Sixth Chakra: Agnya

"The sixth chakra is the chakra of forgiveness and compassion. Forgiveness is the power to let go of anger, hatred and resentment and to discover, in humility, the nobility and generosity of the Spirit. It is the one that dissolves all our conditionings, ego, habits, false ideas of racialism, and all our misidentifications. It is the narrow gate which opens the way for our consciousness to ascend to its final destination, which is the seventh center."

Sixth Chakra Agnya
Sixth Chakra: Agnya

“The sixth centre is called Agnya Chakra and has only two petals. This is the centre placed where the two optic nerves cross each other in the brain (optic chiasma). The centre caters for pituitary and pineal body which manifest the two institutions of ego and superego within us."

Shri Agnya-Chakrabja-nilaya Devi
(Agnya-chakrabja-nilaya (521st): Resides in the two-petalled Agnya-chakra. Residing in this Chakra, She controls various organs (Indriyas). Hence, it is known as Agnya-Chakra situated between the eye-brows.)

"The Kundalini is the Truth. It is sacred. There is no hypocrisy in it. It is not something which can be purchased in a shop. This is the Absolute Truth. As long as you cannot recognize the Truth by following Vama Marg or the wrong path, when you will merge into the Truth, when you will get absorbed in it only then you would understand that you are but an instrument of God's flow. And that you are the instrument of the same Power of Love of God which pervades the whole Universe and directs all movement therein.

This Power is made available to you only because of Jesus Christ through His crucifixion. What a great sacrifice on the part of Christ! It is due to Him that our Agnya Chakra has opened. If the Agnya Chakra of any person does not open, Kundalini would not rise because the Mooladhara Chakra would also remain constricted till the Agnya Chakra remains constricted. If a person's Agnya Chakra is too much constricted the Kundalini Power would not rise, whatever efforts you may make.

For removing the catch on the Agnya Chakra we apply kumkum. This has the effect of reducing the troubles of the ego as also other troubles. When the kumkum is applied on the above the Agnya Chakra, the Chakra is opened and Kundalini rises — such is the connection between Jesus Christ and the Kundalini Power. Shri Ganesha who is stationed at the Mooladhara and protects the modesty of Shri Kundalini also opens the Door at the Agnya Chakra for the Kundalini to pass through it."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Shri Kundalini Shakti And Shri Jesus Christ
Bombay, India—September 26, 1979
"Pannenberg notes that the distinctive nature of the eschatological gift of the Spirit consists of the fact that by the conferring of the Spirit as a lasting possession of believers, participation in the eternal life of God is made possible and also their resurrection to a new life in fellowship with God is guaranteed. The basis for this is that the Spirit is mediated by the Son incarnate in Jesus Christ, and in such a way that with faith in Jesus comes also a granting and receiving of participation in his sonship.[1628] Thus the mediating of the gift of the Spirit by the Son and its eschatological content as participation in the death-defeating life of God go hand in hand. The gift of the Spirit to humanity at creation and the charisms of the old covenant as well are simply anticipatory signs of this eschatological gift. By this gift alone the Spirit binds itself to the lives of the recipients in such a way that even death can no longer separate these lives from its creative power." (Varkey 2011 Kindle 6401)

In India I am known as Mahavishnu. But when I came to this Earth, I was crucified. My Message is that of Resurrection, to show you that you are the Eternal Spirit and not your body or your thoughts. I was born in a manger to show you that the Spirit within you has nothing to do with money, material comfort or power — it is all powerful, all-pervading and eternal. Forgiving those who would have killed Me, I have opened in the Cosmos and within your being a narrow passage on the path which leads you beyond to God. When the Spirit is awakened in you by Kundalini, you are born again, and cross this Gate. Then you enter the Realm of Divine Awareness, becoming a child in the Kingdom of God.

Knowledge of reality
Christ and the Kundalini
By Dr Ramesh Manocha

Contrary to popular Christian dogma, Christ did teach about Karma, reincarnation, Self-Realization and the Divine Feminine as Holy Ghost -- God The Mother. Christ's teachings are more Eastern than the Churches would have us believe or would like to admit.

The two centuries after Christ, saw the Christian Gnostic teachings of spiritual awareness disseminated alongside the blind faith doctrines of Paul's formulation. In the third Century, the Roman Church's council of Nicaea acted to stamp out the Gnostics and their anti-dogmatic approach to spirituality.

The Gnostic's were declared heretical, their texts destroyed and the Gnostics themselves persecuted into extinction. However, a small amount of Gnostic teachings survived, hidden in caves or in watered-down form in other "heretical" texts (broadly labeled as "Apocrypha").

The Christian Gnostics practiced a spirituality more similar to Eastern traditions than to the Western Christianity we know today. "Gnostic" is Greek for "knower" and it is "Gnosis" or "Knowledge" that they were seeking. Unlike the blind faith demanded by today's Churches, "Gnosis" meant direct, mystical experience of the divine, which was to be found by individual spiritual evolution to Self-Realization, and not within the confines of intellectual dogma. The experience of Gnosis was trans-rational and non-intellectual.

From the Nag Hammadi Library, the Book of Thomas, Christ tells us "For whoever does not know self, does not know anything, but whoever knows self, already has acquired knowledge about the depth of the universe." Compare this with a tract from the Upanishads, the Indian metaphysical treatise on Self Realization: "It is not by argument that the self is known... Distinguish the self from the body and mind. The self, the atman, the highest refuge of all, pervades the Universe and dwells in the hearts of all. Those who are instructed in the self and who practice constant meditation attain that changeless and self effulgent atman ( spirit/ self). Do Thou Likewise, for bliss eternal lies before you..."

In another Gnostic text, the Secret Gospel of Thomas, Christ promises us spiritual fulfillment "I shall give you what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no hand has touched and what has never arisen in the human mind." This description is not unlike the Upanishadic experience "The Self is devoid of birth and death, it neither grows old nor decays and the accidents of life do not affect it. The Self transcends space and time; what is great is not too great for it to comprehend and what is small is not too small to escape its attention. It is the Self of All."

Just as Christ warned us against sin and encourages moral perfection in the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment, so too do the Eastern texts "No intellectual acumen can help one realize it, it can be realized only by those who surrender to it and who make themselves worthy by grace, by desisting from all that is sinful, who engage in the practice of perfection by constant meditation"( Upanishads).

The most ancient Eastern spiritual texts, the Vedas, of India, tell us that the process of spiritual awakening by which one attains truth -awareness is called 'Self-Realization'. The Self Realized person lives in direct experience of reality -- this is called "Jnana" ( a traditional sanskrit word meaning "knowledge" or "Gnosis"). Such a person is called a "Jnani" ("knower" or "gnostic") or "dwijaha" ("twice born"; first from a human mother to the earthly plane then secondly as a child of the Goddess, or Divine Mother, who gives the seeker their second, spiritual birth, Self- Realisation, into the plane of mystic awareness- gnosis! ). The traditional Indian texts extol the 'Divine Mother' as the Cosmic Matriarch, bestower of the highest treasure of Self-Realization upon Her deserving children. Many Indian mystic traditions say this same goddess is represented within the human being as the divine feminine power called Kundalini.

What of Western tradition? In the Secret Book of John Christ explains that human redemption before the Heavenly Father occurs by the mediation of a Divine Feminine principle, which he calls the Earthly Mother. It is the Earthly Mother who removes the sins of the children that they can become worthy of their divine heritage; "When all sins and all uncleanesses are gone from your body, your blood shall become as pure as our Earthly Mother's blood and as pure as the river's foam sporting in the sunlight. And your breath shall become as pure as the breath of odorous flowers; your flesh as pure as the flesh of fresh fruits reddening upon the leaves of trees; the light of your eye as clear and bright as the brightness of the sun shining upon the blue sky. And now shall all the angels of the Earthly Mother serve you and your breath, your blood, your flesh shall be one with the breath, the blood and the flesh of the Earthly Mother, that your spirit also become one with the Spirit of your Heavenly Father. For truly no-one can reach the Heavenly Father unless through the Heavenly Mother. Even as the newborn babe cannot understand the teaching of his father until his mother has suckled him, bathed him, nursed him, put him to sleep and nurtured him." The Earthly Mother is a divine mediator through which the seekers, the Sons of Man, are raised to the Heavenly Father. Another part of the same text says "Honor your Earthly Mother and keep her laws that your days may be long on this earth and honor your Heavenly Father, that eternal life may be yours in the Heavens. For the Heavenly Father is a hundred times greater than all the fathers by seed and by blood, and greater is the Earthly Mother than all mothers by the body." The Holy Trinity, then is God the Father, God the Son (ie. Christ) and, it seems, God The Mother. The Divine Mother particularly is the means and power of spiritual evolution.

The Secret Book of John relates Christ's description of the Divine Feminine as the power of God Almighty. "She is the first power. She preceded everything, and came forth from the Father's mind as forethought of all. Her light resembles the Father's light; as the perfect power She is the image of the perfect and invisible Virgin Spirit. She is the first power, the glory, Barbello, the perfect glory among the worlds, the emerging glory, She glorified and praised the Virgin Spirit for she had come forth through the Spirit. She is the first thought, image of the Spirit. he became the universal womb, for She precedes everything, the common parent, the first humanity, the Holy Spirit." The Holy Spirit is here described as the Divine Power of God Himself. This power is maternal in its character (universal womb, She, the common parent) and all powerful as the 'first emanation of God'. More so, She is pure (Virgin) and She glorifies purity. So ancient Christian tradition seems to tell us that the holy spirit is actually the Divine Mother!

