22. Prophecies Of Nostradamus

"Throughout the prophet's visions of apocalypse the theme of a new religious consciousness occurs again and again. It will flourish, he says, before the end of the 20th century.” John Hogue
"Such heartless people, who abuse the innocence of children by doing such heinous things, are not described in any predictions, so the West does not have any faith in any Indian predictions. They feel very strongly that the ancient Indian astrologers had no clear insights. What about Nostradamus? It is as if those ancient seers could not bear to relate such stark horrors that no one would have believed until this time, the lowest point of Kali Yuga.” The Paraclete Mataji Nirmala Devi

Nostradamus NostradamusNostradamus  Nostradamus Nostradamus 

Nostradamus (1503-66)

Nostradamus (December 14, 1503—July 2, 1566) is one of the world's most famous authors of prophecies. He is best known for his book Les Propheties, which consists of one unrhymed and 941 rhymed quatrains, grouped into nine sets of 100 and one of 42, called "Centuries.”

Nostradamus (Michel de Nostredame) - a Jewish prophet, astrologer, astronomer and physician - was born in St. Remy, France, and converted to Catholicism to avoid religious persecution. His intrinsic wisdom and future visions were true in many cases (although many of his one thousand or so quatrains are vague.) In Centuries he foresaw events far removed from his times — flying machines, the fall of communism, the world wars, alien visitors, and others.

The accuracy and uncanny detail of Nostradamus' prediction in 1556 foreseeing the death of Henry II by 1559 propelled him to new heights and royal recognition. His immense visionary power made him vulnerable to religious persecution and was hounded by the Inquisition for a decade prior to his death. It is for this reason his prophecies are obscure and safeguarded in ancient languages and cryptic camouflage, with strange references and metaphors to contemporary as well as future events. Given the latent paranoia of the evil of women during his time, any prophecy to their rise had to be well hidden from inquisitive minds. Even if he had been forced to explain them there were always "safe" interpretations.

He was a man ahead of is times. The essence of his powers laid in his understanding of the ancient art of intuition, as is evident in this preface to his son Cesar: "I emptied my soul, brain and heart of all care and attained a state of tranquillity and stillness of mind which are prerequisites for predicting by means of the brass tripod ... human understanding being created by intellect cannot see secret things unless helped by voices from a void which is helped in turn by the thin candle flame ... from which comes a clouded vision of great events, unhappy and important, cataclysmic adventures arriving at the right time.”

We will present a number of authors and redirect the readers' attention towards a different way of reflecting past interpretations. We are of the opinion that there is more than meets the eye.

"The very meaning of Nostradamus means "Our Lady" in Latin. So his prophecies of women are much more than has been understood till today.”1

We begin with the last chapter of John Hogue's Nostradamus: The New Revelations, which reads:

John Hogue, Nostradamus: The New Revelations
"Almost all the publications on Nostradamus' work which have appeared this century focus exclusively on the negative aspects of his predictions, making him, in the popular mind, a prophet solely of destruction and disaster, plague and nuclear war.

But are we inevitably doomed to a future world of natural and ecological disaster, plague and nuclear war? Is our future destiny, as foreseen by Nostradamus, immutable, or will we be given an opportunity to improve our chances of survival?

Throughout the prophet's visions of apocalypse the theme of a new religious consciousness occurs again and again. It will flourish, he says, before the end of the 20th century ...

In their present state the established religions show little signs of an ability to bring peace on earth. On the contrary, most of the wars of history have been fought over differences of faith and different definitions of the nature of "truth.” By clearing predicting the flowering of a new religion, Nostradamus discounts all the familiar established faiths. What is the nature of this new religion? Is it already developing, or yet to be born?”

John Hogue, Nostradamus: The New Revelations
Element Books, Inc., 1994, p. 225.

“Radical attempts to lift human consciousness always meet with violent opposition, particularly from those with vested interests in retaining the status quo. Throughout history men of vision have been subject to persecution. Ironically, many of the political and religious groups, the "Authorities," which silenced them, later capitalized on their deaths, presumably in an effort to consolidate both their power and influence.

