Second Chakra: Swadhisthan

"Swadhisthan Chakra: The second chakra is the chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. It is the one which connects us to the inner source of inspiration, and enables us to experience the beauty around us. The pure knowledge given by this chakra is not mental, but it is direct perception of the Reality, that can be felt in our palms and indicates our subtle blockages. Also this is the center of pure, steady attention and power of concentration."
Second Chakra Swadhisthan
Second Chakra: Swadhisthan

“The second centre is the centre of Swadhisthan. It has six petals and caters on the physical level to functions of the aortic plexus, and is the one which supplies us with the energy of creativity, of thinking, of being futuristic. It supplies Power to the brain cells by converting fat cells into brain cells."

Shri Svadhisthananambuja-gata Devi
(Svadhisthananambuja-gata: [504th]: Resides in the six-petalled Svadhisthana-Chakra at the level of the sex organ. This name means Herself resides as Fire in that Chakra.)

I created all things. I have become My creation and My creation returns to Me as the waves go out into the ocean and return again. From My power comes the illusion of Maya or the "Reality of the everchanging universe." This is My Divine Play: leela. You will never catch Me in your mental concepts for I have Myself inspired all concepts from the very beginning and as you approach Me I shall again destroy all concepts at the end.

The Swadhisthan Chakra is suspended on a cord from the Nabhi Chakra, and moves around the Void area. When the Kundalini rises, She passes into the Nabhi Chakra first and then along the cord to enlighten the Swadhisthan before returning to the Nabhi Chakra to continue the journey to the crown of the head.

In the course of evolution, humans translated their need for shelter and security into the building of homes. As this sense of aesthetics developed they continued to improve on these forms of shelter (until eventually architecture came about). This creativity evolved into abstract form, where they could imagine, project and create an image which had no previous counterpart. From this burgeoning aestheticism came the creative arts.


The fundamental quality of the Swadhisthan Chakra is that of creativity. It is here that the energy for our creativity is generated. After Self-Realization we discover that the true key to creativity is in achieving the state of thoughtless awareness (nirvichara samadhi) through meditation.

From this we discover that all the beauty of Creation is reflected within us like a still and silent lake. Once we locate this pool of beauty we can become the channel for it. We become the Collective Unconscious, without ego to distort the purity of art.

The process of creativity in whatever form draws on the qualities of the Swadhisthan Chakra. If this process is accomplished in a balanced state (i.e., using the energies of the central or Sushumna channel in the subtle system) then the result is spiritually enhanced. After Self-Realization this is emphasized, and the resulting creation can become an inspired work. We can see this by looking at the classic works from artists of the past such as Mozart and Michaelangelo who were born as evolved, realized souls. Works of this quality are immortal, and provide joy and beauty which define a whole epoch.

However, in the modern process, we can see that even where the artistic endeavor starts out  with heart,  there is a tendency for the artist to produce later works which are flat, lifeless or even exploitative. The primary cause of this tendency is the ego of the artist. As the artist becomes more successful, he or she works harder to maintain or grow this success. This requires more exhaustive use of the right channel (the Pingala Nadi or Channel of Action). A by-product of this channel becoming exhausted is that the ego of the artist becomes inflated. Note that in subtle terms the ego is actually situated at the end of the action channel (in the balloon-like shape on the left-hand side of the head). If one is confused by an inflated ego, the excessiveness drains the central channel of energy and exhausts the right side. In addition, the connection with the ego can take the attention away from the Spirit. As the artist starts to believe that he is the creator of all his works (thus eliminating divine inspiration) the process is accelerated and the ego expands to such an extent that the spiritual content of the work is removed completely.

The Spirit, which resides in our heart, is the real reservoir of creativity, and artists and people who think excessively or are obsessed with fame or success will usually suffer a weak Swadhisthan Chakra and tend to be off-balance personalities. Their ambition to be superior to others or to be acclaimed by them for their talents comes from their ego, which is connected to the left-side of the Swadhisthan Chakra through the right channel. Their spontaneity is lost in this ambitious and competitive effort to create, and this explains why most modern creation in any aspect lacks Spirit.


