The Great Cover Up [of Christianity] - Emperor Constantine oversaw the creation of the Nicene creed

"Our new account of the origins of Christianity only seemed improbable because it contradicted the received view. As we pushed further with our research, the traditional picture began to completely unravel all around us. We found ourselves embroiled in a world of schism and power struggles, of forged documents and false identities, of letters that had been edited and added to, and of the wholesale destruction of historical evidence.”

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> Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy <br>
> discovered in their research which led to <br>
> their thesis of: there was a 'Great Cover Up' with regard
> to the early beginnings of Christianity. i
> am still reeling from the shock of this
> discovery!
> regards to all,
> violet

The Great Cover Up (Except from Chapter 1)

(P.12) Our new account of the origins of Christianity only seemed improbable because it contradicted the received view. As we pushed further with our research, the traditional picture began to completely unravel all around us. We found ourselves embroiled in a world of schism and power struggles, of forged documents and false identities, of letters that had been edited and added to, and of the wholesale destruction of historical evidence. (P.13) We focused forensically on the few facts we could be confident of, as if we were detectives on the verge of cracking a sensational 'whodunnit', or perhaps more accurately as if we were uncovering an ancient and unacknowledged miscarriage of justice. For, time and again, when we critically examined what genuine evidence remained, we found that the history of Christianity bequeathed to us by the Roman Church was a gross distortion of the truth. Actually the evidence completely endorsed the Jesus Mysteries Thesis! It was becoming increasingly obvious that we had been deliberately deceived, that the Gnostics were indeed the original Christians, and that their anarchic mysticism had been hijacked by an authoritarian institution which had created from it a dogmatic religion - and then brutally enforced the greatest cover-up in history.

One of the major players in this cover-up operation was a character called Eusebius who, at the beginning of the fourth century, compiled from legends, fabrications and his own imagination the only early history of Christianity that still exists today. All subsequent histories have been forced to base themselves on Eusebius' dubious claims, because there has been little other information to draw on. All those with a different perspective on Christianity were branded as heretics and eradicated. In this way falsehoods compiled in the fourth century have come down to us as established facts.

Eusebius was employed by the Roman Emperor Constantine, who made Christianity the state religion of the Empire and gave Literalist Christianity the power it needed to begin the final eradication of Paganism and Gnosticism. Constantine wanted 'one God, one religion' to consolidate his claim of 'one Empire, one Emperor'. He oversaw the creation of the Nicene creed - the article of faith repeated in churches to this day - and Christians who refused to assent to this creed were banished from the Empire or otherwise silenced.

(P.14) This 'Christian' Emperor then returned home from Nicaea and had his wife suffocated and his son murdered. He deliberately remained unbaptized until his deathbed so that he could continue his atrocities and still receive forgiveness of sins and a guaranteed place in heaven by being baptized at the last moment. Although he had his 'spin doctor' Eusebius compose a suitably obsequious biography for him, he was actually a monster - just like many Roman Emperors before him. Is it really at all surprising that a 'history' of the origins of Christianity created by an employee in the service of a Roman tyrant should turn out to be a pack of lies?

Elaine Pagels, one of the foremost academic authorities on early Christianity writes:

'It is the winners who write history - their way. No wonder, then, that the traditional accounts of the origins of Christianity first defined the terms (naming themselves"orthodox"And their opponents"heretics"); then they proceeded to demonstrate - at least to their own satisfaction - that their triumph was historically inevitable, or, in religious terms," guided by the Holy Spirit.” But the discoveries [of the Gnostic gospels] at Nag Hammadi reopen fundamental questions.'[7]

History is indeed written by the victors. The creation of an appropriate history has always been part of the arsenal of political manipulation. The Roman Church created a history of the triumph of Literalist Christianity in much the same partisan way that, two millennia later, Hollywood created tales of 'cowboys and Indians' to relate 'how the West was won' not 'how the West was lost'. History is not simply related, it is created. Ideally, the motivation is to explain historical evidence and come to an accurate understanding of how the present has been created by the past. All too often, however, it is simply to glorify and justify the status quo. Such histories conceal as much as they reveal.

(P.15) To dare to question a received history is not easy. It is difficult to believe that something which you have been told is true from childhood could actually be a product of falsification and fantasy. It must have been hard for those Russians brought up on the tales of kindly 'Uncle Joe' Stalin to accept that he was actually responsible for the deaths of millions. It must have strained credibility when those opposing his regime claimed that he had in fact murdered many of the heroes of the Russian revolution. It must have seemed ridiculous when they asserted that he had even had the images of his rivals removed from photographs and completely fabricated historical events. Yet all these things are true.

