i heard 'with my own ears' Shri Mataji tell us: "I was the Buffalo Calf Woman.”

from: Violet
to: Jagbir Singh
date: Sep 7, 2007 4:54 PM
subject: FYI - Edit in 'White Buffalo Calf Woman'....

[It also might interest you to know that i heard 'with my own ears' Shri Mataji tell us:

“I was the Buffalo Calf Woman.”

warmest regards,


Dear Violet (and Gerlinde),

i am thrilled that you heard Shri Mataji claim that She is the Buffalo Calf Woman. This is really significant as the following prophecy:


is directly linked to the advent of Shri Mataji and the Blossom Time. i have just updated it with some relevant information, especially that related to this prophecy:

"The secret mysteries of the People," foretold the Hopis a thousand years ago," shall be made known when the sons of white men wear beads and long hair. The truth of the Sacred Ways shall be revealed when the Eagle lands on the moon.”Any of us who remember the sixties and NASA's moon flights know that these events have already come to pass.”

i would suggest that Gerlinde too check this page, even copying whole paragraphs for her new site. Thanks.

warmest regards,


Re: i heard 'with my own ears' Shri Mataji tell us: "I was the White Buffalo Calf Woman.”

Dear Jagbir, Gerlinde and All,

i actually heard with my own ears, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi saying:

“I was the White Buffalo Calf Woman.”

Somehow i missed the crucial word of"White"When i sent the email to you, Jagbir.

i heard about the White Buffalo Calf Woman from Shri Mataji at Sydney, Australia. i can't recall the exact date or venue, but i believe it was one of the two"main times"I saw Her. By"main time"I mean those times when we also attended a Weekend Camp of 2-3 days with Shri Mataji. However i still clearly remember the day when Shri Mataji talked about the 'White Buffalo Calf'! It was during a Talk when Shri Mataji touched on many topics, as is Her wont to do. She started to talk about this 'White Buffalo Calf Woman' which i believe was being reported about on the news, that it was of significance to the indigenous people of America. The ears of the Sahaja Yogis of course 'perked up'. Most of us had never heard of any prophecy related to a White Buffalo Calf Woman before!

Shri Mataji talked for about 15-20 minutes, recounting lovingly how this 'White Buffalo Calf Woman' had come to the Native People and given them cleansing rituals for purification, and that the use of smoke, was one of these cleansing rituals. Shri Mataji recounted how this Woman taught them the sacred dances, which if done to the Great White Spirit would 'rain down on them' the love, joy, protection and blessing of the Almighty, the Great White Spirit. Shri Mataji stated that this Woman sorted out some 'specific relationship issue' between men and women which would allow relationships to continue in a dharmic way within the whole group or nation. Shri Mataji talked about this Woman introducing the Peace Pipe Ceremony, which was to 'make peace' among themselves and other neighbouring indigenous nations. i believe that Shri Mataji mentioned that this Woman gave the indigenous people seven sacred ceremonies in all, but i am not sure if my memory recall is exactly right on that count of '7'. (i seem to have difficulty recalling numbers and dates). However, Shri Mataji said that this 'White Buffalo Calf Woman' had promised the indigenous people, that She would return some day, and She had left them a pouch with sacred things in it, among them, the Peace Pipe!

As already stated, Shri Mataji recounted all this in a very loving manner. We had no idea as to what Shri Mataji was 'leading up to'. Then, in a very relaxed loving manner with radiating joy on Her Face, Shri Mataji said:

“I was the White Buffalo Calf Woman!.”

i think we Sahaja Yogis were all shocked and stunned into Silence! Most had not even heard about any 'White Buffalo Calf Woman' before, although as already mentioned, i believe it had started to come out in the news, that this special white buffalo calf had been born. However, we did not know that the birth of a 'white buffalo calf' was going to be connected to a prophecy relating to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, our spiritual Mother!!!

After all, it is not everyday that prophecies are fulfilled, lets face it! Even when Shri Mataji said it, we could not really fathom its immensity. Human beings are not used to prophecies being fulfilled in front of their eyes! i think it is only now that we are beginning to truly understand the immensity of all that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the 'White Buffalo Calf Woman' has taught and told us, over the last thirty years or so!!!

i am sure it is a Seed that will grow into a Great Tree and unite us all, the indigenous and non-indigenous!!!


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