Muslims are as ignorant about Resurrection today as ancestral desert pagans 14 centuries ago

Does man think that We cannot assemble his bones?

Thus when the"Prophet of Islam, peace and blessings be upon him and his family, expounded the topic of resurrection to the pagan Arabs, a Bedouin by the name of Ubayy b. Khalaf picked up a decayed bone and set out for Medina to visit the Prophet. In the hope of refuting the arguments of the Prophet and the logic of the Qur'n on which they were based, he raised up the bone, as if it were a valuable and convincing piece of evidence, and crumbled it to dust, scattering the pieces in the air. Then, he addressed to the Prophet these crude, unadorned words, inspired by his rebelliousness and ignorance:

"Who will restore to life the scattered particles of this rotten bone?”

He believed that he would thus be able to refute the arguments of the Prophet and to destroy the belief of others in resurrection of the dead. His ignorant mode of thought prevented him from having any correct notion of the creation of being so that he imagined that the scattered particles of a decayed bone could not possibly be brought back to life. He obstinately maintained that the reassembling of the countless particles of the body was unacceptable to man's reason.

Then we have modern scientist who cannot accept the"outside" explanation: that a god will"resurrect"The corrupted body. He knows that in a living body today the actual molecules which compose it were not part of it some time ago. In another decade it will be made up of molecules which at present are elsewhere: in African lions, in passion-flowers of the Amazon, in Maine lobsters, in earth in Patagonia, and in the fur of a Polar bear. For the scientist, the body as such has truly ceased to exist. No"shade"or reduced form of the body exists in an"underworld"or in Elysian fields. The body has ceased to exist. He therefore finds the resurrection of the body unintelligible.”

This disbelieve comes from modern scientific minds who have good reason to dismiss the logic of the dead coming back to life. So how were illiterate, desert-dwelling humans 14 centuries ago expected to understand bones coming to life during the Resurrection?

Fourteen centuries ago Allah very briefly told that He is capable of putting their bones and even fingertips together again - simple terms to make simple minds understand that after death they will be brought back to life in future during the Resurrection. This extremely complex subject of dead humans coming back to life was too confusing and complicated to be explained to illiterate humans. Since it was to take place in the future, a brief explanation was sufficient. Thus when Qiyamah would finally take place, as it is taking place now, humans will be far more educated and advanced to understand that Allah is talking about the rebirth of souls and nothing else. Nothing else!

But Muslims remain ignorant about Resurrection today as their ancestral desert pagans 14 centuries ago:

“There are lots of myths in the Bible and one of them is that at the Time of Resurrection your bodies will come out of the graves. This is not only for Christians, but also for the Muslims and Jews. Think of this - What remains in the grave after many years? Only a few bones. And if these bones came out how can you give them Realization? Think of it. It is a big myth. Not possible logically.

In Nal Damyanti Akhyan they have clearly given that when the Kalyug will come, all these seekers who are seeking in the hills and mountains will be born again, and they will be given their Self- Realization! Their Kundalinis will be awakened and that is logical, because that is what we are doing today.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
India - December 25, 1993

Even the Quran castigates the Ummah that they will not even know the Resurrection is taking place -"And this is the Day of Resurrection, but you do not know"- as it is amply evident today. It is indeed happening exactly as the Qur'n prophesied 14 centuries ago! The Muslims just have no idea the Great Event is taking place! And even if you quote various surahs of the Quran they will scoff them off and in turn brand you a liar!

The day Resurrection is set the sinners will swear:
"We did not tarry more than an hour (and cannot be guilty).”
That is how they have always been deceived.
But those who were given the knowledge and belief will say:
"You have tarried, according to the Book of God,
As long as the Day of Resurrection,
And this is the Day of Resurrection, but you do not know."
Their excuses will be of no avail to the sinners on that day,
And they will not be allowed to beg for favour.
We have offered every kind of example here in this Qur'n to men.
Even then if you bring a verse to them, those who disbelieve say:
"You are nothing but a liar.”
That is how God seals the hearts of those who do not know.
So have patience. The promise of God is surely true;
And let not those who do not believe make you relax (your endeavours).

surah 30:55-60 The Romans (Ar-Rum)
(Ahmed Ali, Islam: The Qur'n, Princeton University Press, 1988.)

On 28 February 1990, while on Her way to Australia, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi stopped at Changi Airport, Singapore. She informed those who had gathered to meet Her that in Islam there is a complete surah written about Her. In this surah it is stated that the Sent One will give Realization, will make you Pirs and give Collective Consciousness. But you will be non-believers. Who can wake and bring them to their senses as they collectively snore in ignorance?

But if you bring a verse to them and explain its meaning, most of the Muslims who disbelieve the present Resurrection will say: "You are nothing but a liar.”The Muslims will miss the Great News as the Qur'n prophesied that they will too.

Concerning what are they disputing?
Concerning the Great News. [5889]
About which they cannot agree.
Verily, they shall soon (come to) know!
Verily, verily they shall soon (come to) know!

surah 78:1-5 Al Naba' (The Great News) "5889. Great News: usually understood to mean the News or Message of the Resurrection.”

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989

Who then can wake and bring them to their senses as they collectively snore in ignorance? Verily, they shall soon come to know! Verily, verily they shall soon come to know!

jagbir (Updated today 12-03-2006)

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