Ruach, breath of God, experienced daily as Cool Breeze/wind by participants of Resurrection

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"This book is my attempt, as a sociologist of religion, to answer the question raised by my friend that day. It is about Sahaja Yoga, the new religious movement (NRM) whose member was responsible for the 'cool breezes' which he felt.”- Judith Coney

"One spring afternoon in 1992, a Norwegian friend who was living in my village for a year whilst he completed a Master of Business Administration at Bath University dropped over for coffee. After exchanging the usual set of pleasantries about the weather and a few comments about the local primary school, he introduced a new topic into the conversation. Knowing my interest in new religions, he said, was I aware that some people in the next village were 'giving cool breezes'? I confessed my ignorance and pressed him for details. One, a woman called Jane, he continued, had given him a sort of massage and as a result he had felt a Cool Breeze on the top of his head.”I really did, you know!"he went on, looking slightly uncomfortable, as he did not quite believe it himself.”What's it all about?”

This book is my attempt, as a sociologist of religion, to answer the question raised by my friend that day. It is about Sahaja Yoga, the new religious movement (NRM) whose member was responsible for the 'cool breezes' which he felt.”

Judith Coney, Sahaja Yoga (Introduction page)
Hardcover: 269 pages
Publisher: RoutledgeCurzon; 1 edition (May 24 1999)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0700710612
ISBN-13: 978-0700710614

About the Author (
Judith Coney is a lecturer in the Department of Study of Religions at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

Book Description
The first full-length examination of Sahaja Yoga, a new religious movement led by Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, which claims up to one hundred thousand members from around the world.

This is the first full-length examination of Sahaja Yoga, a new religious movement led by Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, which claims up to one hundred thousand members from around the world. The study on which it is founded began as a result of the author's curiosity being aroused when she heard followers of the guru claiming to feel 'cool breezes' on the tops of their heads and on the palms of their hands. Basing her account largely on participant observation with devotees, Judith Coney sets out the experiences of western members of the movement, from the point of first contact to departure. She examines how newcomers adopt new practices and allegiances on becoming full-time members, and how most develop a radically new awareness of 'spiritual vibrations' as a result of the regular meditation suggested by Sri Mataji. To do so, she reflects upon current theories of socialisation, in particular building up understandings about new social worlds than has so far been appreciated. This accessible and informative account is of particular value to scholars working in the study of religions and new religious movements, and of interest to those working on theories of socialisation. However, the book is required reading for anyone who wants to know more about the contemporary religious landscape.

Ruach, the breath of God, experienced daily as Cool Breeze/wind by SYs

The Old testament word for spirit is 'ruach', (pronounced roo'-akh) meaning wind, breath, inspiration, and the OT Hebrew noun is always feminine. The original tongue of the Hebrew or Aramaic would translate 'Holy Spirit' as female. Also, Greek would translate 'Holy Spirit' as either female or 'neuter in reference to the subject' and She only became 'He' in Latin and English bibles.

The word ruach occurs 389 times in the Hebrew Old Testament. In the Authorized Version it is rendered spirit in 237 passages (and no other word is rendered spirit except n eshamah," breath", in Job 26:4 and Proverbs 20:27.). In the remaining 152 places it is translated in 22 different ways, which are to be carefully distinguished. [In the Revised Version ruach is rendered spirit 224 times, and in the remaining 165 passages is rendered in many different ways.]

The meaning of the word is to be deduced only from its usage. The one root idea running through all the passages is invisible force. As this force may be exerted in varying form, and may be manifested in divers ways, so various renderings are necessitated, corresponding thereto.

Ruach, in whatever sense it is used, always represents that which is invisible except by its manifestations. These are seen both externally to man, as well as internally within man.

As coming from God, it is the invisible origin of life. All apart from this is death. It comes from God, and returns to God (Ecclesiastes 3:19,20). Hence, ruach is used of

I. - GOD, as being invisible.”The Spirit of Jehovah"Is Jehovah Himself, in His manifestation of invisible power.

2 Samuel 23:2. Psalm 139:7 (= Thee). Isaiah 40:13.

II. - THE HOLY SPIRIT : the Third Person of the Trinity.

2 Samuel 23:2. 1Kings 18:12; 22:24. 2Kings 2:16. 2Chronicles 18:23. Nehemiah 9:20,30. Job 26:13; 33:4. Isaiah 40:13; 48:16; 59:19,21; 61:1; 63:10,1-4. Ezekiel 3:12,14 (1 st); 8:3; 11:1,24; 37:1; 43:5. Micah 2:7; 3:8. Zechariah 4:6; 6:8; 7:12. Malachi 2:15.


