Memories of our Divine Mother: 8. TRAINS AND CARS

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
1) Pat Anslow said:

She was endlessly patient

Mother came everywhere with us. It was a long time before we actually got a car for Mother to travel in. Before that She went everywhere by tube with us. And we would literally be on the tube, standing in one of the aisles in the middle and Mother would be holding forth about something and we would be standing around Her with our hands towards Her. And the whole thing would be going rattle, rattle, rattle with people going by.

And when we went to Weston [-Super-Mare in western England], we all went on the train together. We didn't understand how to look after Mother or anything. She literally behaved as if She was one of us, traveling with us and we didn't have a clue. She was endlessly, endlessly patient.

Pat Anslow

2) Marilyn Leate said:

I prayed that it would not come undone

Shri Mataji once slept with Her head upon my right shoulder in a first class carriage on the London to Birmingham Express. I prayed that whatever was worked out on my Shri Chakra would not come undone by my own negligence. Just before sleeping, She had been answering questions from Olympia [Brown], the five year old who sat opposite us, such as"Why are there tunnels?”Mother answered very factually about how it's easier to tunnel through a mountain than to go around it or over it.

Marilyn Leate

3) Miodrag Radosavljevic said:

I was very puzzled how She knew

We went quite a few times with Shri Mataji, either shopping and, well, on the train to different places to have meetings or we used to go to Her house, where She used to invite us a lot. And She would give us breakfast and nice food and She would treat us like a real mother.

I remember once we were on the train and I was very new and I didn't really understand what it was all about. Shri Mataji asked me," Have you done karate?”And I said," Yes, Mother.”And I was very puzzled how She knew that I had done that" " because of my chakras, the way they were affected.

Miodrag Radosavljevic

4) Maureen Rossi said:

I wasn't a baby

At one stage, through some connection of Mother's, we were going to have a public meeting in Cambridge, the first one. And it was in what I can only describe as an old people's home. I don't know what else it was. And to get there we all went in Shri Mataji's official car and there wasn't much space. Mother made me sit on Her lap all the way there, in the front of the car. It was 1976 and in this amazing Daimler thing, I had to sit on Mother's lap all the way. I just can't believe it now. I mean I was twenty-one. I wasn't a baby. I wasn't very big, but I had nearly cut the top of my finger off and She had to hold it nearly all the way there. It was a very bizarre meeting. Mother had to really labour to get any attention out of these people. Talk about stoney ground!

Maureen Rossi

5) Bernard Rackham said:

She went shopping in a little Mini

A week before Her arrival in the hotel in [Bramham Gardens hotel in] Earls Court, there were some weddings in London and where else to put up those getting married from out of town, but the hotel. The weddings were to be on the Sunday and on the Saturday the grooms went to Southall, an Asian part of London, to buy their wedding outfits and the brides went to Chelsham Road where the weddings were to be.

Bernard [Rackham] and Mia [Miodrag Radosavljevic], who were the [only] yogis living at the hotel, were recovering from having to suddenly cater for what was their first experience of hosting for thirty or so people" " having dynamism thrust upon them, so to speak. Suddenly the call went up," Mother's here!"And so She was.

Shri Mataji was Herself on the way to Southall to buy saris for the brides. The thing was She had been packing at Her house in [Ashley Gardens] Westminster and someone had packed away the car keys and they could not be found. She had come to the hotel in a taxi. Somewhere at the back of the crowd, which had mysteriously appeared, Bernard heard someone mention," Bernard has a car, Shri Mataji," to which She replied," Great, we can go in that.”

Bernard Rackham

6) Miodrag Radosavljevic said:

We went shopping in a little Mini car with Shri Mataji and the Sahaja Yogis. It was interesting because we are used to seeing Shri Mataji coming out of a big Mercedes and She went shopping in a little Mini. It was Bernard Rackham's Mini.

Miodrag Radosavljevic

7) Bernard Rackham said:

Now this car, to describe it as modest was to elevate it to unknown proportions. It was not only a Mini, one of the smallest British cars on the road, but it was to be vibrating a scrap yard within six months of the event. There was no suspension, moss was growing out of the windowsills and the rust was such that you could see the road going by through a hole in the floor" " yet this humble little car was destined to be a vehicle for the Adi Shakti.

You can't describe the joy or the maya of being that intimate with Shri Mataji, so it won't be attempted. What can be said is that, on arriving in Southall, the first thing to be seen was a large group of yogis pacing the streets in search of kurtas and the like. The car honked and the bewildered yogis peered around. You can imagine their astonishment when they realized who it was sitting in this little green car. It being Southall, it was not just the yogis, but everyone crowded around the car to see and soon there was a huge crowd. Yet, a couple of minutes later, after Mother had told the yogis where to do their shopping, they drove fifty metres up the street, pulled up, attracting no attention whatsoever, and Mother disappeared into a shop" " just another Indian lady looking for saris.

