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Resurrection And Last Judgment 2

"Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme,
The year seven of the great number being past,

Apparoistra au temps ieux d'Hecatombe,
There shall be seen the sports of the ghostly sacrifice,

Non esloingne du grand age milliesme,
Not far from the great age of the millennium,

Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe.
That the buried shall come out of their graves."

Henry C. Roberts,
  The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus
(Henry C. Roberts, The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus, 1994, p. 336.)


"The year the great seventh number is accomplished
Appearing at the time of the
games of slaughter,
Not far from the age of the great millennium (2000)
When the
dead will come out of their graves.

C 10 Q 74

If, before the year 2000, man can reject political power games in favor of a new awakening, the world may survive into the next millennium... . For our last quotation in this chapter it is thus appropriate to remind ourselves of the following quatrain describing the new spiritual teacher from the East, the man we are in danger of missing.

Long awaited he will never return.
He will appear in Asia (and be) at home in Europe,
One who is issued from the great Hermes ... 

C 10 Q 75

We are still not far enough down the line to draw precise conclusions as to the identity of the man or men whom Nostradamus and many other prophets saw as the instruments of the birth of the new religion. As the prophecies unfold into reality, it remains to be seen just what we can hope to enjoy or suffer in the coming"New Age.”"

J. Hogue, Nostradamus: The New Revelations
(J. Hogue, Nostradamus: The New Revelations, Element Books, 1994, p. 244-45.)

After opening the Sahasrara in 1970 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi spent most of Her time in Europe, especially at Her homes in London, U.K. and Cabella, Italy. From these two locations She traveled round the world annually to fulfill Her Divine Duty to emancipate humans from their present ignorance and misery by teaching them how to trigger their own spiritual evolution. Her Puja talks and public programs (
Lectures To Earth) will give an indication of a life dedicated selflessly to serve humanity and raise their consciousness to the tremendous events taking place on Earth, events that are prophesied in their Holy Scriptures.  

"So, for us, it is important to see that so much has been done by Paramchaitanya for us. The Mother has done so much for us. Now, what are we going to do ourselves to get all these Powers that She has given to us, to be completely enlightened and developed? What have we done so far? Nothing to be done as such but to develop a kind of deep devotion, deep understanding. And that depth is possible, absolutely possible, because now you are on the way to perfection... .

I want to tell you, as a Mother, that you all should depend on Paramchaitanya. That's very important to depend on Paramchaitanya... . That's so important because at this juncture of the time people think that something great is going to happen. I don't know — 2,000 years according to them would be something great — but I don't know because its all man-made. All this 2,000 year and 3,000 year is man-made. But I Myself feel, as predicted by many, that possibly because of your understanding and your wisdom, I am sure something great may happen in this world, and things may be brought to a proper level of understanding of spirituality because this is the Last Judgment. And in this Last Judgment you have to play a very vital role which I am sure you can do it, if you decide to achieve something for the future. May God bless you."

Shri Atma Shri Nirmala Devi
You All Should Depend On Paramchaitanya,
Navaratri Puja, Cabella, Italy — 27 September, 1998

"The year the great seventh number is accomplished" probably refers to the opening of the seventh and last chakra — Sahasrara — on May 5, 1970. "Appearing at the time of the games of slaughter" refers to this present century which witnessed the greatest massacre of human beings through wars and genocide: WW I, WW II, Jewish Holocaust, Japanese Rape of Nanking, Korean war, India-Pakistan partition butchery, Vietnam war, Cambodian killing fields, Biafra butchery, Israel-Arabs wars, Indo-Pakistan wars, Angolan war, Afghan war, Iran-Iraq war, Sri Lanka civil war, Gulf war, Ethiopian war, Somalian unrest, Rwanda carnage, Palestine uprising, N. Ireland terrorism, Algerian bloodbath, Croatian atrocities, Sudan religious strife, Kosovo ethnic cleansing ...


Algeria : Civil war; increasing anti-government and anti-foreigner violence by the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), Algerian Jihad, and others.

Angola : Civil war between Angolan troops and UNITA rebels; violence against foreigners.

Burundi : Hutu - Tutsi violence.

Democratic Republic of the Congo.: Civil war, rebels against Kabila's regime encompassing military involvement from regional military involvement.