In creation. Genesis 1:2. In giving life. Ezekiel 37:14.
In executing judgement-
"blast.”Exodus 15:8. Isaiah 37:7.
"breath.”2Samuel 22:16. 2 Kings 19:7. Job 4:9; 15:30. Psalms 18:15; 33:6. Isaiah 11:4; 30:28.
"spirit.”Isaiah 4:4; 28:6; 34:16; 40:7.

IV. - INVISIBLE "POWER FROM ON HIGH", MANIFESTING ITSELF AS DIVINE POWER in giving spiritual gifts. Spoken of as coming upon, clothing, falling on, and being poured out. Rendered"Spirit", but should be"spirit.”

Genesis 41:38. Exodus 28:3; 31:3; 35:31. Numbers 11:17,25,25,26,29; 24:2; 27:8. Deuteronomy 34:9. Judges 3:10; 6:34; 11:29; 13:25; 14:6,19; 15:14. 1Samuel 10:6,10; 11:6; 16:13,14; 19:20,23. 2Kings 2:9,15. 1Chronicles 12:18; 28:12. 2Chronicles 15:1; 20:14; 24:20. Psalms 51:11,12; 143:10. Proverbs 1:23. Isaiah 11:2,2,2,2; 30:1; 32:15; 42:1,5; 44:3; 59:21; 61:1; 63:11. Ezekiel 2:2; 3:24; 11:5,19; 36:27; 39:29. Daniel 4:8,9,18; 5:11,12,14. Joel 2:28,29. Haggai 2:5. Zechariah 12:10.

V. - THE INVISIBLE PART OF MAN (Psychological). Given by God at man's formation at birth, and returning to God at his death.

"Breath.”Genesis 6:17; 7:15,22. Job 9:18; 12:10; 17:1. Psalms 104:29; 135:17; 146:4. Ecclesiastes 3:19. Jeremiah 10:14; 51:17. Lamentations 4:20. Ezekiel 37:5,6,8,9,10. Habakkuk 2:19. Zechariah 12:1. "spirit.”Genesis 6:3. Numbers 16:22; 27:16. Job 27:3; 34:14. Psalms 31:5; 104:30. Ecclesiastes 3:21,21; 8:8,8; 11:5; 12:7. Isaiah 42:5. "Wind.”Ezekiel 37:9,9.

VI. - THE INVISIBLE CHARACTERISTICS OF MAN; manifesting themselves in states of mind and feeling.

"Breath.”Job 19:17 (= manner).
"Spirit.”Genesis 41:8; 45:27. Exodus 6:9; 35:21. Numbers 5:14,14,30; 14:24. Joshua 5:1. Judges 15:19. 1Samuel 1:15; 30:12. 1Kings 10:5; 21:5. 1Chronicles 5:26,26. 2Chronicles 9:4; 21:16; 36:22. Ezra 1:1,5. Job 6:4; 7:11; 10:12; 15:13; 20:3; 21:4; 32:8,18. Psalms 32:2; 34:18; 51:10,11,12,17. 76:12; 78:8; 142:3; 143:4,7. Proverbs 11:13; 14:29; 15:4,13; 16:2,18,19,32; 17:22,27; 18:14,14; 25:28; 29:23. Ecclesiastes 1:14,17; 2:11,17,26; 4:4,6,16; 6:9; 7:8,8,9; 10:4. Isaiah 19:3,14; 26:9; 29:10,24; 33:11; 38:16; 54:6; 57:15,15,16; 61:3; 65:14; 66:2. Jeremiah 51:11. Ezekiel 13:3. Daniel 7:15. Hosea 4:12; 5:4. Micah 2:11.

According to Bishop J. S. Spong (Why Christianity Must Change or Die)"One ancient Hebrew word for God, for example, was ruach. Literally, that word meant"Wind," a natural and even an impersonal concept. The wind or ruach was observed not as a being, but as a vitalizing force. It had no boundaries and no recognizing destination. Among the Hebrews the ruach or wind of God was said to have brooded over the chaos in the story of creation in order to bring forth life. Slowly this ruach then evolved and became personalized and was called Spirit. But it is important to note that at its origin ruach was an impersonal life force, an experienced"What," not a"Who.”The ruach or wind of God was not external. It rather emerged from within the world and was understood as its very ground, its life-giving reality....

