The word "pope" was to both Lord Jesus and the Great Adi Shakti the very essence of Evil itself

“Those who want sensational sexual details of popes and clergy should invest in Peter de Rosa's Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy. Small snippets of this shocking bestseller give devastating testimony to centuries of sexual ecstasy enjoyed by The Mother of Harlots as the Devil penetrated deeper and deeper — and still deeper — into the wanton Whore of Babylon”

> Kash then asked Shri Jesus if it would be all right to convince the
> pope of these Revelations.
> For the first time Kash saw both the Great Adi Shakti and Shri Jesus
> taken aback for some reason. Both visibly reacted the very instant
> the word "pope" was mentioned, as if it was a name that should not
> be uttered in the Sacred Sanctuary of His Kingdom.
> Actually both of them moved backwards as the force of the name hit
> them like a potent curse. It was as if the word had defiled the
> immaculate purity and pristine holiness of the Kingdom of God. The
> word "pope" was to both Lord Jesus and the Great Adi Shakti the
> very essence of Evil itself, an entity that reeked of centuries-old vice,
> lust, wickedness, sin, immorality, blasphemy, torture, and death.

“It was Siricius (384-99) who wrote on matters at the very heart of Roman Catholicism: priestly celibacy, virginity and marriage. By placing the clergy on a pedestal of superiority the Church strengthened its own authority, leaving a strong social cleft with the laity.

The early attempts by the Catholic Church to impose celibacy on the male clergy resulted in the greatest eruption of collective fornication, a coveted perk for those engaged in the service of God. These sexual predators had ample prey around, especially female confessors. There was nothing more purifying than being penetrated by the cleansing dick of a priest whose Church had the power of absolving all sins — Nay, even granting the surety of heaven. Perhaps the hapless victims believed that providing relief to god's clergy was mutually beneficial as it provided double relief — instant gratification to the saints and redemption to the sinners.

For centuries libidinous popes, carnal cardinals, randy archbishops, lusty bishops and horny priests relished delicious flesh on a scale unmatched in human history. Satanic spunk spewed in churches, monasteries, and abbots all over Europe, and the stench of seed reeked to high heaven. Is it any wonder why Lord Jesus and the Great Holy Spirit reacted at the mere mention of the word pope? Isn't it till today still stinking of rottenness, deception, decadence, corruption, homosexuality and pedophilia?

Those who want sensational sexual details of popes and clergy should invest in Peter de Rosa's Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy. Small snippets of this shocking bestseller give devastating testimony to centuries of sexual ecstasy enjoyed by The Mother of Harlots as the Devil penetrated deeper and deeper — and still deeper — into the wanton Whore of Babylon:

"Impeccable Catholic sources, papal documents, letters of reforming saints, all paint the same depressing picture. Monasteries full of women; every friar had his 'Martha', every nun her lover. Bishops, in every sense the fathers of their people, kept harems.”

"Young men who spent their youth in rape and adultery were rising in the ranks of the clergy. They were spending their nights with four or five women, then getting up in the morning — in what state, he leaves to the imagination — to celebrate mass.”

“... many monasteries were the haunts of homosexuals, many converts were brothels.”

“As to the sex-starved secular clergy, they were so often accused of incest that they were at length forbidden even to have mothers, aunts or sisters living in their house.”

“Promiscuity was rife in monasteries and convents. The great Ivo of Chartres (1040-1115) tells of whole convents with inmates who were nuns only in name. They had often been abandoned by their families and were really prostitutes.”

“There also crept in the infamous cullagium, a charge for keeping concubines... bishops and archdeacons themselves benefited from this sex-tax; in Rome, it was the pope.”

“In the year 1250, Bishop Grosseteste of Lincoln wrote to Pope Innocent IV. Of priests he said: athey are in truth teachers of heresy, inasmuch as the word of action is mightier than the word of speech.'”

“In the year 1414, King Henry V asked the University of Oxford to prepare articles for the reform of the church. Article 39 began: 'Because the carnal and sinful life of priests today scandalizes the entire church and their public fornication goes completely unpunished ...'”

“In the parish of St John Zachary in London, there was a church service of a very remarkable kind. It provided a brothel exclusively for priests and nuns ...”

“St Alban's Abbey, for instance, was nothing but a den of prostitutes serving the local monks. Nuns were regularly raped therein and the entire place, in a phrase worth of Shakespeare, was ' riot of seed and blood'...”

“The overall report (in England) said that 144 religious houses were equal in viciousness to Sodom; countless convents, served by 'lewd confessors', were full of children; clergy — abbots, monks and friars — were carrying on not merely with whores but with married women...”

“After six centuries of strenuous efforts to impose celibacy, the clergy were a menace to the wives and young women of parishes to which they were sent.”

“Across the border lived Henry, Bishop of Liege. The man was a legend beyond his lifetime. Henry was finally deposed by Gregory X at the Council of Lyons in 1274 'for deflowering virgins and other mighty deeds'... He ended murdered by a Flemish knight who was outraged at what the bishop had done to his daughter.”

“During Borgia's reign, the Florentine friar Savonarola said the nuns were worse than harlots. As to the clergy, 'one priest spends the night with his concubine, another with a little boy, and in the morning they proceed to the altar to celebrate Mass. What do you think of that? What do you make of such a Mass?'”

“The evil was too deeply rooted; the last opportunities for reform long lost... A proverb passes from mouth to mouth: 'the profession of the priest is the surest road to hell.'”

Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God, page 1625-26

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