One cannot overlook the Eastern parallels. God Almighty in Indian mythology is represented as Sada-Shiva. His state is eternal perfection (Sat Chit Ananda). His power is the Adi Shakti (primordial power) who is His feminine counterpart or spouse. It is She who does all things. She created the universe and the gods who attend over it (for example, the triune Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu). The Adi Shakti is The Mother of all things. She gave birth to the universe and is the feminine power of every deity and celestial being (usually represented as their spouse). The Secret Book of John parallels this "She became the universal womb, for She precedes everything, the common parent, the first humanity, the Holy Spirit, the triple male (Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu) the triple power (Parvati, Saraswati, Lakshmi, who are spouses of the triple males-or the triple Goddess of Western mythological tradition)." Thus the Christian mystics understood that the Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Universal Mother herself. The Syriac Christians worshiped the Holy Ghost as the Great Mother. Phillip suggests that Mary Herself is the Holy Spirit (for who else but God The Mother can give birth to God the Son?). Other Apocryphal Scriptures describe Mary as the focus of Temple activities. Her early life was punctuated by auspicious portents all implying her own Divinity.

Just as Mary and the Holy Ghost appear to parallel aspects of the Divine Mother described in the East, so too does Christ, the son of God reflect the Eastern principle of the Divine Child. The Divine Child in the Eastern mythological tradition is commonly worshiped as the dual child-gods Ganesha and Kartikeya. Ganesha represents the fabric of the cosmos, the primordial Aum or Logos from which the creation was constructed. Christ affirmed the same primordial nature of himself when he said "I am the first" and "I am the alpha." Ganesha is the primordial child who is the embodiment of purity and innocence. Similarly Christ venerated children and the innocence that they manifested. He even urged the apostles (and us) to cultivate our own childlike innocence "let the children come to me for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" and "Assuredly whoever does not receive the kingdom of god as a little child will by no means enter it." (Mark 10). Kartikeya is the same principle of innocence in dynamic action- the slayer of evil; as Christ did when he ejected the money lenders from the temple.

So, Christ seems to be telling us that the kingdom of Heaven, which is a state of God-like perfection and child-like innocence is attained by some inner phenomenon. In the Gnostic Scriptures Christ spoke directly of this as an inner transformation, self realisation. He also told us that the Holy Ghost or Divine Mother is the power by which this is accomplished, but by what mechanism?

Let's take lateral look at the Indian tradition of Kundalini of which many local saints have spoken. Shankaracharya (700AD) and Gyaneshwara (1200AD) are two well known mystic exponents of Kundalini. They both describe the actualization of Self-Realization in their classic poetry, such as the Saundarya-Lahari, Sivananda-Lahari and the Gyaneshwari (itself a commentary on the Kundalini Yoga described by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita ). They describe a force of pure (virgin) spirituality, which lies dormant within the human being.

By constant purification and self perfection the seven vital energy centres (chakras) which govern all aspects of mind, body and soul, are prepared for the awakening of Kundalini. Once awakened by divine grace, the Kundalini passes through these centres, not unlike a string through beads, enlightening each as it passes through. Arriving at the seventh centre (Sahasrara) the seeker's awareness is united with the eternal-self-within. The experience is transrational, non causal, a tangible and real bliss of truth-awareness. Indian mystics called the Sahasrara "Paradise", "Heaven" or, as Christ has called it "The Kingdom of God within." As the Kundalini passes through each of the vital centres, they are stimulated to produce a pure, nourishing energy. The Vedas (Ancient Scriptures of India) describe this energy as a sacred river emitted by each of the seven chakras. Shankaracharya called this energy "spun." He too described its nature as being like divine water showering down upon him as he meditated in the ecstacy of devotion. Other Indian scriptures call this energy "Paramchaitanya" (energy of supreme consciousness). The miracle of Whitsunday wherein the Apostles became empowered with their spirituality sounds similar to the experience of these chakras manifesting this same divine energy.

Shankaracharya said "All Glory unto the current of Divine Bliss which, brimming from the river of Thy Holy stories, flows into the lake of my mind, through the canals of intellect, subduing the dust of sin and cooling the heat of memory." Much of the gnostic texts repeat this ancient Eastern understanding.

Consider this tract from the Book of Hymns of the Dead Sea Scrolls: "I have reached the inner vision and through Thy Spirit in me I have heard Thy wondrous secret, through Thy mystic insight Thou hast caused a spring of knowledge to well up within me, a fountain of power, pouring forth living waters, a flood of love and of all embracing wisdom, like the splendor of eternal light." The "fountain of power", "spring of knowledge", "Living water", "flood of love", "eternal light" all directly describe the experience of Kundalini awakening! Consider this from the Nag Hammadi Library, the Apocryphal Gospel of Phillip: "The Tree of Life is in the centre of Paradise, as is the oil tree from which the anointment Chrisma comes. The Chrism is the source of resurrection." Krishna, the divine being, c4000BC, also described the Kundalini as an inverted Tree of spirituality, whose roots lay in the brain. The 'Tree of Life' is a well recognized symbolic parallel of the Kundalini. So too is the Holy Grail, the cup from which Christ drank at the last supper its symbolic significance being that Christ's sustenance arose from a cup, that is, an object whose receptive qualities reflect the nature of the divine feminine -- yet another parallel of the Kundalini.

It is likely that St Phillip's 'Chrisma' is the same 'spun' described by Shankaracharya, the 'Paramchaitanya' or in Christian terminology 'God's grace'. In the Gospel of Peace, Christ explains that the experience of spirituality is foremost. He says the Scriptures are merely conveying an intellectual knowledge, but we are to have the 'living knowledge', that is the experience of our own spirituality. He says "Seek not the law in your Scriptures for the law is life, whereas the Scripture is dead. I tell you truly Moses received not his laws from God as writing but through the living word. The law is living word for living God to living prophets for living men. In everything that is life to the law is the law written, for I tell you truly all living things are nearer to God than the Scripture which is without life. I tell you truly that the Scripture is the work of man, but life and all its hosts are the work of our God. Wherefore do you not listen to the words of God which are written in his works? And wherefore do you study the dead Scriptures which are from the hands of men?." That is, seek the divine experience which is beyond definition, do not settle for mundane human interpretations of the mystic's suprahuman experience. Thus Christ's law is a living, cosmic and experiential one, and is actuated by the awakening of the spiritual experience within the seeker, not by intellectual study or by following those who themselves have not truly had the experience. This directly parallels the eastern teachings; that Self-Realization, the pure spiritual awakening, is attained by the righteous and itself gives greater righteousness. More so, self realisation is a process of genuine, inner spiritual transformation which must be experienced to be understood, since it lies beyond the domain of scriptural description or theological definition. Since it is gained by the grace of the Divine Mother( Holy Spirit) alone, it is most certainly not possible to organize or institutionalize this experience in human terms.

This contrasts with the way in which the Churches have pigeonholed and categorized Christianity in terms of 'blind faith', 'obedience to the church' and empty ritual. In the Gnostic Scriptures, untouched by the organized churches, Christ urges us to perceive and experience the cosmic order for ourselves and not to rely on so-called scriptural authorities -- such as the churches -- to prescribe it to us.

C.G. Jung recognized the link between the Divine Feminine and the Eastern principle of Kundalini. He understood that the Kundalini was the representation of the Goddess within each of us. Is the Holy Ghost the Kundalini? Was the Kundalini a central principle in early mystic Christianity? Such an assumption would help us reinterpret many parts of the mainstream bible, for example; In the Gospel of John, Christ explains to the Pharisee Nicodemus, "Verily I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and the spirit; he cannot enter the kingdom of God", this second birth far from being a license for so many born again Christian fundamentalists is something much more mystical and subtle in nature. To be "Born of the water and the spirit" describes the awakening of Kundalini. She is often described as a divine mother whose ascent within the spine of the seeker gives them rebirth into mystic/gnostic awareness, the 'divine water' is its nourishing energy. The Kundalini enters the Sahasrara and there unites the seeker's awareness with the self or spirit. This is described as a blissful, infinite experience of the kingdom of God within. Thus, Christ's 'born again' Christianity might actually refer to those Christians who have entered the realm of direct experience of divinity, in the state of self realisation.

Other Canon (mainstream) Scriptures can be more deeply understood in this light. In the Gospel of Matthew, Christ says "Be Ye Perfect, even as Your Father which is in Heaven is perfect." (Ch.5, v. 48). This is a clear exhortation by Christ to strive and achieve spiritual perfection, just as the Buddha and other Eastern sages taught their disciples. Christ tells us about our innately divine nature "Ye are Gods." (Psalm 82, v.6; John 10, v.34). Furthermore "Behold the Kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17, v.21), that is the experience of Heaven is an internal phenomenon. This implies that the inner state of the seeker is the source of their spiritual fulfillment. We could well say that Christ's idea of Heavenly Salvation was an internal state of Godlike perfection.

When the seeker's awareness is completely united with the Eternal Spirit/Self/Atman the true self (not ego, mind, intellect, personality, body or memory) is experienced or realized. Since the spirit is no less than a reflection of God itself then in the state of complete Self-Realization the seeker experiences perfection "as our Father in Heaven is perfect." The Eastern term for this state of Self-Realization is God-Realization and it represents the final stage of our spiritual evolution.

There are deeper references to the chakras and kundalini in the Scriptures. For example, Revelations may also symbolically describe the chakras in St. John's spiritual vision; "I saw seven standing lamps of gold" (the chakras emitting the divine light), John sees Christ as one of the seven lamps (you will see the significance of this later), Christ is holding the "seven stars" (demonstrating his command of the chakra system) and speaks of the "seven churches" (the divine institution within each chakra). In Genesis Jacob envisions a divine ladder directly connecting his earthly being with God in Heaven- this precisely describes the experience and purpose of the kundalini!

