Guru Puja 2008: "It is not my old age, but I want to give you a complete freedom to spread Sahaja Yoga"

Shri Mataji:
"This is a big power you have got. You all should use. First of all you can use a group if you want, and afterward you should do it individually. Can you imagine all of you, if you become gurus, how many Sahaja Yogis we will have all over the world?"

Shri Mataji continues to explain how Her devotees can give Self- realization, first in groups and later on an individual basis. So the future emphasis is on individual gurus attracting seekers to dramatically increase the number of Sahaja Yogis. Even before Shri Mataji leaves these individual gurus are to begin spearheading and spreading Her advent and message to the remaining 99.99% of humanity that has never heard of Her. The WCASY-controlled SY organzation as we know today is being radically overhauled, dismantled and replaced by a revolutionary approach - individual gurus!

Shri Mataji:
"Whatever you teach, you must practice. The person who drinks cannot become a guru. A person who flirts and has a licentious life cannot become a guru. So first examine yourself, 'Are you clean or not?' If there are any possessed people who try to become guru, they cannot. Honestly you should see on the photograph if you are possessed, then you cannot be guru. So now to become a guru is first to criticize yourself, to find out yourself only, and then you can become a guru. I don't want to tell anybody individually. But you all can find out. Say 4-5 people can join together, and they can find out from each other if they are all right or not, if there is missing, if they are catching. But if they say that you are all right then you can become gurus, and you can teach Sahaja Yoga. This is your own responsibility. This is how Sahaja Yoga will grow. Otherwise after I retire or I don't go anywhere then Sahaja Yoga will go into waste. So it is for you to carry the torch, the light. It is your responsibility now. You have got your realization.”

i believe all WCASY members, country leaders and SYs should first criticize themselves by asking themselves:

-"Why are we individually and collectively wilfully dishonest with our fellow human beings concerning the heart and soul of Sahaja Yoga — the Resurrection?"
-"Why are we afraid of even admitting in public that Shri Mataji is the incarnation of the Adi Shakti, but can so falsely elevate and proclaim in private that She is God Almighty?"
-"Why are we unable to muster that courage to be truthful even after three decades of Shri Mataji doing the same time and again during public programs?"
-"Why are none of us conscientious enough to demand the truth be spoken at all times, and yet pretend that we are self-realized souls?"

If truthfulness is not required to be a guru i will eat my turban, on condition that it is first marinated for three hours in thick yogurt, tandoori masalla and spices of my choice ...... and baked in a clay tandoor, not conventional oven. For a desert that will make WCASY members drool, i will allow each of them to shoe-beat my Sahasrara 108 times ........ in public. And if, after reading this offer of a dream feast, they immediately hold an emergecy Council meeeting to consider the offer i will throw in an appetizer of their choice. (John Noyce, since you are officially appointed by WCASY to be their watchdog to bark back reports on this forum, please let them know.)

Shri Mataji:
"I was born with the responsibility. I was born with all the understanding, and now you are also understand yourself. Do not condemn yourself as long as you start your own realization. But be careful. Don't become egoistical. You have to be very humble, very humble with everyone. And work it out because if they are not realized souls, you shouldn't condemn them, but tell them very patiently and sweetly that you are not all right. Tell them how to meditate, how to improve. It is now a very big responsibility. Actually I have done this work and you can do this work also. So you all have to become a guru. This is the day of guru purnima, and I bless you that you all can become gurus.”

We have to tell them how to meditate, how to improve their Self- realization. We need to know what it is that Shri Mataji has achieved, achievements that we can also accomplish. If you follow all Her teachings in their entirety there will be no problem teaching others how to meditate and becoming realized souls. But if you just teach about the SYSSR then the future will be far bleaker than the previous three decades with Shri Mataji at the helm. Period]

Shri Mataji:
"Whatever you have got now, don't waste it, don't throw away, but use it for the betterment of people. If you want a meeting, add 4-5 people together. Then you should separate. You have to give time to this. You have got your realization, but you have to give realization. Otherwise your state is not all right, it is not normal.

