Past resurrection of Jesus now generates present power of spiritual rebirth and resurrection into Endless Life

“Then the Master touched my eyes so that they were opened to Reality. It appeared to me that the people seized him. They carried him off and hung him on a tree. I looked at him whom they had pierced, and I cried out, 'What's happening, Lord? Is it you they have nailed to this tree? Who is this standing above the tree rejoicing, laughing aloud? Are you above the tree, Lord, or is it you they are nailing to it?' Then the one standing above the tree reached down, lifted me up, and pressed me against the one who was hanging on the tree, so that I was covered by his sweat and blood. The one hanging on the tree groaned and the one standing above the tree laughed. Then I found myself standing in the temple courtyard again with Jesus.

"'The one you saw hanging on the tree is my mortal nature,' explained the Redeemer. 'the one rejoicing above the tree is my divine nature. My mortal nature will suffer as you have seen, and the suffering will be real, but my divine nature will rejoice because you, and those who believe your testimony, will be washed in my blood, which will generate the power of rebirth into Endless Life. I have sanctified you, John; I have claimed you as my own. My elect will accept your testimony and will come to you to receive those mysteries through which they will also be sanctified and claimed by me in the mansion of my Parents.'

"I looked around and saw that no one was watching us, so I said, 'Lord, no one is paying attention to us. Let's leave this place of darkness.' The Master replied, athis is my Parents' House, John. Its ministers have invited the demiurge to take up residency here, but my Parents' House transcends this place. I will cleanse and purify it so that you can minister in it the mysteries of godliness.'

"Then I saw someone approach us enveloped in Light. He looked like the one who was laughing above the tree. Walking up to the Master, he embraced him, and the two flowed together until there was only one person standing with me. He said to me, 'Be strong, for you are the one to whom the keys of these mysteries are given. Those I do not give you personally, you will know through revelation. Lead my elect to understand that he who is crucified and he who appears in Light are one Lord, and each of you must pass through this mystery. I go first to show you the Way, but each of you must follow me. John, you will continue to minister these mysteries in age after age, and in distant lands, for I will give you the power to transcend the illusion of death, so that your ministry will be Eternal. This power is the heritage of all those who give their souls to me. I will return them to themselves filled with Divine Light, just as I am filled with Divine Light. Everyone who becomes like me will be where I AM, but everyone who maintains the image of mortal existence cannot come where I am, for they must remain with their master the demiurge. I am the Lord of Light, John, and I raise my elect to realms of Light where the destroyers have no power.

"'You must be strong, fearing nothing, for perfect faith drives out all fear. In your courage you will find the keys to overcoming every weapon of darkness. I will be with you always, for you have overcome this world of darkness. Let your Light shine, for it will draw the attention of my elect, who will gather around you as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings to protect them from danger. You will protect my children and lead them safely home to my Parents, who are also your Parents.'

"When Jesus had said these things, we left the temple and went to the Mount of Olives. Amen.”


When John had finished speaking, there was silence for awhile. Then Peter spoke up.”On the day Jesus was crucified, John and I left the house of the high priest together, but I couldn't watch the Master suffer anymore, so I parted from John and went to a cave I knew on the Mount of Olives. There I wept for what was happening to my Lord. Outside the cave, the sky grew dark, like it was the middle of the night. Suddenly, the Master stood in front of me in the cave, enveloped in Light. 'Peter,' he said, 'the people down below see me being crucified, pierced with lances, and with a crown of thorns on my head, but I am here speaking to you in this cave. Remember what I tell you so that when I have ascended to my Parents, you can share this testimony with my elect.'

"Then the Master showed me a cross of Light, firmly planted in the ground. Around this cross was a crowd of beings, but they appeared to me as shadows. There was one form attached to the cross, and above the cross was the Lord himself, although he appeared to me to be pure Light. Then the Lord said to me, 'Peter, you need to understand the meaning of the cross, and to share this testimony with my elect children. I have called this cross of Light by many names during my ministry to help you understand my meaning. I have referred to it as Logos, Mind, Jesus, Christ, the Door, the Way, the Bread, the Seed, Resurrection, Son, Father, Mother, Spirit, Life, Truth, Faith, Gifts, and so forth. Each of these names refers to an aspect of the cross, but actually it is the bridge between darkness and Light, between death and Life. It is that which is firmly grounded and will lift everyone who is attached to it above the mortal condition. It is my consort Sophia, through whom I bring you forth in realms of Light.”