Egypt : Anti-government and anti-foreigner violence by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Eritrea : Border clashes with Ethiopia.

Ethiopia : Border clashes with Eritrea

Guinea-Bissau : Rebel anti-government violence; military mutiny; military incursion by Senegal.

Kenya : Political turmoil and tribal disputes.

Lesotho : Military mutiny; anti-government rebellion, military intervention by South Africa and Botswana.

Libya : Sponsor of international terrorism; Fighting Islamic Group (FIG) insurgency.

Namibia : Separatist movement in the Caprivi Strip; repression of ethnic elements.

Nigeria : Religious and political violence, continued drug trafficking.

Rwanda ; Hutu - Tutsi ethnic tribal fighting.

Senegal ; Violence between rebel separatists and Senegalese-backed government loyalists.

Sierra Leone : Temporarily successful coup; continuing clashes between rebels and government; military intervention by Nigeria.

Somalia : Continued violence between rival clans.

South Africa : Political assassinations; racial violence; continued drug related violence.

Sudan : Religious/civil war with Sudanese People's Liberation Army in the south; sponsors of international terrorism.

Uganda : Violent insurgency by rebel groups.


Afghanistan : Civil war between Islamic Taleban religious militia and ethnic Tajik; sponsors of international terrorism.

Burma (Myanmar) : Ongoing insurgency; drug trafficking and civil unrest.

Cambodia : Voter intimidation by Khmer Rouge; political and ethnic turmoil.

Indonesia : Religious violence between Christians and Muslims; violent political unrest and dissident imprisonment; ethnic violence.

China : political turmoil; ethnic and religious oppression in the northwest.

India : Insurgency by Muslim separatist guerrillas and Pakistan-based guerrilla group (Lashkar-e-Tioba); increased border tensions with Pakistan in the Kashmir region; religious violence by militant Hindus against Christians and between Hindus and Muslims; political violence.

Malaysia : Political unrest and anti-government demonstrations; violent riots due to mass deportations of illegal immigrants.

North Korea : Border incidents with the south, unrest due to famine.

Pakistan : Ethnic and religious violence; border dispute with India over Kashmir region, continued drug trafficking.

Philippines : Border dispute in South China Sea; flare up Muslim insurgents; political violence during elections.

South Korea : Border incidents with the north

Sri Lanka : Continuing ethnic civil war.


Georgia : Fighting between separatist Abkhaz forces and Georgian irregulars; political dissidence.

Russia : Political, military, ethnic, and religious turmoil; associated violence with continued drug trafficking and organized crime.

Tajikistan : Insurgency by rebel guerrillas who fail to recognize the 1997 peace agreement that ended civil war.


Albania : Political violence, terrorism, and attacks by Serbia.

Bosnia-Herzegovina/Croatia : Ethnic violence and terrorism by Serb, Croatian, and Muslim nationalists; attacks on peacekeeping forces.

Ireland (including Northern Ireland) : Continuing sectarian violence; IRA and PIRA terrorism.

United Kingdom : Continued violence by Irish Republican Army and splinter groups; continued religious violence between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) : Violent conflict between Serb-dominated Yugoslav forces and ethnic Albanians in western Kosovo; ethnic cleansing.


Cyprus : Greek vs. Turkish conflict, arrival of Russian missiles raises tensions; rioting by displaced illegal immigrants.

Iran : Ethnic, political, and religious violence; terrorist activity by Iraq-based opposition group (Mojahhedin); border clashes with Afghanistan Taleban forces.

Iraq : Execution of political prisoners; political unrest; Kurdish insurgency; Turkish military incursion, combat w/ American and British Forces.

Israel : Continued violence between Palestinians and Israeli forces in the Gaza and the West Bank; Wye Peace Accord sparks increased violence and terrorist bombings by extremist splinter factions of the PLO; violence between Hezbollah and Israeli forces on Lebanese border.

Lebanon : Harboring of Iranian Hezbollah and Syrian Fatah terrorist groups, provoking border violence with Israeli armed forces; political violence, continued drug trafficking;

Turkey : Kurdish rebel separatist movement(PPK faction); incursions into Iraq

Syria : Disputes with Turkey over water boundaries and terrorism issues; sheltering Kurdish rebels ( PPK faction)

Yemen : Violent rioting due to government price controls and increases, attacks on tourists


Brazil : Increased drug activity in the west; high crime rates in urban areas.

