Mohamed Oumalek: "What do you think the Baptism of Allah (Self-realization) during Al Qadr is all about?”

—- In, Mohamed OUMALEK
> dear jagbir,
> thank you for your answer, now i understand that no karma treatment
> exist...please what about my karma? where can i find my detailed
> karmas?
> thank you.

Dear Mohamed Oumalek,

Nobody can tell you about your karmas, especially in detail. You will be wasting your time, money and sense to pursue this ......... especially after reading and knowing that all karmas are dissolved when you meet the Shakti (Ruh/Holy Spirit). There is absolutely nothing to worry or be concerned about karmas now that you are meditating on Her. Don't you think that Shri Mataji has made this quite clear? What do you think the Baptism of Allah (Self- realization) during Al Qadr is all about? What is the point of taking part in Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) if you believe karmas will negate its explicit blessings? Do you still think that the present Al Qadr (Night of Power) will be nullified by the karmas of your previous lives? What is Al Qadr in the first place?

1. We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power:
2. And what will explain to thee what the night of power is?
3. The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.
4. Therein come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah's permission, on every errand:
5. Peace!...This until the rise of morn!

surah 97:1-5 Al-Qadr (Night of Power)
Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n, Amana Corporation, 1989.

The present Night of Power is better than a thousands months. But what are the thousand months and why is the Night of Power better? These are questions that the ulema cannot answer correctly and what will explain to them what the Night of Power is? The thousand months is an entire life (83 years 4 months to be precise) spent in prayer, pious deeds, fasting during Ramadan, and remembering God at all times.

But Al Qadr (The Night of Power) is better than an entire life of righteous living because it empowers you to evolve (resurrect) yourself into the eternal spirit. That is why the Baptism of Allah (Self-realization) has enabled you to meditate on His Spirit (Ruh/Shakti) within yourself during Al-Qiyamah (Resurrection) so that you can purify mind, body and soul of all karmas. So what is the point of talking/desiring to know about petty karmas when they are non-existent? Mohamed Oumalek: "What do you think the Baptism of Allah (Self-realization) during Al Qadr is all about?”

"Qadar: A Measured Destiny

The sixth and final article of Islamic belief, as detailed by a famous prophetic Tradition, is belief in destiny, its good and evil. The Arabic word for destiny, qadar, implies the measuring out of something or fixing a limit to it. Thus, in a technical sense, destiny is the divine decree in its fixing limits for existent things, or its measuring out the being of things. Early Muslims would simply define destiny as knowledge that what hits you was not going to miss you, and that what misses you was not going to hit you.

In our discussion of qadar it should be noted that a true and full understanding of the subject is reserved for the select few who have sacrificed great amounts of time and energy for the sake of Islam, after which Allah expands their understanding of complex concepts like this that cannot be contained in logical formulas alone. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said," Whenever Allah desires good for His bondsman, He gives him deep understanding of the religion and He inspires him with righteous guidance" (reported by Tabarani).

"Laylatul Qadr the Night of Power

Laylatul Qadr is a celebration to commemorate the arrival of the final guidance for humans. It is a tribute to the commencement of the message revealed to mankind by their Creator, a message which shows them the way to achieve happiness in both the worlds. Just as the arrival of a child is celebrated, on its birth and then every year, as a bringer of joy and fulfilment for the family, Laylatul Qadr is celebrated as a bringer of light and guidance for mankind. Unlike the birthday which is celebrated with a feast for the senses, Laylatul Qadr includes a feast for the spirit, a feast of worship and prayers.”

And Mohamed your left Swadhistan is catching and it is probably due to this intense concern about karma. i was walking back after making an appointment with an ophthalmologist when i put my attention on your question and my left thumb got 'caught'. i came home and checked the information available:

“A catch ("your hands will speak") is an imbalance. If we feel heat or tingling, or maybe even numbness in our fingertips, it means that our kundalini is alerting us to an imbalance in a particular chakra.

'Your left thumb will speak' if you engage in black magic, false gurus and knowledge, alcohol and drugs, extreme servility and subordination.

