"Without question, I agree 100% for using vibrations/subtle system in the medical field."

Yes, that is exactly what I said and mean: "Without question, I agree 100% for using vibrations/subtle system in the medical field." But having said that, I am also 100% against the SYSSR that continues to make ridiculous claims of curing the incurable, bringing sanity to the insane, and bhandaning dictators and dacoits into submission.

Yahoo forum post # 18887
November 15, 2017

Dear All,

It is 4:23 a.m. here. I woke up feeling uncomfortable. I was talking to a beautician yesterday about how post-surgery one can have anaesthetic lingering in the body for a time that makes one feel uncomfortable, not the norm. In fact I was feeling a lot of heat in my body, which was making me feel uncomfortable, probably from the effects of the anaesthetic in my body.

She recommended to me that I go to a Salt Rooms or Sauna. I asked her what 'Salt Rooms' was? She said it is a room with walls of salt. Interesting. So, I thought of doing a footsoak in cold water with some salt in it. I just did it and feel much better and was able to balance myself. I registered as right-sided, prior to the treatment, and balanced myself, and I could feel the Kundalini coming out through my head again.

So, for fair-dinkum treatments when one is health-wise stuck, I am grateful to this lady for trigging memory of what a footsoak that has salt in it can do.

So, I will go to sleep now, if I can, and grab a few more....

However, let me say, I do not recommend the SYSSR though, which is just a fetish of treatments. But for a fair dinkum reason, when one is stuck, I recommend the basic water treatment.

Thanks for listening,

Love, Violet

Yahoo forum post # 18878
November 15, 2017

Dear Violet and all:

The elements treatments really work. Working with elements is not particular to SY since it is used by lots of native cultures all over the world.

For me the candle treatment really works. Specially in the winter when the sadness for lack of sun (Surya) comes to visit. I immediately lite a candle and put my left hand towards it, it just change the mood almost immediately like magic.


Yahoo forum post # 18943
December 6, 2017

Dear Violet, Pamela, Shruti, Gerlinde and others,

Yes, that is exactly what I said and mean: "Without question, I agree 100% for using vibrations/subtle system in the medical field." But having said that, I am also 100% against the SYSSR that continues to make ridiculous claims of curing the incurable, bringing sanity to the insane, and bhandaning dictators and dacoits into submission.

To say that the SYSSR has destroyed all the inertia and energy of tens of thousands of disciples decades ago is an understatement. Today that SYSSR is so screwed-up that it messes the heads of anyone who joins. There are so many rituals and treatments for so many diseases that only genuine idiots believe they work ...................... and fortunately, this ever-dwindling group is only found in tiny pockets in a few big cities.

I was just talking to Lalita about vibrations and how they can be used to detect problems/diseases etc. before any doctor or machine can do so.

The same was discussed in this forum years ago and I cannot find that thread. I did suggest that SY doctors should get together and form their own organization to use their medical background and vibrations to detect problems much quicker i.e., almost instantly! ......................... way before any MRI or EMG. I was too dumb to understand that they cared more for their careers than pioneering a futuristic tool of diagnosis.

I am not talking about doctors writing a diagnosis based on vibrations. No way. I am saying vibrations should be used to get to the root of the problem instantly, and then using their medical knowledge for further examination. (I have attached Vibratory Awareness as evidence that ordinary self-realized humans with vibratory awareness can detect stuff that other humans cannot.)

So can this Vibratory Awareness be put to work? Of course! But that will take place in the future and I have asked Lalita to use it in Nursing. There are a number of teachings of Shri Mataji that need to be brought back and vibratory awareness is one of them. Without question, I agree 100% for using vibrations/subtle system in the medical field.

We will just have to wait now ..................... and add more evidence to support the advent and message of the Paraclete at www.adishakti.org That also is going to take a decade, at least.



Vibratory Awareness

"Whenever there is an Incarnation of God, or a saint is born, and you ask a question whether such a person is an Incarnation or whether he is a pious saint, a Sahaja Yogi would immediately feel the Cool Breeze on his palm if the answer is affirmative.