Consider this idea: The term 'Jesus of Nazareth', does not (say German theologians) relate to Christ's times in Nazareth. Proper understanding of the original language shows that such a term is not linguistically possible (despite the fact that Paul uses it). The original term is more likely,

“Jesus the Nazareen." Nazareen is an Aramaic word meaning "one who has bound himself to the service of God" or "one who is anointed." Compare this to the meaning of Yoga, "Union with God" and "Yogi" - one who has union with god or to descriptions of the awakening of the Kundalini, "the mystical anointment." The Nazaria were a group of Gnostics contemporary to Christ. They taught a mystic spirituality similar to the Eastern ideas already described. It has been suggested by some authorities that this Gnostic word is ultimately derived from the Hindustani 'Nazar.' This is a yogic term for the point between the eyebrows and above the nose (the 'third eye') where sages of old performed meditation. 'Nazaren' means to envision or behold. Then a more accurate meaning of "Jesus the Nazareen" would be "Jesus who has Yoga or Self Realisation" or "Jesus who meditates." Considering Christ's status as the" Son of God" perhaps a more appropriate meaning would be "Jesus who is the object of meditation." Was Christ himself the object of meditation as are many deities in Eastern cultures? Christ himself might well be the Nazaren.

The Nazar physically corresponds to the location of the Agnya chakra, the sixth vital chakra through which the Kundalini must pass before She enters the Sahasrara. The Agnya manifests physically as the 'optic chiasm' whose shape itself is cruciform! Is the cosmic Christ represented within each of us in the Nazar, Agnya chakra, just as the cosmic Mother or Holy Ghost is represented within us as the Kundalini?

The position of the Agnya chakra is such that it is the final centre to be crossed before the Kundalini finishes its journey to the Sahasrara ( the 'Kingdom of God within'). Entry of the Kundalini into the Sahasrara gives the blissful experience of divine awareness. This literally explains Christ's words," None can enter Heaven except through me."

Ponder also on Christ's instruction "to be as little children" or "look at the birds of the air for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly father feeds them....which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature" (Matthew 6). The innocence of mind which he describes is that same Zen awareness obtained in the state of meditation, when the Agnya chakra is pierced by the Kundalini giving rise to a heightened awareness of the present moment, all thoughts of past and future neutralized. Consider also that Christ himself told us," When your two eyes become one, your body will be filled with light." This implies that when we go beyond the physical sight ( the two eyes) to the subtle experience or perception which occurs by opening of the third eye and thus entry of the awareness into the Sahasrara our body is filled with light, purity, grace etc.

There is further symbolism eg. the twelve apostles represent six pairs which are symbolic of the lower six chakras from Mooladhara to Agnya. These six chakras are limited to dual awareness, ie. past and present, cause and effect. However, the final chakra, Sahasrara, represented here by Christ, who was the leader of the twelve apostles is non-dual, being derived from an awareness higher than the causal plane.

Here are some possible conclusions which are equally reasonable, though entirely contrary to modern dogma about Christ and Christianity. Christ's spirituality differed radically from our modern understanding. His teaching was dynamic and zen-like focusing on the experience of inner purification and transformation, the elevation of the seeker's awareness into the state (not concept or dogma) of Self-Realization. He sought to overthrow the immoral culture of the Romans and to deliver to the dogmatic, letter-bound Jews the mystic fulfillment promised to them in the Mosaic covenant.

Central to his teaching was the understanding that the feminine aspect of God, God The Mother, was the means by which Self-Realization and spiritual evolution to god-awareness occurred. Christ venerated the Divine Mother as the Holy Spirit. It is this power, described in the East as residing in the human being as the Kundalini, that is the last vestige of the Goddess-tradition in the Christian West.

Mary was in her own right a divine being. She was venerated as such by Christ and some of the suppressed scriptures describe her as the Holy Spirit incarnate.

Why did the Churches suppress these true christian traditions? Partly because they are patriarchal institutions based on the questionable dogma of Paul who perceived women (and therefore the feminine principle) as inferior entities. Partly also because spirituality which focused on the Divine Feminine would also focus on the redemptive power of God The Mother and on Her role as the grantor and matriarch of mystical experience. This kind of understanding, like all mystics and mysticism, defies organization, dogmatic hierarchies and institutions preferring the role of individual experience, revelation and progressive growth toward divine awareness.

The Holy Ghost, then, threatened to neutralize the fear-oriented dogma which the Churches have used, in the name of Christ and Spiritual Truth, to maintain their secular power and wealth.

Christ's promise of a comforter, the "second coming", implies another divine incarnation to bring about the redemption of humanity. As we have seen it is the Divine Mother who has the power to redeem her children, the Sons of Man (as the gnostics put it), in the eyes of God the Father. Who better to comfort the children who suffer, as does the West and much of the world from a culture whose ethic of materialism and immediate gratification is characterized by terms such as "The lost generation", "eco-disaster", "terrorism", "future shock" and "psycho-social alienation", than the Divine Mother?

C.G. Jung, in his critique of the Western psyche keynoted the absence of the Feminine Principle as a major cause of much of the West's psycho-cultural imbalance. The return of the Divine Feminine would indeed facilitate the spiritual redemption of Western Culture.

With this perspective we may be able to understand a key image from Revelations;

“A great Portent in Heaven, a Woman robed with the Sun, beneath her Feet the Moon, and on her Head a Crown of twelve Stars. She was pregnant, and in the anguish of Her Labour She cried out to be Delivered. Then a second Portent appeared in Heaven: a great red Dragon with seven Heads and ten Horns; on his Heads were seven Diadems, and with his Tail he swung down a third of the Stars in the Sky and flung them to Earth. The Dragon stood in front of the Woman who was about to give birth, so that when Her Child was born He might devour It. She gave birth to a male child, who is destined to rule all the Nations with an Iron Rod....."

The Divine Woman, a central figure of Revelations, is the Comforter Herself. The crown of stars indicates that Her authority and heritage is of the Divine Father, the moon, upon which She resides is another symbol of the feminine.

As the Divine Mother She is giving birth, ie. Self-Realization, and succeeds in producing a man-child. A man indicating spiritual maturity and dynamic action and yet a child symbolising purity of heart and that quality of innocence which Christ taught was essential to enter into the state of Heavenly Experience. The child, having the mystic awareness of Self-Realization, rules over the nations indicating command of the earthly plane as well as over the inner country, the chakra system. The child of the Divine mother is a Gnostic adept!

He rules with an iron rod, the kundalini, which mercilessly slays the forces of evil, the obstacles which obstruct her flow through the chakra system.

The dragon who stands over the Woman as She labours waiting to devour the child could well be the Churches. Their 2000 year vigil against the Divine Feminine lest she produce a race of Gnostics is evident in their manipulation and suppression of the scriptures. Revelations tells us that the Divine Children are destined to overcome the beast and establish a New Age of divine awareness.

Consider Christ's warning "he who has blasphemed against the holy ghost shall be damned forever." What then of the Churches who have virtually edited the divine feminine out of the Western cultural tradition in order to maintain their grip on the masses?

Knowledge of reality (Issue 8)
Christ and the Kundalini by Dr Ramesh Manocha

Agnya Chakra

The Agnya Chakra is situated in the centre of the brain area, and represents the sixth stage of human evolution. We can identify its position as the middle point of the forehead. The Agnya Chakra is the gateway to the Sahasrara Chakra, the Kingdom of God.

When the Kundalini passes through this Chakra, our thought waves elongate so that the space between the two thoughts grows wider. This space is Silence and as the petals of the Chakra open up, Silence blossoms in this centre and spreads outwards, pushing our thoughts to the periphery of our awareness. This is where the state of thoughtless awareness or Nirvikalpa Samadhi happens through the Grace of Shri Jesus. In this state we actually feel the beautiful Silence, the Stillness, which is at the heart of creation.


The primary quality of the Agnya Chakra is forgiveness. Inflated egos, arrogance, aggressiveness, condemnation, contempt, and worry cause this Chakra to be blocked and gives tension to the whole body.

At this point in our evolution humans have developed a sophisticated society, and with it came the problem of ego — the idea that he is doing it all. This idea of "I"-ness was accelerated by the continuing success of his material gains throughout history. The natural result of this brought about an inflated ego, and with further arrogance came the superego. So ego and superego isolated the human from Spirit.

The ego and superego are located at the uppermost endpoints of the channels of Ida Nadi (the Moon Line or Left Channel) and Pingala Nadi (the Sun Line or Right Channel). These two channels cross over at the Agnya Chakra. Everything related to the past (such as memories, conditionings and emotions) accumulates as a residue in the Superego on the right side of the brain, having crossed over from the Left Channel. Everything relating to the future (such as thinking, planning and action) likewise accumulates as a residue, but in the ego on the left side of the brain. Therefore, before Self-Realization we are always in various stages of imbalance.

The Ego and Superego border the outlying regions of the subtle universe. The Superego is in the individual Subconscious realm where all of our past knowledge and experience are stored. Beyond this is the Collective Subconscious, which is the area where spiritualists and mediums ply their trade of the past. The Ego is in the individual Superconscious, the realm of the future. It is in the Collective Supraconscious that clairvoyants, visionaries and seekers of power conduct their business of the future. Exploration of any of these realms is extremely dangerous.


En route to the Sahasrara Chakra, the Sushumna channel passes through the centre Agnya Chakra. This is the place of Lord Jesus and Mary. Jesus said that He is the Path, and it is His Path that leads us to the Kingdom of Heaven in the Sahasrara.

The coming of Christ was a major breakthrough in the human spiritual ascent. Through His power of forgiveness He brought redemption to humankind. He dissolved all the guilt, sublimated the Ego, taught forgiveness and proclaimed the immortality of the Spirit through His Resurrection. He was born again into the Spirit, and we also are born again into our spirit when our Mother Kundalini gives us our second birth.


Amongst other things, the Agnya Chakra governs our sight. We should therefore respect the eyes as a gift with which the beauty of the Divine creation is revealed to us. We should not abuse it by having adulterous eyes.


Those who wish to open their Agnya Chakra are advised to follow instructions #16-18 of this Self-Realization link. The Mother Kundalini will rise from the base Mooladhara Chakra and, after awakening all the chakras on Her path, reach the Sahasrara Chakra. There will be two self-verifiable signs of this kundalini awakening and opening of the chakras:

i) feeling Cool Breeze of Spirit (ruach, pneuma, ruh, shekinah, chaitanya) from top of head and/or;
ii) feeling Cool Breeze of Spirit (ruach, pneuma, ruh, shekinah, chaitanya) from fingertips/palm of hands.

