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Battle Of Armageddon

Eyes closed, opened by antique imagination,
The habits of those alone will be brought to nothing:
The great monarch will chastise their frenzy,
Attacking the treasures before the temples.

Century 2:11

Eyes that were closed will be opened by an ancient understanding.
The aura and environment of those who have been alone will be proved pointless,
And the religious leaders and those that have an investment in continuing fear will chastise the enthusiasm of the rest,
Putting the newfound treasures as useless.

Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie
Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women
(Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie, Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women, Simon & Schuster, 1995, p. 187.)


Eyes closed, opened by antique imagination,

The devotees of the Great Holy Mother practice a very ancient art of Kundalini awakening that connects them with Universal Mind or Collective Consciousness. With physical eyes closed in deep meditation and their Third Eye opened by the revolutionary Sahaja Yoga, they journey into the Kingdom of God within. The guardians of religious regimes know nothing of the Kundalini that not only all Messengers spoke of, but is also recorded in all scriptures.

"The word Kundalini is derived from a Sanskrit word 'Kundal' meaning coiled up. It is the primordial dormant energy present in three-and-a-half, coils at the base of the spine in a triangular bone called the Sacrum. The Latin name 'Os Sacrum' suggests that it is a holy or sacred part of the body. The ancient Greeks were aware of this and therefore they called it the 'Hieron Osteon', noting that it was the last bone to be destroyed when the body is burnt, and also attributed supernatural powers to it. Egyptians also held this bone to be very valuable and considered it the seat of special power.

In the West, Sacrum is symbolised by the sign of Aquarius and by the Holy Grail, container of the water of life.

The Kundalini, which is to nourish the tree of life within us, is coiled up like a serpent and therefore it has been called, 'The Serpent Power'. It has been described in great detail in the Upanishads. Kundalini Yoga is supposed to be supreme in all the Yogas. Guru Vashistha asserted that Kundalini is the seat of absolute knowledge. The awareness of the presence of this primordial energy Kundalini within the human body was considered by the sages and saints to be the highest knowledge. The Kundalini and Chakras have been vividly described in Vedic and Tantric texts.

Adi Sankaracharya

He lived in the 7th-8th century AD. and wrote:

"Having filled the pathway of the Nadis with the streaming shower of nectar flowing from the Lotus feet, having resumed thine own position from out of the resplendent Lunar regions and Thyself assuming the form of a serpent of three and a half coils, sleepest thou, in the hollow of Kula Kunda (Kula Kunda means the hollow of Mooladhara Sacrum bone)."

"Saundarya Lahari': 'Thou art residing in secrecy with Thy Lord (The spirit) in the thousand petalled Lotus, having pierced through the Earth situated in 'Mooladhara', the Water in Manipura, the Fire abiding in the Svadhisthana, the Air in the Heart ('Anahata'), the Ether above (Visshuddhi) and 'Manas' between the eyebrows ('Agnya') and thus broken through the entire 'Kula Path'."


Gyaneshwara, another famous saint of Maharashtra born around 1275 AD, described Kundalini in the 6th chapter of his famous book 'Gyaneshwari'. He wrote:

'Kundalini is one of the greatest energies. The whole body of the seeker starts glowing because of the rising of the Kundalini. Because of that, unwanted impurities in the body disappear. The body of the seeker suddenly looks very proportionate and the eyes look bright and attractive and the eyeballs glow.' — (Gyaneshwari, Chapter VI).

Guru Nanak Dev

(born in 1496 AD) has made references to Kundalini awakening as mentioned below:

"A pure heart is the golden vessel to fill the Divine Nectar which is to be sucked from the 'Dasham Dwar' through the two channels 'Ida' and 'Pingala'." Dasham Dwar means Brahmarandhra. (Sahasrara Chakra).

"God has made this human body a house with six Chakras and has established the light of spirit in it. Cross the ocean of Maya and meet the eternal God who does not come, who does not go, who neither takes birth nor dies. When your six Chakras meet in line, Surati (Kundalini) takes you beyond distortions.' (Sri Guru Granth). Note that the seventh Chakra was not open at this time."

In the Holy Koran

Prophet Mohammed Sahib talked of the day of resurrection when he says that the 'hands will speak'. 'That day, we set a seal on their mouths, but their hands will speak to us, and their hands bear witness to all that they did.' When Kundalini awakening occurs, a flow of energy in the form of cool vibrations from the hands is experienced, and the various Chakras can be felt on parts of the hand and fingers.

In the West

Christians called it a reflection of the Holy Ghost, and worshipped its manifestations as tongues of flames over the heads of apostles during the Pentecost reunion.


Moses saw it in the form of the burning bush. During the exodus the Israelites lost faith and were smitten by fiery serpents so God told Moses "make thee a serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that everyone that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it on a pole, and it came to pass, that if a fiery serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived" An apt description of the healing qualities of the awakened Kundalini. Some of the Israelites even began to worship this symbol, and the practice of worshipping the brazen serpent on the pole as a god was either passed on, or was revived later. Bronze and stone serpent artifacts have been found in excavations in Canaan, Gezer and other parts of Israel!


The Old Testament symbol becomes significant in Christianity when Christ suggests Kundalini awakening, not just for the tribe of Israel but as the true destiny of all Christians: "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even as the son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life" He says unequivocally in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas and elsewhere, that 'The Holy Spirit is My Mother'. 'The Kingdom of God is within you' (Luke 17:21).


In the Tao Te Ching the primordial power is described as that of a mother. Lao Tze described Kundalini as the "spirit of the valley" (in which flows the Nadi of Sushumna). The spirit of the valley never dies. The spiritual instrument within us can be described as a microcosm (miniature form of creation) which links us with the Divine. The ancient esoteric text "Scripture of the Golden Flower" also spoke of the effects of the awakened kundalini energy.


The Lord Buddha spoke of the "middle path" to achieve nirvana. He was actually describing the central channel (sushumna) through which the Kundalini ascends. Later Buddhist masters considered that the existence of the path of liberation within a human being was the greatest secret. They transmitted it to only a few deserving disciples.

Other Cultures

One also finds symbols of Kundalini in many different cultural legacies, such as Mercury's serpent which is an alchemical symbol for the process of psychic metamorphosis. The Gnostics understood the serpent to represent the spinal cord. In ancient Greek and later, Roman mythology, we find Asclepius, the god of healing. He is seen holding a staff which is entwined with a serpent (or sometimes two). Why did the Greeks relate this symbol to healing? The staff represents the central support of the human body or spinal cord (physical location of the sushumna. In Rome Aescaluius came to be represent mercury who usually held a healing staff called the Caduceus. The one or two coiled snakes or serpents entwined around the staff, represent the kundalini which rises along the central subtle channel in a spiral double helical movement.


The Kundalini is there to nourish, to heal and look after and to give an individual a higher and deeper personality. The power of Kundalini is absolute purity, auspiciousness, chastity, self respect, pure love, detachment, concern for others and enlightened attention, to give infinite joy and peace to an individual.

Knowledge of Reality
Historical Sources and Knowledge of Kundalini (Issue 14)


by Rebekah Kenton (PDF format)

This article places the chakras onto the diagram of the Tree of Life.

The chakras are connections between the physical and psychological bodies. They are situated in the spinal column but their reflections can also be perceived as whirling discs in front of the body. As for the exact physical location points in the body, there is much literature available that deals with this in detail. My reference is Kundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and all quotations are from this book.

The physical aspects of the chakras have many implications for health and healing. However, from the Kabbalistic point of view it is more interesting to concentrate on the psychological aspect and evolving consciousness, and as such the chakras should be seen on the Jacob's Ladder on the psychological or Yeziratic Tree of Life.

There are seven major chakras, but there are also numerous smaller chakras connected to and governed by them. Maybe that is why there are so many different views on the subject. I hope that relating the major chakras to the Kabbalistic scheme will help to clarify the underlying principles.

According to the tradition, there are lower chakras that are responsible for the evolution of instinct in the animal kingdom and no longer active or conscious in humans. In the animal body, these inferior chakras are situated in the legs. On the Tree they can be seen as Malkhut. There are also said to be higher chakras above the Crown, and these can be seen as different levels of the Beriatic Tree. Little can be said about them as they belong to the realm of no form.

Paradoxically, the awakening of the chakras should start as high as Ajna or the Third Eye. One needs a degree of Wisdom and Understanding, a certain philosophical outlook and detachment, to be able to cope with the psychic phenomena that follow the awakening of the lower chakras.

Mooladhara Chakra (Base); Yesod

"The Sanskrit word moola means 'root or foundation' and that is precisely what this chakra is. Mooladhara is at the root of the chakra system and its influences are at the root of our whole existence. In tantra, Mooladhara is the seat of kundalini, the basis from which the possibility of higher Realization arises."

The ordinary ego-mind of Yesod works and runs our lives more or less automatically. It is not until one takes steps towards spiritual development that this chakra awakens and its functions become conscious, which can be a painful experience.

"All the passions are stored in Mooladhara, all the guilt, every complex and every agony has its root in Mooladhara chakra. It is so important for everybody to awaken this chakra and get out of it. Our lower karmas are embedded there, as in lower incarnations, one's whole being is founded on the sexual personality."

The awakening of any chakra is rarely a sudden event. It may take several years or lifetimes. In order to move on from Mooladhara, one has to clear the barrier of ignorance, egocentricity, attachment to physical pleasures and material objects.

Swadhisthana Chakra (Sacral); Hod-Nezah

Reaching Swadhisthana means that one is starting to penetrate the Hod-Nezah threshold of the unconscious. Usually one has to face the lowest manifestations first; there may be excessive fear (Hod) or sexual fantasies (Nezah).

"This stage of evolution is known as Purgatory, and if you read the lives of many of the great saints, you will find that most of them encountered great turmoil and temptations when they were passing through this stage."

It is interesting to note, that in traditional symbolism the animal related to Swadhisthana is a crocodile. It is here that we encounter the dragon as described in mythology and fairy-stories, in other words the unconscious aspects of our psyche that are preventing us from evolving.

The way forward is keeping to the Path of Honesty. "One must have detachment, which is the outcome of a thorough analysis of the situations of life. To get beyond Swadhisthana you must improve the general background of your psycho-emotional life."

Manipura Chakra (Navel or Solar Plexus); Tiferet

"In the same way that the sun continually radiates energy to the planets, Manipura chakra radiates and distributes pranic energy throughout the entire human framework, regulating and energizing the activity of the various organs, systems and processes of life." Poorly functioning Manipura means lack of vitality, depression and ill health.

If this is true regarding the physical body, the more important it is psychologically. Manipura or Tiferet is the Self, the midpoint of the psyche. "It is the centre of dynamism, energy, will and achievement and is often compared to the dazzling heat and power of the sun."

"When the consciousness evolves to Manipura, one acquires a spiritual perspective." This refers to the position of Tiferet as the Kingdom of Heaven. In Mooladhara and Swadhisthana the consciousness is still preoccupied with personal matters and resolving old karmas, but in Manipura one starts to realize the possibilities in becoming truly human.

However at this level one may fall for money, sex and power instead of striving for truth, goodness and beauty. The temptations are becoming more subtle as one starts developing siddhis or psychic powers. Attachment to these powers often makes one believe one has "arrived", thus blocking further development.

Anahata Chakra (Heart); Gevurah-Hesed

Anahata operates at the level of the soul and symbolically relates to the awakening of the heart. It is important to remember the warning about the barrier: "The second psychic knot is located at this heart centre. It represents the bondage of emotional attachment, the tendency to live one's life making decisions on the strength of the emotions rather than in the light of the spiritual quest."

Awakening this chakra is the key to fate and freewill. "Anahata chakra is almost completely beyond empirical dimensions. One depends solely upon the power of one's own consciousness rather than on anything that is external or concerning faith. In Anahata chakra, the freedom to escape from a preordained fate and to determine one's own destiny becomes reality." As such, it is said that there is a wish fulfilling tree in this chakra.

It seems that awakening of a chakra follows the pattern of the Lightning Flash on the Tree. In Anahata the negative tendencies of Gevurah usually surface first, like fear and pessimistic attitudes towards life. One has to remember the power of wish fulfilling at this level in order not to manifest negative wishes. "It is important to have a firm and alert control over the mental tendencies and fantasies of the mind."

In order to move on, one needs to cultivate the qualities of Hesed. A positive way of thinking is vital. Also enjoying the arts at their best can be helpful. "Anahata chakra awakens refined emotion in the brain and its awakening is characterized by a feeling of universal, unlimited love for all beings."

Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat); Da't

Besides Vishuddhi being described as the void in the tantra, there is also the knowledge aspect as in Kabbalah. "The more abstract aspect of Vishuddhi is the faculty of higher discrimination. Hence any communication received telepathically can be tested here for its correctness and accuracy. Similarly, Vishuddhi allows us to differentiate between Realization coming into our consciousness from the higher levels of knowledge, and the mere babblings of our unconscious mind and wishful thinking."

Vishuddhi is also known as the 'nectar and poison centre'. This would mean 'death and transformation' in more familiar terms. The nectar is transcendental fluid, 'the Dew of Heaven'. "As long as Vishuddhi chakra remains inactive, this fluid runs downward unimpeded, to be consumed in the fire of Manipura, resulting in the processes of decay, degeneration and finally death in the body's tissues. When Vishuddhi is awakened the divine fluid is retained and utilized, becoming the nectar of immortality. The secret of youth and regeneration of the body lies in the awakening of Vishuddhi chakra."

Vishuddhi is also the key to psychological regeneration. "At the level of Vishuddhi and above, even the poisonous and negative aspects of existence become integrated into the total scheme of being. They are rendered powerless as concepts of good and bad fall away. At this state of awareness the poisonous aspects and experiences of life are absorbed and transformed into a state of bliss."

Interconnected with Vishuddhi chakra is Bindu Visarga. Very little is known and written about it as it is beyond the realm of all conventional experience. On the Jacob's Ladder it would relate to the Yesod of Beriah, which underlies the Daat of Yezirah. "Bindu is a trap-door opening in both directions." It is said to be the origin of manifest individuality. "From this point or seed an object, an animal, a human being or whatever, can arise and manifest. Each and every object has a Bindu as its base. That which was previously formless assumes shape through the Bindu, and its nature is fixed by the Bindu as well."

Ajna Chakra (The Third Eye); Binah-Hokhmah

Ajna is the chakra of higher intellect. "Ajna is the witnessing centre where one becomes the detached observer of all events, including those within the body and mind. Here the level of awareness is developed whereby one begins to 'see' the hidden essence underlying all visible appearances. When Ajna is awakened, the meaning and significance of symbols flashes into one's conscious perception and intuitive knowledge arises effortlessly."

"Up until Ajna chakra awakens, we are under delusions. It is only after awakening of Ajna chakra that the laws of cause and effect can be known. Thereafter your whole philosophical attitude and approach to life changes." As said, it is very important to develop the qualities of Binah and Hokhmah already at the very beginning of one's spiritual journey. "Only those who have reason and understanding are able to cope."

It would seem that the awakening of the Ajna chakra follows the sequence of the Lightning Flash, activating first the Binah and then the Hokhmah aspect of this level. It is said that from Ajna there is only a short way to Sahasrara or enlightenment; from Hokhmah we would see how to get there.

