Shri Mataji: "All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga.”

—- In," jagbir singh"
> i am sure Dr. Madhur Rai had for years known about this festering
> wound but was unable to bring/initiate a healing process. So it
> looks like after years of celebrated collective fanaticism the
> Karma Treatment is the insanity epidemic that had to be dealt with
> utmost urgency by the SY leadership. i believe they finally
> realized that their decades-old liberal subtle system experiment -
> one little fish and two eggs for ten people with one chili to say
> that it is Sahaja Yoga - had evolved into a Frankenstein monster
> that had begun taking a life and mind of its own.

December 13, 2006

And the Karma Treatment was invented by fanatical, ritualistic, treatment-obsessed subtle system SYs. And this insanity epidemic spread rapidly through the rank and file despite it obvious madness:


Karma Treatment

4 times the following affirmations:

(dont forget all miscarriages and all children, that died early)

MOTHER, please forgive my ancestors everything that they did wrong knowingly or unknowingly against the Divine;

MOTHER, please forgive all my greatgrandmothers on my mothers side 7 generations back everything that they have done wrong knowingly or unknowingly against the Divine and set their souls free.

MOTHER, please forgive all my greatgrandfathers on my mothers side 7 generations back everything that they have done wrong knowingly or unknowingly against the Divine and set their souls free.

MOTHER, please forgive all my greatgrandmothers on my fathers side 7 generations back everything that they have done wrong knowingly or unknowingly against the Divine and set their souls free.

MOTHER, please forgive all my greatgrandfathers on my mothers side 7 generations back everything that they have done wrong knowingly or unknowingly against the Divine and set their souls free.

MOTHER, please forgive my grandfather........., grandmother...............(name) (also siblings of grandfather, grandmother) ...

MOTHER, please forgive my father (name) ....

MOTHER, please forgive my mother.......

MOTHER, please forgive my sister/ brother (name) ...........

MOTHER, please forgive my spouse......

MOTHER, please forgive my children (name)..........

MOTHER, please forgive all my relatives ..........

(with the relatives always name the uncles and aunts, especially those who died early (war, accident, suicide etc.) or where there have been close bonds, or bad incidents happening. Also a cousin of the father, who was a priest, could cause a migraine. This karma effects our consciousness very intensely. Dont forget the godfather or godmother of church rituals like baptism or confirmation etc.

MOTHER, please forgive all people in my home..........(town, state, country)

(you can add specific incidents in your own countrys history like wars, mass murders, persecution, holocaust, etc... and name that also)

MOTHER, please forgive all Europeans what they have done with their imperialistic conquests all over the world....

MOTHER, please forgive me and wash out everything, which was written as my karma in the heavens and give me the power to forgive.

Stay in meditation for some time.

It can be very effective to do this treatment for a few days in a row.


The Karma Treatment was blindly accepted by daily footsoaking and shoe-beating SYs despite Shri Mataji's advice:

“So its so important to keep your Hamsa Chakra clean. I've also told lots of things that can keep the Hamsa Chakra clean which you all should use, I mean on the physical level. Also, on the mental level Ive told you what you have to do is to steady your mind, see the beauty of anything and not the vulgarity of it, not the utility of it, but the beauty. Slowly, slowly youll find your eyes will become cleaner and cleaner.... Hamsa Chakra does the greatest thing about which I do not know if you are aware or not that whatever are your karma phalas are finished. You're not responsible for your forefather's karma phala's, your country's karma phalas, your own personal karma phala's. Whatever wrong we have done is finished, as if you are cut off from your past completely. Once this is established, then all mistakes, all wrong-doings, not only of you, of your relations, of your forefathers, of your family, of your country, of this world, anything, doesn't touch you. You are aloof from it.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Hamsa Chakra Puja
Vancouver, Canada, September 13, 1992

After all these years i think no amount of pleas for sanity or public spanking can bring balance to subtle system SYs. The only solace is that the official Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion is the cause of all this insanity with treatments and rituals which have little to do with Shri Mataji's teachings.

"The people who think that they can control their ego will eat less or use all types of methods to control ego. For example, someone is standing on one leg or other one on his head, all types of efforts they are doing to reduce their ego.

But with all these techniques, ego doesn't vanish. On the contrary, ego increases. Fasting, reciting the names, increases your ego. With Havans also ego increases because Agni, fire, is the right side element. Anything which is rituals increases your ego.

Human being thinks that they are alright, since they are doing these rituals since thousand years. All the wrong teachings they are still following. For this reason Sahaja Yoga is against Karma Kanda, that is rituals. No need to do any kind of Karma Kanda.

And to go to the extreme point is also dangerous. I had asked them to shoe-beat to destroy their ego and what I see that every morning all the Sahaja Yogis go in the line with their shoes for shoe-beatings. But I had asked to do this if you have ego in you.

All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga. I got somebody in France with the list of the treatments of Vashi hospital. But that was for sick peoples. This is the nature of human being to follow the rituals because he thinks that he can do it.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
25 December 1997, Christmas Puja
Ganapatipule, Maharashtra, India

If you leave all your problems to The Mother Kundalini there will be absolutely no need for any SYSSR. If you realize yourSelf there will be absolutely no need for anything external. So see no SYSSR, hear no SYSSR and speak no SYSSR. SYSSR is today a blatant corruption of Shri Mataji's teachings, an accusation that will vindicate itself one day in the future ..... if not already at present. As i have said before - Do NOT empower those who spread it.

Jai Ganapathy,


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“There is so much blind faith, there is so much of wrong ideas"
“They came to Sahaja but they said"We cannot worship Goddess.”
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“Your job is, in a way, greater than the saints and sages.”

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