The AA logo, inspired by the Sanskrit term “Aadah Akash” or “Half the Sky,”

i.e., half of humanity, serves as a potent emblem of women’s empowerment and enlightenment. It encapsulates the spirit of the Divine Mother, the wellspring of love, wisdom, and power. This symbol champions gender equality and underscores women’s entitlement to respect, dignity, and freedom.

Incorporating four hues of green, the logo signifies the four elements of Mother Nature: earth, water, air, and fire. Women, as custodians of these elements, bear the sacred responsibility to protect and nurture them.

The saffron triangle with a red apex within the logo embodies the Divine Mother and Sahasrara – the pinnacle chakra of pure Consciousness. The Divine Mother, revered as the ultimate deity, showers Her blessings on those who seek Her within.

The AA initials nestled within this triangle suggest that women are under the comprehensive protection and guidance of the Divine Mother. She aids them in navigating life’s hurdles and challenges.

The blue backdrop of the logo symbolizes the sky – an emblem of freedom and boundlessness. Followers of the AA path are individuals who have achieved spiritual liberation and life eternal (jivanmukti) through the awakening of the Mother Kundalini or the rebirth/resurrection of the Holy Spirit within them while they are still living. This is their last earthly journey before they embark on an endless journey of happiness and discovery in Her spiritual kingdom, also referred to as the Kingdom of God.

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