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City And Province Will Gain


The female change will be very difficult;
City and province will gain by the change:
The heart will count most, prudence well established, chasing out cunning,
Sea, land, people will change their whole state. 

Century 4:21

The change caused by the powerful presence of the female will be very difficult:
But the whole world will gain by the change.
The heart will be the most important feature of this transformation, but also prudence will be as much as an established aspect of this new life, chasing out cunning created by man.
The entire world, in all aspects, will be altered in the most fundamental way.

Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie
Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women
(Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie, Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women, Simon & Schuster, 1995, p. 89.)

City and province will gain by the change:


"They (Sahaja Yogis) are very peaceful people... . And when you are changing you are triggering the changes everywhere ... Your personality of that depth is going to trigger that new transformation that human beings will know that they are in the Kingdom of God... . This is a tremendous work we have to do. It is the evolution of the highest type. We have to bring forth the change and transformation of people."

Shri Mohini Shri Nirmala Devi

However, the citizens of every city and province who heed the Message will gain. Human beings, the most valuable resources, will be transformed into peaceful beings of high self-esteem and righteousness. The realization of the Cosmic Kingdom within will induce them to live within its spiritual boundaries. They will be free of vices and won't trespass, not out of fear, but because of higher awareness. Even if they stray the Kundalini within will remind immediately, "their hands will speak," and guide them back on the right path again. The Divine Guide within will flawlessly counsel humans to realize their higher selves. For the first time in history the Spirit of God will guide!

The real meaning of freedom, however, includes a built-in or innate sense of responsibility, based on wisdom and sanity, which gives no license for immorality, competitiveness and hatred. Real freedom exists to enable us to recognize our highest ethical nature and to serve it and develop it for our own well-being and the benevolence of the whole world."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


This is the Resurrection, the time to heal all nations and wipe away all tears! Learned humans demand that "extraordinary proof should be required before we leap to supernatural conclusions." This website is that extraordinary proof. No future mortal will ever provide any other extraordinary proof as all scriptural prophecies and eschatological expectations have been fulfilled. The Spirit of God now moves across the face of the waters of Earth. All cities, provinces and nations that seek Her will gain immensely by the change. History will bear witness to the greatest transformation ever experienced by humanity, far surpassing anything known to Homo sapiens!

"You are your own Guru, no doubt, but you must have that self-discipline. To be a Guru you have to be self-disciplined and a determination, a complete determination to rise, higher, to ascend by whatever means it is possible, whatever is needed for your ascent. That is a sign of a person who will be a Guru."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


In Sahaja Yoga there are no written laws to observe, rules to abide, or leaders to follow. The Great Primordial Mother wants each human to be is his or her own master:  Each human has his or her own inner Mater Sanctissima. No human being will ever be able to dominate another human and impose their views or doctrines. There will be total freedom and yet welcomed self-guided restrain: "A great responsibility has fallen on our shoulders — the responsibility of building a pure-hearted society in which we could place our faith and remain established in that faith."

"So this is what our awareness has to become. Awareness has to become Paramchaitanya; then you get all the ideas, everything that are Divine. But not only that, also the help of the Divine or the solutions of the Divine. It is something amazing and everything quietens down, everything settles down, and you are amazed watching all this that you are the centre of doing all these things. You are not aware that you are doing and you are there, that ego part is missing, but you see it all happening around you and you are amazed how it is happening. The whole life-style changes, the whole understanding changes, and you become a great source of Happiness, Joy and Knowledge to others. You don't have to study anything, you don't have to know much, but you will know about everything what is right and what is wrong. And then only you can tell the things with complete authority that this is not right."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


It is only when humans come so close to the Truth will they begin to see their own selfishness, ego, pride, pettiness and all other defects. All these flaws will be immediately redressed for spiritual ascent is retarded until faults are corrected. Every defect will be felt on their hands, fingers, head, and feet. Vibrations will enable them to distinguish between good and bad. Such divine guidance will surely deter any neglect of Dharma (righteousness). They will not trespass because the Light in their minds will begin to shine in ever increasing luminosity. As they meditate and grow in strength, their vibrations will slowly but surely overcome the negativity around them — crime, violence, anger, hate and so on. Even Mother Earth will feel the presence of these ancient spiritual saints who have lived a long time ago in Her sacred mountains and valleys. All around them the Paramchaitanya will work ceaselessly for the well being of these most blessed of beings.

