth Blast: Birth Day Of Shri Christ 1712
The Last Blast: Rejection Of The Ummah 1714
WE! Who Are We? 1715
The End Times 1716
"Fear My Warning!" 1718
The Evil Century 1720
Announcers Of The Resurrection, "Arise And Deliver Thy Warning!" 1722
Devotees Of His Ruh, Stand Up And Warn the Mohareb! 1723
Emissaries Of The Hidden Imam, Go Forth And Warn The Nations! 1724 Messengers Of Allah, Forewarn All Al Mutaffun (The Dealers In Fraud) 1725
Devotees Of The Hidden One, Come Out And Warn The Mushriks (Disbelievers)! 1726

Chapter 17

The Twelve Imams 1728
Blessed Are The Peacemakers, For They Shall Be Called Sons Of God 1731
"Ah Woe, That Day, To The Rejecters Of Truth!" 1732
"Fools! What Will Make You Realize What The Day For Sorting Is?” 1735
Hypocrites (Al-Munafiqun)! "In What Statement, After This, Will They Believe?”! 1736
Disbelievers (Mushriks)! "So If You Have A Plan, Plan Against Me (Now).” 1737
Transgressors!"Alas The Woe That Day For Those Who Deny!" 1738
Rejecters!"We Have Summoned You And The Previous Generations!" 1739
Ummah: "Eat And Enjoy Temporarily; You Are Guilty.” 1740
Seekers Of Truth! "Verily That Which Ye Are Promised Is Imminent!" 1741
Is prostrate yourself A Message? A Warning? Or A Fool's Fantasy? 1744
Iblis: "Give Me Respite Till The Day They Are Raised Up.” 1745
Iblis: "I Will Certainly Cause Them All To Deviate" 1746
Satan: "I Will Surely Bring His (Adam's) Descendants Under My Sway.” 1747
Allah: "And Most Certainly You Will Come To Know About It After A Time.” 1748
The Five Pillars Of Falsehood 1749
First Falsehood: "But They Killed Him Not ... But So It Was To Appear To Them.” 1750
Second Falsehood: "It Is Not Befitting To Allah That He Should Beget A Son.” 1752
Third Falsehood: "They Ask Thee Concerning The Spirit.” 1755
Fourth Falsehood: "But (He Is) The Messenger Of Allah, And The Seal Of The Prophets.” 1757
Fifth Falsehood: "Lost Are They Who Slay Their Children From Folly.” 1764
Proclaim Islam To Pagans, Not Christians, Jews, Hindus Or Buddhists 1767
Warnings To Pagans Against Associating Their Rock Deities With God Almighty 1769
Idolatory, Islam and India by Anwar Shaikh 1774
"All The Islam People Think They Are Surrendered To God.” 1783
"Hindu Fundamentalism: Does It Really Exist?” 1787
"What Is The Best Religion?” 1790
Modern Islam: The Faith Of Delusion And Falsehood 1792
Hadith And The Corruption Of The Great Religion Of Islam 1794
"They Have Made All Kinds Of Nonsense With Them" 1810

Chapter 18

The Contradicting Scriptures 1815
Hindu Karahais 1816
Christian Kettles 1826
Jewish Pans 1829
Muslim Pots 1835
"Chapter Four: The Missing Passages Of The Qur'n.” 1836
"Chapter Five: Sab't-I-Ahruf: The Seven Different Readings.” 1842
"Chapter Seven: Historical Errors of the Quran.” 1848
"Chapter Eight: Quranic Language and Grammatical Mistakes.” 1851
"Chapter Nine: Capricious Revelation of the Quran.” 1857
"Chapter Ten: The Abrogator and Abrogated Quranic Verses.” 1861
"Chapter Eleven: The Contradictions of the Quran.” 1865
"Chapter Twelve: The Perversion Of Quran And The Loss Of Many Parts Of It.” 1867
"Distortion In The Quran.” 1873
"Corruption Of The Text Of The Qur'n.” 1875
"The Collection Of The Qur'n - From The Hadiths.” 1876
"On The Integrity Of The Qur'n.” 1886
Pots, Pans And Kettles Of The Jewish, Christian And Muslim Communal Kitchen 1887
Those Idolators Deceived By Iblis 1899
Truth? How To Determine Truth? 1908
The Armageddon Army (The Mohareb Militants) 1912

Chapter 19

"The Whole Work Of Christ Went Into The Hands Of This Devil.” 1940
Elaine Pagel's The Gnostic Gospels 1942
The Gnostics 1943
"You Must Have The Knowledge. So That Promise Has To Be Fulfilled.” 1949
The Genesis Factor 1952
Michael Baignent & Richard Leigh's The Dead Sea Scrolls, And Others 1956
The Peter And Paul Of Dan Costian's Bible Enlightened 1959
"Many Things About Jesus ... Do Not Figure In The Gospels.” 1965
"Actually He Died Later On In Kashmir. There Is Proof Of It.” 1967
The Missing Years Of Shri Jesus Christ 1968
Then What Happened After Shri Jesus Was Resurrection? 1973
Maturity and Old Age 1974
So Where Is The Garden Of Eden? 1982
And Where Did Prophet Abraham Come From? 1983
What About The Tomb Of Moses? 1984
Where Do The Tracks Of Solomon Lead To? 1986
The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel 1987
Life And Works Of Jesus 1991
Aquarius! The Dawn Of The Golden Age 2016
The Zodiac 2017
The Age Of Aquarius 2018

