The Silence Of The Lambs

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The Silence Of The Lambs

"Through hunger the prey will make the wolf prisoner,
The aggressor then in extreme distress.
The heir having the last one before him,
The great one does not escape in the middle of the crowd.

Century 2:82

Because of a yearning the women will make the men prisoners,
So that they are very distressed.
Even if the new heir stands behind the great one
She will now be noticed.”

Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie,
Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women, Simon & Schuster, 1995, p. 55.

The explanation of Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie regarding verse 2:82 is partially correct, that this Seline group will be the pivotal point of women's movement and will form the central core of the feminine critical mass. After that opinion differs.

Through hunger the prey will make the wolf prisoner,

Women, by nature chaste
and capable of keeping
their natural urges in
check, stand accused of
arousing lust in religious,
pious men who for some
reason can still succumb
to temptation. The prey is
forced to camouflage
itself, on pain of death,
lest the libidinous wolves
ravish them
The Revelations and proof given at www, that the All-Pervading Spirit of God Almighty is feminine will rally women as never before. For millenniums the wolf (the patriarchal religions) preyed on women and devoured them of divinity. Centuries of subjugating women, stripping them spiritually naked, and religiously gang-raping them has exhausted all the self-acclaimed 'divine drives' of men.

Now, although completely spent, they are still devoid of divinity and continue to bring death, destruction and misery. Their total control in moulding society to its present disintegrated, divided and constantly warring stage is a towering testimony to their spiritual sterility. There is now a growing hunger within an ever-increasing number of men to fill this emptiness. But they can find no answer from their male god — he does not talk to them anymore! (even to their infallible popes or revered ayatollahs.)

It is this spiritual emptiness that will make the seekers of Truth succumb to the feminine Holy Spirit. Women will feed and nourish them with the Knowledge of the Holy Spirit. In other words, women will rise to the challenge of the present global crisis that threaten the very survival of the planet. They will awaken men and trigger a spiritual renaissance never seen before. Their strength lies in their awesome healing powers which, after Kundalini awakening, begins to bloom into fullness and fruition. Then they will become women (Shaktis), in all sense of the word.

Yes, women will make men prisoners; prisoners of Love, Compassion, Tenderness, Forgiveness, Devotion, Self-sacrifice, Humility, Silence, the nourishing qualities of the feminine Holy Spirit so vital for spiritual growth and global harmony.

The aggressor then in extreme distress.

Patriarchal religious leaders
provoking anger and hatred
towards fellow beings.
Women loiter on the fringes
of such societies, muted and
silenced by centuries of
aggressive male domination.
The"Aggressor"Is the modern, destructive macho male. These men will be greatly disturbed at having to surrender before the feminine form of the Divine to seek spiritual salvation. They will find it extremely difficult to prostrate before the Great Cosmic Mother. They will be in distress to see their wives, brothers, sisters, mothers, friends and relatives surrendering themselves to this All Pervading Consciousness. These Father-God advocates will be greatly agitated by the female Mother-God devotees, especially those closest to them.

The Heir having the last one before Him,
The Great One does not escape in the middle of the crowd

The Heir is the Holy Spirit and Him is God Almighty. At last the Great One will now stand before Him in all Her Glory and Grace. Shri Jesus uttered these words as He hung from the cross, "Behold The Mother.” The Mother or Holy Spirit will now finally be beheld! Her stature, esteem and reverence will reach its zenith again. In this millennium She will forever be noticed and acknowledged as the Greatest Guide ever. The sun is setting on the Evening Empires and within this century they will be history!

"The position of the Agnya chakra is such that it is the final centre to be crossed before the Kundalini finishes its journey to the Sahasrara ( the 'Kingdom of God within'). Entry of the Kundalini into the Sahasrara gives the blissful experience of divine awareness. This literally explains Christ's words," None can enter Heaven except through me.”

Ponder also on Christ's instruction 'to be as little children' or "look at the birds of the air for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly father feeds them.... which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” (Matthew 6). The innocence of mind which he describes is that same Zen awareness obtained in the state of meditation, when the Agnya chakra is pierced by the Kundalini giving rise to a heightened awareness of the present moment, all thoughts of past and future neutralised. Consider also that Christ himself told us, "When your two eyes become one, your body will be filled with light.” This implies that when we go beyond the physical sight ( the two eyes) to the subtle experience or perception which occurs by opening of the third eye and thus entry of the awareness into the Sahasrara our body is filled with light, purity, grace etc.