The wind was also assumed by the Jewish mind to have come from God.”Thou didst blow with thy wind," said the book of Exodus (15:10), and"There went forth a wind from the Lord," said the book of Numbers (11:31). God might have been defined by these ancient people as a distant, theistic, personal power who lived beyond the sky, but in the very mysterious wind, which the Jews felt on their own faces, they believed they found themselves touched by God here and now.”

You will feel the Cool Breeze or Wind
But it was Jesus Christ who declared that this very mysterious wind will be experienced by all those wishing to enter the Kingdom of God, a fact that is verified by tens of thousands who have felt it. Even children testify to feeling the cool wind blowing out of their hands, head, feet and other parts of the body. More than 99% of seekers have felt this Cool Breeze after attending SY public programs. The Comforter sent by Lord Jesus has fulfilled a prophesied experience promised two millennia ago by the Savior:

Jesus answered and said unto him,
Verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man born be born again,
He cannot see the Kingdom of God.
Nicodemus saith unto him,
How can a man be born again when he is old?
Can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?
Jesus answered: Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
Except a man born of water and the Spirit,
He cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.
That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of Spirit is spirit,
Marvel not that I said unto thee: Ye must be born again.
The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof,
But cannot tell whence it comes and where it goeth:
So is every one that is born of the Spirit.

John 3:3-8

It is written in the Bible (and Qur'an) that during the Last Judgment those believers wishing to enter the Kingdom of God will experience Cool Breeze or Wind coming out of their hands, head and other parts of the body. This experience is part and parcel of the human subtle system which is activated after being born again of water (kundalini) and Spirit (Adi Shakti). Except a man/woman receiving their Self-Realization through awakening of the kundalini by the power of the Adi Shakti within, he/she cannot enter the Kingdom of God

The Spirit is the reflection of Almighty God, whereas the Kundalini is the reflection of the power of His Desire within us. She is the Primordial Mother, known as the Adi Shakti in the Indian tradition and the Holy Ghost in the Christian tradition. By crossing the fontanelle bone (the little fountain) on top of our heads, the Kundalini actualizes Self Realisation, our second birth or baptism. When that happens, we are distinctly aware of a Cool Breeze on the palms of our hands and on top of our heads. This is the very same wind of the Holy Ghost that Christ's disciples felt at Pentecost. Before this experience, the Kundalini is dormant, and so only virtual. Once it is awakened and Self Realisation is established in us, it enables the breath of God to become reality.

The Greeks referred to this energy as"Pneuma", Islam speaks of"Rûh", and Christ called it"The Holy Spirit.” In Jewish mysticism it was known as"Shekkina"And long before that, the Sumerians worshipped The Mother Goddess Inanna, who gives spiritual birth and the sacred breath. Several thousands of years ago," Chaitanya"And"The Self", translated as"Divine Vibrations"In Sahaja Yoga, were already alluded to in India. Therefore, the knowledge of the existence of these vibrations is not something new; it has merely been lost or distorted over the ages.

Prophet Jesus specifically emphasized that those born again of the Spirit will experience the Wind, but will have no idea where it comes from or goes, i.e., this is not the normal wind which humans daily experience but a Divine Wind from within. Those baptized in churches have never felt this Cool Breeze/wind.

The word rûh comes from the same root as rahah. It is also related to rih, which means 'wind', mirwahah, meaning 'fan', and istirwah which means 'respiration'. The term"Spirit"translates the Hebrew word ruah, which, in its primary sense, means 'breath', 'ir', 'wind'. Jesus indeed uses the sensory image of the wind to suggest to Nicodemus the transcendent newness of him who is personally God's breath, the divine Spirit. (Jn 3:3-8) This Ruach, the breath of God, is experienced daily as Cool Breeze/wind by those taking part in the Great Event ordained for all humanity. This is what the Resurrection is all about i.e., the evolution of humans into eternal spiritual beings!