Sahasrara Chakra (Crown); Keter

Sahasrara is actually not considered to be a chakra; it is the source of the chakras. "It is the crown of expanded awareness. The power of the chakras does not reside in the chakras themselves, but in Sahasrara. The chakras are only switches. All the potential lies in Sahasrara."

Patanjali classifies samadhi or enlightenment in three different stages. This would correspond to the position of the Keter of Yezirah on Jacob's Ladder overlapping the Tiferet of Beriah and the Malkhut of Azilut. "Sahasrara is both formless and with form, yet it is also beyond, and therefore untouched by form."

There are many descriptions about enlightenment, but ultimately it is not possible to define such an experience. "Super-mental awareness is not a point; it is a process, a range of experience. Just as the term 'childhood' refers to a wide span of time, in the same way, samadhi is not a particular point of experience but a sequence of experiences which graduate from one stage to another."

In the course of one's development, the chakras may be only partially or temporarily awakened. They can also awaken independently from each other and do not necessarily follow the traditional sequence. In Kabbalah, an individual whose all chakras have fully and permanently awakened would be called the Messiah."

Rebekah Kenton
(Rebekah Kenton, www.kabbalahsociety/chakras)


The habits of those alone will be brought to nothing:


Inside the human body are millions and millions of tiny whirling vital life forces concentrated into centres called Chakras. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit because these energies spin at these points rotating clockwise at a certain frequency. The Chakra is a subtle energy centre that normally cannot be perceived. The activity resembles a galaxy of planets, each spinning on its axis at points along the spinal cord. Each Chakra is designed to supervise and maintain the perfect operation of the bodily systems under its control. This purification is done by spinning in pure or positive vibrations and spinning out impure or negative ones.

An understanding of what each Chakra attracts and what can disturb it is important for our well being. Each thought and action influence the sensitiveness and performance of these centres. Immediately after Self-Realization these Chakras are activated and initially begin the slow process of clearing the gross negativity accumulated by years of neglect or self-destructive activities like drugs, drinking, violence, anger, hatred, fanaticism, sexual deviation and so on. The benefits are almost immediate; small anxieties decrease and some joy and objectivity begins to manifest, and the blocked Chakras begin to rotate properly again.

The human being has seven major Chakras and these correspond to the autonomic nerve plexuses. Thus:

Subtle system with Kundalini rising
and opening 1000 petal Lotus

Furthermore, the petals of each Chakra correspond to the subplexuses of the autonomic system. For example the classically described six petals of the Swadhisthan Chakra correspond to the spermatic, left colic, sigmoid, superior haemorrhoidal, inferior mesenteric and hypogastric subplexuses of the aortic plexus. The Chakra directs the particular type of energy controlling the autonomic nerve plexus and also adjacent endocrine and other organs.

By a series of subtle connections called 'nadis' in Yogic terminology each Chakra is connected to and brings its influence to bear on the whole body. For example the Nabhi Chakra controls the entire lymphatic system. In classical texts there are said to be three hundred and fifty million of these nadis. Very importantly, each Chakra is connected to a part of the hand as indicated in the subtle system diagram. Once the state of Yoga is achieved, the hands become sensitive to the state of the Chakras, and with practice this is easily interpreted.

The Chakras also influence and reflect our mental and emotional life. For example, the Swadhisthan Chakra controls a person's creativity and those who work hard — artists and other creative people — it may become weak. The right Anahath Chakra (there are three parts of the Anahath Chakra: right, center and left) reflects the relationship of fatherhood, either with the person's own father or his own children. Sufferers from anorexia nervosa, for example, invariably have a problem with this centre. There are more complex scenarios for serious problems where two or more Chakras are inter-related and affected, but we need not worry for eventually the Kundalini is able to set the entire subtle system working at optimum levels.

Thus the state of the Chakras at a subtle level reflects and influences a person's physical, mental and emotional welfare. This is a dynamic relationship and so action at a subtle level on the Chakra can improve and (very importantly) integrate all these aspects. This is why, in a nutshell, people who achieve and consolidate their Yoga invariably find that their physical, emotional and other problems improve.

All nations on Earth will be notified that this antique imagination is the supreme Sahaja Yoga of the Great Primordial Mother! This Sahaja Yoga will be second to none, way advanced than every other path. All seekers of the eternal Afterlife will be told that the final evolution of humankind has begun. All captives-of-religion will be notified that the Resurrection has begun! Some faces will beam in Joy, others will be saddened by this Good News.


The religions, if they had been practised from the understanding how important it was to make one wise, balanced and compassionate for the last breakthrough of our evolution by following spirit-oriented religions, even the wrong doers would have become good normal people and deep seekers of absolute truth. But the people at the helm of affairs of religion are themselves money or power-oriented and not spirit-oriented. They can poison the ignorant minds of the simple faithful and mislead them into hell.

The truth is there is a residual power in the triangular bone Sacrum, called as the Kundalini. She has the power to bring forth the complete nourishment and adjustment of the disturbed genes. Whether they are genetic, inherent or acquired. When She is awakened, She changes the series of genes. Not only that She corrects the gene's data base but She breaks through the fontanel bone area and connects the seeker to the all pervading power of Divine Love also called as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, Ruh Ritambhara or Parama Chaitanya. Thus one, by this second birth, becomes a realised person as actualisation of Baptism takes place. The light of the spirit which is the reflection of God Almighty in our heart enters into our attention and enlightenment. The seeker is really born again, not just a certificate but he changes as the transformation takes place within. There is a vast difference between an ordinary seeker and a realised soul (Yogi). He becomes his own master full of Divine Love. It is a resurrection process, like an egg becoming the bird. Maybe this is the reason eggs are presented as a symbol, reminding, that one has to get resurrected. The genes change and complete transformation takes place. For some people it takes time if they are sick or egotistical.

Also some of them who feel guilty or cannot forgive others are rather difficult to perfect their state of self-realisation. If they have a problem from false Gurus, cults, or fanaticism it also takes time, but can be established in Sahaja Yoga. People have given up even drugs over night. They never had withdrawal symptoms or any other trouble. Self realisation as a result of Kundalini awakening has exhibited fantastic results. It brings forth new creativity; many people have become poets; musicians and artists have achieved great heights in their talents; financial problems are solved; the problems of psychosomatic diseases get cured, like cancer, myelitis etc. Many incurable diseases also get cured without any medicines. The seeker becomes the witness of the drama of life and establishes an inner peace. He respects all the religions and belongs to Universal religion which encompasses all the religions of the world. Morality becomes innate and spontaneous. After the complete transformation he is averse to do any immoral acts. In the light of the spirit he knows exactly what is wrong or right and he is also empowered to stay clean and holy. He enjoys his virtues which he respects and without any doubt he becomes a moral human being. First thoughtless awareness is achieved and later doubtless awareness is established beyond the mind. At this stage the Sahaja Yogi can give self-realisation to others. The ageing does not take place, on the contrary the Sahaja Yogi becomes and looks at least twenty years younger than his age. They become universal beings. All human enemies of lust, greed, anger, possessiveness, jealousies, attachments just disappear. Thus a new race of saints are created who do not have to give up anything to show off their detachment or asceticism. You cannot pay for Divine Love which is absolute truth, which the Sahaja Yogi feels on his finger tips as vibrations of the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. The finger tips are related to the energy centres (the chakras). The chakras are responsible for our physical, emotional and mental being. If the Yogis can correct their chakras, they can also correct the chakras of others. Thus all the physical, emotional and mental problems are solved. Those who are pure people have the necessary balance of moral life which ensures a very wide central channel (the Sushumna Nadi) of ascent for the Kundalini.

In this chapter we have to now understand that there is a subtle system in every human being, which is fully developed during this evolutionary process to reach up to human awareness. For example', in the animals, there is no awareness of sin, dirt, filth, art or poetry. But among human beings, these sensitivities are manifesting very clearly as we appreciate and enjoy the birds, fishes and animals as well. Do they also see the beauty in us? This question can be answered this way; human beings are at a higher level of evolution than all the animals for whom we care so much. We love the birds and we enjoy the fishes dancing, but the best thing is really to have respect for ourselves, love ourselves as we should keep our body clean, our mind and our heart should be open and transparent. Because we are the highest evolved beings in this world it is our birthright to get our self-realisation.

Instead, thanks to writers like Freud and Sade, we have reduced the human being into a sex point, even worst than beasts. It is such a contagious, demeaning disease that if a cell of a perverted sex is introduced into any animal, they also become perverted. Now this disease has contaminated societies in the West that by the end of this century we may have statues raised in memory of these new moralists who have shown the way to our adored destruction.

Now, whatever I am going to tell you has not, to be accepted blindfolded but treated like a hypothesis. Again and again, I would request you that you must keep your mind open like a scientist. If whatever I am saying is proved then, as honest people, human beings have to accept this beautiful discovery about yourself because this is for your benevolence, and for the benevolence of your family, benevolence of your society, benevolence of your nations and benevolence of the whole world.

The theories created by current scientific conclusions and also the mental projections are not by any means eternal truths. To know the reality one has to enter into the realm of Metascience which is only possible when we enter into the collective super-consciousness through self realisation."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


"The prophet warns that Satan will "make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ" (Revelation 12:17.) These tribulation saints will prove their faith by martyrdom during the severe persecution, first from the Great Whore church and later, from the Antichrist. In Revelation 7:9 John saw "a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and Lamb." The angel told John that these are the tribulation martyrs who will form the last great harvest of souls. They will pay the supreme price of martyrdom for their faith. "These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation, and wash their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb" (Revelation 7:14.)"    

Grant R. Jeffry, Apocalypse: The Coming Judgement of the Nations, Bantam Books, 1994, p. 189-90


The institutionalized religions and paranoid anti-sect organizations will counter with lies, distortion, deception and propaganda to destroy the integrity of the Great Universal Mother and Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. Their followers will be told that these devotees belong to a sect, that they mistreat children, are abusive towards others, break up families, indulge in strange practices, collect vast sums of money, use brainwashing techniques, power oriented and so on. Popes, deacons, bishops, monks, swamis, acaryas, priests, pandits, ayatollahs, shaikhs, ulema, muftis, and mullahs will froth as they pour out their scorn. Anti-cult bounty hunters will advertise their private consultations or professional interview fees and services to rescue hostages held captive in the mind altering dungeons. Today their sophisticated trade skills include "a much more refined method to help family and friends, called the Strategic Interaction Approach. This non-coercive, completely legal approach is far better than deprogramming, and even exit counseling. Topics covered in depth include: evaluating the situation; interacting with dual identities; communication strategies for phone calls, letter writing and visits; understanding and utilizing cult beliefs and tactics; techniques to reality-test and promote freedom of mind; and planning and implementing effective interventions."

Today we are going to celebrate the birth of Christ. At a very crucial time we are doing that because there are some Antichrists who have become in charge of the Christian religion and are talking against the birth of Christ. They have no authority. They are not realized souls. They have no idea of the Divine, nothing. And they're saying that it is all falsehood, that She was not a virgin and that Christ was not born that way. Who told them? Did Gabriel come and told them? What right they have got to talk these things?

So because they are anti-Christ, now they have become in charge of Christianity. Even Pope is like that. So in Satya Yuga they'll be all exposed, have to be exposed.

Sri ViragosthiPriya
 Shri Nirmala Devi

Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule, India — December 25, 1993


Her Truth, which is way beyond their comprehension, is stranger than fiction.

But She has prophesied that the "Truth which is Absolute has to express itself in these modern times. And even if it is not accepted it will never die. On the contrary, if it is not accepted, it will expose all falsehood and destroy it."

Hearing this challenge and warning the Armies of Armageddon will battle with all their might to destroy this Truth before it destroys them. The Mighty War will rage in full fury when the Christian crusaders, Muslim mujahiddin and Vedic brahmins  hear Her messengers announcing the Good News of Resurrection, and rise to challenge Her. Thus will the prophecy that "whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come" (Matthew 12:32) come true. That will be the beginning of their end. They will die from within. Not a drop of blood will be shed. Not a single human will be killed. But hundreds of millions of fools and fundamentalists will spiritually die defying the Good News of God Almighty. There is a Sinister Century! Take heed, religious prisoners, take heed!

And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? And whence came they?
And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation,
And have washed their robes, and make them white in the blood of the Lamb.
Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple:
And he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them.
They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat.
For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them into living fountains of waters:
And God shall wipe all tears from their eyes.

Revelation 7:13-17


"Christianity today is nothing but a mental activity which is dead, just nonsense, just like any other nonsensical religion. It has become just another foolish, stupid religion which has no meaning. Unless and until you get your Realization, unless and until you feel the vibrations, unless and until you feel this Divine surrounding Power, how will you understand? Because that's the only thing that is Truth, that's the only thing that's Reality. And unless and until you achieve it how will you know about Christ?

And fighting about Him! How can you fight? I can't understand. To Me it's stupid, gone to another extreme. By this thing what you do actually is to use all these incarnations to kill each other. Can you imagine? The things that came to elevate you, to make you into higher living are now used, the same things, the names are used to kill, to kill each other, to bring down each other.

At the most, if you reach a point where you don't understand, then they start saying, "It's a mystery." What is the mystery? In Sahaja Yoga there's no mystery. It's all just there. To Me human beings are a mystery. I don't understand them. I can't understand. The Resurrection of Christ has to now be Collective Resurrection."

Shri Tattvamartha-Svarupini Shri Nirmala Devi
The Creation Of Lord Jesus
, Pune, India — April 11, 1982


The great monarch will chastise their frenzy,
Attacking the treasures before the temples.

"But whether or not the worst of the events Nostradamus foretold come to pass, he saw that there would be a great spiritual rebirth throughout the world. Individuals would renounce the falsehoods of materialism and look within themselves. After communication is restored, people will come to this realization together, and there will be a great rebirth of philosophy that blends the Eastern and Western religions. It will be a worldwide movement upholding the truth as everyone perceives it, just as it is to be expected in the Age of Aquarius ...

Also in keeping with what the alignment of planets presages for the New Millennium, Nostradamus predicts the tearing down of past institutions, including the mighty religions of the Age of Pisces. "Temples consecrated in the early Roman fashion," he wrote, "will reject the broken foundations; taking their early human laws, expelling almost all the cults of the saints."

Some also interpret his words to mean that the feminine aspects of God, which have been ignored, neglected, and reviled for the eternity of the Age of Pisces, will again be recognized and revered. This too is a return to the early ages of humanity and ancient societies in which the female aspect of God was worshipped and adored. During the patriarchal era of Pisces, the female aspect was suppressed and repressed. Now society will come to terms with divinity of both masculine and feminine aspects, of Mother Earth and Father Sky, of yin and yang, and of the synthesis of energies for a more balanced world view.

Walter Mercado, Beyond The Horizon, A Time Warner Company, 1997, p. 55-6


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The pope will mock the seekers for believing the Kingdom of God has been found. The pontiff will rebuke those who want to be born of the Spirit. The Vicar will reproach those who believe this is the Age of Resurrection. The Unholy One will excommunicate all Catholics who dare to embrace the Great Holy Spirit. The Antichrist will lead the Armies of Armageddon in this final battle between the forces of good and evil. The henchmen of the monarch will scurry and rally around their 'infallible human' and carry out his orders diligently. Small bands of the Great Supreme Mother will battle the crumbling Evening Empires of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. This is indeed a Satanic Century! Be forewarned, Unbelievers, be forewarned!

