And where there is direct revelation from Allah, there is no room for doubt

March 14, 2007

Dear devotees of the Divine Feminine,

Namaskaar - i bow to His Ruh who resides in you,

Was the Mi'raj a physical or spiritual journey?

In order for us to have a reasonable understanding of Islam and Allah, it is important for us to have the right concept. Without the right or true concept of something or someone, it will be difficult for us to comprehend the true nature of that thing or person.

"In the case of Mi'raj, putting aside logic and man-coined conclusions, let us refer to those close to our Holy Prophet and see what they have reported in support to the spiritual concept of the Mi'raj.

It is on record that one of the closest person to the Holy Prophet was Bibi Aisha, and she held the belief that the Holy Prophet's experience of Mi'raj was in a vision, and not physical. (c.f. Tabari, Zamakshari and Ibn Kathir in their commentaries on 17:1). The actual phrase used that"he was transported only in spirit (bi ruhihi) while his body did not leave its place.”...

Again it is written," And he awoke and he was in the sacred mosque" (B:98:37). In another of Bukhari's Hadith, it is written," whilst I was in a state between that of one sleeping and one awake" (Bukhari 59:6).

These are just some of the authentic records which shows clearly that the Mi'raj was a spiritual experience of the Holy Prophet, and was not a physical one.

If for argument sake, we interpret the Mi'raj as a physical journey of the Holy Prophet, let us examine some of the ramifications of such a notion.

First and foremost, it will signal us that the Holy Prophet Muhammad was much more than a normal mortal being, something which he emphatically denied time and again. Many times he was questioned by his opponents that he was a true prophet of God, if so, then perform certain miracles and they would believe in him. His only reply was"I am an ordinary mortal just like yourself.”

Secondly, mounting a physical Buraq and riding to the Heavens would defy the laws of nature. Holy Quran says," there is no incongruity in the nature made by Allah.”

Thirdly, nothing physical can enter a spiritual domain. A physical Holy Prophet, together with a physical Buraq, cannot enter a spiritual abode such as the Heavens. (Holy Quran)" (

Keeping in mind the last sentence that"A physical Holy Prophet, together with a physical Buraq, cannot enter a spiritual abode such as the Heavens", the Id-Adha of 1994 is explained.

"The truth does not necessarily come from priests, or from the superstitions of whole peoples. It come from Allah, and where there is direct revelation, there is no room for doubt.”

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n

Yes, where there is direct revelation from the Ruh of Allah within there is no room for doubt.

regards to all,


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