Number of 'divine mothers' keep on rising. So which is the genuine Divine Mother?

"Honesty is especially extolled. He who has not denounced evil will never obtain Brahman.”- Neria Harish Hebbar M.D

"Generally speaking observation of the law of Truth is understood merely to mean that we must speak the Truth. But we in the Ashram should understand the word Satya or Truth in a much wider sense. There should be truth in thought, truth in speech, and truth in action. To the man who has realized this truth in its fullness, nothing else remains to be known, because all knowledge is necessary included in it. What is not included in it is not truth, and so not true knowledge; and there can be no inward peace without true knowledge. If we once learn how to apply this never failing test of Truth, we will at once able to find out what is worth doing, what is worth seeing, what is worth reading.”M. K. Gandhi"

Fri May 30, 2008 11:45 pm
i am shocked at the audacity of the latest 'divine mother' claim:

Divine Mother - Amma


"Blessings Blessings......

This book was joyfully blessed for release by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on Sunday March 25th 2007. Baba was seated in His chair inside the mandir, at Puttaparthi, India, before a gathering of students at the time of His blessing. This blessing was in accord with exact divine timing, for the day was Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari's 60th birthday as per Her star Ardhra. This is also Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's star.

In the event that doubts arise regarding the authenticity of Truth revealed in this great testament, there are only two Divine Courts through which the reader may have their doubts clarified. The first court is at Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Prashanti Nilayam, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, South India, and the second court is at Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari's abode in Mysore, Karnataka, South India. They are the incarnation of the Shiva/Shakti principle of Truth. The Truth contained in this testament has been directed and guided by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and dictated by Amma, Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari.

In India, this book will be available at the end of the second week in May 2008 (May 10th) from the Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari Trust. Ordering details to follow shortly will be placed on this site.

In the United States this book will be available from the end of May 2008. Details will be posted shortly including an order form. Other countries, for bulk orders please note that details will also be available at the end of May 2008 and posted on this site.



Love all serve all

What is the nature of the negativity that has silenced the entire Sahaja Yoga organization? What has possessed so many SYs to fear telling the truth? What has paralyzed their consciousness from even being conscientious? Why have so many become blind, deaf, dumb and diseased, almost devoid of all that Self-realization bestows?

Since 1994 i have never found out why. It is as if SYs are possessed by some sinister power—a powerful anti-God/Christ force—to prevent the emancipation of humanity. If you join or empower them, you too will be diseased and possessed to remain silent. The only way to remain righteous, truthful and conscientious is from outside the Sahaja Yoga organization. No wonder i had to leave it, and i thank the Divine Mother for this good fortune.


Dear All,

The number of 'divine mothers' just keep on rising. While searching for unrelated information i came across another two sites:

Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi

Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi

So i just searched"divine mother' and this is what i found:


Who is Ammachi?

Sarada Devi

Sri Anandamayi Ma

Meet Divine Mother

The Mother

Mother Meera

Maa Kundalini

Anandmurti Guru Maa

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Narayani Amma

Who is Baba?

This increase in 'divine mothers' will only confuse future seekers as to who is the genuine divine mother, if at all. And both Narayani Amma and Sai Baba males claim they are also the Divine Feminine.

However, one important fact has made these 'divine mothers' more well-known and successful than the same claim made by SYs. Unlike SYs, their devotees have always and openly proclaimed their revered gurus during the 70s and 80s with the same faith and belief they had in their hearts. Today these 'divine mothers' have far more devotees and exposure than WCASY could ever dream of. Yet there is no sense of duty, urgency and need for transparency amongst SYs. i believe it has more to do with lack of direction, common sense and conscience given the facts and progress of the other 'divine mothers'.

And when WCASY acts against those who want to proclaim Shri Mataji as the Divine Mother, and ask Her devotees to help them, then only fools will fail to understand the nature of the negativity that has possessed them. Shri Mataji is the only divine mother whose devotees are behaving this strange way. Is there any incarnation in history who followers did not have the faith and conviction to stand on their deepest beliefs?

To be fair, a few concerned souls like Alex did try to stir the conscience of Sahaja Yogis in 1996 with this letter:

"It is astonishing that the sahaja yogis, who believe Shri Mataji to be the savior of humanity prophecied by many religious scriptures, have not the conviction to promote her to the world openly, honestly and unashamedly as that. Promotion of the savior will draw more serious attention from many more people than do the current vague claims about stress relief and peace of mind. This lack of conviction speaks volumes and is the same reason they fail to respond to those who challenge SY. You simply can't be one thing and then attempt to portray yourself as another - no matter how clever you are, it shows and people see it very clearly. This is called hypocrisy. It indicates the vast majority of sahaja yogis are in a state of denial.

