The Three Great Mothers

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The Three Great Mothers

"With a name so timid will she be brought forth
That the three sisters will have the name of destiny;
Then she will lead a great people by tongue and deed,
More than any other will she have fame and renown.

Century 1:76

The timid name of woman will be dispelled and she will be raised to greater importance.
The three sisters of womanhood will find their place in destiny:
Then she will lead a great people by word and deed,
And more than any other she will have fame and renown.”

Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie
Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women, Simon & Schuster, 1995, p. 75.

This quatrain has been interpreted to mean "events resulting from the 'revolt' on the part of women of the Seline Movement" but this is definitely not the case. It is precisely here that the foundation of the Holy Spirit lies. Nostradamus' vision of the future (his prophecies) originated from spiritual powers that were similar in some respects to yoga. Nostradamus had somehow stumbled upon the latent spiritual powers existing within all humans; "I emptied my soul, brain and heart of all care and attained a state of tranquility and stillness of mind which are prerequisites for predicting ...” The powers of this state of mind cannot be comprehended by ordinary humans. Nostradamus extracted Knowledge by intuition, without any reasoning or intellect! This Knowledge was given to him by a Higher Power — nothing was his own.

This quatrain, thus, does not apply to women in general as interpreted in Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women (p. 77-79) but to one single woman — the Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi!

Adi means "Beginning. The Original Cause; the parent source of the nominal impersonal self.” H.P. Blavatsky stated Adi to stand for the one of the unreachable plane of absoluteness and infinity, on which no speculation is possible. Adi is eternal, absolute, and immutable. The Vedas used Adi in the sense Brahma was used in subsequent scriptures. Buddhists refer to Siddhartha Gautama as Adi Buddha to imply him as the first or the Supreme Being.

Shakti is the Primordial Power and represents cosmic feminine creative power. It is personified as the Three Sisters of the Supreme Devi: Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and their various other manifestations. Shakti stands for conscious power which is the polar opposite of pure consciousness.

With a name so timid will She be brought forth?

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
“Unless and until you recognize Me spiritual progress is not possible. As you progress then the vision increases. It goes hand in hand sort of thing. And this is the most difficult problem of modern times. Very difficult because we cannot recognize anyone unless and until he is elected, or put in a position, or branded.”

The Paraclete
Recognition, Austria — June 7, 1988

Nirmala means pure, a very mild feminine name which few women have, particularly in western societies. It is not a name that brings awe and reverence when heard, especially when related to Shri Lalita Devi. There are many names that portray Her with greater depth and fearsome qualities. With such a timid name will Her Divine Glory and Grace be ushered among the arrogant, aggressive, egoistic humans? Modern humans spurn God and some even deny His very existence. Will someone with such a timid feminine name be able to warn that the Resurrection has begun? Will the human race acknowledge that She is indeed the Comforter, the Redeemer, the Messiah, the Ruh of Allah, the Adi Shakti from the Kingdom of God?

That the Three Sisters will have the name of destiny;

The "three sisters" are interpreted as "The New or Waxing Moon, the White Goddess of birth and growth", "The Full Moon, the Red Goddess of love and battle" and "The Old or Waning Moon, the Black Goddess of death and divination.” This cannot be the case if the whole verse is taken into context, for in the next line the plural Three Sisters turn into the singular Her. The Three Sisters are none other than Shri Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali! They could also be referred to as the Three Mothers who would incarnate as One — the Maitreya or future Buddha! These three names are now destined to be etched into human consciousness as the Age of Aquarius awakens humankind. These Three Sisters within — the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna nadis — are the source that will trigger the final evolution of the human species. Surely the future seekers of the eternal Afterlife will seek such massive evolutionary powers. Surely the names of the Three Sisters are destined for immortality. Surely the Three Sisters will be revered for all eternity, as they have always been — age after age, universal dissolution after universal dissolution, and Creation after Creation!

Then She will lead a great people by tongue and deed,

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Again this means just one particular person and not women in general. These Triple Sisters or Three Mothers are actually One, a fact known for millenniums by Hindus. She, the Three Sisters in One, will lead a great many people on Earth towards the Spirit by tongue and deed. This is precisely what the Spirit of the Living God has done since May 5, 1970.

By tongue over the course of more than three decades She has given hundreds and thousands of speeches extolling humans to awaken from the falsehoods of religious conditioning and bondage, and truly freeing themselves. She urges them to become the Spirit based on the subtle secrets (parables) of the Holy Scriptures which organized religions cannot deliver. She has crisscrossed the globe year after year, traveling from Italy to India, Tunisia to Taiwan, Australia to America, enlightening as well as warning humanity that they are trapped in the mental concepts of religious dogmas, and will never reach the Kingdom of God. She has held countless public programs and Pujas illuminating humans to find the Divine within their own selves. She is a Teacher of the Spirit — Her Knowledge is matchless and far beyond the grasp of even the most enlightened. She is the Old Woman of countless thousands of millennia who knows everything. And we mean Everyhting.