Bernard Rackham

8) Ray Harris said:

He's all right now

I've had a few experiences driving Shri Mataji around. it's funny how when you drive Shri Mataji around in Her car, the geography of the streets changes.

Ray Harris

9) Vicky Halperin said:

I was with you, Ray. Do you remember when we went around the Barbican? I was sitting in the front with you and Shri Mataji was in the back and we wanted to reach back to Brompton Square. We'd been to the East End [of London], where She bought some suits and things for Her brothers. We both knew that you go to the left or the right. And Mother always said the opposite.

Vicky Halperin

10) Ray Harris said:

She said," No, no, go the other way.”

Ray Harris

11) Vicky Halperin said:

He was so good. He said," Yes, Mother. Yes Mother.”And we ended up in the heartland, the Barbican, where the theatre was. We couldn't find our way out even. Mother said," I have to be in this place. There's a reason.”

Vicky Halperin

12) Ray Harris said:

I think She said She was basically working on us. I mean, She was working on me in particular at that time. She said," You should always know that I have a reason for telling you these things.”It was like"thank you for not arguing"because we knew the way to go to those places.

Ray Harris

13) Vicky Halperin said:

We were going in totally the opposite direction, weren't we? And we kept going round and round and seeing the same places again and again and She was directing.

Vicky Halperin

14) Ray Harris said:

And I started off driving really carefully.”Her car," I thought.”I mustn't crash the car.”I was really, really careful. At one point, I think it must have been the same day, on the way back west, just as we finished doing this malarkey and gone shopping and that, She said," Give Ray a bandhan.”And I was still feeling very, very careful and I think maybe that's why She gave me a bandhan. And suddenly I just went off, driving like forty-five, fifty just like everyone else on the Great West Road, changing lanes. And She said," Oh, he's all right now.”

Ray Harris

15) Felicity Payment said:

Shri Mataji will know the way

We went to take Her to the train, to catch the train to Bristol and these stories have been told before how people were concerned we were going to be late, you know, Shri Mataji was going to miss the train. And we got in the car. For some reason I was travelling in the car. We got in the car to give directions to go to the station and halfway, in the car, I became completely thoughtless and I could not remember how to get to the railway station. You know, it was like my brain was completely emptied and I was just there in the car with Shri Mataji and I could not put myself back into the ordinary everyday world that was around me that I knew. It was like I was somehow disconnected from my past memories and they were asking me which is the way and I couldn't remember. And, you know, I was going," I can't remember if it's this way or that way.”But I wasn't really worried. I felt a bit stupid, but I wasn't really worried because I felt, you know," Shri Mataji will know the way. She will tell us," you know. So She did. She started saying," Well, try this way and go this way. And, of course, we ended up at the station fine. And, of course, although we were expecting to be a bit late, the train hadn't come, even arrived yet. It hadn't even come in. So there was plenty of time to stand on the station and just, you know, talk with Shri Mataji.

Felicity Payment

16) John Glover said:

I'd better give you a bandhan

I had to drive Sir CP and one day we had a radio interview with [London radio station] LBC, Laurence Spicer who liked Mother very much. He was a very hectic man and Mother calmed him down and he did a nice interview. Mother asked me to take Her there and it was a new car and Mother was saying how nice it was and how much did I pay and She got in. And the first wonderful thing She did was pull down the vanity mirror on the passenger side and combed Her hair, which we know is removing the fear of death and Shri Rama. And it's very awesome when She does this.

And one time in Sheffield Station, Mother went into a photo booth to have some photos taken and all the Sahaj Yogis were there and the vibrations were amazing as She had combed Her hair in the booth. The photos were miracle photos.

Anyway back to the car story. I had planned the route, as I had a terrible fear that I would be late. We arrived and everything went fine. On the way back, Mother said," Let's go a different way.”She was so sweet. Somebody cut me off and Mother said," Oh, they are so aggressive.”Anyway I used to do a short cut and went through a taxi rank, which I should not have done and Mother said," What are you doing? You shouldn't be going this way. I'd better give you a bandhan so no one sees you.”

On the way back, Mother took me a different way and it was amazing because it was as though She directed me round London, parts I did not know, and the only interesting bit is when we came back to Victoria, where Mother was staying, and I knew it, but took a wrong road.

John Glover

17) Kay McHugh said:

A yesterday's memory

We went with Mr. Pradhan on a trip to Nasik [in 1980 or 1981] and Mr. Pradhan's car never breaks down according to Mr. Pradhan, but it broke down that day and he was mortified and he had to end up by getting Shri Mataji's son-in-law's car, I think.

We first went to a hospital where there was a Sahaja Yogi mother-in- law, something like that, who had gone to a false guru after getting her Realization. She'd gone blind and Mother went to the hospital in Her compassion. And She said to me," Now you don't come in.”So obviously I wasn't strong enough, vibratorily-wise, to go in. And She went into the hospital and came out. And after She came out, I was amazed because She sat in front of me in the front seat of the car and, because She'd worked on this woman's blindness obviously, the back Agnya had sucked in all the negativity and it was pulsating out about an inch and a half. You could see. I sat there sort of with my mouth open and watching the back of Her Agnya go in and out and in and out, like that" " in and out as She obviously was working out the back Agnya. So that was a pretty amazing experience to see that, to see the bones move like that and pulsating there.

