An anti/ex-SY begins giving self-realization and telling truth

April 18, 2007

Dear devotees of the Primordial Mother,

Namaskaar - i bow to the Holy Spirit who resides in you.

Today is a great day, at least for me personally. Today is Tuesday. Wonderful news and special events always seem to happen on Tuesdays, the day homage is paid to Shri Ganesha.

i received an email from an disillusioned anti-SY who had left the organization a long time ago, probably in the 1980s. i know this person from the anti-SY forum where he was a prominent member and founding father. But i always felt that he had a good heart despite his anti-SY stance (and thus always treated him with respect). Today my faith in him has come a full circle - i feel peace.

Today Xxxxxx, despite having left the SY organization for decades, has again started giving self-realization and telling people directly who Shri Mataji really is. This is indeed a far cry from WCASY and the SY leadership that have for decades always muffled such attempts. Till today their reasons remain unknown and unfathomable.

i know his email will galvanize us to declare and spread the truth. It is not easy for an anti/ex-SY to return and do Her work. But She has said that Her Divine Message will be carried out by those outside the SY organization, and this great soul is definitely one of them. 99.99% of those who have received self-realization have left and remain outside the organization - some of these outsiders will help Shri Mataji spread the Resurrection Message. The future trend will definitely remain the same, and we will make sure of that. This email holds the potential of many of these seekers returning, provided we tell the truth. Those willing to do so have far more potential, individually, than entire SY collectives combined, provided they are given absolute freedom to be their own masters. Such a state of mind can never be attained from within the organization, far from it - it can only be realized from within where She resides as your own Self!

i assure Xxxxxx that over time more and more outsiders will join us. We will continue to work from the outside and in defiance of WCASY and their SY organization. i again reiterate that i will not budge an inch or betray the faith and confidence of any self-realized soul who wishes to join the Great Primordial Mother and declare Her Divine Message to humanity. By being our own masters, under no circumstance whatsoever will we empower WCASY and the SY leadership. i thank the Great Devi for creating the circumstances that compelled me to leave the SY organization, and continue my sacred duty to Her unhindered. i thank Her too for slowly gathering the great souls destined to openly declare these most blessed days - God Almighty's Last Judgment and Resurrection - to all humanity. This world in chaos must know about the Blossom Time no matter what it takes to accomplish the task.

My pranaam to this great soul—Xxxxxxx, you have performed a great duty and service to the Adi Shakti and Her Cause with this email, an email that will collectively motivate and strengthen us. She will never forget this gesture for all eternity. You have my word. Thanks.

regards to all,


17 April 2007

Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 13:15:10 -0000
From: Xxxxxxxx
Subject: Hello Jagbir

Dear Jagbir,

Why is the new world foundation website have to have password username - this stinks?

What is revolting is more than many of mothers tapes videos have been edited modified; mother scolding, telling of certain leaders and certain statements - removed, modified.

Have to admit iv'e seen far more drive passion from your website than 30 years of sy sniggering mismanagement.

If sy was a company the WHOLE management would be been fired way back. Why is it seems like everything else is in media news etc all the time but sy cant get but a word anywhere in the media. Yes jagbir the leaders don't want the world to know, the sy leaders are just a pack of ARROGANT PRICKS.

The new world foundation website is trashy, terrible feel look to it. Again i'll admit where credit is due - your sites that you set up largely by yourself run rings around the so-called official sites by a long, long mile.

When me was in sy organistion had idea of having mataji's photo and little bit info screen on all the major picture theaters, before and intermission, as 30 second or so clip would not cost so much and tm and hara krishna sometimes have ads. So why not sy has people all have there hands on the seat arm rests pointed forward? - when my sy leader back then heard of this he was angry furious, back then i came to realise these sy leaders were just assholes.

You know me feel so sorry for the way sy going. Me, as ex syogi, have been giving realisation to people here and there cause me realise that they like billions of others they would never know. i've even told them straight mataji holy ghost - all were pleased happy for being up front and honest and puzzled why they heard nothing anywhere.

Jagbir this so called sy organisation just a stinking rotting corpse. What's needed a fresh start. sahaja yoga organic.