The treasures are the Pure Knowledge, the Divine Truths, the Revelations of the Kingdom of God, and Scriptural Prophecies of the Great Holy Spirit. The fact that Nostradamus foretold that these treasures would be laid before the temples has far reaching consequences for all humanity. The temples are all the Idols of Worship on Earth — churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, gurdwaras, and shrines. The priceless spiritual treasures of the Kingdom of God will be displayed before them for the benefit of those who believe in the One God and His Divine Unity. The fabulous wealth of Self-Realization will be displayed to heal the nations and resurrect humankind into higher beings. The Grace of God to enter His Kingdom will be announced to all.

So there's nothing to have any fear from any human being. Same about organisations or anything. Naturally you have to know one thing that as you are realised souls you have seen the Truth; you are in the Light. So they are going to oppose you. They are going to oppose you."

Shri Mohaniya Shri Nirmala Devi
Pure Love; The Loss Of Morality,
Cabella, Italy — June 21, 1992


Yet the pope will arrogantly dismiss the Revelations as useless trinkets despite all irrefutable proofs and fulfilled prophecies. (And so will the rabbis, ayatollahs, clerics, imams, ulema, mullahs, muftis, shaikhs, swamis, acaryas, pandits, brahmins, monks, lamas, granthis and other false men of Idols.) He will attack the inestimable spiritual treasures set before the temples. Spit and slander will splutter and the papal monarch fume in fury. Every Truth of the Comforter will be attacked and denounced with the ferocity and tenacity of a rabies-ridden pitbull. No quarters will be given in this last struggle between Good and Evil, between God and Satan, between His Kingdom and the external Idols.

The Muslim fanatics will be horrified that Allah's Ruh was born as a Christian and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian zealots will be dismayed that the Mater Sanctissima was a Hindu and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhist fools will be appalled that there is a Holy Spirit and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian diehards will be confounded that The Mother is the Holy Spirit and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim bigots will be infuriated that the Holy Spirit is part of Allah and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindu religious prisoners will be aghast that Shri Jesus is Shri Mahavishnu and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian extremists will be alarmed that Shri Krishna is a Supreme Personality in the Kingdom of God and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Jew radicals will be dumbfounded that Shri Buddha is a Divine Personality in the Heaven of Yahweh and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim agitators will be shocked that Shri Nitya Shri Nirmala Devi is the Eternal Personality of Allah and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Sikh idiots will be irked that Prophet Muhammad is a Primordial Personality and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhist hypocrites will be baffled that Guru Nanak is a Primordial Guru and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim fundamentalists will be indignant that kafirs (non-Muslims) are eligible for Allah's Paradise and, thus, won't accept HER Revealed Truths.

The Hindu conservatives will be protesting that Qiyamah is not in the Vedas and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim zealots will be enraged that non-Muslim messengers revealed Qiyamah to them and, thus, won't accept HER Revealed Truths.

We only send the Messengers to give Glad Tidings, and to give Warnings: [2400]
But the Unbelievers dispute with vain argument, in order therewith to weaken the truth,
And they treat My Signs as a jest, as also the fact that they are warned!
And who doth more wrong than one who is reminded of the Signs of the Lord, but turns away from them,
Forgetting the (deeds) which his hands have sent forth?
Verily We have set veils over their hearts, lest they should understand this, and over their ears, deafness,
If thou callest them to guidance, even then will they never accept guidance.

surah 18:56-57 Al Kahf (The Cave)
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'an, 1989, p. 724.)

"2400. The Prophets of Allah are not sent to humour us with dialectics ... They come to preach the Truth — not in an abstract way, but with special reference to our conduct. They give us the Good News of salvation lest we despair in the presence of Sin, and to warn us clearly of the dangers of Evil. Vain controversies about words only weaken their mission, or turn it into ridicule. The ungodly have a trick also of treating the earnest preaching to them itself as a jest and ridicule it."

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'n
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur'an, 1989, p. 724.)

The Jew orthodox will be troubled that Qiyamah is not revealed in the Torah and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian diehards will be bewildered that Qiyamah is also Resurrection and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindu bigots will be disturbed that the Vedas said moksa not Resurrection, and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhist radicals will be unsettled that Shri Buddha said Nirvana not Qiyamah and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Jew extremists will be annoyed that they don't own God and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhist agitators will be disgusted that God actually exists and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindu hypocrites will be distressed that they have to believe in the Qur'an and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian fundamentalists will be upset that non-Christians are not pagans and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"In Britain, Fundamentalist Christians have firebombed Esoteric bookshops. In several Western countries, including Britain, women who are exercising their legal right to have an abortion have been harassed as they enter the clinic; in America several doctors who performed abortions have been shot dead by anti-abortionists who have open support of the Fundamentalists leaders... .

For those who are worried about the rise of religious Fundamentalism, it can seem as if it is the spiritual equivalent of the National Front: bully boys with Bibles."

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 285.)

The Muslim transgressors will be infuriated that all non-Muslims are not infidels and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"In another verse, the Holy Quran declares in the same context:

Surely, those who have believed in Muhammad and the Jews, and the Sabians, and the Christians — whoso believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds, on them shall come no fear nor shall they grieve. (Ch. 5; Al-Ma'idah: 70)

Let me remind you that although the People of the Book is applicable to the Jews and Christians, potentially, it has a much wider application. In the context of the Quranic assertion 'that there is no people in the world but We have sent a Warner to them', and similar verses (cited earlier), we are left with no room for doubt that these were not only the people of the Old Testaments and the Gospel (or the Torah and the Injeel) who were given the Book, but most certainly other books were revealed for the benefit of mankind. So all religions which have a claim to be founded on divine revelation would also be included among the People of the Book.

Again the Holy Quran uses the term Sabi which further clarifies the issue and dispels the doubt. Sabi is a term used by the Arabs to apply to the followers of all non-Arab and non-Semetic religions which have their own revealed Books. As such, followers of all religions based on divine revelation have been granted the assurance that provided they do not genuinely fail to recognize the light of a new religion and stick honestly and truly to the values of their ancestral religion, they have nothing to fear from God and will not be denied salvation.

The Holy Quran, speaking of whichever party from among the Believers: Jews, Christians and Sabians, promises: ..... Shall have their reward with their lord, and no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve. (Ch. 2: Al-Baqarah: 63)"

The Jew fanatics will be mortified that their Jewish Jesus was His Messenger and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"Proposed Israeli law would ban Christian missionaries - July 8, 1997

JERUSALEM (CNN) — The dwindling number of Christians in the Holy Land are facing yet another threat. Militant Jews and Israelis are trying to force members of the religion from seeking converts in the country.

Most alarming to Christians is a newly proposed law that would let authorities jail anyone who shares Christian literature. . .

What is being waged is a cultural clash that opens centuries of old wounds between Jews and Christians. It is a struggle for souls, and the Christians do not have the upper hand."

CNN, July 8, 1997

The Hindu radicals will be agitated that brahmins are destined for spiritual death and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim zealots will be flabbergasted that Shri Jesus was actually crucified and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhist conservatives will be protesting that Shri Jesus has to be glorified and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian morons will be bitter that heathens are eligible for His Kingdom and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindus will be shocked that idol worship is never sanctioned by God and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Jain bigots will be perturbed that vegetarianism does not confer moksa and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim idiots will be furious that Puranas have superior spiritual Knowledge and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindu fools will be resentful that Qur'n has superior prophetic Knowledge and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian prisoners-of-religion will be disturbed that the Bible was corrupted and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim fundamentalists will be incensed that the Qur'an was misinterpreted and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindu brahmins will be irked that they are not hereditary inheritors of moksa and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhist monks will be troubled that all their prajna is a mental maze and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim mullahs will be crazed that all of Allah's Messengers are together, and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.


The question arises that if there are so many Prophets of God sent to all peoples of the world, in different parts of the world and in different ages, do they have the same divine authority? According to the Holy Quran, all Prophets belong to God, and as such, insofar as their divine authority is concerned, they exercise such authority with equal force and strength. No one has a right to discriminate between one Prophet and another. As far as the authenticity of their message is concerned, all Prophets must be equal. This attitude of Islam towards other religions and their Founders as well as minor Prophets, can work as a very important uniting and cementing factor between various religions. The principle that the authenticity of each Prophet's revelation enjoys the same status can be used as a very powerful unifying force bringing various religions together. This transforms the attitude of hostility towards the revelation of Prophets of other religions to that of respect and reverence. This again, is the clear and logical position taken by the Holy Quran:

This Messenger the Holy Founder of Islam believes in that which was revealed to him from his Lord, and so do the believers; all of them believe in Allah; and in His angels, and in His Books, and in His Messengers saying, 'We make no distinction between any of His Messengers. And they say, 'We have heard and we are obedient....' (Ch. 2: Al-Baqarah: 286)

This subject is repeated in other verses of the Holy Quran. For instance:

Surely, those who disbelieve in Allah and his Messengers and seek to make a distinction between Allah and His Messengers, and say, 'We believe in some and disbelieve in others', and seek to take a way in between, these really are the disbelievers, and We have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating punishment. And those who believe in Allah and in all of His Messengers and make no distinction between any of them, to such He will soon give their rewards. And Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.(Ch. 4: Al-Nisa: 151-153)"

The Catholic clergy will be wild that their Church is despised in His Kingdom and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhist lamas will be nervous that Buddhists will know the Creator, and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim imams will be mad that the Kitab al Munir is Sri Lalita Sahasranama and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian pope will be irate that Lalita Sahasranama glorifies the Holy Ghost and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindu priests will be suspicious that the Bible glorifies the Adi Shakti and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhist dalai lama will be fidgety that there is a Holy Ghost and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian archbishops will be petrified that God is Sadashiva and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim ayatollahs will be thunderstruck that Allah is also Sadashiva and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindu bhagwans will be restless that Sadashiva is also Yahweh and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Jewish rabbis will be dismayed that Yahweh is also Allah and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhist monks will be irritated that Buddha is also Waheguru and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Sikh granthis will be upset that Waheguru is also The Mother and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim sheiks will be horrified that Shri Jesus sent the Comforter and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Jain digambars will be appalled that vegetarianism is not ahimsa and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

Those who praise their own doctrines and disparage the doctrines of others do not solve any problems.

Sutrakritanga 1.1.50 (Jainism)

The Vaishnavas will be agitated that She is Shri Vishnu's Supreme Shakti and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hare Krishnas will be uneasy that She is Shri Krishna's Supreme Shakti and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Shaivites will be unsettled that She is the Supreme Shakti of Shri Shiva and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Rama devotees will be uneasy that She is Shri Rama's Supreme Shakti and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Kali worshipers will be upset that Shri Mahakali is not the Ultimate Reality and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Durga worshipers will be aghast that Shri Durga is not the Ultimate Reality and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"What Are Hinduism's Principal Sects?

The Sanatana Dharma, or "eternal faith," known today as Hinduism, is a family of religions that accept the authority of the Vedas. Its four principal denominations are Saivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism and Smartism. Aum.

The world's billion Hindus, one-sixth of the human family, are organized in four main denominations, each distinguished by its Supreme Deity. For Vaishnavites, Lord Vishnu is God. For Shaivites, God is Siva. For Shaktas, Goddess Shakti is supreme. For Smartas, liberal Hindus, the choice of Deity is left to the devotee. Each has a multitude of guru lineages, religious leaders, priesthoods, sacred literature, monastic communities, schools, pilgrimage centers and tens of thousands of temples. They possess a wealth of art and architecture, philosophy and scholarship. These four sects hold such divergent beliefs that each is a complete and independent religion. Yet, they share a vast heritage of culture and belief-karma, dharma, reincarnation, all-pervasive Divinity, temple worship, sacraments, manifold deities, the guru-shishya tradition and the Vedas as scriptural authority. While India is home to most Hindus, large communities flourish worldwide. The Vedas elaborate, "He is Brahma. He is Siva. He is Indra. He is the immutable, the supreme, the self-luminous. He is Vishnu. He is life. He is time. He is the fire, and He is the moon." Aum Namah Sivaya.

What Is the Deeply Mystical Saiva Sect?

Saivism is the world's oldest religion. Worshiping God Siva, the compassionate One, it stresses potent disciplines, high philosophy, the guru's centrality and bhakti-raja- siddha yoga leading to oneness with Siva within. Aum.

Saivism is ancient, truly ageless, for it has no beginning. It is the precursor of the many-faceted religion now termed Hinduism. Scholars trace the roots of Siva worship back more than 8,000 years to the advanced Indus Valley civilization. But sacred writings tell us there never was a time when Saivism did not exist. Modern history records six main schools: Saiva Siddhanta, Pashupatism, Kashmir Saivism, Vira Saivism, Siddha Siddhanta and Siva Advaita. Saivism's grandeur and beauty are found in a practical culture, an enlightened view of man's place in the universe and a profound system of temple mysticism and siddha yoga. It provides knowledge of man's evolution from God and back to God, of the soul's unfoldment and awakening guided by enlightened sages. Like all the sects, its majority are devout families, headed by hundreds of orders of swamis and sadhus who follow the fiery, world-renouncing path to moksha. The Vedas state, "By knowing Siva, the Auspicious One who is hidden in all things, exceedingly fine, like film arising from clarified butter, the One embracer of the universe-by realizing God, one is released from all fetters." Aum Namah Sivaya.

What Is the Magic and Power of Shaktism?

Shaktism reveres the Supreme as the Divine Mother, Shakti or Devi, in Her many forms, both gentle and fierce. Shaktas use mantra, tantra, yantra, yoga and puja to invoke cosmic forces and awaken the kundalini power. Aum.

While worship of the Divine Mother extends beyond the pale of history, Shakta Hinduism arose as an organized sect in India around the fifth century. Today it has four expressions-devotional, folk-shamanic, yogic and universalist-all invoking the fierce power of Kali or Durga, or the benign grace of Parvati or Ambika. Shakta devotionalists use puja rites, especially to the Shri Chakra yantra, to establish intimacy with the Goddess. Shamanic Shaktism employs magic, trance mediumship, firewalking and animal sacrifice for healing, fertility, prophecy and power. Shakta yogis seek to awaken the sleeping Goddess Kundalini and unite her with Siva in the sahasrara chakra. Shakta universalists follow the reformed Vedantic tradition exemplified by Shri Ramakrishna. "Left-hand" tantric rites transcend traditional ethical codes. Shaktism is chiefly advaitic, defining the soul's destiny as complete identity with the Unmanifest, Siva. Central scriptures are the Vedas, Shakta agamas and Puranas. The Devi Gita extols, "We bow down to the universal soul of all. Above and below and in all four directions, Mother of the universe, we bow." Aum Chandikayai Namah.

What Is the Devotional Vaishnava Sect?

Vaishnavism is an ancient Hindu sect centering on the worship of Lord Vishnu and His incarnations, especially Krishna and Rama. Largely dualistic, profoundly devotional, it is rich in saints, temples and scriptures. Aum.

