Rebirth Surah 39:42 Al Zumar (Crowds)

It is Allah that takes the souls at death: And those that die not during their sleep:
Those on whom He has passed the decree of death, He keeps back, [4308]
but the rest He sends for a term appointed.
Verily in this are Signs for those who reflect.

surah 39:42 Al Zumar (Crowds)

4308. Sleep being twin-brother to Death, our souls are for the time being released from the bondage of the flesh. Allah takes them for the time being. If, as some do, we are to die peacefully in sleep, our soul does not come back to the physical body, and the later decays and dies. If we still have some period of life to fulfill according to Allah's decree, our soul comes back to the body, and we resume our function in this life.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989, p. 1193.

This explanation makes no sense if there is no acceptance of rebirth:

1. How will our soul come back to the body?
2. Why must the soul come back to this body?
3. When will the soul come back to this body?
4. How will this remaining period of life be fulfilled?
5. Why is there some remaining period of life to be fulfilled?
6. How is it possible to have only one life if the soul comes back into another body?

The Qur'n explains that Allah takes back all souls, whether the owner dies in sleep or while awake. Those who have sinned are marked for Death and kept by HIM, to be given the appropriate punishments. The rest, who have committed only minor sins, are sent back for an appointed time. They are neither sent to heaven or hell. The Kingdom of Heaven is only inhabited by pure souls who have completely rid themselves of all ignorance. The vast majority of humans are far from being spiritually purified to enter the Promised Paradise. Their souls are again sent back to redeem themselves and remove all lingering ignorance and impurities. This cycle goes on and on until their souls get purified enough to enter His Kingdom.

The Qur'n directs that"verily in this are Signs for those who reflect.”God is informing humans to reflect, as there are far-reaching and profound Revelations for those who think and ponder. Allah has given a clear direction for this surah 39:42 to be examined as it holds priceless spiritual treasures for those who look for the Signs. Then, is this Sign the mundane single life theory of spiritually retarded Islamic scholars, or is it the mind-boggling burst of Cosmic Evolution? Why do fools and fundamentalists reduce the Intelligence of Allah down to their primate levels?

Abdullah Yusuf Ali and his eminent scholars downplay the importance of this surah into obscurity, even though Allah has directed that"verily in this are Signs for those who reflect.”The Muslims are supposed to find the Signs by having deliberations as to the meanings of these beacons of spiritual Truth, and guide themselves higher towards Cosmic Consciousness. Instead the Islamic Defrauders (Al-Mutaffin) conveniently refrained from any further explanation.

1) Why this indifference to a deeper interpretation of this surah?
2) Why this abrupt end to the interpretation of a verse that Allah had directed to be reflected for Signs?
3) Why this lack of enlightenment in the narration of a verse that reflected a profound Truth?
4) Why are so many minor surahs examined in detail, while vital ones left mutilated and unrecognizable?

The answer is as simple as it is sinister: It would force them to admit reincarnation, a pristine Knowledge that Allah had revealed to Hindus and Buddhists earlier. Accepting rebirth would open the floodgates of a vast and pristine spiritual Knowledge of the East that would reduce the stature of the Qur'n, exposing the Muslim masses to superior spiritual Scriptures. It was far safer to obscure the Truth and keep the religious herd captive with relentless empty rhetoric of religious superiority and triumph.

"Mohammedans are, in the main, not reincarnationists. A text from the Koran, much quoted by those who believe in rebirth, runs, God generates beings and hence they return over and over again, until they return to him... . In the early days of Islam, however, there was widespread belief in reincarnation in each of three forms. There was hulul, the periodic incarnation of the perfect man or deity; rij't, the return of an imam or spiritual leader after death; and tanasukh, reincarnation of the souls of ordinary men. As with other faiths, rebirth was said to have been taught by the leaders of Islam who succeeded the Prophet to select inner circles, but not to the masses X though no ordinary Moslem who accepted the belief in it or favoured it would be regarded as heretical.

David Christie-Murray, Reincarnation: Ancient Beliefs and Modern Evidence,
Prism Press, 1988, p. 46-7.

"Edgar Cayce, the greatest American clairvoyant of the twentieth century, didn't believe a word he was saying. The date was August 10, 1923, and Cayce, deep in a self-imposed hypnotic trance, was asserting, contrary to his conscious belief that people are reborn in different bodies. Listening subsequently to a transcript of his words, Cayce was shocked and confounded. For incarnation was alien and repulsive to the sensibilities of this devout Presbyterian who taught a Sunday school and read the Bible daily.”

Joe Fisher, The Case for Reincarnation,
Collins Publishers, 1984, p. 160-61.

"Hindus generally accept the doctrine of transmigration and rebirth and the complimentary belief in karma, or previous acts as the condition into which a being, after a stay in heaven or hell, is reborn in one form or another. The whole process of rebirth is called samsara. Any worldly process is viewed as cyclic, and all worldly existence is subject to the cycle. Samsara has no beginning and, in most cases, no end; it is not a cycle of progress or a process of purification but a matter of perpetual attachment. Karma, acting like a clockwork that, while running down, always winds itself up, binds the atmas (selves) of the beings to the world and compels them to go through an endless series of births and deaths. This belief is indissolubly connected with the traditional Indian views of society and worldly life, and any social interaction (particularly those involving sex and food) results in the mutual exchange of good and bad karma. It has given rise to the belief that any misfortune is the effect of karma, or one's own deeds, and to the conviction that the course of world history is conditioned by collective karma....

Although unlimitedly expansive, God is conceived to be essentially different from everything material, the absolute opposite of any evil, free from any imperfection, omniscient, omnipotent, possessed of all positive qualities (such as knowledge, bliss, beauty, and truth), of incomparable majesty, the inner soul of all beings, and the ultimate goal of all religious effort. The universe is considered a real transformation of brahman, whose 'body' consists of the conscious souls and everything unconscious in their subtle and gross states. The karma doctrine is modified as follows: the Lord, having determined good and bad deeds, provides all individual souls with a body in which they perform deeds, reveals to them the scriptures from which they may learn the dharma, and enters into them as the internal regulator. The individual acts as his own discretion but needs the Lord's assent. If the devotee wishes to please him, God induces him, with infallible justice and loving regard, to intentions and efforts to perform good deeds by which the devotee will attain him; if not, God keeps him from that goal.

The New Encyclopaedia Britannica 1992

"Many of the so-called new religions of Japan include reincarnation among beliefs which have been laid down over the past 140 years. Tentikyoi, a religion that boasts more than two million adherents teaches that man is reborn many times and that children inherit the consequences of their parents' previous lives.”

Joe Fisher, The Case for Reincarnation, Collins Publishers, 1984, p. 125.

"The most important point to remember is that at the individual level, reincarnation becomes not a question of proof or faith but of personal experiences that give meaning and dimension to our present life.”

Rosicrucian Digest (October, 1979)

"If you want to know the past, look at your present life. If you want to know the future, look at your present.”

Gautama Buddha

"Rebirth is an affirmation that must be counted among the primordial affirmations of mankind.”

Carl Jung

"We all return; it is this certainty that gives meaning to life and it does not make the slightest difference whether or not in a later incarnation we remember the former life. What counts is not the individual and his comfort, but the great aspiration to the perfect and the pure which goes on in each incarnation.”

Gustav Mahler (1860-1911)

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