Memories of our Divine Mother: 12. BROMPTON SQUARE

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
1) Bernard Rackham said:

We were living all together

Back in 1981 there was a" " rare for England, especially then" " dynamic Sahaja Yogi. Mother used to call him"The James Bond of Sahaja Yoga.”Now this yogi had set up a Sahaja Housing Co-op, which meant that he got hold of these large properties that were up for redevelopment and filled them with yogis for short periods of time so that they would not deteriorate through lack of use or be vandalized by negligent squatters, while waiting for the bureaucracy to go through. It was by these means that the co-op acquired a hotel in Earls Court London" " well around the board, although not mentioned in Monopoly.

For the first two weeks, the fourteen bedroom hotel was occupied by only two yogis, but then the Adi Shakti said She would like to move in! This was due to the fact that Shri Mataji's house in Westminster had been sold and the new house in Brompton Square was still undergoing renovations. Well, as you can imagine the hotel filled up overnight.

Bernard Rackham

2) Gail Pottinger said:

We were living in a place called Bramham Gardens, which was a hotel and one of the Sahaja Yogis had rented as a part of a housing co-op. And we were living in this hotel. Quite a few Sahaja Yogis were living there. We were living all together in this hotel and Mother was in the process of building Brompton Square and because the house wasn't really ready for them, Her and Mr. CP came to live in the ground floor flat of this Bramham Gardens. They occupied the ground floor flat.

And every day She would go from this Bramham Gardens to Brompton Square to work and sometimes [my husband] Graham would be driving Her there. So we'd sort of get up and wait outside and watch Mother go off. Then we'd all follow on to go work on Brompton Square with Her.

Gail Pottinger

3) Malcolm Murdoch said:

Our life at that particular time used to consist of getting up, going to work, doing a full days work, coming home, getting changed and going round to Mother's house to continue the building work. And, of course, that would continue in our evenings and in our weekends.

Malcolm Murdoch

4) Ruth Flint said:

There was so much solicitude

When Shri Mataji and I arrived in London from Rome [in November 1981], Sir CP was waiting for Her with the official United Nations car and the driver. So Shri Mataji had me sit in the front seat next to the driver and She was sitting next to Sir CP and they were discussing about the construction of the house of Brompton Square.

At that time, Shri Mataji and Sir CP were staying at this empty hotel with the Sahaja Yogis while Brompton Square was being built. We arrived there and Shri Mataji took me downstairs, where She was staying with Sir CP in these horrible two rooms with windows way up which were giving a little bit of light, but not much because it was like underground rooms. She opened Her suitcases and started chatting with me and I felt very shy. And then She said," Come, let's go upstairs. We'll meet the yogis.”And She went into this lounge, which was not decorated at all. She sat and told the yogis who were there about Her trip in Rome and the programs.

After a while, I needed to go to the toilet after the long travel, so I got up discretely. I went there and after a little while I heard somebody on the other side of the door, knocking and saying," Ruth, are you there? Because Shri Mataji sent me to look for you. She did not know where you went.”

There was so much solicitude on the part of Shri Mataji. And She was telling me that She was going to go shopping with me and that She would do this and that. She had been looking after me in such an amazing way. It was extremely impressive.

Ruth Flint

5) Gail Pottinger said:

My saris have got so many vibrations

Whilst Mother was living at Bramham Gardens, I remember one day I was upstairs in my room and somebody came and said," Mother wants someone to pack Her suitcase.”She was going to America on tour and there was really" " I don't think hardly" " there was no other lady around. So I went down to Mother's room to help Her pack Her suitcase and I remember She had this walnut wardrobe, which was really beautiful and in it She kept all Her saris, Her white saris, which She used for public programs. And She said to me," They all need folding and putting in this suitcase.”And so I started folding Mother's saris and putting them in the suitcase. And I got about halfway through. There was quite a lot of these saris.

I think it must have been about 1982 this. Mother must have been going to America in about 1982. And I kept folding up these saris, Mother's, and after time I got really, really dizzy. And Mother looked at me and said," Ah, it's the vibrations. They're too much for you. Sit down. it's My saris, you see. They've got so many vibrations. Sit down.”And She made me sit down. And then She had a servant there and She said," We'll have lunch now.”And I remember sitting down at a table with Mother, just with Mother, and this servant brought lunch in and I remember that the starter was melon. I remember this melon coming around. I remember thinking," Oh, I don't really like melon, but I can't refuse because I'm sitting here with Mother.”You know, so I just ate it. And then I think we had some prawns and something else, but we certainly" " we had lunch. It was quite an amazing experience. I remember feeling completely over-awed that here I was sitting with Mother, just in Her dining room eating lunch.