"The Resurrection

The origin of Christianity is not to be sought in the teaching of Jesus, or even in his call of the twelve disciples to follow him. Christianity was born with the resurrection and glorification of Jesus on Easter Day. The historian can neither prove nor disprove the miraculous events of the first Easter Day recorded in all the Four Gospels. What is certain that something happened and that, as a result, a new faith was born. Even those who question the 'empty tomb' or the accounts of the resurrection of Jesus cannot deny the reality of the 'resurrection faith' of the early Christians.”

Geoffrey Parrinder, World Religions: From Ancient History to Present

"People crucified Jesus Christ because of their ego. They could not conceive of an idea that some human being can appear on the Earth as an Incarnation of God. Their intellectual pride could not accept this idea and they rejected the Truth because of the ego. What was the bad deed for which Jesus was crucified? He had, on the contrary, cured many people of their ailments. He preached the Truth and taught many good things to the people. He showed them to live in a very cultured life. He always preached Love. In spite of this, the people tortured Him. But they would bow before those who teach filthy and rotten things, and make a fool of them. What a height of stupidity!

These days any Tom, Dick or Harry becomes a guru, robs the people, squeezes money from them. Such persons are held in high esteem. On the contrary, if a good person who stands by the Truth wishes to show the true path, the people not only won't listen to him but assault him. To educate such very stupid people God Almighty sent His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, on this Earth. But the people crucified Him.

They have been, ever since, repeatedly doing the same thing. If you read, you will find that whenever God incarnated, or any sage or saint took birth on this Earth, the people have harmed them and tortured them. Instead of learning from them, they behaved stupidly with them. We will notice the same story about Shri Gyaneshwara and Shri Tukarama, the great saint of Mahashtra. Similar treatment was meted out to Shri Guru Nanaka and Prophet Muhammad. Man always runs away from the Truth to embrace untruth.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Kundalini Shakti And Shri Jesus Christ
Bombay, India — September 26, 1979

"The Message of His life is not the Cross but the Resurrection. He was resurrected. That was one of the things He did so that now you can be resurrected. Every Incarnation is something unique. But the end of it was the Resurrection. He did it because He had to die. Otherwise how can you resurrect yourself? There are lots of things which look difficult but which are not. There are some who say that Christ never resurrected Himself.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Christmas Puja, India - December 25, 1993

"I am happy to know so many of you have come here and I feel this is a very important Puja, not only for Australia but for the whole world, because it has the greatest Message which we have actualized now in Sahaja Yoga. We have to understand the Message of Christ. There are many people in this world who try to show off that they are very great rationalists and they have a right to pass any remark they like about Christ. I was reading the newspapers today. I was surprised where they are all saying one by one that," I reject this part of Christ that He was born with Immaculate Conception. I reject that He was resurrected. I reject this and I reject that.”

Who are you? Because you can write, because you have a flair, how can you say such things? Just without finding out, you are a scholar, maybe you are very well read, maybe that you think you are capable of saying whatever you like about any subject, but subject of spirituality cannot be dealt by people who are not even Self- Realized.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Resurrection; Helping Each Other, Easter Puja Talk
Sydney, Australia, April 3, 1994

"The Avatar of Jesus, under the name of Maha-Vishnu (the Great Vishnu) was announced in the Indian holy scriptures.”The creation of Lord Jesus Christ as Maha-Vishnu, the son of Shri Krishna (signifying the Supreme God) was foretold in Markandeya's"Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam: 'Constellations and galaxies of energy are roaring in each dust particle of His skin. Mother Mary, the incarnation of Mahaluxshmi, will see this cosmic giant of divine forces, Her Son, being hung on a cross to die'" (L. Heart, p.164).

