Look deep within

> Now i know why over the past two days i am having deep meditations that
> are full of bliss and vibrations. It is because the knowledge of"spirit"Is
> coming directly from the eternal Shri Lalita Devi who resides in all
> Sahasraras. It is knowledge that the Divine Mother wants humans to know.
> Aham Brahma Asmi (I am Brahman) and Tat Twam Asi (That Thou Art) makes
> more sense now. i now want to be Silent for a few days to savor this Divine
> Nectar from Brahman Herself.

"The supreme divinity, Lalita, is one's own blissful Self.”

Bhavana Upanishad 1.27

"This primeval power is Tripura,
The supreme sovereign, Tripura;
Goddess great with ear-rings adorned
In sphere of fire abiding.”

Tripura Tapini Upanishad 1.9

"She alone is Atman. Other than Her is untruth, non-self. Hence is She Brahman-Consciousness, free from (even) a tinge of being and non- being. She is the Science of Consciousness, non-dual Brahman Consciousness, a wave of Being-Consciousness-Bliss. The Beauty of the three-great-cities, penetrating without and within, is resplendent, non-dual, self-subsisting. What is, is pure Being; what shines is pure Consciousness; what is dear is Bliss. So here is the Maha- Tripura-Sundari who assumes all forms. You and I and all the world and all divinities and all besides are the Maha-Tripura-Sundari. The sole Truth is the thing named 'the Beautiful'. It is the non-dual, integral, supreme Brahman.”

Bahvricha Upanishad 1.5

Dear devotees of the Devi,

Namaskar - i bow to the Supreme Self that resides in you.

Read this article "Look deep within" for the rest of your lives.

i mentioned this in an earlier post:

> Yesterday i was discussing religion and spirituality with my
> brother-in-law who had come down. i told him that in all my years
> prior to self-realization i grasped 1% of the Truth. Then from 1993-
> 2007 i realized another 1%, and that i am confident of realizing at
> maximum about 4-5% of the Truth in my remaining years. i am just
> like an ant trying to understand the universe.

This maximum 4-5% will be realized by deeply introspecting the awesome truths of"Look deep within"for the rest of my life. Only Silence and constant awareness will make you realize this Ultimate Reality within. There is absolutely no higher knowledge to seek - i am 100% positive of this finality because Devi is your Self. Spend the remaining years on Earth meditating on your Self within and this will be your last birth on Earth. It is the Devi who assures moksa and immortality for all who are able to realize this Ultimate Reality and remain merged with Her at all times - all senses and attention must remain withdrawn and focused on the Self within without any external images or rituals whatsoever.

To realize the remaining 95% of Brahman you have the rest on eternity.

Jai Ganapathy,



Look deep within

Getting to know your Higher Self is a loving and powerful way to move closer towards healing, says Susan Lupton.

As we look at the pain in the world around us, we see many things we deeply desire to heal and change. Many of those things seem beyond our ability to influence and change. There is one thing we can change — our relationship to ourselves. We can look at ourselves, moving closer to the truth of who we are. In doing so, we move beyond the limitations of our personality and the world around us begins to transform. Radiant joy and love emerge and are contagious. Getting to know your Higher Self is a loving and powerful way to move closer towards healing and self-realisation.

The Higher Self knows everything about us and sees the bigger picture. It knows all of our past lives, our dreams, frustrations, relationships, our different personalities, the lessons we are learning, all possible choices, the past and our potential future. The Higher Self can be a wonderful guide. Just imagine the possibility of seeing everything more clearly, feeling the joy and security of knowing that your choices are taking you towards your highest good!

As we face challenges and move through difficulties, many times we feel lonely, isolated or misunderstood by others. By getting your Higher Self involved in daily life, you will be able to feel loved, nurtured, and deeply understood. Your Higher Self is always there for you, in a way that another human being is not able to be. It is always ready to give you all the attention you need, always loving, has your highest good in mind — guiding you ever closer to unlimited source.

As we grow and evolve we sometimes find that our personality is not enough to support our expanded, abundant Self. We sense and know the possibility of true prosperous living, but our old patterns of thinking and doing don't give us the guidance we need to actualise our spiritual ideals and transform our lives. We need a means of finding our way through the day-to-day reality of living, in a way that supports our Soul's expansive desires.

The Higher Self is the voice of the Soul. Creating a best friend relationship with your Higher Self can provide immediate and insightful help for the challenges of everyday living. With our Higher Self as navigator we can deepen relationships with others through Soul-to-Soul communication. Previously unsolvable problems and conflicted relationships can be healed and problems resolved. The love connection between souls transcends all personality differences. The Higher Self also sees all opportunities for growth, allowing you to utilise your experiences in a more loving and joyful way.

This deep, expansive communion with the Self is one of the most powerful and direct ways to access the Soul's ability to help you with all of your choices. The experience is also exquisitely beautiful and profoundly intimate. More intimate than any human relationship. Who could possibly know you better and love you more deeply than the being you came through to be on this earth?

This intimacy with the Higher Self is what so many are seeking in a soul mate. The innate longing for completion, to be with your other half, the one that was created for you at the beginning of time, the one you were meant to be with forever.

That one is your own Soul. Imagine for a moment that you are now able to feel, taste, touch and know that wondrous union right here, right now. At last, here is the endless love you have been seeking which transcends this human existence.

Look deeply into those ancient eyes and see only the truth of love shining back at you and know that this wise one has been with you always. Your heart opens as you feel the trust that comes from true commitment. As your heart opens wider, allow yourself to be embraced by this great being of love and bright light. Feel the strength, beauty, power and love of this ancient one flow through you. Your own heart knows the truth; you know who this is...your Soul. Invite it to flow into your heart, embracing it.

A deep trust and recognition arises as your Soul's energy fills your heart. You know this connection is familiar. Ah, warmth and safety at last. Listen with your heart....your Soul is now speaking. See how delighted this wise being is to see you, radiating magnificent colours and bright light. It has been waiting for you, waiting for this union, waiting to merge with you at last.

How long have you been waiting for this moment? How many times have you joined in this completion? Let the years of separateness drift away and you rest in the peace of knowing you have come home at last. To experience your Self in this way is an amazing gift and a great service to our precious planet.

Look deep within


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