And after we finished lunch, She said," Right, we'll finish the packing now.”And we packed up the rest of these saris, which were in the wardrobe.

Gail Pottinger

6) Kay McHugh said:

You can come and stay

She started telling me about the plans for Her house in Brompton Square, how She bought this house and how She was going to do it up and She was going to have an apartment downstairs in the basement for Sahaja Yogis to come and stay. And I could even hear my own thoughts thinking," Can I come and stay? Can I come and stay.”And She turned and smiled at me and said," You can come and stay.”

Kay McHugh

7) Linda Williams said:

We worked on the house and Mother worked on us

There is a longish bit in William Blake's prophetic work, about Brompton Square.”Where have those golden builders gone?”That was the origin of the name of the Sahaja building firm, the Golden Builders. The most beautiful line in that part of Jerusalem goes something like this: "Lambeth! The bride, the Lamb's wife loveth thee " and knowest not of self in thy supreme joy.”

As was always the way, we would work on the house and Mother would work on us. I spent a great deal of time stripping wood-panelled doors of paint with a blowtorch and then staining those same doors with Peruvian mahogany woodstainer" " a rich brown colour, not too far from the colour of Indian people's skin or, for that matter, the pigment of the Xhosa or the coloured folk, the indigenous peoples of the Cape in South Africa. All the shops in Knightsbridge and Kensington knew me, including Harrods, which was nearby and had a hardware department, and we cleaned them out of Peruvian mahogany woodstain. I also did a fair bit of glazing, as there were a lot of doors in the house which were made of small glass panels. Putty was nice stuff to work with and I shall never forget the smell of linseed oil when Mother showed me how to put it on, which She did perfectly from the first time.

Regular contractors couldn't take the vibrations. They usually did crazy things or just ran off. The trick was to do exactly what Mother asked and not argue with Her and definitely not say," I don't think I can do that.”Mother tried to get me to do some wallpapering one day" " really expensive paper" " and I refused, saying," I don't know how. I will just waste it.”Mother said my problem was I didn't let Her work through me. The person who took over the job when I failed" " I think it was Kay [McHugh] from Australia or maybe Danya [Martoglio], just surrendered in their hearts and, although they had also never wallpapered before, just said"Mother, You are the doer"And the wallpaper went up fine. Arun Goel told me it was just the same at Pratisthan, where he was one of the architects.

Another thing which happened was that Mother would appear not to understand something like a complicated point of electricity or plumbing. She would appear to be completely in the dark. Then when whoever it was gave up and said they couldn't do it, Mother would very sweetly suggest this and that and, of course, whatever it was, She would give the answer.

A lot of people came from all over Europe and England to help with Brompton Square at weekends. I remember working with some French and Italian people and also some Portuguese. We would send out for a lot of chicken takeaways and other good things to eat from the Midnight Shop, owned by an Indian, just down the road. The trouble was, when there were a lot of people, it did become a bit crowded, even though everybody did their bit and worked very hard.

Linda Williams

8) Kay McHugh said:

It came off like butter

Do you remember the wallpaper on the ceiling in the dining room and how it wouldn't come down after She decided She didn't want it because somebody had put it up so well with such a right side? She'd changed Her mind and said," No, we won't have the wallpaper on the ceiling. We're going to have mirrors.”So She had us take the wallpaper off and it would not come off. We were soaking and soaking. We were standing up on the thing and it wouldn't come off. And She came down once and said," How's it going?” "Oh, it won't come off, Mother. It won't come off.”And She laughed. And She said," Well, just give this person a bandhan, which we did and the next minute the wallpaper just came off like butter. It just fell off.

Kay McHugh

9) Rosie Lyons said:

Some need patching

When we worked in Mother's house quite a few things happened in the house itself. One day Mother gave me a box of wallpaper and asked me to line two open shelves for ornaments. One shelf was easily completed with a roll of paper. Then l looked in the box and found, it seemed like, just a few scraps of paper. I went to Mother and said," Sorry I don't think there's enough paper.”She told me to go back and try, so I went and, after a long time of total patchwork, the papering was complete and l had the smallest piece of paper left. It all exactly fit. I was amazed! When I stood back from the shelf, I couldn't believe my eyes. They looked the same, yet one was completely patched.