The worship of Vishnu, meaning "pervader," dates back to Vedic times. The Pancharatra and Bhagavata sects were popular prior to 300 bce. Today's five Vaishnava schools emerged in the middle ages, founded by Ramanuja, Madhva, Nimbarka, Vallabha and Chaitanya. Vaishnavism stresses prapatti, single-pointed surrender to Vishnu, or His ten or more incarnations, called avataras. Japa is a key devotional sadhana, as is ecstatic chanting and dancing, called kirtana. Temple worship and festivals are elaborately observed. Philosophically, Vaishnavism ranges from Madhva's pure dualism to Ramanuja's qualified nondualism to Vallabha's nearly monistic vision. God and soul are everlastingly distinct. The soul's destiny, through God's grace, is to eternally worship and enjoy Him. While generally nonascetic, advocating bhakti as the highest path, Vaishnavism has a strong monastic community. Central scriptures are the Vedas, Vaishnava agamas, Itihasas and Puranas. The Bhagavad Gita states, "On those who meditate on Me and worship with undivided heart, I confer attainment of what they have not, and pre- serve what they have." Aum Namo Narayanaya.

What Is the Universalistic Smarta Sect?

Smartism is an ancient brahminical tradition reformed by Shankara in the ninth century. Worshiping six forms of God, this liberal Hindu path is monistic, nonsectarian, meditative and philosophical. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Smarta means a follower of classical smriti, particularly the Dharma Shastras, Puranas and Itihasas. Smartas revere the Vedas and honor the agamas. Today this faith is synonymous with the teachings of Adi Shankara, the monk-philosopher, known as shanmata sthapanacharya, "founder of the six-sect system." He campaigned India-wide to consolidate the Hindu faiths of his time under the banner of Advaita Vedanta. To unify the worship, he popularized the ancient Smarta five-Deity altar-Ganapati, Surya, Vishnu, Siva and Shakti-and added Kumara. From these, devotees may choose their "preferred Deity," or Ishta Devata. Each God is but a reflection of the one Saguna Brahman. Shankara organized hundreds of monasteries into a ten-order, dashanami system, which now has five pontifical centers. He wrote profuse commentaries on the Upanishads, Brahma Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. Shankara proclaimed, "It is the one Reality which appears to our ignorance as a manifold universe of names and forms and changes. Like the gold of which many ornaments are made, it remains in itself unchanged. Such is Brahman, and That art Thou." Aum Namah Sivaya."

Hinduism Today, November 1994
Himalayan Academy, 1998, 

The Theravada Buddhists will be astonished that Matreya is Maitreya and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Mahayana Buddhists will be bewildered that Matreya is the AdiBuddha and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"Kapathika: "How should a wise man ascertain truth?"

The Buddha: "A man has faith. If he says 'This is my faith,' so far he maintains truth. But by that he cannot proceed to the absolute conclusion; This alone is Truth, and everything else is false." "

Majjhima Nikaya ii. 176, Canki Sutta

The Varrayana Buddhists will be troubled that Shri Matreya chastised them and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Shi'ites will be petrified that a 'non-Muslim' can be a Imam Mahdi and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Sunnis will be indignant that there is an Imam Mahdi and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Baha'is will be distressed that their leader is not the Imam Mahdi and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"BAHAIS and BAHAISM: Another group that strives to demolish Islam is the Bahais. The chief of these irreligious people is Bahaullah. He was a pupil and the caliph of a Persian named Albab Ali Muhammad. Albab used to call himself mirror. He used to say, Allah is seen in this mirror. When he died, Bahaullah became their chief and began to spread his sophistries which he termed Bahaism. Before he died, they put his son Abdulbaha Abbas in this place. Abbas took the name Ghasniyyi Azam. Abbas, who went to Europe and America, gathered more than a hundred thousand Bahais and died in 1339 A.H. [1921]. He was succeeded by his son Shawqi. He also spread the religion of Bahaism. Bahaullah used to say that he was a prophet and the great savior of the latest time. It was this pretension whereby he first smeared himself with the ignominy of blasphemy. He also said that one more prophet would come two thousand years later. According to these disbelievers, who have no proximity to Islam, nineteen is a sacred number. Their fasting practice continues for nineteen days. Each Bahai has to invite nineteen Bahais after every nineteen days. Their irreligious cult is governed by nineteen people elected for their supreme assembly which they call The House of General Justice. Each Bahai has to give each year one fifth of his earnings to this assembly. It is necessary, so they say, to marry at the age of eleven... .

The Bahais have eighty-eight organizations all over the world. They deceive Christians, Jews, Magians, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and Buddhists and allure them towards themselves....

Their namaz (ritual prayer) is a matter of standing towards Haifa and thinking of Allah. Their hajj is to go to see Bab's house in Shiraz or Bahaullah's house in Baghdad, and to read ayats is to think of Allah through the heart."

Waqf Ikhlas, Istanbul, 1995.

"A similar phenomenon exists among other world religions as well, and often a great deal of condemnation will be heaped on parallel religious bodies, especially those originating from within the parent group. While visiting a Baha'i retreat centre recently I indicated to my resident hosts that they seemed to be a very tolerant group. Were there no religious groups or individuals that they did not accept or endorse? Their answer was that any religion claiming Divine revelation before that of their leader was acceptable. Any claim made after his, were not acceptable. This meant that any religious group originating after the midpoint of the 19th century was considered invalid. A further discussion revealed that Baha's were also quite opposed to individuals who once have belonged to the Baha'i faith and then left it. Such is an act of unforgivable apostasy. Apparently these individuals are to be ignored, shunned or condemned. So much for unconditional universal brotherly/sisterly love. It has its limits."

J W. Friesen, Pick One: A User-Friendly Guide to Religion
(John W. Friesen, Pick One: A User-Friendly Guide to Religion, Detseling Enterprises Ltd., 1995, p. 34.)

The Ahmadiyahs will be infuriated that M. Ghulam Ali is not the Imam Mahdi and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Isma'ilis will be angered their seven imams exclude another Imam Mahdi and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Protestants will be astonished that Mother Mary was a virgin and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Catholics will be incensed that their popes are Antichrists and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"Dissent is strong within the Roman Catholic Church today. Large numbers of priests are leaving the Church, while others are staying to fight from within... . Hundreds of Catholic have gone against the pope's ruling and married, and not all of them have given up their calling. There are numerous splinter denominations, especially in the USA, with married priests. Most of these Churches also deny the infallibility of the pope."

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 121.)

The Episcopalians will be furious that their bishop-ruled church is Antichrist and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Lutherans will be startled that their communion is just useless ritual and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Methodists will be alarmed that John Wesley (founder) is self-authorized and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Presbyterians will be angry that their church courts are a joke and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Baptists will be shocked that their baptism does not confer 'second birth' and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Mormons will be mad that their baptism and marriage of the dead is a ghoulish Antichrist belief and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"Because the validity of Mormonism rests so much on both Joseph and the Book of Mormons, critics of the religion attack the credibility of both. They quote contemporaries of Smith who describe him as 'a notorious liar ... utterly destitute of conscience,' as vulgar and lewd. The Smith family, they say, were known as treasure-hunters; Joseph Smith hired himself out searching for buried treasure by peering into a magical stone, or 'peepstone.' The Mormons accept that in 1826 he was arrested as a 'glass looker' under a New York State law which made it illegal 'to tell fortunes, or where lost or stolen goods mat be found.' This, critics say, is the origin of the magic eyepieces and golden plates... .

Critics also point not just to the large number of verses from the Bible in the Book of Mormon (over 27,000 words) but to the fact that they are taken from the King James Version, and ask why an 1829 translation of an AD 428 text should be in 1611 English. The Book of Mormons apparently also contains quotations from the seventeenth-century Westminister Confession of Faith and an excerpt from a Methodist book of discipline... .

Some of the original papyri from which Joseph Smith translated the 'Book of Abraham' in The Pearl of Great Price were discovered in 1996. When translated by scholars, they were found to be standard funerary documents, bearing no resemblance to Smith's 'translation' of 'the writings of Abraham while he was in Egypt.' ...

There are two further arguments against the Book of Mormon which should be mentioned. Firstly, there are no archaeological evidence of all the settlements in America recorded in the Book of Mormon, and no genetic evidence of the Semitic origin of the North American peoples. Secondly, the three witnesses quoted at the beginning of the book as having 'seen the engravings which are upon the plates,' including Harris and Cowdery, all alter left the Church. One of them said, 'I saw them with the eye of faith' — in other words, not as material objects... .

There is much speculation among non-Mormons as to what Mormons do in their temples ... . The rites include solemnization of marriage for eternity, baptism for the dead and other ordinances... . Mormons 'in good standing' wear a white undergarment like a long T-shirt all the time ...

The Church was often accused in the past of being racist; its early leaders made a number of statements about non-white being lower than whites."

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 62-3.)


The Seven-Day Adventist will be afraid that their embarrassing miscalculations of the Second Coming is now solved and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"Seventh-day Adventist grew out of the adventist movement of the early nineteenth century ... A German Lutheran minister J. G. Bengel, taught the doctrine in the mid-eighteenth century, setting the date of the Second Coming at 1836. William Miller, an American Baptist minister, attracted thousands of followers with his message, based on the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, that Christ would return in 1843. When nothing happened, he reworked his calculations, taking account of the calendric fact that there isn't a 0 year between 1 BC and AD 1, and announced that the great event would take pplace in 1844, specifically on 22 October. Believers sold their properties and possessions in readiness ... Once again, nothing happened, and the event became to be known as the Great Disappointment."

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 71.)

The Unification Church members will be aghast that Sun Myung Moon is not the Messiah and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"The doctrine holds that mankind will be redeemed by a perfect man, married to a perfect women, and bearing perfect children. God gave mankind a first chance to achieve that with the creation of Adam and Eve, and a second chance to Jesus, but in neither case was the Perfect Family created. The 20th century is another chance, with the perfect man appearing on earth.

This man, according to Moon's calculations, should have been born between 1917 and 1930. Moon once predicted the coming of the Christian millennium in 1967. According to another Unification Church calculation, 1981 was to be the year of "final victory," twenty-one years after the Marriage of the Lamb, that is the marriage of Sun Myung Moon to his wife, Hak Ja Han, the "Mew Eve," in 1960. Moon and his wife, Hak Ja Han (second or fourth wife, according to different counts), are known as the True Parents. Members refer to Moon as "Father" or "Master." Although Moon has not clearly proclaimed himself the Messiah, it is apparent that Church members consider him just that."

Belt-Ha Ilahmi, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Active New religions, Sects and Cults
(The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Active New religions, Sects and Cults, Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. New York, p. 301-2.)

"Until recently, although his followers always believed him to be the Messiah, Moon himself avoided answering the question directly, much as Jesus did ('Whom do men say I am? [Mark 8:27].) In 1992, however, he made a formal declaration that he was indeed the Messiah... .

Marriage, for members, is a vitally important part of God's work. The new couple are creating a new ideal family, and their children will be born without Original Sin. To symbolize their holiness of their marriage, and it's place in God's plan, the newly married couple make a private and sacred ritual of their first three nights of love making. On the first night the man lies on top, symbolizing God in authority; on the second night the women lies on top, symbolizing Eve's transgression and the victory of Satan; and on the third night the man is top again, symbolizing God's victory over Satan and the re-establishment of God's plan."

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 105.)

The Jehovah's Witness will be dismayed that Jehovah's Kingdom was inaugurated by the opening of the Sahasrara Chakra on May 5, 1970, and, thus, won't accept HER Revealed Truths.

"Like many of the new religions which began in the nineteenth century, the Jehovah's Witnesses are a Millennialist Church, believing strongly in the literal return of Christ and the setting up of his kingdom on earth. Initially they believed this would start happening in 1874, and then in 1914; Christ was to return openly, and then it became invisibly....

Other attempts to set dates — 1920, 1925, 1940, 1975 and 1984 — resulted in disappointment and sometimes loss of members on the one hand and rapid back-pedaling of the Church leaders and subtle altering of Watchtower books on the other.

Much is made of the 'little flock' of 144,000 who will go to heaven and rule with Christ ... members from the 1930's realized that they stood no chance of becoming one of the chosen few....

Jehovah's Witnesses are known for one other aspect of their beliefs: their refusal to accept blood transfusions... . The Church's second president, 'Judge' Rutherford, followed Charles Taze Russell in regarding anyone who is not a loyal Jehovah's Witness as an 'evil slave.' "

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 83-5.)

The Pentecostals will be perturbed that the biblical 'speaking in tongues' is the divine language of the Kundalini, not their foolish gibbering and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths. 

"Columnist James Beverly recently described a Toronto revival campaign of the California-originated Vineyard movement started by John Wimber. Beverly suggested that some of the charismatic displays might be hard to justify by reference to the Holy Spirit or the Day of Pentecost. According to Beverly:

Two women near the front were rocking so strongly in their seats that their heads were almost banging into people in the row behind them. Little children were duplicating the frenzy in wild dancing that looked artificial and contrived. One man roared like a lion during Wimber's sermon. A few individuals hit the concrete hard when they were "slain in the spirit" (Faith Today, Sept/Oct. 1994, 13).

Beverley's analysis may seem a bit too harsh to Vineyard followers, but it does support the point that there are significant differences in religious practice — even among subsections of specific religious camps like fundamentalists, conservatives, pentecostals, charismatics or evangelicals. Naturally, Beverley was severely chastised by a Vineyard leader, Roger Helland, in a subsequent issue of Faith Today. Beverley was warned that: those who pretend to pass judgement in spiritual matters must be prepared to show their credentials of personal spiritual experience. Unfortunately, many people condemning manifestations and experiences birthed by the Holy Spirit have had little personal experience with either" (Faith Today, Nov/Dec. 1994, 8)."

J W. Friesen, Pick One: A User-Friendly Guide to Religion
(John W. Friesen, Pick One: A User-Friendly Guide to Religion, Detseling Enterprises Ltd., 1995, p. 32.)

"There have been many testimonies in this latest questionable move of refreshing in the Church that also speak of God's power being manifested as electricity, or raw energy or a burning fire that can be experienced in the physical body. Twenty-five years ago, we taught these were Occult manifestations, because such manifestations were unheard of in the (charismatic/Pentecostal) Church. God was (and is) Spirit, not energy of any sort. The God manifested as energy or electricity is the God of the New Age. National leaders in the charismatic movement have been testified to as having this power that is electrical in nature, even to the point of affecting electrical and sound systems when they are in the same room. But God is not a God of confusion and disorder, who "walks" through meetings in His people disrupting electrical circuits, literally giving people a shock when His "anointed ones" touch people in prayer." "

Source: Internet

"It is not easy for the Christian layman to find his way through the thicket of contradictions in the new Testament. It is simpler for informed theologians: they doubtless have a hot line over which they can get information from the highest source. Through their mouths and again through the mouths of those they teach, children in religious classes and believers in church learn how everything is to be understood and how it may on no account be interpreted. If only the theologians were united on the subject! But, depending on their membership of a particular church they get in each other's hair, violently, angrily, hotly in favour of their own angle. And anything that cannot be brought under one head and is completely inexplicable is inflicted on 'those who are without' as a test of faith. How does it go? 'Let your communication be yea, yea: nay, nay.' "

Erich Von Daniken, Miracle of the Gods
Erich Von Daniken, Miracle of the Gods, Dell Publishing Co., Inc., 1975, p. 85.)