By deed She has performed Her duties as a daughter, mother, wife and grandmother, living like an ordinary human being and setting exemplary examples for humanity to follow, and enjoy the inner Joy and Beauty of His Kingdom on Earth itself. There is no need to celibate, become vegetarian, eat kosher food, make pilgrimages, undergo penance, or be restricted by any law of the external Idols. The human species must celebrate life and in total freedom enjoy all their social, physical, emotional, and biological functions, and not become recluses, eunuchs or ascetics that shun society in order to remain 'godly.' Her Message is that humanity must achieve their greatest spiritual growth while leading a perfectly normal existence, and not holed in monasteries and caves. Her relentless Message to all His children is this: You must become your own master and be forever free. The Truth must set you free to continue this Eternal Journey of this great Circle of Life.

By coming down to Earth She has set practical lessons how — as the decadence of modern society begins to destroy the last remaining traces of divinity in humans — to withdraw within and seek the Inner Sanctuary of the Kingdom of God. She had to live as a perfect human being and lead by deed so that we humans may emulate Her lifestyle. By living in a human body She has one overriding Message to all humanity — the human life is the most precious gift and, since it is the Time of Resurrection, priceless. Those who live in purity in body, mind and soul will enter the Kingdom of the Spirit forever.

More than any other will She have fame and renown.

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Here Nostradamus talks of a personality who will be the most famous and renowned of all, an extraordinary superhuman being never seen before. All the Messengers who came are universally known and humans have built huge institutions with hundreds of millions of followers. But for the first ever a Woman will outrank all others.

And this renown will be sustained for all times as Nostradamus mentions more than any other. In other words, no other individual or Messenger will ever usurp or take Her place. Therefore, it must be for all eternity. No human being on Earth since the days of Nostradamus matches these qualities and, other than Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri Nirmala Devi, no woman is in sight. And She is infinitely more than a superhuman. History will prove that She was the greatest Woman that ever walked the face of Earth. Hundreds of millions will one day praise Her for they will have Her always in their hearts and minds. She was, is and will forever be the Holy Spirit of the Almighty Creator, the Ruh of Allah, the Adi Shakti of Shri Sadashiva. Future generations will forever talk of the greatest Incarnation that humankind ever saw, and how blessed were those who had been able recognize Her! More than anyone else, will She have fame and renown? — definitely! History will bear witness to these words!

“The Truth which is Absolute has to express itself in these Modern Times. And even if it is not accepted it will never die. On the contrary, if it is not accepted, it will expose all falsehood and destroy it!"

Sri Satya-rupa Shri Nirmala Devi
Pune, India — October 13, 1988

Satya-rupa (818th): She is Brahman Herself.

Karen Armstrong: A History of God

“The idea of a personal God seems increasingly unacceptable at the present time for all kinds of reasons: moral, intellectual, scientific and spiritual. Feminists are also repelled by a personal deity who, because of "his" gender, has been male since his tribal, pagan days. Yet to talk about "she" — other than in a dialectical way — can be just as limiting, since it confines the illimitable God to a purely human category. The old metaphysical notion of God as the Supreme Being, which has long been popular in the West, is also felt to be unsatisfactory. The God of the philosophers is the product of a now outdated rationalism, so the traditional "proofs" of his existence no longer work. The widespread acceptance of the God of the philosophers by the deists of the Enlightenment can be seen as the first step to the current atheism. Like the old Sky God, this deity is so far remote from humanity and the mundane world that he easily becomes Deus Otiosus and fades from our consciousness.

The God of the mystics might seem to present a possible alternative. The mystics have long insisted that God is not an — Other Being; they have claimed that he really does not exist and that it is better to call him Nothing. This God is is tune with the atheistic mood of our secular society, with its distrust of inadequate images of the Absolute. Instead of seeing God as an objective Fact, which can be demonstrated by means of scientific proof, mystics have claimed that he is subjective experience, mysteriously experienced in the ground of being. This God is to be approached through the imagination and can be seen as a kind of art form, akin to the other great artistic symbols that have expressed the ineffable mystery, beauty and value of life. Mystics have used music, dancing, poetry, fiction, stories, painting, sculpture and architecture to express this Reality that goes beyond concepts. Like all art, however, mysticism require intelligence, discipline and self-criticism as a safeguard against indulgent emotionalism and projection. The God of the mystics could even satisfy the feminists, since both Sufis and Kabbalists have long tried to introduce a female element into the divine.

