Rebirth Surah 2.28 Al Baqarah (The Heifer)

O How can ye reject the faith in Allah —
Seeing that ye were without life,[1] and He gave you life;
Then will He cause you to die, [2]
and will again bring you to life; [3]
and again to Him will ye return.

surah 2.28 Al Baqarah (The Heifer)
Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989.

1. Allah informs humans that seeing them without life (dead) HE gave them life. The only way they could have been dead is by being alive before, and then succumbing to death. If there was no previous birth then how is it possible for one to die? If one is not even born how does one die? One has to be previously alive to be subsequently dead. By Allah giving them life HE clearly confirms previous births and ensuing deaths!

2. The same individual is brought to life again, and then caused to die again, confirming yet another life or rebirth.

3. Yet again this same individual is again brought to life, confirming yet another life or rebirth.

In this surah the same soul went through two deaths and rebirths and there is no indication how many previous rebirths were there, or when this cycle will end. In fact the very words"And again to Him will ye return"strongly hint that the process will continue. There is no acknowledgment of Judgement Day, an event that occurs during Qiyamah!

Every death brings humans back to Allah and those marked for death (as they have sinned beyond redemption) are held back, but the rest sent back to continue the purification process. This process of life, death, life, death, life, death continues relentlessly until the individual — through sustained spiritual cleansing and stepping up into higher consciousness — is eligible for everlasting life in Paradise.

If this is not achieved then the process goes on until the Day of Qiyamah when rampant anti-god activities have become intolerable, and Allah's hope that humans will mend their ways fades. Then His Truth is announced for those who want to enter His Kingdom and a line drawn between the True Believers (Al-Mu'minun) and the rest of humanity. This becomes His Grace of Qiyamah. When there are no humans desiring salvation left on Earth, the End comes to those remaining in the form of the Second Coming of Christ.

The wise priest knows he now must reap the fruits of deeds of former births. For be they many or but few, deeds done in covetousness or hate, or through infatuation's power, must bear their needful consequence. Hence not to covetousness, nor hate, nor to infatuation's power the wise priest yields, but knowledge seeks and leaves the way to punishment.

Anguttara Nikaya iii. 33 (Garland Sutra 10, p. 188.)

Put not off from day to day and from cycle to cycle, in the belief that ye will succeed in obtaining the mysteries, When ye return to the world in another cycle.

Shri Jesus Christ (Pistis Sophia)

"By the turn of the century, it is likely that among the most preposterous will be the idea that we only have one life to live.”

Sybil Leek

"My opinion is that we shall be reincarnated ... and that hereafter we shall suffer or benefit in accordance with what we have done in this world. For example, the employer who sweats his workpeople will be condemned to be sweated himself ...”

David Llyod George (British Prime Minister 1916-1922)

“A hundred years ago Bedlam would have been the place for anyone who voiced the fact that in the future we would be able to communicate with countries across the sea by seeing and hearing — or with men on the moon. In a century to come perhaps science and regressive hypnotism will have finally proven the fact of our many lives.”

Clarice Toyne

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