The Case Of The Double Witnesses

“A great awakening is taking place. Individuals all across the world are tapping into their internal power to understand who they are and using that knowledge to elevate their lives and their circumstances to a higher octave of happiness and productivity. Sharing the search, and the techniques of searching, is only a part of the help we can give one another.”- Shirley Maclaine

Swami Venkatesananda, The Concise Yoga Vasistha

“Lila began to meditate. Immediately she entered the highest state of consciousness free from all distractions (nirvikalpa). She was in the infinite space of consciousness. There she saw the king once again, on a throne, surrounded by many kings who adored him— but they did not see her. She wondered: are they all dead, too!

Again, by the grace of goddess Sarasvati, she came back to her palace, and saw her attendants asleep. She woke them and asked them to request the members of the royal court to assemble at once.

Seeing all the members of the royal court, Lila was puzzled: she thought, 'This is strange, for these people seem to exist in two places at the same time—in that region which I saw in my meditation and here in front of me. Just as a mountain is seen both inside the mirror and outside it, this creation is seen both within consciousness and outside it. But, which of these is real and which the reflection? I must find out from Sarasvati'. She adored Sarasvati and saw her seated in front of her.

Be gracious, O Goddess, and tell me this. That on which this world is reflected is extremely pure and undivided, and it is not the object of knowledge. This world exists both within it as its reflection, and outside as solid matter: which is real and which the reflection?.”..

"O Rama, Sarasvati and queen Lila immediately sat in deep meditation, or nirvakalpa samadhi. They has risen above body-consciousness. Because they had given up all notions of the world, it had completely vanished in their consciousness. They roamed freely in their wisdom-bodies. Though it seemed that they had travelled millions of miles in space, they were still in the same 'room', but on another plane of consciousness. They saw all that was already in the mind of Sarasvati, and which Sarasvati wanted to show to queen Lila.”

Swami Venkatesananda, The Concise Yoga Vasistha
State University of New York Press (October 1984), pp. 55-57

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (1923 - 2011) was Christian by birth, Hindu by marriage, and Paraclete by duty.” alt=
Shri Adi Shakti: The
Kingdom Of God [1999]
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The Case Of The Double Witnesses

Since Self-Realization Kash attended most pujas with his parents but, unlike others, he always attended two simultaneously — the physical puja on Earth and the spiritual one in the Kingdom of Sadashiva. Normally, before these spiritual ceremonies commenced, he would meditate and reach the Sahasrara. There the Great Adi Shakti and the Divine Unity were always ready and waiting for him. After exchanging greetings with the Messengers of the Creator, the spiritual ceremonies performed on Earth in Her honor were witnessed.

In the Sahasrara the exact manifestation of the material world takes place, down to the last grain of rice offering. Every single gesture or movement during puja is witnessed as it takes place on Earth. This is the incomprehensible state of the microcosm in the macrocosm. However, those Sahaja Yogis performing Shri Mataji's pujas are completely unaware that they are being observed within their own Sahasraras. All havans, pujas and other spiritual ceremonies performed by Sahaja Yogis are always witnessed by Shri Mataji and the Spirit Beings of the Holy One — This Revealed Truth is Absolute.

For Kash these ceremonies are special. Not only he sits beside the Great Universal Mother and Her Divine Spirits in the Thousand-Petal Lotus, but he is also able to witness the whole ceremony in physical world simultaneously — and keep switching back and forth. He actually witnesses himself witnessing the ceremonies. He can see himself on Earth saying mantras, bowing, meditating, throwing the havan samaghri into the sacred fire, eating prasad, and so on. However his ethereal in the Sahasrara does not do what his corporeal self is doing in the physical world. In the Sahasrara he just witnesses Her devotees on Earth performing their duties. He actually does two separate actions simultaneously, one with his physical body in the macrocosm and the other with his spirit Self in the microcosm. He does what he is not doing. He does not do what he is doing. He witnesses what he is not witnessing. He does not witness what he is witnessing. Which is the Reality and which is the Illusion?