Colombia : Violent political insurgencies by the FARC and ELN; drug trafficking and associated violence; paramilitary terrorist activities.

Cuba : Political violence; terrorism and continued drug trafficking.

Ecuador : Border clashes with Peru; continued drug trafficking.

El Salvador : Increasing criminal activity by former combatants; continued drug trafficking.

Guatemala : Re-emerging guerilla threat; rise in vigilantism.

Haiti : Political violence; drug trafficking and associated violence.

Mexico : Drug trafficking and related violence; ethnic conflict in Chiapas and Oaxaca by the EZLN; attacks by EPR, election violence against perspective voters.

Nicaragua : Hurricane Mitch damage causes anarchy and repression( esp. in NW region); drug trafficking and related violence.

Panama : Associated violence with continued drug trafficking, incursions by FARC rebels from Colombia.

Peru : Shining Path guerilla activity; associated violence with continued drug trafficking; border conflict with Ecuador."

MSNBC, August 1999

"But enough! This war has taught us a lesson. It has made us more collective. It has made us understand each other. Otherwise, how do you come out of the ignorance that we are this country, we are that country? Racialism, then this so called nationalism, so called patriotism — all these separating forces, divisive things. So clearly we are all human beings and we should be treated as human beings. If you see the history, after every war there has been a speedy movement towards Knowledge — Knowledge of the Oneness of the world... . all these horrible things that have happened are explosions which brings you towards Knowledge that there is something wrong with us; we are living with something unreal."

Shri Parama Shri Nirmala Devi
The Power That Contains Everything
, Germany — July 19, 1989


The Qiyamat or Resurrection

The Quran and the Hadith often mention the Qiyamah or Resurrection. Like so many of the Prophet's preachings and prophecies, Muslims also have misunderstood this.

The Prophet speaks of the coming of the Qiyamah (Doomsday or Resurrection) at around 1400 Hijri (Moslem calendar); this is the current time, the 21st century. He has prophesied how the state of the world will be at that time. This totally corresponds to what is happening to the world right now. This period is called the "GHOR KALIYUG" in the Hindu scriptures. It is said that during this period the Qiyamah would come. The Prophet has also said that in some places "WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER 1400 HIJRI EVEN I DO NOT KNOW." He has also said that at this time human beings will degenerate both morally and spiritually.

The Islamic scriptures also mention the return of Jesus Christ, who will come to save the earth and all the true believers. They also mention that Jesus Christ will lead the true believers to victory in the battle against untruth and evil and that he will destroy all the negative forces on earth and that all who misguide people in God's name will be destroyed (false gurus & prophets). That time has come. Once we recognize him, we can start moving upwards towards our ascent.
" "       

"But these are special time, the Blossom Time. They call it the Last Judgment, you can call it the Resurrection Time, you can call it the Qiyamah, they call it in Koran. It is said that people will come out of their graves and will get their Resurrection. I mean what is left to the graves is nothing but a few stones and a few bones. No. All these souls which are dead will take their birth, take human body and take their Realization in these special times. This is a sensible thing to say and is also happening.

So now you have got your Realization because of your good deeds you did in your last previous lives, as we say punya purre . But you must respect it and you must understand what youve got is so great. You have to know you are the spirit now. You are special people. You are going to solve the problems of your country, of your community, of your society, of your families. You'll be solving the problem of the whole world. You are the one who are gong to bring Peace on this Earth. You are the one who are going to create a new world of beautiful divine people. So have faith in yourself. This faith works very fast because it is not a false faith — it is a fact."