You are assured of your own Divine Kundalini/Mother/Spirit within giving Self-Realization and opening your chakras provided you follow those instructions. That assurance in the form of Cool Breeze, which is self-verifiable, manifests due to a far higher spiritual evolution. Rest assured that this experience is absolutely without any side-effects whatsoever.

On the contrary, your own Divine Mother/Holy Spirit within will over the years lead you to a state of mind, bliss, peace, knowledge and spiritual journey that has no parallel. This second birth of the Spirit/Mother Kundalini commences the promised Resurrection and, upon physical 'death', evolution into the eternal spirit as demonstrated by Jesus Christ and upheld, albeit with different wordings and interpretations, by the holy scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.

But Jesus insists that for all this to manifest one must be born of the Spirit (Mother Kundalini), and the sure sign of that spiritual birth from within oneself will be the Cool Breeze (Wind):


Jesus Christ
Jesus and Nicodemus
John 3:1-8

1. Now there was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews;
2. this man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, "Rabbi, we know that You have come from God as a teacher; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him."
3. Jesus answered and said to him, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God."
4. Nicodemus said to Him, "How can a man be born when he is old? He cannot enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born, can he?”
5. Jesus answered, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
6. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
7. Do not be amazed that I said to you, 'You must be born again.'
8. The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit."

The Holy Spirit and the Renewal of All Things Pneumatology in Paul and Jurgen Moltmann
"Experience of the Spirit is of great importance to believers, and this is natural, if the Spirit is the source of new, eschatological life. However, experience of the Spirit must also take its place within a larger context. For every present encounter with the Spirit is one instant in a long history of pneumatic activity. Forgetting this point results in an overblown evaluation of the significance of experiences of the Spirit. It also results in those experiences losing much of their meaning. The Spirit encountered today is the same Spirit that spoke through the prophets, empowered Jesus and the apostles, and will someday bring about the complete transformation of all things. It is the eschatological Spirit. To experience the Spirit is to be drawn up into this pneumatic movement. Therefore, any experience of the Spirit must take its meaning from this larger historical context." (Beck 2007, 237)

Cool Breeze (Wind) experiences of those born of the Spirit
Judith Coney is a lecturer in the Department of Study of Religions at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She published her book in 1999 prior to this website and refrained from mentioning the eschatological significance of the "cool breeze" experiences felt by hundreds of thousands since the 1970's till date.

Judith Coney: Sahaja Yoga
"The result, in all three settings [Royal Albert Hall, local meeting or private house], is that many people do feel a cool breeze. The coolness which is felt is usually associated with other sensations as well. Typically, the pupils of the eyes can be observed to dilate and the person will feel very relaxed and 'centred.' However, it is notable that, despite the very similar ways in which individuals 'get their realisation'—and even in the same setting—not everybody feels exactly the same thing. Sri Mataji teaches that the vibrations of kundalini can be felt as cool breeze on the palm of the hands and above the head. Sometimes breezes, in line with the teachings, are felt on the hands and head specifically. For others, the experience is more generalized:

The experience was extremely timeless, because I felt that it only lasted for about five minutes but somebody came behind me and said 'would you like a cup of tea' and I thought, 'this is silly, what's all this about tea?; But it turned out that it was about three quarters of an hour later. And I felt a strong cool breeze. I was actually told; you will probably feel some coolness or some nice feelings inside' but I felt coolness not just in my hands, where I was told it would be, but all over and I felt incredibly peaceful.

Generally, the feeling of coolness on 'realisation' seems to be discernible, but relatively weak. As with Kakar's description of his own 'realisation', many newcomers are left with the feeling that they felt something but they are not sure what:

Mataji grandly announced, 'He is realised' ... 'Sit in meditation for some time' she told me as I sat up. 'Do you feel a cool breeze on the top of your head and on your palms?' Indeed I did, though I could not distinguish the coolness due to kundalini from the gutsy breeze coming in from the sea. I felt well, though, calm and deeply relaxed. (Kakar 1984, 195-6)

A few, however, have an extremely strong experience. One such incident was described by one of the participating Sahaja Yogis:

He felt really cool, not just on his hands but all over. He said: 'This isn't a breeze, it's a wind'. We all felt it really strongly too. Then we picked up Mother's photograph and held it in front of him and he felt loads of vibrations coming from that. But I think the whole thing was so strong that it frightened him. He was very high and positive for two days, he brought us some flowers, and then he became wary and never came to [the ashram] again.

Others still, in contrast, do not feel much, if anything, on their first session. This lack of feeling on their part, however, may not be shared by the Sahaja Yogis 'working on them', who may remark enthusiastically about how cool the individual feels, and may also be at odds with the view of Sri Mataji herself. Here is the description of his initial contact with Sahaja Yoga by one such follower. He first went to a meeting at which Sri Mataji gave 'realisation' en masse, but felt nothing. Nevertheless, he was persuaded to go to a smaller workshop a few days later.

I really didn't feel anything there at all either but I was told by Mataji herself-she said 'Who hasn't felt it yet?' and I put my hand up with a few others. Mataji said 'Come forward' and then she said to me 'You've got it, you know'. And I said 'Have I?' and she said 'Yes, go through to that room and ask some Sahaja Yogis to work on you'. So that was my introduction to Sahaja Yoga.

It was only with repeated sessions that he developed the ability to feel a cool breeze. There are also those, a few, who may feel more calm, possibly as a result of sitting quietly for some time, but otherwise feel no different and never feel any sort of breeze. This is often explained by Sahaja Yogis as being because the chakras have been too badly damaged by negativity in the past (Rajasekharan and Venkatesan 1992, 98).

Kakar (1984, 208), a trained Freudian psychologist, having witnessed Sri Mataji's delivery of 'realisation' both en masse and on a one-to-one basis, concluded that much of this experience is built on suggestion and 'hypnotic induction':

Needless to add, because of the emotional pressures created in a group setting, the tendency to identify with the experience of other group members and the intense desire to please the leader, only a handful of people hold out against this mass suggestion. (ibid., 209)

Such a conclusion would undoubtedly be rejected by a Sahaja Yogi, convinced that they have experienced their Spirit through the grace of Sri Mataji. It is not within the remit of my present enquiry, however, to seek to establish the 'real cause' of a cool breeze felt by an individual, but to try chart the social dynamics involved. Just as Goodman commented, in relation to religious experience:

The religious practitioners argue for it, either because it is part of their dogma, or because, as they affirm, they have 'been there', they have experienced it. The hard scientists take the opposite position, again as a matter of conviction. As social scientists, our situation is a happier one: at least we can state that, without any doubt, the alternate reality is a social one. (Goodman 1988, 43)."

Judith Coney, Sahaja Yoga
RoutledgeCurzon, 1999, pp. 55-58

Since the 1970's tens of thousands of Sahaja Yogis "have [daily] experienced their Spirit through the grace of Sri Mataji... they affirm, they have 'been there', they have experienced it."
Winds of Qiyamah
"Such a conclusion would undoubtedly be rejected by a Sahaja Yogi, convinced that they have experienced their Spirit through the grace of Sri Mataji. It is not within the remit of my present enquiry, however, to seek to establish the 'real cause' of a cool breeze felt by an individual, but to try chart the social dynamics involved. Just as Goodman commented, in relation to religious experience: The religious practitioners argue for it, either because it is part of their dogma, or because, as they affirm, they have 'been there', they have experienced it." (Coney 1999, 58)

“The Cool Breeze coming out of your head, that's called as Chaitanya Lahari, that's called Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. When John the Baptist talked about baptism, he meant this. He didn't mean the way we do baptism, to just call somebody, put some water on the head, and say 'Oh, you're baptized. That's just a drama. Baptism is a living process."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Truth to be Achieved, Brighton, U.K.—7 October 1982

“The Cool Breeze is all around us and we can start feeling in our hands when the Kundalini emerges from the top of the head if our Vishuddhi is alright. This is what Christ meant by 'to be born again' and not just to call some people and say "lright, now we have some baptism.""

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
We don't have to suffer, Bedford, U.K.—8 October 1982

“As prophesied in the scriptures, the phase of Last Judgment has started. The testing ground is of great illusion (Mahamaya). Kundalini is the indicator of our balance and wisdom. She will evaluate, correct and evolve us. Sahaja Yoga gives you a chance to be fully your meaning. Take full advantage of it. Establish your attention in the Absolute (Atman) and achieve the life eternal in the Kingdom of God."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
London, U.K.—June, 1980

"... the distinction and self-distinction of the Spirit from the Son are first clearly presented in John's gospel, though Christ and the Spirit are not absolutely identical in Paul. In John, Jesus announces the coming of the Spirit as the parakletos (14:26). It will come only when Jesus has parted from his own (7:39; 16:4). Whereas Jesus was with them only for a short time and will come again only at the consummation (13:33; 16:14; 17:24), the Spirit will stay with them always (14:16). The main point of distinction is that the Spirit will show the disciples the true significance of Jesus (14:26; 16:13) by reminding them of what he said (14:26) and glorifying him (16:14)." (Pannenberg 1994, 453)

The Divine Mother (Holy Spirit)
The Divine Mother in this Age has
come in the form of Shri Mataji
(1923-2011) Who, as the promised
Paraclete, brought closure to Jesus'
message of the Kingdom of God
and commenced the Resurrection.
For Hindus, Sikhs and others that
should be understood as Kundalini
awakening and Atma jnana that is
absolutely essential for moksa.
My essence is complete innocence in thought, word, and action. I came many times in the form of prophets, saints and gurus of each and every religion, giving you laws and principles whose observance gave inner balance and harmony.

