A religious fanatic asks: "How can he mohammed be a prophet of God?”

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Fri Dec 10, 2004 10:13 am
Subject: A religious fanatic asks: "How can he mohammed be a prophet of God?”

Dear All,

Just received this mail from a Christian. It is worth reading how followers of organized religions, except Hinduism, find 1001 reasons to deny each other. Nowadays i find it difficult to reply to such fanatics whose mindset is full of ignorance and hate for the faithful of other traditions.

It is only Shri Mataji who has opened our eyes, mind and heart to embrace all religions and prophets unconditionally by revealing the secret parables and pure knowledge that enable us to love all. In the end it will be Her message of the Great Event for humanity that will enable all believers to come together.

"The Inevitability of the Last Judgment: "The Final Weighing of Deeds"

Except for the theme of monotheism, the Quran speaks more of the coming Day of Judgment than of any other topic. Confessing the Shahadah —"There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the Prophet of God"— and believing in the accountability of all humans before God are the cement which holds Islam together.

Muhammad, among other things, came to warn us of a time when truth would be known, when the thoughts and intentions of the heart would be revealed. He earnestly proclaimed as inevitable a day when accounts would be settled and when scales would be balanced.

Fazlur Rahman, in an oblique paraphrase of sura 50:22, said that Judgment Day is the"Hour when every human will be shaken into a unique and unprecedented self-awareness of his deeds; he will squarely and starkly face his own doings, not-doings, and mis-doings and accept the judgment upon them... .”

Something like a Final Judgment or Day of Reckoning is a naturally corollary of monotheism. If there is one God who knows all and sets standards of behavior for the world, there must be a time of judgment, or the edifice crumbles of its own weight.” (Ira G. Zepp Jr., A Muslim Primer)

"The Qiyamat or Resurrection

The Quran and the Hadith often mention the Qiyamah or Resurrection. Like so many of the Prophet's preachings and prophecies, Muslims also have misunderstood this.

The Prophet speaks of the coming of the Qiyamah (Doomsday or Resurrection) at around 1400 Hijri (Moslem calendar); this is the current time, the 21st century. He has prophesied how the state of the world will be at that time. This totally corresponds to what is happening to the world right now. This period is called the"GHOR KALIYUG"In the Hindu scriptures. It is said that during this period the Qiyamah would come. The Prophet has also said that in some places"WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER 1400 HIJRI EVEN I DO NOT KNOW.” He has also said that at this time human beings will degenerate both morally and spiritually.

The Islamic scriptures also mention the return of Jesus Christ, who will come to save the earth and all the true believers. They also mention that Jesus Christ will lead the true believers to victory in the battle against untruth and evil and that he will destroy all the negative forces on earth and that all who misguide people in God's name will be destroyed (false gurus & prophets). That time has come.” (Javed Khan, Islam Enlightened)

Yes, that time of the Great Event ordained for humanity has come. Religious fanatics will have to unconditionally accept the Last Judgment and Resurrection as declared by the Adi Shakti. That means accepting all the prophets of all the religions. There is absolutely no room to pick and choose, or deny any by reason of religious indoctrination.

Maybe i will also send a copy of this post to the Christian fundamentalist who send me this mail below.

Jai Shri Mataji,


From: "Kxxxxx Mxxxxxx"
To: www.adishakti.org@gmail.com
CC: mxxxxxxx@btopenworld.com
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 02:55:17 -0000

Hello My name is Kxxxxx and I would just like to ask you (Shri Matiji) a question, Is Jesus Christ the Messiah, the Christ?

also i would like to give you a link www.j-lorber.com i dont know wether youve heard but in th 19th Century, God awakend a man called Jakob Lorber To become Prophet im not talking about someone with Pychic powers or anything like, he was a good, just, normal man who played the violin anyways The Prophet Jakob Lober had we called The INNER WORD were talking about the same Inner Word which Elijha, Isiah and the rest of the Prophets of Isreal recieved it wasnt visions or anything like that he said it a voice coming from his heart which told him to write and he wrote 24 Volumes on them is The Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah Zabaoths' 1st person Narrative or better still The Gospel according To The Lord Jesus Christ Himself, i was just wandering what do you think about Mohammed was he a false prophet in the book of revelation the bit about the 5th seal i think or mayb it trumpet im not sure but it mentions that a came a stat came from heaven could that mean when mohhamed claimed his message came god it also mentions a man shall arise from the pit and shall be called abbadon which destoyer which is exactly what he did why if he was a true prophet why didnt he preach in Love, peace & harmony instead he killed millions of people this is evil and Our Lord God Jesus says that you will know a true prophet from his deed if mohhammed did evil then hes a false prophet but what do you say about him.

More importantly What does Lord God Jesus say about him, how can he mohammed be a prophet of God when denied that God incarnated to save us from Eternal Death another thing which sounds a bit fishy is that supposedly Gabriel came to mohammed to give his message, was it gabariel or was it satan disgiused as an angel which is his style whihc they call the Deceiver of man and thus fulfilling the prophecy in Revelation? what do you say on this? also in the Great Gospel of John it says that there are Seven spirits of God 1st-last Love, Wisdom, mercy, Patience, seirousness, will, patience & power do you think this is connected to Chakra im not sure i havent read all of the Gopel yet but i would to see what you think about this.

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