Paramchaitanya, All-Pervading Power of God felt as Cool Breeze or vibrations by those born of the Spirit during the Last Judgment and Resurrection!

In parts of the Bible but especially the Qur'n, it is stated that the unbeliever is one who neither recognizes nor appreciates the signs of God Almighty. The distinguishing mark of a believer is his ability to see those signs and proofs.

Jesus answered and said unto him,
Verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man born be born again,
He cannot see the Kingdom of God.
Nicodemus saith unto him,
How can a man be born again when he is old?
Can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?
Jesus answered: Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
Except a man born of water and the Spirit,
He cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.
That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of Spirit is spirit,
Marvel not that I said unto thee: Ye must be born again.
The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof,
But cannot tell whence it comes and where it goeth:
So is every one that is born of the Spirit.

John 3:3-8

It is Allah who sends forth the Winds so that they raise up the Clouds,
And We drive them to a Land that is dead,
And revive the earth therewith after its death:
Even so (will be) the Resurrection!

surah 35:9 Fatir (The Originator of Creation)

Divine Wind Flowing From within During Last Judgment And Resurrection

Divine Wind will begin flowing after Self-realization
It is written both in the Qur'an and Bible that during Qiyamah (Resurrection) those who get their Self-Realization will have Cool Breeze or Wind coming out of their hands, head and other parts of the body. The"hands will speak"to inform the individual of any wrong-doing on a particular finger(s) which correspond to certain problems. This experience is part and parcel of the human subtle system which is activated after the Baptism of Allah (Self-Realization).

Prophet Jesus also preached that those born again of the Spirit will experience the Wind, but will have no idea where it comes from or goes, i.e., this is not the normal wind which humans daily experience but a Divine Wind from within.

The word rûh comes from the same root as rahah. It is also related to rih, which means 'wind', mirwahah, meaning 'fan', and istirwah which means 'respiration'. The term"Spirit"translates the Hebrew word ruah, which, in its primary sense, means 'breath', 'ir', 'wind'. Jesus indeed uses the sensory image of the wind to suggest to Nicodemus the transcendent newness of him who is personally God's breath, the divine Spirit. (Jn 3:3-8)

The all-pervading power of God is known in various traditions as the Param Chaitanya (Indian), the Ruh (Muslim), Ruach (Jewish) and the Holy Spirit (Christian).

The Param Chaitanya is the power we feel in our hands as cool vibrations.

This power penetrates into every molecule. It not only pervades the entire universe, it created and sustains the universe.

The Param Chaitanya does not work in a mechanistic, scientifically-predictable way. It is the living energy of God's love. Thus, it acts to express the compassion and forgiveness of God.

As realized souls, we can invoke and direct the Param Chaitanya through our pure attention. We use the bandhan as a way to surrender problems to the Param Chaitanya.

The Param Chaitanya is the source of all forms of energy and matter. It is a conscious, compassionate power. In our subtle body, the Param Chaitanya integrates us. Each of our chakras and each of the deities who reside in the chakras are coordinated by the Param Chaitanya.


Vibrations are the most powerful force in the universe. Almost anything can be"vibrated.”We can desire that something in our attention absorbs the pure energy of divine love.

Vibrations flow from our hands to where we direct them. This can include food or water.

The Param Chaitanya acts according to our will and desire. The more we are dynamic, positive and focused on our goals, the more results can be achieved by the vibrations.


The source of the vibrations is the Adi Shakti, the primordial power. The actions of the Param Chaitanya are the expressions of The Mothering, nurturing and loving aspect of God. The more we can perceive the work of the Adi Shakti, the more profound is our blissful state of connection to God. Our everyday lives are filled with personal growth, auspiciousness and well-being.

In Sanskrit, Chaitanya is related to the word for attention, Chit. Chaitanya, or the vibrations we feel, is the attention of the Divine.

Whenever we feel burdened or exasperated by life, we can remember that in reality, we don't do anything. It is our belief that we are doing something that exhausts us.

