Mystics have always drawn the ire of institutionalized religion 1

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Tue May 9, 2006 9:10 am
Subject: Mystics have always drawn the ire of institutionalized religion

Dear All,

The other day i saw the National Geographic documentary"The Gospel of Judas.”

"It's a revelation conjuring heated debate: According to a recently translated ancient text called the Gospel of Judas, the disciple infamous for betraying Jesus may well have been Christ's most faithful servant and—because the Savior asked him to—accepted perpetual disgrace to bring about Jesus' death. Explore the mysticism of early Gnostic thought expressed in words written on a 1,700-year-old leather-bound papyrus. Hear the interpretations of four biblical scholars. Follow this fragile document from its discovery in Egypt to its translation and ultimate presentation to the world. And share your thoughts on the Gospel of Judas.

Everyone remembers the story of Jesus Christ's close friend, one of the 12 Apostles, who sold him out for 30 pieces of silver, identifying him with a kiss. Later, crazed with guilt, Judas hanged himself. He is the ultimate symbol of treachery. Stockyards call the goat that leads other animals to slaughter the Judas goat. In Germany, officials can forbid new parents from choosing the name Judas. Guides at the historic Coptic Hanging Church in Old Cairo point out one black column in the church's white colonnades— Judas, of course. Christianity would not be the same without its traitor.

There is a sinister backdrop to traditional depictions of Judas. As Christianity distanced itself from its origins as a Jewish sect, Christian thinkers found it increasingly convenient to blame the Jews as a people for the arrest and execution of Christ, and to cast Judas as the archetypal Jew. The four Gospels, for example, treat Roman governor Pontius Pilate gently while condemning Judas and the Jewish high priests.

The"secret account"gives us a very different Judas. In this version, he is a hero. Unlike the other disciples, he truly understands Christ's message. In handing Jesus over to the authorities, he is doing his leader's bidding, knowing full well the fate he will bring on himself. Jesus warns him: "You will be cursed.”

This message is startling enough to raise suspicions of fraud, common with alleged biblical artifacts. For example, an empty limestone box said to have held the bones of James, brother of Jesus, attracted massive crowds when it was displayed in 2002—but soon turned out to be an ingenious fake.

A Gospel of Judas is clearly more enticing than an empty box, but so far every test confirms its antiquity. The National Geographic Society, which is helping support the restoration and translation of the manuscript, commissioned a top carbon-dating laboratory at the University of Arizona to analyze the papyrus book, or codex, containing the gospel. Tests on five separate samples from the papyrus and the leather binding date the codex to sometime between A.D. 220 and 340. The ink appears to be an ancient recipe—a mix of iron gall and soot inks. And Coptic scholars say telltale turns of phrase in the gospel indicate that it was translated from Greek, the language in which most Christian texts were originally written in the first and second centuries.”We all feel comfortable putting this copy in the fourth century," one expert says," and Kasser is sure enough to devote the end of his life to it.” A further confirmation comes from the distant past. Around A.D. 180, Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon in what was then Roman Gaul, wrote a massive treatise called Against Heresies. The book was a fierce denunciation of all those whose views about Jesus and his message differed from those of the mainstream church. Among those he attacked was a group who revered Judas," the traitor," and had produced a"fictitious history," which"They style the Gospel of Judas.”

Decades before the fragile manuscript in Kasser's hands was written, the angry bishop apparently knew of the original Greek text.

Irenaeus had plenty of heresies to contend with. In the early centuries of Christianity, what we call the church, operating through a top-down hierarchy of priests and bishops, was only one of many groups inspired by Jesus. Biblical scholar Marvin Meyer of Chapman University, who worked with Kasser to translate the gospel, sums up the situation as"Christianity trying to find its style.”

For example, a group called the Ebionites maintained that Christians should obey all Jewish religious laws, while another, the Marcionites, rejected any connection between the God of the New Testament and the Jewish God. Some said that Jesus had been wholly divine, contradicting those who insisted he was completely human. Yet another sect, the Carpocratians, allegedly indulged in ritualized spouse swapping. Many of these groups were Gnostics, followers of the same strain of early Christianity reflected in the Judas gospel.

