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Healing Of Hearts And Nations

The female change will be very difficult;
City and province will gain by the change:
The heart will count most, prudence well established, chasing out cunning,
Sea, land, people will change their whole state. 

Century 4:21

The change caused by the powerful presence of the female will be very difficult:
But the whole world will gain by the change.
The heart will be the most important feature of this transformation, but also prudence will be as much as an established aspect of this new life, chasing out cunning created by man.
The entire world, in all aspects, will be altered in the most fundamental way.

Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie
Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women
(Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie, Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women, Simon & Schuster, 1995, p. 89.)

The heart will count most, prudence well established, chasing out cunning


"8. Heartfullness. Western culture has paid a dear price for deifying rationalism. Wary of succumbing to pain and sorrow, or even to wildness and abandon, we have sacrificed our "bliss," as Joseph Campbell called the heart's highest capacity. Many New Age teachers seek to rectify this loss by placing equal value on the "feeling" mode of human experience including intuition, love, grief, rapture, sadness, compassion, sensuality, and ecstasy."

New Age Journal, The 10 Best of the New Age, January/February 1997, p. 132


The heart will count most for it is the seat of the Spirit and significant importance in human evolution. This energy center, located at heart level, fuels our love for all humanity, forgiveness, and our willingness to reach out with compassion to nurture others. It is here that the capacity for Love, Compassion, Truth and other noble human qualities so essential for spiritual growth are established. It is the center of unconditional love and pure empathy. Humans must be able to remove the negativity within themselves — cunning, deceit, jealousies, greed, anger, hate, lust, sloth, envy etc. — and positive human qualities have to manifest in the heart before any change is possible. In other words these essential qualities should be the basis of daily life, a reflection of the godliness in all humans. One must see the divinity in all things, in all beings, and in all worlds. This divinity within humans must be felt in the heart, not conceptualized in the head. It is with this kind of love that we can create, within ourselves, a steady emotional climate. Homo sapiens have to know that they are made in the image of God; that His Spirit resides in their hearts; that they have to worship Him within in their hearts. 

Cunningness is removed because it requires deceit and lies. Judgment is curbed, not because it is bad or wrong, but because it finds faults in others and elevates those engaging in it with shallow goodness. Gossip is forbidden because these murmuring souls deliberately intend to malign both enemy and friend.

In the heart resides the Spirit."

Shri Isvari Shri Nirmala Devi


The heart (anahath chakra) resonates with universal love and empowers us with love, through the act of doing for others before doing for ourselves. Empathy and generosity are important factors to reflect upon because they provide more fulfillment than does the quest for personal love. There is no sense of attachment or possession here. Thus the heart works to overcome these limitations by gaining love for ourselves through the good we do for others. Giving without wanting in return is the purest form of compassion that we can project unto others. It's an unconditional acceptance of people and things the way they are, and gratitude for our place in the universe. Attaining the fourth chakra level is important because it represents blessings of generous selflessness.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The Great Goddess Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who has incarnated on this Earth to lead the Final Battle between the forces of Light and Darkness




"I am born at this Time where I have to do this job of telling you that you must get your transformation. This is a very difficult job from all others. At the time of the Devi when She came, She had to kill the raksasas (demons). The raksasas were separate and human beings were separate. So She could protect the human beings.

But today the raksasas have entered into the heads of human beings. It's a very difficult job to tell them that the raksasas have now gone into your head... . The freedom given to human beings at the time of Adam and Eve has deteriorated into this kind of humanity today.

And, when it comes to such a stage, then only a person becomes aware of himself that there is something wrong. What am I going to give my children? What am I doing? Where am I? And when such a question comes to mind that is the time where Mahalakshmi starts showing Her Light to you, that you have to seek the Truth. And when that seeking of Truth comes in, as William Blake has said, that men of God will seek the Truth and they will really become men of God. A special category of seekers will be born at this Time, and they will make others men of God.

So Sahaja Yoga is being built slowly in an evolutionary process through many sages, scientists and seers — and through many incarnations. And it's all within ourselves. The whole world is within ourselves. All these great things are also within us.

The human being is not an ignoble being. He is the epitome of all evolution. He is not a person to be degraded. Only thing is his ignorance. In ignorance a rope seems a snake. Unless there is light you cannot see the rope. So I would not call anybody guilty, whatsoever. Whatever a person has done, he can get his transformation because his Spirit is still there — shining! It's just clouded with many things. And if somebody can by any chance move those clouds the sun, that is the Spirit, will shine forth ...

collective unconscious: term introduced by psychiatrist Carl Jung to represent a form of the unconscious (that part of the mind containing memories and impulses of which the individual is not aware) common to mankind as a whole and originating in the inherited structure of the brain. It is distinct from the personal unconscious, which arises from the experience of the individual. According to Jung, the collective unconscious contains archetypes, or universal primordial images and ideas.

