"Shri Mataji, what was your original name?”

"Gyana. Knowledge about God is of two kinds, direct and indirect. Indirectly we can read scriptures, listen to sermons, consult authorities, and from these sources build a reasonable case that God exists. But such a God transmits no love to Earth. Therefore nothing substitutes for gyana, which is direct knowledge of the divine. Instead of having thoughts about God, you share God's own thoughts. Her thoughts can only be about Herself. This isn't cosmic self-centeredness, however. It confirms the fact that spiritual knowledge is essential; truth, trust, devotion, and love are inside our thoughts. Gyana is the mind in communion with spirit.” (Chopra 1997, 241)

The Divine Mother
The omniscient (of infinite knowledge), omnipotent (of
unlimited power), omnipresent (present everywhere)
Divine Mother of extreme beauty and ageless eternity.

"Therefore a person should ever strive for the
destruction of ignorance, for one's birth is fruitful when
ignorance is destroyed. One thereby attains the end of
human existence and the state of being liberated
while living.”— The Divine Mother (Devi Gita 4.7-8)
"May all the gods attend to what I have to say. By
merely hearing these words of mine, one attains my
essential nature. I alone existed in the beginning;
there was nothing else at all, O Mountain King. My
true Self is known as pure consciousness, the highest
intelligence, the one Supreme Brahman/Thus through
hearing about, reflecting upon, and ascertaining the
Self by the Self, one should also, through intense
meditation, realize that I am in essence the Self...
By this meditation, O King, the noble person will
perceive me directly and then merge into my own
essence since we two are one. By practicing this yoga,
one realizes me as the supreme Self. In that instant,
ignorance and its effects all perish.”
— The Divine Mother (Devi Gita 2.12;/4.40;49-50)

"The Devi insists that liberating knowledge can be
attained here in this world, while still living. Seeking
such knowledge alone makes life worthwhile, and
the attainment of knowledge completely fulfils the
ultimate purpose of existence.” C.M. Brown, 2002. 25

“Now the name Nirmala itself means immaculate;
means the one who is the cleansing power and the
name of the Goddess also. My actual sign name is
Lalita who is the name of the Primordial Mother.
That is the name of the Primordial Mother.”

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
New York, USA—September 30, 1981

Except for quotes and images of Her incarnation
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, this site is almost entirely
about Devi, the Divine Feminine. The Devi's yoga
(to unite) requires absolutely discarding all external
rules, rituals and rulers. Only then can meditation and
merging with the Divine Mother within truly begin.
Hence the term "Self-realization", and the means of
realizing Her as our divine core or Self begins here.

It must be emphasized that neither Kash, his brother Arwinder, nor his sister Lalita have ever met the physical Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. All their daily spiritual experiences with Her until to date have been within their Sahasraras. They narrate the Ultimate Reality of the Sahasrara or Kingdom of God within all humans, where She resides as the Adi Shakti. It has little to do with Her temporary, illusionary human form as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who sooner or later will leave Earth after having completed Her Mission to enlighten and emancipate humanity.

It is extremely important to understand this Reality because it deals entirely with the Spirit World absolutely devoid of any earthly defect. Thus no comparison whatsoever should be made between the Great Adi Shakti Shri Lalita Devi and Her earthly incarnation as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Yet, they are both one and the same. The physical Shri Mataji on Earth is the drop. The Spirit Shri Mataji in the Sahasrara is the Ocean. The earthly Shri Nirmala Devi is the single leaf. The Formless Shri Lalita Devi is the Divine Forest. The human Shri Mataji is the Teacher without. The Divine Shri Lalita Devi is the Supreme Guide within. The mortal Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the temporary external mirage. The Immortal Shri Lalita Devi is the Eternal Inner Reality.

Another important point to remember is that the mystical experiences of Kash, Arwinder and Lalita are shruti in nature. "Shruti in Sanskrit means 'that which is heard'. This word, then, is meant to connote, something that was directly heard from God, by the sages. In other words, the Shruti stems from the inner, intuitional and spiritual experience of the ancient seers through years of deep meditation. They are "apaurisheya", or authorless, or, to put it more succinctly, they are superhuman.”1

Professor Rukumani (Ph.D) points out that "At the core of Hinduism is the synthesis of sat (existence), chit (consciousness) and anant (infinity) as found in the texts of the Vedas and the Upanishads said to date back to 2500 B.C. These truths known as shruti (heard) were revealed to sages in an inspired state of mind, and were handed down for centuries from teacher to pupil by word of mouth. The techniques of transmitting the shruti verse were so accurate and precise that when they were finally written down, manuscripts composed independently were found to agree syllable by syllable.”2