Today when Kundalini awakens My presence in you (second spiritual 'birth'/'being born again' of Spirit), religion is no more a belief—it becomes a living state within. As you become the childlike disciple of your Mother, I make you your own master and in this lifetime strive to liberate you from ceaseless rebirths on this Earth (moksa) and lead you to residence and life eternal in My heavenly Paradise (Kingdom of God). These few names of mine confirm that I reside within you and so will be able to fulfill that promise:

Shri Kundalini
Kundalini [110th] She is coiled like a serpent. She is stated to assume 3 1/2 coils - the form in which Sri Lalita resides in sacrum bone of every human as potential state.
Shri Muladharambujarudha Devi
(Muladharambujarudha [514th]: She is mounted on the four-petalled Muladhara-Padma at the level of the anus.)
Shri Svadhisthananambuja-gata Devi
(Svadhisthananambuja-gata: [504th]: Resides in the six-petalled Svadhisthana-Chakra at the level of the sex organ. This name means Herself resides as Fire in that Chakra.)
Shri Manipurabja-nilaya Devi
(Manipurabja-nilaya [495th]: She has Manipurna-Padma as Her abode near the navel. This Padma has ten petals.)
Shri Anahatabja-nilaya Devi
(Anahatabja-nilaya [485th]: She dwells in the Anahata-Chakra near the heart as Rakini.)
Shri Visuddhi-Chakra-nilaya Devi
(Visuddhi-chakra-nilaya [475th]: Dwelling in the Visuddha Padma of 16 petals.)
Shri Agnya-Chakrabja-nilaya Devi
(Agnya-chakrabja-nilaya (521st): Resides in the two-petalled Agnya-chakra. Residing in this Chakra, She controls various organs (Indriyas). Hence, it is known as Agnya-Chakra situated between the eye-brows.)
Shri Sahasra-dala-padmastha Devi
(Sahasra-dala-padmastha [528th]: Residing in the Thousand-Petaled Lotus.)


The most effective way to clear or heal chakra problems ('catch' or obstruction) is to put attention on the affected chakra during meditation and allow The Mother Kundalini to heal. Remain in the thoughtless state while you work on the affected chakra. Always remember this quote of Shri Mataji:

“Kundalini will rise and She will cleanse you completely. Kundalini will rise and always cleanse the chakras."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Sydney, Australia—March 31, 1991

“I would say, with this, today's special celebration of Navaratri. Like yesterday you saw Shri Durga's nine forms, also. In that, one is Kushmanda, is one of the forms, that you absorb all the filth in yourself, in your stomach. But the Devi does that, not you. What the Devi can do, you should not do. That's her job, that She is supposed to do this, not you. What you have to do is to only be in silence so that you absorb whatever will increase that silence, will increase your depth. The Devi will look after all the rest of the things, she'll look after all the filth, all the anger, all the temper, all the everything that's going on in this world. She will absorb all that, but what you have to do is to just enjoy everything that is pure.

Enjoyment is only possible when you are beyond your mind. With your mind you can never enjoy. It is like a big load. It will not act, it will not help. Enjoyment comes when you are in complete silence, in a rippleless lake, the reflection of all the joy that is created on the shores of that lake are completely reflected, they are not deflected. If they were repulsed it would have been a different image altogether, and would have been something nowhere near the image of reality."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Navaratri Puja. Cabella Ligure, Italy—October 1, 1995

Once this is power is established no external rituals are required as catches will be healed instantly and constantly by The Mother Kundalini within. Until and unless external cleansing rituals are discarded this power will never be established. On the contrary, all these rituals only make matters worse according to Shri Mataji:

“The people who think that they can control their ego will eat less or use all types of methods to control ego. For example, someone is standing on one leg or other one on his head, all types of efforts they are doing to reduce their ego.

But with all these techniques, ego doesn't vanish. On the contrary, ego increases. Fasting, reciting the names, increases your ego. With Havans also ego increases because Agni, fire, is the right side element. Anything which is rituals increases your ego.

Human being thinks that they are alright, since they are doing these rituals since thousand years. All the wrong teachings they are still following. For this reason Sahaja Yoga is against Karma Kanda, that is rituals. No need to do any kind of Karma Kanda.

And to go to the extreme point is also dangerous. I had asked them to shoe-beat to destroy their ego and what I see that every morning all the Sahaja Yogis go in the line with their shoes for shoe-beatings. But I had asked to do this if you have ego in you.

All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga. I got somebody in France with the list of the treatments of Vashi hospital. But that was for sick peoples. This is the nature of human being to follow the rituals because he thinks that he can do it."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Christmas Puja—December 25, 1997
Ganapatipule, Maharashtra, India

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
"The subject Shri Kundalini Shakti and Shri Jesus Christ is very attractive and interesting. It is altogether a new subject for the common people because nobody has at any time before attempted to establish any connection between Jesus Christ and Shri Kundalini Shakti. On the Virata Tree of Religion, saints of various kinds bloomed as flowers in many countries and languages. It is only the Virata who can know the relation inter-se amongst these beautiful flowers. Wherever they went, these flowers spread the sweet fragrance of religion. But even the people surrounding these saints could not grasp the significance of that fragrance. It is therefore futile to expect the common people to understand the relation inter-se between a saint and the Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother.

You would be able to experience or understand My view-point if you could attain the plane from which I am talking to you, because at present, you do not have the necessary equipment to comprehend whether or not what I am telling you is the Truth. In other words, you are not yet equipped to understand what the Truth is. Until you are able to understand the meaning of the Self, the physical body would remain imperfect and would be unable to verify the Truth. But once the physical instrument is connected with Truth you are able to verify the Truth. It follows therefore, that first you have to accept Sahaja Yoga and get Self-Realization. After Self-Realization, the vibrations of Chaitanya begin to flow from your hands. If a particular matter is true, then waves of cool vibrations would start flowing into the palms; but if the same be untrue, hot vibrations would be felt. In this manner, you are able to know as to whether any particular matter is true or not.

Whatever the Christians know about Lord Jesus Christ is on account of the Bible. This book is very enigmatical. It is so much deep and profound that many persons have not been able to understand the hidden meaning of the Truth embodied therein. The Bible says "I will come to thee as tongues of flames." Israeli people explained this to mean that when the Lord would incarnate, He would be emitting flames of fire and therefore, they would not be able to witness Him. The real meaning of this is that "you would witness Me in the Sahasrara Chakra." You will find many references to the Kundalini Shakti and Sahasrara in the Bible, but only a brief reference is possible Here.

Jesus Christ has said that, "Those who are not against Me, are with Me." It means, "he persons who are not against Me belong to Me." If the Christians are asked to identify these persons, they have no Knowledge about them. Two great Powers are combined in Jesus Christ. The first Power is that of Shri Ganesha, who is recognised as His original Power; and the other is that of Shri Karttikeya. Because of this, the incarnation of Jesus Christ is of complete Brahman Tattva or Aumkar. Shri Krishna, He being the Father of Jesus Christ, bestowed a number of boons on Jesus Christ prior to his birth. One of these boons was that," You (Jesus Christ) would dwell on a plane higher than that of Mine." This could be explained to mean, that while the plane of Shri Krishna is the Vishuddhi Chakra, located at the base of our neck, the plane of Jesus is Agnya Chakra, which is located at the junction of the optic thalamus (pineal and pituitary glands). The second boon granted by Shri Krishna was that," You would be the support of the whole Universe." The third boon was, that," You would be the first to receive one-sixteenth part of all the offerings made to Me in Pooja."

In this way, after bestowing a number of boons, Shri Krishna permitted Shri Jesus Christ to incarnate on the Earth. You would understand these things better, if you read Markandya Purana. Shri Markandeya, the author of the Purana has beautifully explained a number of such subtler points. In the same Purana, there is a graphic description of Shri Maha Vishnu. If you would listen to this description while in meditation, you would notice that the description is of Jesus Christ only...

Jesus Christ possesses all Powers of Ekadasha Rudras, that is eleven Powers of destruction. These Powers have their centres located around the cranium of our head. When the incarnation of Kalki takes place, all these eleven Powers perform the work of Destruction. Out of these eleven Powers one is that of Shri Hanumana, the other is of Shri Bhairava. In the Bible, these two Powers are named as Saint Gabriel and Saint Michael respectively. After Self-Realization in Sahaja Yoga one can awaken these Powers by addressing them in Sanskrit, Marathi or even in English. The Nadi on our right side, which is known as Pingala-Nadi, is activated by the Power of Shri Hanumana. Whenever, any sort of pressure or constriction develops inside this Nadi, it is instantly relieved by chanting the mantra of Shri Hanumana. Similarly, even by chanting the name of Saint Michael one would experience relief in the Ida-Nadi. Ida-Nadi is on our left side and and manifests the Power of Saint Michael or Shri Bhairava. Obviously, chanting the Mantra of their names relieves any trouble or constriction on the Ida Nadi.

The fore said matters can be verified by any person after Self-Realization in Sahaja Yoga. The purpose why I am telling you all this is to impress upon you that it is absurd to quarrel against yourselves after grouping as Hindus or Muslims or Christians. If you could see the principle behind all this, you would realise that all these saints are like many flowers on the same tree of religion and are connected with each other because of the one and the same Power.

Perhaps, you would be surprised to know that in Sahaja Yoga, the awakening of the Kundalini very much depends on the condition of the Agnya Chakra of the seeker. In the present age, many persons are found with highly inflated ego (Ahamkara). That is so, because most of them lead an extremely egocentric life. It is on account of the egoistic attitude, that man falls from his true religion. Man is misled, and therefore remains continuously busy working, thinking etc. which are complementary to the growth of the ego. Jesus Christ is of great help for securing freedom from the ego.

As Paigambar (prophet) Mohammad wrote about awakening of the Kundalini and the ways of protecting oneself from wicked powers, so also Jesus Christ told in very lucid manner about the powers in us as well as the weapons. The first among these weapons is forgiveness. The one which operates in the Proksha form in Shri Ganesha principle manifests itself in the form of forgiveness in human principle. In fact forgiveness is a very powerful weapon. It protects man against the ego. If somebody hurts you or puts you in trouble or insults you, then your mind is engrossed in contemplating on these matters and you get disturbed. You continue to think all the time about such a man, and by repeated remembrance of these events you put yourself in trouble. To overcome such troubles, we advise every such person to forgive one and all. Forgiveness is thus a very powerful weapon we have received from Jesus Christ. It enables one to get rid of troubles caused by others.