So you will have to end this obsession with searching your past karma as it is knowledge not worth pursuing and whatever you do know about it (karma) is false. i am very sure my spontaneous 'catch' of the Swadisthan is accurate and tells me what is wrong with you. i have appended additional knowledge for you to understand all this better since it is revealed in the Holy Qur'n that whatever is discussed here will take place during the Last Judgment and Resurrection. I do hope all the additional information will help answer this question: "What do you think the Baptism of Allah (Self- realization) during Al Qadr is all about?”



“Muhammad Sahib has written very clearly that"When your Resurrection will take place then your hands will speak and will give witness against you.”That is what that they will tell you what's wrong with you. Your hands will tell clearly and that to know the Truth you will feel it in the palm here (pointing to center of palm.) When you ask the question to the real One you will get your answer here (again pointing to center of palm.) All these things can only happen in Sahaja Yoga — in no other way. Whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jew we have to know that we have to still step one step forward.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Cabella, Italy — Sep. 15, 1996

"At the very beginning of this happening one starts feeling on one's finger tips the problems on the centres. One has to just decode the feelings that one gets on one's own finger tips and has to also know the practice that would solve these problems. The finger tips are the ending of the left and right sympathetic nervous systems. They become enlightened as they reflect the subtle centres.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


Al Quran. Sura Yasin-Chapter 36, Verse 65

Here again it is very clear, once the ascent or realization takes place, a person's hands and feet start to speak, bearing witness against him. Not only the hands and feet but the whole body starts to speak. All of the rights and the wrongs that have been done or are being done are known through the vibrations being emitted from the body. Thus, on the vibratory level, everything is known, not only about yourself but also about others.

After realization these vibrations are distinctly felt on the hands and feet as a cool breeze flowing from within. A person also gets to know when he is being lied to, or being manipulated. The mouth stops speaking for the realized person, as the mouth can lie but the hands start speaking and the feet bear witness, as everything is revealed through the vibrations and the vibrations never lie.

This is the time of Qiyamat without a doubt as all the prophecies in the Quran and the Hadith are coming true. The experience of Self- realization, ascent and meraj are not just happening to a few but thousands and thousands of people throughout the world are experiencing it en masse through Sahaja Yoga.

The Muslim community is generally highly programmed and conditioned. It therefore does not look beyond what has been taught to them by the Mullahs, who themselves, unfortunately, do not have much foresight and insight. The Sufis, however, discovered the true essence of Islam and sought their self-realization and God- realization. They saw the All Pervading and His love everywhere and in everything. The Sufis always kept seeking and searching for God. They knew that this was possible after they had attained their own Meraj....

Now for the first time in human history, in the presence of H.H. Mataji Nirmala Devi, thousands of people are experiencing this great phenomenon en masse, through the simple process of Sahaja Yoga. Her authority and identity, along with the truth of all that is written above, can only be confirmed after one experiences the awakening of Kundalini (Buraq) and gets self-realization (Meraj). When the Kundalini passes through Chakras and when the seventh Chakra, the Sahasrara, is opened, a person achieves connection with the Divine.

This is the Qiyamat, the time of the Final Judgment. This is the time the Prophet told the world about. It is just the matter of recognizing it and ascending within oneself and through the seven heavens.”

Javed Khan, Islam Enlightened, New Delhi, India, 1988, p. 32-3.

On that Day that the enemies of Allah will be gathered together to the Fire, they will be marched in ranks.
At length, when they reach the (Fire), their hearing, their sight,
and their skins will bear witness against them as to (all) their deeds.
They will say to their skins: "Why bear ye witness against us?”
They will say: "Allah hath given us speech — (He) who giveth speech to everything:
He created you for the first time, and unto Him were ye to return.
"Ye did not seek to hide yourselves, lest your hearing, your sight, and your skins, should bear witness against you!
But ye did think that Allah knew not many of the things that ye used to do!
But this thought of yours which ye did entertain concerning your Lord, hath brought you to destruction,
And (now) have ye become of those utterly lost!"

surah 41:19-23 Fussilat (Expounded)

“When Kundalini awakening and Self-Realization has occurred, a flow of energy in the form of cool vibrations starts flowing from the hands. This is what is signified in the above passage. Here Prophet Muhammad is talking of the coming Time — Time of Resurrection — which is in fact the present Age of Aquarius or Kundalini Awakening.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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