Renaissance art depicting the Sacred Breath, the Flame of the Spirit, the Kundalini going out of the top of realized saints or angels




Any city or province that heeds the Message of the Holy Spirit will definitely gain. The health of humans, a critical factor of happiness and well-being, will dramatically improve over time because "when the Kundalini rises the first thing that happens is that your health improves." Those who meditate enjoy good health right to a ripe old age. In future many diseases will be avoided all together or cured without medication.

It is common knowledge and experience among new Sahaja Yogis that their health has an all-round improvement within the first few months of meditation. Many Sahaja Yogis have cured themselves without medication, or prevented the onset of others. Some have had major operations avoided altogether and emerged in better health with Sahaja Yoga treatment.

Mother has explained that, "The realised soul has always a fragrant body." This is mainly because one is blessed with divine qualities of purity, chastity, honesty and innocence, which makes a person pure and full of divine vibrations.

Dr. Hari Shankar Sharma, Sahaja Yoga, Vol. II, Shankar Pub. House, 1995 p. 28

There is one subtle Truth, but rather a disgusting fact, that Kash's father first noticed after about two years of Sahaja Yoga.  One day it dawned on him that there were decreased toilet odors from family members. Even Lalita underwent the same phenomena when she began meditating at the age of three. Everyone agreed that somehow his or her excretions smelled less, unlike the past. Ever since being conferred spiritual rebirth by the Great Primordial Mother, there seems to be an internal cleansing of mind, soul and body! All six family members cannot have reduced body odors. If, as the scriptures say, that this body is the temple of God then only a genuine cleansing within can account for such changes.

This is just another case of actual internal spiritual transformation of Sahaja Yoga brought about by genuine Kundalini awakening. What further metamorphosis will take place over the next five years? ten years? twenty years? We can only say that they will be such a revolutionary leap in consciousness and spiritual experiences by those practicing the Mahayoga of the Great Primordial Mother that all religious regimes and their sects will become obsolete and, by the end of this century, extinct.


Dhauti cleanses the esophagus and stomach by removing excess mucus and food left on the stomach wall. Use a 16ft (5m) roll of 2in (5cm) gauze soaked in a solution of diluted sea salt and tap water. At first, swallow only 1 ft (30cm), gradually increasing each time until you can swallow the full length. 1 Place one end of the gauze in the mouth and begin chewing, to stimulate the swallow response. Chew and swallow until just a short length remains out of the mouth. 2 Keep the cloth in the stomach for a few minutes, ideally performing Nauli to cleanse the stomach walls. Then pull the gauze out. Practice Dhauti once a week on an empty stomach.

Yoga Mind and Body, Sivananda Yoga Videnta Centre, 1966, p. 115

Dozens of Yoga schools are at present teaching scores of ancient methods — fasting, dieting, vegetarianism, purification techniques — to cleanse the body. If seekers are indeed bestowed with spiritual powers by their teachers there is no need for postures, breathing techniques, diets, and cleansing procedures. The sole aim of yoga is to connect the individual soul with the Cosmic Creator. The proof of this union has to be experienced and its benefits felt. This can only result if there is genuine spiritual transformation taking place within. In Sahaja Yoga it is not only the Kundalini that cleanses body, (mind and soul) but also the great Shri Annapurna mantra of the Great Primeval Mother that helps to purify food. 

Sahaja Yoga is far ahead of all known yoga systems. The ultimate goal of many yoga schools is also Kundalini awakening, through ancient methods that are extremely difficult and excruciatingly slow — it may take hundreds of lifetimes. Their methods have become impractical in these Modern Times. It is also pointless in comparing Sahaja Yoga with these existing yoga schools. The chasm is just too wide. The Great Adi Shakti is talking about moksa on Earth itself, and then the beginning of the greatest spiritual adventure ever. Humans are still struggling to wrap their left leg around their necks in order to physically prepare for moksa in a yet to be scheduled future when their Kundalinis finally reach their Sahasraras. Who is the Teacher who will enlighten them that their arduous millennia-long journey of the Kundalini reaching the Sahasrara, a journey of less than a metre, can be now accomplished in a matter of minutes?


There is now incontrovertible evidence that mankind has just entered upon the greatest period of change the world has ever known. The ills from which we are suffering have had their seat in the very foundation of human thought. But today something is happening to the whole structure of human consciousness. A fresh kind of life is starting. In the face of such an upheaval, actually shaken by it, no one can remain indifferent. Swept along by the tide of affairs, what can we do to see clearly and act decisively? No matter what reactions we may have to current events, we ought first to reaffirm a robust faith in the destiny of man."