Shri Mother was showing me that some souls come into Sahaja Yoga so pure without much blemish and some come with holes and need patching. Once the love and vibrations permeate their beings, they are as beautiful as the other. Everything is possible with Mother's love.

Rosie Lyons

10) Alison Rovina said:

She just must have felt that in my heart

When I was working in Brompton Square, there wasn't another job, so somebody had put me to papering a ceiling over a staircase well. They left me there on a little plank over the staircase well. I remember it was my first visit to Brompton Square. I was too shy to say anything to anybody. I didn't know anybody. They put me over there and I was terrified of heights. And, all of a sudden, this plank wobbled. And, you know, you feel this fright in your heart, just a sudden fright. And Shri Mataji was at the other side of the house and I have never seen Her run, before or since, but She ran into the room and told me to get down immediately. She just must have felt that in my heart.

Alison Rovina

11) John Glover said:

She bought it on vibrations

Mother was talking about a sofa She managed to get and She bought it on vibrations and people were wondering why as it wasn't very nice. But then Mother said," Take off the paint.”And it was embroidered in gold.

John Glover

12) Gail Pottinger said:

Lots and lots of jobs

I remember there was a lot of work going on, people making like cornices out of plaster of paris and they made these moulds and these were going up. Then we were painting them with goldleaf. I remember having to go to Harrods to fetch goldleaf paint quite a lot and just very sort of basic things like we were stripping down the wood and painting it sort of reddy-brown colour. I did lots and lots of jobs there" " painting and scraping. And I remember Mother's bedroom, painting that, and I remember painting the ceiling. I think it was almond white.

Gail Pottinger

13) Malcolm Murdoch said:

Holding my thumb

I'd been knocking a nail in the wall and, as usual, you miss the nail and you hit our thumb and so Shri Mataji spent about ten minutes holding my thumb because it hurt so badly. And She'd be giving" " you know, you'd be sitting there and She'd be holding your thumb and She'd be giving people instructions on how to paint the ceiling and She was in the room, wouldn't She? And She'd come around all the parts of the house, you know, giving instructions in doing a better job.

Malcolm Murdoch

14) Alessandra Pallini said:

This bucket never ended

I remember when we were in Brompton Square [in July 1983], when Shri Mataji was still doing some work in the house. You remember how it was? There were about ten of us, mostly Italians, staying in the house. And then there were the Italian boys and they were doing the pavement with the blocks of marble, you know, Carrara marble.

Alessandra Pallini

15) Duilio Cartocci said:

Two boys from Sicily and I were put in charge of taking up an old floor in the kitchen and tiling a new one in white marble. Now, as an architect, I was familiar with this kind of job, but only from a theoretical standpoint and none of us had any practical experience in this domain. We were a little nervous, as tiling with marble was not supposed to be easy, but we knew that, with Mother's blessings, all is possible and we started the work.

We started with two sacks of cement and when we had done about half of the floor we realized that we had only half a sack left. We asked an English Sahaja Yogi to go to the shops and buy more, but he shortly returned saying the shops were closed. Some time later, Shri Mataji Herself came to see how the work was going and, when we told Her that we were running out of cement, She very gently pointed out the urgency of finishing that day and then She smiled and said," Just give a bandhan.”

Duilio Cartocci

16) Alessandra Pallini said:

She said," Don't worry and just keep going and go on and go ahead with your work.”

Alessandra Pallini

17) Duilio Cartocci said:

It was my job to mix the cement with the water and the more I took out from the sack, the more I found inside. When we finished the marble floor, we found we still had cement left over, which turned out to be precisely sufficient to tile the corridor leading to the kitchen. The bucket emptied just as we finished.

Duilio Cartocci

18) Alessandra Pallini said:

And they went on and this bucket never ended with this cement. They went on and on and it was still full. It never ended. And so they could finish the whole room. And so it was finished by the time we had to leave for the Guru Puja.

Alessandra Pallini

19) Duilio Cartocci said:

While we were working, a little child walked up to the freshly laid tiles and disturbed them. When the child had left we spent a few minutes putting the tiles back into place.