"So, with faith, if somebody says, "Oh, you will be healed, you see", and they start shouting and screaming and this and that and suddenly you might feel, maybe there's a spirit. They replace sometimes, sometimes, you see. It's very surprising. They can replace a spirit from one to another. I've seen such cases also. All kinds of things I've seen in spirit... . Eight days back, in France, a gentleman came in, young fellow, must be about twenty-four or so. He got into such a big agitation and he started crying and a funny type of a thing that I'd never seen a spirit entered into him. Whole body was shaking and, I mean, he fell down. He started crying, weeping. All sorts of things happened and he said that, "I went to charismatic movement where I got it and many get it and they think Holy Ghost has entered into them." Now, just imagine, how can the Holy Ghost make you miserable? I don't know from where these ideas come in."

Shri Caitanyarghya-Samaradhya Shri Nirmala Devi
Problems Of Subconscious
, U.K. — May 13, 1982

The Promise Keepers will be apprehensive that women hold the key to the Spirit and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Catholics will be annoyed that the Holy Spirit was also a Protestant and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"The Bible and the Koran talk about Heaven and Hell as two poles. Some religious sects such as Catholicism have introduced "limbo" or nothingness for non-Catholics. It is believed that non-Catholics will enter into a state of eternal "unsatisfied longing" as their only torment because they will not be exposed to the sight of God. This is one of the most negative beliefs in Catholic doctrine. How could Catholics believe that every non-Catholic is doomed?"

(Mounir Murad, Axioms: In search of a Comprehensive Philosophy of Life, Murad Publishing, USA, 1992, p. 34.)

The Protestants will be offended that the Holy Spirit is no longer a Protestant and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"As Christian history unfolded, the power of the Church to control knowledge and public opinion increased exponentially, and so these views of God as both an external power and an invasive deity became dominant in all of Western civilization. When the Spanish armada, sailing for England in 1588, was destroyed at sea by a storm, it was widely interpreted by the English as a defeat for the Spanish Catholic deity at the hands of the Protestant deity. God had sent that storm out of the sky to destroy the Spaniards and thus to shape English history with a new version of the biblical favored-nation status."

John Shelby Spong, Why Christianity Must Change Or Die: A Bishop Speaks To Believers In Exile, HarperCollins Publishers, 1998, p. 21.

The Scientologists will be flabbergasted that there is no Alien Overlord and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"Operating Thetan III ('The Wall of Fire') is the big revelation. The knowledge revealed at that level is so explosive, it must be kept secret. Anyone coming across it without the years of careful (and very expensive) training through all the preceding levels would be seriously damaged, and might even die from the knowledge — it is apparently 'rigged to kill' them. Even Hubbard himself nearly died learning of it. Scientologists at OT III level are allowed access to Hubbard's handwritten notes of his own experience.

Here, in brief, is a paraphrase of the OT III revelation* Seventy-six million years ago a dictator named Xenu, worried about the overpopulation of the galaxy, persuaded the billions of people of the 75 inhabited planets in the Galactic Federation he ruled to go on earth (or Teegeeack.) There he chained them up in volcanoes in Hawaii and dropped H-bombs on them. This was sufficiently traumatic to separate their inner selves (Thetans) from their bodies, and the bodiless Thetans were taken to Hawaiii and Las Palmas, where they were frozen in alcohol and put in packages which were scattered around the solar system. They also had engrams implanted in them, including religion and sexual perversity. These Thetans, wanting to have bodies again, hitch a ride on the humans on earth. We are each covered in millions of 'Body Thetans' — which accounts for all the troubles of the human race over the millennia.

Once a Scientologist has reached OT III, he is enabled to deal with these Body Thetans, very carefully and precisely ... The Body Thetans can then be woken up and encouraged to leave ('or blow') from the Scientologist's body. This has to be done with great care, though; Body Thetans can cause illness and insanity if they become upset.

All religions have their central myths and this is the hidden myth at the heart of Scientology... . There was another whole set of mythology in Hubbard's 1952 book The History of Man, which was apparently produced by Hubbard while lying on a couch in company with an auditor and a tape recorder. . . . The History of Man, according to a 'factual Account of your last sixty trillion years,' details the evolution of mankind ... An Australian official inquiry into Scientology commented: 'For compressed nonsense and fantasy it must surpass anything theretofore written.' [32] . ..

'The easiest way to make a lot of money,' Hubbard is reported to have said — 'is to found a new religion.' ... Whatever the truth of it, Hubbard founded a new religion and made a lot of money.

A note to the trepidations: thousands of non-Scientologists have now read this without coming to any apparent harm."

(32. Kevin V. Anderson, Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology, Melbourne, 1965.)

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 256.)

"Scientology is evil, its techniques evil, its practice a serious threat to the community, medically, morally and socially; and its adherents sadly deluded and often mentally ill. . . . Scientology is a delusional belief system, based on fiction and fallacies and propagated by falsehood and deception ... the world's largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy."

Kevin V. Anderson, Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology, Melbourne, 1965.

The Nirankaris will be rankled that the Formless One manifests in all forms and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Namdharis will be mad that extensive chanting won't open their Dsam Duar and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Sai Baba devotees will be outraged that their 'bhagwan' is a demon and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Brahma Kumaris will be enraged that their dada is no better and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"In his friend's garden, in 1936, Dada saw the vision of a huge destruction. He watched in disbelief — a bomb fell, the earth rocked and flesh was splintered into pieces-screams, frenzy and fire everywhere — a scene from the future. The great world war had been revealed to him. Later, another vision came. Points of light, like stars, fell from the sky onto a new earth. On touching the ground they changed into divine beings. These were the deities of the future Golden Age. Dada was told he would be the human instrument for the creation of this new world. How and when as yet he did not know. His family and friends noticed the deep transformation within him, as he awakened a deeper and deeper silence.

Vishnu appeared again. This time he spoke, "I am the four-armed, and so are you." What did this mean? Was he like God? Dada was confused. His first thought went to his guru, "Who else would grant me this blessing?" But the guru denied giving anything. So, Dada thought, this blessing was granted by God Himself....

The BK estimate having 230,000 members, defined as "students," emphasizing the need to put the spiritual knowledge into practice — an important BK doctrine. They have a unique policy of not asking for or accepting any money from anyone who is not "benefiting from the teachings." They receive no grants from governments or any other organizations. All funds come from students' voluntary donations. They are staunch promoters and practitioners of the traditional observance of brahmacharya, celibacy, even among householders. As a symbol of the purity they strive for, Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars wear white, the traditional garb of the brahmachari. They live strictly. The most strict will not eat food which is not prepared by a BK. While traveling they abstain from public fare and carry their own utensils for cooking... . .

Prajapita Brahma gave up his physical frame on January 18, 1969. This day is celebrated as the day of his spiritual ascension. It is believed that he continues to aid the organization from inner worlds, but the ultimate guidance and authority still comes directly from God Siva, who has since chosen another to be His "trance messenger." Currently Sister Raday Mohini serves as the instrument to give voice to Siva's messages, but this is viewed as a temporary assignment given by God. Every year, around February/March, a gathering occurs in Mt. Abu where Siva speaks, guides and gives blessings. This sets the patterns for the coming year as the guidance is distributed to the centers around the world, including through their intra-organizational e-mail. In this way the Brahma Kumaris advance into the future as pure and humble servants of God, preparing the way for the Spiritual Age."

Hinduism Today, May 1995
(Himalayan Academy, 1998

The ISKCON followers devotees will be insulted that their guru was a phony and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"Devotees don't have such an easy time. Those who choose to live in the temple have to chant the Hare Krishna mantra 1,728 times a day — once per bead, for 16 rounds of 108 beads — to purify their consciousness. This is known as japa and takes about two hours a day, first thing in the morning. Prabhupada's guru used to chant 64 rounds; cutting it to 16 was Prabhupada's concession to the West, says Bhagvat Dharma... ..

Their appearance is quite conspicuous. Some shave their heads, though this is no longer very common among those not living in a community, or ashram. All wear the sikha, a small plait or pigtail, to show that they are an individual — they haven't shaved everything off, as a Buddhist might. They usually wear a tilika, a white stripe of clay from a sacred lake in India, on their forehead, and on seven other points of their body... . Men wear dhotis — saffron for celibate men, white for married men — and women wear saris... .

Those living in an ashram — far fewer than in the 1970's — have to get up at 4 a.m. for worship. All members have to give up meat, fish and eggs; alcohol, tobacco, drugs, tea and coffee; gambling, sports, games and novels; and sex except for procreation within marriage — which means only on the two or three days a month when the women is fertile, and not while she is pregnant or lactating.

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 105.)

The TM 'flyers' will be disgraced that only fools seek power and idiots pay for mantras and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"The Maharishi International University was established in Iowa in 1971 ... . In 1976 he began teaching the TM-Sidhi Programme, which included Yogic Flying ... After basic training, which in 1995 cost 490 (pounds), people are given a mantra, which is claimed to be specially chosen for each individual. Ex-members say, however, say that the mantra is selected on the basis of sex and age from a list of only around 16 mantras altogether. Those who wish can go on to study more advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying."

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 249-50.)

"One thing one should know that there cannot be any gimmick about Truth. There cannot be any sort of a false pretenses about it. It has to be straight forward and simple, but I have known people who have been doing all kinds of things like people paid three hundred pounds for a mantra. I mean, this, in India, nobody would do, but thank God we are not so rich to waste our money. Three hundred pounds for a mantra you don't need any Guru for that. A donkey can do it also. And then, after that, somebody says you can raise yourself from the grounds and about three feet you can fly. Already there's jam on the roads. Why do you want to have such people flying at three feet? They'll be hitting all the cars, I think.

But people paid six thousand pounds for such a nonsense. They broke their bottoms and had all kinds of problems and they have been to Me with epilepsy. So all such stupid things people have done without even thinking.

Now there's a new thing they started, showing a pendulum can move with your mind power. It's nothing but mesmerism, simple. But we have to know what is what is our value. What are we here for? What? Are we here just to move pendulums or to fly in the air? Why are we here? That's why at the very outset I said that Sahaja Yoga is not meant for idiotic or stupid people. It's a complete logical thing which is tangible. You can find out... 

Freedom without discretion can be very dangerous. That may be the reason we are now finding lost, as far as our society is concerned, as far as our children are concerned. In every way, we are confused.

But there's a way out from all this which is very simple and the way out is that your Kundalini is to be awakened. That's very simple, I told you, because it is built in. It's your own Power that is going to work it out. No obligation. There's no commitment, nothing. As far as you are a human being, that is sufficient because you are at the epitome of evolution. We do not know our value. We don't even think why God made us human beings. We just accept ourselves as human beings, but there are so many problems and so many confusions that we don't understand what's going on. One of the reasons is that we do not know the absolute Truth. Somebody says this is right, another says that is right. Somebody says this is right and they're fighting. They believe in it. They believe that this is right, that is right and they fight. All kinds of wrong ideas have been managed to exploit us, to befool us and to lead us into the path of destruction. We are getting destroyed from within, if you see. All kinds of diseases, unknown diseases are coming up. Our children are getting ruined. Families are getting ruined. What is the reason for this decline? within these thirty, forty years only such a decline has come. What is the reason? The reason is one of them is that our indiscrete freedom. And second one is, I think, is materialism... .

So what happens to you when you get your Realization is first you feel a Cool Breeze on your fingertips. Also you feel a Cool Breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area, which is the actualization of your baptism. It's actualization. And Sahaja Yoga is becoming. It is not just a lecture or explanation or a sermon. It is becoming. Means you become something that is already described that you are to be born again. Now, if you just certify yourself as born again, you are not. It's just a false certificate. If you are born again, you have certain Powers and you become a saint. You have to be a saint if you are born again. You become a Sufi, but if that doesn't happen to you, you cannot just certify yourself as born again. Any certificate is like this. It's just a brand. For example, it might be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, any one can commit any sin. It's just a brand. It's nothing inside.

So what happens to you that you become a righteous person. Become you can't do wrong things. You cannot do things which are irreligious. You just don't do it. You don't get tempted to do anything. On the contrary, you enjoy your virtues. Your attention becomes absolutely innocent, without any lust and greed. And such a person even a glance of such a person can bring Peace."

Shri Pratistha Shri Nirmala Devi
Philadelphia, USA — October 15, 1993

The Osho International members will be mortified that their 'bhagwan' Rajneesh was a charlatan and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"He is criticized for a wide range of things over the years, perhaps the most obvious being his ostentatious wealth. He preached his message only to the well-off. The poor have enough to do simply surviving, so have no time and energy left for spiritual development... .

The name Bhagwan is variously translated as 'the Blessed One,' 'god-man,' 'master of the vagina' and, it seems, 'cunt-cock'; according to Rajneesh himself, it was coined from the words for the female and male genitalia. Rajneesh used the word as a 'challenge,' but at the end of 1988 he announced that he had tired of the joke. For a few days he was called Gautama the Buddha, and then Shree Rajneesh Zorba the Buddha, but when both names brought complaints he dropped them and took the name Osho, meaning 'friend,' by which the whole movement is known... .

One of the central meditational practices of the movement is the Mystic Rose. This involves laughing for three hours a day for the first week, crying for three hours a day for the second and sitting in silence for three hours a day for the third week."

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 144-45.)

The Muktananda morons will be provoked that they had a raksasa (demon) for a master and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Gurumayi nitwits will be incensed that she also is a raksasa and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslims will be raving that Prophet Muhammad is not the last prophet and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Jews will be vexed that there are not His 'chosen people' and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslims will be repelled that the Ummah is not His favored ones and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Nation of Islam will be insulted that Fard was a fraud and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"According to original NOI doctrine, Fard came to the U.S. from "Arabia" around 1930 and was actually an incarnation of Allah, and he appointed Elijah Muhammad as his prophet. The prophet taught that all humans were black until an evil genius named Yakub created a white race of devils on the island of Patmos. Following a world upheaval predicted for 1970, black people would assume control of the planet."

Belt-Ha Ilahmi, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Active New religions, Sects and Cults
(The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Active New religions, Sects and Cults, Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. New York, p. 198-99.)

The Hindu zealots will be mocking that the Great Adi Shakti was born a Christian and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian hypocrites will be annoyed that there is rebirth and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim morons will be angered that there is reincarnation and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian idiots will be affronted that angels have no wings and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindu fools will be furious that untouchables are eligible for moksa and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Christian fundamentalists will be angered by SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslim fanatics will be offended by SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"There has been a rise in state fundamentalism in recent years, and not just with Christianity. Author Salman Rushdie was sentenced to death by an Iranian religious leader for writing a novel which some Muslims found blasphemous (whether they has actually read it or not.) The Bengali writer Tasuma Nasrin had to flee to Sweden for a similar reason; she criticized Islam (and thus by implication the Koran, say the Fundamentalists) for its treatment of women. Poets, novelists, journalists and intellectuals — 'free-thinkers' — are currently fleeing Algeria, where hundreds have been killed by 'Islamist.' In Pakistan one Christian boy was murdered and his illiterate brother was very nearly executed (against the wishes of President Benizir Bhuto) for allegedly chalking up Christian slogans which offended Muslims. Also in Pakistan, members of the Ahmadi sect of Sufism can be arrested for doing anything 'to injure the feelings of a Muslim'; when three friends visited an Ahmadi in prison, one was stoned almost to death, while another was beaten to death and his eyes were gouged out." [5] (5.Observer, 14 May 1995.)