Here there are some excerpts from the Indian text (9th book, chapt. III) describing His birth: "Narayana said ... There was a powerful Child, lustrous like one thousand millions of sun... This Boy is the Sole Stay of all this Universe and He is denominated by the name"Maha-Vishnu.”In His every pore countless universes are existing. So much so that even Shri Krishna could not count them... The Lord, the Bestower of boon, granted Him boons appropriate for the moment.”O Child ! Let You possess knowledge like Me... . Let You be the holder of innumerable Brahmandas (universes) until the time of Pralaya (universal dissolution). Be without any selfishness, be fearless and the bestower of boons to all... .”Thus saying, He repeated thrice on His ear the six- lettered great Mantra... . Shri Krishna then spoke in sweet words: "O Child ! Let You divide Yourself in parts and turn into smaller Viratas in every universe. Brahma will spring from Your navel and will create the cosmos. From the forehead of that Brahma will spring eleven Rudras for the destruction of creation. But they will all be parts of Shiva. The Rudra named Kalagni, of these eleven Rudras, will be the destroyer of all this Vishwas (universes). Besides from each of Your sub-divisions, the Vishnu will originate and the Bhagavan Vishnu will be the Preserver of this Vishwa... . Your Mother, Who resides in My breast, will be no difficult for You to see... .”Saying thus Shri Krishna, the Lord of World disappeared... . Thus, from the pores of the great Virata each universe has sprung and in every universe there is one small Virata, one Brahma, one Vishnu and one Shiva and Sanaka and others"

Dan Costian, Bible Enlightened

"Now as you know, He created all the Brahmandas. Brahmanda means a Universe. Now the Universe of the Sun, out of that Universe has come the Earth, out of that you have come out and in your Agnya Chakra He created a small Virata as they call it. He exists within your Agnya Chakra. This sacrifice is very, very significant and though it is gross, in subtle it has happened. To take the awareness through this centre of Agnya was done by Christ, by His crucifixion.

He came as a gross person, just like a gross human being. His body died but did not die because that body was also made of that imperishable divine vibrations, as you call, the radiations or this Brahma. He did not die and that's why the body did not die, and He resurrected with His body. He had to die to show that the body, though dies, can be saved. That's why He had to be crucified. Otherwise, He could not have shown you, but His actualizing that He died and then resurrected to show that this does not die.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Meaning Of Easter, Easter Day, London, U.K. — April 6, 1980

"Krishna has said about the eternal life and the Spirit. It cannot be killed by anyone. It cannot be killed. It is eternal. You cannot cut it. It cannot be blown out by any wind. And He (Jesus) had to prove it. And to prove it they had to have somebody here on this Earth with that energy to come in with a body, to act like a human being, live like a human being, and go through the drama of death to show that He overcomes death. The Resurrection is .... a Message, that in Resurrection He had to die, and He had to be resurrected because He said that it is beyond death. Krishna had said that the Spirit is beyond death. The Spirit had to come on this Earth.

So you understand when we talk of Christ how little we know as to how this was done. It is the most difficult thing that He did.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The New Age Has Started, Houston, USA — October 6, 1981

"Christ was born on this Earth as a human being. He came on this Earth and the task that was before Him was to enlighten human awareness with the sense of understanding that we can see its actualization within the awareness of human beings that they are not this body, but they are the Spirit. The Message of Christ was His Resurrection, that is, you are the Spirit and not your body and He showed by His Resurrection how He ascended into the Realm of Spirit ...

And He came on this Earth in a body like a human being. He wanted to show another thing: that the Spirit has nothing to do with money, has nothing to do with Power. It is All-Powerful, All-Pervading ...

He has promised that you have actually to be 'born again.' Christ is to be born within you. I do not know what Christians understand out of this? How do you become 'born again'? Not by going through the ritual of baptism. Somebody coming from the theological college cannot make you a Christian ...

The main thing that one has to understand is that the time has come for you to get all that is promised in the scriptures, not only in the Bible but all the scriptures of the world. The time has come today that you have to become a Christian, a Brahmin, a Pir, through your Kundalini awakening only. There is no other way. And that your Last Judgment is also now.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Message Of Christ, Caxton Hall, London, U.K. — Dec. 10, 1979

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