There is further symbolism eg. the twelve apostles represent six pairs which are symbolic of the lower six chakras from Mooladhara to Agnya. These six chakras are limited to dual awareness, ie. past and present, cause and effect. However, the final chakra, Sahasrara, represented here by Christ, who was the leader of the twelve apostles is non-dual, being derived from an awareness higher than the causal plane.

Here are some possible conclusions which are equally reasonable, though entirely contrary to modern dogma about Christ and Christianity. Christ's spirituality differed radically from our modern understanding. His teaching was dynamic and zen-like focusing on the experience of inner purification and transformation, the elevation of the seeker's awareness into the state (not concept or dogma) of self-realisation. He sought to overthrow the immoral culture of the Romans and to deliver to the dogmatic, letter-bound Jews the mystic fulfilment promised to them in the Mosaic covenant.

Central to his teaching was the understanding that the feminine aspect of God, God The Mother, was the means by which self-realisation and spiritual evolution to god-awareness occurred. Christ venerated the Divine Mother as the Holy Spirit. It is this power, described in the East as residing in the human being as the Kundalini, that is the last vestige of the Goddess-tradition in the Christian West.

Mary was in her own right a divine being. She was venerated as such by Christ and some of the suppressed scriptures describe her as the Holy Spirit incarnate.

Why did the Churches suppress these true Christian traditions? Partly because they are patriarchal institutions based on the questionable dogma of Paul who perceived women (and therefore the feminine principle) as inferior entities. Partly also because spirituality which focused on the Divine Feminine would also focus on the redemptive power of God The Mother and on Her role as the grantor and matriarch of mystical experience. This kind of understanding, like all mystics and mysticism, defies organisation, dogmatic hierarchies and institutions preferring the role of individual experience, revelation and progressive growth toward divine awareness.

The Holy Ghost, then, threatened to neutralise the fear-oriented dogma which the Churches have used, in the name of Christ and Spiritual Truth, to maintain their secular power and wealth.

Christ's promise of a comforter, the "second coming", implies another divine incarnation to bring about the redemption of humanity. As we have seen it is the Divine Mother who has the power to redeem her children, the Sons of Man (as the gnostics put it), in the eyes of God the Father. Who better to comfort the children who suffer, as does the West and much of the world from a culture whose ethic of materialism and immediate gratification is characterised by terms such as "The lost generation", "eco-disaster", "terrorism", "future shock" and "psycho-social alienation", than the Divine Mother?

C.G. Jung, in his critique of the Western psyche keynoted the absence of the Feminine Principle as a major cause of much of the West's psycho-cultural imbalance. The return of the Divine Feminine would indeed facilitate the spiritual redemption of Western Culture.

With this perspective we may be able to understand a key image from Revelations;

“A great Portent in Heaven, a Woman robed with the Sun, beneath her Feet the Moon, and on her Head a Crown of twelve Stars. She was pregnant, and in the anguish of Her Labour She cried out to be Delivered. Then a second Portent appeared in Heaven: a great red Dragon with seven Heads and ten Horns; on his Heads were seven Diadems, and with his Tail he swung down a third of the Stars in the Sky and flung them to Earth. The Dragon stood in front of the Woman who was about to give birth, so that when Her Child was born He might devour It. She gave birth to a male child, who is destined to rule all the Nations with an Iron Rod.....”

The Divine Woman, a central figure of Revelations, is the Comforter Herself. The crown of stars indicates that Her authority and heritage is of the Divine Father, the moon, upon which She resides is another symbol of the feminine.

“Today is the day I declare that I am the One who has to save the humanity. I declare I am the One who is Adi Shakti, who is The Mother of all The Mothers, who is the Primordial Mother, the Shakti, the Desire of God, who has incarnated on this Earth to give its meaning to itself.... to this creation, to human beings... and I am sure through My Love and Patience and My Powers... I am going to achieve it.