On the premise that Shri Mataji is indeed the Adi Shakti, on what basis do the sahaja yogis take it upon themselves to discriminate as to whom is delivered the message of her present incarnation and by what convoluted process that message is selectively delivered? To take upon themselves to make such discriminations is an expression of an elitist, missionary culture motivated by power and authority over others. The message must be very plain and simple if every person on the planet is to be afforded the opportunity to draw their own conclusions about the goddess incarnate. Why do the sahaja yogis make something so simple so complicated?. Why are they doing so poor a job in telling the world of Shri Mataji, when as the goddess she will surely stand and be recognised as the reality they claim she is?

My parting word is that like it or not, Shri Mataji and her sahaja yogis must face the issues presented by those who challenge them. Intelligent response is required and what remains to be seen is whether they are capable of this. The longer they avoid it, the more SY will be clearly identified to be lacking in credibility and its members in integrity. The more they will appear to be a cultish throw-back to the dark ages. I recommend the sahaja yogis today change their whole approach and start promoting SY as what it is - a religion focused around a personality who has claimed, and is understood by them, to be the Adi Shakti, divine mother of the universe. This is, after all, the year of exposure for SY.

May truth prevail.”

So others did try to stir the conscience of SYs. But till today the vast majority of SYs are deaf to such impassioned pleas. On the contrary, those few who bring forth this"We must be truthful"topic are shunned and viewed with suspicion as elements that are non- collective .......... even non-SYs. So what is the nature of the negativity that keeps so many 'self-realized' SY souls silent and unable to lift a finger to support the Dharma and Truth?


Supreme Court rejects plea against paying maintenance

NEW DELHI, Sep 8 2006 (IANS): The Supreme Court Friday dismissed a petition filed by a former police officer, who claims to be the manifestation of Hindu goddess Radha, against an Allahabad High Court order directing him to pay Rs.6,700 per month as maintenance to his wife.

A bench of judges B.N. Agrawal and P.P. Naolekar declined to entertain the petition after hearing counsel M. N. Krishnamani appearing for petitioner Devendra Kishore Panda, who resigned as Inspector General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, and calls himself"Doosri Radha.”

Counsel contended that the high court had proceeded on the wrong premise that he was getting Rs 20,000 a month as pension though he was getting only Rs 12,800. He said Panda was prepared to pay one- third of the pension as maintenance to his wife and a lump sum amount as one time full and final settlement.

The Bench noted that since it was only an interim order, the petitioner should go back to the high court for relief.

Panda's petition seeking a divorce from his wife is already pending in a trial court in Uttar Pradesh, where Panda was posted.

Another petition by his wife for restitution of conjugal rights is also pending in the trial court. Panda had resigned following complaints that he was dressing up like Radha. He had claimed that he was doing so under instructions from Lord Krishna to live like Radha.

Panda was present in the court Friday. The bench, in a lighter vein, asked him: "Are you Radha or Krishna today?”Counsel replied Panda was only a follower of Krishna.

The bench, thereafter, rejected the petition at the admission stage.

SOURCE: Telugu Portal
URL: storyid=12886

Re: Number of 'divine mothers' keep on rising. So which is the genuine one?
Sun Sep 24, 2006 11:17 pm

"The Mother:

Mirra Alfassa, later Morisset and Richard (February 21, 1878 - November 17, 1973) but better known as The Mother, was the spiritual partner of Sri Aurobindo. She was born in Paris to Turkish and Egyptian parents and came to his ashram on March 29, 1914 visiting Pondicherry several times and finally settling there in 1920. After November 24, 1926, when Sri Aurobindo retired into seclusion, she supervised the organization of his ashram and institutes. She became the leader of the community after Sri Aurobindo's death in 1950. She died in 1973....

In December of that year, Sri Aurobindo decided to withdraw from public view. It was at this point that he identified Mirra with the Divine Mother, and instructed his followers to do the same. He informed his disciples that henceforth The Mother would take full charge of the ashram and he would live in retirement. Mirra heard for the first time that this new responsibility was conferred on her and she had been installed officially as The Mother. She related later that Sri Aurobindo had not consulted her prior to the declaration nor did he inform her of his intention, but that she had heard the news for the first time along with the disciples (Karmayogi no date).

Sri Aurobindo considered that Mirra was an avatar (incarnation) of the supreme shakti. In 1927 he wrote:

The One whom we adore as The Mother is the divine Conscious Force that dominates all existence, one and yet many-sided that to follow her movement is impossible even for the quickest mind and for the freest and most vast intelligence.

The Mother p.19.

Sri Aurobindo's letters and instructions to his disciples taught the path of spiritual surrender through devotion to The Mother; a form of Bhakti Yoga.”