Teilhard de Chardin

"You start seeing the working of this Paramchaitanya, this All-Pervading Power, and you start being aware that there is a lot of Truth in what Shri Mataji says — that there is this Power which works out many things. It works miraculously so many things for you. It gives you blessings, It guides you, It helps you. In so many ways It helps. It gives you good health, good wealth and also a very good society of very beautiful people."

Shri Mrdani Shri Nirmala Devi
The Witnessing State: To Know God
Sydney, Australia — March 3, 1996


Scientific research has shown that the electrical activity between the left and right sides of the brain becomes coordinated during certain kinds of meditation or prayer ... through these processes, the mind definitely becomes more capable of being altered and having its capacities maximized ... Changed actions and a changed life will follow. The implications are exciting and even staggering ...

Herbert Benson, M. D., Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School


"But still I would say that the society if you all see around is very destructive. The morality part is very disappointing. When I see the newspapers I am really shocked how things are happening. And I cannot explain why people behave like this, in this manner. Maybe you can say these are some possessions, or maybe their genes or maybe their breeding. So one of the things very important for Sahaja Yogis is to lead a very, very moral life. With immorality as it is people are punished, as you know. They get all kinds of diseases, all kinds of troubles, also problems in the family. That affects our children.

I always felt that the society is to be looked after by women. By women. Not by men so much. They have to be tolerant because that's their job, that's what they have to do. There's nothing inferior or superior. On the contrary, a superior woman would be a very good housewife, would be a very good collective personality. She'd be the most sensible and a balanced person because she has a double job to do. Firstly she has to establish her children alright, give them a proper training by her own life, and then she has to look after the society. When you see the ills of society that have taken so much of a toll of so many young generations, I think Sahaja Yogis have a very great responsibility towards their fellow men in their own country.

We talk of so many things but actually you'll be surprised, you all are gifted with the Power to emit vibrations, by which you can correct the society. You are all the channels of those beautiful vibrations, which you must use and utilise."

Shri Dosavarjita Shri Nirmala Devi
Melbourne Aiport, Australia — February 19, 1995

"It is an individual journey towards God. When you meditate and when you reach there, then you become collective. Before that its an absolute individual journey within. It's absolutely individual journey!

With the awakening of kundalini, not only visions of God take place, there is a dawning of creative intelligence and an awakening of supramental faculties. By activating kundalini you may become anything in life. The energy of kundalini is one energy, but it expresses itself differently through the individual psychic centers or chakras — first in gross instinctive ways and then in progressively more subtle ways. Refining of the expression of this energy at higher and more subtle levels of vibration represents the ascent of human consciousness to its highest possibilities. Kundalini is the creative energy; it is the energy of self-expression. Just as in reproduction a new life is created, in the same way, someone like Einstein uses the same energy in a different, more subtle realm, to create a theory like relativity. It is the same energy that is expressed when someone composes or plays beautiful music. It is the same energy which is expressed in all parts of life, whether it is building a business, fulfilling the family duties or reaching whatever goal you aspire for. These are all expressions of the same creative energy. Everybody, whether householder or sannyasin, must remember that awakening of kundalini is the prime purpose of human incarnation. All the pleasures of sensual life which we are now enjoying are intended only to enhance the awakening of kundalini amidst the adverse circumstances of man's life.

With the awakening of kundalini, a transformation takes place in life. It has little to do with one's moral, religious or ethical life . . your mind changes and your priorities and attachments also change. All your karmas undergo a process of integration ... a metamorphosis takes place ...

When kundalini awakens, the physical body actually undergoes many changes ... When the shakti wakes up, the cells in the body are completely charged and a process of rejuvenation also starts. The voice changes, the smell of the body changes and the hormonal secretions also change. In fact, the transformation of cells in the body and brain takes place at a much higher rate than normal. However, scientific researchers are still taking their first steps into this field ...

By means of kundalini awakening, you are compensating with the laws of nature and speeding up the pace of your physical, mental and spiritual evolution. Once the great shakti awakens, man is no longer a gross body operating with a lower mind and low voltage prana. Instead, every cell of his body is charged with the high voltage prana of kundalini. And when total awakening occurs, man becomes a junior god, an embodiment of divinity.