Britannica Online, 1994-1998 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.

So the happening is of the breakthrough of human awareness into a New Dimension, about which Jung has written, that is, Collective Consciousness which has to be actualization and becoming, and not just talking. They become real brothers and sisters in the sense they become part and parcel of the Whole ... that human beings will know that they are in the Kingdom of God."

Shri Sobhana-sulabha-gatih Shri Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji's Birthday Puja, Bombay, India — March 24, 1990



Sea, land, people will change their whole state.

Renaissance art depicting the Sacred Breath, the Flame of the Spirit, the Kundalini going out of the top of realized saints or angels.

By carving out huge religious empires and lulling their masses with a false sense of security the guardians of God have stunted humanity's spiritual evolution. Predatory pedophile priests prey for young tender flesh, yet claim to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. Bullshitting brahmins have reduced their brethren into lesser beings begging for salvation. Morbid mullahs have brainwashed their masses into religious retards with flights of scriptural fantasy that does not even insult their intelligence. Followers of religions are now the walking dead, their spiritual organs atrophied of enlightenment and Light. 

As the Lunar Consciousness begins transforming human beings entire towns, cities, and states will enter an golden era of spiritual transformation never witnessed before. There will be a true spiritual healing of nations. Once illuminated former followers of organized religions will shake their heads in disbelieve at the depth of their ignorance. And once awakened, they will rouse others out of their slumber. Humankind will again look to the Heavens and experience the Joy of the Spirit, and realize the unshakable Truth that they are eternal creatures destined for far, far greater glory. Entire nations will be able to awaken and nurse their sick, self-abusing societies back to sanity.

""As I travel around the world meeting with tribal and aboriginal elders, and as I meet with persons on the cutting edge of a new scientific paradigm, I see much hope. Although Western science and culture are systematically trying to destroy native people and native wisdom, a new force is rising.

Mechanistic science has reached the end of its path as a worldview, and we are beginning to listen to our elders. Our science has come full circle and is now evolving from and recognizing the whole and that we must relate to and participate in the whole. We must be whole. We must become ourselves in community. None of this evolution is possible without our recognition of and participation in our spirituality. We are spiritual beings. We are not necessarily religious beings....

It is time for truth speakers. "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." We need to see what we see, know what we know, and be willing to speak out for what is important to us.

Anne Wilson Schaef, We Must Be the Whole


But before this happens a critical mass has to be reached. It is for this very reason that, as explained before, beings of great courage, vision and moral conviction are needed to spearhead His Divine Work. His Great Primordial Spirit has told that there are many great souls languishing in spiritual sleep — lured by false gurus or trapped in corrupted religions — as they sincerely try to continue their quest for Truth and Eternity. Once awakened and shown the Light they will rise to great heights in emancipating their fellow humans. These are the countless million seekers who will usher the Age of Aquarius. The Great Divine Mother summons them to join the Battle of Dharma that sustains society. Defend the Truth and be rewarded with the eternal adventure of your indestructible spirit in the Spirit World, free to be born again as a human being if ever desired. The Human Family must look at the heavens and collectively dream again.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has worked tirelessly over the last 30 years to awaken the snoring masses of humanity from the Sleep of Darkness and Ignorance




"That you have to be born again, that you have to be baptized, that you have to become a Pir, that you have to become a Brahmin — all these descriptions have come to us from all the great scriptures. It is very easy to say that we don't believe in God, we don't believe in any incarnation, we don't believe in Jesus, we don't believe in any religion, we don't believe into anything; is very easy to say.

Even it is easy to say that we believe in them, we believe in God, we believe in Christ, we believe in Krishna, Rama, all that. Both things are equally the same.

When you believe in God you believe in the darkness and ignorance, and when you do not believe in Him also you are in ignorance. By believing into you close your eyes, accept the faith and go along with it. Of course it shows that you are conscious of some Power which is beyond. Such people have a great chance. But in the case if you go to these extremes in this kind of faith then you start only believing in Christ, only believing in Muhammad, only believing in Krishna — I mean depending on where you are born. How human beings are so narrow-minded?