The Path to Love

According to Deepak Chopra "knowledge about God is of two kinds, direct and indirect. Indirectly we can read scriptures, listen to sermons, consult authorities, and from these sources build a reasonable case that God exists. But such a God transmits no love to Earth. Therefore nothing substitutes for gyana, which is direct knowledge of the divine. Instead of having thoughts about God, you share God's own thoughts. Her thoughts can only be about Herself. This isn't cosmic self-centeredness, however. It confirms the fact that spiritual knowledge is essential; truth; trust; devotion, and love are inside our thoughts. Gyana is the mind in communion with spirit.”3

Of all the spiritual knowledge revealed to the children, perhaps the most priceless of all is the one posed by Kash to the Great Adi Shakti early 1994:

Kash: "Shri Mataji, what was Your original name?”

Shri Mataji: "Shri Lalita Devi.”

It was on June 23, 1994, the eve of the Guru Puja at Camp Interval, Quebec, Canada, that Kash meditated and confirmed that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's original name was Shri Lalita Devi! It is for this reason that the 1,000 esoteric names throughout Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom of God are taken from the Shri Lalita Sahasranama and attributed to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the incarnation of Shri Lalita Devi, the Great Goddess.

Extremely few humans in history have reached this state of enlightenment through kundalini awakening. The words "extremely few" are used to determine the number of individuals who have witnessed the Ultimate Reality of the Sahasrara regarding which even the scriptures provide scant information. Only a handful have confirmed the supreme inner divinity of all humans but never with such detail, depth and clarity. None have visited the Kingdom of God that Shri Jesus talked about 2000 years ago; none until the advent of the promised Messiah Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and the opening of the Sahasrara Chakra on May 5, 1970.

Everyone of Kash's, Arwinder and Lalita's spiritual experiences have been about the spiritual Kingdom of God that exists within all beings. It is imperative that these fundamental differences be understood and remembered, before proceeding further.

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“The Kundalini is the Pure Desire within us ... This Power of Pure Desire resides in the triangular bone. It is very important to know that the Kundalini lies above the Mooladhara Chakra in the Mooladhara. So those people who say that sex can awaken the Kundalini are absolutely wrong and are trying to play upon our weaknesses. Because Mooladhara Chakra looks after the pelvic plexus which is responsible for our organs of excretion as well as for sex. At this time all such activities stop and a person becomes innocent and then the Kundalini rises ...

To say that it gives trouble shows that the people who are doing this kind of work are not authorized, or they do not have any Knowledge about it.”

Shri Pratyak-Chiti-Rupa Devi
Madras, India — February 11, 1990

Pratyak-Chiti-Rupa (367th): Inner consciousness or knowledge of Self of each Jiva as Saksi.

“I am telling you as your Mother and persuading you not to go to such wicked people and invite your disaster. Do not destroy your Spirit by going to such people. You should understand your Spirit. There is no need to spoil everything in the oscillations of questions and counter questions. Get Realization first. First know your Spirit. I will do the rest. On what basis will you ask questions before that? Have you got any means to ascertain who is genuine and who is fake.”

Shri Charachara-Jagannatha Devi
Delhi, India — August 18, 1979

Charachara-Jagannatha (244th) The Queen of the entire Universe, moving and non-moving. Jagat means moving which is nothing but Herself as Power.

“In the breaking of the Sahasrara I have never left anything undone. It's a perfect job. Your nerves are not hurt. Your brain is not hurt. Such a powerful Kundalini comes up. How sweetly, beautifully, delicately she pierces through. Only a thread comes up. And how then the connection is established and the relaxation starts coming in on the sympathetic. How beautifully all the Chakras open and more of these threads are coming up. Now you are also told how to work it out. You know all the technical know how....

When asked anyone of the saints or anyone of the great incarnations, did they know so much about Kundalini. If they had they would have written about it. They have never written anything about Kundalini. If they have it's very little.”

Shri Mula-vigraha-rupini Devi
How It Was All Decided, Fregene, Italy — May 8, 1988

(Mula-vigraha-rupini (840th): The Primordial Power from who originate the various energies.)

“Unless and until you get your spirit you are not going to be satisfied, you try anything else because you are a category and category of a seeker. There may be some who are not, who are just posing, they can be discovered very easily. The Kundalini rises only in the presence of a holy person who is a realised soul, that's why they say you must get a Sadguru, which is a Guru who is a realised soul. But how many there are?”

Shri Satya-rupa Devi
University of NSW, Australia — March 23, 1981

Satya-rupa (818th): She is Brahman Herself

1. www.indiamine.com
2. The Gazette, April 26, 1996
3. Deepak Chopra, The Path of Love

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