An example is the way the pagan Roman Empire crucified Jesus, then later established Christianity as a state religion. The history of the Roman Catholic church and its Vatican, built over the bones of a crucified Peter, stems from these beginnings.

Can we be open to the possibility that there may be spiritual teachers among us now who have new insights into how we can all live happily on our planet? Such a fresh look at our mystic contemporaries may require us to set aside our accepted beliefs and preconceptions. By branding modern visionaries as eccentric, or dangerous enough to outlaw, as our society often does, we may be repeating the mistakes made by the God-fearing citizens of Jerusalem 2,000 years ago when they branded Jesus Christ as a guru of a mad cult.

Some 60 quatrains of Nostradamus' prophecies seem to chronicle today's new spiritual teachers and their movements. The pattern of these prophecies indicates the unique historical phenomenon which we call the "Human Potential" or "New Age" movement ... These 60 quatrains contain eight major clues to the character of the new religion and its teachings, and to the identification of its visionaries.”

John Hogue, Nostradamus: The New Revelations
Element Books, Inc., 1994, p. 226-27

It has to be again emphasized that this Age of Last Judgment and Resurrection demands that humans light up the dark caverns of their religious minds by erasing all past conditioning. Seekers of Truth are just waking up, after Self-Realization, like newborn babies startled by the strange mask of spiritual Reality. We have a long time to go before we can comprehend and be comfortable with this new Reality. Receiving enlightenment on Mother Earth is just the first faint ray of Divine Light to awaken us from spiritual slumber. It will take liberated beings an entire lifetime to be fully enlightened. There is an Ocean of Knowledge to be imbibed, drop by tiny drop. Just a single spiritual drop can throw the mind into chaos and confusion as the past conditioning confronts and clash with radical Reality.

A minute portion of this one drop from this Ocean reveals that Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri Nirmala Devi is an Androgynous Being. Her 861st name in the Sri Lalita Sahasranama is Kantardha-vigraha, which literally means "having a form half of which is female.” It is with awareness that the prophecies of Nostradamus have to be understood. John Hogue, author of Nostradamus: The New Revelations explains


He will appear in Asia (and be) at home in Europe ... C 10 Q 75
The man from the East will come out of his seat
Passing across the Apennines to see France
He will fly through the sky ... C 2 Q 29


He will fly through the sky, the rains and the snows
And strike everyone with his rod C 2 Q 29
He will appear in Asia, at home in Europe.
One who is issued from the great Hermes ... C 10 Q 75

In two major quatrains about a man from the East there are allusions to the iron rod of Hermes. This rod is often interpreted in terms of a nuclear missile, a reading which makes the man an agent of the Antichrist. But interpreters should also remember the occult significance of Nostradamus' choice of vocabulary. The Hermes reference links the rod to the caduceus wand, the Western symbol for enlightenment. The rod has the power to transform, liberating the individual to the truth. This man from the east wields the rod like a Zen stick to jolt the world into waking from its illusions. From this, we can infer that Nostradamus is describing an Eastern teacher who strikes at the world and would, therefore, be unpopular. He might use unusual and unorthodox devices to stir people up, disturbing the status "codes" of social and religious behavior in our materialistic times.


A man will be charged with destroying the temple and religions altered by fantasy.
He will harm the rocks rather than the living.
Ears filled with ornate speeches. C 1 Q 96

The idea that old religion is a fantasy or a shadow of its living teaching is a recurring theme. The man mentioned in Century 1, Quatrain 96 will strike out against traditional rock-like dogmas, earning the unified wrath of the world's organized religions.


Against the red ones religions will unite ... C 9 Q 51
(Those who plot are at point of dying
Except one who above all will run the world. C 9 Q 51.)
The rose (color) upon the middle of the world scene ...
To speak the truth they will have closed mouths.
Then at the time of need the awaited one will come late. C 5 Q 96

Most interpreters of Nostradamus believe that his references to the color red relate to revolutionaries. But perhaps these revolutionaries are not those from Russia or France which spring most readily to mind. Red or shades of "rose" are colors used symbolically by Eastern mystics and seekers to represent the fire of awareness, the sunset of the old world and the dawning of the inner enlightenment, described by spiritual traditions as "The Mystic Rose.” A riddle "to speak with closed mouths" is almost a Zen koan, and may very well describe the 1990's worldwide interest in Eastern meditation techniques. In fact, there is more mainstream interest in meditation in these latter-days of the 20th century than there was during the revolutionary 1960s.