If you are born in England either you will be a Catholic, or a Protestant, or maybe one of these witchcraft people. You believe into anything because you are localized in a place; there has been some identifications because your mother believed into something, because your father believed into something, or you paid for it. And this faith can become such a blinding effect on people that you develop absurd types of groups which call themselves as Christians, Hindus, Muslims — whatever you may say — and are extremely, extremely exclusive, blind, and fanatic.

Today one of the problems of the times of the Modern Times is fanaticism. Now this fanaticism has been growing. The more people try to get out of this fanaticism, it grows more. For example those people who have given up religion, who gave up God in the sense that they never gave up — you cannot give HIM up, He has to give you up — those who felt that they have been able to give up God have done nothing good. They are equally useless. I mean they had by giving up God they have given up all ideas of any control by any divinity on anything. But what have they achieved — suicides, bad society, sick people. They have achieved nothing.

So one side is this fanaticism growing deeper and deeper into people who remain in fanatic ideas while the other side — to prove they were correct — the other side is also growing deeper and deeper. And both are wrong. The main thing is that you have to feel God within you. You have to become something more by which you can feel the Divine — not through your rationality by any chance! Neither through your faith! If the faith is blind you cannot know God — you will become a fanatic.

If people could just remain faithful and do not become fanatics then there is no harm. Or else even if you deny God and you do not become egotistical then there is no harm. But that's not possible. We are progressive and we cannot remain at one point. Once we start moving we start moving in that direction. Either we are to be fanatics or we have to be absolutely egotistical and tyrannical. That's how we finish our former search and all these extreme behavior of human beings have brought such a shame to God, to His Creation, and to the Beauty and Joy that He wants to bestow upon us.

Rationally I can approve the existence of God, but rationally I can also disapprove because rationality is an illusion. It is an illusion. Like the people in the West say, "You just can't say which way." With rationality you go about anything. Like you can say, "What's wrong? What's wrong in denying God?" Nothing is wrong. What is wrong itself how are you going to take term; is the point. Through rationality you cannot say what is right or wrong because rationality speaks on relative terminology, on a limited sphere.

Now to tell the Truth, whether it is right or not, how can you say? Supposing someone is about to murder someone and is asking where the person. If you tell the person the Truth that the person has gone this side — through your rationality because Truth-telling is good — the person is killed. If you see today's atmosphere there is such a confusion; people do not know who is right, who is wrong. To some people it is great to be a fanatic. They think they are doing a great honor to themselves because they are fanatics. They are so confused that they do not know how far to go in obeying the religious warnings and religious, you can say the saints. And how far not to go they do not know. It is such a confusion. In this confusion you, the seekers, are there.

You are seekers of Truth for ages. If you are not Sahaja Yoga is not going to help you much. If you have come here just to rationalize something this is not the place where you can discuss, argue it out, or anything. It has to work in you. It has to give you that Blessing. If it can't bestow that Blessing in you then Sahaja Yoga is useless; useless work.

So this is the central point where you recognize within yourself by becoming something else that there is God. Not only that He is there but His Power is All-Pervading, that He organizes, co-operates the whole Universe, and that He is the All Powerful, All Knowing. All these things you feel within yourself. You recognize HIM not through your rationality but through your feelings. Like if I put My finger to this flame it will be burnt. It's My feeling. It's My subjective Knowledge. Somebody tells Me it is hot. I say, "What's wrong?" I put My hand there. But the feeling is such an Absolute thing that when you touch it even a child can say it is hot.

So that Absolute feeling within us that makes us feel through our organs — sensory organs — the hot and cold by which we hear and we see clearly that subjective Knowledge. Whatever language you speak, whatever religion you follow, whether you are an atheist, or egoistic, or whatever it is, that feeling one gets when enlightened; then you start feeling God Almighty. Then you can also rationalize it in the sense that when I burnt my finger I can say, "Yes! What they say is correct!" But until and unless this happens to you all other arguments and discussions are of no value to anyone whatsoever.

I was amazed Myself when I was born to see such ignorant people quarreling over something which they do not know at all — nothing of that kind. They are so ignorant. They do not know there is Power of God working. They cannot feel it and what are they doing? Whether they are church people, or temple people, or all these scientists, when they talk about God they are at a level from where they cannot talk. But they are not even conscious that they are that level.

This is why we have to know that despite all efforts to destroy our scriptures this Knowledge that you have to become something else — that you are to be reborn — this Knowledge they could not destroy. They have tried to maneuver it for their own advantage. They have tried to use it for their own building up because they had to have big, big buildings, they must have big, big money projects, and sometimes they also must have some business. How can you do all these things in the name of God? Just think of it. And they are doing all these mad things and they call it God? And the seeker gets absolutely shocked and surprised that he also gets into the whole whirlpool. He just cannot get out of it because he is a seeker. He says, "Let me go and see for myself what it is. Let me burn my finger here and there and find out for myself."