The Param Chaitanya in fact does everything. Our evolution over time is done by the Param Chaitanya. Our growth as spiritual beings is done by the Param Chaitanya.

Animals simply obey the Param Chaitanya. Human beings are designed to be free and conscious of the workings of the Param Chaitanya.

We use our powers of desire and compassion to direct and intensify the flow of vibrations, which can be called the attention of God. When we raise the kundalini of another person, we are not doing it. The Param Chaitanya is acting, obeying our pure desire.


For the first time in history, thousands and millions of human beings can become aware of the Param Chaitanya, learn how to use the vibrations, and change the world as they change themselves. This is only possible because of the birth of the Adi Shakti, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi at this time.


Put the attention on Shri Mataji within the Sahasrara and feel the vibrations flowing from your hands and top of head.

On that Day that the enemies of Allah will be gathered together to the Fire, they will be marched in ranks.
At length, when they reach the (Fire), their hearing, their sight, and their skins will bear witness against them as to (all) their deeds.
They will say to their skins: "Why bear ye witness against us?”
They will say: "Allah hath given us speech — (He) who giveth speech to everything: He created you for the first time, and unto Him were ye to return.
"Ye did not seek to hide yourselves, lest your hearing, your sight, and your skins, should bear witness against you!
But ye did think that Allah knew not many of the things that ye used to do!
But this thought of yours which ye did entertain concerning your Lord, hath brought you to destruction,
And (now) have ye become of those utterly lost!"

surah 41:19-23 Fussilat (Expounded)

“When Kundalini awakening and Self-Realization has occurred, a flow of energy in the form of cool vibrations starts flowing from the hands. This is what is signified in the above passage. Here Prophet Muhammad is talking of the coming Time — Time of Resurrection — which is in fact the present Age of Aquarius or Kundalini Awakening.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Your hand will 'speak' during Al-Qiyamah
That Day shall We set a seal on their
mouths, but their hands will speak to Us,
And their feet bear witness to all that
they did. Surah 36:65 (Ya Sin)

Al Quran. Sura Yasin-Chapter 36, Verse 65

That Day shall We set a seal on their mouths, but their hands will speak to Us,
And their feet bear witness to all that they did.
surah 36:65 (Ya Sin)

Here again it is very clear, once the ascent or realization takes place, a person's hands and feet start to speak, bearing witness against him. Not only the hands and feet but the whole body starts to speak. All of the rights and the wrongs that have been done or are being done are known through the vibrations being emitted from the body. Thus, on the vibratory level, everything is known, not only about yourself but also about others.

After realization these vibrations are distinctly felt on the hands and feet as a Cool Breeze flowing from within. A person also gets to know when he is being lied to, or being manipulated. The mouth stops speaking for the realized person, as the mouth can lie but the hands start speaking and the feet bear witness, as everything is revealed through the vibrations and the vibrations never lie.

This is the time of Qiyamat without a doubt as all the prophecies in the Quran and the Hadith are coming true. The experience of Self-realization, ascent and meraj are not just happening to a few but thousands and thousands of people throughout the world are experiencing it en masse through Sahaja Yoga.

The Muslim community is generally highly programmed and conditioned. It therefore does not look beyond what has been taught to them by the Mullahs, who themselves, unfortunately, do not have much foresight and insight. The Sufis, however, discovered the true essence of Islam and sought their self-realization and God-realization. They saw the All Pervading and His love everywhere and in everything. The Sufis always kept seeking and searching for God. They knew that this was possible after they had attained their own Meraj....

Now for the first time in human history, in the presence of H.H. Mataji Nirmala Devi, thousands of people are experiencing this great phenomenon en masse, through the simple process of Sahaja Yoga. Her authority and identity, along with the truth of all that is written above, can only be confirmed after one experiences the awakening of Kundalini (Buraq) and gets self-realization (Meraj). When the Kundalini passes through Chakras and when the seventh Chakra, the Sahasrara, is opened, a person achieves connection with the Divine.

