The Darkness Of Ignorance

"within every human being abides the Divine inner dweller, whose steadfast purpose it is to bring the individual to spiritual fulfillment through union with the One. In the Vedic texts of India, Kundalini Shakti is the name used to denote this spiritual Power within. Much more profound, subtle, and potent than its manifestation of vital energy, the sacred inner Presence is light and love and life itself. This indweller is revered in all spiritual traditions by whatever name is chosen to refer to it, be it the Divine within, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, Shekhinah, etc. It is she who empowers our striving for spiritual attainment and who is relentless in her efforts to guide, help, and urge us to this goal.”-
The parents of Kash enjoying the bliss of ignorance
Kash's father enjoying a life of alcohol, drugs and decadence before Self-Realization.
(He is really happy here with his wife because a party, with ample alcohol, is in progress.).

The initial joy and amazement at Kash's incredible spiritual revelations were short-lived. within days Mr. Vipin Kumar rang back and advised the father to tell Kash to stop meditating immediately. There was an urgency in his voice which implored his close friend to understand the peril he had put his son into.

Apparently he had consulted one of his clients, Mr. Selva, a medium, to discuss the fax. According to Selva such feats were not possible. There was no scripture in the world that could support this phenomenon. In his entire life he had never come across anything like that. His diagnosis was that an evil spirit had overpowered Kash — a very powerful evil spirit.

This news terrified Kash's mother, who being overseas at the time, telephoned her spouse and pleaded with him not to dabble in black spirits!

The father just could not understand the irony and hypocrisy of the situation. This tantric medium, Selva (whom he had met before) obtained his siddhis (powers) from so-called 'good spirits' by spending time hunting for them in cemeteries! He then used these supposed-to-be-benevolent spirits to exorcise humans possessed by bad spirits.

He was, simply, an exorcist. Still, he felt qualified to determine that Kash was definitely possessed, based upon his knowledge that it was impossible for anyone to meet and mingle with God Almighty's Divine Messengers. That this feat was achieved by a mere kid, only reinforced his conviction. And since this child had no spiritual background, this medium was absolutely convinced that it was the work of demons and that an evil spirit was controlling Kash. According to him, all meditation should cease immediately as extreme danger lay ahead - and this father's son would surely become mentally retarded, or mad, if he persisted. Maybe even dead!

Kash's father, who was absolutely certain that his young son was just a normal child undergoing a stunning state of deep gnosis, totally ignored the advice given by his wife and his best friend.

It was due to these"possession fears"that Kash's mother reacted so strongly when she returned to Canada.

Upon stepping into her home and seeing Shri Mataji's photograph in the living room, she asked: "Who is this woman?”Without even waiting for a reply she requested that the photograph be removed right away. She wanted nothing to do with the Woman who possessed her son, even if he was meeting the most revered messengers of God Almighty!

No amount of explanation by her spouse could change her mind. She loved, respected and trusted her rakhi brother Vipin without question, a loyalty arising from years of deep friendship bonded by countless fond memories of raksha bandhan. If he had found out that the family was to stop meditating immediately to avoid serious harm, then it was the truth! He was giving sound advice out of genuine concern to protect his sister.

The photograph of Shri Mataji was taken from the hall and put into the children's room. The husband just kept quiet as his wife was at an advanced stage of pregnancy, and he did not wish to add any more stress.

There was a silent religious/spiritual rift. The father and children meditated on the Great Spiritual Mother, while The Mother continued with her inherited Sikh religion.

After about two weeks, the spouse had a long discussion with his wife and requested of her that why not she try out the Self-realization of the Great Formless Mother? Her son was meditating daily with Her and was revealing spiritual Knowledge that was original, way beyond anything they had previously known about before!

It was, further, explained to her that an open mind would be needed, in order not to reject this Truth outright just because of religious conditionings. There was mounting evidence that the Creator was not what these religious institutions had made Him to be. There were many spiritual questions without logical answers that made their existing religious regimes look like kindergarten classes for introducing and imbibing the consciousness of God to the masses.

There were now even more questions that begged for answers:

i)  How was it possible for her son to enter His Kingdom within himself, an absolute Reality preached by all His Messengers and written in the Holy Scriptures?

ii)  How was it possible for him to explain about all the incarnations of God — from Shri Krishna to Christ, from Shri Buddha to Prophet Muhammad — for the very first time in his life?

iii)  How was it possible for him to give them Knowledge that was unknown to even the most enlightened heads of religious regimes?

iv)  How could she believe in these corrupted religious institutions that reeked of hypocrisy and falsehood?

v)  Didn't the words of her son, who insisted that all the Messengers were living in perfect harmony in His Kingdom make much more sense than the words coming from the religious regimes who were trumpeting their own message and relegating all others to hell?

vi)  Didn't the simple Truths of an innocent child reveal much more than what these religious clans showed, who were clawing, biting, and tearing each other up for supremacy?

vii)  How was it possible for Kash's father to completely give up decades of heavy drinking, smoking, and other vices instantly and effortlessly, a feat that all her prayers and spouse's own efforts failed to fulfill?

Kash's mother began to sense something stirring, something that her religious institution failed to provide for her and other followers. Hundreds of millions still found no peace in their hearts and minds, despite decades of prayers and chants.

Besides, Kash was a perfectly normal happy child full of the zest of life. Often, the wife saw her husband sitting together with their son immediately after meditation asking questions. And she heard her son relating in detail about his spiritual journeys with Shri Sarva-vyadhi-prasamani Devi. 1 These encounters with various Messengers of God were definitely extraordinary, and she could not explain to herself, nor comprehend how it was possible for him to meet them.