Now I say again, like all these people have said — You have to be born again! They have said it to prepare you all for this Time. It's My fortune that I have to do it. It has to happen. If they had said all these things either they were all false and wrong. So I am here to prove it, not that they were wrong in any way but they were the only people who were enlightened. They had an eyesight to see much deeper than what you can see.

So within us lies that Power and that Power is anxious to give you your second birth. That Power lies as shown, lies in the triangular bone of sacrum and you can see with your naked eyes the rising of this Power. It has nothing to do with what nationality you have come from, what sort of clothes you are wearing, what sort of hairdress you have — it has nothing to do with this but it has to do something with your inner being. And while in your inner being there are certain problems which you have created out of your ignorance, and this Power being your Mother — your sweet loving Mother who has been born again and again with you — knows your problems and She knows how to correct it.

So I say that you don't have to do anything about it. It just works! It has to work but for human beings to understand that their evolution has to come spontaneously is very difficult, especially in the West. They think that they have to do something about God, to fix HIM up, appoint Him, pay for Him to give you Realization — it is all absurd. It makes Me laugh. But we are absurd like that if we think we can pay for it, and then He'll come and bestow His Grace upon us; we can purchase Him, or we can honor Him by which He will give us that. No! It is useless. It is His own Compassion that is going to do it as it has been done before when we became human beings from amoebae state. It is His Love — His own Ambition you can call it in the human understanding — that He wants to bestow HIS Power onto His own children, onto His own Creation. And as you are His own flowers — human beings are the flowers of His creation — He wants to transform you into the beautiful fulfillment of your own being. These are the fruits of His creation, His Garden. But all these words may sound very poetic and very enchanting, and should be so.

This Kundalini is awakened within us all the time to help us. I have seen to My very great sorrow that we have really hurt our Kundalini and mashed it. We have really tortured Her. I have seen big, big holes and wounds in Her Being. In our ego, in our useless ideas we have really wounded our Kundalini. I have seen this poor Kundalini in a mess and I soothe Her. I soothe Her and tell Her that You, The Mother of this child, be contented that this child has got desire to know God.

So the first stage is to have desire, desire to know God. God is not going to fall at your feet. At least you must be matured so much that you want to know God. That is why Sahaja Yoga is a slow process. It does not work on people who do not want it. You have to be interested in knowing your Self. It is the only thing that is required in Sahaja Yoga, that you should be desirous of becoming of becoming that. Then it will happen! This is the first basic thing. You must have desire.

Then also there are other things that are very important which I have seen because now I have been traveling, and I have been meeting people, and I have been seeing that there are problems that have touched the path of Kundalini.

The path of Kundalini can be quite arrogant and the Kundalini may refuse to come up. And even if She comes up, out of pain, She may drop off. The path of Kundalini may have been ruined by so many things and these wounds we have caused in the path, in the central path, by not remaining in the centre, but going to extremes. We have harmed ourselves. You have not harmed anybody else but you have harmed yourselves. You have harmed your own chances.

But even that can be cured because God is Compassion. He is Love and He understands that you have been childish, you have been immature, and that you should be helped. But maybe that you do not know the desire of Kundalini within you and that you may not be on the same level as She is. Still She will work. All those types of grace are given — grace marks as you call it.

It is actually the meaning of your life. All your lives what have you been? You might have been a Roman soldier, all right, then? You might have been Caesar — so what? You might have been Napoleon, all right — so what? You might have been Louis the XIV, or could have been the Bloody Mary, or someone like that. Or you could have been some gracious women, alright, so what? You have not known God so far! You might have been the mightiest of mighty, you might have been Lao-tzu, or you might have been in the history, the photograph might have been there — so what? So far you have not known God! Till you have not known that Absolute within you, you cannot know God. Only by knowing your spirit you will know God.

Like without My eyes I cannot see you, in the same way without knowing your spirit you cannot feel God — and you have to know your spirit. But when I say you have to know you that doesn't mean by jumping or by doing anything that you will do, but that you don't have to do anything. Now when you have to get — I don't know whether human beings understand or not — that you don't have to do anything about it. Now there is no way of saying it that you just don't have to do anything and it will happen to you; that you have to become that. As soon as I say you have to become that then you have to become that. Any sentence you use like that you think that you have to put in some effort, or some money, or something else.