So then we went on this trip over the mountains to Nasik, where She seemed to drop off to sleep occasionally, which we all know She doesn't do, but" " and we had various conversations. Mr. Pradhan's driving even would seem to allow Her from time to time, where'd She would say," Horn, Pradhan," as we'd go screaming around the corner of a mountain road on the wrong side and She'd remind him to play the horn.”Horn, Pradhan, horn.”

And we got lost. We got lost and it got dark and they were having a program in Nasik. And so She was missing the program. So poor Mr. Pradhan was feeling worse and worse because he couldn't find his way in the dark. And eventually we stopped in" " we got to Niphad, which I think is the nearest town. And we stopped to have tea, so we could find directions. And we were standing in the carpark of this tea place, which was very barren with only telephone poles and lines and tar on the ground and everything. And She started telling me the story about how this was the place where the nose of Ravanna's sister got cut off. And She was telling me the story and She said," And that's why this place is called Nasik because it means nose.”And then She just looked around, as if it was a very familiar place to Her and said," Of course, it was all forest then.”And She looked like this was the place and here we were standing in this very stark, stark area with not a tree in sight. But She just looked around and said," But this was all forest then.”So it made you feel that it was just a yesterday's memory.

Kay McHugh

18) Kristine Kirby said:

Ritambhara pragnya

We were driving on our way to an interview. Shri Mataji had a couple of interviews in Boston during that visit [in 1983]. And on our way to the interview She was talking and describing the power of"ritambhara pragnya," where, as I understand it, you can, by just speaking something, work it out. You can make it come true. You can actually, in that context, speaking in terms of the fact, that you say it and it happens. And very shortly thereafter, She was discussing Japanese gardens for some reason which I cannot even remember exactly why, but as we were discussing it, we passed by a corporation and out front on the property of the corporation they had planted or they had built a Japanese garden. So even as She was speaking about a Japanese garden, we all looked out to the right, looked out of the window, and there was a Japanese garden. And She said," There it is. That is ritambhara pragnya!"

Kristine Kirby

19) Ruth Flint said:

Her way of vibrating things

One afternoon we were a little group with Shri Mataji and we went to this famous Hotel Sacher [in Vienna] to eat one of these delicious chocolate cakes called Sacher torte. Gregoire wanted to park more or less in front of the hotel and Shri Mataji told him," No, Gregoire, you should not park there. Look, it's not allowed.”And he said," Oh, it doesn't matter, Shri Mataji. I have diplomatic plates.”So we went in. We ate our cakes and drank our tea and then, when we came out, Gregoire's car was gone. So he got a little bit into panic because his car had been towed away and Shri Mataji said," You see, Gregoire, I had warned you and you told Me no. So you see what is happening? You should never say no to Me"And so on.

As Gregoire's car had disappeared, I had to drive Her back from the program. Maybe he had to get his car back from the tow-away depot. My car was a Renault Five. I had no town map with me and did not know Vienna. We drove round and round Vienna at midnight to find again Gregoire's house. While sitting in the car, Shri Mataji would joke and laugh. I suppose it was Her way of vibrating the town because very often after programs Shri Mataji asks to be driven round the town where She is in order to vibrate it.

As my car was very little, She was sitting next to me and some other yogis in the back. She was saying something about men who had to be respected. And then at the end She laughed and hit teasingly my thigh and said," Well, you anyway have all the powers, so don't worry for that"or something like that. It was really joyous.

Ruth Flint

20) Vicky Halperin said:

She left it to me

One day, Shri Mataji left it to me. She was quiet about directions, getting back to Brompton Square. I think Richard Ogden was driving the car because, when I was staying at Brompton Square, Richard was also there. He didn't know his way around. I'd suggested a route back through the park, which once we'd embarked on, there was no way back. Shri Mataji said," That way gets very busy. It may not be quicker.”I was feeling quite uneasy because I had said something which turned out not to be the right thing. So we were quite a way down and She must have picked up on the fact that I was feeling uncomfortable because we were in very slow-moving traffic and She started admiring the trees. There weren't many leaves. It must have been autumn and She looked at the branches and the finer branches and the twigs and She said," See what lace" " see how beautiful nature is to entertain us and to give us joy.”And it changed from this tortuous journey through the traffic to this amazing admiration of nature and, of course, my heart lifted up again.

Vicky Halperin

21) Linda Williams said:

The earth of London has been well vibrate

On one occasion there was some problem with the car and we even had to come home with Mother by tube. The earth of London has been well vibrated and travelling by tube can be quite a spiritual experience, if one puts ones attention in the right place. That is, remember that the Goddess Herself has walked many of the streets of London, which are all above one in the tube. They were great days.

Linda Williams

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