Again Shri Mataji tells us to form individual groups and then separate. This separation is most important to understand. It is like a patch of grass that matures and flowers, and more seeds separate .. ........... to again mature and flower, and so on. It is now to be an individual effort, not like the collective efforts of the past that have repeated failed time and again, year after year, decade after decade. Shri Mataji has given total individual freedom to do Her work. Thus, unlike the past, you need not have any permission from our SY minders/leaders to spread Sahaja Yoga. No leader or minder can tell you what to do or not do, what can be revealed and what needs to be edited. Indeed, Shri Mataji has now given all SYs total individual freedom.

However, if with all this freedom you still cannot start giving Self- realization it means there is something wrong with you i.e., perhaps you just don't have the time, dedication, desire or courage to spread Her advent and message. Perhaps your work, family and material pursuits are more important.

Shri Mataji:
"So today I want to tell you, what are the qualities we needed for a guru. First of all he should be a detached person. That doesn't mean you give up your family or anything. But you should have a detached attitude that anybody from your family does wrong, you should go away from them, sort it out. Secondly, through your realization you can see that you can spread happiness, and remove their problems. You have seen whatever I have done you can do it. You have got power to do it. But no hypocrisy. No hypocrisy, otherwise you will spoil the name of Sahaja Yoga. So if you are sure about yourself, then really you should become guru, and carry the work of Sahaja Yoga. I think I gave you all my blessings, and all my support that now you take over and become guru. You can also have all the pujas, and then you can use photograph. You have seen how one has to work it out. And somebody has [] sickness or some chakras are catching, then you should tell that person how to correct it. On the photograph it is the best, and very humbly you should tell them what is to be done. And you can say [- ]. So now I am no more [ - ] businesses, I have done my best, and I think I won't be able to do this again. It is not my old age, but I want to give you a complete freedom to spread Sahaja Yoga.

Shri Mataji briefly explains the qualities required of a guru — detachment, make others realize their Self, and spread the joy of the Spirit and eternal life that removes so many human problems. Shri Mataji is openly telling all SYs to take over the spreading of Sahaja Yoga, which completely reverses the way things were done in the past eg, formation of WCASY, appointment of national leaders, councils, committees and workshops. She admits: "I think I gave you all my blessings, and all my support that now you take over and become guru.”In other words, Shri Mataji thinks She has done everything in Her power to convince SYs they are absolutely free and empowered to spread Sahaja Yoga the way they, as gurus, see fit. There are no restrictions whatsoever, other than moral responsibility to protect the good name of Sahaja Yoga.

She continues, as if to reinforce this new, revolutionary freedom: "You can also have all the pujas, and then you can use photograph.”SY gurus are even given permission to hold pujas where— since She will not be physically present—Her photograph can be used. Shri Mataji is not talking about international/national pujas of the past but individual SY gurus initiating the same. Thus, hypothetically speaking, 50 gurus may hold 50 individual Guru Pujas in 2012 in New Delhi, India with their own disciples. Repeat that scenario the world over and you begin to feel the revolutionary change to free Her devotees forever so that they can use their individual creativity, professionalism, academic background, charisma, and enlightenment to make others realize their Self and help spread Her Blossom Time.

And Shri Mataji makes it very clear that age is not a factor in Her unprecedented farewell speech: "It is not my old age, but I want to give you a complete freedom to spread Sahaja Yoga.”She wants this freedom to be instilled in the hearts, mind and soul of all Her devotees while She is still on Earth. It is a deep wisdom and vision that few see, conditioned as they are to follow leaders like sheep.

That we now have"complete freedom to spread Sahaja Yoga"Is a historic and momentous statement. Whether individually or in groups all of us can spread Shri Mataji's advent and message without any restriction whatsoever. No one has to follow the one and only officially approved subtle system approach. Everyone is free to use their creativity, charisma and enlightenment to explain Her advent and message. The present forum and websites is proof of what can be achieved just by a small group of dedicated souls.

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