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“And when Jesus foreannounced another Comforter

“And when Jesus foreannounced another Comforter, He must have intended a Person as distinct and helpful as He had been.”- F. B. Meyer “THE PERSONALITY OF THE HOLY GHOST That word, “another”—”He shall give you another Comforter”—is in itself sufficient to prove the Divinity and Personality of the Holy Ghost. If a man promises to

The AA logo, inspired by the Sanskrit term “Aadah Akash” or “Half the Sky,”

i.e., half of humanity, serves as a potent emblem of women’s empowerment and enlightenment. It encapsulates the spirit of the Divine Mother, the wellspring of love, wisdom, and power. This symbol champions gender equality and underscores women’s entitlement to respect, dignity, and freedom. Incorporating four hues of green, the logo signifies the four elements of


The “notion that the Spirit is present in the world religions is heard more loudly today.” “In addition to that, the notion that the Spirit is present in the world religions is heard more loudly today. D’Costa writes that, ‘… the claim that the Spirit is at work in their religions should be taken neither


“In the twenty-first century … India will conquer her conqueror” “Around the middle of this century Arnold Toynbee predicted that at its close the world would still be dominated by the West, but that in the twenty-first century ‘India will conquer her conquerors’.1 Preempting the place that is now held by technology, religion will be restored


The Second Birth of Man “The undreamed-of technical advances in civilization made possible by the splitting of the atom and the harnessing of subatomic energies will ultimately bring all peoples into such close proximity in travel and communication that humanity will have to reevaluate its attitudes. Either persistence in ignorant intolerance will spawn mass suffering,


“While the Spirit-Paraclete is the true broker, the brokers they rely on are imposters.” “As the spirit is in the Gospel proper, so the Spirit-Paraclete is a benefit that Jesus will broker to believers. But as with the other benefits that Jesus provides, the source of the Paraclete is with God. The Father sends the Paraclete via


“What I found in the story (of Jesus) was an incredibly revolutionary figure.” “Like many people, my sense of who Jesus was was primarily informed by the prevailing culture. The Jesus that I knew was really the Jesus I saw on TV and in movies, the Jesus depicted from the pulpit, and later the Jesus


Jesus’ Revolutionary Vision “Unlike the Buddha, or Krishna, or any of the Eastern sages whose wisdom of transcendental knowledge left fundamentally intact the status quo of a world often characterized as illusory, the Jesus we see in the Gospel of Thomas saw and knew this world as the constant epiphany of the divine kingdom and


“This is reflected in numerous sayings. The Kingdom is like a treasure or a costly pearl whose possession outranks all other goods (Mt. 13:44-46). It is something to be sought here and now (Mt. 6:33) and to be received as children receive a gift (Mk. 10:15 = Lk. 18:16-17). In this saying the Kingdom is