Duilio Cartocci

20) Alessandra Pallini said:

This boy, Giovanni [Albanese], had just finished the tiling and he had put two pieces of wood on the entrance of the dining room because he didn't want the people to step on the tiles just yet. And then Shri Mataji came down the stairs and into the corridor, which was also just done. It was just done and he had put some wooden pieces around. She walked on the corridor and She went to the dining room and She looked inside. She went in. Yes, She did. She also walked in there. And Giovanni was thinking," Oh, my God, now I am going to have to do it all again"because, you know, it must be all out of place.

Alessandra Pallini

21) Duilio Cartocci said:

"Well," we thought to ourselves humbly," whatever Mother wants to do, that's fine. We can reset the tiles afterwards, no problem.”But when She left we looked closely and discovered that the only tiles that had moved were those which we ourselves had slightly mis-set and which were now exactly in the right position

Duilio Cartocci

22) Alessandra Pallini said:

And then he looked at the tiles and they were perfectly all right. There wasn't even one millimetre moved out of place" " completely in place, as if She had no weight.

Alessandra Pallini

23) Ruth Flint said:

She asked them to move Her bed

Before going to Guru Puja in summer '82 probably, Shri Mataji had been living in Brompton Square and was preparing to sell it. On that weekend of Guru Puja, some people were supposed to come and visit the house. So many yogis were moving everything in the house, including the furniture. Shri Mataji asked some Italian yogis, these solid young men, to move Her bed in solid wood and they were trying to push it, but could not manage. I was in the room, packing Shri Mataji's suitcase, with my back turned, but I could hear everything happening in the room. Shri Mataji approached the bed and just pushed it with Her knee and the bed moved. The Italian yogis said," Ah," in big shock and surprise. Shri Mataji laughed and She said," Well, after all, I am Adi Shakti, so it's normal that I can push this bed!"

Everybody was in awe in front of Her.

Ruth Flint

24) Rosie Lyons said:

Never wanting to be away

Many nights we would spend up all night, working around the clock. We wouldn't get tired. The vibrations were so great and we were all in heaven with our Mother. It was our conditioning that would pull us down to reality and cause us to go home and sleep. Then we'd be back as soon as we could, never wanting to ever be away from our Mother's presence.

Rosie Lyons

25) Auriol Williams said:

I am the fire

Once in Shri Mataji's house in Brompton Square, London, which was being redecorated, Mother was walking around and directing people. She would tell us where paintings and other decorations were to go and what colour this door or that window frame was to be painted.

Auriol Williams

26) Linda Williams said:

It was a mess to begin with. One always has to make a mess to create a house. One day Mother was wearing a synthetic nylon sari and walking around amid the rubble and dust. I was in a room where some people were making plaster moldings to go on cornices. Some other people had been working in the room too and someone had left a blowtorch burning. It was pointing into the middle of the room and Mother walked in.

Linda Williams

27) Auriol Williams said:

Shri Mataji, wearing a highly inflammable nylon sari, walked towards the blowtorch and, as She passed very close to it, the flame leapt right out of nozzle and went completely around Shri Mataji two or three times, forming a ring a few centimetres away from the sari.

Auriol Williams

28) Linda Williams said:

She appeared not to see the torch and walked straight in front of it. A flame leapt out of the torch, then went round Her highly inflammable sari below knee height in a blue ring, then back into the torch. While all this was happening I was horrified and took a dive across the room to move the torch. I landed in an undignified heap at Mother's Feet.

Linda Williams

29) Auriol Williams said:

When we realized what had happened, we looked up in amazement to find Shri Mataji smiling down at us. Shri Mataji said," I am the fire, how could it hurt Me?”And She went on Her way to supervise putting in some pipes in the next room.

Auriol Williams

30) Kay McHugh said:

London-Bombay London-Bombay

It was a miraculous thing really because I had just come to Sahaj and I had applied for London basing [in my airline job], which would seem impossible at the time because it was done on a point system and I had already had a two year basing in Mauritius and I had lost all my points.

So while I was on India tour, I rang Australia and found out that I had actually got the London basing and, to this day, I don't know how. I didn't question it. I just got it. And so I think, at this point, I told Her I was coming to London, that's when She said," Oh, good, then you can come and stay at My house.”