The presiding deity for the Swadhisthan Chakra is Shri Brahmadeva. He represents the Creator, and has as His power Shri Saraswati, who is the Goddess of music and arts. He bestows purity, creativity, Pure Knowledge, and cuts the Knot of Maya (material attachment) and frees the seeker from earthly desires.

"All these desires lead you ultimately to a destruction, because there's no Joy, there's no happiness. For example, now I want to have a sari, so I want to buy the sari all my attention will be how will I get that sari; I must get that sari, this thing, that thing. The attention becomes polluted, disturbed for a nonsensical thing like sari. The attention, which has to enjoy the spirit which has to nourish the Spirit becomes disturbed because of desires.

In the first place attention is disturbed because we are not in the center. In the second place the attention gets into turmoil because we have desires. . . .

So whatever you desire, if you start working it out, desiring for something aesthetically handmade, nice thing, gradually you will find you will end up with vibrations, because all beautiful things have vibrations, and to have the vibrations you have to go to pure Desire. So this desire which is madness, which makes you mad, which is so much dull and boring becomes pure Desire, because you have to dissolve all your desires into vibrations. You start desiring nothing but vibrations after some time."


One of the most important functions of this center is to generate the energy that fuels our thinking by converting fat particles in the abdomen to replace the brain cells. Excessive thinking and planning overworks this process and exhausts the centre. The Swadhisthan also looks after the liver (along with the Nabhi Centre). If the Swadhisthan Chakra is having to cope with excessive thinking, then the other organs it is supposed to look after are neglected. The liver is particularly susceptible to this neglect.

The liver has a particular importance in that it is the seat of our Attention (chitta). Attention should not be confused with thought, which comes from ego (our I-ness) and superego (our past conditioning and upbringing). Attention is pure concentration minus thought/mental activity. For example, when we look at a flower we put our pure attention on it (i.e., we observe it). However, we will also think about it: "That's pretty; I wonder what it's called," and so on. Attention has no such associated thoughts: it is pure concentration/observation/witnessing. A balanced liver sustains and nourishes our attention and filters it by scanning out any impurities and external clutter. From this purified attention comes the peace and stillness that we obtain in our meditation. The liver is susceptible to overheating through alcohol or other stimulants, affecting our attention, which ultimately weakens our meditation and so on.

Causes of catch/obstruction on thumbs

A "catch" ('Your hands will speak') is an imbalance. If we feel heat or tingling, or maybe even numbness in our fingertips, it means that our kundalini is alerting us to an imbalance in a particular chakra.

'Your left thumb will speak': if you engage in black magic, false gurus and knowledge, alcohol and drugs, extreme servility and subordination.

'Your right thumb will speak': if you indulge in too much thinking and planning, political extremism & fanaticism, bad eating habits, ego oriented life and domination of others.

Spiritual manifestation: Self-reproaching Spirit of God Almighty within warns of over-thinking, futuristic attitude, and extreme intellectual pursuits.


Those who wish to open their Swadisthan Chakra are advised to follow instructions #16-18 of this Self-Realization link. The Mother Kundalini will rise from the base Mooladhara Chakra and, after awakening all the chakras on Her path, reach the Sahasrara Chakra. There will be two self-verifiable signs of this kundalini awakening and opening of the chakras:

i) feeling of Cool Breeze exiting from the top of the head and/or
ii) feeling of Cool Breeze exiting from the fingertips/palm of the hands.

You are assured of your own Divine Kundalini/Mother/Spirit within giving Self-Realization and opening your chakras provided you follow those instructions. That assurance in the form of a Cool Breeze, which is self-verifiable, manifests due to a far higher spiritual evolution. Rest assured that this experience is absolutely without any side-effects whatsoever.

