How on earth can genuine-like SY fare so badly in relation to cult-like sai baba?

—- In," sampalee2003"
> Apart from sri matagi as being the adishakti, the numbers of sy is
> only a handful compared to the believers of sai baba, many of them
> prominent business men and politicians amongst them many muslim
> too. I attended sy collective regularly, there is almost no
> deliberation on spiritual pursuit to seeker like me. Instead it
> confine itself more to developing healthy bodies and mind. There
> is a lot of goodwill like any other fellowship. Although we
> acknowledge sri matagi via prostration and reciting her name in
> the mantra, I seriously doubt the sy really understand what is
> pure knowledge or self realisation.
> As for me my ego is still intact and i only have superficial
> understanding by login on to the shri adishakti web site. I wonder
> how we can manage to avert the doomsday if our consciousness
> continue to remain on this mundane level, even though we can feel
> the cool breeze and improved health. How on earth can genuine like
> sy fare so badly in relation to cult like sai baba?

Thank you Sampalee for bringing these salient points that reflect SY collectives worldwide. It is the same sad situation all over the world, whether in Kiev, Kolkatta or Kuala Lumpur. Contrary to what senior SYs may think, it is those standing up to demand reform and have the courage to change things who will ultimately triumph where others have failed. i presume that the first World Council for the advancement of Sahaja Yoga came up with nothing, given the silence despite great expectations. It was the FIRST meeting. Have we really become bankrupt of ideas and sense of direction? All we know is that Shri Mataji donated the bulk of Her properties to SYs. Other than this there is nothing else to give hope that things will change.

But things must change drastically. Your observation with a compassionate eye and Alex's scrutiny with a critical mind brings into sharp focus the pressing problems that need to be addressed less they spread to the Yuvashakti. However, i believe they are already infected and that is why SYs behave like paranoid puppets afraid of this non-SY world. It will take years for this mindset to be healed and i am really getting concerned with their obsession with the mundane, whether it is catches, cures or creepy crawlies. If they are so sick and afraid how can the much advertised and hyped claim that Sahaja Yoga leads to the development of healthy bodies and mind be true?

Alex has good reason not to send anyone to the local collective since he is afraid they are going to end up becoming paranoid puppets. Chances are they will most probably leave in disillusionment and never come back, or become infected and diseased if they enter a catch-conscious collective. This is a lose-lose situation, a powerful negativity that continues to consume the prodigious energies SYs have put over the years to spread Sahaja Yoga.

A friend of mine rang me up yesterday. He was a SY for a few years and left in the mid-1990s. For the last few months he has been meditating again after i questioned his fallen state and reminded who Shri Mataji was and why She was on Earth. So after nearly a decade he had expected the North American collective to be in the thousands. i replied that it was less than 1000, with South America thrown in. He was shocked. He questioned: "Didn't they start announcing?”

Thus, that is the real problem retarding our progress. We SYs are just not being honest about Shri Mataji's core message, and transparent in the problems affecting Sahaja Yoga. Unlike the devotees of Sai Baba (or Amma, Chinmoy, Rev. Moon etc.) SYs just do not have the guts or conviction to even meekly whimper in public what they so bravely roar in the privacy of Her pujas. This is the biggest hypocrisy and one that makes me most ashamed.

Yes, Sai Baba has a lot of power with politicians, businessmen and even Muslims worshipping him. His devotees have been declaring that he is the Bhagwan (and Adi Shakti as well) for decades. So have the devotees of Amma and all others. All this has brought forth much success in the form of numbers.

But the internet is just beginning to expose and destroy these false gurus, and opening the eyes of their misled followers who will look for alternatives. At the same time religious organizations are being battered with criminal wrongdoings and scriptural falsehood. Their disillusioned faithful are leaving in droves. The modern age of mass communications enables instant transmission of knowledge that leaves none immune. People are beginning to know about 'bad religion' and are increasingly seeking spiritual paths that self-empower and allow self-enlightenment. This seismic shift in consciousness is just being set in motion. All these new race of seekers will look for a great guru. Those who know want, and will wait for the arrival of, the promised Messiah.

The great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi completed Her job years ago and laid the groundwork to overcome all false gurus and bad religions. There is absolutely nothing left for Her to do as She has entrenched Herself in all scriptures, one that even a billion fanatical followers cannot dislodge. SYs should not insult themselves by wondering how to spread Her message, or why so few are attracted to Sahaja Yoga. The writing is now on the wall. All we can pretend is not to acknowledge the simple plain truth.

Yes, we are also wondering how on earth can genuine-like SY fare so badly in relation to cult-like sai baba. But have no fear because the camel will drink the water, ............... eventually.


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