Nonetheless," it is possible to deny that it has come at the earliest stages of its historical development.”

Dear devotees of the Holy Spirit,

Namaskaar - i bow to the Comforter who resides in you!

Without question Jesus Christ is the one who spoke about the Sahasrara, which He called the Kingdom of God within. Two millennia ago it was as difficult, as it is still today, to explain this Divine Sanctuary within to the ignorant masses. It is indeed a most complex subject to comprehend. (What have SYs understood about it so far, other than its location and petty descriptions?) Thus the only way Jesus could explain was by using parables such as the Seed Growing by Itself (Mark 4:26-29), the Mustard Seed (Mark 4:30-32), the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl (Matt 13:44-46), New and Old Treasures (Matt 13:51-52). Of course the masses did not understand then, and it is the same today. Despite two millennia of theological brainstorming it is still as vague and unfathomable as ever.

But Jesus attached immense importance to this assured mode of liberation and eternal life:

"Central to the synoptic gospels is Jesus' proclamation of the Kingdom of God. Jesus' primary mission to his people was to offer them the possibility of eschatological salvation, which, for the most part, he expressed by the term"Kingdom of God.” "

Jesus Parabolic Teaching about the Kingdom of God

So important was its attainment that Jesus even asked His devotees to pluck out the adulterous eye, or cut off the stealing hand or fleeing foot to prevent future sin. It was far, far better to live a hard life without sinning sight or limbs, and be assured of entrance to the eternal Kingdom of God. In short, even the most painful and difficult of sacrifices were petty in comparison to the reward of heaven for living a righteous life _specifically_ when the appointed hour and call comes to enter it i.e., during the Last Judgment. It is extremely important to understand that Jesus was clearly speaking about the fulfillment of the eschatological promises; the appointed time when the mysteries of His Kingdom of God within would be finally understood. Only after such enlightenment will humans be willing to sacrifice everything for the sake and surety of the final judgment:

"The entrance of which Jesus speaks is a future entrance, coincidental with final judgment; in fact, one must pass through final judgment in order to enter the Kingdom of God as future or life.”

Jesus Parabolic Teaching about the Kingdom of God

So how did Jesus expect the masses to enter it in future if the Kingdom of God (Sahasrara) within remained unfathomable, as was the case two millennia ago? That is why He promised to send the Comforter in the name of the Father who will explain all that He was unable two millennia ago. Without question, giving testimony and evidence of Jesus' Kingdom of God within had to be the Comforter's main task. After all, such priceless knowledge would lead to the possibility of eschatological salvation for humanity. Those bearing witness on Her behalf have given their testimonies at Thus Jesus Christ did indeed speak the truth to the ignorant masses who had absolutely no clue what He was talking about. It is this new treasure (of knowledge about the Kingdom of God within) that completes the fulfillment of the eschatological promises:

"Indeed, this conception of eschatological salvation is common in second-Temple sources, having roots in the Old Testament. Jesus' conception of the Kingdom of God, however, is that it begins inconspicuously, so that it is possible to deny that it has come at the earliest stages of its historical development.”

Jesus Parabolic Teaching about the Kingdom of God

It takes considerable time, faith, knowledge, explanation and intelligence for humans to grasp the priceless value of this new treasure. To accomplish this immense task the Comforter spent more than three decades of Her life. She has also declared that the Last Judgment and Resurrection has begun. This is the final judgment that Jesus Christ foretold one must pass in order to enter the Kingdom of God. The time to enter it during the Last Judgment and Resurrection has come, today, as these lines are read. Nonetheless," it is possible to deny that it has come at the earliest stages of its historical development.”It is therefore imperative that this message be sustained at all times against all odds and resistance.

Thus the Kingdom of God within is not about petty chakras and their locations which most SYs are peddling to emancipate humanity. Only fools will take out an eye of cut off a limb to realize the same.

Regards to all,


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