Kay McHugh

31) Linda Williams said:

Kay McHugh was on the Bombay-London route for Qantas [Airways] and Mother often asked her to bring wooden sculptures and all sorts of amazing things with her on the flight each week or whenever she came through. Kay put them in a cupboard in first class, much to the surprise of the rest of the cabin crew.

Linda Williams

32) Kay McHugh said:

My trips on the London-basing were just London-Bombay, London-Bombay. That's all I did, so it worked out for Mother that She had somebody to take things backwards and forwards while She was in India with all this thing happening with Brompton Square.

So after She'd come back from the Australia tour, I got a trip from London down to Bombay and was so excited. You all gave me money to buy flowers. Do you remember? And you gave me money to buy flowers and I went and bought the biggest bouquet which was taller than I was and it was so wide I had to walk sideways in through the door to give it to Her and that's when She wrote that lovely letter.

Kay McHugh


My dearest children,

Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers you sent me. They remind me of you all. I missed you very much all those days of separation.

I hope you get my tapes from Australia. I have said lots of new wonderful things.

I am coming back very soon to enjoy your joyful and sweet company.

Yours as ever

Your loving mother


33) Kay McHugh said:

My heart was so full to see Mother again after being away from Her for those weeks that I walked into the room with the flowers and presented them to Her and I sat down at Her Feet and there were other people sitting down around Her Feet at the time. And for the twenty minutes or so, I didn't even know who was sitting there until I looked sideways and saw Rustum [Bujorjee] sitting there.”Oh, hello" because I was back in Mother's presence again. And She was telling me She'd said some wonderful things in Australia and that She'd found this gem of a man and She was telling me all the things that had happened on the Australia tour. And then She said," No, I must write a letter for the flowers.”And She was writing," My dearest children" and Her grand-daughter was hanging around Her shoulders, leaning over Her, looking at Her. And Shri Mataji had left out the"l"And I remember Her grand-daughter going," Oh my, 'my dearest chicken.' It doesn't make any sense.”And She went," Oh"And put the"l"In. So when you look at the letter you can see the"l"has been squashed in.

And so it was such a lovely letter. It was like a love letter, wasn't it? It was just like a love letter. And in it She'd said that She had said some wonderful things in Australia and She was longing to be back with you. it's a beautiful letter.

So yes, I was happily taking things like letters backwards and forwards and She was drawing plans for Brompton Square and I was taking the plans backwards and forwards between Her and Sir CP Srivastava. And he would say things like," Oh, no, She can't put a wall there. You know, that won't work. You know, that's a" " She can't knock that wall down and put that wall there because this is a supporting wall"or something. And I do remember saying to him" " He said," Oh, do tell Her She can't do that.” "Oh," I thought," I can't tell Mother She can't do that.”And I said," She can do anything.” And he said," Yes, yes, yes, on a spiritual level, but you can't put this wall there.”But, of course, the wall went there and it's still working perfectly well, yes.

And I remember once She sent the complete set of banisters, including the large pole at the bottom, all wrapped in newspaper and I had to sort of wheel it past all the customs people as you leave Bombay. And I thought," How am I going to do this?”because, as a crew member, I wasn't allowed to take anything out of India worth more than twelve rupees and they used to occasionally check your bags to make sure that you weren't taking things out of the country and here I was. I had a complete set of banisters just on my little wheelie thing, you know, which I thought," Well, that's it then, you know. Mother's given it to me and I'll just wheel it past them.”So I just wheeled it past them and said good morning and they just said good morning to me and that was it. They didn't even see it. So I thought," Well, there you are. Mother's just made them completely thoughtless.”It was totally out of their attention and I don't think that they" " they couldn't have missed it. I mean, how could you miss a complete set of banisters? But they did.

Kay McHugh

34) Vicky Halperin said:

The analyst of all analysts

it's a real indulgence to tell these stories. It was a very different time. One doesn't want to speak too much about personal experiences, but the personal side has to kind of connect in order to be the vehicle to tell how Mother functioned.

Anyway, I was staying in Chelsham Road. I had a fear, many hang-ups, goodness knows what, insecurities from the past, what with our being homeless and whatever. And I was staying at Brompton Square on a daily basis. I didn't know I was staying there because each day I packed my case and each day went in my car and each day I slept there the next night. So I never actually stayed there and I never actually moved out either.