But it is an effortless thing. It is an effortless happening. It is beyond human understanding. We cannot understand that we can do something effortlessly, but we do. We digest our food without putting any effort; we breathe without any effort; we have become humans without any effort; we got this whole sky before us, this whole Universe before us without any effort. All things that are important are without any effort. These are not important things like getting a chair, or a car; all that. Of course, for that you might have to put in effort. But you are amazed; whatever is vital you have got it without putting any effort and that's why this is going to happen to you without any effort.

But try to bring your mind, the opposition, where you must accept that it is effortless. The happening is absolutely effortless, and after that happening your efforts must have to be to neutralize your previous efforts. This is the problem that is even worse than anything else. Happening is the easy thing. Happening will take place. But you have already finished off many things since then which must be corrected, and to really become effortlessly thoughtless will be your main problem. But there are so many here as you know who have got it, who have found it, and are managing it — so you all should all get it.

But, as I have said that as I have traveled a lot, I have seen that people have problems of a different nature according to the society they live in, according to the countries they live in, according to the ideas on which they have. All these things do create a problem in your centres and these problems are best solved if, through your happening, if you would like to be disassociated from all these misidentifications. And these misidentifications itself will start troubling you. Then you will have to give up.

I will tell you a simple example of such a thing now. We have people from all kinds. Say we have a bureaucrat who comes to us and he has a problem because bureaucrats have a problem on the Nabhi. They could be very horrid and their Kundalini could be absolutely frozen you know; terrible. To raise their Kundalini I get such a headache and the whole force has to be put in for a bureaucrat. One bureaucrat is equal to one thousand small children I can tell you. When they just say they are bureaucrats I just prepare Myself. You see if you have to shake hand with a bureaucrat you have to massage your hand properly before you shake it, but if you have to raise their Kundalini, Oh God! You, before and after, you are just finished.

So now supposing there is a bureaucrat who is misidentified with his problems he comes to Me. I see he gets his Realization all right, but he cannot forget that he is a bureaucrat. He goes on identifying with himself; bureaucracy. Then he'll talk, "I believe ..." Then I will look at him. Still, still it is there. Still it is there.

Like we can take the case of now, hippies, who are another bureaucrats I tell you; they are no less. Hippies thought no end of themselves. They thought whatever we do to ourselves, these are our own. Who is this anyone to tell us you see? So they had a real drugstore within them. They created real problems for themselves; spoiling their brain, spoiling their whole Kundalini — everything! Oh, they got themselves into a real mess.

You see if freedom means nonsense then one can only conclude that people have no sense of it. Like if you put some children in a room to play and then they start eating. First of all if they get some sweets they eat. Then they will eat the tea. When the tea is finished they will say, "Alright, we will eat the ashes." Then they will eat the ashes. They will eat some cow-dung. It is like that. It is so stupid and foolish to ruin yourself like this but they have all done it.

Now you are given Realization and after Realization still you go back to the same serious state of becoming great wise people who have been taking drugs. You cannot get out of it you see. Still it's very difficult. And this was wrong I did. This was wrong I done it. I should get out of it. There is no use of it.

So all these are misidentifications of which there are so many others like that. Like somebody has been to some guru. Now that guru is a crook. He has made money out of them — All right! He has befooled all of them completely; he has been telling them stories — All right! They have become bankrupt giving money to him. Everything has happened. Now they have come out of it. Now you must understand that you were fooled and he was useless fellow, and have nothing to learn. But the misidentifications still works out. Once you get your Realization still you cling on to all the people who come from the same guru, and you share all the nonsense.

Now you are no more belonging to any group now. You have become your Self. All these misidentifications are useless. They give you angularities. They do not give you individuality. They give you angularities and these angularities are troublesome to the society and to your Self. They have given you bends. Your normal life has become extremely abnormal or subnormal. So normalize yourself with Sahaja Yoga and you will be amazed you are no longer belonging to any country, no more belonging to any group, any democracy, bureaucracy, or communism, or anything. But you become a human being who is on absolute values as a human being. This is a tremendous thing.

This is what today we need in this world; human beings who have jumped on to the Absolute side. Absolute does not compromise. It does not aggress. It does not take any aggression because it is Absolute. It is not afraid of anyone because Absolute is Compassion, Absolute is Love, and Absolute is Truth. When your attention becomes enlightened by this Absolute, it's a very limited terminology again to explain that it gets enlightened, but to understand it one has to become. As one would say to a blind man that your eyes will be open to know what is God. That's all one can say.