S. S. Saraswati, Kundalini Tantra, Bihar School of Yoga, 1984, p. 11-13

You should be able to see this, that in this journey nobody is your relation, nobody is your friend. You are absolutely alone. Absolutely alone. You have to move alone within yourself. Don't hate anyone. Don't be irresponsible, but in meditative mood you are alone. No one exists there. You alone. And once you enter into that Ocean then the whole world becomes your whole family. The whole world is your own manifestation. All the children becomes your children. And you treat all people with equal understanding.

The whole expansion takes place when you enter inside your spirit and start seeing through eyes of the spirit. There's such Calm, such Peace, such Bliss within you. You have to be ready for that journey. That journey is alone in your meditativeness.

And the more you find something in your meditation, the more you want to go and distribute it to others. That has to be. If that does not come into you then it has not worked out; there is no purity; there is some sort of a bias. In that individual pursuit, whatever you find you want to enjoy it with others, you want to give it to others. This is the sign of the person who has been really meditative. The one who has been meditative and has not been able to distribute what he has found is cheating himself and cheating others as well because that Joy that you receive in your meditation has to be distributed; has to be given; has to be shown. It should flow in your being as the Light radiates from every illumined lamp. You don't have to take a vow to say that this is an enlightened Light.

In the same way a saint should not have to be certified that he is a saint. The depth you achieve within yourself spreads all over it is such a action and reaction. The deeper you become, the radiation is much more. The simple reason very ordinary person, uneducated person, can be like that we have to know."

Shri Mrgaksi Shri Nirmala Devi
Assume Yourself,
Sydney, Australia — March 21, 1983











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Health, strength, duration, bodily happiness and ease, liberation from suffering, are a part of the physical perfection which the gnostic evolution is called upon to realize.

As a result of this new relation between the Spirit and the body, the gnostic evolution will effectuate the spiritualization, perfection and fulfilment of the physical being; it will do for the body as for the mind and life. Apart from the obscurity, frailties and limitations, which this change will overcome, the body-consciousness is a patient servant and can be in its large reserve of possibilities a potent instrument of the individual life, and it asks for little on its own account: what it craves for is duration, health, strength, physical perfection, bodily happiness, liberation from suffering, ease. These demands are not in themselves unacceptable, mean or illegitimate, for they render into the terms of Matter the perfection of form and substance, the power and delight which should be the natural outflowing, the expressive manifestation of the Spirit. When the gnostic Force can act in the body, these things can be established; for their opposites come from a pressure of external forces on the physical mind, on the nervous and material life, on the body-organism, from an ignorance that does not know how to meet these forces or is not able to meet them rightly or with power, and from some obscurity, pervading the stuff of the physical consciousness and distorting its responses, that reacts to them in a wrong way.

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man


History should indicate that deep processes of change in so conservative a religion as Hinduism are relatively slow and unusually undetectable at any given time. But India now has its place in the world, and Hinduism stands alongside other world religions as an equal. It would seem probable that the next developments, perhaps in all religions, will come in response to the pressures of world events. Whatever the future holds, however, there can be no doubt that the contribution of Hinduism will be rich and valuable, and will mark yet another stage in its continuing evolution."       

John R. Hinnells, A Handbook of Living Religions, Penguin Books, 1991, p. 233


A transformation of human nature can only be achieved when the substance of the being is so steeped in the spiritual principle that all its movements are a spontaneous dynamism and a harmonized process of the spirit. But even when the higher powers and their intensities enter into the substance of the Inconscience, they are met by this blind opposing Necessity and are subjected to this circumscribing and diminishing law of the nescient substance. It opposes them with its strong titles of an established and inexorable Law, meets always the claim of life with the law of death, the demand of Light with the need of a relief of shadow and a background of darkness, the sovereignty and freedom and dynamism of the spirit with its own force of adjustment by limitation, demarcation by incapacity, foundation of energy on the repose of an original Inertia. There is an occult truth behind its negations which only the Supermind with its reconciliation of contraries in the original Reality can take up and so discover the pragmatic solution of the enigma. Only the supramental Force can entirely overcome this difficulty of the fundamental Nescience; for with it enters an opposite and luminous imperative Necessity which underlies all things and is the original and final self-determining truth-force of the self-existent Infinite. This greater luminous spiritual Necessity and its sovereign imperative alone can displace or entirely penetrate, transform into itself and so replace the blind Ananke of the Inconscience."       