Chapter 20

The Celestine Prophecy 2020
James! There Are Facts In Your Fiction 2021
Sorry, Your Truth Is Stranger Than My Fiction 2022
Spiritual Pimps Of A Consumption Culture 2025
The First Insight 2036
The Second Insight 2037
The Third Insight 2047
The Fourth Insight 2050
The Fifth Insight 2052
The Sixth Insight 2053
The Seventh Insight 2054
The Eight Insight 2055
The Ninth Insight 2057
The Prophecies of Nostradamus 2063
John Hogue's Nostradamus: The New Revelations 2064
"Nostradamus And The End - July 1999 Is Coming Fast!" 2068
Manuela Dunn Mascetti And Peter Lorie's Nostradamus: Prophecies For Women 2075
"We Have Many Stupid Women With Us.” 2076
The Seline Movement 2078
The Silence Of The Rams 2080
The Three Great Mothers 2082
Enlighten! Feminine Kundalini, Enlighten! 2085
City And Province Will Gain From The Great Journey within 2090
Healing of Hearts And Nations 2096
"This Great Brahma Shakti Is At Your Lotus Feet.” 2097
The Eternal Light within 2098
The End Of All The Corrupted Idols Of Worship 2099
"This Priesthood Has To Go.” 2100
“A Priesthood ... More Preoccupied With Collecting Alms Than Saving Souls.” 2102
"Oh Vast Rome Your Ruin Approaches.” 2103
Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part One) 2105
Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part Two) 2107
Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part Three) 2108
Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part Four) 2110
Fatima Network: The Third Secret Revealed (Part Five) 2112
Lunar Consciousness 2115
The Face On The Moon 2122
"Shri Mataji, We The Sahaja Yogis Of The World, Desire And Pray ...” 2126
Sahaja Yoga: The Supreme Yoga Of The Great Adi ShaktiI 2127
The Battle of Armageddon (Battle of Qa'im) 2128
"They Are The Ones Who Are Going To Save The World, Not The Men" 2141
The Idols Will Fall Like Dominos 2143
And Corrupt Rome, Your End Is Near! 2144
"These Are They Which Came Out of Great Tribulation" 2146
"They Are Going To Oppose You!" 2148
"There Should Be No Fear Of Death" 2160
"But You Know That You Have Eternal Life. You Can Never Die" 2162
"Death Does Not Exist For You - It Is Finished ... Your Spirit Is Free" 2163
"Many People Ask Me Questions: "What About Death?”" 2166

Chapter 21

Letters To Earth 2168
"I Want To Tell That I Am That Destination.” 2170
"My Dear Children, What Are You Searching?” 2170
Illusion Will Go By Meditation 2171
"What Is There In This World To Cling To?” 2172
Lectures To Earth 2177
"Before Leaving Earth You Have To Be Innocent, Pure, Simple ....” 2189
"He Won't Allow More Sins To Be Committed Against Him.” 2192
"Before That . . These Powers We Are Going To Use For Transformation.” 2204
"And This Gospel Of The Kingdom Shall Be Preached In All The World.” 2208

The fulfillment of eschatological instruction promised by Jesus
“The original meaning of the word ‘apocalypse’, derived from the Greek apokalypsis, is in fact not the cataclysmic end of the world, but an ‘unveiling’, or ‘revelation’, a means whereby one gains insight into the present.” (Kovacs, 2013, 2)
An apocalypse (Greek: apokalypsis meaning “an uncovering”) is in religious contexts knowledge or revelation, a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities.” (Ehrman 2014, 59)
“An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: apokalypsis ... literally meaning "an uncovering") is a disclosure or revelation of great knowledge. In religious and occult concepts, an apocalypse usually discloses something very important that was hidden or provides what Bart Ehrman has termed, "A vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities". Historically, the term has a heavy religious connotation as commonly seen in the prophetic revelations of eschatology obtained through dreams or spiritual visions.” Wikipedia 2021-01-09

Shri Mataji
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty.
Total number of recorded talks 3058: Public Programs 1178, Pujas 651, and other (private conversations) 1249

“The Paraclete will come (15:26; 16:7, 8, 13) as Jesus has come into the world (5:43; 16:28; 18:37)... The Paraclete will take the things of Christ (the things that are mine, ek tou emou) and declare them (16:14-15). Bishop Fison describes the humility of the Spirit, 'The true Holy Spirit of God does not advertise Herself: She effaces Herself and advertises Jesus.' ...
It is by the outgoing activity of the Spirit that the divine life communicates itself in and to the creation. The Spirit is God-in-relations. The Paraclete is the divine self-expression which will be and abide with you, and be in you (14:16-17). The Spirit's work is described in terms of utterance: teach you, didasko (14:26), remind you, hypomimnesko (14:26), testify, martyro (15:26), prove wrong, elencho (16:8), guide into truth, hodego (16:13), speak, laleo (16:13, twice), declare, anangello (16:13, 14, 15). The johannine terms describe verbal actions which intend a response in others who will receive (lambano), see (theoreo), or know (ginosko) the Spirit. Such speech-terms link the Spirit with the divine Word. The Spirit's initiatives imply God's personal engagement with humanity. The Spirit comes to be with others; the teaching Spirit implies a community of learners; forgetful persons need a prompter to remind them; one testifies expecting heed to be paid; one speaks and declares in order to be heard. The articulate Spirit is the correlative of the listening, Spirit-informed community.
The final Paraclete passage closes with a threefold repetition of the verb she will declare (anangello), 16:13-15. The Spirit will declare the things that are to come (v.13), and she will declare what is Christ's (vv. 14, 15). The things of Christ are a message that must be heralded...
The intention of the Spirit of truth is the restoration of an alienated, deceived humanity... The teaching role of the Paraclete tends to be remembered as a major emphasis of the Farewell Discourses, yet only 14:26 says She will teach you all things. (Teaching is, however, implied when 16:13-15 says that the Spirit will guide you into all truth, and will speak and declare.) Franz Mussner remarks that the word used in 14:26, didaskein, "means literally 'teach, instruct,' but in John it nearly always means to reveal.” (Stevick 2011, 292-7)
The Holy Spirit as feminine: Early Christian testimonies and their interpretation,
Johannes van Oort, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Department of Church History and Church Polity, Faculty of Theology, University of Pretoria, South Africa

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh
London, UK—December 2, 1979

“I am the one about which Christ has talked... I am the Holy Spirit who has incarnated on this Earth for your realization.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh
New York, USA—September 30, 1981

“But to communicate with the people, to communicate with the Spirit—to understand the Kundalini, the vibrations, and their different decodings and all that—the Holy Spirit had to come; with Her mouth, and with Her voice, and with Her intelligence that is intelligible to you; with the knowledge, and everything.

Otherwise it is not possible to communicate and that's why if somebody has to come you have to just recognize. Recognition is the best way of understanding the powers that are given to you...