And when people said alike people did not like it. They crucified them, they killed them, they finished them off — normal human beings and just think of that. That a person who has killed Him — that has to happen to you, this should happen to you — was killed. Imagine! And the people who said, "No, you must give us money, you must give us palaces, you must give us big cars, and your women, and everything." — such people they worship. They fall at their feet. And those people who were telling you the Real were killed; crucified them and tortured them.

They bore it all. They bore it all not because they were not powerful, not because they did not have the Powers. They had tremendous Powers. If they had just, just lifted their finger just once, the whole world would have been destroyed. But that's not the game. The game is to make the whole world aware of God's Kingdom and to make them useful with the Powers of God Almighty. This is the Job. So you have to show tremendous patience with stupid and foolish people who want to crucify you because they are so ignorant.

But now the Time has come for all of us to achieve for which we are created, to be what we have desired. This is the Time, the Blossom Time as they call it, for which you cannot pay. You cannot appoint Me. I have to appoint you. It's the other way round this time. You cannot demand. It's the Grace. Otherwise it cannot work out. It's the Grace of the Compassion of God which should be asked. Here the faith plays the part that you see this God who has to bestow His Blessings. That's why faith was there.

And rationality should play the part to say that this is wrong, this is falsehood, these are fake gurus, these are fake people. But you never used to do these things properly. If you had faith you would have never organized religion because you would know that it is God's Hand, God's Grace, which has to bestow us and not these theological college people. And these self-appointed people, they cannot give us the Grace of God.

And the other side of rationality you never used it properly because if you had used it you would not have become slaves of these horrible fake gurus.

So both these mistakes have been committed. But doesn't matter. The Time has come to get your enlightenment.

Now when I tell you all this, first and foremost thing is, I request you not to feel guilty because when I say that it is very easy to become guilty, and finish off with it. There is nothing to feel guilty. You are all in My Heart. I love you very much. Whatever you have done is finished off. As soon as I have faith in you it is all done. Whatever mistakes have been done can be cured. If a child goes and spoils his clothes mother has to clean it. That's her job. She's paid for it you can say. She's paid by other things, not by money. I don't know what is the payment for feeling your Love for others. It is such a tremendous Joy that you Love so many of them and all of them, despite all their defects and all their mistakes. It is such a tremendous feeling of Peace and Bliss that with that feeling you do not consider any, any pain or any effort be mentioned to you.

I wish you all get your Realization fully, establish yourself and you, instead of facing Me, come and stand with Me and also feel what I am feeling. Once you start feeling that then you will know the Joy of Sahaja Yoga in the real sense. Still you keep yourself limited to your problems — all of you. Now direct your attention to the problems of others. As soon as you do that you will be amazed the transformation will be very, very quick and fast.

Today there is no chart (Subtle system chart) and all that. Doesn't matter. Chart is no, of no use, as long as you get your Realization and get settled down with it. In Sahaja Yoga you cannot just come to one of the rooms of Caxton Hall; first you are visiting that room, then you say, "Let's see what is going on here. Oh! So there's one mataji has come. Alright." So you come in, just sit down here, then walk up to another room. No! it's not like that. Here you have to get it. Your search must end! You have to find it. That's what it is. It's very different from others. Here you must get your Light! This is the point. May God bless you all."

Shri Ravi-Prakhya Nirmala Devi
Being Born Again,
Caxton Hall, London, U.K. — May 12, 1980

Ravi-Prakhya (596th): Effulgent like the sun.







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The two principles of freedom and order, which in mind and life are constantly representing themselves as contraries or incompatibles, though they have no need to be that if freedom is guarded by knowledge and order based upon truth of being, are in the supermind consciousness native of each other and even fundamentally one. This is so because both are inseparable aspects of the inner spiritual truth and therefore their determinations are one; they are inherent in each other, for they arise from an identity and therefore in action coincide in a natural identity. The gnostic being does not in any way or degree feel his liberty infringed by the imperative order of his thought or actions, because that order is intrinsic and spontaneous; he feels both his liberty and the order of his liberty to be one truth of his being. His liberty of knowledge is not a freedom to follow falsehood or error, for he does not need like the mind to pass through the possibility of error in order to know, — on the contrary, any such deviation would be a departure from his plenitude of the gnostic self, it would be a diminution of his self-truth and alien and injurious to his being; for his freedom is a freedom of light, not of darkness. His liberty of action is not a licence to act upon wrong will or the impulsions of the Ignorance, for that too would be alien to his being, a restriction and diminution of it, not a liberation. A drive for fulfilment of falsehood or wrong will would be felt by him, not as a movement towards freedom, but as a violence done to the liberty of the spirit, an invasion and imposition, an inroad upon his supernature, a tyranny of some alien Nature."