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man



Embrace Meditation And Live Beyond 100

Swami Bua gives us simple secrets to keep one's mind sharp for a long life of service

By H.H. Sri Sri Swami Buaji Maharaj

Like all entities in the universe, the human body is in constant change. Even the tiniest microscopic subatomic particles throughout the whole cosmos, of which the body is composed, are on the move. Without change there is no life. Life itself is constant change, governed by time and space. To cover the space or span of life requires time. The shorter the time to cover the space (faster wear and tear) the shorter the life span. If you walk fast, you will reach the destination in a shorter time.

Daily stress, causing imbalance in the normal flow, accelerates the mutation and deterioration in the body cells, resulting in a short life span. Slowing down the rate or speed of mutation in the body cells prolongs the life span. Numerous factors including environmental conditions, atmosphere and the immediate surroundings significantly influence our physical and mental health. According to Ayurveda (the Science of Life), excessive use, inadequate use and improper use of food (intakes,) physical activities, mental activities or behavior are the causes of all diseases. These are merely interruptions and malfunctions in the smooth flow of life, and sometimes in their advanced states, some of them become so-called terminal diseases. Keeping or bringing all the above mentioned three factors in balance will maintain sound physical and mental health for a long, healthier life span. I have subsisted on a primarily liquid diet of vegetable and fruit juices throughout my life. I only take solid food on rare occasions.

Owing to the constant change or mutation, the body, throughout its life, goes through various phases leading to the final change or phase, so-called death. But the death is not the end. It is just a transition to the next state, phase or form called rebirth. So the endless cycle of birth and rebirth continues as the law of the universe. It keeps changing its forms like every atom or particle in the universe. Disease is just another created change in the body.

Meditation, prayers, unconditional love, compassion, charity, music serene and quiet atmosphere have calming and relaxing effects on the human mind and body. Their tranquilizing effects slow down the wear and tear of the body cells, thus contributing to prolonging the life span. Meditation is the single most powerful practice to improve quantity and quality of human life.

Change requires time, but during the meditation time stops. It doesn't exist. Time and space go together, therefore space also ceases to exist. So in meditation, time and space don't exist. Thus it creates a state of suspension. Body and mind in this state are totally relaxed and dissolve their entity. Thoughts stop. This is an altered state in which the respiration and heartbeat slow down, thus body and mind are at total rest. There is less feeling and a feeling of weightlessness, throbbing and numbness of the fingertips and the experience of total detachment from body, mind and the surroundings. Only the awareness, the pure state of Being remains. During this state, mutation comes to an almost complete halt giving way to the restoration and rejuvenation of the body cells, triggering the retardation of aging process. Meditation also influences the endocrine system in the body. It regulates and harmonizes the hormonal flow, thus retarding and reversing the aging process by interrupting the mutation of the body cells. This helps extending the life span over 100 years.

Productive actions, creative thoughts, intelligence and wisdom contribute to the quality of a long life span. Wisdom is the result of intelligence and practical experience in life. Therefore, the longer the life span, the greater the wisdom, which is beneficial, if shared with others, for the serving of humanity. Among all other forms of life, human life has a unique purpose of being, and that is to serve others. Service to humanity is the ultimate purpose of life. However, if one decides to accomplish this purpose in a shorter period, then one doesn't have to have a life span of a hundred years and can leave the body at will.

Hinduism Today, January 1999
(Himalayan Academy, 1998.

(HIS HOLINESS SRI SWAMI BUAJI MAHARAJ, estimated 109, is founder of the Indo-American Yoga-Vedanta Society, New York. He teaches daily yoga classes, is active in missions to South America and at this time is teaching in Brazil for three months. Swami has never advertised himself in any publication or ever levied any fee for any yoga class, eating only what is offered, fasting if nothing comes. He has been chosen for the Hindu Renaissance Award of 1998.)


BELAPUR - An increasing number of foreigners are getting attracted to the International Sahaj Yoga centre at CBC Belapur. At present, members from twenty-eight countries have joined this centre. What's impressive is that within three years of starting its operations. The Centre has, besides Indians, more than 170 people from United States, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, New Zealand and Australia. They were admitted in the research and health section.

Founded and started by Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi three years ago, today this centre has more international visitors than Indians. Situated in sylvan green environs, the International Centre for Sahaj Yoga Research and Health Centre is an unique centre of its kind in the world, where treatment is done by vibratory awareness, developed by Sahaj yoga meditation.