It is easy to believe that something 'must' be true because everyone else believes it. But the truth often only comes to light by daring to question the unquestionable, by doubting notions which are so commonly believed that they are taken for granted. The Jesus Mysteries Thesis is the product of such openness of mind. When it first occurred to us, it seemed absurd and impossible. Now it seems obvious and ordinary. the Vatican was constructed upon the site of an ancient Pagan sanctuary because the new is always built upon the old. In the same way Christianity itself has as its foundations the Pagan spirituality that preceded it. What is more plausible than to posit the gradual evolution of spiritual ideas, with Christianity emerging from the ancient Pagan Mysteries in a seamless historical continuum? It is only because the conventional history has been so widely believed for so long that this idea could be seen as heretical and shocking.

The Jesus Mysteries: Was the Original Jesus A Pagan God?
Chapter 1 - p.12-15
Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy
Element (imprint of Harper Collins 'Publishers')
77-85 Fulham Palace Road
Hammersmith, London W6 8JB
ISBN-13 978-0-7225-3677-3
ISBN-10 0-7225-3677-1

[7] Pagels, E. (1979), 147

Both visibly reacted the very instant the word"pope"Was mentioned, as if it was a name that should not be uttered in the Sacred Sanctuary of His Kingdom.

"The child agreed to pass these suggestions to the Great Divine Mother.

He meditated and the energy of the Holy Spirit, residing at the roots of the Tree of Life within him traveled all the way up and blossomed into the Thousand Petalled Lotus. He emerged through the clouds and slowly floated into his ethereal body that was meditating beside the Great Primordial Mother. He stood up and, after exchanging greetings with the Supreme Mater Sanctissima, told Her that he wanted to see Shri Jesus. She agreed and both traveled through the universe to His place.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi slowed down as they approached His abode. A short distance away Kash could see that Shri Jesus was in deep meditation, His massive spiritual body poised magnificently on the soft cloud cover. It was a sight to behold, a Divine Being powerful beyond all human imagination, sitting in utter peace and egoless humility. The entire atmosphere was super charged with Spiritual Energy, Silence and Bliss. They were in Heaven.

When they came nearer Shri Jesus came out of meditation and got up to receive them. He was dressed in a one-piece light gray dress that extended to His ankles, like a robe. There was another piece of cloth, also light gray, that was draped across His right shoulder down to the left waist.

After exchanging greetings all of them sat down. Kash then asked the Spirit of the Living God again if he could ask Shri Jesus some questions. The Great Holy Spirit smiled and told him to go ahead. Kash first posed this question to Shri Christ," Lord Jesus, who is your Father?”Shri Jesus immediately replied," The Spirit is My Father.”

Kash then asked Shri Jesus if it would be all right to convince the pope of these Revelations.

For the first time Kash saw both the Great Adi Shakti and Shri Jesus taken aback for some reason. Both visibly reacted the very instant the word"pope"Was mentioned, as if it was a name that should not be uttered in the Sacred Sanctuary of His Kingdom.

Actually both of them moved backwards as the force of the name hit them like a potent curse. It was as if the word had defiled the immaculate purity and pristine holiness of the Kingdom of God. The word"pope"Was to both Lord Jesus and the Great Adi Shakti the very essence of Evil itself, an entity that reeked of centuries-old vice, lust, wickedness, sin, immorality, blasphemy, torture, and death.

Kash waited for an answer but there was only silence. He wondered what had gone wrong and felt uncomfortable. These Divine Hosts had always displayed impeccable manners and utter humility to any guest, but Shri Jesus was not answering his innocent question. Kash had immense respect for this massive Son of Man, and His silence was painful.

The Great Sacred Mother then smiled and said that this question cannot be answered, without giving any reason. She then told him that they should meditate...

There was an immediate feeling of intense guilt that something had gone terribly wrong. What could the Pope have possibly done so blasphemous and corrupt that even the mere mention of his title made the Great Celestial Mother and Shri Jesus withdraw physically and mentally? After all, about a billion Catholics all over the world regarded him as Christ's representative on Earth, and they all could not be wrong. Moreover, Kash's family had begun to celebrate Christmas partly due to their belief that the Pope was the representative of the followers of Jesus Christ.

At first there was turmoil in the mind of the father for having made Shri Mataji and Shri Jesus react. It was his own entire fault — his big mouth, his bloated ego, his absurd ideas, his sheer stupidity — that led to this debacle. There was delusion as his mind ran around in circles. What type of person was he to disturb Divine Beings with the stupid questions he asked them through Kash? Why was such a proposition posed in the first place? Why is he so nosey? Were they unhappy because he was getting a third party like the pope involved? Was he pushing his weight around and trying to enlighten the Great Holy Spirit and Shri Jesus on how to advertise the Truth? Why did both Shri Jesus and the Spirit of God not want to seek the help of Pope Paul II? Why did both of them reel back at the mention of the word Pope? How could the father, a dumb human, be able to make a supreme personality like Jesus Christ and the Great Blessed Mother feel 'offended'? Who was he to suggest such stupid proposals as getting the Pope involved? Maybe they did not want any outside interference in these Revelations. Maybe his proposal was so silly that they had no choice but to react. Maybe he was dumber than he thought.

