Having that co-efficient whereby the vibrations can be carried and worked out

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"Violet" wrote:
> Dear All,
> Resurrection is a"within"And"Without"thing. It"Is"When the
> inside and the outside are integrated. What you are inside is
> reflected outside... and vice versa. There are not contradictions.
> People will feel comfortable with such a person, because they will
> know what to expect... a consistency (in other words).
> This state helps the vibrations also. Even vibrations flow more
> from spiritual consistency, because they are intelligent also!!! We
> can start to use our enlightened attention anytime we choose. We can
> use it to enlighten every part of ourselves... whether it be our
> physical body, mental body, or emotional body. Wherever the
> vibrations are needed... we can direct them.
> Our vibrated thoughts are also mantras... according to Shri Mataji.
> Mantras awaken the Deities within our Spiritual Temples... that are
> inside of us. Basically... we need no physical buildings for worship;
> our real place of worship is our Individual Spiritual Temple
> within! We take these individual spiritual temples with us from
> lifetime to lifetime... however we cannot take anything that is
> physical along with us. That is why it is important to make our
> Spiritual Temples beautiful.
> All-in-all... as a person integrates themselves through Connection
> with the Divine... every area of their life becomes a thing of beauty
> that comes from within and radiates without... as One Integrated Body/
> Mind/Spirit. This brings Peace. That is the co-efficient that is
> needed so that the spiritual vibrations"can be carried and worked
> out.”
> violet
> “So today is the message that we have to resurrect from matter,
> within and without. So you are raising your Kundalini... is alright.
> Also you have to spread it horizontally to your hands, to your feet,
> to your body, to your face, to your thought... to everything. What is
> a mantra... is nothing but a thought which is vibrated. Any thought
> that is vibrated is a mantra. But the vibrations can only be carried
> by a particular type of... or we can say... a particular co-efficient
> is needed. In dress, in thinking, in anything that is worldly, there
> is a kind of co-efficient that works out the vibrations. If that co-
> efficiency is not there... you cannot catch the vibrations and you
> cannot also give (the) vibrations.” (Easter Puja, Rome - 1987)

> (Australian Sahaja Newsletter - 10 April, 1999)

Dear All,

Shri Mataji has taught that once we rise above our ego, that we become citizens of the kingdom of Virat. In this 'kingdom of Virat', the King and the subject of Virat are looked after completely by the Virata Shakti (Virata Power).

Shri Mataji states that at the stage of spiritual growth whereby a person has become a universal personality'... their attention can work things out in the world. As the compassion of the universal personality moves, it can stop war; it can stop oppression. Wherever the attention of the universal personality goes... the movement of their compassion can work things out in the world.


"Once you rise above your ego, you enter into the kingdom of Virat. There the King of Virata and you are the subjects who are looked after completely by Virata Shakti, by the power of Virat. But at that stage you become really a universal personality in a way, because whatever are problems universally - now not necessarily that they should be attached to you or connected to you.

Supposing a person is at that level - there may be a war in some country - it can stop. Somebody who is being oppressed can be helped. Anywhere your compassion moves, it can work out. Anywhere your attention goes, it can work.”

(Virata Puja - Cabella Ligure, 1999)

(Australian Sahaja Newsletter - 22 October, 1999)

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