Dear Xxxxxxxx and All,

i agree with Jagbir; 'Our Mother' will be rejoicing over one child that has returned to Her, as compared with all Her children, who are already with Her. i would therefore like to welcome you as our 'long lost SY brother' to our Worldwide Sahaj Organism, that is giving Her Identity and Resurrection Message to the world, from outside the Organisation of SY, just like Shri Mataji predicted would happen, if the SY Organisation, did not do that task. Shri Mataji said that at Sydney Airport in 1994, which is 13 years ago, and atrue to Her prediction' Her Message is now being given by the Organism of Sahaj (Her Devotees/Bhaktas) from outside of the Organisation of Sahaja Yoga.

i am sure, if it were not for such 'horrible leaders' that we seem to have accumulated in the SY Organisation, that many SYs would have had the courage by now, to openly announce Her Identity and Message. Of course, 'leadership' in SY was more or less 'open for grabs' and just about anybody who was reasonable 'ble' could become a leader. As far as their 'spiritual credentials' was concerned, that still had to be tested, just like Shri Mataji always said that "It is a Test to be a Leader.” Truer words never spoken! Actually, i would like to know who the 'good leaders' were? There must have been some 'surely'?! Maybe, somebody can mention some good leaders and 'why' they were good. We often put down the Sahaj Leaders, because of very valid reasons, but i want to make this point: We (including myself) are not against great leadership. There is nothing better than great leadership, who enable everyone to become great gurus, teachers, and masters of themselves, instead of them wanting to be everyone's gurus, teachers, and masters. That is the difference between good leadership and poor leadership skills.

Btw. your idea for the promo at the movies was very good. i vaguely remember such an idea floating around SY in Australia too, but nothing came of it. It's unbelievable that a 'leader' would actually become 'ngry' when you gave a great idea?!?! Well, you are free of that craziness now; we are not like that, but support great ideas, even if it is only possible 'spiritually' and 'emotionally'. You can also expect, that your fellow brothers and sisters in the Organism, won't expect you to 'stick like glue' to them. We encourage spiritual freedom and spiritual creativity to be Her Ganas, Devotees, Bhaktas, Messengers (whichever word you prefer).... and of course, being our own 'masters' or 'teachers' or 'gurus' (whichever term you prefer) is very important, and we try to 'cultivate' and 'encourage that' in every SY. There is nothing more rewarding than to see SYs become their own masters. That is the reward of 'real leadership'.

i think you will agree that 'earlier on' SYs (and i include myself) thought that the leadership had Shri Mataji's 'best interests' at heart. But now we know they don't, but mainly have their 'own best interests' at heart. That is why they have lost our support, because we are not 'spiritually dumb'. We know that great spiritual leaders try to 'free people up' and not try to 'enslave' them as WCASY and SY leadership have been doing, who are treating SYs like they are 'babies' who still need the 'milk forumula'! (i can't resist this one; please don't be offended anyone!)....”but then they put the dummy (soother) into the babies mouths, and make them keep quiet and hopefully go to sleep"!

Well, they didn't succeed with us, did they! We don't like the 'milk formula' anymore; we like the meat!!! And we 'spit out' all dummies ('soothers') and squeal really loudly, that it hurts the ears to hear all that squealing and screaming. 'We babies' are going to be heard at all costs'! The whole world is going to hear from us, about the 'Meat of the Word' and not the 'milk of the word', just because it is Time Now.

Xxxxxxxx, you mentioned about the editing of the tapes and videos. i know that the tapes and videos are being atidied up'. i did not know this would include removing of 'non-leadership-friendly' Words from Shri Mataji. Like Christ Jesus, Shri Mataji similarly railed against such leaders, and 'quite often too' and 'leaders' heads went a'rollin' off the stage of Sahaja Yoga, 'left', 'right' and 'centre'. Their excuse to edit this out, will be that the tapes and videos need to be 'fit for consumption' for the general public and for SYs who are supposed to 'revere them' instead of devoting themselves to Shri Mataji. When Shri Mataji 'spoke against leaders' this was not pleasing to the 'leadership sensibilities'..... poor little darlings! It is just too much for them, to keep it on the tapes and videos. They can't have folks knowing about this aspect of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, which could ruin their 'careers'.

However, the resistance against these 'horrible leaders' is growing. Yes, the Organism will rise out of the 'shes' of the Organisation, like the Phoenix, and is already doing so. There is no way to stop an Evolutionary Organism. We know that She is 'with us', 'within us' and leading Her Devotees and Her Messengers.... forward.

with love and best wishes,

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