I have told you earlier that Jesus Christ possessed a number of Powers and that He was endowed with the Powers of Ekadasha Rudras. Then how is it that He was crucified and could not save Himself from this dreadful event Jesus Christ, with His several powers, could have completely annihilated His opponents in a moment. His Mother, Mary, was none else but Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother Herself. She also could not bear the atrocities on Her Son. And yet it happened. Perhaps God desired to stage a drama.

Really speaking, Jesus Christ was beyond happiness or sorrow and he had to enact the drama in perfect and faultless manner. How foolish were those who crucified Him! Jesus Christ rode on a donkey so that foolishness among the people of those days could be eradicated. If you suffer from headache and you pray to Jesus Christ to forgive all those who have put you in trouble, you will be cured of your headache without the aid of any medicines. However, before such a thing can happen, you have to awaken your Kundalini by accepting Sahaja Yoga, and get Self-Realization. The reason is that the Agnya Chakra, which is the Jesus principle in you, becomes active only after awakening of the Kundalini in Sahaja Yoga and not other-wise. Agnya Chakra is very subtle. The physicians are also unable to notice it. There is a very subtle door in this Chakra. That is why Jesus Christ said," I am the Door." Jesus Christ incarnated on this Earth for facilitating the passage through this Door, and He Himself was the first to pass through it.

People crucified Jesus Christ because of their ego. They could not conceive of an idea that some human being can appear on the Earth as an incarnation of God. Their intellectual pride could not accept this idea and they rejected the Truth because of the ego. What was the bad deed for which Jesus was crucified? He had on the contrary cured many people of their ailments. He preached the Truth and taught many good things to the people. He showed them the way to live a very cultured life. He always preached Love. In spite of this, the people tortured Him. But they would bow before those who teach filthy and rotten things and make a fool of them. What a height of stupidity ! These days any Tom, Dick or Harry becomes a guru, robs the people, squeezes money from them. Such persons are held in high esteem. On the contrary if a good person, who stands by the Truth, wishes to show the true path, the people not only won't listen to him but assault him. To educate such very stupid people God Almighty sent His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, on this Earth. But the people crucified Him. They have been, ever since repeatedly doing the same thing.

If you read, you will find that whenever God incarnated, or any sage or saint took birth on this Earth, the people have harmed them and tortured them. Instead of learning from them they behaved with them stupidly. We will notice the same story about Shri Gyaneshwara and Shri Tukarama, the great saints of Maharashtra. Similar treatment was meted out to Shri Guru Nanaka and prophet Mohammad. Man always runs away from the Truth and tries to embrace the untruth. Whenever there is an incarnation of God, or a saint is born, and you ask a question whether such a person is an incarnation or whether he is a pious saint, a Sahaja Yogi would immediately feel the Cool Breeze on his palm if the answer is in affirmative.

The past events in one's life result in strengthening the ego; for instance one boasts that he is a disciple of such and such person etc. Man is unaware of the factual evidence facing Him. Obviously due to the strengthening of ego, he loses sight of the real meaning of the Self. It is therefore necessary to understand the meaning of the Self. Suppose the river Ganges is flowing from a particular place, and you go at some other place and say that Ganges is flowing from that place, and that you are actually sitting on the Ganges, — this will be ridiculous. Therefore, accept only that which is factually or materially present before you. In the case of Jesus Christ, the circumstances were similar. Jesus Christ tried to awaken the Kundalini, but with great difficulty could give Realization to some twenty one persons. But in Sahaja Yoga, thousands have got Realization. Christ could have given Realization to many more but His disciples thought that He could only cure sick persons and that there was no other significance of Realization to them. On many occasions Jesus Christ demonstrated walking on the surface of water. This could be because He Himself was Pranava. Inspite of all this, people could not understand that Christ was the Son of God.

In Sahaja Yoga, a number of seekers have got Self-relization and got rid of the diseases. Man should, therefore, understand that the ego is very subtle. Another thing I want to tell you is about fighting with your ego. That is not correct thing to do. The ego is not in any way effected by your fighting with it. It should get absorbed in your own Self. When your attention is focused on the Kundalini, and it pierces your Brahmarandhra, and therefore, merges with Virata, it is at this stage that ego is absorbed. The real ego is the ego of the Virata Shakti. In fact Virata is the real ego. You cannot free yourself from the ego. What do you do? That which 'I do' is ego. You just ask yourself as to what is it that you actually do? You can do nothing except changing the form of dead matter. Can you transform a flower into a fruit? You are endowed with the nose, the face, the beautiful human body. How did this happen? We achieved this human form from amoeba. How could this have happened? It is undoubtedly the grace of God Almighty which enabled us to have this beautiful human form. Can we repay Him for this? Can you do anything which is similar? After man succeeded in producing a test tube baby, his ego swelled considerably. Really speaking here also man did not create any living organism. As in the case of crossbreeding of two plants, so it has been done here by uniting two living human cells. But how much it has inflated the ego balloon! Then, man reached the moon, how much further inflation of his ego took place! What is our ego in comparison to His, who created the sun, the moon, the stars and the whole Universe? In fact our ego is false. It is fake. The true ego is the ego of the Virata Purusha. Because it is the Virata that is doing everything.

You should know that it is the Virata Purusha who alone is doing everything. Therefore, let all things be done by the Virata, you are just like a machine. Suppose I am speaking before a microphone, and My voice is carried to you through the medium of the microphone, then the microphone is only a Sakshi or a witness. It is I who is doing the speaking and the power is flowing through the microphone. In the same way, you are simply an instrument of God Almighty. The Virata has made you, so let the Power of Virata flow through you and understand the meaning of Self. In order to explain the meaning of the Self, Jesus Christ incarnated on this Earth with his seat in the Agnya Chakra. Agnya Chakra is very complex, and is the seat of the subtle principle of Aumkara or Pranava. In fact Jesus Christ is the Aunikar, the Pranava. The connection between the Kundalini and Jesus Christ is the same as the one that exists between the moon and the moonlight or the sun and the sunlight. The Kundalini, that is Mother Gauri, created Shri Ganesha by Her will-Power, Tapasya and noble deeds. It was when Shri Ganesha prepared Himself for incarnation that Jesus Christ was born.

There are many things in this world in respect of which man has not been able to find any satisfactory explanation. Have you ever considered how a seed sprouts? How you breathe? How you make movements? Where from the Power in your brain comes? How you came into this world? There are many such things. Can any man satisfactorily explain these things? We say that Earth has gravitational force. But from where this force came? A number of things need unfoldment. This is because you are under the influence of an illusion. You have yet to come out of that illusion. Your illusion has to be blown up. Otherwise it would grow from strength to strength. For spiritual evolution of man, it is necessary to demolish his illusion. At every stage of evolution, the incarnations have appeared. All of you know that Shri Vishnu incarnated as Shri Rama, and wandered in the forests. He staged a beautiful drama to demonstrate the life of an ideal king. Similar was the life of Shri Krishna and the life of Jesus Christ.

When we study the life of Jesus Christ, one thing is noticed prominently, that is, the stupidity of the people of that time. Because of that stupidity this magnificent personality was crucified. And what height of stupidity! When the people were asked to express their opinion as to whether a thief or Jesus be released, the Jews demanded that the thief be released and Jesus Christ crucified.

We know the state of these people today! The sin committed by them will not be washed away in many many lives. And even now these persons are enveloped in their ego. They think that they have done a virtuous deed. Even now, if these people seek pardon of God, saying that," O God! Pardon us for crucifying your sacred principle. Forgive us for destroying your sacred principle", God will immediately forgive them.

But man finds it very difficult to apologize. He commits a number of evil deeds. How many persons can be found in the world who have worshipped the saints? Take the instance of Shri Kabir or Shri Guru Nanaka. The people have persecuted them at every step. In this world the people have not given anything to the saints except harm and torture. But I tell you now, that circumstances have changed. The Satya Yuga has commenced. You may try, but now you would not succeed in persecuting or torturing any saint. This is due to Jesus Christ Himself. For Jesus Christ has set in motion a mighty power in this world which would make such wicked people suffer. They would be punished. The Ekadasha Rudras of Jesus Christ are all in readiness to strike. Those who would now torture any saint, would be completely ruined. It is a great sin to torture any saint. You try to understand this from the example of Jesus Christ. Do not commit such stupidity hereafter; otherwise you may get completely ruined. If one great lesson is to be learnt from the life of Jesus, then that is that you have to remain contented in the state in which the Almighty has placed you. Jesus did not change His mission, He did not separate Himself from the society, considering Himself to be a sanyasin. On the contrary, on occasions He attended certain marriage ceremonies and made the arrangements.

The Bible says that at one marriage occasion he transformed drinking water into fresh grape juice. Now man has picked up this one incident to suggest that since Jesus Christ made wine out of water, He used to drink wine. In Hebrew language you would notice that the word wine means pure juice of fresh grapes. It does not mean alcohol.

Jesus Christ incarnated to open the Agnya Chakra and to dissolve our ego. My job is to awaken your Kundalini Power so that it could pierce your Sahasrara Chakra. This work is of coIlective nature; I have therefore, to do it in the case of one and all. I want to tell you about Jesus Christ, Guru Nanaka, King Janaka and a number of other incarnations and the way they relate with the collectivity. Similarly, I wish to talk to you about incarnations of Shri Rama, Shri Krishna etc., and also about Shri Shiva. because all the powers of these Gods and Deities are in us. Now, the time has come for Collective Consciousness to manifest.