This is the Qiyamat, the time of the Final Judgment. This is the time the Prophet told the world about. It is just the matter of recognizing it and ascending within oneself and through the seven heavens.”[1]

The Noble Qur'n makes it clear that the testimony given by sinners in the court of divine justice will be utterly unique in nature, bearing absolutely no similarity to the juridical procedures of this world.

The verses of the Qur'n that speak of the giving of testimony on the day of resurrection proclaim that the hands, feet and even the skin of the sinners will disclose the hidden sins that they committed during their lives and that were previously unknown to all but God; the sinner will stand revealed, to his utter dismay and terror. The animation of these witnesses and the testimony they will bear to the events that have happened in the world show that all the deeds we perform are recorded both in the external world and in the various organs and limbs of our bodies. When the conditions of this world are replaced by those of the hereafter, on the day when, as the Qur'n puts it," secrets are made manifest and none will be able to conceal anything or seek help from anyone.” (86:9-10) all the deeds that have been recorded will pour forth and begin to bear witness.

We can indeed observe in this world a pale and feeble example of what is meant by things acquiring speech.

A doctor, for example, understands the language of the body. The rate of the pulse may indicate fever, and yellowness of the eye proclaims the presence of jaundice. To give another example, we can tell the age of a tree from the circles within its trunk.

It is nonetheless true that we cannot know the exact modality of the testimony that will be given in the hereafter. However, once the veil is lifted from men's sight, their power of vision will increase and their level of perception will be raised. They will embark on a new life with enhanced means of perception and will see many things that surrounded them in this world although they were unaware of them. Thus the Qur'n says:

"You were in a state of negligence; now We have lifted the veil from you so that your sight is today keen.” (50:22).

Other verses speak of the multiplicity of the witnesses that will come forward:

"Let them fear a day on which their tongues, their hands and their feet shall bear testimony against them.” (24:24).

“A day on which all the enemies of God will be drawn into the fire as they stand next to their destined abode, their ears, their eyes and the skin on their bodies shall testify to the sins they have committed. They will address their limbs in astonishment, saying, 'How do you testify concerning our deeds' They will answer, 'God who gave speech to all creatures has also given us speech. First He created you, and now He brings you back to Him. You concealed your ugly deeds not in order that your ears, eyes and skins should not give witness today, but because you imagined God unaware of what you hid from other men. It is this groundless assumption that has brought about your perdition, for today you are in the ranks of the losers.” (41:19-23).

"The Arabic word for"teach"And"knowledge"Are from the same root. It is impossible to produce in a translation the complete orchestral harmony of the word"read"," teach"," pen" (which implies reading, writing, books, study, research)," knowledge" (including science, self knowledge, spiritual understanding), and"proclaim", an alternative meaning of the word for"to read.” This proclaiming or reading implies not only the duty of blazoning forth Allah's message, as going with the prophetic office, but also the duty of promulgation and wide dissemination of the Truth by all those who read and understand it. The comprehensive meaning of qara' refers not only to a particular person and occasion but also gives a universal direction. And this kind of comprehensive meaning, as we have seen, runs throughout the Qur'an — for those who will understand.”

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n

This verse stresses that man is unable, in the last resort, to conceal the sins he has committed with his limbs. This is not because he under estimates his bodily form, which in the end turns out to have been a means for recording his deeds, but because he imagines that things are essentially autonomous and that much of what he has done will be beyond the reach of God's knowledge. It is this unawareness of the fact that nothing in creation is hidden to God that casts men into the pit of eternal wretchedness.

The Qur'n further proclaims:

"Today We place the seal of silence on the mouths of the unbelievers and transgressors. Their hands shall speak to us, and their feet shall bear witness to what they have done.” (36:65).