Shri Lamana-Lampata Shri Nirmala Devi
Lakshmi Principle,
Moscow, Russia — November 12, 1993


Some ambiguity plagues the descriptions of heaven and hell in the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which can be interpreted either to describe the state of the soul upon death or what will be after the future Resurrection ... Most Muslims, therefore, regard the dead to be sleeping in the grave awaiting that momentous event. Yet other passages, such as the hadith describing Muhammad's Night Journey, point to the present reality of Heaven as the dwelling place for the souls of the righteous. The biblical vision of Heaven from the Revelation and the passage from the same book about the lake of fire are visions of a future recompense after the tribulations of the Last Judgment. Those Christians who hold to a literal interpretation of these verses concur with their Muslim brothers and sisters that the souls of the dead are asleep in the grave, awaiting the future opening of Heaven and hell. But another strand of the Christian tradition, supported by biblical descriptions of the Sheol in Job 3.17-19, the heavenly Jerusalem in Hebrews 12.22-24, and the story of Lazarus and the rich man in Luke 16.19-31, teaches that upon death each person immediately enters his appointed place in Heaven or hell. The visions in Revelation are often interpreted in this way, and have spawned such classic descriptions as Dante's Divine Comedy. The concept of the World to Come in Rabbinic Jewish writings is similarly ambiguous: the World to Come may be a present Heaven or describe a future redemption on earth." "       

World Scripture
International Religious Foundation


"There are lots of myths in the Bible and one of them is that at the Time of Resurrection your bodies will come out of the graves. This is not only for Christians, but also for the Muslims and Jews. Think of this — What remains in the grave after many years? Only a few bones. And if these bones came out how can you give them Realization? Think of it. It is a big myth. Not possible logically.

In Nal Damyanti Akhyan they have clearly given that when the Kalyug will come, all these seekers who are seeking in the hills and mountains will be born again, and they will be given their Self-Realization! Their Kundalinis will be awakened and that is logical, because that is what we are doing today."

Shri Kulangana Shri Nirmala Devi
Children, Money And Responsibility,
Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule, India — December 25, 1993


"But you are on the side of Dharma and if you fight for Dharma then, even if you die, you will be saved. But this is stretched too far in many scriptures also, which is very absurd; like saying that if you die and bury yourself, then after 500 years your body will come out and you will be saved. After 500 years what will remain of the body? Such absurd ideas there are in these religions — Christians, Jews and Muslims. That's why they bury people ...






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Doyle delivers startling statistics about humankind's incredible capacity to kill itself. Between 1900 and 1993, 150 million people were killed in war — over one million a year. Since 1945, twenty million civilians died in war and sixty million were injured — more than soldiers. Eighty-percent of these were women and children! Almost 500,000 civilians were killed by one bomb in Japan,. Estimates for World War II dead are 60,000,000. In a feat of modern technological efficiency, we humans killed over 100,000 fellow souls in less than six weeks during the Gulf War.

Doyles' numbers highlight the magnitude of the war effort. We have excess of 18,000 megatons of atomic bombs worldwide — the equivalent of 6,000 World War IIs. The United States alone will spend over $3,000,000,000,000 (three trillion dollars) in just ten years, planning for war. That is three million dollars a day for the next 2,730 years! Ten percent of this spending could solve all of humanities major problems: poverty, famine, deforestation, illiteracy, acid rain, over population, health care, pollution, renewable energy and more. Doyle teaches youth: "There is a better, safer way to deal with psychological threats. Becoming a warrior and fighting others can never bring peace. Violence can bring only one thing: more violence."

Hinduism Today, October 1995


Gil Elliot made a valiant effort to count 'the number of man-made deaths in the twentieth century.' He arrive at a total of 110 million, which he regards as ' reasonable conservative estimate' ... The 110 million fatalities (from 1900 to 1970) include 38 million soldiers. Since these loses result from war and civil war, they cannot properly be attributed to crimes against humanity (in a legal sense) ... To repeat, those are conservative estimates and it is entirely possible, even probable, that deliberate crimes against humanity cost the lives of substantially more than 100 million. This means that during the twentieth century, one out of every 30 inhabitants of the earth was killed through government criminality ... This does not include the toll exacted by private criminals, routine crime-fighting by the police, and legitimate death penalties."       

K. Glaser and S.T. Posony, Victims of Politics: The State and Human Rights, Columbia University Press, New York, 1979, p. 43-44.