... at the eve of another desolation
When the perverted church is atop her most high and sublime dignity ...,
There will proceed one born from a branch long barren,
Who will deliver the people of the world from a meek and voluntary slavery
And place them under the protection of Mars ...
The flame of a sect shall spread the world over ... Epistle to Henry II

Here Nostradamus attempts to describe what is the cornerstone of all major religions — the concept of complete surrender to belief. His poetic references to liberating individuals from the "voluntary slavery" of belief, a tenet of faith historically abused by religious leaders to keep people obedient, becomes less clear in the last line of the quoted section from Nostradamus' Epistle to Henry II: "place them under the protection of Mars.” But is we look at the occult connection between Mars in its higher form and Hermes, the bearer of the enlightened rod, the meaning is less obscure. Mars rules the astrological sign, Aries, a fire sign, and both are represented by the color red. Eastern mystics wear red or orange, for similar symbolic reasons, as described in clue four. Higher Mars is represented by the Hermes the Magician holding the caduceus rod of enlightenment. The philosophical similarities between Hermetic teachings and Eastern tantra, the main essence of Eastern philosophies, seem to imply that this new religion is not like the old, judgmental faiths, but perhaps teaches a new acceptance of life. This teaching would certainly be in tune with modern developments towards change through the "Human Potential" movement — a kind of magic used as a launch pad to an experience of the divine.


Sooner or later you will see great changes, extreme horrors and vengeance,
For the moon is led by its angel,
The heavens approach the Balance.
(Astrological — Pluto transit of Libra 1972-1984)

C1 Q 56

The great amount of silver of Diana (moon) and Mercury (Hermes.)
The images will be seen in the lake (the mind of meditation)
The sculptor looking for new clay.
He and his followers will be soaked in gold.
(a Hermetic reference to the attainment of enlightenment.)

C 9 Q 12

Second to the last of the prophet's name
Will take Diana's day (the moon's day) as his day of rest ...

C 2 Q 28

The moon in the middle of the night ...The young sage alone with his mind has seen it.
His disciples invite him to become immortal ...
His body in the fire.

C 4 Q 31

The allusions to "silent rest," "Images, ... seen" and "Alone with his mind" imply the silence and distance from thought experienced by the individual who, in a state of meditation, observes the changeability of life, the mind, and the emotions. Buddha called meditation Dhyana or Dhyan, a name which corresponds to the French pronouncement of "Diana" used by Nostradamus. Here again, therefore, fire and Hermes are linked. The references in the first line of Quatrain 28 Century 2 also seem to infer that the new spiritual leader has a name related to the moon.


... (he) will take Diana's day as his day of silent rest.
He will travel far and wide in his drive to infuriate,
Delivering a great people from subjection.

C 2 Q 28

Clue 5 also refers to a "people" linked to Hermes, the moon and meditation and the coming to the West of an eastern teacher. Perhaps the teacher travels, or will travel, around the world. Maybe the controversial message of his "drive to infuriate" orthodox belief will keep the teacher on the move. Nostradamus implies that he will only rest on Diana's day, which would be Monday, the moon's day.


... the Antichrist returns for the last time ... All the Christian and infidel nations will tremble ... for the space of twenty-five years. Wars and battles will be more grievous than ever. Towns, cities, citadels and other structures will be destroyed ... So many evils by Satan's prince will be committed that almost the entire world will find itself undone and desolated. Before these events many rare birds will cry in the air. "Now!" "Now!" and sometimes later will vanish. (Epistle to Henry II)

Nostradamus is fond of using riddles about animal life, such as the swarms of bees and the eagle used to describe Napoleon's crest of arms. The birds in this part of the Epistle to Henry II may be another riddle, perhaps a symbol relating to some aspect of the religious visionary who will help ward off the dire apocalyptic events described in the rest of the passage. The message may be anti-prophetic in that the key to avert disaster may come from abandoning both the past and our obsession with tomorrow. Instead, we should focus all our intelligence and energy on "Now!" The rod or the Zen stick only "strikes" in the present moment. According to Eastern mystics enlightenment is ever "now.” "

John Hogue Nostradamus: The New Revelations
Element Books, Inc., 1994, p. 226-234.

