Maybe then SYs will stop turning Sahaja Yoga into a religion of lemons and chillies

> —- In," jagbir singh"
> wrote:
> >
> > Saying a dozen mantras may make things easier for some, saying
> > just one also works for others. Listening only to Sahaj bhajhans
> > may bring joy to most, listening to all may bring ecstasy to
> > some. Seeking treatments may clear the subtle system problems
> > for many but leaving it to the kundalini also works just fine.
> > Meditating twice a day may be compulsory but missing once in a
> > while should not bring guilt.
> >
> > What i am trying to say is to take it easy and enjoy. Do not
> > feel guilty or fear you will fall. Don't become rigid and too
> > disciplined.
> >
> > i have never wanted to use my vibrations for mundane things.
> > Whatever knowledge the vibrations bring must be spontaneous and
> > not due to my desire/mental need to know. Maybe through too much
> > practice and attention SYs have become super-sensitive and
> > register even weak catches very strongly. What you may be
> > thinking as a badly caught left swadhistan or hot liver may be
> > because your subtle system is super-sensitive. i may just
> > register the same as mild, easily cured. But you will need daily
> > footsoaks and ice-packs, and still not get 'cured' because your
> > subtle system is still able to pick even very weak signals. That
> > only continues the perpetual cycle of catch and cure. You are
> > not catching on any chakras but just having an excellent subtle
> > system that is just too finely tuned. There is just nothing
> > wrong with your subtle system because i am not registering any
> > catches from you.
> >
> > But if i had a fine-tuned subtle system or put too much
> > attention on catches i will definitely register catches strongly
> > everyday, with no solution in sight. Maybe that is why the
> > senior SY told me that there is no such thing as being catch-
> > free. Maybe a less finely tuned subtle system will register
> > catches less. That does not mean it is defective. Maybe it may
> > be balanced and normal, and not highly strung and super-
> > sensitive. Think about it Madhurima.
> >
> > jagbir
> >
>"Many people say," we have surrendered everything", but it does
> not happen because they do it only in talking. Surrendering is not
> talking. You have to surrender to attain thoughtlessness. That is
> you have stopped thinking. When you stop thinking you come to the
> center. When at the center, immediately you go into thoughtless
> awareness, i.e. become one with God's power, and when you are one
> with the God's power, He looks after you. He takes care of your
> small things also. You will be amazed. It is worth trying and
> after that you will realize that what you were doing earlier was
> wrong. So once you are in thoughtlessness you will get all
> inspirations, all powers and everything.”
> Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Nirmala Yoga, 1982)
>"All that happens in the thoughtless state is enlightened. Light
> never talks. If you switch on the light in the room, the light
> won't speak or give you any ideas. It would just make everything
> visible. The same is true about the light of thoughtlessness.
> First become thoughtless and then doubtless. Then all your doubts
> go and you know that there is some power that works. It works very
> fast and is all subtle. You will be amazed how it happens. This is
> also about time. I never look at a watch. But my real watch is in
> the thoughtlessness.
> If you are thoughtless God takes you everywhere as if on his
> hands. He makes all arrangements. He knows everything and there is
> no need to tell him about anything. But you must see whether you
> are in the main stream or not. If you are not in it then you are
> stuck up somewhere on the bank; then the current comes and takes
> you in twice or thrice, but again you are on the bank. Then you
> say 'Mataji, nothing goes smoothly for me'. It won't because you
> are entangled.”
> Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Nirmala Yoga, 1982)
>"Because this mind, which is just a bubble as I told you and is so
> limited that it cannot comprehend the beauty, the glory, and the
> expanse of reality. This mind is just a collection of all the
> garbage we should say, which we have to somehow or other deny and
> tell ourselves that I have to go beyond my mind. This so-called
> mind of mine has done no good for me. This 'mind of mine which has
> been all the time controlling me is just like the watch we have
> made and which is controlling us or like the computer that
> controls us. We have to be careful that we are the ones who have
> created this mind and this mind has no business to control us.
> Now, once your attention goes beyond the mind-only the Sahaja
> Yogis will understand this point very clearly. When this mind goes
> beyond the thoughts, then the manipulation of the attention is
> very important. Then whatever you manipulate means you take this
> attention to this or to that. You will be surprised how dynamic
> you become, how effective you become and how knowledgeable you
> become. Because once you can take this attention to anything you
> want, immediately there is light on that issue, on that person, on
> that problem and you see how it works out, how it helps.”
> Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 21.03.1996, Delhi