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man


"What is this that I am, I do not know." Man is a riddle to himself; he is a mystery he cannot decipher. Man is an "I am," he is a spark of being, he is real, but he does not know who he is because the very faculty he is endowed with, the very power he has, his mind, is what reveals to him that he is and conceals from him who he is. It is by his mind that Man wanders about; it is by his mind that Man recognizes his human condition and that he is free because he knows that he is; but that very mind is for him a burden, almost a prison in which he is secluded. He cannot fly beyond, because it is his own mind that makes the space available and sets the limits to his own incursion into reality; the mind is the organ he has in order to discover reality and even to be real. This is the first distich. Man is because he thinks, and he is because he thinks to be. No pretension is possible here. Thinking and being are not identical, but they are so intrinsically correlated that in Man there is not the one without the other. Man cannot escape the "space" of his own consciousness or transcend the "time" of his own being."       

Professor R. Panikkar, The Vedic Experience


The two principles of freedom and order, which in mind and life are constantly representing themselves as contraries or incompatibles, though they have no need to be that if freedom is guarded by knowledge and order based upon truth of being, are in the supermind consciousness native of each other and even fundamentally one. This is so because both are inseparable aspects of the inner spiritual truth and therefore their determinations are one; they are inherent in each other, for they arise from an identity and therefore in action coincide in a natural identity. The gnostic being does not in any way or degree feel his liberty infringed by the imperative order of his thought or actions, because that order is intrinsic and spontaneous; he feels both his liberty and the order of his liberty to be one truth of his being. His liberty of knowledge is not a freedom to follow falsehood or error, for he does not need like the mind to pass through the possibility of error in order to know, — on the contrary, any such deviation would be a departure from his plenitude of the gnostic self, it would be a diminution of his self-truth and alien and injurious to his being; for his freedom is a freedom of light, not of darkness. His liberty of action is not a licence to act upon wrong will or the impulsions of the Ignorance, for that too would be alien to his being, a restriction and diminution of it, not a liberation. A drive for fulfilment of falsehood or wrong will would be felt by him, not as a movement towards freedom, but as a violence done to the liberty of the spirit, an invasion and imposition, an inroad upon his supernature, a tyranny of some alien Nature."       

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man


If you strive to find the Self by using your mind, you will strive and strive in vain, because the mind cannot give you the Truth; a lie cannot give you truth. A lie can only entangle you in a web of deceit. But if you sensitize yourself, awaken your true, fine, beautiful qualities that all of you have, then you become a channel, a chalice in which your effulgent being will begin to shine. You will first think that a light is shining within you. You will seek to find that light. You will seek to hold it as you cherish and hold a beautiful gem. You will later find that the light that you found within you is in every pore, every cell of your body. You will later find that that light permeates every atom of the universe. You will later find that you are that light and what it permeates is the unreal illusion created by the mind."       

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, September 1997



The founders of religion inevitably met resistance, disbelief, and persecution when they attempted to spread their message. Thus Moses endured the murmurings of his people, Muhammad was branded a charlatan and pursued by his fellow tribesmen of the Quraysh, and Jesus was rejected and slandered by many of the Jews of his day and eventually was executed as an insurrectionist. Confucius was unsuccessful in his efforts to get his teachings accepted by the leaders of his day, and Lao Tzu describes his plight as that of a social outcast. Mahavira and even Buddha, whose ministry is glorified by later traditions, were abused and ridiculed as they wandered from town to town. Yet even more profound than the pains and travails which they suffered in the body was the inner agony of loneliness as these founders wandered about, with no one to understand them or sympathize with their minds. Their only solace was their single-minded devotion to God or their conviction about the truth which they, alone in the world, could understand ...

All these great founders of religion had courage, steadfastness of purpose, and fidelity to the goal which they sought, the cause which they championed, the reality which they realized, and the revelation with which they had been entrusted. With these qualities they could be victorious.