So somebody has to be there to give you the complete picture. You get Realization, you get vibrations (Ruach, Pneuma, Prana), but then what? What about the complete? And for that the Holy Ghost has to take a form. All right?”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Sydney, Australia—April 7, 1981
"Without the Spirit, the Son is the way, and the truth and the life, but without actualization.... Without the mission of the Spirit no one can grasp the hem of the Son's garment, we never receive the eternal life extended to us, the sending of the Son is a dispatch into a void, a messenger who never arrives, a light illumination nothing, a road to nowhere, and the resurrection is a non-event.... Without the mission of the Son the Spirit is a hand deprived of somehting to grasp, lacking a mystery to be present to, devoid of a mystery to make real in history and in our hearts, doivested of a ministry to empower, bereft of children to transform into daughters and sons, wanting in offspring to gather into unity in the church and in human communiaction.” McDonnell (2003) 228-9

Guest: “Hello Mother.”
Shri Mataji: “Yes.”
Guest: “I wanted to know, is the Cool Breeze (Pneuma) that you have spoken about, you feel on the hands the Cool Wind of the Holy Spirit, as spoken about in the Bible?”
Shri Mataji: “Yes. Yes, yes, same thing, same thing. You have done the good job now, I must say.”
Interviewer: “Is it the Holy Spirit?”
Shri Mataji: “Yes, of course, is the Holy Spirit.”
Guest: “Aha... I am feeling it now on my hand through the [not clear]”
Shri Mataji: “It’s good.”
Interviewer: “Did you want to say anything more than that?”
Guest: “No, I just... That’s all I wanted to know because I...”
Shri Mataji: “Because you are thoughtless now. Enjoy yourself.”
Guest: “Thank you.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Talkback Radio 2UE, Sydney, Australia—March 31, 1981
(The guest experienced the Cool Breeze [Pneuma/Prana/Chi] of the Spirit through the baptism [second birth by Spirit/Kundalini awakening] given by the Comforter Shri Mataji over the radio. )

Second Guest: “I just want to ask Mother about a quotation from the Bible.”
Interviewer: “Yes, what’s that?”
Guest: “It says, ‘But the comfort of the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in My name would teach you all things.’ I would like to ask Her about that.”
Interviewer: “Could you just repeat the quotation again?”
Guest: “But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things.”
Interviewer: “And that’s from where?”
Guest: “John chapter 14, verse 26.”
Shri Mataji: “I think you should take your realization and then you will know the answer to it. Because, logically if it points out to one person, then you have to reach the conclusion, isn’t it? That’s a logical way of looking at things. But I am not going to say anything or claim anything. It is better you people find out yourself.”
Interviewer: “Does that answer your question?”
Guest: “Is the, is the Comforter on the Earth at the present time? Has the Comforter incarnated? Mataji should be able to tell us this because She said that through these vibrations on Her hands, She ...”
Shri Mataji: “Yes, She is very much here and She’s talking to you now. Can you believe that?”
Guest: “Well, I feel something cool [Pneuma/Prana/Chi] on my hand. Is that some indication of the ...?”
Shri Mataji: “Yes, very much so. So that’s the proof of the thing. You’ve already started feeling it in your hands.”
Guest: “Can I?”
Shri Mataji: “Ask the question, ‘Mother, are you the Comforter?’”
Guest: “Mother, are you the Comforter?”
Shri Mataji: “Ask it thrice.”
Guest: “Mother, are you the Comforter?”
Shri Mataji: “Again.”
Guest: “Mother, are you the Comforter?”
Shri Mataji: “Now, what do you get?”
Guest: “Oh, I feel this kind of cool tingling [Pneuma/Prana/Chi] passing all through my body.”
Shri Mataji: “That’s the answer now.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Talkback Radio 2UE, Sydney, Australia—March 31, 1981
(Another guest also experienced the Cool Breeze [Pneuma/Prana/Chi] of the Spirit through the baptism [second birth by Spirit/Kundalini awakening] given by the Comforter Shri Mataji over the radio. )

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011): Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage and Paraclete by duty.
The Paraclete and the disciples (vv. 25-26): The theme of departure (cf. vv. 1-6; vv. 18-24) returns. There are two "times" in the experience of the disciples: the now as Jesus speaks to them (v. 25) and the future time when the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father in the name of Jesus, will be with them (v. 26). The Paraclete will replace Jesus' physical presence, teaching them all things and recalling for them everything he has said (v. 26). As Jesus is the Sent One of the Father (cf. 4:34; 5:23; 24, 30, 37; 6:38-40; 7:16; 8:16, 18, 26; 12:44-49), so is the Paraclete sent by the Father. The mission and purpose of the former Paraclete, Jesus (cf. 14:13-14), who speaks and teaches "his own" will continue into the mission and purpose of the "other Paraclete" (cf. v. 16) who teaches and brings back the memory of all that Jesus has said. The time of Jesus is intimately linked with the time after Jesus, and the accepted meaning of a departure has been undermined. The inability of the disciples to understand the words and deeds of Jesus will be overcome as they "remember" what he had said (cf. 2:22) and what had been written of him and done to him (cf. 12:16). The "remembering" will be the fruit of the presence of the Paraclete with the disciples in the in-between-time. In v. 16 Jesus focused on the inability of the world to know the Paraclete, but in v. 26 the gift of the Paraclete to "his own" is developed. As Jesus was with the disciples (v. 25), so will the Paraclete be with the disciples in the midst of hostility and rejection (v. 16). As the story has insisted that Jesus' teaching has revealed God to his disciples, so will the Paraclete recall and continue Jesus' revelation of God to the disciples (v. 26).” (Harrington 1998, 412)

“This is the transformation that has worked, of which Christ has talked, Mohammed Sahib has talked, everybody has talked about this particular time when people will get transformed.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh
Chistmas Puja, Ganapatipule, India—25 December 1997

“The Resurrection of Christ has to now be collective Resurrection. This is what is Mahayoga. Has to be the collective Resurrection.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh
Easter Puja, London, UK—11 April 1982

“Today, Sahaja Yaga has reached the state of Mahayoga, which is en-masse evolution manifested through it. It is this day’s Yuga Dharma. It is the way the Last Judgment is taking place. Announce it to all the seekers of truth, to all the nations of the world, so that nobody misses the blessings of the divine to achieve their meaning, their absolute, their Spirit.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh

“The main thing that one has to understand is that the time has come for you to get all that is promised in the scriptures, not only in the Bible but all all the scriptures of the world. The time has come today that you have to become a Christian, a Brahmin, a Pir, through your Kundalini awakening only. There is no other way. And that your Last Judgment is also now.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh

“You see, the Holy Ghost is the Mother. When they say about the Holy Ghost, She is the Mother... Now, the principle of Mother is in every, every scripture — has to be there. Now, the Mother's character is that She is the one who is the Womb, She is the one who is the Mother Earth, and She is the one who nourishes you. She nourishes us. You know that. And this Feminine thing in every human being resides as this Kundalini.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Radio Interview Oct 01 1983—Santa Cruz, USA