During that time, Richard Ogden was there too and, the poor boy, he was being taught lessons as I was being taught lessons. He was given less and less and less to do, yet he lived there and he never went out, except to drive Mother. And he had less tasks. Whatever he had to do, they dwindled, until he was raging with inactivity. Whether Mother was curing his right side or his left side, I'm not exactly sure, but I was certainly right-sided with left-sided emotions, which She was working on" " probably all of it. But Richard, in the end, all he had to do was buy a newspaper for Sir CP in the morning and wait the table. He would serve the food at the table and had nothing else to do all day. And Shri Mataji had me working on wonderful things like sewing Her sari falls or packing Her cases or going shopping with Her or cooking or cleaning things, washing, all sorts, from morning till night, till I was absolutely keeling over. I got to the point where I realized that all this activity wasn't good, whereas, of course, at some point I was willing to do anything.

Whilst we were in that amazing scenario, Shri Mataji wanted to watch something on the television and She asked me to join Her and She said," Not Richard, not Richard" "" for whatever reason. I hadn't realized what for. The previous day somebody had been visiting from America. She was quite sick and Shri Mataji was working on her. While She was working on her, I was taking vibrations, rubbing Mother's Feet and at some point my heart kind of burst. It wasn't a pleasant feeling. It was a bit like the emotions a little bit went out of control and Shri Mataji looked at me and She tapped me on my centre Heart and that was the end of that incident.

A couple of days further on, as I was saying, Mother wanted to watch this TV program. She'd commented at the time, She said," You may be on the right, that's true, but it's a left-side problem.”She was talking about me at that point. Anyway, with the TV, Richard wasn't there. The first program was" " I thought She didn't want him there because it was very intimate and it was about AIDS-related problems and so on and it occurred to me that that might be embarrassing for mixed company to watch. But I was quite wrong. It was the next program that She needed to work on me alone. It was about a girl who had been abducted. It was a real case of a girl who went missing. Her bicycle was found. She was a newspaper girl and it was the story about her family and how the father refused to believe that the daughter was dead and The Mother couldn't cope and the marriage split up. But the father kept searching for this girl in London and there were many false leads, people taking advantage of his vulnerability and extracting money from him and so on. And it was while that was on that Shri Mataji, who'd previously asked me what my left-side problem was and was trying to say," What's your family and what's this?”And there are all sorts of skeletons in my family's cupboard that have affected me, that have an impact and it was whilst watching that film that it just came out and I said," Ah! I used to be like that about my father.”And She just completely stopped watching this film. She said," Oh, tell me that again.”And at this point, I came out with this. It was like a frozen situation in my" " I mean, a psychoanalyst, I suppose, would take a few years or more to get it out and get me to talk about it. It was just over this film that it came out. And it was an extraordinary release because it was something that I'd never talked about.

That night, when She went to bed, She called me in to take vibrations and turned off all the lights, even the glowing firelight because there was an electric glow on the fire, glowing logs or coals. Even that was turned off, so it was total darkness. She asked me to take vibrations from Her heart and from the Vishuddhi and She said," Tell Me again about that.”Then I had to verbalize again this background, these family problems, which were quite gruesome really. I mean, there were a couple of generations of adharma in my family, which had affected me. As She was working on me and I was talking about this, She started coughing and choking and it went from Her centre Heart up to the Vishuddhi and She was working it out. At some point She said," They will all benefit from this.”And it was hours and hours in the dark with Mother, being worked out on the Vishuddhi. It was quite extraordinary.

When I left there, I was stunned and quite removed from my normal feelings of reality and I was staying at somebody's house. In order to make myself unobtrusive, I was reading. I didn't read a lot, but I was reading Memories, Dreams and Reflections of [Carl] Jung. I'd left it for some months and I wanted to be very quiet and into myself and I picked up the book again and where I'd left it was Jung talking about this kind of analysis, picking up people's" " something that blocks them, that blocks their progress. It was like I'd been totally analyzed and cleared out in the most extraordinary way. That had many implications and I went on and grew and never had the problem again of this kind of" " where it sat there, like a burden. It completely released it to the analyst of all analysts" " completely healed.