World Scripture
International Religious Foundation, Paragon House Publishing, 1995 p. 427-436


The individual is indeed the key of the evolutionary movement; for it is the individual who finds himself, who becomes conscious of the Reality. The movement of the collectivity is a largely subconscious mass movement; it has to formulate and express itself through the individuals to become conscious: its general mass consciousness is always less evolved than the consciousness of its most developed individuals, and it progresses in so far as it accepts their impress or develops what they develop. The individual does not owe his ultimate allegiance either to the State which is a machine or to the community which is a part of life and not the whole life: his allegiance must be to the Truth, the Self, the Spirit, the Divine which is in him and in all; not to subordinate or lose himself in the mass, but to find and express that truth of being in himself and help the community and humanity in its seeking for its own truth and fullness of being must be his real object of existence. But the extent to which the power of the individual life or the spiritual Reality within it becomes operative, depends on his own development: so long as he is undeveloped, he has to subordinate in many ways his undeveloped self to whatever is greater than it. As he develops, he moves towards a spiritual freedom, but this freedom is not something entirely separate from all-existence; it has a solidarity with it because that too is the self, the same spirit. As he moves towards spiritual freedom, he moves also towards spiritual oneness. The spiritually realized, the liberated man is preoccupied, says the Gita, with the good of all beings; Buddha discovering the way of Nirvana must turn back to open that way to those who are still under the delusion of their constructive instead of their real being — or non-being; Vivekananda, drawn by the Absolute, feels also the call of the disguised Godhead in humanity and most the call of the fallen and the suffering, the call of the self to the self in the obscure body of the universe. For the awakened individual the realization of his truth of being and his inner liberation and perfection must be his primary seeking, — first, because that is the call of the Spirit within him, but also because it is only be liberation and perfection and realization of the truth of being that man can arrive at truth of living. A perfected community also can exist only by the perfection of its individuals, and perfection can come only by the discovery and affirmation in life by each of his own spiritual being and the discovery by all of their spiritual unity and a resultant life unity."       

Sri Aurobindo, The Future Evolution of Man


"As you know, many different meditative traditions have come into being throughout the world during the last five thousand years, developing specific theologies and rituals through countless generations of deep spiritual exploration. In spite of their seeming differences, all these meditative traditions have one goal in common — that of bringing human beings into more direct experiential contact with the spiritual realities of the universe.

By definition, there can be only one Infinite Presence, one Universal Creative Source, one all-encompassing Consciousness for us to tap into. So even though the various human civilizations have developed quite diverse ways for approaching spiritual reality, the Infinite Presence we seek communion with is always the same.

The reason kundalini meditation is such a remarkable process for spiritual awakening is that it is not based on complex theological arguments, or culturally defined religious concepts. Kundalini meditation is focused instead upon the immediate, ultimate experience of the divine within all of us, not upon belief systems regarding that divinity. Therefore, regardless of our particular religious upbringing and theological beliefs, all of us can employ kundalini meditation to aid our spiritual evolution. Once we learn to look beyond concepts, we are free to encounter — through direct spiritual illumination — the radiant core of Love and Life that lies at the center of our own personal consciousness....

The reason kundalini meditation possess such universal appeal at this point in history is that it offers a clear, experience-based approach for awakening our mundane minds to the presence of our true spiritual nature. Through kundalini meditation we can master the quieting of our habitual flow of thoughts, which normally block deep spiritual reflection. Then in this calm state of consciousness, we can observe and participate in the infinite life-force as it flows through our bodies. And with regular meditation, we come to experience a most remarkable phenomenon directly at the center of our own being — the bright flash of illumination that brings us into immediate contact with the divine force of creation that animates all life ...

Kundalini is a power, a presence, an illumination that lies beyond human religious thought. We need no religious symbology dragging us down in our exploration of our deeper spiritual nature. All we need are core meditative techniques that enable us to quiet our thinking mind so we become still, and know through immediate personal contact our oneness with God — with whatever name we might give to the infinite and yet intimate spiritual presence that lives deep within us.

John Selby, Kundalini Awakening,
Bantam Books, 1992, p. 7-8


"Whilst the practice of meditation did lead a man to a certain degree of self-knowledge in so far as it penetrated the strata of his thoughts and feeling to their more peaceful foundation, it did not lead him to self-sufficiency. This was because the external world was always confronting him on his return with the silent demand that it also be thoroughly known and properly understood. Unless therefore he enquired deeply into its real nature and united the resulting knowledge with his mystical perception, he would remain in the twilight and not in the full morning sun, as the entranced mystic thought himself to be....

The mystic worshipped the half-truth of himself whilst the whole truth which put together both his inner self and the external world, waited ignored or misunderstood.

Contemporary history plainly foreshadowed that the scientist who was preoccupied with the external world alone and ignored his internal world, would if he were mentally penetrative enough and temperamentally courageous enough, finally have to turn his preoccupation towards himself. Thus the man who started with the formula, "What is the universe?" was forced to finish with its mate, "What am I?"

Paul Brunton, Ph.D., The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga, E. P. Dutton & Co., 1966, p. 26-7



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