Imam al-Sadiq, upon whom be peace, said the following in clarification of this matter:

"When men are gathered together before God on the day of resurrection, everyone will be given the record of his deeds. When they see the list of their crimes and their sins, they will begin to deny them and they will refuse to confess. Then the angels will bear witness to those sins having occurred, but still the sinners will swear that they have done none of the deeds of which they are accused. This is referred to in the verse, 'On the day when God shall resurrect them all and they will swear lyingly to God as they once swore lyingly to you' (58:18). It is then that God will place a seal on their tongues and cause their bodies to begin speaking about what they have done.” (Tafsir al-Qummi, p. 552)

Irrefutable witness

Even more remarkable is the fact that the deeds man has performed will themselves take shape before his astonished eyes. This must definitely be regarded as the most veracious form of testimony possible; it closes off before the offender any defense, deception or flight from chastisement, and strips him of denial and sophistry. No crime remain unproven, and the sinners will be overtaken by shame and humiliation.

The Qur'n says:

"On the day of resurrection they will find whatever they have done confronting them.” (18:49).

Or again:

"There will be a day on which everyone who has done a good deed will find it confronting him, and those who have done evil will wish that it were kept far distant from them. God warns you against His punishment for He is in truth compassionate toward His servants" (3:30).

Since it is impossible for deeds to disappear in the hereafter, the most that sinners can hope for is that a distance be maintained between them and their deeds, a clear expression of their disgust with what they them selves have done.

In addition to all the forgoing, and still more important than it, God describes Himself as the witness to all the deeds of men:

"Why do they not believe in the signs of God? He is a witness to all that you do.” (3:98).

The Qur'n also mentions the prophets and those who have drawn close to God as witnesses to man's deeds:

"The earth will shine with the light of its Lord. The record of men's deeds will be brought forth and the prophets and the martyrs shall be summoned to bear witness and judge among men so that none shall be wronged.” (39:69).

It should be borne in mind that such witness and testimony will not be restricted to the outer aspect of men's deeds. What is meant is rather testimony to the quality of deeds with respect to their good or their evil, and whether they represented obedience or sin: in short, the inner aspect of deeds.

The giving of witness on the day of resurrection is a sign of honor and respect for those who are called upon, but it also indicates that while in this world they had a certain awareness of men's inner beings, that they were able to observe them just like their outer beings and thus to record their deeds with precision and inerrancy. It is obvious that conventional knowledge and sense perception are quite inadequate for testimony of this kind; it depends on a more profound mode of awareness that is able to embrace the inner dimensions of man, an awareness that transcends our normal capacities and permits an unfailing distinction to be made between the pure and the impure.

Such testimony is based upon a clear vision of reality, and as such it is infallible....

All of our words and deeds are stored in the vast and mysterious archive of our body and our soul, and they will be brought forth in the tribunal of resurrection. The totality of our acts, good and bad, are stored up within us and will ultimately take shape to confront us.

The reckoning of men's deeds that will take place in the hereafter will, then, be utterly unique. No one may hope to obfuscate the truth or to deny the contents of the precise record that is laid before him. Everyone will be compelled to accept the truth and to submit to its consequences. The hands, the feet and the skin will be called on to give witness; God from Whose knowledge not at single atom in the heavens and earth is hidden and Who is aware of the falling of leaf from a tree, will also be a witness; and the prophets and the Imams will bear their witness to whatever we have wrought.

It is obvious that it is impossible for us now to understand and perceive fully all these dimensions of the inevitable reckoning that will follow resurrection.”[2]

On the Day of Judgment there will be absolutely no requirement for human testimony. Allah will judge all humans through the vibrations issuing from all parts of their bodies, an absolutely flawless method of Divine Judgment devoid of any error. That is precisely what the Qur'an means when it says that"Their hands will speak to Us.”

At present on Earth these vibrations are used during the Resurrection for spiritual self-cleansing, getting rid of bad habits and vices, healing others, verifying Truth, meditation, confirming God's guidance from within (self-reproaching Spirit), and so on. These vibrations are only felt when the physical body begins its metamorphosis into the spirit after Self-realization during the present Resurrection. These same vibrations (Kundalini) will one day testify for or against its owner in the Hereafter.