The Paraclete Shri Mataji (1923-2011)

Total number of Recorded Talks 3058, Public Programs 1178, Pujas 651, and other (private conversations) 1249

“What are they awaiting but for the Hour to come upon them suddenly? Its Signs have already come. What good will their Reminder be to them when it does arrive?” (Qur'n, 47:18) “As the above verse indicates, God has revealed some of Doomsday's signs in the Qur'n. In Surat az-Zukhruf 43:61, God informs us that 'He [Jesus] is a Sign of the Hour. Have no doubt about it...' Thus we can say, based particularly on Islamic sources but also on the Old Testament and the New Testament, that we are living in the End Times.” Harun Yahya

Good News (An Naba) of Resurrection (Al-Qiyamah): Videos 3474, Audios 1945, Transcripts 3262 and Events 2413

“Concerning what are they disputing?
Concerning the Great News. [5889]
About which they cannot agree.
Verily, they shall soon (come to) know!
Verily, verily they shall soon (come to) know!”

surah 78:1-5 An Naba (The Great News)
5889. Great News: usually understood to mean the News or Message of the Resurrection.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n
Amana Corporation, 1989

[Moderator]: “Any other questions?”
[Audience]: “Pardon me for asking this question, but, earlier you talked about the Resurrection and you mentioned about the scriptures, where like in the Hindus scriptures they talk about the Kalki Avatar who will come for the Resurrection, and for the Christians, I know they talk about the return of Christ and all the religions talk about this Resurrection and the belief in the coming of the Messiah. So I just want to know since you say you are going to give the resurrection to us, what is your station?”

Shri Mataji: “In Russia?”
[Audience]: “And are you the promised Messiah? Shri Mataji, are you?”
Shri Mataji: “I see now I am not going to tell you anything about myself, to be very frank. Because see Christ said He was the Son of God, and they crucified Him. I don't want to get crucified. You have to find out. When you become the Spirit you will know what I am. I don't want to say anything about myself.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh
Toronto, Canada—October 5, 1993

“Jesus then goes on the offensive against the scribes and Pharisees, pronouncing seven woes against them (Matt. 23:1-36). The final woe identifiers them with all those in Israel's history who have murdered and opposed the prophets. From Abel to Zechariah, all the blood of the righteous will come on them as they typologically fulfill this pattern in the murder of Jesus (23:29-36). They are the wicked tenants who think to kill the son and take his inheritance (21:38). They are seed of the serpent, a brood of vipers (23:33). Their house (the temple?) is desolate, and they will not see Jesus again until they bless him as he comes in the name of the Lord (23:37-39). Somehow, through the judgments Jesus announces against them, salvation will apparently come even for the people of Israel. As Olmstead puts it, Matthew "dares to hope for the day when many of Israel's sons and daughters will embrace Israel's Messiah (23:39), and in that hope engages in a continued mission in her.”” Hamilton 2010, 377

“It is the Mother who can awaken the Kundalini, and that the Kundalini is your own Mother. She is the Holy Ghost within you, the Adi Shakti, and She Herself achieves your transformation. By any talk, by any rationality, by anything, it cannot be done.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi

“She is your pure Mother. She is the Mother who is individually with you. Forget your concepts, and forget your identifications. Please try to understand She is your Mother, waiting for ages to give you your real birth. She is the Holy Ghost within you. She has to give you your realization, and She's just waiting and waiting to do it.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh
Sydney, Australia—Mar 22 1981

“The Kundalini is your own mother; your individual mother. And She has tape-recorded all your past and your aspirations. Everything! And She rises because She wants to give you your second birth. But She is your individual mother. You don't share Her with anybody else. Yours is a different, somebody else's is different because the tape-recording is different. We say She is the reflection of the Adi Shakti who is called as Holy Ghost in the Bible.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Press Conference July 08 1999—London, UK

The Great Goddess is both wholly transcendent and fully immanent: beyond space and time, she is yet embodied within all existent beings; without form as pure, infinite consciousness (cit) ... She is the universal, cosmic energy known as Sakti, and the psychophysical, guiding force designated as the Kundalini (Serpent Power) resident within each individual. She is eternal, without origin or birth, yet she is born in this world in age after age, to support those who seek her assistance. Precisely to provide comfort and guidance to her devotees, she presents herself in the Devi Gita to reveal the truths leading both to worldly happiness and to the supreme spiritual goals: dwelling in her Jeweled Island and mergence into her own perfect being.” (Brown, 1998, 2)

The Paraclete Shri Mataji (Mar 21, 1923 - Feb 23, 2011)
Mar 21, 1923—Feb 23, 2011
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was
Christian by birth, Hindu by
marriage, and Paraclete by duty.
"The Paraclete represents direct,
intimate divine intervention,
supporting and teaching
believers and challenging the
world, as Jesus did. " (D. Stevick
Jesus and His Own, 2011, 290)
“Now what is the Holy Ghost? The Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. But people never talked about Mother. They talked of the Father and the Son. Imagine, a father and a son and no mother. It is absurd. Have you seen any father and a son without a mother? Such an absurd situation comes in that people accepted because it's all mental. Somebody tells you, "No, it's a mystery, there's no Mother," and people accepted it.

But there has to be a Mother and this is the time of Aquarius what we call in Sanskrit as Kumbha, meaning the Aquarius which is the Kundalini, where She nourishes, where She cures you, She redeems you, She guides you, counsels you, and this is the time of the Mother. We had the time of the Father, then of the Son, and now this is the time of the Mother where She has to nourish you, where She has to take you to your ultimate goal that is the Spirit.

The consciousness itself, the way we have been moving in other directions, have been like people think that if a woman starts fighting for her life and then she is asserting the femininity. She is not.

What I'm saying is not meant for women or men. It is meant for every one of us, that we have to become like a mother. Like a Divine Mother, like a person who can nourish people, who can give them love, affection, attention, perseverance, fore-bearing.

This is only possible for a Mother to do it and that motherhood should be awakened in every human being.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Public Program Day 1, Boston, United States—Oct. 11, 1983

The Paraclete Shri Mataji (Mar 21, 1923 - Feb 23, 2011)
Mar 21, 1923—Feb 23, 2011: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty. "The Paraclete represents direct, intimate divine intervention, supporting and teaching believers and challenging the world, as Jesus did." (D. Stevick, Jesus and His Own, 2011, 290)
“They denied Him, defied Him. Now when He's dead, then we think, "It is Christ."

