A Christian practicing sahaja yoga meditation

Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 14:19:51 -0000
From: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx
To: "jagbir singh"
Subject: Christian practicing sahaja yoga meditation

Dear Jagbir,

I was a devout Baptist for 40 years when I received my self realization and started attending my first programs.

When I first started meditating at home, I did not meditate in front of Shri Mataji's picture for 3 months. I thought it strange to do so. (Inside of me I knew there had to be a Mother God. There was a Father God and a Son God, so there must be a Mother God. This much I knew for sure.)

In those 3 months I had the biggest transformation of my character, ever. My eyes opened up to my true behavior and I could see what I was doing wrong immediately. I now had the power to stop all the bad things I was doing and involved in.

It was suggested to me, from one of the members in the collective, that it was better to meditate to Shri Mataji's picture when they learned I was not. Even though they also could see a huge change in my character in those 3 months. So, I sat up an altar with Her picture on it to meditate to. To please them I did so, but never felt it in my heart that this was necessary.

Only recently I put away all Shri Mataji's pictures, after a long time in Sahaja Yoga meditation, to meditate without it to see what would happen to me. Nothing... my meditations are just the same. I did this because of my first experiences in SYM. I realized that some collectives gave new programs and do not have the new people meditating in front of Shri Mataji's picture and they too were having amazing character transformations. It was only when Shri Mataji's picture was introduced that these people started doubting their experiences and stopped coming to the programs.

I never have vibrated my food or gave myself a bandhan before leaving my home or getting into my car. Nothing happens to me... ever. I just know when I should eat the food in front of me or not. I have witnessed 10 to 20 year sahaj yogi's become ill after eating food that they vibrated.

I never work hard driving to get to where I am going because I trust God to get me there when I need to be there safely. I witnessed these same yogi's having car accidents or getting speeding tickets even after saying all the mantras they say in the car before driving.

I took down my elaborate altar and put away all the things I had on it and I am still okay. The Holy Spirit is still with me. Amazing, isn't it?

I do havans when I feel a need to and I understand the power behind it is very strong. I can see things change for the better afterwards. This works for me.

There is a very strong power behind saying the deities names for each chakra in affirmations while meditating. It helps you become that affirmation. This works for me.

I still practice paper burning. Only because I know the positive power behind it when others have paper burned for me when I did not know it at the time.

I do bandhans, because I witnessed in front of me so many times the power to change a situation immediately. I do not understand it, but it works, and I am going to keep doing it when needed.

Having your self realization helps you to have a clearer connection to God and your Holy Spirit. Practicing the meditation helps you to maintain that connection. How you grow in knowing yourself is based on your desire to know God and yourself.

If you truely desire to know God and yourself fully, SY meditation will help you get there quicker if you have courage to see yourself for who you really are.

If you have never had the idea to know God and yourself fully, but have positive changes within yourself and your environment from practicing SY meditation, this meditation will help you to maintain those positive changes as well.

You cannot allow the Sahaj yogi's to manipulate you into believing that you need all of these things and more to have a connection to God and your Holy Spirit. Even those sy's who believe you only need to do a simple meditation to maintain your connection are still having some major character issues. It is obvious they have never desired to be One with God or to know themselves for who they really are.

This is your spiritual walk. Your Spirit will guide you to what is right for you and stop you when you are doing something against your Spirit. Believe in yourself and not in others.

Christians, who believe in the Holy Bible, understand the most important thing that Jesus said," know thy self is the greatest thing you can ever know.”


a Christian who believes in herself and God.

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