All souls will be judged through vibrations after their physical deaths during Qiyamah through their own Kundalini. This massive record of one's deed on Earth can be easily read through vibrations issuing forth from their bodies. There will be no need for self-defense, cross-examination, evidence, witnesses, judge, jury or anything else whatsoever. God Almighty has already built the instrument of the Last Judgment within all humans — the Kundalini in the human body will bear witness for or against it's owner!

This absolutely flawless Divine Judgment, whereby testimony is given by the most veracious of witnesses i.e., the human body itself.

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“At the very beginning of this happening one starts feeling on one's finger tips the problems on the centres. One has to just decode the feelings that one gets on one's own finger tips and has to also know the practice that would solve these problems. The finger tips are the ending of the left and right sympathetic nervous systems. They become enlightened as they reflect the subtle centres.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

"References to Kundalini awakening, also called as Self-Realization, are seen in many ancient scriptures of all the religions. But the way in which most great prophets wrote made it hard to understand exactly what they were writing about. Nothing is blatantly stated and the Truth can often be ingeniously hidden. Unless one has Self-Realization this Knowledge of the Divine could be misinterpreted. It is only with Self-Realization that one can receive the total Joy of a great soul's prediction of Sahaja Yoga.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
"Muhammad Sahib has written very clearly that"When your Resurrection will take place then your hands will speak and will give witness against you.”That is what that they will tell you what's wrong with you. Your hands will tell clearly and that to know the Truth you will feel it in the palm here (center of palm.) When you ask the question to the real One you will get your answer here (center of palm.) All these things can only happen in Sahaja Yoga — in no other way. Whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jew we have to know that we have to still step one step forward.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Cabella, Italy — Sep. 15, 1996

"Even Muhammad Sahib has said that at the Time of Resurrection your hands will speak. Exactly this happens, that when you get your Realization, when the Kundalini comes up and She touches the seat of God here immediately in your heart the reflection of God starts emitting cool vibrations from your hands also. When it starts happening you are amazed that all around you feel the subtle Power of God, the Power of His Love. what we call the All-Pervading Brahma, what we call the Chaitanya.”

The Paraclete Shri Mataji Cardiff, U.K. — 8-8-1984

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
"There are lots of myths in the Bible and one of them is that at the Time of Resurrection your bodies will come out of the graves. This is not only for Christians, but also for the Muslims and Jews. Think of this — What remains in the grave after many years? Only a few bones. And if these bones came out how can you give them Realization? Think of it. It is a big myth. Not possible logically.

In Nal Damyanti Akhyan they have clearly given that when the Kalyug will come, all these seekers who are seeking in the hills and mountains will be born again, and they will be given their Self-Realization! Their Kundalinis will be awakened and that is logical, because that is what we are doing today.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
India — December 25, 1993

Concerning what are they disputing?
Concerning the Great News [5889] about which they cannot agree.
Verily, they shall soon (come to) know!
Verily, verily they shall soon (come to) know!

surah 78:1-5 Al Naba' (The Great News)

"5889. Great News: Usually understood to mean the News or Message of the Resurrection.”

surah 78:1-5 Al Naba' (The Great News)
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'an, 1989.)

In parts of the Bible but especially the Qur'n, it is stated that the unbeliever is one who neither recognizes nor appreciates the signs of God Almighty. The distinguishing mark of a believer is his ability to see those signs and proofs. He knows that these are not created in vain, and can realize the power and great art of God everywhere and find ways to revere Him. At various points in the Qur'n, expressions like," will you not take heed?”," ...there is a sign for thinking men," lay stress on the importance of pondering upon the signs of God.

We ask all to ponder on the signs of God, both within themselves and without, and see if these signs and proofs are indeed that of the long promised Blossom Time of the Last Judgment and Resurrection.

1. Javed Khan, Islam Enlightened, New Delhi, India, 1988, p. 32-3.

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