David V. Barret, Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions
(Sects, 'Cults' and Alternative Religions, David V. Barret, Cassell PLC, 1996, p. 285.)

The Christian radicals will be mortified that Shri Ganesha (Alpha, the First) and Christ (Omega, the Last) are One and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

"I am one of the many hundreds of millions of 'Christians,' who are dictated to from the cradle and pay taxes for the privilege, but cannot believe in a dictatorial religion. I am not an atheist. I admire the magnificent drama that was written around the central figure of Jesus of Nazareth; I admire the products of Christian culture in painting, sculpture and music. I recognize most of the laws and rules governing human conduct in the codex of the Christian faith (as they are in essence peculiar to all religions, myths and legends.)

But I deny the claim of the church into which I was born to be the only one offering salvation, because I — to name only two examples — consider the dogmas and tenets of Buddha and Mohammed to be of no less value.

Millions of devout Christians know nothing or too little of the background of the Bible. Consequently, they accept is as the 'Word of God' from generation to generation."

Erich Von Daniken, Miracle of the Gods
Erich Von Daniken, Miracle of the Gods, Dell Publishing Co., Inc., 1975, p. 90.)

The Muslims will be dumbfounded that the Holy Ghost is not Angel Gabriel and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Hindus will be piqued that Shri Jesus is now Shri Mahaganesha and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Buddhists wil be disturbed that only the Kundalini leads to Nirvana and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Jews will be suspicious that the Kundalini is Shekinah and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Sikhs will be doubting that Surati is Kundalini and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

The Muslims will be deranged that Allah must be found within and, thus, won't accept Her Revealed Truths.

And the list goes on and on and on and ... on and ... on. There is a Diabolical Century approaching. Beware, Armies of Armageddon, beware!


"In all religions it is said that you have to seek the Eternal, and transitory things have to be treated in its own limitations. But religions have gone astray completely. They have given terrible conditioning; people started fighting in the name of religion."

Shri Bhanda-sainya-vadhodyukta-sakti-vikrama-harsita
  Shri Nirmala Devi

Moscow University, Moscow, USSR — October 19, 1989


"God then nullifies what the devil has done. God perfects His revelation.

It is a part of God's system that He allows Satan and his forces (human and Jinn devils) to interfere in the work done through His messengers (6:112; 22:52). God's guidance sent through His messengers provides us with light; it helps us see the truth. Satan is permitted to cast shadows of darkness around the truth in order to conceal it. For it is also a part of God's system that we must be tested. We must want to see God's light; we must be willing to fight the devil to tear down his corrupted foundation in order to exit the darkness and, God willing, enter into the light. Satan's grand evil scheme has at least three folds. (1) He becomes offensive against God's religion. With the help of his constituents, he overshadows the truth in order to corrupt the religion. (2) Having corrupted the religion, he offers his own alternative, Satan's religion and (3) having been forewarned and shown the signs of the beginning of his end, he prepares to put up with a fight in order to defend his satanic stands against God's forces.

The Quran teaches us that God's religion has always been the same religion (42:13). God's messengers and prophets delivered the same message; they advocated the worship of God ALONE without the idolization of anything or anyone beside Him. Every time God sends guidance through His messengers, the devil's recruits, the so-called religious scholars get busy. They add piles of nonsensical innovations in order to conceal the truth. 2:79, "Therefore woe to those who distort the scripture with their own hands, then say, "this is what God has revealed," seeking a cheap material gain. Woe to them for such fabrication, and woe to them for their illicit gains."

Corrupted religious leaders have truly fulfilled Satan's expectations. Man-made religions, sects and denominations are wide spread. So much mischief is committed and blood is shed in the name of God and religion. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc are so severely corrupted that in actuality they have become satanic cults. The satanic nature of these corrupted religions can be easily recognized. Almighty God commands, "Do not commit evil." But much evil has been committed in the name of these religions. Almighty God commands; "You shall not kill." But the most vicious killers have done the killing in the name of these religions. Satan has achieved the first part of his objective. He has corrupted God's religion, and shown the inadequacies of the existing religions to solve the problems we face on this Earth.

Universal Unity, July 1995 issue


"They have an organization called ADFI which is constantly prying into the activities of the religious and spiritual organizations and maligning them by describing them as cults. I do not know if the Catholic Church is not a cult. If the definition of a cult is an organization that indulgences in violence, or has illegal weapons, or makes tainted money, then the Catholic Church could itself be called a cult because all these things are happening in the Catholic Church as well. They call us a cult even though it is well established that in Sahaja Yoga we have no secrets, underground or clandestine activities and that Sahaja Yoga is a purely religious-cum-spiritual organization working for the benefit of all people of the world."

Shri Varuni-Mada-Vivhala Shri Nirmala Devi


"The Ten Commandments have to become your own nature. You are to be completely identified with this nature. So in the evolutionary process it was the job of the Guru to establish these Dharmas into you, and by these establishments you were made a person who was dharmic. But if you see in the world whatever is told, written down, explained verbally, becomes a lip-service. That's why we see all the religions who preached about the same things have gone in different lines. Some are money-oriented, some are power-oriented, some are violent, and some are absolutely false. So when you see this, you are amazed how this principle of Dharma has been ruined by human beings."

Shri Tirodhanakari Shri Nirmala Devi
The Base Of Dharma,
Shri Vishnu Puja, Paris, France — July 13, 1994

"We are made out of Yoga. Our is the Land of Yoga. We are not egoistic, nor do we want to be. We desire to live on this land as Yogis. A day will dawn when the whole world would bow to this country (India) in reverence. Then people would know who Jesus Christ was, and from where He came. He would then be worshipped with due respect on this sacred land.

In India, even today, the modesty of women is protected and they are treated with proper respect. All over our country we regard The Mother with great reverence. When the people from other countries would visit this land they would know that it is in this country that real Christianity is practiced with great devotion, but not in countries which profess the Christian religion.

Jesus Christ said that we should be born again. In our country we refer to this process as Dwija or born for the second time. The second birth of any human being is possible only by awakening of Kundalini Power. So long as the Kundalini is not awakened, one will not acquire the second birth. And as long as we do not have rebirth we will not be able to recognize God. You read the Bible after Realization. You will be surprised to know that Jesus Christ has told nothing but the importance of Sahaja Yoga. Everything has been explained with minor details. Those who have no insight misinterpreted the matters.

In reality, giving baptism means the awakening of the Kundalini Power so that it rises and pierces the Sahasrara — there is the union of the All-Pervading Power of God and the Kundalini Power. This, in fact, is the final job of the Kundalini Power. But the clergy know nothing about this. On the contrary, they are vainly trying to do something which they are not even authorized to do.

Otherwise you will find these clergymen involved in all sorts of acts of kindness — kindness to animals, service of the poor, service of the patients and so on. You would say, "Mataji, these are all noble deeds." Yes, certainly they are noble deeds, but then, it is not the work of God. It is not the work of God to serve the poor by paying them money. The real work of God consists in helping people to enter the Kingdom of God, and to enable them to unite with God. To make their life full of peace, prosperity, happiness, beauty and grace is in Reality the Work of God. God will not catch the feet of the persons who commit theft, or speak lies, or wander around because of poverty. To help such persons is an act of kindness and can be done by any person... .

Jesus Christ came to save and liberate the whole Mankind. He was not the personal possession of any particular sect. He Himself was Aumkar incarnate. He was Pranava and Truth. The bodies of the other incarnations were made of Earth principle, whereas the body of Jesus was made of the Soul principle. That is why He was resurrected after death. And it was only through the Resurrection that His disciples could know that He was none other than God Himself. Then they started beating the trumpets, started reciting His name, started delivering lectures on Him. The most important thing is that God incarnated. If the people should recognize Him and secure spiritual development and bliss, this would enlighten the soul and spread Happiness and Bliss everywhere. May all of you acquire the Yoga of God. Many, many blessings."

Shri Isvari Shri Nirmala Devi
Shri Kundalini Shakti And Shri Jesus Christ,
Bombay, India — September 26, 1979

(Translation of Shri Mataji's advice given in Marathi at Bombay, 26th September 1979.)







The question of salvation, howsoever innocent it may appear to be on the face of it, is potent in its danger to peace in the religious world.

It is one thing for a religion to declare that those who seek to be redeemed from Satan and attain salvation should rush to the safe haven of that religion; it is there that they would find salvation and eternal liberation from sin. But it is quite another thing for the same religion to declare in the next breath that those who do not come hither to seek refuge will be damned eternally one and all. Whatever they do to please God, however much they love their Creator and His creation, however much they lead a life of purity and piety, they would most certainly be condemned to an everlasting Fire."



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La loy du Sol, & Venus contendens,
Appropriant l'efprit de prophetie:
Ne l'vn ne l'utre ne feront entendus,
Par Sol tiendra la loy du grand Meffie.

The law of the Sun contending with Venus,
Appropriating the spirit of prophecy.
Neither the one nor the other will be understood.
The law of the great Messiah retained though the Sun.

Century V. LIII

This relates to Nostradamus' Jewish beliefs, that the law of the Messiah, the Second Coming which was prophesied in the Book of Enoch, will occur in the century of the Sun, the twentieth century. The prophecy referred to is probably Biblical. See the introductory material for a discussion of Jewish influences on Nostradamus' views concerning the Millennium. Most people certainly do not believe in a Second Coming at the end of this century, Ne l'vn ne l'utre ne seront entendus. However, it is difficult to reconcile this with Nostradamus' conviction that the Third Antichrist will come before the end of the next decade.


As I have mentioned, Nostradamus' family had declared themselves converts to the Christian religion by 1502, two years before he was born. But they never entirely left their Judaism behind. We learn that among the first things Nostradamus was taught by his grandfather was Hebrew, so the ancient creed must have been a strong tradition among the family.

The Old Testament predicts that seven great events will happen roughly the same time, all of which shall be indicators that Mankind is approaching Armageddon, Nostradamus' Millennium. Horrifyingly enough, these events appear to have already started and mankind will have to act quickly if the predictions are not to be fulfilled.

The first is religious deception, false religions....

The second Biblical warning Nostradamus would have us heed is one of internal revolution....

The third event that should warn us is war: "You will hear of wars and rumours of war," Matthew 24.6....

The fourth warning is famine... The fifth problem we are warned to face is the poisoning of the earth, pollution... .

The sixth warning is the Earthquake... . The final seventh sign of the Millennium will be plagues and disease.

Erika Cheetham, The Final Prophecies of Nostradamus, The Berkley Publishing Book, 1989, p. 242


The Divine Light is always in man, presenting itself to the senses and to the comprehension, but man rejects it. -Giordano Bruno

Bruno was born in 1548 in Nola near Naples, Italy. He grew up to be a frail man with a slight build and dark beard. Early in life, at age 17, he entered a Dominican monastery. Upon doing so, he changed his name from Filippo (or Philip) to Giordano. The name was reserved for monks with the highest promise, so he received it due to his evident genius. In the monastery he immediately began studying every book of interest to him in the library-which meant practically everything-but especially the works of Virgil, Aristotle, Plato, and Erasmus. He was hungry for knowledge and it got him in trouble. By age 18 he was questioning the veracity of the Trinity and speaking highly of certain heretics.

Nevertheless, he was a genius who soon became a Dominican priest. He took full priestly honors in 1572 and conducted his first mass at age 24. In the following years he threw away his images of the saints and began advising his fellow monks to read books "more sensible" than Lives of the Holy Fathers. The books he studied dealt with science, philosophy, and theology. On two separate occasions after his ordination he was formally censured by his superiors. His great gift was with memory, he could remember practically everything.

His studies led him to believe that through philosophy, all religious doctrines and secular learning could be understood. This elevation of human reason over Church authority got him into theological hot water. After 11 years of being a monk, he was accused of heresy by the Inquisition. In order to avoid interrogation he fled Naples in 1576 and began wandering Europe. By leaving he broke his monastic vows and, officially no longer a monk, began a new phase of life which involved 16 years of wandering.

Adventures of a Spiritual Pioneer

He went to Rome first and claimed hospitality at the Dominican headquarters of his former order. The Dominican Order was founded for the purpose of combating heresy, but Bruno moved in with them. They were none the wiser until some of the forbidden books he traveled with were discovered (works of Erasmus), which exposed him and, although he escaped, elevated the seriousness of the charges against him. Before leaving town he was able to visit the Pope and demonstrate the art of mnemonics, or memory. He achieved recognition for this, but left Rome for his own safety.

He once said, "For the love of true wisdom, and zeal for true contemplation, I tire, torment, and crucify myself." He did not know at the time how prophetic this statement would be. Although a believer in philosophy and human reason, Bruno was not an atheist. He knew there was a deep connection between the human soul and God-and spent his entire life exploring it. One book he wrote (in 1585) was called On Heroic Rages, describing the philosophical soul's ascension to God. Bruno claimed we-our souls-could reach God and do it through philosophical means as opposed to religious ones. He believed that spiritual knowledge rather than faith would deliver us, and spent his life vigorously pursuing it. In his travels he lectured and wrote in Geneva, Toulouse, Paris, Oxford, and London, but usually ended up in disputes with ecclesiastical, academic, or governmental authorities.

In Geneva in 1577 he lashed out against puritanical Calvinism, which held a virtual religious dictatorship over the city. Calvinism revolted him. He was arrested, denounced, and forced to destroy a pamphlet he had written criticizing an Aristotelian professor of philosophy. After being forced to apologize, he left the city. He then earned a doctorate in theology in Toulouse, and was appointed to a chair in philosophy. He taught and lectured here until 1581, when war broke out against Protestants and Bruno was forced to seek safety in Paris. While in France he received great praise for his series of lectures on Thomas Aquinas' thirty attributes of God. He also taught his memory skills and was summoned by King Henry III, who was shown the secret techniques of a good memory. The King was pleased and appointed him to a professorship in the College de France. After two years Bruno moved on to England, with letters of introduction provided by Henry III. He stayed at the home of the French ambassador in London, Michel de Castelnau, for almost the entire two and half years he spent in England.

While in London he wrote On the Infinite Universe, based on Copernicus's heretical but correct claim that the planets revolved around the sun rather than the earth. Bruno also described the universe as being infinite and full of stars, which also turned out to be accurate. He believed the stars to be actual living beings, which we have never accepted, but could still have merit on a different or higher level from what we currently perceive.

Castelnau brought Bruno with him to many of his meetings with the Queen, as she and her subjects had an active interest in Italian culture and wanted to hear of his views and experiences. Castelnau also made sure to introduce Bruno to all of the leading intellectuals of the day, including Sir Philip Sydney, to whom Bruno dedicated two of his later works.