"Gnosis means 'knowledge' in Greek," Meyer explains. The Gnostics"believed that there is an ultimate source of goodness, which they thought of as the divine mind, outside the physical universe. Humans carry a spark of that divine power, but they are cut off by the material world all around them"—a flawed world, as the Gnostics saw it, the work of an inferior creator rather than the ultimate God.

While Christians like Irenaeus stressed that only Jesus, the son of God, was simultaneously human and divine, the Gnostics proposed that ordinary people could be connected to God. Salvation lay in awakening that divine spark within the human spirit and reconnecting with the divine mind. Doing so required the guidance of a teacher, and that, according to the Gnostics, was Christ's role. Those who grasped his message could become as divine as Christ himself.

Hence Irenaeus's hostility.”These people were mystics," says Meyer.”Mystics have always drawn the ire of institutionalized religion. Mystics, after all, hear the voice of God from within and don't need a priest to intercede for them.” "

This National Geographic documentary must be viewed by all who wish to understand how it was possible for the apostles themselves to demonize and rule as heretical those with knowledge far superior to their own. Judas and Mary Magdalene bore the brunt of their petty jealousies since Jesus revealed and confided in both secrets not available to the rest. Judas was chosen to receive knowledge about His Kingdom since he knew the true nature of God Almighty and the Savior better.

Eventually the powerful priesthood took over the atruth' was organized and only four of the original 30 gospels were accepted. It is just like WCASY accepting the subtle system, and editing out all other esoteric knowledge of our Divine Mother who clearly claimed that She is the Devi of the Shri Lalita Sahasranama:

"The saints were respected, I am telling you in India, real saints were respected and they made different observations. Now when I read, say Adi Shankaracharya, I am amazed how he knows so many things about Me. He knows how My knee looks like, he knows how many lines I have on My back, how many. I mean it is very amazing how this man knows everything about Me. That means through his meditative power he could envisage Me. He never saw Me. The description and everything is so clear cut.

Now if you say the Thousand Names of the Goddess, thousand names of the Goddess are so precise, I mean you can verify them in Me. I am just like that. Whatever it is good or bad, whatever is said about Me is there, is a fact; and it is the Knowledge of these people is most remarkable. How did they know that a Goddess is like that? Certain of My things which I also don't know but they are there, and they have described. Very surprising. So their meditative power in India was great.”

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Navaratri Puja, Cabella, Italy — Sep. 27, 1992

WCASY and management SYs have done nothing to uphold this Truth, even though they know full well that is about the esoteric nature of the Devi, and gives irrefutable evidence.*** But that would erode their own power and prestige. That is why they insist that knowledge of external rituals and worship are absolutely necessary, in direct contrast to the views of the mystics.

Mystics have always drawn the ire of institutionalized religion and WACSY now wants to silence/demonize those who claim it is not only possible to hear the voice but also witness God within themselves. And the fact that you don't need a priest or leader or anyone else for the matter to intercede for or guide threatens their hold over ordinary SYs. Any loss of the ritualistic sacred cows cannot be tolerated as it will end the control this powerful priesthood has on the organization. That is why they are busy planting trees without fruit, in Shri Mataji's name, in a shameful manner. Their very survival depends on the 'death' of the mystics. In blunter language, their own survival is at stake and not the salvation of humanity.

This is my message to WCASY, management and subtle system SYs who have edited out the Savior's Divine Message of the Last Judgment and the Kingdom of God within:

"In the very first scene Jesus laughs at the disciples for praying to"your god," meaning the disastrous god who created the world. He compares the disciples to a priest in the temple (almost certainly a reference to the mainstream church), whom he calls"A minister of error"planting"trees without fruit, in my name, in a shameful manner.” "

We should not overlook the fact that Jesus was not only laughing at ordinary devotees and their ignorance but also mocked their leaders who preached such shallow knowledge, i.e., the apostles themselves. After 2000 years it is déjâ vu all over again.


*** Amma's devotees have since hijacked the 1000 Names for their guru while our leaders twiddled their thumbs over numerous brainstorming sessions. i don't think our 'postles' have the power, confidence or valour to reclaim Her names back. It is far easier to edit/organize the Truth .................. and demonize mystics by branding their father as"A possessed false guru.” It is indeed déjâ vu all over again.

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