John Hogue, Nostradamus: The New Revelations

This Dark Age will be succeeded by the age of light

"Madam Blavatsky, one of the leading psychic seers of the 19th century, predicted that the Maitreya would appear in Asia around the year 1950.”We are at the close of the cycle of five thousand years of the present Aryan Kali Yuga, or Dark Age. This will be succeeded by the age of light ... A new messenger of the spirit will be sent to the western nations. He is appearing in 1975.”...

Nostradamus' equivalent to Blavatsky's prophecy occurs in Century 4, Quatrain 50.

Libra will see the western lands (America) to govern,
Holding the rule over the skies and the earth
No one will see the forces of Asia destroyed
Until seven hold the hierarchy in succession.

C 4 Q 50

The quatrain number may imply 1950 and the superpower America, represented by Libra's scale of democracy. Here again is the reference to Middle and/or far Eastern alliances being destroyed, clearing placing this event in our new future. America is portrayed in many prophetic traditions as the most fertile ground for the new religious teachings. The "seven" are the seven millennia in Nostradamus' calculations which end in A.D. 2000, which also links this quatrain to the quatrain below:
The year the great seventh number is accomplished
Appearing at the time of the games of slaughter,
Not far from the age of the great millennium (2000)
When the dead will come out of their graves.

C 10 Q 74

If, before the year 2000, man can reject political power games in favor of a new awakening, the world may survive into the next millennium... . For our last quotation in this chapter it is thus appropriate to remind ourselves of the following quatrain describing the new spiritual teacher from the East, the man we are in danger of missing.

Long awaited he will never return.
He will appear in Asia (and be) at home in Europe,
One who is issued from the great Hermes ...

C 10 Q 75

We are still not far enough down the line to draw precise conclusions as to the identity of the man or men whom Nostradamus and many other prophets saw as the instruments of the birth of the new religion. As the prophecies unfold into reality, it remains to be seen just what we can hope to enjoy or suffer in the coming "New Age.”...

Mars and the scepter will be in conjunction, (June 21st, 2002)
A calamitous war under Cancer. (July 1999)
A short time afterward a new king will be anointed
Who will bring peace to the earth for a very long time.

C 6 Q24

There will be peace, union and change,
Estates and offices (that were) low, (are) high those high, (made) very low.
To prepare for a journey torments the first (child).
War to cease, civil processes, debates.

C 9 Q 66

The first quatrain may be a promise of redemption for the world after the terrible natural disaster or war that brings terror down from the skies in July of 1999 (calamitous war in Cancer). The next time Jupiter (scepter) conjuncts Mars will be on 21 June 2002. The new king could be the long awaited Christian Messiah, or the Messiah of a half-dozen other religious traditions, who triggers Nostradamus' promised millennium of peace on earth. The second quatrain could represent any post-cataclysmic or post war period. An occult interpretation of the third lines identifies the "first" as the children of a new mankind who are about to embark on a new era of exploration of space and the inner exploration of the soul.”

John Hogue, Nostradamus: The New Revelations
Element Books, Inc., 1994, p. 244-48.

Nostrodamus And The End - July 1999 Is Coming Fast!

"To interpret the King of Terror quatrian, Lemesurier has gone back to the original text of 1555 and discovered that it actually refers to "roy deffraieur" (an appeaser king). In subsequent corrupt additions, after the death of Nostradumus, the word acquired an apostrophe to become "roy d'effraieur" (king of terror).

So there you have it. Thanks to a misplaced apostrophe, the world won't end this Sunday after all.”