When Castelnau was recalled to France, Bruno returned with him but the religious wars caused Bruno to almost immediately move to Germany. Here he continued to write and publish in several university towns, until deciding to return to Italy in 1591.

God, Spirit and Infinity

The soul was important to Bruno. He believed all things to have some degree of soul and that soul was present in not just us, but in all matter. He believed that through wisdom, love, and reason individual souls could rise higher and higher toward eventual unity with God. He considered God to be evident throughout nature, expressing Itself through the flowering of a meadow, the singing of a thrush, and the glory of a sunset. The Church was angered and insulted by these teachings of God in nature, as well as by his belief in infinite worlds.

An interesting aspect of Bruno is that contemporary thinkers classify him as a having been a philosopher, but Bruno instead considered himself a poet. He once said, "A poet I am, and am so by God's grace." He felt there was a true spiritual kinship between poets, painters, philosophers, and musicians. It was this side of Bruno which was attracted to the work of Copernicus. Copernicus advanced the theory of infinity in space, and Bruno was one of few thinkers who could grasp its significance. The Church had already attacked this idea because if things out there were actually limitless, it would dissolve the limits of high and low and threaten the idea of heaven and hell. People wanted the feeling of God's protection, but the Church was scared to death that people would no longer feel secure if a limitless horizon was accepted into Church doctrine. To the Church, only God was infinite.

This made no sense to Bruno. If God was infinite, as the Church claimed, why was He worshipped in the form of a man? Bruno saw God as an all-encompassing "force" or "mind" that included nature as a vital component. The Church insisted that God was a personal being apart from nature. Bruno stated that an infinite God would display his power in an infinite universe with infinite stars and infinite planets. The Church, not wanting to be shrunk in an infinite way, disagreed. This infinity of Copernicus also swept away the idea of the earth being the center of the universe. Suddenly, we would become a small dot in the middle of a huge incredible void, something God might care far less about with an entire infinity to deal with. So the Church felt they had better deal with Bruno. Copernicus had enlarged the world view with his work. Bruno was now enlarging God-and the Church would not stand for it.

When a horse wears blinders it is because the owner wants him to go in a straight line only. He demands that the horse should know no other course. That is how the Church wanted people to see God-in a narrow way (no infinity). Without blinders on, the potential information of infinity virtually shattered the narrow reality tunnel of the Church. They saw confusion on the horizon and feared losing control, with followers running in all different directions. Bruno saw things differently. He took a new view of Christianity and felt a need to explore the possibility of heaven being an inner reality, as opposed to an outer one. Infinity to him seemed proof of God's incredible power and incomprehensive nature. Here was a God with no dogmatic definitions, a far greater God than the Church could define. It was a new step toward the greatest mystery we have, and Bruno jumped in to explore it. The Church tried grabbing him, and everyone else, by the neck, to prevent the leap. Bruno described his new view of God in the following way:

I consider the universe the infinite creation of an infinite divine omnipotence because I would think it unworthy of divine goodness and omnipotence to have created a finite world when it would be possible for another or countless other such worlds to be created alongside this one. For this reason I have declared that there are countless worlds similar to this earth which I, with Pythagoras, regard as a heavenly body similar to the moon and the other planets and countless other stars. I regard all these heavenly bodies as worlds, and their number as limitless. Together they constitute an infinite whole nature in infinite space, and this is the infinite All in which are innumerable worlds of the same kind, so that there is a dual infinite both of the size of the universe and the number of worlds. Indirectly, it must be granted, this conception challenges one of the doctrines of religion. However, I place in this universe a universal Providence by virtue of which every being lives, preserves its life and moves, existing in its perfection, and I take this always in a twofold sense. In the first place this Providence is omnipresent as the soul, present wholly throughout the whole body and wholly in each of its parts, and as such I call it nature, the shadow and trace of divinity. But in the second place it is present in an inexpressible manner as the omnipresence of God according to his nature and as an omnipotence in all things and above all things, not as a part, not as soul, but in an inexplicable fashion.

This passage has immense implications, especially after reading it more than once and thinking about it. Bruno once said that his teachings were for cultivated men, and that for the masses, faith was indispensable. True spirituality, unfortunately, is difficult to be fully grasped by the masses, both then and now. Understanding the spirit requires effort, which the general masses in large part refuse to exert.

One place where Bruno deviated on the teachings of Copernicus was that he believed the stars were not fixed in the sky, but were constantly moving (which is now known as correct). This motion is relative, based on where in the infinite universe one is observing it. Therefore, there is no up or down, and no center of the universe-which the Church had believed was us. Since the universe is infinite, Bruno said, and there cannot be two infinities, then the infinite God and the infinite universe must be One. If these teachings were to spread, it would be a disaster for the Church.

His views were not welcomed at the universities where he taught and he failed to hold such posts for any length of time due to various clashes with fellow professors and authorities. After many travels he longed for Italy once again so returned to his homeland. He believed there was a chance he could patch up his differences with the Catholic Church without having to return to the Dominican Order. Maybe he believed the Italians never heard of the book he wrote in England called The Expulsion of the Triumphant Beast, in which the beast needing expulsion could be interpreted as Catholicism, or Christianity, or religious doctrines in general. In Bruno's writings was an evident love-hate relationship with the Church, sometimes calling it "dearest" to him, other times he was highly caustic and critical. He was widely known in Europe as "a man with no religion."

Treachery in Disguise

The Inquisition had long since announced that Bruno was a criminal who should be arrested as soon as possible, but Bruno knew Venice to be a relatively safe haven for people defying the Inquisitors. He crossed the Alps and arrived there in the fall of 1591 after being invited by a nobleman named Giovanni Mocenigo, who had chanced upon one of Bruno's books and wished to learn his incredible art of memory. What Bruno didn't know was that shortly after his arrival, Mocenigo requested information from Frankfurt regarding Bruno's views and religious convictions. When he learned that Bruno held such radical views, he went to his priest and asked if he should turn him in. The priest told him to wait until he could get Bruno to implicate himself more completely, and to keep track of the violations.

In the meantime, Mocenigo was a slow learner and thought Bruno might be holding back some advanced magical teachings. He was impatient, and wanted to learn as much as he could from Bruno before he would stab him in the back. When Bruno announced his intention to return to Germany, the nobleman acted quickly. Through an act of shameful treachery, he handed Bruno over to the Inquisition.

Facing the Inquisitors

Thrown in jail on May 23, 1592, he decided to cooperate fully with the Inquisition. At his first examination he stated that many past remarks had been made carelessly and should not be taken too seriously. This applied to his comments on the monastic life he once led, where he stated it was the highest form of superstition and hypocrisy, and for saying the papal system was a vicious tyranny. He now came forth with the deepest of sorrows and denied all charges that he was anti-Christian (which, technically, was not inconsistent with his previous statements). In reality, he did not mean a word of it, but was just trying to get the Inquisitors off his back. He did not take the Venetian Inquisitors seriously, knowing they had tried fifteen hundred people and had put only five to death.

The Inquisitors listened to him but did not seem too impressed. Bruno had thought this tactic would allow him to walk free, but it became clear that this would not happen. They knew who Bruno was and were treating him seriously. Before the examination was over, he was forced to beg for his life, recanting all his heresies and promising to mend his ways. He may have been a good poet, but an actor he was not. The Inquisitors did not buy his tactics and would "think it over." No verdict was given at this hearing, and Bruno was brought to his cell.

Pope Clement VIII, upon taking his recent post, had vowed to stamp out all heretics with no mercy. The Inquisition in Rome was deeply interesting in prosecuting Bruno and demanded that Venice turn him over. At first Venice refused, but Bruno's writings were too well known and the pope refused to rest until it was agreed. Bruno arrived in a Roman dungeon on February 27, 1593. Once in Rome, virtually all trace of him vanished. It was common practice by the Inquisition to let prisoners brood in jail for long periods of time between their questionings. Locked away, he was allowed no visitors and went through long years of imprisonment.

His concessions in Venice did not matter and the Inquisitors were determined to see him pay dearly for being so far ahead of his time. They simply did not believe Bruno's concessions and sensed he might have been trying to get off easy. They were right.

Bruno was charged with denying the existence of hell, questioning the divinity of Christ, rejecting the worship of icons, relics, and saints, opposing the idea of the Immaculate Conception, and believing that the act of physical love was not a sin. But the major problem they had with him, once again, was his beliefs and teachings on infinity. They kept him imprisoned in a dark dungeon for years, determined to break his spirit so that once he got out, he would never dare go back to his teachings. On average, he was examined on a yearly basis. A common practice to find out what an inmate was thinking was to put an informer in with him. One prison informer who was Bruno's cellmate was Matthaus de Silvestris. He reported back to the Inquisitors that Bruno claimed the Church was run by ignorant priests, monks, and asses and that all Church teachings were the teachings of asses. Bruno also told him that he did not believe in God (the Church's God).

Nevertheless, the Inquisitors remained patient. They knew if Bruno finally recanted, it would be a great propaganda coup for the Church. Bruno was famous, and they wanted him to admit that the Church was right so they could publicize it to the world.

Unbroken in Spirit

After eight years of jail they felt they were close. Bruno was brought in for a final interrogation. Thinking they had broken this man, they discovered that he had grown in spirit from his years of confinement. In complete isolation for eight long years, Bruno had the time to face his own soul, head-on. He found inner truths that could not be denied. At the interrogation he refused to make any concessions and announced that he had nothing to repent of and nothing to recant. Recanting would have saved him from being burnt alive and quite possibly set him free. Bruno refused. He said the Inquisition did not understand his teachings and when the verdict was announced he was declared an "impenitent and obstinate apostate." (His accusers failed to understand that apostates and heretics are often those with triumphant spirits.) Pope Clement VIII made the final decision concerning Bruno's fate, and the sentence was signed by nine cardinals. A great many people had not forgotten Giordano and his important teachings. He was well known, even famous. When the judges read the sentence, which stated he was to die by burning at the stake, he turned to them and said, "Perhaps you who pronounce my sentence are in greater fear than I who receive it."

This was the very moment when Bruno achieved his triumph of the spirit. He admitted his fear of death, but would not let it rule him. He was telling his accusers that although they could kill him and achieve a physical victory, they were being dealt a spiritual and intellectual defeat. This defeat proved true in the coming years, because people did not forget Bruno's death-nor his ideas, which were eventually taken up by others.

On the morning of February 19, 1600, this incredibly gifted man was taken to an open area just outside of Rome called the Field of Flowers, tied to an iron stake, and burned publicly. He was accompanied by a small band of Dominican monks, plus Jesuits and others, who all begged him to repent. As he was led to the execution he was seen chained at the neck and wore a sheet with the cross of St. Andrew on each corner, with additional pictures of devils and red flames. At the stake, when he spoke his last words in defense of his beliefs, it so offended his executioners that he was gagged and not allowed to continue. As the flames began spreading, a crucifix was held before his eyes, but he turned away with an expression that showed utter contempt for the symbol of a religion that treated people in so ghastly a way. Although he could not speak, he did not cry out in pain at all. He died refusing to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing him suffer, which is what they all had gathered for. He was 52 years old. A newspaper published two days later said Bruno believed himself a martyr, and shortly before his death said he would die gladly because "his soul will rise out of the flames to Paradise."

It took 289 years before he was honored in any way, but in 1889 a statue was erected at the place of his death. It was paid for by donations from around the world. In 1930 something completely different happened. The cardinal who had overseen the punishment and trial of Bruno, Robert Bellarmino, was declared a saint by the Catholic Church.



Searching for the lofty spiritual path, finding it, understanding it, following it to the summit, perfecting it and Who Am I? Where Did I Come From?

Rishis proclaim that we are not our body, mind or emotions. We are divine souls on a wondrous journey. We came from God, live in God and are evolving into oneness with God. We are, in truth, the Truth we seek. Aum.

We are immortal souls living and growing in the great school of earthly experience in which we have lived many lives. Vedic rishis have given us courage by uttering the simple truth, "God is the Life of our life." A great sage carried it further by saying, there is one thing God cannot do: God cannot separate Himself from us. This is because God is our life. God is the life in the birds. God is the life in the fish. God is the life in the animals. Becoming aware of this Life energy in all that lives is becoming aware of God's loving presence within us. We are the undying consciousness and energy flowing through all things. Deep inside we are perfect this very moment, and we have only to discover and live up to this perfection to be whole. Our energy and God's energy are the same, ever coming out of the void. We are all beautiful children of God. Each day we should try to see the life energy in trees, birds, animals and people. When we do, we are seeing God Siva in action. The Vedas affirm, "He who knows God as the Life of life, the Eye of the eye, the Ear of the ear, the Mind of the mind-he indeed comprehends fully the Cause of all causes." Aum Namah Sivaya.

Where Am I Going? What Is My Path?

We are all growing toward God, and experience is the path. Through experience we mature out of fear into fearlessness, out of anger into love, out of conflict into peace, out of darkness into light and union in God. Aum.

We have taken birth in a physical body to grow and evolve into our divine potential. We are inwardly already one with God. Our religion contains the knowledge of how to realize this oneness and not create unwanted experiences along the way. The peerless path is following the way of our spiritual forefathers, discovering the mystical meaning of the scriptures. The peerless path is commitment, study, discipline, practice and the maturing of yoga into wisdom. In the beginning stages, we suffer until we learn. Learning leads us to service; and selfless service is the beginning of spiritual striving. Service leads us to understanding. Understanding leads us to meditate deeply and without distractions. Finally, meditation leads us to surrender in God. This is the straight and certain path, the San Marga, leading to Self-Realization-the inmost purpose of life-and subsequently to moksha, freedom from rebirth. The Vedas wisely affirm, "By austerity, goodness is obtained. From goodness, understanding is reached. From understanding, the Self is obtained, and he who obtains the Self is freed from the cycle of birth and death." Aum Namah Sivaya.

What Is Meant by "Dancing with Siva"?

All motion begins in God and ends in God. The whole universe is engaged in a whirling flow of change and activity. This is Siva's dance. We are all dancing with Siva, and He with us. Ultimately, we are Siva dancing. Aum.

The world is seen as it truly is-sacred-when we behold Siva's cosmic dance. Everything in the universe, all that we see, hear and imagine, is movement. Galaxies soar in movement; atoms swirl in movement. All movement is Siva's dance. When we fight this movement and think it should be other than it is, we are reluctantly dancing with Siva. We are stubbornly resisting, holding ourselves apart, criticizing the natural processes and movements around us. It is by understanding the eternal truths that we bring all areas of our mind into the knowledge of how to accept what is and not wish it to be otherwise. Once this happens, we begin to consciously dance with Siva, to move with the sacred flow that surrounds us, to accept praise and blame, joy and sorrow, prosperity and adversity in equanimity, the fruit of understanding. We are then gracefully, in unrestrained surrender, dancing with Siva. The Vedas state, "The cosmic soul is truly the whole universe, the immortal source of all creation, all action, all meditation. Whoever discovers Him, hidden deep within, cuts through the bonds of ignorance even during his life on earth." Aum Namah Sivaya.

How Can We Learn to Dance with Siva?

Dance is movement, and the most exquisite dance is the most disciplined dance. Hindu spiritual disciplines lead to oneness with God through self-reflection, surrender, personal transformation and the many yogas. Aum.