I was the One who was born again and again. But now in my complete form and complete powers, I have come on this Earth... not only for salvation of human beings, not only for their emancipation, but for granting them the Kingdom of Heaven... the Joy, the Bliss that your Father wants to bestow upon you.”

Shri Purantana Devi
United Kingdom — December 2, 1979
(Purantana [810st]: Primordial or Ancient)

As the Divine Mother She is giving birth, ie. self-realisation, and succeeds in producing a man-child. A man indicating spiritual maturity and dynamic action and yet a child symbolising purity of heart and that quality of innocence which Christ taught was essential to enter into the state of Heavenly Experience. The child, having the mystic awareness of self-realisation, rules over the nations indicating command of the earthly plane as well as over the inner country, the chakra system. The child of the Divine mother is a Gnostic adept!

He rules with an iron rod, the kundalini, which mercilessly slays the forces of evil, the obstacles which obstruct her flow through the chakra system.

The dragon who stands over the Woman as She labours waiting to devour the child could well be the Churches. Their 2000 year vigil against the Divine Feminine lest she produce a race of Gnostics is evident in their manipulation and suppression of the scriptures. Revelations tells us that the Divine Children are destined to overcome the beast and establish a New Age of divine awareness.

Consider Christ's warning "he who has blasphemed against the holy ghost shall be damned forever.” What then of the Churches who have virtually edited the divine feminine out of the Western Cultural tradition in order to maintain their grip on the masses?”

Christ and the Kundalini (Issue 8), Knowledge of Reality

"The voluntary sequestration of many women from patriarchal affairs is in many ways like the moon lodge experience of native American spirituality, whereby menstruating women go apart to commune with their source of power, to listen to dreams and receive visions. At such times, women listen to the wisdom of their bodies. They have pressed their bellies against the world, so that they can experience the drum-beat of its motion. It is through this sacred centre that women feel the earth and know the will of the Black Goddess.

The need for the Goddess to be mediated through the art of the priestess-hierodule has not diminished, although our society denies it. The basic freedom to choose the sexual freedom of the monastery, where sacred relationship is practised, or the sexual responsibility of a personal, rather than a communal, family is not an open option in our time. The spiritual vocation of women is extremely straightened in our age, for the freedom to mediate the Goddess physically as hierodule has been degraded into the sexual economy of prostitution.

The mystic, AE (George Russell) wrote: 'Some renewal of ancient conceptions of the fundamental purpose of womanhood and its relations to Divine Nature, and that from the temples where women may be instructed she will come forth, with strength in her to resist all pleading until the lover worships in her a divine womanhood, and that through their love the divided portions of the immortal nature may come together and be one as before the beginning of the world.

As women resume their power — guardianship of the scared fire which the Shulamite, Sheba, Inanna and Lilith manifest — a more dynamic and just society will result in which the Black Goddess will be joined with Sophia freely and effectively. Though the tantric teachings of Shakti are still taught in the East, the West has denied the Black Goddess her role as awakener and arouser, has applauded Sophia in her role as the virgin of divine love. It has polarised the Goddess as either profane or sacred, as eros or agape. The secret of the hidden fires of the Goddess has been virtually forgotten in the West. The subsequent dualistic view of sex is at odds with the message of Sophia, who urges us to love and break down the barriers between each other.

By splitting off the functions of the body from the workings of the soul, the West has created a fragmented, sometimes schizophrenic, society. It has created a Fall as devastating as the myth of Adam and Eve. The primordial condition of innocence and mutual honour between the species if reflected in sexual customs. This was apparent in the ancient world in the practice of scared marriage. When such a relationship no longer existed between the land and its people, the further breakdown between the sexes and the species followed. Sometimes seen as a Golden Age, this early period is usually assigned to full honouring of the Divine Feminine in many forms, who presides over this sacred marriage. At the end of the Golden Age, the goddess took more just and severe forms and left the earth, as has clearly fallen out. She nevertheless left tokens of her return — one of which is the rainbow or dove, or a pattern of sacred behaviour as exemplified still in some of the mystical enclaves of Western religion.