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

"The truth is there is a residual power in the triangular bone Sacrum, called as the Kundalini. She has the power to bring forth the complete nourishment and adjustment of the disturbed genes. Whether they are genetic, inherent or acquired. When She is awakened, She changes the series of genes. Not only that She corrects the gene's data base but She breaks through the fontanel bone area and connects the seeker to the all pervading power of Divine Love also called as the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, Ruh Ritambhara or Parama Chaitanya. Thus one, by this second birth, becomes a realised person as actualisation of Baptism takes place. The light of the spirit which is the reflection of God Almighty in our heart enters into our attention and enlightenment. The seeker is really born again, not just a certificate but he changes as the transformation takes place within. There is a vast difference between an ordinary seeker and a realised soul (Yogi). He becomes his own master full of Divine Love. It is a resurrection process, like an egg becoming the bird. Maybe this is the reason eggs are presented as a symbol, reminding, that one has to get resurrected. The genes change and complete transformation takes place. For some people it takes time if they are sick or egotistical.

Also some of them who feel guilty or cannot forgive others are rather difficult to perfect their state of self-realisation. If they have a problem from false Gurus, cults, or fanaticism it also takes time, but can be established in Sahaja Yoga. People have given up even drugs over night. They never had withdrawal symptoms or any other trouble. Self realisation as a result of Kundalini awakening has exhibited fantastic results. It brings forth new creativity; many people have become poets; musicians and artists have achieved great heights in their talents; financial problems are solved; the problems of psychosomatic diseases get cured, like cancer, myelitis etc. Many incurable diseases also get cured without any medicines. The seeker becomes the witness of the drama of life and establishes an inner peace. He respects all the religions and belongs to Universal religion which encompasses all the religions of the world. Morality becomes innate and spontaneous.

After the complete transformation he is averse to do any immoral acts. In the light of the spirit he knows exactly what is wrong or right and he is also empowered to stay clean and holy. He enjoys his virtues which he respects and without any doubt he becomes a moral human being. First thoughtless awareness is achieved and later doubtless awareness is established beyond the mind. At this stage the Sahaja Yogi can give self-realisation to others. The ageing does not take place, on the contrary the Sahaja Yogi becomes and looks at least twenty years younger than his age. They become universal beings. All human enemies of lust, greed, anger, possessiveness, jealousies, attachments just disappear. Thus a new race of saints are created who do not have to give up anything to show off their detachment or asceticism. You cannot pay for Divine Love which is absolute truth, which the Sahaja Yogi feels on his finger tips as vibrations of the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. The finger tips are related to the energy centres (the chakras). The chakras are responsible for our physical, emotional and mental being. If the Yogis can correct their chakras, they can also correct the chakras of others. Thus all the physical, emotional and mental problems are solved. Those who are pure people have the necessary balance of moral life which ensures a very wide central channel (the Sushumna Nadi) of ascent for the Kundalini.

In this chapter we have to now understand that there is a subtle system in every human being, which is fully developed during this evolutionary process to reach up to human awareness. For example', in the animals, there is no awareness of sin, dirt, filth, art or poetry. But among human beings, these sensitivities are manifesting very clearly as we appreciate and enjoy the birds, fishes and animals as well. Do they also see the beauty in us? This question can be answered this way; human beings are at a higher level of evolution than all the animals for whom we care so much. We love the birds and we enjoy the fishes dancing, but the best thing is really to have respect for ourselves, love ourselves as we should keep our body clean, our mind and our heart should be open and transparent. Because we are the highest evolved beings in this world it is our birthright to get our self-realisation.

Instead, thanks to writers like Freud and Sade, we have reduced the human being into a sex point, even worst than beasts. It is such a contagious, demeaning disease that if a cell of a perverted sex is introduced into any animal, they also become perverted. Now this disease has contaminated societies in the West that by the end of this century we may have statues raised in memory of these new moralists who have shown the way to our adored destruction.

Now, whatever I am going to tell you has not, to be accepted blindfolded but treated like a hypothesis. Again and again, I would request you that you must keep your mind open like a scientist. If whatever I am saying is proved then, as honest people, human beings have to accept this beautiful discovery about yourself because this is for your benevolence, and for the benevolence of your family, benevolence of your society, benevolence of your nations and benevolence of the whole world.

The theories created by current scientific conclusions and also the mental projections are not by any means eternal truths. To know the reality one has to enter into the realm of Metascience which is only possible when we enter into the collective super-consciousness through self realisation.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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