Fulfillment of the promise of divine eschatological instruction

Inner Voyages
"What might be next in theology? Philosopher-Psychologist Jean Houston, co—director with her husband R. E. L. Masters of the Foundation for Mind Research, believes that current experiments in deepening awareness by psychological techniques or with drugs (which she does not advocate) are already leading to a rise in what she calls 'experiential' theology. According to Houston, the human psyche possesses a 'built-in point of contact' with a larger reality that is experienced as divine. As the laboratory 'improves upon techniques developed in the monastery,' people will increasingly encounter this interior sacrality. Indeed, she claims, "Theology may soon become dominated by men whose minds and imaginations have been stimulated by inner voyages of one kind or another.” TIME Dec. 26, 1969

The Divine Mother
The omniscient (infinite knowledge), omnipotent
(unlimited power), omnipresent (present everywhere)
Divine Mother of extreme beauty and ageless eternity.

"Therefore a person should ever strive for the
destruction of ignorance, for one's birth is fruitful when
ignorance is destroyed. One thereby attains the end of
human existence and the state of being liberated
while living.”— The Divine Mother (Devi Gita 4.7-8)
"May all the gods attend to what I have to say. By
merely hearing these words of mine, one attains my
essential nature. I alone existed in the beginning;
there was nothing else at all, O Mountain King. My
true Self is known as pure consciousness, the highest
intelligence, the one Supreme Brahman/Thus through
hearing about, reflecting upon, and ascertaining the
Self by the Self, one should also, through intense
meditation, realize that I am in essence the Self...
By this meditation, O King, the noble person will
perceive me directly and then merge into my own
essence since we two are one. By practicing this yoga,
one realizes me as the supreme Self. In that instant,
ignorance and its effects all perish.”
— The Divine Mother (Devi Gita 2.12;/4.40;49-50)
"The Devi insists that liberating knowledge can be
attained here in this world, while still living. Seeking
such knowledge alone makes life worthwhile, and
the attainment of knowledge completely fulfils the
ultimate purpose of existence.” (Brown 2002, 25)

“Now the name Nirmala itself means immaculate;
means the one who is the cleansing power and the
name of the Goddess also. My actual sign name is
Lalita who is the name of the Primordial Mother.
That is the name of the Primordial Mother.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
New York, USA—September 30, 1981

"In this first saying about the Paraclete Jesus
establishes only the foundation for the whole work
of the Paraclete: that the Spirit will dwell with them
and in them as their own personal guest; the Spirit
will be in them permanently as the new presence
of Jesus.” (Kinn 2004, 128)
"The first essential characteristic of Gnosticism was
introduced above: Gnosticism asserts that 'direct,
personal and absolute knowledge of the authentic
truths of existence is accessible to human beings,'
and that the attainment of such knowledge is the
supreme achievement of human life. Gnosis,
remember, is not a rational, propositional, logical
understanding, but a knowing acquired by
experience.” (Robinson 1990, 10)

Except for quotes and images of Her incarnation
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, this site is almost entirely
about Devi, the Divine Feminine. The Devi's yoga
(to unite) requires absolutely discarding all external
rules, rituals and rulers. Only then can meditation and
merging with the Divine Mother within truly begin.
Hence the term"Self-realization", and the means of
realizing Her as our divine core or Self begins here.
(Please note that these quotes represent a miniscule
portion of about 3000 public speeches and private
conversations with disciples over nearly four decades.)
This website is primarily based on the gnosis, epiphany, and mystical evidence of cosmic visions and mystical experiences of children's souls meditating, meeting, and inquiring from "His Spirit who dwells in you" (Rom. 8:11), and Her answers and revelations to them. Without question it is about encountering the inner Divine Mother, the Spirit-Paraclete who resides within.

It also deals with the advent of the Spirit-Paraclete's incarnation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, and Her Divine Message to humanity. This message is the very foundation of each and every religion, holy scripture and messenger. It embraces all and excludes none, a collective and harmonious triumph unlike anything learnt or experienced in organized religion. It is an eschatological message of divine intervention and fulfillment of the promised Resurrection to evolve from the temporary physical body into the eternal spirit

The Divine Mother reveals detailed evidence of this mystical dimension and spiritual sanctuary within human beings never properly understood or explained by organized religions—the Kingdom of Spirit (Christianity), Sahasrara Chakra (Hinduism), Dsam Dwar (Sikhism), 1000 Petal Lotus (Buddhism), "Crystal Palace" (Taoism), Kether (Judaism) or Regions in their Souls (Islam). That it is possible to pursue this inner world beyond everyday physical reality is now backed by incontrovertible evidence.

The Paraclete explains how knowledge of this mystical Kingdom of Spirit will eventually awaken, transform and bring about peace and harmony during this Age of the Resurrection and Last Judgment. This unprecedented knowledge and remembrance of Jesus' mystical teachings, to be delivered by the Paraclete, is the final breakthrough in human evolution.

"But, if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised from the dead Christ Jesus shall quicken your mortal bodies also through His Spirit who dwells in you.” The divine agent, then, is the Holy Spirit, in unity with the human spirit" [1]; "The Messiah will come and the great age of salvation will dawn (for the pious)"[2]; "He (Jesus) is the Sign of the Hour (of Resurrection)"- Surah Az-Zukhruf 43:61 [3].
[1] F. J. Lambretch, Resurrection in the New Testament, page 297;
[2] Eric Eve, The Jewish Context of Jesus' Miracles, p. 195;
[3] Al-Qur'n, Surah 43. Az-Zukhruf (The Gold Adornment)

In this Golden Age of the Last Judgment and Resurrection humans will break free of centuries-old false religious dogmas, destructive indoctrinations, and absurd ideas about the Divine. The Last Judgment and Resurrection is not the sudden apocalyptic end of the world feared by the divisive religious institutions.

On the contrary, humanity awakens to a new dawn of genuine spiritual evolution (Resurrection/birth by the Spirit) and enlightenment (Jesus, the Last Judgment and the Kingdom of Spirit) ushered by the promised Paraclete over a span of about four decades. This epic task comprising of thousands of talks, lectures and programs commencing in the 1970's has one central theme - the glorification, defense, completion and conclusion of the teachings of Jesus Christ that commences the Last Judgment and Resurrection!

Gnosis (from one of the Greek words for knowledge) is the spiritual knowledge of a saint or mystically enlightened human being. within the cultures of the term's provenance (Byzantine and Hellenic) Gnosis was a knowledge or insight into the infinite, divine and uncreated in all and above all, rather than knowledge strictly into the finite, natural or material world. Gnosis is a transcendental as well as mature understanding. It indicates direct spiritual experiential knowledge and intuitive knowledge, mystic rather than that from rational or reasoned thinking. Gnosis itself is obtained through understanding at which one can arrive via inner experience or contemplation such as an internal epiphany of intuition and external epiphany such as the Theophany.
An epiphany (from the ancient Greek epiphaneia, "manifestation, striking appearance") is the sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something. The term is used in either a philosophical or literal sense to signify that the claimant has"found the last piece of the puzzle and now sees the whole picture,"or has new information or experience, often insignificant by itself, that illuminates a deeper or numinous foundational frame of reference. (wikipedia.org 15 December 2010)

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