To progress on the path, we study the Vedas, other scriptures and our guru's teachings and make every effort to apply these philosophical truths to daily experience. We strive to understand the mind in its fourfold nature: chitta, consciousness; manas, instinctive mind; buddhi, intellectual mind; and ahamkara, ego or I-maker. We perform japa, meditation and yoga each day. Such spiritual discipline is known as sadhana. It is the mystical, mental, physical and devotional exercise that enables us to dance with Siva by bringing inner advancement, changes in perception and improvements in character. Sadhana allows us to live in the refined and cultured soul nature, rather than in the outer, instinctive or intellectual spheres. For consistent progress, sadhana should be performed regularly, without fail, at the same time each day, preferably in the early hours before dawn. The most important sadhanas are the challenges and practices given by one's guru. The Vedas caution, "The Self cannot be attained by the weak, nor by the careless, nor through aimless disciplines. But if one who knows strives by right means, his soul enters the abode of God." Aum Namah Sivaya.

What Is the Ultimate Goal of Earthly Life?

The ultimate goal of life on earth is to realize the Self, the rare attainment of nirvikalpa samadhi. Each soul discovers its Sivaness, Absolute Reality, Parashiva-the timeless, formless, spaceless Self God. Aum Namah Sivaya.

The realization of the Self, Parashiva, is the destiny of each soul, attainable through renunciation, sustained meditation and frying the seeds of karmas yet to germinate. It is the gateway to moksha, liberation from rebirth. The Self lies beyond the thinking mind, beyond the feeling nature, beyond action or any movement of even the highest state of consciousness. The Self God is more solid than a neutron star, more elusive than empty space, more intimate than thought and feeling. It is ultimate reality itself, the innermost Truth all seekers seek. It is well worth striving for. It is well worth struggling to bring the mind under the dominion of the will. After the Self is realized, the mind is seen for the unreality that it truly is. Because Self-Realization must be experienced in a physical body, the soul cycles back again and again into flesh to dance with Siva, live with Siva and ultimately merge with Siva in undifferentiated oneness. Yea, jiva is actually Siva. The Vedas explain, "As water poured into water, milk poured into milk, ghee into ghee become one without differentiation, even so the individual soul and the Supreme Self become one." Aum Namah Sivaya.

Hinduism Today, November 1994


Dr. Carey's millennium message to the faithful, titled Jesus 2000, contained far more than pronouncements on the resurrection.

he said the church had "let Jesus down" by contributing to the oppression of women, the repression of free speech and by supporting imperialism and slavery.

The archbishop declared that Christ himself spent little time in religious buildings and described priests as "hypocrites."

Dr. Carey, whose roots are in the evangelical tradition, blamed the Christian Church for being a "stumbling block" in many world conflicts. He also said that it "defamed the name of Jesus" by playing a part in "the victimization of Jews in the Middle Ages and in Nazi Germany."

He attacked the "idolatrous ideologies which have poisoned this century," such as communism and capitalism, and said that people in the developed world now perceived "the market" or "economic forces" as the nearest thing to a supreme being.

National Post, August 2, 1999

(Dr. George Carey is the Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Church of England and the Anglican Communion.)


A vivid testimony to the need to reconnect community and transcendence lies in the empty church pews, particularly in those faiths that bought heavily into the modern processes of liberalization, and whose leaders came to understand charity primarily as succouring the oppressed, wounded, forlorn and abandoned. To be sure, the greatest test of faith may come where the life of the spirit meets the afflictions of the flesh. And for the thousands of Canadians, there could be no hope were it not for the shelters, food banks and missions sponsored by the churches. Edmonton's Mustard Seed, Toronto's Yonge Street Mission, Drumheller's M2W2 prison project offer poignant illustrations of true faith at work. But service disconnected from mystery — the awesome experience of the infinite and the holy — soon withers and dies. The suffering to which the liberal churches so visibly minister may be a signal of a deeper, darker affliction that only the awesome mystery of transcendence can cure."       

Peter C. Emberley, Searching for Purpose, Maclean's, December 28, 1998/January 4, 1999, p. 105


"Division and separation must surely be the major disease of Homo sapiens. There are over three hundred religions, cults, subcults and sects throughout the world. There are over three hundred Gods of all different colors who range from the jealous and vengeful to the Lover or the Indifferent. The priests of these various Endlessnesses have exacted a terrible toll on human suffering and life."

Yatri, Unknown Man, Simon and Schuster, 1988, p. 108


"Abraham, according to Christians, was a pre-Christian Christian. According to Mohammad he was consciously and explicitly a Muslim. The Jews naturally claim him as their own. According to Jews, salvation is primarily in the Exodus from Egypt and the observation of the Mosiac Law. Christians maintain that it was the beginning of salvation and that this held until Jesus came. Then all was changed. Exodus, Law, Promised Land, all these lost validity. Only the sacrifice of Jesus gives salvation now; the Exodus, the Law, and the Promised Land were mere symbols and foretaste of what Jesus brought to men. The Muslims maintain that this was true until Mohammad came. By that time, Christians had corrupted the Gospel, and Jesus' sacrifice was useless. Now only Mohammad's religion and teaching can give men salvation; both Moses and Jesus were really pre-Muslim Muslims who failed to accomplish the God's purpose on account of man's perversity and weakness.

According to Judaism, God chose the Jews and never changed his mind; they have the true and unique revelation about man's destiny and about God's nature; they know what Hell is, what Paradise is, what goodness is. According to the Christians, God choose them, revealed to them all he had originally revealed to the Jews (discontinuing ethnic habits such as circumcision, for example), and gave them much more besides. According to Muslims, these claims are farcical, and blasphemous; Jews and Christians have a portion of the truth, but God has now chosen the Muslims to whom he has revealed all he ever revealed to Jews and Christians, in addition to much else besides."

Malachi Martin, The Encounter, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1970, 188-89


Central to the revelation concept in all three religions is the notion that the truth revealed to them is permanent, unchangeable, unalterable. Today, the main characteristic of advancing civilization and the main challenge to human society arise precisely from the never-ending processes of change which assail man on all sides. In fact, modern man accepts change in his knowledge and its application as a sign of progress. Man reposes his hope of progress and betterment in such change. He regards the flux of change as the hallmark of modernity and as being more human than ever ...

Modern man himself, therefore, hangs back from final judgements, from saying definitively "that is that." His direction is not predictable any more than the determination of his will, anymore than the outcome of his actions or his final fate. For all things are possible; a final coherence of all things human; a disintegration of the human fabric; a widening of human freedom and satisfaction to paradisiacal bonds; a closing of responsibilities to the point of puritanism. All is possible because for him all is changing.

Malachi Martin, The Encounter, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1970, 286-87


It is essential to find out what forces are acting in the mind and affect its reasoning and its outlook. Once the student unearths the real basis of his actions and attitudes he can philosophize freely and fearlessly, but not before. He must ruthlessly unmask by searching criticism his hidden motives, his unconscious desires, his darkly-covered bias. The complexes which fill the subconscious layer of the human mind and which he neither recognizes nor names are partly responsible for his inability to apprehend truth. A most important department of preliminary activity is therefore to dig out these mental weeds and present them to the clear light of consciousness.

Once he becomes aware of the secret processes of his mind and the secret workings of his wishes, he will discover that many false beliefs, many emotional distortations cling to it out of his long past, acting as powerful detriments of right conduct and preventing the clear insight into truth. He will find that he carries a heavy burden of illusions and rationalizations which resist the entry of real knowledge. Only through such a thorough psychological understanding into what is going on behind the scenes of his conscious personal life can liberation come and prepare the way for further steps on the ultimate path. He must strip naked his innermost characteristics taking and making no excuses, but boldly seeking to understand the bitterest truths about himself. He must see himself as he really is, exposing self to self. Such is the delicate psychological operation needed to detect for removal from the process of thought and action all those tendencies, complexes, hallucinations and rationalizations which prevent the entry of truth into the mind or drive it along wrong roads. Until these influences are detected by analysis and exposed by interrogation, they will not cease their maleficent operation. These complexes come to dominate the man and retard his free use of reason. He has to humble himself from the beginning by not hesitating to admit that his character, both in its open and concealed phases, is a deformed, crippled, and unbalanced thing....

When a particular idea, for instance, recurs constantly and irresistibly to the mind and finally becomes a deep-seated obsession it interferes with the free play of thinking and thus renders accurate philosophical reflection impossible. Or when a man makes a mental reservation in favour of certain beliefs in a particular subject or field of interest and will not allow his faculties to work fully therein, his mind is then divided into two or more insulated departments which are never permitted to interact logically on each other. We may then have the spectacle of complete credulity in one department and critical reasoning in the other. He is really unbalanced in one department and yet quite balanced in the other. The excellence of the latter hides the defect of the former. The fault does not lie in the ability to think properly but in a particular complex which interferes at a certain point. Again when a concession must be made to reason for the sake of self-respect or for the respect of others, we witness the peculiar process of the person finding a conscious basis for his conclusions which is quite other than the real one. Thus he deceives himself and perhaps others by such rationalizations of egoistic wishes and unjustifiable prejudices. Other difficulties are delusions which assume such a fixed character as to afford an impregnable front to reason....

All these may be classed as diseases of the mind and until they are cured they prevent a healthy working of those faculties which are called into play when we seek truth. For they determine the processes of thinking and action.

Such is the self-revelation which awaits the student. It will not be pleasant but if he will have the courage to accept it like a medicine it will be purifying. There can be no cure as long as he is not aware that he is diseased.

Paul Brunton, Ph.D., The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga, E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1966, p. 112-4


""There is no point in insisting that religious teachers have been almost all equally misunderstood even by their closest disciples, followers, apostles. Arjuna did not show a better understanding of Shri Krishna than Peter did of Lord Jesus or Abu Bakr of Muhammad. The less God or his messenger were understood, the more the concept of God was developed and abused by the aforementioned institutionalized religions.

When the Divine Incarnation propounded the Truth, the followers understood his message to be their own possession. After the death of the Incarnation, all too often the substance of the great teaching was lost and its empty form was called as religion. Now, as soon as one even thinks wrongly, the vibratory awareness reacts.

This is why we are confident that Sahaja Yoga will not turn into a dead Church. For a realised soul the deities are alive within; he becomes a recording and correcting instrument; a sensation of burning comes from the awakened reaction of the deities to any obstacles on the concerned chakras; the teaching of HH Mataji can be verified as they are directly built in to the central nervous system and this drastically reduces the chances of a realised soul making mistakes. As we have said before, religion becomes a daily living experience of the awareness. The inexpressible feeling of joy and peace that was experienced at the first breakthrough of the Kundalini gradually settles down as the witness stage develops.

The Indian Sahaja Yogis explain that the Kundalini rises at the first sight of HH Mataji (Prathama Darshana) as if she meets again Her primordial source, after having waited for so many yugas. In Her gushing welcome She pierces the Brahmarandra, granting rebirth. After this, the Kundalini falls to Her abode but She gradually comes back, to look after the reborn being, enriching and transforming him. Sahaja Yoga is a living religion which convinces you through the living proof of the Kundalini's manifestation. When it is properly established in a realised soul the subject can decode without difficulty the different sensations within the fingers, spine and brain. He reads the Universal Unconscious."

Grégoire de Kalbermatten, The Advent, The Life Eternal Trust Publishers, 1979, p. 165-66


"The comprehension of the divine message in its essence, the liberation of the archetypes from the artificial network created by man, could lead to a pure, universal religion (Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, in Sanskrit), thus fulfilling the dream of many contemporary exponents of the great religions who, however, are hindered by the dogmatic conservatism of the intolerant, exclusivist institutions driven by a thirst for power and wealth that have nothing to do with the spirituality of which they are pretending to be the sole, authorized representatives."

Dan Costian, Bible Enlightened, Computex Graphics, 1995, p. 11


"Millions upon millions of grown-up men and adult women living in the world today are still intellectual children who fully accept and completely believe much that is nonsensical and more that is false... . But society being what it is, the masses of mankind busy with toil or suffering in trouble, must trust in authoritarianism and in normal times can usually find no better guides through the maze of life-problems than their traditional ones, provided the trust is not abused.

Take the instance of religion. A religion has to establish its authority by congealing its views into formal assertions and fixed dogmas. It has to announce these doctrines as supernaturally revealed "sacred" truths, not as arguable secret ones. The moment it is willing to discuss its tenets on any other basis than that of given and infallible revelation, it has opened a door to numerous schisms and to slow but sure weakening of its entire position.

Let us examine this position. It is historically satisfactory to the masses, who naturally set out in life with the simplest possible conceptions and who are willing to accept the universe in which they find themselves without troubling their heads overmuch about it. Its value is little however, to the few who are engaged in the quest of ultimate certitude and who are therefore counselled to begin with the exercise of agnostic enquiry....

There must be adamant refusal to be overawed by authority. There must be an attitude which keenly probes and dissects every dogma which is set up for consumption; there must be a freedom from the ancient prejudices and irrational predilections implanted by heredity, environment, and experience; there must be courage to resist the emotional pressure generated by conventional social forces, a pressure which carries most people along the stream of untruth, dissimulation and selfish interest.

What shall we find when the authority of a book, bible, man or institution is offered as sole sanction of the philosophical truth of any statement? We shall find that it is always possible to discover elsewhere another book, bible, man or institution that may also be offered as the sanction for a directly contrary statement! ...

Whence have all these conflicting tenets and discordant assertions been derived? They have invariably been proffered on some dead or living authority. They cannot all be true; many even cancel each other out! The timid enquirer usually ignores this awkward position but the more courageous one will face it fully, for it indicates that somewhere among the statements there is a logical fallacy. He will be compelled to confess what the sages have long taught, that the mere say-so of any man, be he as world-revered as Muhammad or as world-reviled as Nero possesses no value at all to the philosophical student ... He has no right to accept beliefs solely because somebody else accepts them or because most people accept them. For if the others hold their beliefs on the same basis, then all may have accepted complete falsehoods as being completely true. Hence philosophy is unable to bend the knee before fallible persons but only before hard facts....

The student on the philosophical quest must therefore entirely discard blind faith, unquestioning acceptance, easy following of tradition and submission to the tyranny of large numbers, for all those are to be reckoned as fallacies of thinking! Though useful to the majority of men for the practical purposes of everyday living as they are, they are useless to him for the ascertainment of a truth which cannot be belied.

This is not to say that all such authorities are always wrong; on the contrary they are sometimes right; it is to say that they might be wrong, that we have no guarantee ensuring their perpetual infallibility....

This is not to say that we are to rest satisfied with our doubts and be content with the gloomy confinement of agnosticism. It means that we shall make our doubt act as a constantly-pressing spur to deeper investigation, and not as a cold clammy hand to dishearten us. The sages say that doubts are extremely valuable provided we are induced to overcome and solve them be perservering search which carries us eventually to a higher level of understanding. They are not to be forcibly expelled or feebly smothered. And if we foolishly let doubts paralyse all further search then we have no right to dogmatize pessimistically about the unattainability of truth in general, as so many in the West do."

Paul Brunton, Ph.D., The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga, E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1966, p. 177-78



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