There are drawbacks, however. Mysticism has been regarded with some suspicion by many Jews and Muslims since the Shabbetai Zevi fiasco and the decline of latter-day Sufism. In the West, mysticism has never been a mainstream religious enthusiasm. The Protestant and Catholic Reformers either outlawed or marginalized it, and the scientific Age of reason did not encourage this mode of perception. Since the 1960s, there has been a fresh interest in mysticism, expressed in the enthusiasm for Yoga, meditation and Buddhism, but it is not an approach that easily consorts with our objective, empirical mentality. The God of the mystics is not easy to apprehend. It requires long training with an expert and a considerable investment of time. The mystic has to work hard to acquire this sense of reality known as God (which many have refused to name). Mystics often insist that human beings must deliberately create this sense of God for themselves, with the same degree of care and attention that others devote to artistic creation. It is not likely to appeal to people in a society which has become used to speedy gratification, fast food and instant communication. The God of the mystics does not arrive readymade and prepackaged. He cannot be experienced as quickly as the instant ecstasy created by a revivalist preacher, who quickly has a whole congregation clapping its hands and speaking in tongues...

When religious ideas have lost their validity, they have usually faded away painlessly: if the human idea of God no longer works for us in the empirical age, it will be discarded. Yet in the past people have always created new symbols to act as a focus for spirituality. Human beings have always created a faith for themselves, to cultivate their sense of wonder and ineffable significance of life. The aimlessness, alienation, anomie and violence that characterizes so much of modern life seem to indicate that now that they are not deliberately creating a faith in "God" or anything else — it matters little what — many people are falling into despair.

In the United States, we have seen that ninety-nine percent of the population claim to believe in God, yet the prevalence of fundamentalism, apocalypticism and "Instant" charismatic forms of religiosity in America is not reassuring. The escalating crime rate, drug addiction and the revival of the death penalty are not signs of a spiritually healthy society. In Europe there is growing blankness where God once existed in human consciousness...

Human beings cannot endure emptiness and desolation; they will fill the vacuum by creating a new focus of meaning. The idols of fundamentalism are not good substitutes for God; if we are to create a vibrant new faith for the twenty-first century, we should, perhaps, ponder the history of God for some lessons and warnings.”

Karen Armstrong, A History of God, Ballantine Books, 1993, p. 396-99.

“The Dearest Freshness Deep Down Things

The issue for human survival during the third millennium is neither understanding, nor prediction or control (our well-worn tools of scientific method used of mastering the environment). Rather, it is learning the language of "spirit" and "grace" as these things emerge within our body's unique way of knowing. The challenge is no longer domination, but "Incarnation!" In the words of Marshall McLuhan, we must "re-enter the tribal night.” But this time with our eyes open. The human body itself is our barely recognized doorway into the next age of consciousness.

The question for those at the threshold of this third millennium is whether we will fritter away time with endless speculation about the age to come, or turn to the more immediate task of honing the actual tools that can lead us into the next stage of human development. As a species we are finally awakening to the mystery of "communion.” But before growing into such wholeness together and with our planet, we must first discover it by entering within ourselves.

Ours is a decisive moment of conversion, not just individually but as a species. The quest for security can neither perpetuate age-old patterns of domination and control, or challenge us to take, as Christopher Fry has said, "The longest stride of soul folk ever took./Affairs are now soul size./The enterprise/Is exploration into God.” With the coming of the Third millennium, we enter an era of "Bio-spirituality," the life of spirit as this arises from within the human organism itself.

What we need today in order to evolve is not some further multiplication of cognitive information, but "processes" that effectively reveal our body sense for the wholeness that we seek. We require not more analysis but the practical knowing of "How?” to touch the inner movement of spirit and grace as these can be felt in our bodies...

Most of us have learned, and learned well, the language of conquest. Now we must embark together on a journey into the dark night of our fears, our loneliness, our unresolved anger and guilt. The ancient Greeks had a word to describe this spectacle of evolving wholeness. They named it musterion. In the New Testament this special word is translated into Latin as sacramentum. Our bodies are truly sacramental — not at all what they appear on the surface, but holy places of grace and spirit where the catalyst for evolution lies at the core of our deepest fears and longings, our awesome vulnerabilities. Here we cannot understand. We may never predict. We are totally unable to control.

The poet Gerard Manly Hopkins reminds us of the "dearest freshness deep down things.” The third millennium offers a time of spirit and grace, a bio-spiritual journey where by entering into the vulnerability in our body we can experience the resurrection.”

Peter A. Campbell, The Dearest Freshness Deep Down Things

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