The scared marriage was a ritualized re-enactment of the marriage of the divine and created, the very aim of Sophia herself to which she calls again and again. In all subsequent histories and traditions the symbolism of marriage, mystical union and the entry into the bridal chamber of intuition, into the Mysteries, are emblems of Sophia's work among us.

It was once the custom for brides to remain unseen by her husbands until after they were married — a practice which still occurs in Moslem and Hindu custom today. What lay behind the veil might be beautiful or terrifying. Sophia is still a veiled Goddess, for she is the unknown bride of the soul. Until we acknowledge her among us once more as the primal Goddess of the Earth, in equal love and justice, she will remain veiled.”

CaitlĂ­n Matthews, Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom,
The Aquarian Press, 1992, p. 56-7.

"'Arianna' To present the point of view of a man who has chosen the Goddess as a Spiritual connection, I should like to formally introduce Argus. In his early 60s, Argus been a Christian and a Sunday School teacher in the past. Now he wants to share with you how he feels about the Goddess and how men can be helped by Her.

Thank you, Arianna. I speak of MEN AND THE GODDESS by invitation and speak of both my personal experience and of my view of the topic generally. My spiritual and metaphysical view of the universe is one of wholeness. I do not find this to be a world of opposing forces... of opposites... of dichotomies. Gaia is no less a whole having a north and a south pole at opposite ends of its axis. The "opposing" poles are parts of the whole.

About 15 months before knowingly meeting the Goddess for the first time, I met my male and female energies as a result of a meditation exercise assigned by my then meditation counsellor. I found them quite different... my male being a norse warrior type without purpose or direction. My female was a sensitive, intuitive harp player who wanted nothing to do with my male energy. After some additional assignments, my male and female energies learned to work together with both being fully empowered and in balance. There was a wholeness to this result.

I can remember with great clarity my first meeting the Goddess. I was alone before a real life altar to her when I felt a great beam of light connecting me with her. I knew that I was feeling the creativity, the sensitivity and the harmony of the Goddess. I sensed the contrast with the rational thought and action needs of my male energy. The Goddess had entered my life to provide those things which the God energy by itself had not. The wholeness of male/female energy now was transformed into wholeness of being.

For men, the Goddess adds empowerment and takes away nothing. Reflect a bit on the Old Testament's emphasis on JUSTICE. Missing was the compassion of caring and sharing. Men without the Goddess spend their time maintaining power over others, getting on top, being king of the mountain. With that comes the fear of being toppled... of being overthrown... of being replaced.

The Goddess teaches us to be with power over ourselves rather than power over others as the goal. The Goddess gives us a purpose for our actions and thoughts creative goals. We men become part of construction instead of part of destruction. We build instead of destroy. We co-exist instead of confront. As men feeling the power of the Goddess, we surrender none of our power from the God, rather do we magnify that power with goals and objectives which give us a sense of purpose. With men feeling fully empowered with energy from both the God and the Goddess, they are now free to be WHOLE beings. They are now able to shed gender roles if they wish. They are now free to engage in cooperation rather in competition. Without the Goddess, men cannot be whole just as without the Goddess, women cannot be whole.”

Internet chat October 15, 1995

"The path of U.S. foreign policy is soaked in blood," declared Sunera Thobani the other day, to the horror of almost everyone in Canada except a few hundred women who leaped to their feet in wild applause.”There will be no emancipation for women anywhere on this planet until the Western domination of this planet is ended.”

Ms. Thobani is an idiot. But she's also a living demonstration of the values that we must defend. She's entitled to get up in public and say any idiotic thing she wants, and no one has the right to lock her up. The terrorists would like to destroy that.

In fact, Ms. Thobani's freedom to speak her mind (and to be defended for it, quite properly, by the university that employs her) stands as the decisive counterargument to her argument. The truth is that the emancipation of women anywhere on this planet depends solely on the spread of Western democratic values.

The failure of many feminists to grasp the link between women's rights and liberal democracy is a mystery to me. Where in the world, I wonder, do they think women are more equal than they are here? In Muslim countries, where men can have four wives? In China, where the state forces women to have abortions? In Tanzania (Ms. Thobani's homeland), where wife-beating is widespread?”

Globe And Mail, October 4, 2001

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