In February 1996, Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, a renowned spiritual scientist of the world, founded and threw open this sprawling centre. Dr. U C Rai, former head of physiology department Jawaharlal Institute of Post graduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry, and professor in various medical colleges of Delhi, heads the Centre at Belapur, as its director. Recently, he was conferred with OGladnir Verniczky Honoured doctor's award in Moscow, for his research on Sahaj yoga at the centre.

The highlight of this centre is the free treatment provided. Speaking to New Bombay Plus, Dr. Rai said, "Through Sahaja Yoga, the results in the medical field have been fantastic, especially in areas where doctors' efforts had been futile."

Narrating about a rare recovery of a patient, S S Agarwal from Delhi he said, "His was a case of chronic renal failure, for which doctors had ruled out all treatment, except ongoing dialysis. By applying Sahaj yoga, we aroused his Kundalini energy (which is a dormant energy at the base of the spine) and directed it towards the kidney to clear his blocked chakras." Today, Agarwal medical reports indicate near normalcy.

Etienne Loyson, a 62 year-old architect from Belgium, is just spell-bound, "Earlier I had high blood pressure. Doctors abroad had suggested taking several tablets ongoingly as the only treatment method. But today, with Sahaj yoga treatment and the blessing of Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, I am full of energy. I have stopped all medicines and I feel I am just 30 years old."

Katherine Reid from England (who suffered from irritable bowels syndrome) is a happy woman today, in contrast to her life previously when she had to take several medicines prior to her arrival in Navi Mumbai. "I feel much better having stopped my medication completely. My health has improved by about eighty per cent."

Anna Kargaity, a Canadian who suffered from depressive psychosis is full of smiles today. "I now have a positive outlook towards life, being able to develop my own personality and express my feelings," she says. Similar benefits were highlighted by Belinda from Australia, Kumar from Canada, Bryan from USA and others.

On being asked as to why so many foreigners are coming to India, when advanced medicines are available with doctors of modern medicine all over the world, Dr. Rai added, "The doctors abroad don't have a treatment for the psyche of human being, except giving tranquillizers, sedatives and anti-depressant drugs. These are not only harmful, but also habit-forming. In view of this, Sahaj yoga, which can control the psyche of human being by meditation, has become very popular to the treatment and prevention of psychosomatic diseases like bronchial asthma, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, infertility, multiple scierosis and spondylitis, to name a few. It is all due to the blessings of Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, who founded Sahaj Yoga centre, and has enlightened thousands of people all over the world."

We do charge them for their stay and for the food provided by us, he adds, but not for the treatment. "Anyone can heal themselves using Sahaja Yoga as this energy is present within every individual. Why should we charge anyone?" comments doctor Rai.

With over fifty foreigners having already taken treatment from the centre, between January 1 - February 14, 1999, a record number of international visitors are likely to arrive during the coming year.

The Times of India, 17 March 1999


Holding the body steady, with the three upper parts erect, and causing the senses with the mind to enter into the heart,
A wise man with the Brahma-boat should cross over all the fear-bringing streams.
Having repressed his breathings here in the body, and having his movements checked,
One should breathe through his nostrils with diminished breath.
Like that chariot yoked with vicious horses, his mind the wise man should restrain undistractedly.
In a clean, level spot, free from pebbles, fire, and gravel,
By the sound of water and other prop iniquities favorable to thought, not offensive to the eye,
In a hidden retreat protected from the wind, one should practice yoga.
Fog, smoke, sun, fire, wind, fireflies, lightning, a crystal, a moon — These are the preliminary appearances,
Which produce the manifestation of Brahman in yoga.
When the fivefold quality of yoga has been produced, arising from earth, water, fire, air, and space,
No sickness, old age, no death has he who has obtained a body made out of the fire of yoga.
Lightness, healthiness, steadiness, clearness of countenance and pleasantness of voice,
Sweetness of odor, and scanty excretions — These, they say, are the first stage in the progress of yoga.
Even as a mirror stained by dust shines brilliantly when it has been cleansed,
So the embodied one, on seeing the nature of the Soul, becomes unitary, his end attained, from sorrow freed.
When with the nature of the self, as with a lamp, a practicer of yoga beholds here the nature of Brahman,
Unborn, steadfast, from every nature free — By knowing God, one is released from all fetters!       

Svetasvatara Upanishad 2.8-15



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