Vicky Halperin

35) Chris Marlow said:

Covered in vibrations

[At a Ganesha Puja] Shri Mataji really laid it on the line that chastity was the most important thing to preserve your innocence. And you couldn't get caught up or possessed or anything if you had chastity. And the next week" " I mean, it was probably a couple of days after that, we went round to Brompton Square to see Shri Mataji or to do some work or something. And we went in in the morning and we were sitting at Her Feet there and She said something like," I'm sorry I had to say all those things to you in the puja.”I just came out with," Oh, Shri Mataji, it was fantastic.”I had hardly got the words out of my mouth when my heart exploded and something happened. I got completely covered in vibrations and couldn't speak for a while. I just had to close my eyes.

Chris Marlow

36) Pamela Bromley said:

Whilst watching TV

Mother was once sitting in Her bedroom watching the cartoon Snow White and it was just like the reality and She just suddenly put Her Foot on my hand and then She just took it off again. There was no words" " nothing was said. She was just helping me with Her love, working on me whilst watching TV.

Pamela Bromley

37) Kay O'Connel said:

I'm a washing machine

It was in Brompton Square and someone gave Mother a ring to wear, to vibrate. And She put it on Her finger and wore it for a while and then gave it back. They said," Wow, it's completely changed. It looks like it's been washed.”Then Mother said," Yes, that's what I do. I'm washing. I'm like a washing machine. That's what I am. I'm a washing machine.”

Kay O'Connel

38) Ruth Flint said:

Her sense of humour

Shri Mataji told us this story at Dourdan in 1986. There was a reception at the house of Shri Mataji and Sir CP asked one of the guests what he wanted to drink. He wanted a vermouth. Sir CP rushed to Shri Mataji, shocked, saying"This man, he wants a vermouth.”And Shri Mataji had to laugh so much because She knew that in the West it was an alcohol, a make of alcohol, but She said he was shocked so much because in Hindi or Marathi it means"husband's urine.”She was telling us this story and laughing, absolutely laughing. And everybody in the room was laughing like mad.

Ruth Flint

39) Kingsley Flint said:

But She told it at some considerable length and very well and by the end of it all everyone was just rolling around crying, actually with laughter, and Shri Mataji was bouncing on the bed with laughter. And it was a most wonderful occasion that really shows how funny Shri Mataji can be sometimes, which is not something that often gets reported.

Kingsley Flint

40) Ruth Flint said:

We all know Her sense of humour at pujas, but that's something else.

Ruth Flint

41) Vicky Halperin said:

I think I put angels in them

It was after the Sheffield Puja. There was snow, I think, at the time. Shri Mataji saw Doris" " if anyone remembers Doris who came from Switzerland" " and she had an English husband. Shri Mataji said to Doris, as She was leaving and we were singing to Her," Come and see Me at Brompton Square.”And I was living at Chelsham Road then. We all gave Mother flowers as She left and She drove back to London and in the boot of the car was all these oddments of individual flowers that had been handed to Her. And the next day a phone call to Chelsham Road and I was asked would I go to Brompton Square to arrange the flowers.

It had been about two weeks before that I'd been into Brompton Square when Shri Mataji was arranging plants. She was selling Brompton Square and there were regular sessions of putting in place flowers so people could visit. And Mother had bought a lot of plants and was arranging them. I ended up staying for some time and I can't remember actually what She said, but I certainly said that I didn't know anything about flower arranging. She asked me to do something and I said I wasn't very good. I was better at gardening and I couldn't arrange flowers.

So having me called two weeks later to go arrange flowers actually filled me with terrible unease. Anyway, I couldn't feel it. I couldn't succeed. This Doris said," Oh you're going to Brompton Square. Shri Mataji wanted to see me.”And I knew that because I'd heard Mother say and I phoned back to Brompton Square and got the okay for her to come. And on the way down in the car, Doris told me that she had done courses in flower arranging and she considered herself to be quite an expert and was trained. And I felt," Well, I'm saved. Isn't this wonderful? I've been saved. When we got down there" " it rather reminds me of the story of Rumplestiltskin and the girl who has to weave all the straw to make gold. You looked at the courtyard and it was just buckets and buckets and just piled, each individually, lovingly given flowers to Mother. Each one was very auspicious, but the whole thing looked like a daunting task. So I handed it to Doris and just let her say what to do.

She started and she started arranging and it was quite logical really. She started making all the different kinds of flowers in piles and sorting them out and I was just watching. And then she started arranging the flowers and getting certain vases and she was being very methodical about it, at which point I was just fetching and carrying vases and water and really not getting into any of the arranging.

