The Case of the Double Time

Swami Venkatesananda, The Concise Yoga Vasistha

“Lila began to meditate. Immediately she entered the highest state of consciousness free from all distractions (nirvikalpa). She was in the infinite space of consciousness. There she saw the king once again, on a throne, surrounded by many kings who adored him— but they did not see her. She wondered: are they all dead, too!

Again, by the grace of goddess Sarasvati, she came back to her palace, and saw her attendants asleep. She woke them and asked them to request the members of the royal court to assemble at once.

Seeing all the members of the royal court, Lila was puzzled: she thought, 'This is strange, for these people seem to exist in two places at the same time—in that region which I saw in my meditation and here in front of me. Just as a mountain is seen both inside the mirror and outside it, this creation is seen both within consciousness and outside it. But, which of these is real and which the reflection? I must find out from Sarasvati'. She adored Sarasvati and saw her seated in front of her.

Be gracious, O Goddess, and tell me this. That on which this world is reflected is extremely pure and undivided, and it is not the object of knowledge. This world exists both within it as its reflection, and outside as solid matter: which is real and which the reflection?.”..

"O Rama, Sarasvati and queen Lila immediately sat in deep meditation, or nirvakalpa samadhi. They has risen above body-consciousness. Because they had given up all notions of the world, it had completely vanished in their consciousness. They roamed freely in their wisdom-bodies. Though it seemed that they had travelled millions of miles in space, they were still in the same 'room', but on another plane of consciousness. They saw all that was already in the mind of Sarasvati, and which Sarasvati wanted to show to queen Lila.”

Swami Venkatesananda, The Concise Yoga Vasistha
State University of New York Press (October 1984), pp. 55-57

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God
Shri Adi Shakti: The
Kingdom Of God [1999]
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The Case Of The Double Time

Kash was able to witness the greatest spiritual events in the history of humankind, some going far back into the Time. He was shown Shri Jesus being resurrected after His crucifixion, Shri Vishnu measuring the universe with three steps, the opening of the Primordial Sahasrara on May 5, 1970, among other momentous milestones.

On June 20, 1995, at 10:45 p.m. he was told to confirm from the Great Universal Mother exactly how these events were shown. Kash had told his father that he witnessed them as they took place. Put simply, he was there in person precisely when these historical milestones took place, a twenty-first century spectator to spectacular ancient history. He was able to witness the past in the present simply by going through a sort of Time Tunnel with the Great Adi Shakti. How was this possible?

Kash agreed and went into meditation. The coiled serpent energy of the Kundalini (Nectar of Immortality) sprang into life at the Mooladhara, traveled instantly up the Sushumna Nadi to reveal Brahman in the Sahasrara. The Divine Radiance shone ever so brilliantly from above the Eternal Throne of the Great Divine Feminine as She sat in Bliss and Joy. He floated down into his spiritual body that was meditating, as usual, on the right side of the Great Supreme Goddess. He then got up and bowed to Her and the Divine Messengers sitting around in a semi-circle. Shri Mataji gave a radiant smile and greeted him. He then sat down. Besides him, on his right, was Shri Ganesha. On the left side of Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri Nirmala Devi's Throne sat Shri Krishna.

Kash then asked Shri Mataji the questions concerning his spiritual journeys. Shri Mataji explained that those events that took place in the past were usually materialized as they had happened. In other words, the past was brought back into the present to be witnessed again (Shri Vishnu's measurement of the universe stands out). Her limitless powers are able to instantly project in 3-D Reality any event in time, even the very beginning of creation. This materialization is not a three-dimensional projection like a hologram creating virtual reality images, but Reality. The past is simply extracted and brought forward to be witnessed again in the present! Every second of the past stills exists in a Time Dimension that only the Great Divine Feminine is able to materialize.

However, in the case of the Resurrection of Shri Jesus, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi took him back into the past to the exact time and place this Absolute Truth took place. Kash witnessed and confirmed the Resurrection of Shri Jesus Christ precisely as it happened 2000 years ago — a sort of a Back to the Future Reality. The past was visited again and witnessed in the present!

Thus there are two ways of witnessing the past. She either brings it forward into the present in a sort of Time Hologram or travels back into the Time Dimension to witness it. Both are the same.

Note: All these Revealed Truths were witnessed in a Time Dimension within, a Reality that exists in all humans. Every human is innately divine and capable of finding Reality within, provided they are free from the darkness of past dogmas. They have to know and believe that they are self-empowered to realize God without the help of these corrupted Idols of Worship. On the contrary, these archaic religious regimes are the very obstacles that hinder human spiritual evolution. All religious prisoners are kept contained and corked by the bottleneck of priests, reverends, bishops, popes, ulema, shaikhs, mullahs, brahmins, swamis, acaryas, rabbis and monks. They know next to nothing about the Kingdom of God.

Karl Barth (1886-1968), the renowned Protestant theologian, in his Church Dogmatics reminds adamantly: "We should not seek to understand God on any human basis, but must first listen to what God says to us.”He regarded religion as"A misguided human attempt to understand God, which must be corrected and displaced by God's revelation. Even the 'Christian' religion is false insofar as it seeks to speak for God rather than listening.”

We have to destroy all past religious conditionings and confirm Reality through the freedom of our own senses, not the exhortations of fools and fundamentalists.”There are lectures and lectures people give, you must do like this, you must do that. They think that by educating people into these principles people will be all right — they cannot. If you try to educate them it will go as an ego into their heads because you get educated only through your ego.”We have to go within to seek Reality. Our senses, projected outwards since birth by organized sects, must be now fully utilized to turn inwards in order to find out what lies within. This is the very first step absolutely required for the Spirit Quest. It is only here on Mother Earth, where we have evolved over billions of years into this priceless human form, that the human species continues it evolution. The first step on the journey to the Kingdom of God begins with the most staggering step of going within! There is absolutely no salvation outside our own being. All the external Idols — Synagogue, Church, Mosque, Temple, Monastery, Shrine, Gurdwara — have absolute no power to lead even a single soul into His Kingdom. Only we can resurrect ourselves. Only we can guide ourselves. Only we can enter the Imperishable Home of God within. Only we can discover our Selves.

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God, 1999, pp. 556

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