On January 26, 1997, at 11:15 a.m. Kash was asked what he imagined or thought about inside the Thousand-Petal Lotus. Did he think what subject to talk about, maybe wonder how blissful it was, or any other thought whatsoever. He replied that the human spirit neither thinks nor rationalize. In that Realm of Reality everything is done in the pure state of thoughtless awareness:

“At this state of thoughtless awareness you encompass the whole Universe and at that state this Power works wherever the problem may be. So we have to understand our value, that we have this Power within ourselves and this is to be respected and to give credit to the Goddess because She's done so much work for us that She should not feel that it's now they got realization just for a song and they are not bothered, they don't know how to develop it. She will not be in any way hurt but Her Work, what She has done, we have to see, we have to understand, we have to have a feeling that somehow as we have now got enlightenment we should try to be people as complete instruments of that Power. That's only possible when you don't have your own ideas, your own interference. Complete instrument, just like I have said, this instrument has to be perfectly all right otherwise it cannot work.”

The mundane mind must become non-functional and the state of thoughtless awareness — where all work is done in a Spiritual Dimension that is in harmony with The DIVINE — harnessed for each and every human task. This state, where all desires and problems become the responsibility of this Paramchaitanya or Spiritual Energy, has to be experienced in order to be understood. This is how the new race of superconscious beings in the New Millennium will bring about the healing of this Earth. When there are no thoughts or ego, what differences and delusion can divide and fragment His Human Family?

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God, 1999, p. 555

The Chandogya Upanishad speaks not only of the akasha outside man, but also of the inner akasha (antah-akasha)

"They [sages] believed that man is an epitome of all reality, that he is the whole world and all times in miniature, a veritable microcosm (pinda). To study him is to study the whole macrocosm (brahmanda). The approach makes a deep philosophic sense. As the sages looked within, they saw that the truths of the spirit are also the basis of man's more physical and social welfare, yoga-kshema; that when men follow spiritual and moral excellence, they are also rich in things of life and nature's gifts. Their basket is full, and the earth yields more abundantly and freely, their herbs are more nourishing... . The Chandogya Upanishad speaks not only of the akasha outside man, but also of the inner akasha (antah-akasha), and even of akasha within the heart.”

Ram Swarup
(According to Hinduism Today Ram Swarup is the"Intellectual architect of Hindu spirituality and culture in India; founder of Voice of India; author: The Word as Revelation, Understanding Islam Through Hadis.)

"Symbolism of divine messengers

Experiences relating to these realities could not at any time have been common or widespread and must have come mainly through consecrated channels: yogis (Hindu meditation practitioners), gurus (Hindu teachers), prophets, mystics, saints, and spiritual masters of the inner life. This channelling through human agents has given rise to a host of divine messengers: a hierarchy of angels, intermediaries, and incarnations, singly or in succession. This manner of approaching or receiving the divine or holy is the justification of avatars (incarnations of God) and the man-God in various religions.”God was made man in order that man might be made God.”

The mystical experience is a renovation of life at its root; that is, of the forgotten language of symbols and symbolism. The mystic participates in two worlds at once, the profane and the sacred. Rituals and ceremonies become the means of integration with a higher reality and consciousness. But symbols cannot be deliberately manufactured, nor do they make an arbitrary system.”Being for ever communicating its essence"Is the source of their abundance, potency, and unity. Even a nontheistic mysticism, such as Buddhism, has deployed symbols freely, of which perhaps the most well-known is the formula om mani padme hum ("The jewel in the lotus").

Symbols point beyond themselves, participate in that to which they point, open up levels of reality that are otherwise closed to man, unlock dimensions and elements of the soul that correspond to reality and cannot be produced intentionally or invented. Symbols may be inner or outer. To some, nature symbolism comes easily.”

Britannica Online (1994-1998 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.)

"We find ourselves, I believe, in the midst of the most massive shift of perspective that humankind has ever known. We are living in a time — and I see this all over the world — in which our very nature is in transition. The scope of change is calling for patterns and potentials in the human brain that, as far as I know, were never needed before. Knowings that were relegated to the unconscious are becoming conscius, and experiences that belonged to extraordinary reality are becoming ordinary.

Our potentials are no longer limited by place and culture. In this developing hybrid world, capacities and perspectives that were once nurtured in separate socieites are now available to the entire human family. To me this is a stupendous happening as important as the discovery of new continents during the time of the great sea journeys. For the first time in human history, because of communication, the genius of the human race is available for everyone to harvest.

I think the holistic movement has become more global in its concerns. And I think the threshold of the millennium has, if anything, accelerated and intensified the need to recognize that we are stewards in this biological and evolutionary process and, by God, we'd better be up to the task.”

Jean Houston, Codirector of the Foundation for Mind Research in Pomona
New York, New Age November/December 1999.

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