Moreover, Kash never went into any trance like hundreds and thousands of gurus, ascetics and ordinary folk in India regularly succumbed to, claiming that the 'deity' was speaking through them.

Neither did he do any wild and weird gesticulations like the 'kundalini masters' did who claimed to have 'mastered' this primordial power. Kash just sat cross-legged, effortlessly raised his Kundalini, and meditated in complete peace and serenity. There was no evidence of him being possessed or mentally retarded as she had been lead to believe was the case.

Her husband suggested that she empty her mind of these outdated false conditionings, that made people prisoners-of-religion. She did realize that religious institutions were rife with falsehood and narrow-mindedness! It was time to listen to her son who was daily meditating and describing a Spiritual Realm completely beyond the ability of the most powerful pope, ayatollah or dalai lama. She had to at least believe her own son!

In the end Kash's mother realized that all her fears and conditionings made no sense. The blind faith of a corrupted religion had made her immune to the Truth. Her young son was revealing a new direction and method in which to seek the Divine Mother that even her own revered Sikh Gurus prayed and meditated upon.

There was no strength left to deny the colossal Tide of Truth, as it relentlessly battered her religious fortress and exposed its false foundations. The Time had come to leave behind these Evening Empires that were crumbling into sand.

She agreed to receive the Atmajnana (Self-Realization) of the 'divine mother' that her son was meeting daily in a Spiritual World which he claimed was more real than that of Earth! The dark night of avidya (ignorance) was coming to an end.

The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

“Without desire this Universe would not have existed. This Desire of God is the one that is the Holy Ghost. It is the All-Pervading Power, it is the Kundalini within us. Kundalini has only one desire — it is to be the Spirit and anything else if you desire the Kundalini doesn't rise. Only when it knows that this desire is going to be fulfilled by somebody who is facing the seeker, it is awakened. If you do not have a desire no one can raise it. Sahaja Yogis should never try to force this desire on other people.”

Shri Savyapasavya-Margastha Devi
India — Dec. 19, 1982

“So the Time has come for all of us to understand that all religions are one. They are part and parcel of one God and that all Incarnations are supporting each other, nourishing each other and caring for each other. There is complete concord between them. There is no way you will see they will oppose each other. NEVER!"

Shri Bhavanagamya Devi
Delhi, India — February 3,1983

Bhavanagamya [113rd]: Realised by mental effort (called dhyana). Here it may be Dhyana of (1) vigraha or pratika which is outside, (2) or by concentration inside the heart on a mental image and worshipping Her by various offerings, (3) or by losing the devotee's individuality in Sri-Lalita-paramesvari in the Sahasrara. This is the best and is called sattvika-bhavana.

“So we must know that it's a new explosion. That's why I call it Blossom Time, that we are definitely spiritual people. We have got spirituality and that the Divine is working. So the Kali Yuga is finishing. Now it is the Krita Yuga ...

Krita Yuga means at the Time when this All-Pervading Power has started acting. Nobody felt the Cool Vibrations. Can you believe that? It was never related to any science. It was never related to physical science especially. So I must say the achievement of Sahaja Yoga is tremendous ... The All-Pervading Power has started acting as I am on Earth!"

Shri Vasuda Devi
Shri Krishna's Advent, Ipswich, U.K. — Aug. 19, 1990

"Symbolism of divine messengers

Experiences relating to these realities could not at any time have been common or widespread and must have come mainly through consecrated channels: yogis (Hindu meditation practitioners), gurus (Hindu teachers), prophets, mystics, saints, and spiritual masters of the inner life. This channelling through human agents has given rise to a host of divine messengers: a hierarchy of angels, intermediaries, and incarnations, singly or in succession. This manner of approaching or receiving the divine or holy is the justification of avatars (incarnations of God) and the man-God in various religions.”God was made man in order that man might be made God.” "

Britannica Online
"within every human being abides the Divine inner dweller, whose steadfast purpose it is to bring the individual to spiritual fulfillment through union with the One. In the Vedic texts of India, Kundalini Shakti is the name used to denote this spiritual Power within. Much more profound, subtle, and potent than its manifestation of vital energy, the sacred inner Presence is light and love and life itself. This indweller is revered in all spiritual traditions by whatever name is chosen to refer to it, be it the Divine within, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother, Shekhinah, etc. It is she who empowers our striving for spiritual attainment and who is relentless in her efforts to guide, help, and urge us to this goal.”-
"Wake up Mother Kundalini,
Thou whose nature is Bliss Eternal - the bliss of Brahman,
Thou dwelling like a serpent asleep at the lotus of Muladhara,
Sure affected and distressed am I in body and mind,
Do thou bless me and leave thy place at basic lotus.
Consort of Shiva, the Self-caused Lord of universe,
Do thou take thy upward course through the central canal,
Leaving behind Svadhishthana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha
And Ajna, be thou united with Shiva, thy Lord the God,
At Sahasrara - the thousand-petalled lotus in the brain,
Sort there freely, O Mother, Giver of Bliss Absolute,
Wake up Mother Kundalini, Wake up.”

Shri Swami Sivananda

1. Shri Sarva-vyadhi-prasamani Devi (551st) Cures all diseases of mind and body. Sri Lalita Sahasranama, C. Suryanarayana Murthy, Associated Advertisers and Printers, 1989

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