"Ever since Oswald Spengler's apocalyptic prophecy of the decline of Western civilization in the early 1920s, seemingly confirmed by two world wars, it has become fashionable to reiterate that ours is an age of great crisis. In light of the unabated devastation of the environment, the continuing population explosion, and the shocking fact that more wars have been fought in this century alone than in all previous eras put together, Spengler's prophecy seems reasonable enough. Who today would seriously deny that out human species is in deep trouble? "

Georg Feuerstein, Lucid Waking, Inner Traditions International, 1997, p. 172


"In 1983 alone, some 45 countries or ╝ of all the world's countries were experiencing war of some sort. The bloodiest of those conflicts included the following:

Cambodia/Kampuchea: Civil War and Foreign Invasion. Dead since 1970:4 million
Indonesia: Guerilla war. Dead since 1975:85,000
Lebanon: Civil war. Dead since 1978:100,000
Afghanistan: Civil war. Dead since 1978:100,000
Iran-Iraq: Conventional war. Dead since 1980:100,000
Philippines: Guerilla wars. Dead since 1972:50,000
Vietnam-China: Conventional war. Dead since 1979:47,000
El Salvador: Guerilla war. Dead since 1977: over 30,000
Guatemala: Guerilla war. Dead since 1982:12-22,000
Ethiopia: Guerilla war. Dead since 1962:30,000

U.S. News and World Report (March 28, 1983.)

... since the Second World War, 199 wars have been fought in the world, 350 years have been spent on fighting them, 69 countries have been directly the theater of a war, and no fewer than 81 countries have been directly or indirectly involved in these war conflicts since 1945.

Janez Stanovnik, The Debit Balance of the Mistakes of Several Decades
(What kind of a World Are We Leaving Our Children?, Paris: UNESCO, 1978.)


"Michael Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame or Nôtredame), b. Dec. 14, 1503, d. July 2, 1566, was a French physician and astrologer whose predictions of the future have fascinated people for centuries. Baptised a Christian to conceal his Jewish heritage during a period of violent anti-Semitism, Michel grew up in a lively, prosperous (his father Jacques was a notary) and warm household, full of conversation and the rich aromas of Provenšal cooking. He was an enthusiastic and gifted student, with exceptional mathematical ability and a great love and mastery of astrology (known then as "celestial science"). His grandfathers Jean de Rémy and Pierre de Nostredame (both of them doctors) also noticed that Michel displayed a remarkable talent for prophecy at a very young age. They both taught him daily in a wide range of subjects, including classical literature, history, medicine, astrology, and herbal folk medicine."


"Tabloid psychics come and go, but the name of the prophet Nostradamus stands like a pillar of granite, even after some 500 years. Henry C. Roberts's translations and interpretations of Nostradamus's Centuries are almost as enduring. First published in 1947 as an attempt to make a complete Centuries book available to the public, the Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus has reached its fourth edition with few revisions. This unabridged, definitive edition with verbatim translations printed side by side with the original Old French is one of the most accurate interpretations available in print."


"In the passages from the Avesta and the Old Testament, the Last Judgment and the emerging Kingdom of God are said to occur on the earth. On the other hand, in the passages from the Qur'n and the New Testament, the earth will be destroyed and the redeemed will live in heaven. Consequently, the Last Judgment may be interpreted either as a supernatural event at the world's end — typically the stance of Islam and most strains of traditional Christianity — or as a social, political, and religious renovation of this world — a view common to Judaism and some new religions, for example in a passage cited below from a scripture of Sekai-Kyusei-Kyo, a new religion from Japan.

Civilization as we know it is only transitory; it will finally pass away as the new age dawns and the true civilization is born. That will mark the end of the "provisional" world we live in today. God wills a reckoning for the old civilization and the establishment of a new one, and the time of His reckoning is at last drawing near. Until now evil forces have had wide latitude in civilization, but in the transition from the old to the new, they will be weeded out. All people will go through an inexorable process of cleansing. The world will be terribly afflicted in payment for untold sins gathered over millennia. The great affliction is the sign that all societies and nations are being purified, and it will lift humankind to a new level of existence where good prevails. The transition, which is actually upon us now, is the last stage before the beginning of an earthly paradise. In the upheaval, every sphere of life and every corner of civilization will be transformed. Those who believe in God and repent will witness the coming of the new world, and they will be able to start on the road to salvation. But those still heavily burdened with sin and unable to overcome their malicious ways will end this life in absolute misery and may find no salvation in the next."       

World Scripture, International Religious Foundation




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