The past events in one's life result in strengthening the ego; for instance one boasts that he is a disciple of such and such person, ecetera. Man is unaware of the factual evidence facing him. Obviously due to the strengthening of ego, he loses sight of the real meaning of the Self (Sva)."

Shri Mahesvari Shri Nirmala Devi[1]
Shri Kundalini Shakti And Shri Jesus Christ, India—September 26, 1979
(Translation of Shri Mataji’s advice given in Marathi at Bombay, 26th September 1979.)

The Spiritual Beings use vibratory awareness routinely, a highly developed and flawless spiritual sense that Sahaja Yogis on Earth are just beginning to use. Kash's father had a few firsthand experiences, among others, that confirmed the sheer accuracy of vibratory awareness. It should be understood that these are just elementary experiences, which in no way justifies the infinite usefulness of this Divine Energy that permeates the entire universe.

The first incident took place a few months after Self-Realization. One day he went to a shopping mall with a friend who had to meet someone there. While waiting for their meeting to finish he decided to look around. While strolling around he suddenly felt strong vibrations flowing from his hands. This was odd as he was neither meditating, nor was he in a spiritual surrounding. He looked all around but could find nothing that could be responsible for this sudden increase in vibrations; the entire place was filled with humans engaged in material pursuits.

As he passed a Chinese shop selling all sorts of oriental household decorations — from massive wall fans to elaborately decorated vases to delicate wind chimes — the vibrations suddenly increased. He stopped and stood in front of the entrance, looking around for the source of this Paramchaitanya. He opened wide his hands and checked for the source. He found that it was coming from the figure of a squatting, smiling fat man with a huge protruding stomach.

The father was puzzled. Why were vibrations coming out of this funny-looking statue? There were doubts in his mind about the accuracy of his readings for it made no sense. He repeatedly checked it with his hands but the vibrations were constant and strong, indicating that there was divine essence in that statue.

Wondering whose image it was he summoned the Chinese lady who operated the store and asked who that figure represented. She replied, “This is the Laughing Buddha.” The vibrations were right.

The second incident took place when the family went over to Toronto in 1995. The Gulati family invited them over to their home in Hamilton, along with Rina Rajan and Francois Gibeau. Hardly had they entered the house when Rita Gulati, the mother of Steve and Seema, suddenly had severe pains in her chest. She just collapsed and could hardly breathe, as if having a heart attack. The ambulance was summoned while Rina Rajan and Francois began to use their vibrations to revive her, working on her chakras. Then both made a strange statement, “It is the right heart.” Kash's father, who was standing right behind, felt a bit funny. How could they say that it was the right heart area when the physical heart is on the left? However, the fact that both these Sahaja Yogis had the same reading puzzled him.

The ambulance arrived and Rita, still gasping for air, was given oxygen and rushed to hospital.

Pratap Gulati, her spouse, then asked that every one should meditate and seek Shri Mataji's help. Kash also joined in and asked Her in his Sahasrara what had happened. She replied that there was nothing to worry as she (Rita Gulati) would recover.

About an hour later the hospital confirmed that everything was okay but they had detected some traces of pneumonia in her right lung! The vibrations of Rina Rajan and Francois Gibeau were right.

Another notable incident took place on October 12, 1997. The family was invited for the first time to visit Maggie, a Christian Malaysian living in Montreal, for dinner. Maggie had on a few occasions come over with Kash’s auntie, Noor Azizah, a Muslim Malaysian already meditating with Shri Mataji.

After conversing in the living room the women adjourned to the kitchen and Kash’s father decided to look at a large cluster of photographs decorating the corridor wall. Many were small and well-worn, some black and white, and there was a lot of family history out there.

Suddenly he began to feel very strong vibrations flowing forth from his fingertips, indicating divinity. This experience was similar to the Laughing Buddha incident three years earlier. He then began checking the photographs carefully, trying to find the sudden source of this Spiritual Energy. There had to be someone in one of the photos who was a highly realized soul.

