Of Her alone was born Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra - Japji Sahib & Bhavnopanishad

Ik sansaaree, ik bhandaaree, ik laa-ay deeban.
One was creator (Brahma), one sustainer (Vishnu), and one destroyer (Shiva/Rudra) of the world.

Jiv tis bhaavai, tivai chalaavai, jiv havai phurmaan.
The world moves as She ordains and as She pleases.

Oh vaykahi, onaa nadar na aavai, buhutaa ayho vidaan.
She sees all, but no one sees Her: this is a great wonder.

Japji Sahib - Verse 29

"Devi was indeed one in the beginning. She emitted the world-egg. She is îm, the half syllabic instant after Om. The power of consciousness is the cause for everything. Of Her alone was born Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, all wind-gods, nymphs, what is enjoyed, everything of power; the egg-born, sweat-born, seed-born, womb-born, and whatever breathes here, the stationary as well as the moving, the man and the rest were all born of Her.

She is the supreme power, the science of Shambhu. She is Maha Tripura Sundari, being associated with space, time and objects. She pervades the three cities, the three bodies (gross, subtle, and causal), both with reference to the individual and the cosmic counterpart. She is the Atman. Other than Her is untruth (non-self). As Maha Tripura Sundari, She assumes all forms. She is Brahman-consciousness free from even the slightest tinge of being and non-being. What is, is pure being: what shines is pure consciousness.


Shri Lalita Devi is verily my Inner Guru (Aykaa Mayee) dwelling in my Dsam Dwar

105) Sri Sahasrarambujarudha
— Dwells in Sahasrara Chakra of liberated souls as Saksi or Witness.

Sri Lalita Sahasranama
C. S. Murthy, Associate Advertisers and Printers, 1989.

By Inner Guru's Grace, the True Lord is found.
within your mind and body, see the Lord, and the filth of egotism shall depart.
Sitting in that place, sing the Glorious Praises of Her forever, and be absorbed in the True Word of the Shabad.
Those who close off the nine gates, and restrain the wandering mind,
Come to dwell in the Home of the Tenth Gate (Dsam Duar).
There the Unstruck Melody of Shabad vibrates day and night.
Through the Inner Guru's Teachings, the Shabad is heard.
Without the Shabad, there is only darkness within.
The genuine article is not found, and the cycle of reincarnation does not end.
The key is in the hands of the True Inner Guru; No one else can open this door.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib, (Maajh, Third Mehl, p. 124.)

Shri Mataji, Who Is This Aykaa Mayee?

After exchanging greetings and paying due respects to each other they sat on the soft ground. Kash then opened the book Nitnaam Banees that his father had bought a few days earlier, and turned to page 44 of the Nitnaam Banees.

He again asked Shri Mataji if he could ask Guru Nanak a question and She replied it was all right. He then read stanza 29 of the Jap Jee Sahib and requested Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri Nirmala Devi to ask Guru Nanak who was the Aykaa Mayee (One Mother) whom He claimed created Shri Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Kash also requested that the meaning of dhyan, as understood by Guru Nanak, to be clarified.

The highlighted text was read:

"Aadays, tisai aadays. Aad aneel anaad anaahat, jug jug ayko vays.
Obeisance, obeisance to Him, the Primal, the Immaculate, without beginning, without end, Immutable through all ages.

Aykaa maa-ee, jugat viaaee, tin chalay parvaan.
(O Yogi, this thought is prevalent that) The Mother (Mayaa) was conceived alone in some mysterious way and she procreated three deities.

Ik sansaaree, ik bhandaaree, ik laa-ay deeban.
(Of the Three deities) one was creator (Barmaa), one sustainer (Vishnoo), and one destroyer (Shiva) of the world.

Jiv tis bhaavai, tivai chalaavai, jiv havai phurmaan.
(But in actual fact) the world moves as He ordains and as He pleases.

Oh vaykahi, onaa nadar na aavai, buhutaa ayho vidaan.
He sees all, but no one sees Him: this is a great wonder.”

Shri Mataji discussed these requests with Guru Nanak in a language he (Kash) did not understand, and read the particular stanza to Him. After She had finished Guru Nanak replied, again in the same language. Shri Parat-para Devi then told Kash," That's Me"confirming that She is the Aykaa Mayee that Guru Nanak mentioned in the Jap Jee Sahib. Shri Mataji then informed him that Guru Nanak said that dhyan meant meditation.


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