On the contrary, your own Divine Kundalini/Mother/Spirit within will lead you to a state of mind, bliss, peace, knowledge and spiritual journey that has no parallel:

The Divine Mother (Holy Spirit)
The Divine Mother in this Age has
come in the form of Shri Mataji
(1923-2011) Who, as the promised
Paraclete, brought closure to Jesus'
message of the Kingdom of God
and commenced the Resurrection.
For Hindus, Sikhs and others that
should be understood as Kundalini
awakening and Atma jnana that is
absolutely essential for moksa.
My essence is complete innocence in thought, word, and action. I came many times in the form of prophets, saints and gurus of each and every religion, giving you laws and principles whose observance gave inner balance and harmony.

Today when Kundalini awakens My presence in you (second spiritual 'birth'/'being born again' of Spirit), religion is no more a belief. It becomes a living state within. As you become the childlike disciple of your Mother, I make you your own master and in this lifetime strive to liberate you from ceaseless rebirths on this Earth (moksa) and lead you to residence and life eternal in My heavenly Paradise. These few names of mine confirm that I reside within you and so will be able to fulfill that promise:

Shri Kundalini
Kundalini [110th] She is coiled like a serpent. She is stated to assume 31/2 coils - the form in which Sri Lalita resides in sacrum bone of every human as potential state.
Shri Muladharambujarudha Devi
(Muladharambujarudha [514th]: She is mounted on the four-petalled Muladhara-Padma at the level of the anus.)
Shri Svadhisthananambuja-gata Devi
(Svadhisthananambuja-gata: [504th]: Resides in the six-petalled Svadhisthana-Chakra at the level of the sex organ. This name means Herself resides as Fire in that Chakra.)
Shri Manipurabja-nilaya Devi
(Manipurabja-nilaya [495th]: She has Manipurna-Padma as Her abode near the navel. This Padma has ten petals.)
Shri Anahatabja-nilaya Devi
(Anahatabja-nilaya [485th]: She dwells in the Anahata-Chakra near the heart as Rakini.)
Shri Visuddhi-Chakra-nilaya Devi
(Visuddhi-chakra-nilaya [475th]: Dwelling in the Visuddha Padma of 16 petals.)
Shri Agnya-Chakrabja-nilaya Devi
(Agnya-chakrabja-nilaya (521st): Resides in the two-petalled Agnya-chakra. Residing in this Chakra, She controls various organs (Indriyas). Hence, it is known as Agnya-Chakra situated between the eye-brows.)
Shri Sahasra-dala-padmastha Devi
(Sahasra-dala-padmastha [528th]: Residing in the Thousand-Petaled Lotus.)


The most effective way to clear or heal chakra problems ('catch' or obstruction) is to put attention on the affected chakra during meditation and allow The Mother Kundalini to heal. Remain in the thoughtless state while you work on the affected chakra. Always remember this quote of Shri Mataji:

“Kundalini will rise and She will cleanse you completely. Kundalini will rise and always cleanse the chakras."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Sydney, Australia, March 31, 1991

Once this is power is established no external rituals are required as catches will be healed instantly and constantly by The Mother Kundalini within. Until and unless external cleansing rituals are discarded this power will never be established. On the contrary, all these rituals only make matters worse according to Shri Mataji:

“The people who think that they can control their ego will eat less or use all types of methods to control ego. For example, someone is standing on one leg or other one on his head, all types of efforts they are doing to reduce their ego.

But with all these techniques, ego doesn't vanish. On the contrary, ego increases. Fasting, reciting the names, increases your ego. With Havans also ego increases because Agni, fire, is the right side element. Anything which is rituals increases your ego.

Human being thinks that they are alright, since they are doing these rituals since thousand years. All the wrong teachings they are still following. For this reason Sahaja Yoga is against Karma Kanda, that is rituals. No need to do any kind of Karma Kanda.

And to go to the extreme point is also dangerous. I had asked them to shoe-beat to destroy their ego and what I see that every morning all the Sahaja Yogis go in the line with their shoes for shoe-beatings. But I had asked to do this if you have ego in you.