In this KaliYuga, all those who are seeking God shall find Him and millions of people will be able to do so. Sahaja Yoga is the Last Judgment. This is described in the Bible. You are judged only after you come to Sahaja Yoga. For that purpose you, however, have to surrender yourself completely after coming to Sahaja Yoga. After getting that, which means everything, it is important to dwell in it, to be settled and stabilised in it. Many people ask Me, "Mataji, when would we be stable?” The answer is very simple. Suppose you are sailing in a boat, then you know when the boat becomes stable. So also while riding a bicycle, you understand that when you do not wobble, you know you are in balance and stable.

So also in Sahaja Yoga our stability is understood. The judgement in this matter is to be made by the individual himself. It is only when you stabilise in Sahaja Yoga, that the state of thoughtless awareness is established. So long as the Kundalini Power does not pass through the Agnya Chakra, the stage of thoughtless awareness is not reached. This is the first step in the way of thoughtless awareness of the seeker. As soon as the Kundalini crosses the Agnya Chakra, the thoughtless awareness is established. It is the power of Jesus Christ which is instrumental in opening the subtle door located above the Agnya Chakra. For that purpose you are to recite the Lord's Prayer composed by Jesus Christ. After crossing this door, the Kundalini Power enters the limbic area of the brain. It is after the Kundalini enters this area, which is also termed as the Kingdom of God, that the state of thoughtless awareness is established. In the limbic area of the brain there are Chakras which activate the seven main Chakras and also the secondary Chakras in the body.

Now, let us consider the reasons why the Agnya Chakra is spoiled. One of the main reasons of this deterioration are your eyes. You should take great care of the eyes, as they are very important. Then the Agnya Chakra is also spoiled on account of bowing before or touching one's head at the feet of an unauthorised guru. That is why Jesus Christ has told not to bow one's head before every person or place, because by doing so, you unknowingly lose everything whatever you have gained. You should bow your head only before an authorised person, that is the one who is an incarnation of God. Do not bow before any wrong place. This is very important. If you bow your head before a wrong person or place, your Agnya Chakra will get constricted.

In Sahaja Yoga, I have noticed that nowadays, many persons have spoiled their Agnya Chakras. The reason is that these people follow a wrong guru or bow before or touch their heads at wrong places. Many of the eye-diseases are caused due to such wrong practices. In order to keep the Agnya Chakra in proper order, one should always read the scriptures and the sacred texts. One should never read unhoIy literature. Many people may say," What does that matter? On account of our profession, we have to do certain things which may not be strictly proper." But then, by doing such unholy activities the eyes get spoiled. I never could understand as to why people are bent upon doing wrong deeds. Even by looking at any unchaste and filthy man the Agnya Chakra may get constricted. Jesus Christ firmly told," Thou shall not commit adultery. But I tell you, thou shall not have adulterous eyes." Thus, it again comes to the eyes. If your eyes are unholy, you have eye troubles and your eyes get weakened. This does not mean that if you have to use spectacles, you become an unholy or improper person. It is the law of life that you have to use spectacles at an advanced age. The eyes are spoiled because you do not keep them steady, and are always moving them from one place to another. So also the attention of some people is constantly shifting from one object to another. These people are not even aware that such action spoils the eyes.

The other reason of deterioration of the Agnya Chakra lies in the manner in which you work. If you overwork then you become work-conscious. The work that you are doing may be good, but even then, if it is beyond the normal level, be it over-reading, overstitching or over-thinking, it will spoil the Agnya Chakra. The reason is that while you overwork, you forget God. During the course of such work, God-consciousness does not stabilize in you.

The Kundalini is the Truth. It is sacred. There is no hypocrisy in it. It is not something which can be purchased in a shop. This is the absolute Truth. As long as, you cannot recognise the Truth by following Vama Marg or the wrong path. When you will merge into the Truth, when you will get absorbed in it, only then you would understand that you are but an instrument of God Almighty, the Holy Father, that you are the instrument through which the Power of God flows and that you are the instrument of the same Power of Love of God, which pervades the whole Universe and directs all movement therein. This Power is made available to you only because of Jesus Christ, through His crucifixion. What a great sacrifice on the part of Christ! It is due to Him that our Agnya Chakra has opened.

If the Agnya Chakra of any person does not open, Kundalini would not rise, because the Mooladhara Chakra would also remain constricted till the Agnya Chakra remains constricted. If a person's Agnya Chakra is too much constricted, the Kundalini Power would not rise, whatever efforts you may make. For removing the catch on the Agnya Chakra, we apply kumkum. This has the effect of reducing the troubles of the ego as also other troubles. When the kumkum is applied on the forehead above the Agnya Chakra, the Chakra is opened and Kundalini rises. Such is the intimate connection between Jesus Christ and the Kundalini Power.

Shri Ganesha, who is stationed at the Mooladhara, and protects the modesty of Shri Kundalini also opens the door at the Agnya Chakra, for the Kundalini to pass through it.

What is it that we have to do for maintaining the Agnya Chakra in order? The ways are many. Extremity in every action spoils the society, and therefore excessiveness in any walk of life is not proper and should be avoided. Maintaining the balance enables our eyes to get rest. In Sahaja Yoga, there are a number of remedies for this, but it is absolutely necessary to get Self-Realization, first. Then there are many exercises for the eyes which help to keep the Agnya Chakra in a healthy condition. One of these is to watch your own ego and think of yourself that," Yes Sir, what is the plan and where do you propose to go?” This is how you may address yourself as if you are observing your own image in a mirror. If you do this, the strain on the eyes due to ego will be minimised.

The other area which is very important is that part of the back of the head that is exactly behind the forehead. It is in the area which is at a distance of about the thickness of eight fingers (about 5 inches) above the base of the neck, and is known as the area of Shri Maha Ganesha. Shri Ganesha incarnated as Maha Ganesha and the same incarnation is of Jesus Christ. Shri Christ's place is in the centre of the forehead and is surrounded by the Kingdom of the Ekadasha Rudras. Jesus Christ is the Master of that Kingdom. The Ekadasha Rudras comprise of Shri Maha Ganesha, as also Shri Shadanan.

If you open your eyes after awakening of the Kundalini you would experience that your vision is somewhat dimmed or blurred. This is so because when the Kundalini awakens, the pupils of your eyes are dilated and get cooled. This happens on account of the action of para-sympathetic nervous system. Mere thinking of Shri Jesus Christ or contemplating or meditating on Him would relieve Agnya Chakra. At the same time it should be remembered that merely following the conventions or traditions and the lines of succession made after Him does not mean contemplation of Jesus Christ.

Now, I will be telling you some eternal truths. Foremost amongst them is that looking at any women with evil intentions is a great sin. You can realise the extent of the enormous sin that is being committed by several people who stare at women at road sides with evil intentions. Jesus Christ told about this matter some 2000 years ago. But He did not tell it so openly. That is why I have to remind you about this bad habit. Jesus Christ told us about this matter and was crucified. Jesus only told that this should not be done, because it is filthy. He did not tell about the bad consequences of this action. This habit makes man behave like a beast, as his mind is day and night engrossed in evil thoughts. In our Yoga science it has been advised that the mind should be controlled and kept on the correct path. You should approach God with all attention centered on Him.

We are made out of Yoga. Ours is the land of Yoga. We are not egoistic, nor do we want to be so. We desire to live on this land as Yogis. A day will dawn, when the whole world would bow to this country (India) in reverence. Then people would know who Jesus Christ was, and from where He came ! He would then be worshipped with due respect on this sacred land. In India, even today, the modesty of women is protected and they are treated with proper respect. All over our country, we regard The Mother with great reverence. When the people from other countries would visit this land they would know that it is in this country that real Christianity is practiced with great devotion, but not in countries which profess the Christian religion.

Jesus Christ said that we should be born again. In our country we refer to this process as Dwija or born for the second time. The second birth of any human being is possible only by awakening of Kundalini Power. So long as the Kundalini is not awakened, one will not acquire the second birth, and so long as we do not have rebirth we will not be able to recognise God. You read the Bible after Realization. You will be surprised to know that Jesus Christ has told nothing but the importance of Sahaja Yoga. Everything has been explained with minor details. Those who have no insight, misrepresent the matters.

In reality, giving baptism means the awakening of the Kundalini Power so that after it rises and pierces the Sahasrara, there is the union of the AIl-Pervading Power of God and the Kundalini Power. This, in fact, is the final job of the Kundalini Power. But the clergy know nothing about this. On the contrary, they are vainly trying to do something which they are not even authorised to do. Otherwise you will find these clergymen involved in all sorts of acts of kindness — kindness to animals, service of the poor, service of patients and so on. You would say," Mataji, these are all noble deeds." Yes, certainly they are noble deeds, but then, it is not the work of God. It is not the work of God to serve the poor by paying them money. The real work of God consists in helping the people to enter the Kingdom of God, and to enable them to unite with God. To make their life full of Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, Beauty and Grace is in Reality, the work of God. God will not catch the feet of the persons who commit theft, or speak lies or wander around because of poverty. To help such persons is an act of kindness and can be done by any person.

You would notice some Christians involved in proselytesing work. They would go to a remote corner where the Adivasis (aboriginals) reside. There they would do some work of service to the Adivasi people and then convert all of the Adivasis to Christianity. But one thing should be made clear, that this is not the work of God. The work of God is eternal.

In Sahaja Yoga, the patients get healed when their Kundalini is awakened. In Sahaja Yoga, we do not perform any work of pseudo-kindness. If we go to any hospital, we can easily heal 25-30 patients. With the awakening of Kundalini they are automatically healed, because within us is the Power of Love. Due to awakening of Kundalini this power of Love starts flowing through their bodies and the same power cures them.