A couple of weeks before, Shri Mataji was actually describing what She was doing while She was arranging the flowers and I witnessed Her arranging vases and sort of had an image in my mind of what She'd done. When I saw what Doris was doing, I was horrified because it wasn't nice. Even though I couldn't arrange flowers, I could see that what she was doing wasn't harmonious and it wasn't pleasant. I realized that Mother had asked me. She'd asked me to arrange the flowers and I was absolutely ducking out of it. So I put myself in bandhan, put my attention to pleasing Her with a little prayer," Please, Mother, whatever I do, may it please You.”And I went into another realm and I acted so purposefully and was preparing, that Doris turned around at some point and she said," I thought you couldn't arrange flowers.”So I said" " well, I really had no answer. So she said," That's wonderful.”And she started asking my advice, how to arrange them. At some point I took the vases into Mother's room and She said," Who did that? You did these? I thought you couldn't arrange flowers. Do you know some people put bhoots into other people? I think I put angels in them.”And the flowers looked lovely.

I stayed there for some time and whenever people came and saw Her flowers, She said," She did those.”And my confidence and joy" " and it was quite some time, doing all those flowers" " that force was with you. You knew a transformation had taken place.

Vicky Halperin

42) Pamela Bromley said:

It is no big deal at all

All those beautiful white saris that Mother used to wear, those beautiful white saris with the red borders that She used to wear at programs and She gave a whole heap to me and She said," Cut these up and we will make curtains out of them.”And I got the scissors and I couldn't do it. I couldn't physically cut these saris. I thought," What am I going to do? I can't disobey Mother, but I just can't cut these saris up.”So I said," I'm sorry, I just can't cut them up.”So She said," Doesn't matter, we'll use something else" "" as if to say it is no big deal at all.

Pamela Bromley

43) Linda Williams said:

It is in the poem

We were making curtains for Mother's bedroom [in Brompton Square]. I asked if I could bring my sewing machine to the house and sew them on the spot. Mother said," No, you must do them at Lambeth. It is in the poem.”She meant the part about Brompton Square by William Blake, where there is a bit about preparing the furniture in Lambeth [Chelsham Road ashram].

Linda Williams


Prepare the furniture O Lambeth in thy pitying looms! The curtains, woven tears & sighs, wrought into lovely forms For comfort. There the secret furniture of Jerusalem's chamber Is wrought: Lambeth! the Bride the Lambs Wife loveth thee: Thou art one with her & knowest not of self in thy supreme joy.

from"Jerusalem"by William Blake

44) Kay McHugh said:

See My face

In that dining room [in Brompton Square] She used to have all these different tea sets and teapots and cups and saucers and things around the picture rail. And some of them, remember, we bought in Hong Kong when She was there and She just bought them from the local Chinese emporium for not very much money at all, but when they were up in the Adi Shakti's dining room they looked absolutely stunning.

We did a lot of shopping in this Chinese emporium in Hong Kong and She would see lots of statues of Quan Yin there and say," See My face. See My face there"And all these Quan Yin statues in this china shop. This was '81.

Kay McHugh

45) John Glover said:

That would have been stunning

There are a lot of stories about Brompton Square for all of us. I had to go there for something and I was by myself. There was a wonderful flower shop nearby. So I went in there to buy flowers and the first thing I saw were fantastic yellow lilies, absolutely stunning. And, instead of buying them and going, which is what one should have done, I looked around the whole shop and got totally confused. The more flowers I looked at, the less I knew which one to get. And I ended up getting something, but when I was coming out of the shop I felt something wasn't quite as it should have been.

I went to Brompton Square, went downstairs. Shri Mataji was there and what She was wearing was a green sari with yellow lilies covering the whole sari. She looks at the flowers and She says," They're very nice flowers.”She just looked at me and I thought if I had turned up with the yellow lilies, without thinking, that would have been stunning.

John Glover

46) Vicky Halperin said:

It was very intricate

It was apparent that these dramas were created by Shri Mataji and you could only really see your angle of it, how it affected you or the person next to you. But it seemed to be massive. It seemed to be a drama that had far-reaching effects all over. At the end of it, you could compare notes with somebody and say how it affected you or how you benefitted from it, which would be totally different from what happened to them" " the same events completely. It was very intricate.

Vicky Halperin

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