Dear All,

So the best way to cure catches is to leave it to the Divine. That is the best method that works again and again. And if you do get catches after that all you have to do is put your attention on them in the thoughtless state. It is very important to be in the thoughtless state_before putting your attention on the affected chakra(s). Go into thoughtless and then put attention, not the other way round.

Those who really want to get their subtle system balanced and heal the catches must learn to surrender all problems to the Divine. If they ever get any catches after that they will have to learn how to get into the thoughtless state and then put that enlightened attention on the specific affected chakra(s). i have used this method for years and the success rate is 100% - all the time.

And Shri Mataji also recommends just that:

"It is worth trying and after that you will realize that what you were doing earlier was wrong. So once you are in thoughtlessness you will get all inspirations, all powers and everything.”

So please learn how to follow these instructions of Shri Mataji instead of relying on the ignorance of other sickly SYs. The Mother Kundalni and thoughtless state will work at all times, day after day, month after months, year after year. There is just nothing like learning to use these powers. This is a process that takes time, patience and faith.

But if you are still not able to heal then She recommends treatments as a last resort. It is a foregone conclusion that these SYs have _not_ achieved that thoughtless state or learnt how to surrender their problems to the divine. They just want a quick cure and do not have the discipline required for attaining the thoughtless state.

And after all these cures and special diets you still get caught there is nothing left to do, but to just continue these endless catch-cure-catch-diet-catch-mantras-catch-lemons-catch-matka- catch-candling ritual. And SYs just love all these cleansing rituals which, IMO, are the least effective and almost useless as placebos. If SYs have still not learnt how to heal petty catches how are they ever going to cure diseases?

As usual you will not get any answers from those who are actively perpetuating these rituals. For them Sahaja Yoga is all about the subtle system. Since they have so much expertise in this field and engage in daily treatments and diets why are they catching? Why are they still not experts in leaving all to the Divine and attaining that very important state of nirvichara/nirvikalpa? Why are they bringing others down to their level? It just does not make any sense.

The reason they can't is because they are so entangled.

SYs continue reading Shri Mataji's advise literally and do not use their introspection as to what She really means. We are first and foremost supposed to learn how to become thoughtless and leave everything to The Mother Kundalini. When She says you have to footsoak daily it is for those who just can't or find it difficult to become thoughtless (nirvichara/nirvikalpa). These are the people who should footsoak till they learn how to become skilled at harnessing those powers. Once they have attained that state they must abandon all external rituals. There is absolutely no need or basis to continue these rituals when the Divine and thoughtless state is far capable of looking after you. So why should those who have attained this high state of consciousness be subjected to footsoaks or any other cleansing rituals of those SYs still so far away from attaining nirvichara/nirvikalpa?

i remember waiting for years to hear Shri Mataji saying the same thing about the absurdity of ritualistic cleansing after i had given up all external rituals. It made no sense to me to continue a religion of lemons and chillies, as Danny has put it so eloquently. i wanted to be vindicated of my belief that went against the"you- will-always-catch-and-will-always-need-daily-footsoaking-and- cleansing"declaration of that senior SY.

Then one day i heard Her saying so on the tape, lamenting at SYs who continue footsoaking and doing treatment for years. Her words were something to this effect: "What is the point of doing Sahaja Yoga if you still need to do all these rituals?”I am not quoting Her verbatim but that is what She was trying to say. The day i get hold of this tape, whose year of origin remains unknown, i will post it here. Maybe then SYs will stop turning Sahaja Yoga into a religion of lemons and chillies.

jai Shri Mataji


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