Now I have come.

He has talked about Me. If you read Bible, you'll find He's talked about Me very clearly there.

And I have to do My job and I have come.

You are going to say that it was Christ, who has to do it. If Christ could do it, why did He say that, "I'm going to send you a Comforter?" He talked of [the] future, didn't He?

Why did He say such a thing? We should find out why did He say that, "I will send you the Holy Ghost and the Comforter and the Redeemer and a Counselor?" Why did He say that? Why not look forward to that?

Because we are today after Christ. People don't want to see this point; they want to depend on Christ because He's in their pocket, they can use Him the way they like.

When He has talked, He has said, "Why not see the point?" If this is what Christ is, then it is such a bad thing because people say, "Christ was no good." They say, "What has Christ given us?" Christian nations, what have they done, what have they achieved?

It's a bad name to Him if you do not see [the] completion of His work. I'm here to complete His work...

And the Day of Judgment is today: this is the Day of Judgment; that's why you are confused. This is the Day of Judgment, where you will be judged. And how are you going to be judged?

Through your Kundalini. Your Kundalini is going to be awakened and you'll be judged where you are. That's what it is.

"And those who will be calling Me, 'Christ, Christ' I will not look at them." That's what it is. By calling Him "Christ, Christ" you do not become Christians.

You have to get your Realization, your Baptism in the actual sense. It has to be an actualization.

I'm telling you that if you miss the point, you have missed it forever and ever. Be careful on that point! It's very important. Don't run after things which have no meaning to your consciousness. Try to raise yourself up to this point and understand that the Time has come for you to transform. This is the Time of your Judgment and you have to get to it in a very big way...

Widen yourself. And that's how—though you may think that you are very unassuming, simple people—you are the ones who are going to be. Not those who are successful: they are blinded by their success. Not those who are rich: they are not going to enter into the Kingdom of God. Not those who have a big name — No!

It's you! You are going to enter into the Kingdom of God.

May God bless you.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Public Program, Day 3, Hollywood United Methodist Church
Los Angeles, USA—Sept. 27, 1983

“I believe Easter Sunday would be worthy of the Devi's explanation of Consciousness.”

April 04, 2019, 12.22 a.m.
After finishing this web-page I sat on the sofa with a bowl of noodles. I could see the computer screen and glanced at it a few times. It was then that I realized a most profound Truth of the title “I believe Easter Sunday would be worthy of the Devi's explanation of Consciousness.”
The realization is that the very meaning of Easter is the Resurrection and life eternal, a message that the Paraclete Shri Mataji declared hundreds of times over nearly four decades. Now, on Easter Sunday 2019, with the Devi (Primordial Mother) explaining "Consciousness" that eternal life is more than assured, and far more so. Far more so because She declares: “May all the gods attend to what I have to say. By merely hearing these words of mine, one attains my essential nature.”
The Devi through Consciousness and Her incaranation, the Paraclete Shri Mataji, through the Resurrection are both assuring humanity that it is possible to attain life eternal! The Devi is raising human consciousness to a far expansive awareness, much deeper dimension, and comforting experiential evolution.
No guardian of the religious regimes—priests, pastors, reverends, bishops, popes, rabbis, clerics, imams, mullahs, shaikhs, ulema, ayatollahs, gurus, swamis, pandits, brahmins, acaryas, bhagwans, granthis, gianis, lamas, monks, dalai lamas—can give humans life eternal through the Resurrection or Consciousness.
The paradigm shift in human consciousness has begun and is now irreversible. The primordial Mother will triumph!

What Is Consciousness?
Scientists are beginning to unravel a mystery that has long vexed philosophers
By Christof Koch on June 1, 2018

Consciousness is everything you experience. It is the tune stuck in your head, the sweetness of chocolate mousse, the throbbing pain of a toothache, the fierce love for your child and the bitter knowledge that eventually all feelings will end.

The origin and nature of these experiences, sometimes referred to as qualia, have been a mystery from the earliest days of antiquity right up to the present. Many modern analytic philosophers of mind, most prominently perhaps Daniel Dennett of Tufts University, find the existence of consciousness such an intolerable affront to what they believe should be a meaningless universe of matter and the void that they declare it to be an illusion. That is, they either deny that qualia exist or argue that they can never be meaningfully studied by science.

If that assertion was true, this essay would be very short. All I would need to explain is why you, I and most everybody else is so convinced that we have feelings at all. If I have a tooth abscess, however, a sophisticated argument to persuade me that my pain is delusional will not lessen its torment one iota. As I have very little sympathy for this desperate solution to the mind-body problem, I shall move on.

The majority of scholars accept consciousness as a given and seek to understand its relationship to the objective world described by science. More than a quarter of a century ago Francis Crick and I decided to set aside philosophical discussions on consciousness (which have engaged scholars since at least the time of Aristotle) and instead search for its physical footprints. What is it about a highly excitable piece of brain matter that gives rise to consciousness? Once we can understand that, we hope to get closer to solving the more fundamental problem.

The Biggest Questions in Science

We seek, in particular, the neuronal correlates of consciousness (NCC), defined as the minimal neuronal mechanisms jointly sufficient for any specific conscious experience. What must happen in your brain for you to experience a toothache, for example? Must some nerve cells vibrate at some magical frequency? Do some special "consciousness neurons" have to be activated? In which brain regions would these ..."

What is Consciousness?

April 22, 2019

I have just made a folder on Consciousness for one overriding reason: That Consciousness is not hijacked the way religions have been i.e., my concept of Consciousness is better, truthful, revealed than your version of Consciousness. Or that my mentor, teacher, expert, guru teaches it better than others.

In short, no fragmentation of Consciousness into groups.

For more than two weeks I have been learning about Quantum Entanglement, NDEs (Anthony Cheene Production) and Consciousness. It was condensed in that April 19, 2019 post (attached below)

Yesterday, on Easter morning, I read that terrible multi-bombing in Sri Lanka targeting Christians in churches and Westerners (Christians) in hotels. It was crystal clear to me that Islam had been hijacked and a peaceful religion turned into a 'monster' feared the world over.

