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The Sacred Feminine Today “The ancient Gnostic gospels were excluded from the Christian canon because they argued salvation through spiritual knowledge rather than the teaching authority of any church. And they often gave this a feminine cast, says Katherine Jansen, an associate professor of history at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.” The Sacred Feminine TodayLlewellyn


“In The Beginning We Were All Created Female.” “This is a fundamental and recurring pattern in nature: Life is a female environment in which the male appears, often periodically, and created by the female, to perform highly specialized tasks related to species reproduction and a more complex evolution, a freshwater crustacean, reproduces several generations of


Mother Tao “The Eternal Tao cannot properly be equated with the Western notion of God as interpreted by orthodox Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. Still, there are many parallels with the notion of God as understood in the Western esoteric tradition. There are Greek philosophers, Christian and Jewish mystics, and Islamic Sufis, who speak of God


Dasam Dvar, the tenth door opens into the abode of God, the Creator Dasam DvarFrom SikhiWiki DASAM DVAR (Sanskrit Dasamadvara), literally meaning “tenth gate”, has been refered to in SGGS signifying the door to enlightenment and vision being only through NAAM DAAN & ISHNAAN. This term originate from the Hathayogic system, where it is also known as brahmrandhra, moksadvara,


In some sense, the Goddess is our world in a way that God is not “One important question raised by this collection is that of the characteristics or attributes that are most consistently central to Mahadevi’s nature in the variety of textual and devotional environments we explore in these pages. This is a somewhat loaded


The Book Of Enlightenment Of all the divine revelations to the children, perhaps the most priceless of all is the one revealed by the Divine Mother July 23, 1994. In his Sahasrara Kash asked,” Shri Mataji, what was Your original name?” The eternally young Woman, the MahaDevi, replied: “Shri Lalita Devi.”“The Agni Pr. Says, The


Devi: “Till the complete knowledge in the form of my consciousness arises, there is no liberation.” Devi “is the origin of the universe, the resort of all, the primordial prakrti.” She is the “supreme vidya (knowledge) which is the cause of liberation.” “The Devimahatmya refers to two different traditions regarding the origin of the Great Goddess:


Conflicting Images of God in Early ChristianityElaine H.Pagels. “Christianity, of course, added the trinitarian terms to the Jewish description of God. And yet of the three divine Persons, two-the Father and Son-are described in masculine terms, and the third-the Spirit-suggests the sexlessness of the Greek neuter term pneuma. This is not merely a subjective impression.


There is only Brahman, with Devi (Maha Maya) or Paramesari latent in it “The Devi Bhagavatam teaches us that the Brahman is the undecaying principle of fullness—the ultimate substratum of everything. It is totally without desire or qualities. Therefore it is not able to create or accomplish any action without the help of its inherent


“Thus … to speak of the Holy Spirit as male is a distortion of the actual languages of the Scriptures.” “If one researches the words for”Spirit” in Hebrew and Greek, one will find that in Hebrew it is actually a feminine word, and in Greek it is neuter, having no specific gender association. Thus, the