There was a lingering sense of loss, confusion, and hurt as no logical answers could be found in the conditioned mind. This hurt was why did the Holy Mother and Shri Jesus refuse to even talk about the Pope, a man that was believed and respected by him. Kash's father had very little knowledge on the background of Christianity and had accepted the Universal Savior due more to His supreme sacrifice on the Cross than anything else. Why should the Heavenly Hosts keep silent on the man who led the largest religious institution in the world?

The mind even dared to think that maybe the Great Divine Feminine and Shri Jesus might have made a mistake! This was the strangest spiritual Revelation for it even made the mind doubt about the absolute integrity of Shri Jesus and the Supreme Mother, despite all the most awesome Truths of the Kingdom of God! One-fifth of the humanity believed that Pope John Paul II was Christ's representative on Earth and yet the Universal Savior was allergic to the mere mention of his designated title! Why?

The fathers underwent a very disturbing period of anguish, remorse, disbelieve, delusion and pain...

After weeks of confusion and apprehension there began a search on the background of popes at the nearby Saul Bellow Library in Lachine. It was an academic revelation beyond all expectations! For the very first time in his life the harsh Truth about Christianity was known and it shocked him into utter disbelieve! He never expected the people of the West — the supposed-to-be-the-most-advanced-and- educated human beings on Earth — to be so foolish and dumb as to believe what he was reading: original sin, papal infallibility, confessions, sale of indulgences, papal corruption, division of churches, conflicting human doctrines, evil in women, Inquisition, celibacy and others. The mind reeled and screamed in silence! How could so many humans believe in such latent falsehoods of the Catholic Church, despite all the historical facts of the last two millenniums? What power had duped so many intelligent people for so long? What power had spiritually maimed so many bodies and destroyed so many souls? What power had the strength to maintain its stranglehold despite committing the greatest and most barbaric acts against humankind? What power had such chameleon-like camouflage and inherent cunning to elude and delude detection? What power made so many to surrender their souls and salvation to a single man, the False Prophet? What was the nature of this power? Who was behind this power?

This power was anti-God! This power was anti-Christ! No wonder the Great Ancient Mother and Shri Jesus recoiled at that blasphemous word "pope"! No wonder they reacted to this unclean word! No wonder they flinched at this vile word! No wonder they cringed at this satanic word!

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God, page 1565-1571

And Jesus spoke again unto the eleven and said,
"Grieve not because I go away for it is best that I should go away.
If I do not go away the Comforter will not come to you.
These things I speak while with you in the flesh, but when the Holy Breath shall come in power, lo,
She will teach you more and more, and bring to you remembrance all the words I have said to you.
There are a multitude of things yet to be said; Things that this age cannot receive because it cannot comprehend.
But, lo, I say, Before the great day of the Lord shall come, the Holy Breath will make all mysteries known —
The mysteries of the soul, of life, of death, of immortality, the oneness of man with every other man, and with his God.
Then will the world be led to truth, and man will be truth.
When She has come, the Comforter, She will convince the world of sin,
And of truth of what I speak, and of the rightness of the Judgment of the just;
And then the prince of carnal life will be cast out.
And when the Comforter shall come, I need not intercede for you;
For you shall stand approved, and God will know you then as he knows Me.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ 162:4-11
Levi, Marina Del Rey: DeVorss & Co., 1988.

"After Peter, the centuries roll by, full of controversies, any one of which today would involve immediate recourse to Rome for a decision... We have already noted that not a single Father can find any hint of a Petrine office in the great biblical texts that refer to Peter. Papal supremacy and infallibility, so central to the Catholic church today, are simply not mentioned. Not a single creed, nor confession of faith, nor catechism, nor passage in patristic writings contains one syllable about the pope, still less about faith and doctrine being derived from him.”

Peter de Rosa, Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy, p. 206.
Publisher: Crown (January 13, 1988)
ISBN-10: 0517570270
ISBN-13: 978-0517570272

“It's a very serious thing they have done against Christ. And still going on. Still this Catholic Church, though being exposed so much, is still going on. In India also, all over. It's stupid. This Protestant Church also is going on everywhere. What good name have they brought to Christ, one should see? The first and foremost thing He has said that you must enter into the Kingdom of God, that you must be born again.

So it's all mental: 'You are born again.' You have a certificate. We are born again. Finished. So this mental attitude of the West is responsible for killing the great Incarnation of Christ. So I think it's another crucifixion. Mentally, you cannot understand spirituality.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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