That was when I realized that the same must not happen to Consciousness. I did not want this final frontier to be 'discovered' by various groups of scientists or spiritual groups and Consciousness labeled according to their 'pioneers'. The above article by Christof Koch is but one of the ever-growing list of articles, blogs and books about Consciousness.

So I decided to start early to make sure that human consciousness is directed to Consciousness i.e., the Source from whom it flows. This post points in that direction and one direction only — the Devi (Primordial Mother) that is also the very foundation of www.adishakti.org where irrefutable evidence is given that She is entrench in all the holy scriptures, barring none. Quantum Theory, the Universe, Mother Earth, NDEs and their relationship with Consciousness assures that outcome.

Jai Shri Mataji


April 18, 2019

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
And you are judged and judged and judged. But this Judgment is so beautiful, that you are not damned with anything, you are not completely imprisoned.

But you are given a chance to improve, to reform, to be perfect, and to enjoy the Beauty that is promised, the Beauty that is described, the Beauty that we are, the Beauty that is Truth, that is Bliss, that's Heaven.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

This is a very beautiful message from Shri Mataji for Easter. It is Good Friday here, today, so a Happy Easter to everyone!

Love from Violet

April 19, 2019

Dear Violet and all,

Namaste - i bow to the Consciousness that resides in you!

I believe that quote came precisely at the right time as we were on the verge of venturing into this unfathomable, unimaginable, unquantifiable Beauty of Quantum Entanglement, NDE and Consciousness. Now, in 2019, everything that the Paraclete and the Savior talked about is beginning to make so much scientific sense.

I always was looking to savor the tiniest morsel of science that backed the Beauty of the Kingdom of God I knew it existed both within and without all beings. I have been searching since 1993, at times desperately, because that Beauty of the Kingdom of God within was exactly what Shri Mataji and Jesus were talking about.

But more than science it is the NDEs of Anthony Cheene Production that are verifying that Beauty. They are confirming that we are spirit beings made up of Consciousness and that we are on Mother Earth where our lives began billions of years ago. We are on an eternal journey.

Another point I want to make is that those undergoing NDEs are told by that Being of Light that they need not go back because everything is alright. Even if the children or wife or husband or family members will suffer from that 'death' departure there is nothing to worry.

There is a very deep and profound lesson for all of us on Earth to learn from that seemingly harsh, even inhuman advice of letting loved ones suffer.

But only in deep contemplation will it makes sense, and the concept of eternity is a pre-requisite. Humans have to realize that there is no death and going Home is indeed a blessing for those able to.

However, no matter how much we know that to be true few will rejoice if a child or spouse suddenly departs. (But that will change decades from today when millions will look up to the Universe and wait to be released from earthly existence and return to Reality and unsurpassable peace, joy and Love. Humans will learn to rejoice such abrupt departures. After all, what is so difficult about waiting a few decades to join them?)

There is another profound truth - no matter what mistakes we make on Earth all is forgiven. The Divine loves us unconditionally ......... and so do all the departed, no matter how nasty or cruel they were on Earth. We are yet to experience that immense Love of all who have gone home, but will despite all our 'sins' or hurt or abuse. This collective NDE experience of being deeply loved in the Hereafter must move us to also love all human beings on Earth. We must learn to love and help all who inhabit Mother Earth, even the tiniest ant or insignificant plant or unknown stream.

That brings us to Good Friday and coming Easter Sunday. Can any day or event in history—other than the Paraclete opening the Sahasrara May 5, 1970—give us a glimpse of Beauty that Shri Mataji is talking about?

And that also brings us to a most important fact: that 2000-years ago the Savior talked about the Beauty that science is just scratching the surface (and heads). We have this priceless blessing of having science just beginning to provide evidence of what Jesus talked—evolving (through the Resurrection) to life eternal (as spiritual beings) in the Universe (Kingdom of God)!

Science is beginning to provide evidence that we are made of wave particles (Consciousness). Those having NDEs are giving medical proof that humans can leave their 'dead' bodies and continue living as spiritual beings (Consciousness).

A few days ago I wrote:

Note: I will give everyone a few more days to delve deeper and grasp the concepts of Quantum Mechanics / Physics / Biology / Entanglement and Consciousness before I post the relation of the Devi to these subjects (which I just read a few minutes ago).

I have underlined Consciousness because the substratum of Universe—atoms, protons, neutron, electrons, quarks, alpha particles, bosons, fermons—is rooted in Consciousness. So too are the billions and trillions of galaxies. So too is Mother Earth and, by extension, you and me.

I have also underlined it because without Consciousness you cannot see or read or make sense of this line. Without Consciousness, we can neither live nor enjoy life. Nothing will make sense without Consciousness.

I have to repeat: "So too is Mother Earth and, by extension, you and me." Your soul is 100% made of Consciousness and is thus eternal; we are not this physical body but only inhabit that matter (or elements that make up that physical body) rebirth after rebirth. We have that same but at the same time individual Mother that continues over millions of years of evolution. (end)

Before I post it, a single quote of the Paraclete on Consciousness:

“Now you see that here, that one is the subconscious and the collective subconscious, and one is the supraconscious and the collective supraconscious. Now the top thing, there where you see these petals and all these things, is a lotus—is the 'super Consciousness.' That is the evolutionary ascent we have to achieve, is to become conscious of the super Consciousness, which is really the Collective Consciousness.”

The Divine Mother/Paraclete Shri Mataji
Advice given at C.G. Jung Society's Hall
American Tour, New York (USA), 16 September 1983

I believe Easter Sunday would be worthy of the Devi's (Holy Spirit/Primordial Mother) explanation of Consciousness.

I also said that "We are now going to be moving far, far ahead and away--over the next few years--from the opening of the Primordial Sahasrara by Shri Mataji on May 05, 1970. We will be entering into another incredibly fantastic, overwhelmingly beautiful, and absolutely eternal Realm."

That Realm is Consciousness.

On this 2019 Good Friday we can all stand ever more steadfast, more determined, more invigorated, more faithful and assured that Shri Mataji will triumph! Never has She come closer to achieving that evolutionary ascent through Her message of the Resurrection and Last Judgment which is, contrary to the doctrines or organized religions, just full of Beauty and Love.

And never in history have all organized religions been at the point of oblivion and death, than the present birth of science, NDEs and Consciousness are at the point of evolution and life eternal. The beginning of their end actually begun with the advent of the Paraclete and Her message of evolution and life eternal. Now it will be accelerated.