The Sunday Telegraph, July 2, 1999

(Peter Lemesurier is an author, academician and leading authority on Nostradamus)

The Meaning of July 1999
Nostrodamus and the end - July 1999 is coming fast!

From: Ann (EMPIREONE) May-25 2:11 pm
To: ALL #49.1 1 of 21

John-Brian asked that I re-post this here, or give him permission to do so. Given the name of the forum, I decided to do it myself, and plan to be back on at least a semi-regular basis. :) ...

The original post:

I've been playing with Nostradamus' quatrains again (surprise! {G}) and have come up with a fascinating scenario. To save space, I'm not quoting entire quatrains in all their Old French, with all the English translations; I'll supply those on request. But I will give the Century-Quatrain, in case you want to look 'em up between now and then.

1-80 calls for thunder in Burgundy during a time of Saturn, with a monster being born of a hideous beast, then March-June, great wounding and worrying.

Well, the Kosovo war started in March, born (at least outwardly) of Milosevic's ethnic cleansing of the Albanians there. Thunder in Burgundy could refer to NATO warplanes taking off from there, or (pessimistically) the war spreading as far as France. A friend of mine who knows astrology says we are in a time of Saturn.

6-24 calls for a calamitous (or chaotic) war under Cancer, while Mars and "The sceptre" are in conjunction. That is to be followed by the anointing of a new king who will bring peace for a long time.

From this, the war is going to get a lot hotter between 21 June and 21 July, followed in turn by ...

10-72, which is a =really= tricky quatrain, but specifically calls for the arrival in the seventh month of a Great King from the sky. I'll go into this one in more detail if anyone's interested, but there are so many interpretations (of both varieties, linguistic and "What's he mean") that I'll only go into the way I think it connects with the two above and several others, at the moment.

The arrival of the Great or new King (the world having a single monarch is a common theme of Nostradamus') who will stop the war and bring peace.

Okay, I'm more optimistic than most interpreters, but since there's less than three months to prove me right or wrong, at least I'm willing to post what I think and risk being made fun of — 'cause if I'm all wet, I'll deserve it! {G}

Network of Religious Futurists(http://www.delphi.com/)

From: Ann (EMPIREONE) May-26 3:11 pm
To: John-Brian (JOHNBRIAN) #49.3, in reply to 49.2 3 of 21

Thanks for your welcome. :)

As to who the Great King will be, I've read up on a number of prophets, not just Nostradamus, and I have a perspective (science fiction reader/writer) that's rather different from most interpreters.

In a large percentage of the prophecies that aren't tied to a specific religion (I disregard those in my analyses), there's a common theme of someone arriving from the sky to bring peace, plenty, and long life. All that I've seen that have any dating information place said arrival about this time; Nostradamus is the only one specific as to month and year.

If he's correct, and the arrival is month after next, I truly don't see anyone currently on Earth, including the Pope, who fits the bill, and there's no time for someone currently unknown to gain the stature required.

So, taking those prophecies at face value, the only way I can see them being fulfilled by Nostradamus' date is through a science-fictional interpretation, namely an arrival from space or another dimension of beneficial intervenors.

I think the worst part of my prophecy hobby is that, whether my analyses are right or wrong, it ends at the end of July. {G}

Network of Religious Futurists(http://www.delphi.com/)

From: John-Brian (JOHNBRIAN) Jun-17 9:21 pm
To: ITFT7 #49.7, in reply to 49.6 7 of 21

It is amazing to me how many prophecies are tied together at this time....many have been pointing to the problems as indicators, but no one says for sure when it will stop. It is very clear they all look to a time beyond a "time of troubles.”

The Ojibwe elders say that this is a time when we need to get to know each other's beliefs better and teach each other the truths, so that when we need each other we will know our brothers and sisters....

John-Brian Paprock - Gezheek Banochiish (Sun Child)

"We are never so lost that our angels cannot find us.”