As he scanned the wall with all ten fingers, they led him to the adjacent wall. But there were no photographs. As he lifted his head higher the statues of Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary loomed above. They were the Universal Beings that were emitting Spiritual Energy! The vibrations were right.

Note: Maggie had some very interesting spiritual stories to tell but there was one that stood out. One of her sisters had a serious road accident in Malaysia a few years ago and was badly injured. She was in a coma for a few days. Emerging out of it she told of a most unusual near-death experience. She informed her family members that she had visited heaven and had found so much peace and bliss there that there was no desire left to remain on Earth anymore. According to her Earth is an innately evil place. So petrified was she of getting stained that she refused to touch it anymore. As a result nurses and family members had to carry her around whenever she wanted to visit the toilet, less her feet contact the evil ground. She then predicted the exact date of death, which was a few days away and happily waited. On that day she left Earth for an immensely better Afterlife.

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom of God, 1999, pp. 1631
[1] Mahesvari (750th): The great Ruler.

Yahoo forum post # 18956
December 14, 2017

Dear Pamela,

You are more balanced than many SYs who believe in blind faith, not enlightened knowledge, that Sahaja Yoga can cure many diseases ............................ if not all.

The curing of diseases has been used as bait to lure unsuspecting seekers into trying out Sahaja Yoga. Over the decades an industry has been built since, without the advent and message of the Paraclete, there is little to attract seekers. This industry has been aptly coined by Violet with these acronyms - SYSSR i.e., the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion.

All SYs, including myself, are indoctrinated by this 'disease' that only worsens in proportion to the faith. The more you foot soak, burn strings, do candling, fill Matka pots etc. the more the disease metastasizes and spreads. It is when it reaches the brains that most damage is done. It destroys all that is life giving, nourishing and healthy. It destroys the genetic information of eternal life that is the DNA of the Resurrection.

You should know that one of Shri Mataji’s final act was to destroy that SYSSR disease (and leaders) that is the bane of Her advent and message. She allowed Herself to be racked by diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and other diseases. She was not able to cure Herself and was taking medication for years.

Yet SYs remain brain-dead when it comes to common sense. They still continue to claim cures for the very diseases that their revered Mother suffered. And if you ever get the chance to question yourself why Shri Mataji was so sick and could not cure Herself, the answer might destroy your faith. The best would be to continue putting heads in the sand as most SYs do. They stand convicted liars and hypocrites and vendors of snake oil.

I have Type 2 diabetes and was predisposed to have it as my mum and uncle have Type 1. Shri Mataji makes sense when She says diabetes or other diseases can be ‘cured’ i.e., prevented by those liable when they make dietary changes, exercise and meditation. By practicing meditation at an early age many bad habits are prevented from taking root. One does not smoke or drink or take drugs in the first place. And if one does then the Mother Kundalini stops such habits (I am talking from my own experience post-1993.)

But when we have such diseases while being Her disciple then the best would be to make further changes. I became a vegetarian and now control my diabetes significantly better than before. Even if I had foot soaked daily in all the world’s oceans my diabetes would not have gotten better – not even by a measly 1 point.

I repeat – SYs have made a religion out of the subtle system, catches, and cures. This disease does far more damage than any other. It is better to die of cancer while taking part in the Resurrection than live practicing the SYSSR. So pernicious is this disease that only those plagued and tortured by it can claim that it is beneficial.

Pamela, it is indeed sad to truly see the poverty that is Sahaja Yoga. Rather than wasting time practicing or promoting it, you are going to be far better off just scratching the surface of the Devi Gita. If you have not learned by now that the Kundalini takes cares of EVERYTHING then you may never learn. That is why it is still necessary for you to defend the SYSSR. I do not because there are so many better things to do or Knowledge to acquire. I leave all curing/prevention to the Kundalini. She has been my Mother for eons and will continue for all eternity.

I can assure you, but God forbid, that if you become diabetic chances are slim to none that you will be able to cure it. I truly hope you do not experience being diabetic just to learn a lesson. Learn from those who had and died – Shri Mataji, my uncle …………………….. or have and will die – my mum, myself and tens of millions.



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