Consciousness and Quantum Entanglement assures that their demise, and Her triumph, is irreversible. All we need to do is be conscious of Consciousness and meditate on Her! We are "to enjoy the Beauty that is promised, the Beauty that is described, the Beauty that we are, the Beauty that is Truth, that is Bliss, that's Heaven."

This is going to be the best Easter of my life. I hope it will be yours too. After all, I am you .................. and you are me too ........................... and that I am Her and you are Her too! We are all spiritual beings of that eternal Consciousness that has no beginning or end. We are tasked to awaken humanity to that Beauty that is Her — the Mother that resides in every scripture ............. and every living being!

“You see, the Holy Ghost is the Mother. When they say about the Holy Ghost, She is the Mother... Now, the principle of Mother is in every, every scripture — has to be there. Now, the Mother's character is that She is the one who is the Womb, She is the one who is the Mother Earth, and She is the one who nourishes you. She nourishes us. You know that. And this Feminine thing in every human being resides as this Kundalini.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Radio Interview, Santa Cruz, USA—1 October 1983

“But there is a Primordial Mother which was accepted by all the religions; even the Jews had it... In India, this is called as Adi Shakti. In every religion, they had this Mother who was the Primordial Mother.”

THE MOTHER: Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
TV Interview, Los Angeles, USA—11 October 1993

Life is eternal,


The Goddess as Supreme Cause of Creation

The Goddess distinguishes between nonconscious Maya and her own true Self as pure consciousness

[The Goddess proclaims herself as the preexisting cause of the universe, from whom evolves the creative power of Maya.]

The devi Gita
The Goddess spoke:

2.1. May all the gods attend to what I have to say.
By merely hearing these words of mine, one attains my essential nature.
2.2. I alone existed in the beginning; there was nothing else at all, O Mountain King.
My true Self is known as pure consciousness, the highest intelligence, the one Supreme Brahman.
2.3. It is beyond reason, indescribable, incomparable, incorruptible.
From out of itself evolves a certain power renowned as Maya.
2.4. Neither real nor unreal is this Maya, nor is it both, for that would be incongruous.
Lacking such characteristics, this indefinite entity has always subsisted.
2.5. As heat inheres in fire, as brilliance in the sun,
As cool light in the moon, just so this Maya inheres firmly in me.
2.6. Into that Maya the actions of souls, the souls themselves, and the ages eventually
Dissolve without distinctions, as worldly concerns disappear in deep sleep.
2.7. By uniting with this inherent power of mine, I become the cosmic seed.
By obscuring me, its own basis, this power is prone to defects.
2.8. Through its association with consciousness, Maya is called the first cause of the world.
Through its evolution into the visible realm, it is said to be the material cause.
2.9. Some call this Maya the power of austerity; others call it darkness; still others, dullness,
Or knowledge, illusion, matter, nature, energy, or the unborn.
2.10. Those versed in Saiva works call it intelligence,
While the Vedantins call it ignorance.
2.11. Such are its various names found in the Vedic and other sacred texts.

[The Goddess distinguishes between nonconscious Maya and her own true Self as pure consciousness.]

2.11. [cont.] Since Maya is something we can perceive, it has the nature of nonconscious matter; since knowledge destroys it, it is not truly existent.
2.12. Consciousness is not something we can perceive; what we perceive is indeed nonconscious.
Consciousness is self-luminous; nothing else illuminates it.
2.13. It does not even illuminate itself, for that would lead to the fallacy of infinite regress.
As an agent and the object acted upon are distinct entities, so consciousness itself, like a lamp,
2.14. While shining brightly, illuminates what is other than itself. Know this, O Mountain,
For thus have I demonstrated that consciousness, belonging to my own nature, is eternal.
2.15. The visible world appears and disappears constantly in the various states of waking, dream, and deep sleep.
Pure consciousness never experiences such fluctuations.
2.16. Even if this consciousness itself became an object of perception, then the witness
Of that perception would abide as the real pure consciousness, as before.
2.17. And so those versed in religious treatises regarding the real declare consciousness to be eternal.
Its nature is bliss, for it is the object of supreme love.
2.18. The feeling, 'Let me not cease to be; let me exist forever,' is rooted in love for the Self.
Certainly there is no actual relation between me and all else, since all else is false.
2.19. Therefore I am regarded truly as an undivided whole.
And that consciousness is not an attribute of the Self,
for then the Self would be like an object.
2.20. In consciousness no possible trace of the object state can be found.
And so consciousness also has no attributes; consciousness is not a quality separate from consciousness itself.
2.21. Therefore the Self in essence is consciousness, and bliss as well, always.
It is the real and complete, beyond all relation, and free from the illusion of duality.

C. MacKenzie Brown, The Devi Gita: The Song of the Goddess
State University of New York Press (September 1998) pp. 91-3

Shri Mataji
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923-2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty.
“The Paraclete will come (15:26; 16:7, 8, 13) as Jesus has come into the world (5:43; 16:28; 18:37)... The Paraclete will take the things of Christ (the things that are mine, ek tou emou) and declare them (16:14-15). Bishop Fison describes the humility of the Spirit, 'The true Holy Spirit of God does not advertise Herself: She effaces Herself and advertises Jesus.' ...
It is by the outgoing activity of the Spirit that the divine life communicates itself in and to the creation. The Spirit is God-in-relations. The Paraclete is the divine self-expression which will be and abide with you, and be in you (14:16-17). The Spirit's work is described in terms of utterance: teach you, didasko (14:26), remind you, hypomimnesko (14:26), testify, martyro (15:26), prove wrong, elencho (16:8), guide into truth, hodego (16:13), speak, laleo (16:13, twice), declare, anangello (16:13, 14, 15). The johannine terms describe verbal actions which intend a response in others who will receive (lambano), see (theoreo), or know (ginosko) the Spirit. Such speech-terms link the Spirit with the divine Word. The Spirit's initiatives imply God's personal engagement with humanity. The Spirit comes to be with others; the teaching Spirit implies a community of learners; forgetful persons need a prompter to remind them; one testifies expecting heed to be paid; one speaks and declares in order to be heard. The articulate Spirit is the correlative of the listening, Spirit-informed community.
The final Paraclete passage closes with a threefold repetition of the verb she will declare (anangello), 16:13-15. The Spirit will declare the things that are to come (v.13), and she will declare what is Christ's (vv. 14, 15). The things of Christ are a message that must be heralded...
The intention of the Spirit of truth is the restoration of an alienated, deceived humanity... The teaching role of the Paraclete tends to be remembered as a major emphasis of the Farewell Discourses, yet only 14:26 says She will teach you all things. (Teaching is, however, implied when 16:13-15 says that the Spirit will guide you into all truth, and will speak and declare.) Franz Mussner remarks that the word used in 14:26, didaskein, "means literally 'teach, instruct,' but in John it nearly always means to reveal.” (Stevick 2011, 292-7)
“There was a philosopher in the 13th century who said that, that the time of Holy Ghost has come and She has to manifest. Even the early, very early Christians wrote books like Essenes and they have described Holy Ghost as the Primordial Mother.