Host of the Future of Religion Forum, Network of Religious Futurists

John Hogue, Nostradamus: The New Revelations


"In a letter to Henry II of France Nostradamus confronted the king with a vision which, no doubt, seriously perturbed the 16th-century monarch. The prophet confided that, sometime around the year 2000, the religious world as the king understood it would either be changed beyond recognition or be completely destroyed. In the following selection of quatrains, Nostradamus implies that there would be three major steps along the Catholic Church's path to self-destruction. First, through its relationship with fascism the Papacy would forfeit its spiritual integrity. Secondly, it would be further weakened by the murder of a Pope who is on the verge of revealing corruption in the Vatican Bank. Thirdly, the Catholic clergy would be decimated by a new kind of plague.


It is now widely acknowledged by historians that Pope Pius XII was sympathetic to the fascist cause and that, by the time he became pope, his reputation for being able to deal successfully with fascist governments was well known. In 1933, as Vatican secretary of state, he had played a major role in the conclusion of a Vatican treaty with nazi Germany and, despite worldwide pressure, refused to excommunicate either Hitler or Mussolini during the war. In his communications with his French and German clergy concerning the papal position on "just wars" his arguments were so cleverly constructed that the leading priests of these two opposing nations could each assure their governments that their military endeavors had the Church's blessing. In justification of his reluctance to condemn Germany's invasion of Poland, Pope Pius XII said: "There are 40 million Catholics in the Reich. What would they be exposed to after such an act by the Holy See.”

Pius XII also lent his support to Bernardini Nogara's business-(and fascist) related efforts and three of Nogara's nephews were on the boards of Vatican-controlled companies in Italy.

In Germany today one legacy of the Vatican agreement with Hitler still remains. This is the Kirchensteuer, or church tax, which, automatically deducted from the wages of all Germans who do not renounce their religion, is given to Germany's Catholic and Protestant churches. In 1978, the Catholics' share of this tax amounted to 1.9 billion dollars, of which a significant portion was passed on to the Vatican.

The warlike party, by the great Pontiff. Who will subjugate the frontiers of the Danube (Hister)
Those of the crooked cross (OR: the cross pursued by hook or by crook)
Captives, gold, jewels, more than one hundred thousand rubies. C 6 Q 49

The swastika-symbol of the Nazi Party was commonly described as a "crooked cross.” The double meaning of "crooked" as evil is not missed by Nostradamus who foresaw the vast crimes of the nazis and the uncountable wealth they robbed from their victims. He points a damming finger at Pope Pius XII.

After a pontificate of seventeen years, five years will see changes (W.W. II) that put an end to the war.
At the same time one will be elected who will not be too conforming to the Romans. C 5 Q 92

For four years, the Seat will be held for some little good. One will accede to it who is more worldly.
Ravenna and Pisa, Verona will support him, desirous of elevating the Papal cross. C 6 Q 26

After the very aged Pope's death will be elected a Roman of good age:
He will be accused of weakening the Holy See and will last a long time, doing controversial work. C 5 Q 56

Paul the Celibate shall die three leagues from Rome ... C 8 Q 46

A pope in radical contrast to his popular predecessor, Paul VI was both more worldly and more politically astute. During his papacy an old friend of his — a Sicilian banker with close ties to the Mafia — was taken on as financial advisor to the Vatican Bank. The activities of banker Michele Sindona, and of others involved in his schemes using Vatican money, led to a major scandal in 1982. When a bank controlled by Sindona's group was found to be on the brink of collapse, a huge network of corruption, murder and fraud was exposed. This network had been made possible and financed through Sindona's manipulation of the Vatican's enormous wealth.

One of Nostradamus' verses can be read as an ironic jibe at Paul VI's piety. "Paul the Celibate," he says, "shall die three leagues from Rome.” It was widely rumored that the church had a homosexual lover and, in this verse, Nostradamus predicts the exact distance between the city limits of Rome and Castel Gandolfo, the papal residence just outside the city, where Paul died in 1978.”

John Hogue, Nostradamus: The New Revelations
Element Books, Inc., 1994, p. 156-59.

1. Manuela Dunn Mascetti and Peter Lorie, Nostradamus: Prophecies for Women, Simon & Schuster, 1995, p. 16.

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