"At last i do not have to search for Him in temples, churches, mosques, synagogues and gurdwaras"

From: jagbir singh
Date: Tue Jan 11, 2005 9:56 am
Subject: "At last i do not have to search for Him in temples, churches, mosques, synagogues and gurdwaras"

—- In shriadishakti@yahoogroups.com, jagbir singh wrote:
> Basic Doctrinal Differences
> In spite of the similarities between the mystical experiences of
> Christian and Hindu saints, Christian theologians have always
> insisted on the uniqueness of Christian spiritual experience
> because of the uniqueness of the Christian revelation and
> Incarnation. There are indeed basic doctrinal differences between
> the two religions.
> The first difference is regarding the nature of man. In Christian
> theology human personality is regarded as dichotomous, consisting
> of only the body and the mind, the mind itself being called soul
> and spirit. And, according to the Pauline doctrine of Original
> Sin, the sin of Adam, transmitted to all humanity, has tainted the
> human soul so much that man is incapable of saving himself.
> All schools of Hindu philosophy hold that human personality is
> trichotomous, consisting of body, mind, and spirit, the latter
> being known as the Atman or Self. Evil tendencies, which are
> derived from one's own actions in a previous life, taint only the
> mind. The real Self or Atman is ever pure and untainted by evil.
> A second doctrinal difference refers to the soul's relationship
> with God. In the whole Judeo-Christian tradition, God is regarded
> as the"Wholly Other"; He is the self-existent creator whereas all
> other beings (including human souls) are created things. Mystical
> experience may bring God and the soul closer together but they can
> never become one because of the difference in their nature. On the
> contrary, in Hinduism all schools of Vedanta hold that God is the
> Supreme Self and that the individual selves, which are self-existent
> and of the same nature as God, are only reflections or parts of Him.
> Mystical experience is only the realization of this integral relationship
> between God and souls. It may also be noted here that whereas some
> Hindu sects accept God as the impersonal Absolute, other sects
> accept Him as personal and even anthropomorphic.
> An epistemological study of mysticism in Christianity and Hinduism

The truth is that"God is the Supreme Self and that the individual selves, which are self-existent and of the same nature as God, are only reflections or parts of Him. Mystical experience is only the realization of this integral relationship between God and souls.”

"Greek saints have given vivid descriptions of this interior mystic Light such as: "far surpassing in brilliance the whole light of the heavens"," a truly divine fire, uncreated and invisible, eternal and immaterial, perfectly steadfast and infinite, inextinguishable and immortal, incomprehensible, beyond all created being.”The vision of the uncreated Light is one of the most distinguishing features of Greek mysticism.”

Brahman resides and is reflected within all humans as the super-luminous Light:

1. The godly light is exactly the beginning of parousia in holy souls
2. The Light is not more in Buddhas and not less in ordinary beings.
3. Mishkat al-anwar: We are two spirits dwelling in one body
4. The discoverer of the Atman must also discover this inner Light
5. Guru Nanak: "My Light is the name of One and only God"
6. The Light - Buddhiism
7. The Light - Christianity
8. The Light - Hinduism
9. The Light - Islam
10. The Light - Judasim
11. The Light - Sikhism

Thus there is absolutely no difference between the God (Light) of the Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs.

"The most magnetic of all religious symbols is the light, the light that radiates everywhere within and without — the light that never was on land or sea. Great mystics have realised the Peerless One in the form of Light. Moses saw the burning bush and received the word of God. The Upanishad seers saw It as Jothi Aham — the Splendour in the self.

In many a Devaram and Tiruvacagam, and the lyrics of Tayumanavar and Ramalinga Swamigal, we have allusions to light as the symbol of the formless God; and Light also indicates goals and the radiance of Wisdom, as well as the illumination of Supreme Awareness.

Gleaming as the earth and all the spheres
Oh Thou expanse of matchless Effulgence!
In radiant forms of Light art Thou beheld
Oh Formless One! Tiruvacagam 22.8.9.”

That brings us back to the post that started this discussion and i wish to make a significant addition that may help understand our inner divine nature despite all outward appearances to the contrary:

—- In shriadishakti@yahoogroups.com, jagbir singh
> A few months ago i asked my ten-year-old daughter Lalita what that
> immensely brilliant Light above the Adi Shakti in her Sahasrara
> is. She replied"God!"
> i remained silent for a long time to absorb the immensity of that
> single word answer.

Last Saturday at about 11 a.m. i went to the local IGA supermarket with Lalita, after she had finished skating classes. On the way back i asked her: "Lalita, where is this Light in your body? Can you feel it now?”

She replied: “It's not in the body but in the soul.”

So i had to ask: "Lalita, is the soul in the body?”

She replied: “No, .... how do i say that? ..... It's in but not that you can see it.”

What she meant was that the Light is within each human soul within the body. But we humans cannot see this spiritual Light within the soul. Only your spiritual soul within can see this spiritual Light.

i am still trying to understand and make sense of it. But at least i know how God Almighty exists within me as Light, one and the same in all human beings. At last i do not have to search for Him in temples, churches, mosques, synagogues and gurdwaras whose followers have for centuries and millennia fought and killed millions for His Grace............... and that He is present within me and all others is very, very comforting indeed. The Great Event ordained for humanity absolutely strips all the feuding organized religions of all powers of salvation for only their kind .............. and that also is very, very comforting.

Jai Shri Mataji,


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