That one has to understand that by just stopping one thing completely or calling it a mystery, we have really missed the point but not in India; people know about it, that She is the Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother.

So now you have the reflection of the Primordial Mother within you as the Kundalini and the reflection of God Almighty in your heart as the Spirit. Spirit that representing the sun element. So now when this manifestation of the Holy Ghost will take place it will, it is the moon, like the moon it acts. So the consciousness itself gets nourished. So far all our development have been extrovert developments, outside, like a big tree growing, but we have to go deep down to our source to get this great tree nourished. So the new awareness of nourishment has to come.

Today if you see in the world, in the consciousness — I'll talk about it tomorrow — that people are now finding many feminist organizations but they are going in the wrong direction, absolutely, because if the women have to become men, it is a pendulum moving from one to another so that your consciousness doesn't rise, it just moves from men to women, women to men, like fighting going on; a rebellion.

Rebellion is not the word that will result into something great, it is the revolution, so that it moves finally upward, so your consciousness become a higher consciousness with nourishment. Just like the Mother Earth nourishes us, the Kundalini nourishes us completely. And you are born, reborn, with a new consciousness which has compassion, which has love, which has forbearing and which has beautifying power. That is the point where we are born, luckily, we are very fortunate.”

The Divine Mother/Paraclete Shri Mataji
Public Program, Rome 8 September 1983

“Like the nucleus inside every atom or a molecule, has the Spirit of that molecule. And if you become your Spirit — we can say the 'brain' of a molecule or an atom is like the nucleus, body of the nucleus. But the one that controls the nucleus is the Spirit that resides within the nucleus. So now you have got the attention of the body — the whole body of the atom, then the nucleus, and 'inside' the nucleus is the Spirit.”

The Divine Mother/Paraclete Shri Mataji
Talk before Mahashivaratri Puja
Pandharpur, Maharashtra (India), 29 February 1984

“Because the Kundalini knows when I am before you. She rises, She opens out, and It starts flowing. It is flowing through Me through out. But unless you are subtle, you cannot feel it. you can say, that I am the Finite in the infinite. Or you can say the Infinite in the finite. I am both. So the energy that is emitted into all the subtle energy is passing through Me. Is the Virat. From the Virata, the whole thing is passing. It is going into the All Pervading. It is all Pervading. Everybody, everywhere it is going. Even it is in a cell, in a Carbon atom it is there, in all atoms it is there. It is the Subtle Energy. That is emitted through Me.”

The Divine Mother/Paraclete Shri Mataji
Advice at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Question and Answers, London (UK), 22 March 1977.

“Now you see that here, that one is the subconscious and the collective subconscious, and one is the supraconscious and the collective supraconscious. Now the top thing , there where you see these petals and all these things, is a lotus, is the super consciousness. That is the evolutionary ascent we have to achieve, is to become conscious of the super consciousness, which is really the Collective Consciousness.”

The Divine Mother/Paraclete Shri Mataji
Advice given at C.G. Jung Society's Hall
American Tour, New York (USA), 16 September 1983.

“Today is a great day for all of us, because it is the 16th Sahasrara Day. That in sixteen beats or sixteen movements you reach a higher position in the poem. That it is complete, that Sri Krishna is called as a complete incarnation because he has sixteen petals. This completeness is called as purna.

So, now we move into another dimension. The first one was where you got your self-realisation. In the evolutionary process if you see, the animals are not conscious of many things which human beings are conscious of. Like the matter cannot be used by animals for their own purpose. Also they are not conscious of themselves at all. If you show a mirror to animals they do not react to it as if they are in the mirror. Except for, I think, the chimpanzee — that means that we are rather close to them! (Laughter) When we became human beings we became aware in our consciousness of many things which were unconscious to the animals. In their brain they did not understand that they could put matter to their own use.”

The Divine Mother/Paraclete Shri Mataji
Sahasrara Puja. Alpe Motta (Italy), 4 May 1986.

“So the Spirit is like the ocean which has the light in it. And when this ocean pours into the little cup of your brain, the cup loses its identity and everything becomes Spiritual! Everything! you can make everything Spiritual. Everything. You touch anything — it is Spiritual! The sand becomes Spiritual, the land becomes Spiritual, atmosphere becomes Spiritual, celestial bodies becomes Spiritual. Everything becomes Spiritual! So it is the ocean — that is the Spirit, while your brain is limited.

So the detachment from your limited brain has to be brought in. All limitations of brain should be 'broken' so that when this ocean fills that brain; it should break that little cup and every bit of that cup should become colourful; the whole atmosphere, everything, whatever you look at, should be colourful. Colour of the Spirit is the light of the Spirit and this light of the Spirit acts, works, thinks, co-ordinates, does everything. This is the reason today I decided to bring Shiva-Tattwa to the brain.“

The Divine Mother/Paraclete Shri Mataji
Talk before Mahashivaratri Puja
Pandharpur, Maharashtra (India), 29 February 1984

“So, the power of understanding only come when we become the power of Cosmic Consciousness. Because Cosmic Consciousness understands each and everything; sitting down here you can understand everything, you don't have to go there. Everything. And because your Mother is a Mahamaya it may not show, but it will expose one day. So you have to depend on that part of Sahaja Yoga, that it is a Mahamaya's job. So we should not get disturbed or upset, it will show.

So, you are doubly blessed. First of all you got your realization, which they say is the hardest of hardest thing to get. You have overcome the gravity. And secondly, your Mother is the Mother of all the Adi Gurus. She's the One who taught all the Adi Gurus. She created the Adi Gurus and She'll create out of you the Adi Gurus.”

The Divine Mother/Paraclete Shri Mataji
Guru Puja. Gmunden (Austria), 6 July 1986

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