All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga. I got somebody in France with the list of the treatments of Vashi hospital. But that was for sick peoples. This is the nature of human being to follow the rituals because he thinks that he can do it."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
25 December 1997, Christmas Puja
Ganapatipule, Maharashtra, India

 Swadhisthan Chakra

The second chakra is the chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. It is the one which connects us to the inner source of inspiration, and enables us to experience the beauty around us. The pure knowledge given by this chakra is not mental, but it is direct perception of the Reality, that can be felt in our palms and indicates our subtle blockages. Also this is the center of pure, steady attention and power of concentration.

On the physical level it looks after our liver, kidneys, and the lower abdomen. When we think too much, this center gets drained of energy and diseases like diabetes or blood cancer can occur when this chakra goes completely out of balance.

 YOGA - Most of us think of Yoga as a form of physical exercise and stretching but it is really the spiritual quest to achieve the highest level while in human form, which entails reaching Enlightenment despite and in unison with our physical self, as we are a mind, a body, and a spirit that all must be One to reach Enlightenment. The word YOGA in Sanskrit means union. The union of ourselves and the union with the Divine. Yoga is the general term for spiritual disciplines in Hinduism, Buddhism, and practices throughout South Asia that are directed toward attaining higher consciousness and liberation from ignorance, suffering, and achieving rebirth.

Yoga is also the name of one of the six orthodox systems of Hindu philosophy. Both Vedic and Buddhist literature discuss the doctrines of wandering ascetics in ancient India who practised various kinds of disciplines and meditation

 Meditation can be properly performed only when the mind is cleansed of all thoughts. Almost every student knows of this condition, but few can really achieve it.

Those who belong to different mystical societies often believe that meditation consists in the effort of directing the mind into certain channels according to pre-conceived ideas. The results of such exercises - they cannot be called meditation - are generally poor, even though they may be practised over a period of years, and they do not lead to the effective purification of the mind from thought.

Usually, advanced members of such organisations are given methods and rules, which are often insufficient. . . .

When at last the vacuum or void in consciousness is reached and firmly established, true meditation can be approached, but not earlier. Then the consciousness of the true Self will itself fill the vacuum. No more instruction is needed, for the true Self takes over the guidance and the goal is reached. In such meditation there are no visions or feelings. Maharshi often warned against ecstatic visions, pointing out that our goal is pure awareness and nothing else.

If this awareness is attained it inevitably leads us to samadhi, and this is the true aim of meditation (the awakening from the dream-state called normal physical consciousness).

There are signs which indicate that our meditation is really leading us to samadhi, when we are free from all thought of the body and of the 'ego', and when thoughts and feelings are stilled. 'Good and evil" cease to exist- we see nothing, for there is nothing to see.Yet we are not in darkness, but merged in light being ourselves this light. We cannot see It, for in this state there is no subject and no object. This can give but a veiled hint of the true state to one who has not experienced such meditation for himself, for this is the discovery of the true Self in man.

All that we recognise as objects - that is the outer world plus our visible body- is like a painting. The colours in it are the qualities of things. In these things are held all material forms, feelings, thoughts, good and evil, true and false, everything that we know as the universe.

They are like the separated colours of the white light or God-Self, broken up by the prism of the material universe, as the Maharshi told us. If you could imagine the same picture painted with only the basic white Light, unbroken by the bewitched prism - that would be Spirit, Self or God, the ultimate truth of being. That is why the Master said: "There is nothing but the Pure Being which alone exists and our sole purpose in life is to realise It for ourselves."

Right meditation leads to the discovery of this great mystery. All other means mentioned in different Yogas such as breath control, mind control, body postures, special foods and attitudes of the mind, and so on , are only intermediary steps on the path to the goal, taken by our material nature when we step onto the Direct Path to the summit.This attainment makes these intermediary steps unnecessary. When the train reaches a certain station, one does not go back to count the milestones already passed. Thus attunement with the Self produces of its own accord the right postures, breathing, and imperviousness to influences from the outer world.


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