Jesus Christ healed many with the same Power of love flowing through Him. Jesus Christ did not help anybody with materialistic things. We have to understand these things minutely. Do not repeat the mistakes of the past. You get yourself realized. This is your first duty. After Self-Realization your powers are awakened. These awakened powers have healed diseases like cancer, which are considered as incurable. In fact you can cure any disease. Diseases like cancer can be cured only in Sahaja Yoga. But those who get cured again resume their old paths and habits. They are no more in search of God. Such persons remember God only when they want to be cured of some disease. They do not otherwise think it necessary to seek God. Why then should God care for those who do not desire to be the light of God? Such persons, whether cured or not, would not spread the light in this world, God would light only such lamps which would spread the light in the whole world. Why will God cure the stupid people? Why will God help those who do not wish to do His work or those who do not want to seek Him? The work to relieve poverty or social work should not be mistaken for the work of God.

Some people degrade the relationship with God to the lowest level. At one place, I observed on an advertisement board: Shri Sai Nath Bidi. To use the name of God in such filthy manner is an outright insult of Him. By relating every petty and mundane things with God, you commit great sins. You should know this Sai Nath Bidi or Lakshmi Hing, — advertising like this is an insult of God. What do these people gain by doing so? Some people say that, "Mother, this will do us good." What is this good? By that expression they mean they get more money. If a business is carried in this fashion, one or the other day it would surely bring them in trouble. This is the insult of God.

Jesus Christ came to save and liberate the whole mankind. He was not the personal possession of any particular sect. He Himself was Aumkar incarnate. He was Pranava and the Truth. The bodies of the other incarnations were made up of earth principle, whereas the body of Jesus was made of the soul principle (-). That is why He was resurrected after death. And it was only through the Resurrection that His disciples could know that He was no other than God Himself. Then they started beating the trumpets, started reciting His name, started delivering lectures on Him. The most important thing is that God incarnated. If the people should recognise Him and secure spiritual development and bliss, this would enlighten the soul and spread happiness and bliss everywhere. May all of you acquire the Yoga of God. Many many blessings."

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Shri Kundalini Shakti And Shri Jesus Christ
Bombay, India—September 26, 1979

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
"Bible is too small a book to contain a character like Christ. He was too great a man and we should have gone all out to see what He's described in other scriptures, how He's talked about it let us find out!

We should have been open minded about it. Instead of that people just laughed and mocked at all these old books-the scriptures-and they thought they are the wisest. This is the worst part, is that the ego thinks they are the highest, they are the best; they can do what they like and that is how they lived.

But thank God, now people are realizing that we have missed the point, we have definitely missed the point. So we have to see what He was before He came on this earth -in the heaven how He was created, how He was Alpha and Omega, what was His own nature, for what purpose He came and why He died, why He was resurrected, why this drama was to be carried out? For this, only three and a half years of Christ cannot explain (it) and people cannot tell us why all these things happened.

We have to keep a very open mind about Christ and we have to see with our own eyes how it works out. In Kundalini awakening you'll be surprised when the Kundalini stops here (at the forehead/'Narrow Gate'/Agnya Centre) and this chakra is closed, then you have to say the Lord's prayer; everywhere, whether you are a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian.

From whatever community you become a yogi, you become a realized soul, you have to say the Lord's Prayer, because (otherwise) the Kundalini won't rise - and that is one of the greatest proofs that Christ resides here! If you do not say the Lord's Prayer, it doesn't work out.

So, Lord's Prayer is a mantra/s a chanting, but is to be said by a person who is a realized soul, who is authorized for you. Otherwise it is called as anadhikar cheshta, means the person who has no right is trying to do something, is doing a wrong thing. So those who are realized souls, when they say this mantra, then this center is opened up, Christ is awakened, and you are allowed to see, allow your Kundalini to pass through it and enter into the realm of this limbic area, where is one thousand petaled Lotus remains."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Public Program, Boston, USA—11 October 1983

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete
“The first thing is that you should leave the rituals, but respect everything. Leave the rituals does not mean that you should kick to all. The balance in between two is taught by Shri Jesus. Without bringing this balance, you can't open your Agnya chakra. Respect all. The false gurus of today are doing nothing but following the rituals. They give you a name to recite for 108 times and ask the money for that.

Shri Christ was against this ritualism. Because He was knowing that by doing the ritualism, human beings will become more ego-oriented. And to destroy this ego, He had forbidden the ritualism. Like this, He was against asking the money in the name of God. But now it is the other way around. Now they earn the money in the name of God."

The Messiah-Paraclete-Ruh-Devi
Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule, India—25 December, 1997)

“The Agnya Chakra

The sixth chakra is the chakra of forgiveness and compassion. Forgiveness is the power to let go of anger, hatred and resentment and to discover, in humility, the nobility and generosity of the Spirit. It is the one that dissolves all our ego, conditionings, habits, false ideas of racialism, and all our misidentifications. It is the narrow gate which opens the way for our consciousness to ascend to its final destination, which is the seventh center.

Roving eyes, watching impure things, or self-centeredness damage this chakra. Watching the sky, earth or nature can help cleanse it."

The son of a Muslim weaver, Kabir was born in 1440
Kabir extols the supreme help
afforded by a true Master

“That secret is hidden behind the third eye center of the Master. The secret of the Ascension of the Prophet should be seen at a spot in between the 2 eyes of the Master. within the white and black of the third eye shines a star and within that star is the sun which is not easily understood. In the center between the two eyes appears a shining winged moth. In the middle of the wings is an entry point. When you pierce that veil and enter within you will have crossed over to the land of eternal awakening and freedom. This world will bother you no more. You are liberated. Only those can enter this gate who have become perfect and have overcome relativities and qualities. When they enter the world of the Absolute they will never be separated from the Lord ever. There is the seat of eternal music, the music of the spheres. One who practices this sound principle gains entry into this kingdom."

~ From the Dialogues of Kabir.

“Meditation isn't something we can "do" really. Of course, just sitting down and being still is sometimes half the battle. Observing nature or even looking at great artistic masterpieces can sometimes inspire a state of thoughtlessness and leave us with a profound sense of our spirit having been nourished. However, these joyous glimpses into our true nature are fleeting as it is impossible for our attention to remain in the present moment for any length of time. Right away we may start thinking "What a beautiful painting. How much does it cost?” and so on. It's only when the kundalini passes through the brain that these mundane thoughts subside. We judge everything through our ego and our conditionings which are like two huge balloons in our brain. When kundalini passes through the Agnya center in the brain the ego and superego get sucked in, allowing the energy to open the seventh center. This event, as Shri Mataji explains, "is the last breakthrough into absolute knowledge and reality.""

Jerry Mayfield, June 2001

“Similar to Mahavishnu, Shri Jesus represented the ninth Avatar, who opened the Agnya Chakra within the Cosmic Being. The reflection of this Chakra at the microcosmic human level is situated in the centre of the forehead where the left channel (Ida nadi) and the right channel (Pingala nadi) form a subtle crossing. From an anatomical point of view, this is the place of: the chiasma opticalis (optical nerve crossing), corresponding to the anterior aspect of the chakra (front Agnya); the decussatio pyramidum (crossing of the motor nuclei fibres of the spinal nerves for the upper limb and upper trunk and for the lower limb and lower trunk respectively), corresponding to the posterior aspect of the chakra (back Agnya.)

The three channels cross at the Agnya which represents the most narrow way for the Kundalini to pass through. It is the "narrow gate" that Jesus said about: "Strive with earnestness to enter through the narrow door, for many, I say, will seek to enter and will not be able." (Luke 13:24.) "Enter through the narrow gate" (Matthew 7:13.) Jesus revealed Himself as the Master of the Agnya chakra: "I am the door; if any one enter in by Me, he shall be saved" (John 10.9.) He will be saved because he will be able to reach the end of the spiritual ascent, Sahasrara (the Kingdom of Heavens the synthesis of all chakras, where the individual Spirit joins with the Universal Spirit — God.)"

Dan Costian, Bible Enlightened
Computex Graphics, 1995, p. 251-52.

“New Age teachers call the forehead chakra the third eye, or the Agnya Center. This energy point on the forehead is thought to be the 'passport to higher consciousness,' or godhood, for a person. The Agnya Center is also said to be the site of the 'sacred fire.' Today's Hindu monks, swamis, gurus, and spiritual seekers literally mark themselves over the forehead with a bit of red, yellow, or white powder or paste on this center as a sign."

“Well put. I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga for the last two years and have most definitely experienced knowledge through experience. However, it is the only yoga I know that actually provides union (yoga) with the Devine from the very first day. And via a self realization experience that is %100 verifiable.

In years past, a true Master of Yoga (of which there have been very few) would work on his disciple(s) chakras (energy centers) until they were cleansed and balanced. He would then give him his realization by raising the Kundalini. The Kundalini is the residual life force left over from our creation and resides in the sacrum bone which is located at the base of the spine. This Kundalini energy is a reflection of the Primordial Mother which is the power of God that does all the living work and creation. She is like your own personal Mother and when awakened, will heal and elighten your chakras, your brain and fully awaken your spirit, which resides in the left heart, and is a reflection of God Almighty.

In Christianity, Kundalini is known as the Holy Ghost (yes, the trinity is actually the Father, the Son and The Mother). The Father is the source of all, but is the witness. The Mother is the creative aspect of God, while the Son is the object of the creation. Hence we are all children of God....

The seven chakras are also mapped via our hands, e.g. the five fingers, palm and heel of hand. Once you start the cleansing techniques, the chakra 'catches' manifest themselves as tingling on the fingertips which are then decoded so you know which chakra needs to be attended to. The causes of these catches as well as the techniques for cleansing and clearing them are taught through the Sahaja Yoga centers.

In the Koran, Mohammed Saheb said at the resurrection time (right now) the lips will be sealed and the hands will speak. It is all built in. We will judge ourselves. We will not go before God like a magistrate and plead our case.

The beautiful thing about Sahaja Yoga is it happens spontaneously, it is all built in each and every one of us, it costs absolutely nothing to do it, and other than the initial self realization experience, you are dependent on no one to ascend spiritually. However, I'd like to add that as you become aware of being part of the collective consciousness, you realize that the spiritual ascent is happening collectively, you just aren't dependent on what human beings do "external" to yourself to acheive spiritual growth."

Mark Mays

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