How many leaders are asking us SYs to uphold Her Divine Message to humanity?

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Wed Jul 6, 2005 9:30 pm
Subject: How many leaders are asking us SYs to uphold Her Divine Message to humanity?

Yes, things are indeed pretty warm Down Under despite winter. Another leader has bitten the dust and the Aussies are now without a head. Shri Mataji is the leader of Australia and Her disciples will have to use their vibrations (and common sense) to make collective decisions.

Hope this collective leadership will be the general trend worldwide because some leaders continue to think they are special/better than others by reason of being the chosen ones. And many SYs continue to look up to them for general guidance/knowledge despite the number of times Shri Mataji has said that leadership is a myth. They just do not seem to understand why She wants us to be our own masters i.e., using own brains and vibrations to make decisions. Leaders are there just to facilitate, organize events and laissez with others. That is why we must at all times only listen and obey Shri Mataji. We must understand Her Divine Message in depth and at all times uphold Her Divine Mission on earth.

Leaning on leaders for spiritual guidance is the sign of a half- baked SY. How many leaders are asking us SYs to uphold Her Divine Message to humanity? Has any of them encouraged us to declare that Shri Mataji is the Comforter sent by Lord Jesus? Has any of them complained that we are not telling the truth openly, in direct contradiction to what Shri Mataji has done in public over the decades?

If any SY needs more than five fingers to count such inspired and honest leaders please contact me. If they cannot then just perform your duty towards the Adi Shakti. Just because leaders are not telling the truth openly to humanity does not exonerate you in any way. Remember that Shri Mataji told us that we will be judged by our actions on Earth itself.

Does any SY think that withholding the truth of the Divine Message to humanity and pretending Shri Mataji is a great subtle system guru will grant us moksa and eternal life? Does anyone think that those suppressing the truth of the Comforter sent by Shri Jesus will be forgiven?

Leaders come and go. The Adi Shakti has come for the first time ever on Earth to emancipate humanity. Look around you and see the steady death and destruction going on. Declare the truth to all even if not a single leader is willing. Those who have a clear conscience will understand the gravity of suppressing the Divine Message to humanity. But only those who are truly their own masters will act and perform their duty to the Shakti.

Jai Shri Mataji,


i waiting for Alan Wherry and WCASY to issue me a similar fatwa

—- In," jagbir singh"
> Message from the Italian Council Regarding Guido Lanza
> Thursday, June 01, 2006
> The Italian Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga had to
> acknowledge, with great sorrow, that Guido Lanza, after coming
> back from South America, on Saturday the 20th of May, to the
> Ashram of Rome, has interrupted a Havan assaulting some sahaja
> yogis from Rome with insults, threats and attempts of physical
> aggression...
> Guido Lanza, together to Roberto Camilleri who has supported him
> beating another Sahaja Yogi, is suspended from all the activities
> Sahaja Yoga indefinitely;
> The ashram of Magliano Sabina is temporarily closed for collective
> activities of every type.
> We hope to be able to withdraw these decisions as soon as we can
> be sure that balance, wisdom and surrender to Shri Mataji will
> find again a place in Magliano Sabina.
> The Italian Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga
> The resolution collected 20 votes on 20 voting people

i have done a forensic analysis of the above statement issued by the WCASY Propaganda Minister and found that it contradicts itself:

"Attempts of physical aggression...”does not mean"him beating another Sahaja Yogi"

i believe the Propaganda Minister has goofed again and quickly withdrawn his ill and hastily prepared shower of Sahaj Love for Guido. Why else should he delete the statement on SWAN unless it is self-contradictory and inviting libel?

But the Empire has tarnished as planned and this retracting of the accusation, without any apology whatsoever, is a clever propaganda ploy.

The same method is used by the WCASY Inquisytion Minister, Alan Wherry, and his goon(da)s against me and others who do not defer to his authority. But i am more than determined to absorb all the Sahaj Love they can shower me with. After more than a decade i am immune to it as a snakecharmer is to venom or a mongoose to a cobra.


Dear All,

i received an email that read:

Dear Jagbir,

as i am on my way to understand who is about what i would be grateful for some comments on this one.

js> i waiting for Alan Wherry and WCASY to issue me a similar fatwa

Do you find you did something as horrible as Guido did? Or are you supporting Guido in what he did? Or do you expect some negative action expectations towards you would help anyone?

Would you interrupt a ceremony? Would you beat a sahaja yogi in presence of newcomers?

I used to have a better opinion of you, but such comparisons just make me wonder. So what's happening anyway?


>> Do you find you did something as horrible as Guido did?

i must have since for years leaders like Yogi Mahajan and others have murmured to others that my children are demonic, that i am not a SY but a possessed false guru seeking powers. Since World Council member, Alan Wherry, has taken the initiative to actively demonize my family i must have done something as horrible as Guido did. What makes such people override Shri Mataji expresses wishes to leave me alone, that i am not doing anything wrong, that She approves of my websites, and confirms that all i have written is a miraculous work and full of great vibrations?

>> Or are you supporting Guido in what he did?

If i heard Alan Wherry denouncing me/burning my name in a public havan i would probably have stopped him. Problem is Allan just does not have the guts to make his views public, or denounce Shri Mataji for Her views about me, my book and websites when he had ample time and chances.

>> Or do you expect some negative action expectations towards you would help anyone?

i am at my wit's end as how it is possible for tens of thousands of SYs to continue keeping silent about the heart and soul of Sahaja Yoga - that the Last Judgment and Resurrection has begun. This mass silence and utter lack of urgency by rank and file is satanic in nature! SUCH AN UNNATURAL PHENOMENA HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN HISTORY!!! A WCASY fatwa would be a fitting reward for my tormented conscience.

>> Would you interrupt a ceremony?

Not unless they burn my demonic children on their Inquisytion fires.

>> Would you beat a sahaja yogi in presence of newcomers?

i will never beat another human but words hurt far more. Even Jesus has spoken against murmuring souls, the worst type of all. So it is better you beat someone than silently spread falsehood against him. Some SYs think they have advanced and know better, cringing in compassion for pro-WCASY factions. What about the hurt and pain that murmuring souls like Alan Wherry and his henchmen have done for years in presence of newcomers, in effect causing immense damage to Her Divine Message?

Any answers?


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