Memories of our Divine Mother: 5. A WAVE OF SEEKERS

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
1) Marilyn Leate said:

She was playing with the yogis to work something out I lived and worked quite near by [Dollis Hill ashram], so I went there regularly. Shri Mataji was often there, sometimes with only a handful of yogis. It all seemed rather informal.

She once sat together with the yogis, saying," What can we do about Maharishi and TM? How can we reach the seekers whom he is enslaving?” There was then a discussion about how to infiltrate TM" " getting hold of their mailing list for example and sending them invitations to a TM program and then giving them their Realization instead. People were coming up with all kinds of tricks and Shri Mataji was encouraging this sweet conspiracy. Nothing ever came of these plans, but I got the feeling Mother was playing with the yogis, to work something out.

Marilyn Leate

2) Linda Williams said:

They were dark days

Shri Mataji said She was waiting for us to see sense, had been waiting for some years to realize we had been on the wrong path [TM] and then She would come to us. A month before we came, at a puja in London in early 1979, the Sahaja Yogis had decided that if Shri Mataji offered them a boon" " which She often did after a puja" " they would all ask for the same one, that all the true seekers who were caught on all the false paths would find Her.

They were dark days. A group of people I knew were searching for Realization and we all knew we had to find a genuine guru. We had begun to see that there were a lot of fakes around. Then one person of our group of seekers, David Prole, who was in London at the time, happened to see an article in Yoga Today when he was in the hairdresser waiting for his appointment. This beautiful article had been written by Shri Mataji Herself.

Linda Williams

3) Marilyn Leate said:

[The article] engendered a lot of interest in Sahaja Yoga and brought many new seekers to the Caxton Hall programs to get their Realization. Among these seekers were a group of people who had been doing Transcendental Meditation.

Marilyn Leate

4) Douglas Fry said:

They realized that Sahaja Yoga was the thing

It was about a two or three page article in Yoga Today. It had a picture of Shri Mataji and told all about Shri Mataji and said about Sahaja Yoga and all this sort of thing. And it said that if you put your hands towards this picture of Shri Mataji you can feel vibrations and you can sit and meditate with it. What happened is that David Prole, one of the people who was quite high up in TM, had seen this and wanted information on it. He phoned Dollis Hill [ashram] because the number was there and he happened to get hold of me. He asked me what Sahaja Yoga was all about. I wasn't a particularly eloquent sort of a speaker, so I went on and said what I thought it was all about. He wasn't terribly impressed until I said," Do you do meditation of any sort?”And he said," Well, what's it to do with you?”I said," Well, I think you do TM.”And I was met with this stunned silence. He said," How do you know?”So I said," Look, you see, with Sahaja Yoga you feel vibrations from various chakras. And if you do various things, chakras get altered or slightly damaged or readjusted or put out of alignment.”And I told him that when we feel a certain number of chakras altered, we know it has been caused by a certain thing.”And I feel that you are surrounded by TM.”

Douglas Fry

5) Linda Williams said:

[Douglas] told David over the phone what he was doing, explaining that this ability to know a person's inner state was a power he too could have with Sahaja Yoga. David was amazed and went along to the program where he got his Realization.

Linda Williams

6) Douglas Fry said:

It turned out that [David] was involved [with TM], and his parents, and that was what I felt. By good fortune, what I said attracted him. Mother must have been in there doing a bit of driving from the background. It made them realize that I knew what I was talking about and Sahaja Yoga was obviously what they had been looking for. They knew that TM wasn't right, but they didn't know what to put in its place. And obviously, from what I said on the phone, they realized that Sahaja Yoga was the thing that they had to do.

Douglas Fry

7) Maureen Rossi said:

They were so damaged

From '78-79 we started getting TM people all the time. These people were teachers and they knew that the mantras given out were from a list. They knew it was a con, but like Douglas said, they didn't know what to do about it. We had a steady stream of people in the most unbelievable state. They would be jerking and screaming and shouting. Even in Caxton Hall I can remember seeing people being worked on and they were twitching and jumping and, you know, Mother would be working on them. It was the first time we saw Mother literally fighting. She was fighting these people, the demons in them. And they wanted to be cleared out. Some of them were so damaged that they couldn't actually cope.

She fought them with everything. I mean, that's where we used lemons and chillies. We had used lemons and chillies and limes and stuff with us. Mother had told us to do it and we had found it worked and everything, but that's when people were issued," Right, go round the corner and get limes and chillies.”People would go to Caxton Hall to be ready to give them to Mother to hand to people. The lemons would turn black as soon as She put them near a candle because the people were in such a state. She would use anything, even electric lights, if She didn't have a flame. She worked night and day on these people. But even then we only ended up with a very few because they just couldn't take it. They were so damaged, the poor things.

Maureen Rossi

8) Marilyn Leate said:

The people there were very privileged

What I remember is in those days when you worked on someone from TM, even if you didn't know they'd done TM, they always jumped as you got to the left heart. I can remember a lot of them going round to Dollis Hill and it being quite a centre for all this exorcism, I suppose. Shri Mataji would often just suddenly come round to Dollis Hill on spec, without hardly giving any warning and sleep the night there and vibrate the place. So the people there were very privileged.

Marilyn Leate

9) Pat Anslow said:

They don't like onions

We had that young Chinese boy who had been doing TM, who was possessed by some sort of animal. He was out in the garden, in Dollis Hill ashram, and hissing and arching and making clawing motions. And Mother was standing with one foot on his neck and twirling Her finger around Her head like Shri Krishna and firing off discusses at him. At that moment, a middle-aged couple in a Morris Minor pulled up outside and I remember holding my coat open to try to shield this couple sort of looking into the back garden of this little end terrace house. And there was the Adi Shakti slaying demons in the back garden.

I remember another thing. She took him by the hair, this chap. He had his eyes closed and Mother took hold of an onion and held it in front of his face and said," Open your eyes.”And he opened his eyes and screamed and went," Ahhh.”And Mother nodded and said," They don't like onions.”

Pat Anslow

10) Linda Williams said:

Foundations of Albion

I later learnt that the first night after She gave me Realization, She went home and cried with compassion because those of Her children who had met Her on that day were so damaged by the fake gurus. There were some other people at that seminar who had come from the TM and Mother said that not all of them would stay in Sahaja Yoga and, although She did not specify who, many did drop off. It would be wonderful if some of them could come back some time" " indeed, if so many of the people who came then and do not come now could return. Although many of those early faces are still around and those people whose boon brought us were the real foundations of Sahaja Yoga in Britain, the Albion of William Blake.

Linda Williams

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