—- In, Suzy Creamcheese wrote:
> Jagbir,
> Do you think that it is because there are so many others
> proclaiming to be the Divine Mother and crackpots like Mr. Radha
> below that makes SYs shy to proclaim who Shri Mataji is? After
> all when one feels the truth, people will know who Shri Mataji is.
> Suzy

No! SYs just are afraid that they will be ridiculed for making such a statement. Over the years leaders have ingrained this ultra- cautious approach into the collective psyche, applying the soothing balm of"just give self-realization"to dull their conscience. That is why SYs react and regard as negative anyone who does not stand up, salute and sing along at their subtle system flag-raising ceremonies. These rebels with a conscience have now no place amongst the Sahaj Sangha ................... and i am happy to oblige them.

i believe Suzy you are talking about vibrations (cool breeze) when you say that"When one feels the truth, people will know who Shri Mataji is.” This is a collective belief that has hardly worked. SY leaders never had the common sense, knowledge and faith to relate and quote the holy scriptures as to the real reason one feels the vibrations. That would mean telling seekers that Shri Mataji is the Holy Spirit, and that it is the Age of the Resurrection and Last Judgment. For our former leaders and present WCASY cabal it's a daunting task that required in-depth knowledge and, more important, evidence as to Shri Mataji's claims. Till today they have neither.

So this"When one feels the truth, people will know who Shri Mataji is"speculative hope is no different from the dismal results of "just give self-realization.” This colossal collective failure has nothing to do with Shri Mataji. You cannot blame Her if SYs just want to only proclaim the first"Subtle System"chapter as they are afraid the remaining 107 chapters will subject them to ridicule without in-depth knowledge and proof of Shri Mataji's claims.

Unlike the devotees of other gurus, standing on Truth and upholding the Dharma is not a virtue for SYs and WCASY. They will pay dearly for this dereliction of sacred duty, in case they still believe in hype and have con-vinced themselves that the Divine is aiding them in making progress in emancipating humanity. Only the blind, foolish or ignorant subscribe to this collective lie and self-hypnosis.

As WCASY dither and twiddle their thumbs the number of 'divine mothers' and their devotees only increase. That will only make the task of proclaiming the advent of Shri Mataji all the more daunting, in case SYs and WCASY members have yet to realize that Shri Mataji is 83-years old and has withdrawn completely. (i doubt they have realized the reasons and implications of Her Silence.) Thus, when for decades SYs never had the guts to declare Her as the Divine Mother when She was in Her element and leading the charge, what hope can any SY harbour of any fleeing foot-soldiers and their generals turning around as She prepares for Mahasamadhi and departure from Earth? In the end you will only hear wails and gloom from them.

But all is going well. It is just a matter of time. So be patient and Silent. And never empower those who do not uphold the Dharma!


Re: Number of 'divine mothers' keep on rising. So which is the genuine one?
Nov 8, 2006

Rajasthan Politician Worships Chief Minister as Durga
Sunday, November 05, 2006

JAIPUR (November 05, 2006): In a case of sycophancy scaling new heights, a minister in the Rajasthan government worships Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje as an equivalent of Hindu goddess Durga and even performs daily rituals before her photograph:

Rajasthan Minister for Urban Development Pratap Sing Singhvi has a photograph of"Goddess Vasundhara"At his official residence here before which he offers regular prayers and also carries out daily rituals like those offered to a Hindu deity.

He went to the extent of having Vasundhara's photograph done up to resemble that of goddess Durga, with the chief minister sitting on a tiger and her eight hands carrying different weapons. She is shown wearing traditional attire and is decorated with heavy gold jewellery.

The picture bears the words: "Maa teri surat se alag bhagwan ki surat kya hogi" (Mother your face cannot be different from god).

Singhvi says in defence: "Yes, we worship Raje and offer prayers. Prayers are offered everyday by one of the party men. I attend the prayer whenever I get time. I think there is no harm in worshipping Raje as she is a woman and women are worshipped in the Hindu religion. So what is the problem?”

Singhvi's subordinates and the ruling Bharatiya Janata party men even chant"Vasundhara Chalisa"everyday at the time of prayers.

"Vasundhara Chalisa"Was prepared by a party worker. After offering prayers, Singhvi or his subordinates distribute"prasad"to the people present at his residence.



UK man's new life as Indian 'goddess'
BBC - Thursday, 12 April 2007
By Rajeev Khanna
BBC News, Becharaji

A British man worshipped as a goddess in India says he wants to stay there after his six-month visa runs out.

Stephen Louis Cooper has become the centre of attraction in the temple town of Becharaji in the western Indian state of Gujarat.

Devotees have been lining up to seek his blessings and some of them even take him to be the messenger of Bahuchar Mata, the goddess of Indian eunuchs, addressing him as Ma.

Mr Cooper, who says he has been diagnosed with gender identity disorder, likes to wear a sari and be addressed as a woman.

Hence his new name, Pema, meaning lotus, by which everyone now addresses him.


When the BBC caught up with Mr Cooper he was sitting in the temple courtyard dressed in Indian women's clothes, with rings in his ears and nose as people lined up to seek his blessings. ...

A trustee of the temple complex, PC Raval, told me that there is a belief that by paying their respect here they will gain manhood in their next birth.

There is a fair at the temple on every full moon night which is attended by many eunuchs. The star attraction of the last fair was Mr Cooper, whose blessings thousands sought that night.

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